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The Fresno Bee from Fresno, California · Page 23

Fresno, California
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Monday, June 24, 1968
Page 23
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Boss Lake Problem State Funds May Be Asked For Hells Angels Policing · .rii-iT-it-ii · -- . . . ^^ ' . . . · . . . ^^ MADERA -- Deputy Dlst. ··· AUy. David T. Stockman has ···; ; suggested Madera County ask s. -'-·'. the state for a special approprl- ".·· ation to help defray the costs :·'." of additional law enforcement iwr at Bass Lake during the July ·.: 4th holiday weekend when Hell's Angels makes their annual visit. .·u r · Stockman said the county has -,.t 7 good reason for asking for state .iv fund 5 because "the problem is 21 here and not in other counties." :,-.,.·/ Deputy sheriff's, from sur- .o rounding counties help at Bass Lake and are paid by their n.,,. home counties but Madera Coun- :..i;j ly.provides fmyi and lodging. ., ,,. .Costs last year were about $5,- "j; 000 and Stockman said if tight-.1', er controls are instituted the Strong From Page I-B Tulare he was a planning tech- for the City of Walnut costs could go even higher. Supervisor Herman Neufeld said he favors billing the state. 1e sajd it would bring the prob- em of Hells Angels at Bass ^ake into proper focus. Sheriff Marlin L. Young said motorcycle groups are a statewide problem and proposed working with legislators on the matter. Young said "We hear about the bad but never the good. I do everything 1 legally can to protect life and property. If anything happens it will not be because of our (law enforcement) actions." Supervisor Jack W. SchmUz said Bass Lake residents are disappointed in the law enforcement they have been getting. He said enforcement has been permissive and results in "mollycoddling" Hells Angels. Wirtz Urges New Green Card Laws By Leo Re.nnert McClatchy newspapers staff writer WASHINGTON-Labor Secretary Willard Wirtz has urged immediate enactment of a "new and simpler" regulation to bar Mexican "green card" holders from strike-bound farms in California and other Southwestern states. In a letter to Atty. Gen. Ramsev Clark, he warned that erowine militanc.v hv Ampi-iranc nician '~-'.* Creek. (;, . He is married and the father '·('. of a child. His father, Dr. Win.,-:i* ston Strong, is a member of the .::;-, FSC agriculture department faculty.: Poliice of Mexican descent is tied directly to job competition posed by From Page 1-B Clinton Avenue and F r e s n o j Streets going through the red ;_ light -- all the cycles had sirens ·.'.' _ blasting, disturbing occupants .-^. and visitors of 2554 E. Clinton v"" Ave. ·$ "We let this go after phoning '·*, the police to find out what was f happening and were told that ^ this information was not to be £ given out. ^ "Later we found it was con- £ nected with the American Le- ·- gion convention -- I might ask the continued inflow of "low- wage" Mexican nationals. W i r t z recommended better enforcement procedures by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), an agency under Clark's authority, along with tightened rules governing admission of workers from Mexico. At issue is the seasonal border crossing, of thousands of "green card" holders--Mexican nationals with the status of legal immigrants. Under current INS . r u l e s , such workers may not cross the joint legislative conference are restored, a university vice pres- UC Cuts Would Hit Agriculture, Needy Students LOS ANGELES (AP)--Aid to needy students and agricultural programs will have to be curtailed at the University of California next year unless budget cuts under consideration by a Meany Pledges Aid To End Bias In Labor Unions WASHINGTON (AP). - Racial discrimination remains a major barrier to Negroes hunt- ng jobs, and .labor unions laven't done all they can to iliminate prejudice within their own ranks, the AFL-CIO said :oday. But "this is not a time to give up, it is a time to fight harder" 'or equality, said George Meany, president of the 13.5 nillion-member labor federa- :ion. Meany, in reports to a civil rights organization and the AFL-CIO magazine, The Feder- ationist, said high unemployment or deadend jobs for Negroes are a major cause of the nation's social disorder. To Convention Meany's message to the con vention of the National Associa tion for the Advancement of Colored People in Atlantic City, N.J., also said that Negro gains in education, housing and other areas have been "laggard everywhere.' The delay in making Negro equality a reality is dishearlen- ng "but to be disheartened is B52s Set Off Giant VC Munitions Dump SAIGON (UPI) - U.S. B52 bombers today destroyed a nearby Viet Cong ammunition dump so big that it was still exploding six minutes after the Stratofortresses left. In dontown Saigon, 13 miles away, the earth trembled from the dump explosions. U.S. Intelligence sources said the bombing timely. They was said especially American at this point what is so top secret about this convention? 12:30 A.M. "The next disturbance came border if their purpose at the time they enter the United States is to seek work at strikebound farms. The United Farm Workers Organizing Committee (UFWOC), AFL-CIO, contends this wording permits them to show up after awhile at a struck farm without risking deportation proceedings. Under'Wirtz's proposed regulation, the Justice Department would close this loophole. Clark has promised to tighten enforcement of INS regulations but so far has not indicated he is prepared to direct , t h e agency to change its rales. In his letter to Clark, Wirlz made it clear the Labor Department and INS are in sub stantial disagreement over how to handle the problem -- with the department more inclined force. Therefore, if we can be o accept u n i o n complaints at approximately Sunday when the 12:30 same a.m. thing «; happened with even larger num- '··* bars of motorcycles, all blast- '»· ing their sirens. '; "Since the disturbance · : caused possibly by police from ·^ out of town (LA) and was creat- ·jj ed outside the line of duty we £ as citizens and taxpayers wish 5 to lodge this complaint. We feel ·:· that as citizens we have t h e -'t same rights as off-duty police ;. apprehended for disturbing the £ peace or a variety of other '-· charges so can the police offi^ £ cers or whoever was responsible, for thi- disturbance tonight." ;t Fresno police confirmed the '-* motorcycle squad was made up 7-»--.of off-duty Los Angeles police_" escorting American Legion dignitaries to McLane Stadium for drum and bugle corps com- _r=v petition. .The department said it would and referred the complainants to the district attorney. forces inside Saigon went on 'Red Alert" this afternoon because a third major Communist assault on the capital was ex. pected. The alert sent GIs to their posts in five of Saigon's eight precincts, whole blocks of the areas already rubbled by Viet Cong-North Vietnamese attacks in February and May. A military source said pos sibly "several hundred tons" of guerrilla .arms to be used against Saigon were destroyed in the B52 strikes southeast of Saigon. The eight-engine jets struck an area that has served as the major springboard for Communist assaults against the capital. In other developments: --In the weekend's sole major battle, Viet Cong units ambushed a South Vietnam army about 60 miles northeast of here. Government spokesmen said 44 South Vietnamese soldiers were killed and 71 wounded. It was the most one-sided loss government troops have suffered in weeks. --North Vietnam's antiaircraft ' defenses yesterday shot down an Air Force F4 Phantom jet over the southern panhandle. The two man crew v/as listed as missing.- It was the 858th U.S. plane lost over North Vietnam. R. L. McTeer Is Dead At ^ Raymond Lorlyle McTeer, 44, of-224 W. Dayton Ave., an Insurance agent, died yesterday from all struck farms, recommended eventual against INS at face value. Besides keeping foreign labor away Wirtz adoption of an even tougher rule which .would bar "green card" holders from any American job, "unless they can prove they are not adversely affecting U.S. workers." The basic problem, Wirtz told Clark, centers on the impact an immigrant work force has on take no action on the statement wages and working conditions 2 Clovis Youths Are Held After Pinedale Assault Two Ciovis youths have been arrested in Pinedale and two more are sought as a result of an attack with jack handles and tire Irons on Dennis Kennedy, 19, of 224 W. Locust Ave. Booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon are Randall Elaine Law, .19, of 1485 Fourth St. and Martin B a d y Lewis, 18, of Si N. Woodworth Ave. The attack occurred early Friday night near the new swimming pool at Pinedale Elementary School on West Spruce Avenue, officers said. t !' Mrs. Kirkegaard Is Appointed To Hospital Board Mrs. Patricia Ann Kirkegaard of 5477 N. Millbroqk Ave., wife of Dr. Dale Kirkegaard, has be appointed to a four-year term on the Stockton State Hospital Board of Trustees. Gov. Ronald Reagan named Mrs. Kirkegaard and Bette 0. Cooper of Stockton to the board to succeed Eileen Rue of Stockton, whose term expired, and Judge Priscilla Haynes of Man teca, who resigned. Mrs. Kirkegaard is active in several philanthropic and cultural activities in Fresno. She !. is a member of the Women's i Auxiliary, to the Fresno County I; Medical Society, the Women's '- Board-of the Fresno Arts Center and the Women's Symphony League. in border states. "The aggravation of this low- skilled and low-wage .work force on the workers of the southwest grows daily," he said. "Much of the energy and an- ;er of the growing Mexican- A m e r i c a n militancy in the southwest, Is aimed at the workers who live in Mexico, but who claim the economic benefits of being a U.S. citizen. "The Mexican-American social groups and the unions, such as the UFWQC cannot rest until this problem has been resolved. 'Therefore, I urge that the federal government move to control the impact of the commuters." Wirtz's letter stemmed from a report by Labor Department officials who joined an INS team in an on-the-spot investigation in the Bakersfield-Dela no area last month. The secretary said his aides returned convinced that INS bears some responsibility for growing union distrust of federal officials. ident says. Dr. Fred Balderston, v i c e resident for planning and ana- ysis, said in an interview yes. terday aid to needy students, particularly minority groups, would be cut hy $6.7 million il the Assembly's proposed budg. et reduction of $7.4 million be comes final. Extension Decrease He said a proposed 19.3 'million reduction in agricultural programs would mean a 25 per cent decrease in state funding for research and a 75 per cent decrease in agricultural exteri sion, the service by which the university advises farmers and ranchers of advances in agricultural techniques. Balderston said the reductions would seriously r e d u c e the scope of agricultural research and all but eliminate agricultural extension. He said he was also concerned about one section of the Assem ily's budget proposal which was worded to prevent using regents' or other nonstate funds lor land acquisition without legislative approval. The recommendations of the conference committee on the budget are *pected to be released later this week. Weather Shift Slows Giant Angeles Blaze NEWHALL (AP)-A favorable weather change today spurred hopes that a huge brush fire, which has blackened 60 square miles of northern Los Angeles County, will be contained within 24 hours, a fire official said. More battled Trial From Page 1-B Thoresens' San Francisco home and two Bay Area warehouses n April of last year. The Federal Firearms A c t makes it illegal for anyone convicted of a felony or anyone under indictment to ship guns or ammunition in inter-state transportation. not to be a defeatist," Meany battalion convoy on Highway 2 said. "Of course the progress of school.integration has been dis- ;racefully slow. Of course the evils of slum housing remain, and the twin escape hatches that have been opened this year --open housing in principle and more housing in fact--are narrowed by the weight of prejudice. Of course the goal of equal employment opportunity' has been tarnished by those who seek to frustrate it," Meany said. "Shall we for these reasons despair of America? We say no. We say that the answer is not to burn but to build," he said. "We in the AFL-CIO have never sought to minimize our own problems in this respect. Discrimination persisted in many local unions despite its vi- ;orous repudiation by every national union," Meany said. Soon Eliminated "It has not been entirely exterminated yet. But svithr the aid of the federal law we fought so aard to enact, the few remaining abuses will soon be eliminated," he said. The Federationist report said that despite i m p r o v e m e n t through federal and private programs, Negro unemployment rates still indicate widespread discrimination in employment. "Law or no law, it is simply impossible to look at the employment experience of Negroes --at the amount of unemployment and underemployment, and at the occupations in which they are employed and the income they earn--without concluding that, even after allow ance is made for all other factors, one of the major problems is that equal opportunity is more often a policy than a practice," it said. Latest government figures show the jobless rate of Negroes down to 6.4 per cent, lowest on record, but still double the rate for white workers. in his home after suffering a heart attack. He was a native of Missouri and had livet Hanoi Spurns Humphrey's Cease-Fire Gall . PARIS.(UPI) - North Viet- narri today rejected Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey's call for an immediate cease- fire in Vietnam. Xuan Thuy, chief North Vietnamese delegate to the Hanoi- Washington talks in Paris, told a lunch meeting.of the Anglo- American Press Association: "The United States must first cease its air raids and other acts of war immediately and unconditionally." 'Commenting on Humphrey's [statement that he believed a cease fire w o u l d enhance chances (or the success of the Paris talks, Xuan said "we must not mix up aggressors and their victims." Thuy said Hanoi would make no concessions in exchange for the end of U.S. air raids and other "acts of war" against THE FRESNO DEE. ,.7-B Monday, June 24, 1968 Mixtures 9. Lows westerly V/IIKJJ 10-20 mire* an hour In j Weather Report .. ,ino and vicinity--Fatr through \o- .arrow. Warmer .tomorrow. High tern- lodfly, tanl'jhl 9-1D2 dearies, Fresno Fresno 65. No/In- Iternoons and evenings. Five day oul- oo*: No rain, temperatures 5-8.deo.rim ibove normal rang* inland. Fresno's, av- rage high arid low for period. 96, (9. San Josquln Valley-- Fair llwougti Tires- la/. Slightly warmer. HJghs 0S-105. Lows OK north to near 70 souln. NorlhweslsrEy rnd 10-20 m.p.h. afternoons. Sierra Nevada--Fair through Tuesday. Sllghlly warmer north portion. ·· San Francisco Bay "area--Fair through ·ough 1 IN uesday except low cloudiness along oast extending inland locally Tuejt_, morning, Slightly warmer. Highs In San r ranclsco 65, Oakland 73, San M»tdo 75, San Rafael M. tows In Ihe 50s, Westerly wind 12-75 m.p.h. allernoons. Norlhcrn California--Fair through Tuesday except patchy log along north coail -rxl tow overcast and fog aloixj central ..... . . , --"nlng^SirghiTv W8rm . night *oJ mor er northern Interior. Sacramento Vallev -- Fair Ihrouoh I. Soufh- than 1,300 firefighters the 40,000-acre Liebre Mountain blaze, which has burning out of control since Friday in the Angeles National Forest. They had been hampered earlier by winds up to 50 miles an hour, low humidity and 100-degree temperatures. However, the spokesman said that the winds dropped to 7 to 10 miles an hour this morning and temperatures cooled. He said that the fire was now One area was in the north east corner of the blaze where Firemen were unable to establish lines as the flames swept up small canyons around Liebre Mountain, 50 miles north of downtown Los Angeles. The other critical spot was near the Red Rock Mountain firebreak where firemen were attempting to make a stand. The area was cleared of brush and planted with grass about a year ago. A third blaze, near King City in the Los Padres National Forest in Central California, was reported 50 per cent contained with more than 1,000 men on the lines. in Fresno for 18 years. He began his life insurance career in 1954 and for the last three years had been the Fresno general agent of the Lincoln National Life Insurance Co. He was a past president of the Central California Association of Life Underwriters. McTeer was a World War II Air Force veteran. He was a member of the Westminster Presbyterian Church. He is survived by his widow, Shirley; two daughters, Carolyn McTeer of Fresno and Mrs. Linda Van De Vere of Los Angeles; two sons, Brad McTeer of Fresno and Richard L. Mc- with the armed forces in Germany, and two step-brothers, Tommy and Brian Folger of Bakersfield. Funeral services will be held at 9:30 a.m. Thursday in the Lisle Calaveras Chapel. Burial will be in the Fresno Memorial Gardens; ' ; : North Vietnam. Sees Improvement "There is no doubt that conditions have improved and that off Rathmullan. Pioneer Aviator Saul Dies At 77 RATHMULLAN, I r e l a n d (UPI)--Capt. Jonathan P. Saul, 77, a pioneer aviator and noted fisherman, died Saturday while taking part in a fishing festival Propeller Cuts Driver Tossed From Own Boat David Wright, 23, of 3877 E. Acacia Ave. was severely cut on the right arm and leg yesterday afternoon at Millerton Lake by the propeller of his inboard-outboard motorboat. Park Supervisor William Reinhardt said Wright was driving the boat pulling a water skier when he crossed the wake of another boat while turning to starboard. The jolting action threw him out of the boat and it passed over him, the still- turning propeller gashing hand, arm, side and leg. He was taken by ambulance to Fresno Community Hospital. His condition today is described as "satisfactory." 8 Are Hurt In Barracks Blast FORT IRWIN (AP)--A small military rocket either ignited or exploded inside a barracks at this desert training c e n t e r , injuring eight National Guardsmen from the San Francisco Bay Area, one seriously. An Army spokesman said a soldier apparently found a round from a 3.5 rocket launcher and instead of reporting it broughl it into the barracks. It went off about 5 p.m. Sunday. The injured, here for two weeks of summer training, were members of Company B, 1st Battalion, 159th Infantry, 185th Armored Group. They have been a{ the Army's Armor and Desert Training Center since June 15. Seriously Injured Seriously injured was P f c. Dennis C. Carman, 21, R i c h- mond. In fair condition were S g t. Richard Hernandez, age n o t available, Richmond; Sgl. William Hamilton, 26, Pinole, a n d Sgt. Willis Anderson, 27, O r o ville. In good condition were Sgl. Donald Andrews, 25, Oakland; Spec. 4 Dennis Gray, 24, Oak- .and; Sgt. Edward Ryan, 25, San Leandro, and Sgt. P e t e r Mason, 24, El Cerrito. Tuesday. Highs 95-165. Lews *-70. erly wind 10-20 m.o.h. afternoons. Sinra Maria-San Luis Oblsoo coaslal irea--Fair through Tuesday except log and low clouds Mar the coast exiending ' Intar.d nlghl and mornings. Llllle tern- peralure change. Hfohs from the mid «b along the coasl to the 70s or low IDs Inland *re«. Lows 50-55, Northwesterly wlntJ 10-20 m.p.h. Monterey Bay area--Fair Ihrougn Tuesday except (eg and low cloud i near Ihe coast exler.tllng Inland night and morn- nqs.- Llllle temperalure change. Kkjhs In he 60s along the coail lo the 70s Inland, Loi 5B-5i. Norlhweslerly wind 10-70 m.p.n. afternoons. Los Angeles and vlnclnlly--Night and sarly morning low c l o u d s becomliHi mostly sunny In allerncons Ihrcug^ Tuesday. Llllle temperalure chawe. Hlg^s 75-80, lows 6S. Southern CaNlornla--Fair through Tuesday but night and early morning lov/ :louds and (eg inland to coastal ard Intermediate valleys. Slightly cooler mnst Inland areas. FRESNO DATA Normal maximum and minimum, 95 560 Teens Open '68 Girls State Under Indictment It is alleged Thoresen w a s convicted of burglary in Bar Harbor, Maine, in 1959, and received a suspended sentence, while his wife is currently under indictment in New Y o r k City for illegal possession of bombs and weapons. The trial originally was scheduled for San Francisco but was switched to Fresno because of what was deemed extensive pretrial publicity in the Bay Area. The trial was delayed for two Read Bee Clasr.lfied Wanl "Ads eyery day : as thousands do It is the shopping center of the San Joaquin Valley. i- "It is highly significant that the union is referred to as 'la causa,' that the folk hero of the members is Emilio Zapala, that "Pheld defense contentions that opportunities previously closed to Negro youth have opened up," the AFL-CIO report said. "But there is also no doubt that discrimination remains a major factor in the job problems of Negroes." Unemployment among Negro teen-agers is nearly 25 per cent, about double the rate for white teenagers. "The consequences--in terms of social disorder--are already upon us," the AFL-CIO said. The report follows in the wake of criticism by United Auto .Vorkers President Walter Reuther that Meany has failed to exercise strong leadership in such social areas as civil rights In (act, there were reports last week that the UAW and the Teamsters union, both at odds weeks on June 1ft after Goodwin ts patron is the Virgin of Guadalupe. "All are symbolic of t h e struggles of an oppressed people. "Unless the Delano issue is recognized for what it is, an ntegral part of the present civil r i g h t s struggle in America, measures to solve the particular ssues investigated by the task force are likely to be ineffec- The report stated union mem bers consider the government's attitude a "deceitful sham" because they can see that present regulations and enforcement do not prevent Mexican commuters from acting as strike break- .rs. . . The Labor Department -team the jury failed to represent .a cross section of the federal eastern district court. Goodwin with Deputy C l e r k Ray Glover and Jury Commissioner Charles F. Sells selected a new panel of 70 veniremen from a new list of 600. The. defense motion for further delaying the trial w a s based on a contention that there has been-an Increased volume of publicity on gun control legislation since the assassination of Sen.'Robert F. Kennedy. Goodwin, in denying the motion, pointed put that jurors are instructed they must take t h e law as it Is even if they do not agree with it. ·A motion to transfer'the trial out of Fresno was based, on rlo- with the AFL-CIO, had come to tentative agreements . on programs to deal with the problem of racial discrimination and oth union's allegations had merit.' ·V said it ''was apparent that the cal publicity concerning : tne Thuresen trial. It was denied. Floods Ravage Southern China HONG KONG (AP)-Souther China has been devastated bj floods, and traffic between th north and south through centra China has come to a virtua standstill, according to letters and travelers arriving in Hong Kong from Communist China. Crops have been ruined and many lives lost in Hunan, Hiipeh, Ewangsi, Kfangsu, Chekiang, Kiangsl and Kwang- tung, provinces, the r e p , o r t s said. Saul was navigator for the ir Charles Kingstgord-Smith on Jie flight of the airplane "South- rn Cross" from Portmarnock, reland, to Newfoundland, New fork and San Francisco in 1930, ne of the early trans-Atlantic :rossings. DAVIS teen-age (AP) girls will About spend 560 the next week running a mythical government, in the annual Girls Stale workshop on democracy sponsored by the American Legion. The event opened officially today on the University of California campus. A highlight will come Friday when Gov. Reagan addresses the girls at the 25th annual meeting. Engineer Dies In Tanker Blast PORT A N G E L E S , Wash (UPI)--An engineering office was killed last night in an ex plosion aboard a Mobil Oil Corp tanker in the Pacific, about 60C miles west o! Seattle. The cause of the accident i the engine room of the 32,000 on Mbbiloil was not immediate y determined, and the identii £ the victim was withheld tem- xsrarily. The vessel, en route from :ook*s inlet in Alaska .to San Francisco, was diverted to Port Angeles. French Star Denise Darcel Is Arrested For Shoplifting MIAMI (UPI) -- Actress Denise Darcel, arrested yesterday outside a Miami department store with a bag of lingerie she lad not paid for, said she was misunderstood. "I had the money to pay for it when they arrested me/* said the French star of such films as "Battleground/', and "Westward the Women." The actress, 42, charged with shoplifting $38,04 worth of worn en's undergarments from Jefferson's department store, was booked under the name of Mrs. Denise Atkinson of M i a m i Beach. Police said Miss Darce! said she had made some purchases and had paid for them. When she saw some other items she wanted, she said, there were no salesgirls available, so she pu them into her shopping bag, in tending to pay for them later. She said she then stepped ou onto the sidewalk a momen to check on a bus. That's when she was arrested. Police said she was excitec and spoke with a heavy accen and "thought, she was treated badly. "She felt they didn't under i Fire Calls Trie Fresno Fire Department ansv/e he (ollo/JIng calls between mldnlohl Sal- antf nocn today: 1:10 a.m.--724 W. Davton Ave., resus- cHalor-call. · l;23 a.m.--Worth College and La Sierra Avenues, false alarm. 4:» a.m.--Fresno Stale College, false alarm. 7:32 a.m.--North Calllsch and Avenue*, maltress fire. 7:35 a.m.--223 San Joaquin Si., grass lire. 10:50 a.m.--Soulh Seventh and Tulare Streets, car lire. p.m.--Kern and H Sireeti, false alarm. 12:43 p.rn.--TJorlh Stacks Fane Avenue and Grimm Way, false alarm. 2:37 D.m.--5555 N. Frur.o St., faulty alarm system. 3:52 D.m.--East Hammond Avenue and Norm Clark Street, car lire. 4:30 O.m.--4061 N. Blackllor.e resuscllator call. Maximum and minimum this dale last car 93 degrees and 62 degrees. ·.tic of sunrise 5:41 o'clock Time of sunset 8:21 o'c'ock Inches Seasonal precipitation 7.24 Normal precipitation 11.21 n reclDllallon lo this dale last year T4.99 Relative humldlly at 4 p.m. yejferday 2£ Mr cent; highest! hli morning 61 per i "*n. Sea level pressure at 4 p.m. yesterday 29.W Inches; al 4 a.m. fodav 29.69 Inches. RIVER R E P O R T S Kings River--Pine Flat Reservoir storage al midnight 620,?03 acre-feel. Calculated natural flow al Pledra 1,606 second-feet. The actual flow at that point at 7 a.m. was 6,350 second-feet. Released lor diversion by units below Highway 9? was 1,915 second-feel. rvMIIerlon Lake Inflow 1,913 second-feel; calculated natural flow 1,563 second-leef; '-"- storage 243,457 acre-feel; releases _econd-leel; Into San Joaaulrt River 110 Info Frlant-Kern Canal 1,590; into Madera Canal 5S9 Flow figures are average for 14 hours to tasl midnight. CALIFORNIA REPORTS For 24 hours ended at 4:30 a.m. High Low Pre. EakerHleld 98 75 .. FRESNO W 66 ... Los Angeles 79 45 Merced 9 J. ... OafciamJ A? 57 Paso Rcbres 94 54 Red B tuff 100 74 .,. Sacramento 100 59 ., San Diego 71 62 San Francisco 6? 55 ... Thermal loa 74 Yoscmlle Valley ........ 90 54 THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE High Low Pr. Albany, cfoudy ?| 54 ... Artwauerauc, clear v? « Anchorage 61 53 ... Allanra, cloudy 84 71 BlsmarcV, rain 76 54 .65 Boise,-clear t 31 53 ,,, Boston, cloudy 75 60 ... Buffalo, cloudy SI 68 ... Chicago, cloudy 96 W .20 Cincinnati, cloudy 91 69 .07 Cleveland, .cloudy . M ... 84 67 Denver,; clear ..·...·.;.,,· 92 55 .. Dei Molnes, cloudy .... 93 67 .03 Detroit, cloudy .', -..'at - 6 9 15 Fairbanks, clear ........70 44 ... · Helena, rain 75 47 .IB Honolulu, rain B? 74 ,01 Indianapolis, clear' .;....91 6? Jacksonville cloudy .... 93 67 ... Juneau, rain fi7 47 .04 Kansas City, clear |9 74 ... Las Vegas '..103 43 ... Louisville, cloudy .. ,..'.,02 7$ ... Mcrnph's, cloudy -89 76 Miami, cloudy -.. 85 85 ... MllwAufiec, cloud/ 87 65 .35 /Apli.-St. Paul, cloudy 77 61 New Orleans, cloudy ... 91 79 .Q; Nev/ York, cloudy 03 6S Ofcla. Clly. clo-Jdy Ri 70 ... Omaha, c'oudy 93 65 .33 Phllsadlohlfl, cloudy .... f- 64 ... , Phcenix, clear 111 73 ... , Pittsburgh, cloudy 83 69 ... I Portland, Me., cloud/ 71 54 ... ' Portland, Ore., clear 77 55 Rapid'Clly, rain 76 54 1.43 Rtno M 4* ... ' Kichmono, clear 93 72 ... St. Louis, cloudy 93 77 ... r Salt Lk. Clly, clear .... 23 52 .05 Seal lie, clear 75 53 ... ; Tampa, clear 8? 72 .07 ' .Washington, clear 90 73 .15 : Winnipeg, ckar 71 4! ... | T--Trace · NATIONAL SUMMARY ' Sporadic thuncfurslorms cracked across i most of Ihe n a I Ion today affer lorna- · doc, severe vvfnds and hall raked wide h areas of the Midwest Survfay nlohl. Meanwhile, Iroolcal storm Candy hN central Texas, weakening but carrying heavy rains -and capable of spawning more tornadoes. Hurricane Brencfa moved away from Bermuda, spending htr /5 milt an hour wJnrf lury on oncn ocean. A lavage .storm fore through sections of the ChFcauo area caujimo widespread p/ooerry damage and six Injuries--nona of them isrloos- Iwijier loychcd down about 25 miles isoulhwesl of South Beno, Pnd. High winds tfamaged five airplanes 35 mites southwest of Soulh Bend and several hcmes suffered minor damage by severe winds at lomewood, Jll,, south of Chicago. Mean wind and hailstorms were aKo reported In other- secrioni of N'ebresVa, ol Ilinois and Indiana as well as In pads Jl Wvqfifno, Colorado, Iowa. Wijconiln and Ohro. Heaw rainfall amounts Included al- ion 5 Inches wllhln four, hours at Central City, Neb.; 3 Inches at Gra.-xJ Island and more than 2 Inches wfthln five hours a) Logan, icwa. The storms developed along a stalfon- ·y front dividing cool air which covers Ihe northern ller of states from warm air domlnaling the southern Uo-thlrds of Ihe nation." Tt-.t slorm which struck Chlc»oo cool*d (fmperalures, which had soared to 76-one degree short of a .I'jne 23 record high. Pdrti of Ihe country spared th« sivere wenltwr were the West Coasl, Ihe Soulh- west And (he 'lonheasl. 4:44 p.m.--3333 E. Sierra Madrc Ave., resusctfaior calf. 7:07 p.m.--Van Ness Avenue and Kern Slreel, resuscllator call. 7:46 p.m.--Maripoia and N Streets, resuicllalor call. 7:57 p.m.--Fresno Freeway and CKnlon Avenue, traffic accident. .m.--461 8 St., grass Ure. p.m.--3065 E. low* Ave,, resus- cltator call. 9:J2 o.m.--1431 Divlsadiro St., cooler moior. \Q p.m.--South Barlon Slreel and East Kings Canyon Road, car (Ire. 10:44 p.m.--«4 W, Yo1o SI., rtcuscl- lator call. 11:22 p.m.--117 Parkway Dr., resuscl latar rill . -esna and E Streets, car The hlgVsl irtmperature reported in Ave., he nation vAsicrtfay «a s 115 degrees at 'aim Sorlngi, Calif. Today's !Q',V, except fire. 12:50 a.m.-- Soulh Fruit and Va!end ^venuei, false alarm. 12:56 a.m.--South Oelno and Ca'lfornli Avenues, ariss ffri. 2:58 a.m.--2990 S. Chtrrv Ave., resui itifor c»M. 7:M a.m.--935 S. TopeVa Av*., pape: 9:'l5 i.m.-*7!6 V/. California Ave., grass Ire. Denise Darcel--Posts bond. stand her," said Police Lt. Pau Oboz, Miss Darcel was released un der $500 bond and plans to fly to Nsw York this week to appear in "Follies 1968" at Actors Colony Inn in Seymour Conn. , . ,, or Alaska, was O at Mullan. Idaho. Deputies Arrest Suspect In Store Armed Robbery Earl Ray Mitchell, 19, 611 \Jodoc St., a suspect in the June H armed robbery of Al's Money Place at M26 Tulare St., was arrested by the Fresno County Sheriff's. office yesterday at a restaurant on-Fruit and Church Avenues. He was turned over to the Fresno Police Department. STOPS HEAT, GLARE FADE! New magic invisible plastic coiling tor wiidaw {lass fcr home, office, Industry. Clear or tinted. Guaranteed 3 years. Lew cost. Phone or write for free estimite, free demonstration tsday. *UN-$TOrTu.tpirri10lilC«l!nj - Dly.A-1 CltiFCb. 472V E. Olive : :Ph^255-470H

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