The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana on July 1, 1846 · Page 1
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The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 1

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1846
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1 . - 1 -hi r Tort. atUinft iams,. "" r this lU'lnt, a " taetaanaaaaaan .T i 1. - y .V " - OLUME X. NEW ORLEANS, WEDNESDAY MORNING, JULY 1, 1846. NUMBER l .'f fSINESS CiRDS. :rcif.r fc CU.os yia gray. no. no (Jrocersand Domestic mat Xramtost, PJontot" j"ri,Iu nnrrici. 68 Common street, NC, 4r lmn. next Hewlett'. Exchange. . m8 ,f , Lew R LIM M v IM KM. Attorney asTi. ';. , JT Richmond. Madison Prih,wm j .emioirto all kind of lega busts , ' f to 8. Purhaiu, iic - "'r Laughliu ..i rl8 6m THOMPSON. . i-r"V GREEN. irwaramg ueronanu, as street, Drleaus. . j24 Notice. T l Pit! A V Ui E. Dliviiiv W - -I . j .- J- street. ' " I removes w - M I C'oal. L THOMPSON fc CO., IVafcrtw . 0; jiuui aw Ao. 1 f"!. .i ti. yards or at the store of 1. loTlT CampW, will be prompt!, -'BiS i-Si,'sr t, RROTHEK. thxwmg, Uv . - . ' - if r 'msnun tl . LAWRENCE, CoJJle, 6o ,ohi Aer rsfrer, 61 Gravier si., CWYI" -3-tf Rk HOOVKR, rVkoUtole and Retail Ut 2 New Levee and 4 icuoupuouiaa t neanii. ?i REGULAR PACKETS. For Hie Wnterlng Places. To commence on the 2oth of May potiiivtly. , l he splpanMl passenfr sieamooai i n niirBa a recular tri-weeklv packet the emu- iiiR tanimer, between New Orleans and Biloxi, tonrh-iug al the Bay of St. Louis, Pass CbrisnAd Mississippi City, both going ami returniM llerreKO""" v ol depanupiwni new urieans will be on MONDAYS and JrtKDNESDAYS, on the arrival of the 8 o'clock, ATM., barces, from the New Canal, and on the nrrivijCf the half-past 9 o'clock, A. M., train of cars of Ur Pontchartrain Railroad. On SATURDAY EpwiNOS she will leave the New Canal alter the arrivHl of the 4 o'clock, P. M., barges, and the Pontchartrain Railroad after Uiwrrival of the 6, P. M., train of cars. ReturniriEhe will leave Biloxi, Sundays at 4, P. M., TmWyi at 6, A. M., and Thursdays at 8 o'clock, A. Nf The Bourbon is in sjiKndid order, having been lately tiiorouniy overimuleil. Kreisrhu w ill be received at the Depot of the Pont- chanrain Railroad at all hours on any day except Sundays, and at the New Canal at any time on the dav previous to the departure of Ihe boat, except on Saturday trips, when freight will be received up to 2 Tbe Letter Baffs of tlie boat wjll be left at the office of C. D. L..MrM, ApenxUd I'coupitoulas sl, And iit the Fraukliu Kicllige, Ponlchartrain Rail XWALKKR k CO., No. 13 SL Charles vr leans. I SOLDrKKRIUDAY k CO., No. 03 INER, NORCOM k CO, Commistum a AiJi, Merchant. 31 v.oiuimu uni, i k ' i - , i mat V . rROBERTSON k CO S FatkionabU Hut an ' f U whnlxal and retail. 31 Canal sU nl . m DB IT w 111 .11. . i,niv,.nn lM!r-- . 1 iRS, BREKDLOVK k CO.Jfc. 99 Cam III .ft T 1 I W s-T mi RKCUL.AR PASS CIM'IKiNATI ENOR Jror -ol .f('W and PACKET STEAMER Zmirmie rai Cincinnati. steamer ClN- master. will ntn I jMtitfil!i and Cincinnati on THURSDAY, the 23d of April, at A o'clock, P. M., and will continue to make regular 16 aay inps uiroupnoui me &easun. , f Tho'fi-w and npndid si Jlg&jttrClBMQATI, C O. Pearce, 3ocMar(iinience her regular trips Lea-.xs New Orleans. Thursday, AprilZJ.op.M. Saturday, May 9,5p.m. Monday, do 25, 5 p.m. Wednealay,Jnnel",.'P.M. Friday, do 26,5 p.m. Sunday, July 12,10a.m. Tuesday, do 28,5 P.M. Tliur.vhty, Aup. 13, 5p..m REGULAR PACKETS. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Wlobile and Montgomery Packets. , i ne nne, new passenger sleatnlKMt SELMA, drawing but 28 inches water, her cabin furnished entirely in staip. rooms, Jo. Bryan, master, will Ipave Mobile for Montgomery every SATURDAY EVENING, at 5 o'clock. The fine steamer EUREKA, drawing but 22 inches water and her cabin entirely in state-rooms, S. C. Bur-rill, master, will leave Mobile for Montgomery every WEDNESDAY EVENING, at 5 o'clock. Passengers going East can depend upon the punctuality of the alove boats, and their accommodations cannot be excelled. For freight or pasiage apply on board or to MOSES WARING k CO., Agents. Mobile, June 13, 184S. je21 lin 4m Um 4 M M -T mn . r.llltn clM.1 . "fens. " J" ! i J If U Krt- j i-iii) (ilia I ii UratLI. , u i ordr.T-- i cm it m a u ...ti Tl 1 ttn.4.Vl ,11 to'- ISNtKVDEN ,Mf ..K.'.if352: ' I 1 ' lihdM. Ijcavine fMuisviUe. Friday. May 1.5 p.m. SuiKlay, do 17,10a.m. Saturday, June 2,5p.m. Thursday, do 18,5 p.m. Saturday, July 4,5p.m. Monday, do 20,5p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 5.5 p.m. Friday. do 21.5 p.m. The Oincinuati will land for passengers at any po'nt on the Rivtr, noiire being trive'n to the Captain or Agent, before leaving New Orleans: and will touch Sit a!I lhf nrinrinal Inwns .nAuinir N'nlrhM in flip LL. Commune and Je orwardint atttriiooii f" the second dav. Rodnev and Grand Gull Poydras street. augl9-U (during Uie night, and Vicksburg at daylight the next YlliRhKS7SteamhoatAientand Generat1"1"!!- Tlie strictest punctuality will l,c oliserved 1- No. 22 Povdras St.. New Orleans, noll-tf " "erumeoi departure, ami passengers may rely upon W ' - verv comfort and accommodation Uiat a nasenper fetter. i. chabncey bovo. Mcket can aflord. k BOYD, Wholetal Ur uooat Pier- t a plan of her cabins can lie seen at the office of her pfent, and stale rooms eneaeed upon application to Irt (IS HAK i n ELIi k i;aiiman, nr LONSDALE k GRAY. 71 Tchoupit.iula street. " S Keulr PuMsrnfcer fuaiiier l,.'0?J. M. WHITE. J f.. Swnn '..r S ' 1 he splernlirt f.i.-t runnni" steam M1 WALTON. CHAS. H. SHEAPE. m)N k SHEAKE, Vtmmutwn suercani$, x p street. MLE k GRAY, Commission and FonoarA. "Mereianti, 71 Tchonpiloulat street, New Or- jea VAL. The subscribers bave removed to No. agaxine street. ANDREW CARR. GARR, Oommiuion Merchants, 47 a eel 'S Office and residence Is at No i street, opposite the corner of La novBti IX LARD. DAML. R. MOSRV. M txmrtl L 4 R I MOSRV A, r.ft nprMUra In I iMOBILicef (Jtneral Grocers. No. 28 and 29 New .. , i- j iff, r-V M 1 .ill. k k stm. r 11 - nltbalfl 114 Ba.ffl 71 .JT7NN- in . .Mac i i -i rlTTSEWALSnw a'' nftkr Arm of Wallam r Hvhww I , r ' j j J - 1 IbIipUoi w.ltNroRD. w. r. wiltow. CINCIMTOi SANKORD It P.O. Uwnl H,m Cttnimois Merchants, No. 54 New Levee. Ptp-t'ANdlS will be made on consignments of Col or her Produce, to Wm. Perkins, Boston, bv Sltav., ay E. k E. DAVIS, 68 Camp st. ' CW fcOOKE. AMOS HORN. KE 1HORN, OramaT Ommiiium Af rrcAanf., Ii. Charles street, New Orleans. noy6-ly 1'nlnt i m. Fftv L E R would r- Tectfully infonn bis niRtid the onhlic. that ne has rptnrned In llw Qrl found at No. 11 Hi. Charles sU n30 . atLaoNvUk JgN McCARTY PLUMBErTNo. VM Of t:CastrePt, has lust received a new asuort-tr ttm0-myr vco vVater Closeu; also. Force tl'rxiu mz-Mn'rit Pomps, Beer Pumps, kc Bathing ti (Rwrr Halhn, laying and repauing Lead aeJijean work ot every description, Ship kc, nplly put up and repaired. AU order aWy landed to. Charges moderate, oli-ly HATlftv, PRATT k CO, (Lessees of the Loni- smnn aitennary.) will exchange for WOOL, Cottoioodi. Linseys, Negro Rroeans or Casli. unRo,otMth v.oreof WARD. JONAS k ml 8-t Jt J- M. WHITE will leave for Su Louis on Uie lol- Leaving jtcto Urieans...... . A p'l 19, 10 a.m. Saturday . . . June 20, 5 p. M. May 3. 10 " Monday.... July- 6,5 .Mayl9, 5r.M. Wednesday, July 22,5 " " .June 4, 5 " Friday Auc 7.5 " .Wslric test punctuality will be observed in her time ol "iRrture, and paiseugers may rely upon evry ac!iDo1ation that a passenger packet cin alTord. V J.M. While will loach at all Iheprincipal towns, pass ivatchez on the afternoon ol the second day, Konjstaiu Grand Gulf during the night, and VickV-DuTJday light next moming. iplanol her cabin may be seen and state-rooms enBa8V)n applicat'optn JOHN R. SHAW fc CO. 24 Povdras sL : 812 jor KENNETT D1X ,71 Poydras L REGUr PASSENGER PACKET STEAMER ?EYTON'A-Fr l.onUvllle. The new and splendid steamer PEYTON A, Sual!rros master, will cum- fip,irp hiir rptrnlsr Irinv In I niill aiwl all interixliate landings, on FRIDAY, Uie 3d of April, at m., and will continue to make regular rT5lnp ,nroOThoutUie Mason "ibii urieans : Friday, pril3. 5p.m. Sunday, 19,10 a.m. Munday, Way 4, 5 mm. Wednesday 20, 5 p.m. Friday, Jone5, 5p.m. Sundav, f 21, 1Aa.m. Wed'sday.July 8, 5p.m. 1 ne fewia win land X ' fi"!'CR,OONS to the Daily and Weekly " Re- 7 willj ' be Riceived at the Bo Office of the su 0r Chrle Tbeai . rfi tr n . Notice. was i KOrUntlK nrmrtJDRM HUNT A, RVinrM VOZ?-. v'rTd7r,1r,?,,I'V 1 v- on the U May, lost. AmrVlO WILLRD lELDKN U.,ilri,p,l tn.n. hY ll!."ld,,e cotterns thereof, to receive pay- . of debts, d to a the signature of the firm in V liflUdaliOB. , New Orleans, May IS, 134G. .V HUNT k CO., 1 WOW HUNT, " " t . VAyi, WILLARD BELDEN. ' - K,Tl"buJ W,B continued at Uie old stand -j ,No. Cbaru-esHt,bj I m l D. W. BELDEN. Cf P.XCRANGEsi Boiin 200O. at three days v- "koL, tx salov J.I uiiiTMifV x, f.n. "V2" ' "73 Camp st Bnyoa Sara PacketM. For the better accommodation of the public, and in order to avoid any feelimrs ot opposi tion between the boats, the following arrangements have been entered into between the Captains of Uie CLINTON and BELLE CREOLE, during the remainder of the senxin. The CLINTON, Captain Baird, will leave New-Orleans, every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 10 A. M., for Bayou Sara, ami continue herSatorday trips to Fort Adams. Returning, she will leave Bayou Sara (or New Orleans every Monday and Thursday, at 10 o'clock, A. M. The BELLE CREOLE. Capt. J. M. Scott. will leave New Orleans lor Bayou Sara every SUNDAY and THURSDAY, at 10 A. M , and extend her Sunday trip to Point Coupee and Tuuici. Returning, she will leave Bayou Sara lor New Orleans every Tuesday anil Friday at 10 A. M. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. The CLINTON will leave New Orleaus for Bayou Sara every WKDN ESDAY, at 10 A. M. Returning, sue leaves i.ayou Sara lor new Orleans Saturdays at 12o'rlock. M. The BELLE CREOLE will leave New Orleans lor Bayou Sara every SUNDAY, at In o'clock, A. M Rrtumiiir. she leaves Bayou Sara very Wednewlny at st ii ciock. Ijeitl For Ray SI. 1ouIh. I'nss Clirln- fuin, Musisnpi'i City and Biloxi The Mean. vi Wp.NTWOOD. Capu llnlton wiil run as a regular tri-weeklv packet in the above trade, durintr the season, leaving ihe Railroad every SATURDAY EVENING, on the a-rival of the half- pat 6 o'clock car, and every TUESDAY and THURSDAY MORNING, on the arrival of the half- past 'J o clock cars. A Letler Bag will be left with J It. Borgsleile fc. Co., INo. 2b New Levee, also one at the Ticket OlVu-e of the Ponlchartrain Railroad. For any lander information apply in jel9-tf T. It. SMITH. 14 Povdras street CoviiiMton I'neket EDNA. The fine steamer EDNA. A. Carlile nias- 'ter. haviiie taken the place of the I'm- o ne, will continue her regular trips as heretofore advertised, leaving ibe Lake end of Uie Railroad for Covm-non and all intermediate landings on MON DAYS, TUESDAYS. WEDNESDAYS, THURSDAYS and FRIDAYS, on the arrival of the ha II-past 11 o'clock, A. M., cars and leaving Covintton on ihr morning of the same d.ivu ii semi her passengers to tne city oy tlie Jl n'clnrk, A. M., cars. On SATUR DAYS she will leave on the arrival of the ball-past 4. P. M . cars, and returning mi SUNDAY, leave Madi- snnvuie at io-.-wh k, r. M., and arrive at the Railroad in lime lor the 7 o'rlock cars to the cilv. Apply to jelb if ti. W HITMAN, Agent, V8 Bienville sU For Bnlize. Kort Jarkson and all intermediate landing. 1 lie steamer MUSIC, Captain J. Martin. This ele gant anil swift running steamer has bet n liought expressly for the above trade, and will run during the whole season, leaving Mew Orleans every SUNDAl MORNING, al 10 o'clock precisely . Rcturnine. will leave the Balixe every Tuesday nmrning at 10 o'clock. and arrive iu town eery"W rdie-sday evenintr. For' REGULAR PACKETS. I INSURANCE, &c. REMOVALS. J 848. unuaio ana i;nirairo. The nlpniil tpm.ns-lipt WIQITHU SAN, A. II. Sqvier, master, will run tlie present season between Bnlfalnand Chi. cago, as ioiiows. Leaves Buffalo: Saturday Monday...., 1 uesday.... Wednesday. Thursday... Friday Saturday... nionuay.... Tuesday.... Wednesday. Thursday ... Friday Saturday... ,el6 tsl ....May 2 ... do 18 ...June 2 17 ....July 2 17 ....Aug. 1 17 ...Sept. 1 16 ....Oct. 1 do 16 do 31 Leaves Chicago: Monday May II Tuesday do 26 Wednesday June 1" JM6. Chicago and Buffalo Dally Line. nr" e art from L'Aimv. h liulTnl fil'l nt THE following boats will run daily, (Sundays excepted) at 9 o'clock. A. M.. durmir the arasni, nf navigation, between Chicagoand Buffalo, according to Uie tollnwing arrangement: TTnanranee. HE MERCHANT'S INSURANCE and TRUST COMPANY OF NASHVILLE. TENNESSEE. Agency, No. 63 Grawr ttrttt, The umlersigned, Agent rtir the above Company, is prepared to receive applications for Marine, River, and Fire Risks, on the most favorable terms. Mg29 lf GEORGE MacGREGOR, Agent rrOtaaMntonl Inanrnneo f 'n. ot Nw Vark. June I" I rr. i , --. r Thursday do 25 I I ",5 nipBny insure river ana an outer oescrip- Kri,iv ii ln I .tious of marine risks, aud against loss or damage ;.r.; a ' r "re. Monilsv Anv ia I The business of the Company has been prospemaa Ta'sday".".' V"" do' 25 "n1 BCCe- Their assets arV large, a.2 uiy ar Wednesday .. Sept. n I "r'"r caseaio maae prompt settlement ot ail . . ' . (in 1 1 ri mi ii'iinu i nn The undersigned. Agents for this Company in New Orleans, are fully authorized to effect Insurance for said Company and toadiust claims. Tbey solicit a share of Uie business of their friends anu tne puMiic Ortice No, 61 Magazine street. n7n HYKKS k HYDE. Agents. TlemoraJ. HAZARD k GREEN have removed SL Charles street, adjoining the Verandah. ""-vm. , "i m fun a n Uimn m t n 1 JV- TION DRY GOODS, BROGANS.kc. aorS Thursday do 24 Friday Oct. 9 Saturday do 24 Monday Nov. a Lli fc KVAKS, Agents, Buflalo. NORTHERN LAKE KOUTEl Unmoral. MAOUIRE'S Da. rt cdebbeottpk itooMS are I removed tn Ihe milvMi I 1 corner of Canal and Camp. r. in ranee no. ump street. Portraits ruarmirtied pel fret and satistactorjr or no charge 'male. APPARATUS with ItvtroetioM (guarantied the genuine Voigtlander Camera) for sale on reasonable terms; Plalet, Cases, kc kc, for sale at the lowest prices. ol6 if Tuesday Weilnesilay Thursday.. Friday Saturday.. Monday..., Tuesday. CLE. ELAND Captain Jamks Lt'NDy. i . . ... M an mi It o C May 5 . . . . do 20 ....June 4 lo 19 ....July 4 .... do 20 .Aug. 4 'clock. A. M. W'ednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Monday Tuesday .Aog.lfl ..Sept. 3 . do 18 .Oct S .. do 1!) . Nov. 3 NILE Captain Archibald Ai.i i'k, Leaves lyincago at n o'clock, A.M. Wednesday May 6 Thursday Ang.'JO Thursday do 21 Friday !epU 4 Friday June 5 Saturday do 19 Saturday do 20 Monday Oct. 5 Monday July 6 Tuesday do 2 Tuesday do 21 Wednesday Nov. 4 vvertnewlay Aug. A NIAGARA Captain Thomas Richards, Leaves Chicago at 9 o'clock, A. M. Thursday May 7 Friday Aug. 21 Friday do 22 Saturday Sept. A Saturday June 6 MnmUsIr do 21 Monday do 22 Tuesday Oct. 6 I uesday July 7 I Wed ne lav do 21 Wednesday do 22 Thursday Nov. 5 Thursday Aug. 6 MISSOURI Captain Thomas Wii.kims, Leaves Chicago at 9 o'clock, A. M. Friday.. Saturday MoiHlay Tuesday Wednesday Thursday r riday May 8 . do 23 .June 8 .. do 23 July 8 . do 23 .Aug. 7 Saturday Monday.... Tuesday..., Wednesday. Thursday.. Friday The iliri n Mutual I nnnranre Company of new i orn. SIMEON BALDWIN, President; Justus Harrison, Vice-President; William W. Dibblee. Secretary. The nndcrsipned. Iiavinv been Airau ba the Pelican Mutual Insurance Company of New York, re now prrpareo ami tunv auluonzed to uxure airaina Murine, River and Fire Risks. This Company, conducted entirely upon the mutual princ.ple, has leeo doing a large and pnperou business since its organization, ami bas ample means to secure Ihe prompt payment of all Inane. Riks will bo taken on Uie most favorable terms, and all claims will be liberally and promptly adjusted in uiiscny. v. u.rusuitK at U.C. LAWKAMJ.N. myllbni Agents, 47 Camp U I .In. I fnaneMneaa. THE G F.N ERA LMUTU A L INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW YORK. bituoAuumnl and taken over Uie uneipired ruks of the Oct an Mutual Insurance Company of Uuscily.f which Company bas gone into liquidation) are prepared to iiotore against Eire, River, and Marine Risks, at the lete office of Uie "Ocean Insurance Compauy," No. 45 Camp street, on Uie most favorable tenr s. The "General Mutual Insurance Company" have a large capital well inrU-d ; tbry bave paid back In the persons who have insured with Uiern &2 per cent, of their premiums duriue Uie past 3 years m script. hearing b percent interest, payable annually; and as Uie business of Uie Company is conducted altogether on Uie Mutual Principle, that is: dividing among those " iiu , .... iciuiuuia riiuir piuiiuin uir titit.V as large a dividend as is paid by any other Mutual Office may be confidently espected from tbeir future operations. Aug. 22 I Tbis Company offers Uie additional advantage to Sept. 7 I those who insure with them of paying tbeir losxs no 22 I eiincr in new loraor new neans, at tne option Ol Oct. 7 Uieassured. CH.W. BRHIOS, ),.. .in f KDWD. OUDEN.i Nov. 6 I "we. No. 4."i Camp MreeL selR tf REMOVAL THOMAS 111LLMAN has remove, from 40 to 98 Camp street. noota and rshoe. The (ubaenber would rerpectfuIlT solicit a conUDuanc of Use favors of, bis friends and Uie public. He will keen enntanUy on hand a rood as sortment of Gentlemen's, Ladies', Cluldrea and Her- vams- nnuis, manulactured -iprray lor tns reuii trade by the best Northern manaiact&rert, which wil be sold ra far eatk. He will also go extensively Into the manufactare A gentlemen's w ork here, and to thai department be hv ucTiiie nis especial alien lion, wora win ne 3 done at short notice, and a perfect and satisfactory fa Kerwinne, c. neatly assa cm- guarantied or no sale. perilously done. o!9 TUOMJkS 11ILLMAN. 98 Camp sU i (osd LINEN t'OODS McKEN7.IE.TH AVER fk Ca arc this week receiving a Ure addiuoo l their aMortment of Linra Good., to which they invite the aiientmn of purchjuers. All rnod snl1 nm. 1 1 f CHARTREW HT. Dniedlral Notice. R. B. 1L HALL,inrioaJlvai Vtrtnnia.bat tor many years a practitioner in Louisville, Ky., where fc nine years be filled the responsible office of Kesident Physician and Surgeon of the klarine Hospital of thai city, now offers bis ervices lo the chtsen of New Or-leans and especially in Midwifery. Ilrs nftre sssd r sidence at on Canal street, neat dinr tn Dr. Suww's. is tr TIN PLATES. tXSMhoseV TiV PhTlei, 1 an case Sheathing Copper, I lo 90 ot ( B ratter's Copper, BMortrd wriebls; 4000 lbs. Compcsiuoa 0uc.uiui; tsm iot swig uy It. HANDS TUCKER k CO., nv 1m m1 Ti Gnnn sC Satunlay Monday Tuesday...., vsednesxlay.. Thursday... r riilav Saturdav BOST.N-Capt W. T. Pease. Leaves Chicago al 9 o'clock, A M. .May 9 .. do 25 ..June 9 . do 24 .July 9 .. do 24 .Auir. 8 Monday Tuesday W'ednesday.. Thursday.... Friday Saturday.... ....Aug. ....Sept, .... do ....Or I. lo ....Nor. freight or pa&satre apply on hoard, nr tn IIH2-11 JAMES M olid ay Tuesday... Wednesday Thursday., r rnlay .. ... aturilav . . Monday. . . W ISKONSAN Captain A. H. Squier. tx-aves cnicago at 9 o cloi.k, A. Al. ...May II ... do 2ti ...Juue In 25 .. .July 10 ... do 23 .Aue. 10 Tuesday Auir. 25 Wednesday Sept. 9 Thursday do 24 Friday Oct. 9 Saturday do 24 Mou-Jay Nov. 9 Leaves LowviU : Saturday, April 11,5 p.m. Monday, " 27,5 p.m. Tuesday, May 12, 5 p.m. Thursday, " 28,5 p.m. Saturday, June 13,5 p.m. Tuesday, " 30,5 p.m. or Dassenfrerf at any nnint on Uie rivsv notice being .given to tht Captain or Agents, nesjv leaving iew Orleans; and will uiucb at all the jrincipai lownspassing Natrhet in the afternoon oftbe second day, Rodney ami Grand Gull during the aght, and Vlckiburg at daylieht Uie neit morning. -e strictest punctuality wiil be observed in her tune tf departure, and passenrers may rely upon every avnl'ort and accommodation Uiat a passenger packs can afford. A plan of ssr cabins can be seen at the office of the Agents, and sate rooms engaged, upon application to a2 LONSDALE k GRAY; 71 Tcboupitonlasst. 1SI6. DOYLE k DICKEY'S 1H1B. ClnrinnalJand Toledo Dally Packet Line. a3 s f SON, ate Gcoaoniy ,ihe g It'll ) LflD-l ad to Wealth. rk,D CUyw1HMADlNEW.Zmufon Eyeing -e- airasj WUir o61aW. JOHN J. J ACK- OS-lon.twneet fully Informs the n 'la hk 1 a2 vicinity, that he has i SfTi kT' i? -'lT Establishment to !i!lf 3l?'nNan, nl Poydras streets, " !3lcn2?i . TnS. Renovating, Rei l !Ln 2rli'fenU', T Wearing Aprel, S wtnIi?0 All clothes nalie to lSnffi.0"'" will be made. ' ' uii,l d" n,! nc1 experience which I W&J&JWiKmn n Lomlon.and in 1 re",'.e-He Guards, and other 1, KidotUi'lo upbmyaeisatro I j;:.L.e r.T .."swlenien composing iilitary rease spots, (SARRYTNG the Great Western Express of Wells ' Ai Co. thrpogh to Toledo it 60 hours Distance, 247 miles. Fare, including Hoard, 37 50, Way-Fare in proportion, including Board. Connecting at Toledo with R daily lineof Steamboats, on Lake Erie, for Buffalo and oilier ports and m Niagara Falls. The line of Steamboats connecting with Doyle k Dickey's Line ol racKis arc oi uie nnrst oruer lor corukirt, safety and speed. nOYLE hDICKEY'B USE OF PACKETS Is eomoosed at six boats built pxpresslv for tlie trade. entirely new, with ventilators in the deck finished and furnished in a style naequalled in tbe United States; comnasded by CPnUctianly and experienced officers, who till spare no pnins to make Uie trip pleasant and eaafortable. clarion, capLLK. smitsi, capt. J. Uiimore r amnion, " avannorn i .aimer, " j. ranie Empire, " kShaffer I Laurel, J. CaUicart tine ot the aawe poais wttl leave tne racket Land ing, at Main nieei unore, every morning at 10 o'clock. Persoagoing East will find this the pleas- antest and chesfcsi route to ruiagara rails, and tbe Eastern ones. An Omnibus wica Persons residinr hUie ing their names stlue racieiumce, Mansion House, Main street, 2d mar trom raraei L.anamg. jelO WM. B.CUKT1W. Agent. Cincinnati, O. 1M6. HOLLISTBR'S LINE. 1846. UufTnlo a4 Ubictsio Meant racket tT. LOUIS. G.v- p lqyd. master. LA ROSE. 71 Oil Levee st. For .Hnndevllle,THndlnonvllle I and Coimgton DAILY PACKET. The new. substantial and fast ruuniiuz steamer SULTAN, I. W. Hoffman, master vwll commerce, her regular trios dailv between New Orleans and Covington on FRIDAY, May 22, leaving the Lake j end of Uie Ponlchartrain Railroad ejstry day except Sunday, on tlie arrival of the ball-ynst 11 o'clock, A. M.,cars. Returning, leaves Covington every nmrning, except Sunday, at half-past 6 o'clock, arifving at the Railroad in tme to take tne nau-pa-i woTiock cars lor the city. r or ireigiil or passage, nrtvw lo J. F. ljRCIERk CO., my22 3in Aeents. 54 Old Levee. tv The steamer Sultaa w ill hereafter leave tlie Lake end of lite Pontcharrraiii Railroad on Saturday, alter tne arrival ol Uie hail-past Z o'rlock cars. fTTW k CAPTJ. M. SCOTT, having pur- Ljrtlefclm-eltie splendid steamboat BELLE Sbmnmaaamm CREOLE, so very lavorably known, respectfully informs his friends anil the public that this said boat win resume bep regular trips to Kayou Sara, leaving New Orleans every SUNDAY anil WEDNESDAY, at 10 o'clock, A. M. Returning, will leave Bayou Sara every MONDAY and FRIDAY, at 11 o'clock. A. M. On her WEDNESDAY trips she wjU-gT as far at CapL J. M. Scott irspectfullysolicits Uie patronage of bis friends. j.- The Belle Creole wiOave positively on SUNDAY the 12ih. inst. - For freight or parage apply to the Captain on board. a9 STREC"it'S LINE OF PACKS TS , Season's Arrangement. t fCf?f ' the .Coant Donaldaon- lf LJ'f rtlle, ijobHrche, Plaanemme, Baton R""""""- Rouge and Devoir s landing . Steamer F. M. STRECK, Capt. F..M. Streck, leaves iew Orleans tor Coast and LariUrche, every THURSDAY, at 10 o'clock, A M. "Returning:, leaves Thibodaux every SATUKIJAY MORNING and Donaldson every SUNDAY MORNING. Steamer MAJESTIC. Captain Jas. H. Ure, leaves New Orleans every AT UR D AY, at 10 o'clock, A. M., for Uie Coast, Donaldson, Plaqoemine, Baton Rouge and Devall's JjSnding. Returning, leaves Baton RoageeveirTU ESDAY, at 8 o'clock, and arrives in mew urtMi tlie same evening. For freight or passage apply on lssard at Uie Packet Landing or to LAFORKST k SO.U SARATOGA Captain E. C. Stannard, Tuesday w ednesday Thursday.. r ralay Saturday. , Monday.... Tuesday.. Leaves Chicago at 9 o'clock, A. M. .May 12 27 ..June II .. do 26 ..July II 27 .Aug. 11 Wednesday.. Thursday.... Friday aturday.... Monday Tuesday.... ..Aug.' ..(sept. IO . . do 25 ..Oct. 10 .. do 26 . .Nov. 10 MADISON Capiaia James McFadcvan, l -eaves Chicago at :t o'clock, A.M. Weilnesilay May 13 I Thursday Aug.27 Thursday do 28 j Friday Sept. II rnilay June 12 I Saturday do 26 Samrday do 27 Monday Oct. 12 Monday July 13 Tuesday do 27 Tuesday do 28 Wednesday Nov. 11 Wednesday Aug. 12 OREGON CapL L. H. Cotton. Leaves Chicago at 9 o'clock, A. M. illsttatU fsalrly 1 nasi ranee C'ompsuiy mf New York. TH E fiscal year ol tins company closed on tbe I8lh, and all premiunison risks from Uiat dale are car ried into Uieburinest of the coming year, and bave no connection with previous losses. The pre. em popular mutual principle of Insurance was introduced into this country by tins company, and its charter differs irom most of those of subsequent date. In tbe material fact, that it stipulates that all the profits of the bose nessnf each and s-very year shall be securely invested and continually added to capital, giving tliertby the fullest security. This capital is represented by certificates, bearing interest, and divid-d amongst those doing business with Uie company, in proportion to the amount of premium paid. Tbe extent ot iu capital. tlie very great increase or its business, it rare in the division ot its risks. Its restriction in iu lire rrks in Uns city to limited aniouuts, and iu promptness and punc tuality in tne adjustment ol tu losses, it u lM-lieveK, enables this company to present unusual inducement to in is community lor their patrons ee and conhdenee. ' W Fira. Mm we ami IUvcr Risks continue to be taken. on ue most favorable terms at tlie nmce of tbe Agency, No. 41 Camp street, corner of Gravier. THOMAS A. ADAMS, AgenL Deeeniber 2.5. IR4.5. ly EDUCATION. C H R I ST I E ' S Mori or Jcahm's Diait The fblloviof; touchins; effuaioo ia from "Jesurjes'a Diary," now ia course of publication. m tbe Lotxioa Punch. -Jearoe." waa ia lore ariihladj B, od the aotip, if aay one desires to ainj It, ia to tbe air of " Voull RetoesnW me. - an ft as r nusy i was sleepless all aiehi " 1 ent to my tee Up pa ta the (bilonng lin. Uerea a hair ia Balf'a H opera that abe'a uu a roa p tea inem to that ineUady.. M She was to (be draring-roofa alooe m itk lady B. Sbe an arubblins; at the pjaaoa as I hen-tered. I flung tbe ronvaaatioa tipoa tnewnrs: aid I aangroy self I've ad Wwtw lately of Sigoor TwaoVydillo and. oa bet- rrkweetins; bn io . favor ber wiih somethinf:, I bust oat with my poim : "'f"" IIOOvUlIo'UTHIHUrillUI.' NY hen moootike o'er tbe ha z ure aeaa, lo son effulgeoce swells, Wbea silver jews sod bsiaiv breexo -Bead down tbe Lily's bells ; tV hen calm and deep tbe rosy sieap Has lapt our souls ia dreams, R Hsnrelioe! Rladytnioe! Dost thou remember Jeames T u I msrk thee in tbe Warble All, be re L,ojtlsod s loveliest alone I ssy 'be fairest of tbrrn ail Is Lady Hangelioe. Mv soul, to desoSate eclipse. With recollections teems Aod then I bask, with weepies; lip. Dost tbou remember Jeames f "Away! I will not tell the ball This soughrinf, heart endures There is a loaely spirit-call That sorrow never cores; There is a little, little bur. That still above tne beams ; II is tbe Star of Hone but ar! Dost thou remember Jeames T ' When I came to the last words. "Dost tbou remember Je-e-e-ams, I threw sveb aa irP'ea-slm of uaulterahle leooeroess into the seaka at the band, that Hanrelina could bare it do snore. A bust of uacomtrollsbra emotioo ae-ixed br. 4be put her ahkercbief to ber face and left the room. 1 beard ber laffiaf and aobbiofr bister-k-klv in tbe bed w or. " O Hanrelina My adord one. My Arts ! Thursday. r ridav Saturday Monday Tuesday weunesuay... i uursaay ..May 14 29 ..June 13 .. dn 29 ..July 14 .. do 29 .Aug. 13 r riday Saturday... Monday.... Tuesday.... Wednesday. Thursday.. .Aug. 28 .Sept. 12 .. do 28 ..Oct. 13 .. do 28 .Nov. 12 Friday. Saturday... Monday.... Tuesdav.... Wednesday. Thursday.., f riday. EMPIRE Capt. D. How Leaves Chicago al 9 o'clock, A. M. .May 15 . ... do 3(1 ....June 15 do 30 July 15 do SO .Aug. 14 Saturday. Monday Tuesday Wednesday... Thursday Friday ..Aug. ..Sept. .. do ..Oct. .. do ..Nov. Saturday.... Monday.... Tuesday ... W'ednesday. Thursday.., r riday... srPERloit Captnin D. Wilkinson. Leaves cmcagn at 9 o'elocR, A. M. .May 16 June 1 do 16 July I , do 16 do 31 Saturday.. Monday.... Tuesday.... W'ednesday. Thursday... r riday. .Aug. 15 .... do 31 ..BepL 15 .... do 30 ....Oct. 15 do 30 HIGH SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES, as Boarders or Dsy Pupils, Cartmdelet atrstr, near SU Joseph street. Under the tupermtendence of the MISS ALLISONS. In this Institution the most competent Instrnctorsare employed in every department essential to a highly finished education. Particularrare is bestowed on Uie formation of Uie manners of Uie Young Ladies, and Uie most unwearied attention is devoted to their mental improvement. The modeof discipline pursued by tbe Miss Allisons is one of uniform gentleness, as calculated to produce the happiest efTecu upon all dispositions, and to create a truly feminine and ladylike deportment and character. The stndy of Uie French Language forms a part el thedaily employment of all the pupils, under Uie superintendence nf a Professor from Paris, and is included in Uie terms of tuition all oUier Languages, with the accomplishments of Music, Singing. Drawing and Dancing, are Uie separate charges of the teachers and masters engaged in Uie Institution. The Miss Allisons refer W. Freret, Esq., 8. J. Peters, Esq., H. C. Canuiiark.Ksq., Theodore Shule, Esq., H. Palfrey Esq., H. LocketL Esq. Rev. Dr. Wheaton, Judge Rawle, W. P. Converse, Esq. A. Lanfear, Esq., L. C. Duncan, Esq. ocl 7 ly GREAT WKSTERN Captain A. Walker, Leaves Chicago at 9 o'clock, A. M. nov 7 . 8UUIRES. 28 Old Levee. Monday May 18 I Monday. Tuesday June 2 Tuesday.... weilnesilay lo 17 I Wednesday . Thursday July 2 I Thursday... r riday do 17 r riday Saturday. Aug. 1 Saturday ST. LOUIS Captain G. W. Flovd, Leaves Chicago at 9 o'clock, A. M. Aug. 17 Sepu 1 do 16 ,OcU 1 , do 16 do 31 (Halt-ante Rlnaa and Maxaetle Flald. THIS remarkable discovery, which basaurarted as much attention in Europe and receotlv in Ihe Northern Stales, is now introduced for Uie first time to Uie eiihiens ot New Orleans. It cotiual'es aa entirely sate and simple application of the mysteTsoas power of Giil vanism as a remedial acent. The GALVANIC RING, in connection with tbe MAGNETIC FLUID bave been oned with the most perfect socsess in all ma of UH HUM AT1SM. acute "r chronic, apply Ins . - . rv , to Uie neaa.iaeeor umosi whm, aic-aiwhttjs, tiwno. ad,- Rnau-hitit. Vertigo. Nervnut or Sick Headache. Indigestion, Psralvsis.TaHy, Epilepsy. FiU, Cramps, ralpl tattoo of tbe "Hea it, A popkxy.Stifiorar Joints, Sninai Complaints. Lorobaco. Nenrahria, Nervous Treninrs, Ditxiness of tbe Head, Pains in tbe Cheat and BideGrorral Debility, Deboencyoi Nervous and Phvieal Enerrv. and all Nervoos Disorders, la cases of Dyspepsia, which is simply s Dervoas deru reroent ol uie digestive oceans, uiey nave oeeo wsng cauauy successful. The Kings are of different prices, being made of all sixes, and of vanoos ornamental patterns, and can be worn by Uie most delicate female withoot tbe slightest inconvenience. TbeGALVANIC BELTS.BANDS, BRACELETS, fkc, are modihcations of Uie invention, and are recommenced in more chronic cases of disease, where tbe Rines do not possess sufficient intensity or power.. Tbey are adapted to the waist, arms, wrists, ancles, cliesl.or any part of tbe body, with perfect ease. Any Galvanic nower that is reouired may Urns be obtained. and no complaint which the mysterious agent of Gah vanism can effect, will fail to be permanently relieved, CHRISTIE'S MAGNETIC FLUID is used is coo. section with the Rinrt and tbeir modifications. Tbst composiuoa has been prooouoced by tbe French Chemists to be one of the most valuable discoveries of modern science. It is believed to possess the remarkable power of rendering nerves sensitive to Gal. vanic action, by this means causing a concentration of Uie inflsence at tbe seat of disease, and thus giving rapid and permanent relief. CHRISTIE'S GALVANIC STRENGTHENING PLASTERS. These articles form an important addition to Uie Galvanic Rinrs, acting opoo tbe same prux ciple, but having tbe advantage of more local application. As an effectual roea ns for strengthening the system when debilitated by disease or other causes; as a certain aid In constitutional wsasnrsst as a prevent tive for colds.and in all affections of Uie chest generally, the Gslvaoie Strengthening Plasters will he found of great and permanent advantage. (7 Numerous certificates and testimonials from many distinguished physicians and others of tbe Northern States bave been received by Uie proprietor, T bese are all from persons of the highest respectability, and may be seen on application to Uie a genu iy The public are respectfully cautioned to beware nf nnrinni imitations of Ibese articles. Dr. CHBtSTt has but one authorised Agency la each city of b Union. GUION fc CO Importers of Fancy Articles, kc. corner of SL Charles ana canal streets, r. u ,ub.i rails, IUC oriUIIV Anu SUllIJ ill for paisengers at the Hotels. !JI5t Bairdlln ie city will he called for by enter- assssaasssssssJlon this rou aOT-r?irr hA-lce,, UdieV wes-Vippare (j-.iut . . M'id in the aoaTnnrn.erf fanhinn Vesel Dressei Udin Uie lalevl Carnage cusi thair covers. rogv elesie !, svnru new. Many geatl rarments, car quence of the Wu6nir',PProTed,Mhion' ""KllWa. 111111 .r. ..J w JhangmA ra ,n(. hearlh i , ana uii. to appear as iti i.ji. . . ' lauiet luails. i .i...:. . r to uvc uieir TiSsdo'tnnUe Leave Buffalo. Saturday tflril 2.51 Monday Bay H Tuesday S 2 Wednesday Jsse U Thursday at rrraay jwj v Saturday al Monday AS. t uesaay..... Wednesday .. i nursoay.... Friday Saturday Leave Chicago. da f ... do ...Oct B do P t Monday.... May Tuesday... do Wednesday June i ,i-.. s..,.iaTi...:,.:,"iao ni :Y- tria in nmi meracier nr kL. VI a strict attesliouily,hlP- rom rs r i.i;-.i. ! bi meet a it IQ, All -rAF-L H "ourVafrruT r tla riT All work eta-d to mv t . . i I J iwaeiiTerv i i t Mraliscnbtr. SOT7 ly ( 1 MIISB'AO JOHNx.j;CKSON QyteTSntrz- f.KHOTiem e'", JvT tou JUcam'a M. Z j .n'.8 "(bra, hi, old at itcnstot iinill who vi:il. J ones,lebM comnla'rL'-""'?" . xai w nivnii tla , - on 4L. .Ln,Tr,n..-"r',-?inei. W ievc j s will use al,,-,.- 'land rtiwiU He will best serve Thursdty i . do Friday July Saturday do Monday Aug. Tuesday do Wednesday Sept. Thursday., do 17 Friday Oct, 2 Saturday do 17 Monday... Nov. 2 OHN HOLUSTER. al7 tf MiffK Owner, Buffalo, N. Y. Aerents WTieeler.Cieker fc Co., New York: J. J. Newcomb, Boston ; J Seymour fc Co , Cleveland ; tiumpurey at Birong,suwauic , . nonon at jo., Luicago. 2 ... an ti 1844J. f.P J? . 1S4. a Mona ime, rjMlK steam-packet Wi A v Ait a, CapL Thomas 1 RicHaDsrLO'SAI'At.CaP-l'Bv' Allen; and the MADISfN. C"P J' "JcFadyen, wUl leave Chicago tbe en'nK '": " '"owi : W1AWAUS New Orlennn and Bayon Sara 3IaM. SPRING AND SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Steamboat CLINTON. Captain in conformity wuu ine cnniract route, from tk first of March the steamboat CLINTON will leave! New Orleans every SUNDAY and WEDNESDAY MORNINGS, at 10 o'clock, in place of the IJJtilliant ;" returning, will leave Bayou Sara every Monday and Fsidav, al 10 o'clock, A. M., carrying the mad on those days lo and from New Orleans- " The public rfiay rely on the "Clinton" remaining Uirooelioul the summer, and CapL Baird respectfully solicits a continuance of Uie patronage o bis friends and Uie public generally. For freig4irbr passage apply on hoard, or to f r24 6m WM. H. AVERY. Gravier ft. ty On Wednesday Uie Clinton extends her trip lo Fort Adams, leaving For Adams for New Orleaus every Thursday evening Monday... Tuesday...., W'ednesday., Thursday... r riday Saturday..., Monday. .May 4 .. do 19 ..June S .. do 18 ..July 3 .. do 18 .Aug. 3 Tuesday. Wednesday .. Thursday.... Friday Saturday.... Monday , ....Aug. 18 ....SepL 2 .... do 17 ....Oct. 2 .... do 17 ....Nov. 2 EpUropal Collesrlate Institute. STAPLETON, Staien Island, w lib in six miles of New York. The Principal, tlie Rev. THOS. TOW ELL, M. A., would respectfully solicit the attention of parents and guardians to this institution. His long ami successful experience as Ihe friend and instructor of youth ; and being at all limes aided by tbe most efficient Professors, hat heretofore secured to him the approbation and confidence of those parents who entrusted htm with Uie sacred charge of their children. In addition to a thorough scholastic educa tion, Classical and Mercantile, Mr. Towell bas made I are the sole A genu (wholesale and retail), of whom it a primary object to instill into Uie bosoms ot his I aWy the genuine esm he obtained. Jel4 youth! ul charge, me true ana ennooiing principles oi will leave Thibodaux every Saturday at .8 o'clock, A. I M.; Donaldsonville, everySaturday evening. For I J.alE5!ts AsWrtv tht best' Thursday M " . . . . j ......... - vl r noay , cr Saturday JsK 6 Monday. d 22 "f.Iigenc in procuring Tuesday... Joy ' "lioos tn lie found in Wednesday 22 nm un . . I . tuesoay Thursday., Aug. 6 rnosy..... do 21 Satufday. Sept, 5 Monday. do 21 Tuesday..., Oct 6 Wedswday do 21 IJjrt-;, W and &52ft Tuesday!?" "Q"modai I ILSLi liafonche Packet. Thesteamer Jjiiriaai FAM fcr7 A. Dugas, master, has been pur-assissstaasassasl CUIUd exoresslv for Uie trade, and will continue to rurvfhe whole season, leavifft New Orleaus every WEDNESDAY, atSCclock P. M. Returning freight or passage apply to jr4 ly J. A. BRAUD fc LAN D RYr14 Bienville st. Recralar Psxrbfec RAINBOW S. S. SeUeck, mailer For Tht Coast, DrmaldsumnlU. Pfutmrmine. Baton Routt. Port Hudson, and Bayou Sorse-TWTCK A WEEK will leave New Orleans every TUESDAY MORNING at 10 o'clock, and every FRIDAY EVENING at 5 o'clock; and will leave Bayou Sara every WEDNESDAMrand SUNDAY, at 10 a. m. tr For. freight orXiasaaire apply on board, foot oi Bienville sL, where Ufe Clerk will be ready to receive treighl every Tuesday and Friday morning. slO intermediate .steamer WAVE, 1. will leave posi tively every SATURDAY MORNING, at 10 o'clock: returninsr, win leave the Balixe every MONDAY,at9 o'clock, A. Mand arrive iu New Orleans every Tuesday evening. For freight or apply on board, or to JAMES LAROSE, dlO ol4-ly 71 Old Levee street. Tbe above boats, thirteen in number, are of the first clans, built expressly for tbe Lake trade, many of which are new, and for strength, speed, safety and fare, we challenge the world. Aggregate tonnage, 9500. Any Information required will lie cheerfully given, by applying to WM. M. HALL, Agent for the Association, at Wells fc Co.'s Express Office, Planters' House, SL Louis, or at the SL Charles Exchange, New urieans. IV There will be a la r ire handbill to lie found in the principal hotels and 011 steamers in the South and West, accompanied with a pamphlet, giving a full and correct description 01 tne anove route, nver anil prairie scenery, Mackinac, Detroit, Buffalo, Lundy'a Lane, Plains nf Abraham, the Falls, distances, fcc fce. all calculated to interest the traveller iu his pilgrimage throned Uie most interesting country in North America. t Passengers wishing to visit the copper reeions of Lake Superior, can take the steamer Gen. Scott, wnicn plies reguiaruy inree times a wees net worn Mackinaw and St. Marys. jeltt tsl Christianity.- His present location, unrivalled for its salubrity, combines many advaniaces: Uie proximity to New York and tbe facility at all times of reaching that city, is perhaps not tbe (east protuinenL Tbe domestic arrangements are under Uie immediate superintendence of Mas. Towfli., who extends to the children on every occasion maternal care. References. Right Rev. W. H. D'Laneey, D. D.; Rev. W. Berrian, D. D. ; Rev. Charles HackUy, D. D-, Columbia Colleee: Rev. John Mc Vicar, D. D., Colum bia College; Rev. B. Hale, President of Geneva Col lege ; Kev. nerre a. rroai, u. u.,ctira; itey.ioroon Winslow.Tomphinsville, L.I .J Rev. Charles 8. Stewart, U. S. N. ; W. H. ApinwaU, Esq., N. Y.; Ievi Cook, Esq., N. Y.; W. R.Townsend, Editor of Express, N. Y. ; Gewee L. Twiggs, Esq., Augusta. Geo.; Barnum, Esq., Natchitoches; J. B. Byrne. sq-,N. Orleans. je20 lm SLOOP'S PLOUGHS, all sires, Just received and kept constantly on hand by the node rug tied, agents. n7 tt LAFOREST fc SQUIRES, 28 Old Levee. MESSRS. Wrltl No. 1 fTZr?0. .Vo Baiize and all i Lr11 JTT Ijafdxng. The U. 8. st aWaaaDaassssal CsjL John C.Northup, l-t' livers, wthrtrt iiwiLb- . Iwhati ' Utt 1 hav lean lie 1 fce. VVataon'a- ited with boxes 1 net 25 tf Friday.... Saturday Monday.... do luly An?. 4 Wed st I ay.. do 19 Thursday-! Sept S Fridaf do 18 8atury MondsT Oct. 3 . do 19 V' I ame trots; 1.1 ' thoutst j i 4 sreitl-J I J-astbusbi' ft ' ehstol sr .n ,isra. t in Pdvertiseroent than fsem betl ' ' Wasting Bore Thr j , .HIUUii- ' without' 1 ". t-leffect ri jsommci JhittSiig t 1 1 iyiu ar lrfto at nw( 1 1 tut ; bs t or tliu wnplainU that one 'cnmJ? 'f press my sel. Wiirteen yea?"" "retailed ttliose cases;t,t,h"b:i m7 kve riven nJi1 ,le nly .most otherd, attenUon,to on rln Ti.., i?ors, and 1 know Such an no-inat I am always it Nodes, UlSy? ventured to lare iusTa, fak Sore fleets, cWrri,s"",to me as the i w TTtt than that of easesiin. ,L. yf Wnirer... VT3ays,and find V" . tiurse without sub-tlie sVhteJ T-5 treatment as lSbetayfi? oj oblige ters tlVSSMSy proofs of jnviolabL TIl)t nicest se. IWAih hfil auay ' ' r.,riilnlt It ne- V ; -F-inowsuf- VssSwi-4- MAD ON leaves Cic60: Aug. 12 ..... dO 27 ..... Sept. II ..... do 26 Oct. 12 do 27 Tuesday JApril28 I Wedmsday.. Wednesday May 13 Tbursy-- Thursday i do 28 Fridaf" riusy 1 oaturow"" rSturday J 00 Z7 1 Monda-. TO no ay T I laaf"" irHiiiy, I the steam-natfets Niagara and V.D1htiia are en- tirev new the I1"1". Uptons sT'hen ; the Louis- ian 1000 tons-iuul "Pressly fof aonak) and cnKSKO trail e. 1 l"niBlor t -I no pains er esense in ning them the stnest and most comfortable passKeboattoD Uie Las1- The engines are ioypressnry toe Aiaw "urs, new York. The calfs ami state rooml7 finished and furnishVl in Tyle of luxury and tV'ganc surpas-sing anahingoP" Western water 1,. The stomer Ijdison, recently reblt, with, a new upper catin.ail "vorably known ail""" snceess. nil cnico .- - "is rc.:r met . iusm nr Inst a UU. cd1'0" on this route. ' ' r luiorpni a . . . W . . y rM avtaj st rUK l E" K-uia, - nLMI-n. Ill, sp-ti. 11' Vlobea- Glob JUST rexeftMevettjl pairs of: 13 inch Glje. Celesual and British and North American Itoyai SI all Htanniahlna. or 1200 TONS AND 440 ROKSB rOWES EACH. Under contract with (As Lords' of tht Admiralty. H1BERNIA, Alexander Ryrie, commander BRITANNIA,.. ..John Hewitt, do. CALEDONIAr... Edward G. Lott, 00. CAMBRLA, Chas. H. K. Judk'uis, do. ACADIA William Harrison. rin. ' . Will sail from Liverpool and Boston, via Halifax, as follows: from Liverpool Front' Boston. Caledonia....... '"Jniy 1. BsUTAHNiAr.....,- June 19. July 16. Cambria, July 4. ...... Hibesmia July 19. rf...... June 16. Acadia, . Passage Money From Boston to Liverpool, $120. From Boston to Halifax. 120. These ships carry experienced Surgeons. No berth seenrea nnui paid tor No freiebt except specie received on dav of sailinir Note. AllletserSand newspapers must pass through the Pontofficey Merchandise and specie, (except for yrnonm gAjawic iiupiicu uituer uie name Ol luggagi Chsff.llinols. Globes. x.ifxial; oi do 1 :'-oo do df .1- . 1 1 OO li which 1 will J5eJtoa manuS Prices, Will be chaffed as freight, and liable to Customhouse regulations. Specie taken as freight. For freight or No. I Comroejfal win passage apply to jnne aa A LL persons Notice. inealaims EWIS. 'barf, Boston. inenlaims against the estate oi UUU1U. holdii ANUKKWa.KULANU. osmavl. r rr, r,. to present them ; and all persona indebted thereto to mase payment wiuxpi uetay, to tbe undersigned ad Asearv tor C'lalma at Wstahlnaton. CHARLES DE SELD1NG, OraerW Agent. No. 11, Todd's Budding t. fennsytDmnm A rente, H ashing. tew Offers bis services to those who may have claims on either of the Executive Departments or Congress' or private claims on individuals. Particular attention paid to Uie settlement of aeconntt of disbursing officers who may find it Inconvenient to attend personally, especially loose 01 uie navy. Also attends as agent for non-resident property-holders, collecting Ten's, procuring pensions, fcc rharires will be moderate and re eclated by Uie a morn I claimed, and tbe extent of services required. Communications (post paxi; wui receive ihuwuiak attention. . . He bas the honor to reler to the Navy Department, and the several Bureaus connected with it; Second Comptroller and Fourth Auditor's Offices, sod the senior Pursers in tbe Navy, and also lo Hoo. C. C Cambreling, New York ; Commodore Charles Stew-art, Philadelphia: Commodore John Downes, Boston ; Hon. Henry L Ellsworth, Lafayette, Indiana; Hon. E. H. Foster, Nashville, Tennessee ; Thomas M. Blount, PensaeoU; John Crosby, Esq.. New Orleans. 11 it nnur r,iAm r tt iSniirned bavin? informed O them that a report was eirculaUng in the the effect Uiat tbey bad taken advantage of the P" The unanimous opinion ol scienUfic and business I Miij,,,- Kouipments. tbey hereby prooouoce it totally -"V1 devoid of truth nnd a malicious libel. It bas nnoouot- Kxtraordlaary Dlaeloaere. BEffARK OF FRAUDS TO VRUUUISTS. LiUME Droggisu are misled into the error ot buyinr O a miserable imitation of Dr. Smith's Sugar Coated. Indian Vegetable Piha, siroplv l.ecausw tbey can por, chase tbe sportovs theoprr. We sbsU in all cases exs pose such oesk-rs thmughoal the country, who, sftrf beiag duly tnforatedot Out rascality of Ibese hnitatnrs, buy and attempt to impos npno the ptibhe with sssrh worthless trash. It is not Uie Sugar Coating alone tba constitutes Ue value of my Pills, bat it a ssy nr Brhkk I efeim ihe rirht. ' G. B EN J. 8 MITH. K D- ITQ R.lrll ml and 9 Water at. BoslOO. t READ AND jrDGE IMPORTAITT FACTS. I W e, Uie undersigned, wholesale drsrrisU so Loass, ville. Ky., are satisfied, from i all U.e f,A,5.' we can obtain, that Dr. . BENJAMIN SMITH M the oneinal uivenlor of the Sogsr Coslei T Jls. We are prepared to mpply dealers al Uie New lor prices. Robi-son. Prrra fc ataut wu, - J. 8. Mosais fc Co., 461 Msm RtTPEBT fc LlXOE!BBCEB.61l Mala St-, Geobce, Lsrrmo fc Co., 79 toarta sv, d ... k ii rw m ii riwni i Tlie following, from Druggwu in New York, show 1844. ' (From the atarday Eoiporiam Co5TtPT or CocaT. Aa amusinc iacidect occurred in a court room, enme years spo, ia one of tbe back counties in Misaoari. I do not now recollect whether I beard it related, or read it ; but any way it is too food to be lost. If it has ever ea published, 1 beg pardon of the author of tbe original for using my own words in giving a version of tbe matter, but I think it has not. Tlie court on the occasion si laded towns seated, and a case about to be tried. Now bis honor, the Judge, -was a man well stricken ia tears, yet he could ride a race,- shoot a rifle, " shuffle aod deal" as well as the " next man," and when not engaged in bis official duties, was exceedingly affable with everybody. Indeed such were bis manners, tbst had be lived in the vicinity of Manhattan wilbout stepping over the strictest bounds of propriety, I think I can safely say. he would bave been termed " one of tlie b'boy's" ret wyb all bis plsyrulneaa, wbea ' fairly sested on the trod-oach," be waa like Moses of old, so austere msn and be who presumed to trifle with tbe dignity of " tbe mart on these occasions generally suffered tone. Well, as I was saying "bis honor' wss -seared, and a cause about to be commenced, when in a voice of thunder the abonff pro claimed " silence," There waa a psoas the Judge looked up and saw aa elderly maa near the Iswvrrs' tsble, who bad not yet asostserrw hi head. Tbe court could not brook soch disrespect to tbe ermine ; iu dignity was assailed, and bis honor" called out in aa authoritative tone: " Mr. Sheriff, remove that man's haLT That functionary, wbo bad until bow stood ia a corner leaning upon bis rifle, stepped "P 1. . politely knocked cn we sat witn tn nnwr his murderous weapon, wbereupoa Mr. Badger . Badger waa tbe offmder'a name scared, not the Sherifl, but the bat, aad clapping it upon bis bead exclaimed "Judge, I'm bald !" "Mr. Sherifl," said the const, "we instroct yon arsia to remove Mr. Badger's batlrotu his J"4"" s 1 Tbe order was mstsntly executed, and no . sooner done than Mr. B. replaced the baton his bead the second time, again insisting that be was bald! - . The oflVnded Jadga now waaad warm, and rising in his seat, ordered tbe clerk to enter Dj lineof rewtrsiorfwTys -y - , Mr. R. was thunderstruck ! lis oVIiberatery IL ,g. ike henrh. and IsVlCf down t half dollar before bis honor, ia a solemn tone thus -rsve bis views of the case to tbe "! ex pounder:' " 1 oor senwnce, uagv, a . I Invented the Sugar Coated Pills in 143: DOLBEAR'S JkrV. A Academy. 15 t9aaaaBsTraaast Camp st. MESSRS. D. are now luruimg new Classes, and will set apart the hour from 9 to 10 A. M. to receive vtstters and explain their System lo such persons as may please to call. Dr lb ear's Science of Penmanship for sale. Although there is no branch of education more important to the transaction of business Uisn a free and rapid sUrle of writing, yet, from its being so much neglected in schools and seminaries, how large a share ot Clerks, Merchants, Lawyers, fcc, consume double the time necessary, by wrmng such a slow, crampea hand. I nere are tnousanas oi men id tnts city wno would be glad to acquire a free, bold and rapid style, if they knew tbe ease with which tbey can learn. Messrs. u. can assure taaies auu renuemen mm tuerc is no more necessityofwriUngacramped. Illegible and vulgar band, than there is for using incorrect and vul-ear laneuaee, orof remaining ignorant of the science of AriUiinelic There cannot be a single failure if the rales of the System, which are plain and simple, are followed. I cBrmtlo- manly, but tbe law sra-perative, aad I retoa I'll haia bsi'toviMa, axrnd the far doUart and t hlf tkmt vm red me ttJss tee qnil ptafiMg 'P moktt as syauar Thunder SlorwuK rtrj severs thunSer storm visited riosburg, Fa-, oa the lihinsC, During iu cntmuance, the etore of Meaara. Murphy ct Co, comer of Fourth and Market streets, was stents, but not mod. damagad, A dravmaa. while going along Prospect street near the .New Basin, wtt struck by lightning a a aad'vifJinle bopea were siertajnea ot niasa- ': 4 A L s . .1 .. - r. -j d:ii. i, nr. ii. Heniainm ocniui n-iw tared and exhibited them tons about a vear "re . Rush to" fc Co., 110 Broadway aad 10 Astor House, If BAIL RABDOt-rn, PS.O-.WI smiij 1 Hoasca Evebett, W Hsdsoa tc, j i... r..Titi.4 Hautua tt-. t Dsvin SaiBa. Faltnsi A t UII L t twm rv i... . w - I have been afflicted with Dyspepsia iQtt.roMar. I used pr. o. e.u. OO..S- . r" - rf Vegetable nas. " Ts .ee a rene. Juahle tMlls I am eotuTij . v vmu men. aa well bs the nress. in favor of their nu I restises on uie "uojeci, anu oi uwir niciiiuu ns cetu-inp-. won Id be sufficient evidence of its corTectness t but it also hss withstood tbe test of time, and the opposi tion of those wbo bave judged witnout caving tasen Uie trouble to call aod have an explanation of it. There is no branch of education more frequently brougbt into lequlsition than the writing of a lady or gentleman, ana none wnicn inuuca uwc iciu.i vorable or otherwise. A vulgariy written letler frequently destroys Uie prospects of the writer. Ilow of- ten is Uie appneamm ui m it.vv..Mv...i a line of his writing, while the services of the well qualified Clerk are always in demand. Merchants do not wisn tierss ww m , ...i.., ni,i,i i h ilnns in one. nor will pay as hieh a salary to one wbo writes a slow, crampetUiand, as to one wno writes in an rujr, """i" ', ,o , I style. , jcij-Ani- edly been pot In circulation by persons interested, to Injure os in our uosiness ana in puuiic "'""i we hereby offer a reward of 8250 to any person who will give as the names of the parties wbo originated myia HYDE k. GOODRICH'. 15 Chartres St. T" HOS. McLEART, Saddler, deserted rrosn the Montgomery Guard, Loaisville Letnoo, at then-camp ground. Algiers. Bixe about 6 feet inches high, stout built wore at Uie time of deserting, a black frock coat and uniform pants belonging lo Uie Louis ville Legion. Said McLrary sept a saaoier-s suop ns rsvsted until dian snie pius i boj , ,,, ral remedy. Padocah. Ky.. Nov. 9, IMS. . Ve certify to the above facts. Dr. Smith's "Surar Coated IW sre amversallf esteemed in ibis vs-in tr. . , 4 HODGE, UIVENS a. to, jnercoaaia. . Padocah, Ky Nov. 19, 184. I . . . . rx rw. a. Reniamin Smith's aeewt w Cheerfully state that we visneo the office of Dr. Bmitk InTeptertiber last, whUe ia New York, atsdfound ibtnt to all appearance carrying oa a very etUraaive bast-rL!r.,h, hi. Snrar Coated loduu) Vegetable PUlsf The extent of bis estabUsbsnetH weald asinnisat iany one not Initialed ia the mysteries of IbepUl tnOe i-J',nlV.Slng 1 Smithuasd, Ky.. reb. f4, IMG. Dr. O. Bern. SmilfcDetw Sir Nothing has ever been Introduced that has sold an well sod given sack general saUsfactioii a yoor Bagar Coated Improved fndVsgetahleirm Very . . . trrora Messrs. BaU k AlHen.) . LouisvtLLB- Kv. Feb. 13th. U4. Dr. U. Ben. Smith Pear Sir Ton will please send as twelve gross of yoor valoable Pills. From preseta mdicatKms we snail sen a isrre anioani " wras t. r-Tn publicans of BrooUrn, N- who J- have been sued tor a violet 'io of ka lioeasa - law, have certiortrrittl iLe T& brotrJ sgainat I - as . t y a them, forty-ooe ia nnnstr, uom u.ivobiu m i Beasiona, Queen's ooony, ttm Coart aOyer ' f, arJt 'Terminer, at lie aama ccucry. aai asa de termined tb.carry abe eaaa Bp to the court of '. 1 ..,. a 'a a t. . last renort, ti delaasMI in tnoae vtaw, ta taai u v ' CQitatituO0Pttyf be law. : ! . T7rm The great dam al Aoruala, Me- which waa deatroved by tua Ireabetlast Spriag, is .tow nearly repaired. ' The water power is restored, and that mUia expected to ga into opera. tioa ahonJy. . ' , . s , &T. Thes icfl ueaea trf alHvcatpfceric eJectrituy upon tbe telegraphic Iwirea ia vary aeriotii and , embarraasug. Duncg thunder atornas, st u almost tmpoeaiUa to transmit cotamoaratsoaa. . Trial for AruuAl Toronto, Canada, Th- t.niwil nrwlnm aa his leaving with said Company. I . .... - ... . -Mis s,e Vmrfrimk. M By ordefo? Capt, J. FULLER-- ' J" BU LL fc ALDEJt. 4 ty Louisville papers please copy. Ta rha T.ndlesk. EATJ DE BEAUTS or, Monrpauaa's Faanca Cebam or Rosas. Just received, a small supply of Mons. M.'s French Water of Beauty, a sure and effectual eradicator of Freckles, Eruptions, Blotches, Chapped Skin (arising from cold), fcc This lotion is universally patronized by Uie helles of Paris ; in fact, no toilet table is complete wtthou t a bottle of this celebrated preparation. The color of this wash ii a beautiful milk white, and iu fragrance a combination ol almonds and roses. It is not, like many mineral washes. Injurious to the skin ; but, on Uie contrary, rives Uiat beautiful transparency to tbe complexion which Is so aesiratiie to attain, rrice per bottle si. ar-WS m s. I . at. . t i . J At t REWARD. DESERTED, from Company tJJlll B, CoL Dakins RejTiroeat. Louisiana Volan- staTat BHIaWtr nsjainir mVPU laUtr- UUUIII T VT I UBUa one month's pay in advance, Corporal LAWRIMOUK. He U about 30 years of age, 5 feet inches in height, stout built, dark eomplevsmi, without whiskers, and tpeaks French. Tbe above reward will be paid to aay person who will deliver tbe said deserter at the New Orleans sarracaa. - jao. i nai.i, . my 21 Second Lieutenant. Company B-- AMES RAVERTY. laborer, deserted frotuMons-BtMnery Guards, Louisville Lerinn, Jawe at 'he r.amn Gronnd. Ale 1 " " - toche. stent built t wore at, rJ 'lArim; Tw . r acquit tbe prosecution. S...m Wil-, BtaHsird fc Smith. f tXQlSVIl.t,, S-CTS wm, iw - rt." c:i TW.r Hir Aboat two weeks sro wa Uuie. yet w. eofd tbeaaal. maa Webb, shoe dealer, waa recswriy oW aetting Urn to bis shop and d walling. u to defraud certain Wew Tork and Hartijt ...ranee eomoaniea In which be wai the amount of 116,000 aad upward. timed two dsys. tbof b oa called for the WJeoc tha Caart :,.t M bfl teaomotry sm saw - arsthrhe aaoaatar Brtfsl DSUl' " J ' a I 1- sS . aaasj '5? ilrZnr the. to vts raxt . VwilNV8TARBmi Ws havs forty lelrrv the sreacyot pi .-vaasa nrsrs, - V J I 1AVAJA ClosJLA eaerwrhtJ JJ perwlaa, Rt ratal, Cavsiusiws, I K 1 vm . mr . . ' i- r. Pa pesetas. P iisawikisTt Utr best brands, Oirv-CL'y torpcru- -Tbe subacrrtw-hefce rv . . the inajsviarsney EL T "- l - rr T-aSV . -tssM aaa MXJ, jU7 Ut, JM6-my9 jwlL A T neoniy entei . (nuiuwi 3 4- nrj lq m lip is lailia - Ar . Vv-'V

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