The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 4, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 4, 1933
Page 5
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SATURDAY, N T OVEMBERjl,_1933 PAGE NVfc BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER HEWS - ^^ - T ^ • •' • * • • •- CLASSIFIED ADVEiri'JSING INFORMATION Daily nvte ixr lino ror coiisccu- ;i\c insertions: (Five average words to a line) One time |>cr line ............ 1<lc Tv,-o limes IMT Hue per day . •;nrce times r-cr line |>er day .. (We bis times per Unc per day ---- Oac Month rate per Hue .......... C0c Minimum charge 50c Ads oidered for three or Els times and stopped before expira- uon will IK charsec: for the imm- l:er of times U'C ad iipiwared and adjustment ot bill made. All Classified Advertising cops tulmiucd by persons residing outside of tlio cily must be uccom- 1 nnied by casli. Rates may be easily commncc from above table. No responsibility will bo taken for more than one incorrect in- seition of aiiv classified ad. Advertising adored tor irregular iiisertioas laku Uie one time rate. 100 Pliones 123 No 1'iice Advance Vcl On FAMOUS SAM AHA COAL -Hoi /LS the IJescrt Kvinda" K C. ROBINSON 1AJMBEH CO. WHO'S WHO In the Supreme Court BRILLIANT A: KENTUCKY COAL^'o. 'J-Bcnjamin N. Qmlo/.U Quality & Quanlily Guaranteed BAUTNICK'S COAL YAHD U. K. & Ash St. Pnone, 11!) 1'HONli 107 13UCHAKAN "Our t,'oul is Black But We Treat You Wliilc." Qc kll-'J l-'Oll SALE UAl-'K with living quarters, doini! nice busini'ss, rent $2U incutli Sickness in family. Address "ARC" Courier. 2pko I . , IAFR, very rra.xuabie account of leaving to i;o to higher altitude l:oiiiB r.ood b'.ifiness. 105 Norll slid Slicel. BiUheville, Ark. 4pi:(> Pay a fe\v cents more and i'RESIl EGOS, laid daily. PICK AUU'S Sl'OUE. 10-H CHIC. AVE 100 yds oil pavement on North Phonc306 10th Streci. 2pkO _ _ ESs DIRECTORY AUSTIN COUPiS, perfect running rondillnn. O. M. Morgan, 1'honc i?3-j. 30c hi 1-23 I Pure bri-il Stonevil'c number 4 Cotton Se:d $25 ion. See McDernioll ___ n . for B-ilcr and OcnciaJ or Blacv. at Blythevilic Gin. 2ck9 ' Wyoming Dry Ctauie" Will Stick Until 1934 'M CIIKYKNNK. Wyo. lUl')— Wyo- I mini! wot leaders have abandoned •loni Shop. 30c kC New and Used Furniture Bousht nnd Sold Stoves re-paired—Any make Alvili Hardj- 5" W. Ash EXPEliT Typewriting auci Addins Machine; Rcpairias. U. S. lliank- ^ ^ , ; ^ ^^ . md ^ acres land, will sell cheap. Apply Joiictboro Welding Shop, 325 Church St., Jonesboro, Ark. 3pk-l UWAL ESTATE L. O. MISS Blytticville's Cul Hale Undertaker 10p-kll-10 Wagon and Truck Covers nude- to older, any size. a'l"xl2' 34.10 up, 9'1".\15' $5.50 up. Carney Awning Co 113 S. l-'irst St. Ulyllu-villc. Ark 23pk!l-23 CI.KANEKS, TAILORS Come in, list your rral estate Stc wliat we have to sell I. M. Tciiy lActnscil Dealer TiTry-Wurlliinston Title Co. Blilhevillc l' llonc G11 23ckll-23 lolmcs. Justice Cardozo, since assmn- nj; lite seat on the supreme bench, las maintained his reputation for Ibenillbm. gained as a Judge In New York .supreme court and ll\e New York court of api>eals. ...,„, He was born in New VorK City | m the state May 24, 11170. lie is silslil of build,; u,,. regular general election of & bachelor, and reads Greek and | Numnber, 103-1. Latin for recreation. He was nom-1 Predominant anil - prohibition Inated lo the supreme court by i .>.•!,ilmenl was Indicated In I'rcslden! Hoover on Fob. 15. 1M2. • Lurwlu-linlni; vole cast by ."..Ho for tho repeal ot the of removing the dry constitution clause before Motion Pictures to Pay For Trips to Denmark HOLLYWOOD ' (UP) — Former residents of Denmark now in California will be flveu an opportunity (o vtit their native lund a plan conceived by Jean Herslioll, n.mMi motion picture the Hie 18th In inn s'lnio', who will be given dee trips lo Denmark. Funds lor Ihe work arc bc-lns liseil from Ihe ahowin'tf of fllnu ..iki'.i by Ilia actor during a recent trip lo De'niniu-i'.. Tins liincls derived from showing these ut Dan- udKca thvoiiKhout Ihe Weal Iliiancc the trips, Ilersholt vclor. . De-tulls of I vuu'ked out by year U"- California Dan-1 l:p»udor Olio Wnilslotl (he project were Ilersholt wllh Am- justice Dtnjamln Nathan Car- ( v clozo of New York, member of the What brings bcr here ft the fear Flues Cleaned, repaired, inspected. Work B i:aru'itced. W. W. Call 100. 13p kll-13 A'NNOUNCEMKNTS for Quality Cleaning phone 180 Barnes NuWji Cleaners 12ckll-12 1933 Sewer Tax in District No. iiinv due anrt payable. Delinquent taxes, if paid immediately, will lie ai'trplcd ^ilhuul pennlty. W. M. WILLIAJ1S, Colleclor 107 Nurth Second Street. •2ck9 Tl Pavs to Look Nice Semi Your VYocien Dresses to - ^Unique CK-ining Service W.o::e m 20c kll-'iO AUTOMOTIVE Day fc Night Service Station Complete Line Shell Products Uerair Work at Any Time Milton Sternberg Phone 005 IBc kll-1 Oaf SOS - llrd's Vlaue-llS i:. 51*'" Tur Auto I'iilnling Body aril l-'enclrr Si'rilcc Furmcriy «itli Slioiisc-l.illli- Co. - WANTED United States supreme court for only a year :ind a holt, already has won lame tor the legal ami literary qualities of his opinions. By many lawyers these opinions are compared favorably to the classics iien- by Justice Oliver \Vendell tliat tlio root ot her Park Avcnuo house may bo leaking. Anyway, Hint's wbat Ganna Walska (aoova), former opera singer and [ormer wite ot Harold P. McCdr- mick, Chlcaeo cariWHst. said on ... An - ( -» lil nenl. Wyoming was one of ,«•,<; n cs i s .,u C5 [ U ra tity the 21st Amendment. Tl'e sliiU' constltnllon. however, r>::.\ldet Hint Hie le;!lslature must L.iUiutc an aniendment Lind the e:«toraie must vole on It at a rcs- ul:ir election. j Hence, with national re]W3l of I iKoltlbltlon near. Wyoming still will | lisve prohibition, at icnsi nomluiil- ly. for almobi n year. Tl:e last regular session ot the leltlMnturr, however, re|«aled sll slate enforcement liuvs so lint the dry clause in t!n> roiulllutlon is esixctcd to have little aclunl I'llect. | Quake Proof Vault Holds County's Records I.OS ANGELES (UP) — Noah's trcubles In .selecting the cargo for the Ark were nothing compared lo the job recently ixrformecl by j County Surveyor J. K. Roekhold. I'reparliij; against the ixxwIUIll- ty of flrc or eartlitpiake, the county recently completed a modern storage vault tor records near I'acoima. All basic records arc lie n? removed to the vault where t is believed they will be safe. The records collected by tlock lokl for his "Ark" include coplc nnd original tlectls t\nd maps ilal n^ to the lime of Spanish occupation of California. • The vault wns built, as a lire caution against the plight cxiicrl euced by San Francisco In 1901 when all its surveying and engl neeiint' records were dcstroycc and millions of dollars In lawsuit uh Home I'ouiHli.llon Is.lo clioase i tevcral IJniilsu-Amerlcans und Consul Uyiin Clrnl o OUR HOARDING HOUSE High School Officials Declare "Hunting Day" DnTAVlA. N. Y. (OP) —Ba'.avla und Klba high school officials ein- pioycil diplomacy to avoid a scries of "unexplained absenccB" by pu- ' plls during the hunting season. Educators decided to give the students a one day vacation, to be known as "Ilunllng nay," to prevent the annual "hookey playing" at this time of the year. By Alien? arriving In New York for her flret yisH }n Ove years. lolloaed when property lines coul not be settled because the map and deeds were missing. HOOTS AND HKR BUDDIKS :\p?rienccd Sr'csmen and Salesladies. Apply Thursday. Friday r satin dav. f-.i.pcrior. Coal and iii-ino Co., 304 W. Walnut St. CORN WANTED MARILYN HATCHERY 3ckl2-3 SHAFTEU LIFETIME FOUNTAIN PEN between 100 Ash St. and High School, Phone. 985-W. Doris Ra = y DDbyns. i 3ck7 LAKOKST STOCK I'SE" rAKTS Between Memphis and St. Lnuis •\ Auto Glass—Phone CO JACKSON AUTO 1'AKTS CO. 2ckl'2-2 HOI.T> KVKUYTHIN.G'. HOW WIU. I MV -BLACK Wt TO-IHOSE WISE fcUYS IN ~W HOUSE 2 AM ACCTOENT«~VEW- . STIFF , A^A > eSOT A PRUNE HUNG ON NW fcVE ^ TILL I SEE TrAAT WE'LL T>AV WE TH 3^ \i THOSE NMJ&S PUNCHED OUTA OR "i!LL DOT HIS EYE P I &OT NUD6ED BY -, fvVC VUT ON IT NEISHBOR.HOOD t)O<y3 ALSO 3AK<£ \S THE WAS1I TliHUS AlITO GLASS 1NSTAI.I.KD We install t'lass in your car while you wait. Gail us for belter service. Phone 633. Shouse-1-iltIc Chevrolet Co. 10ckll-10 Call I's When It. Need Of Guaranteed Merchandise Tirf-Ilallrrics - Krplarrmf nl I'arts ilUll»ARn IIARDWAKK CO. Automotive Dcpt. Ickl5 LEGAL NOTICES \OTICI: Notice is herein- given that the Coiinly'Jii!i!!o will receive prouosi- tinrs from any Bank, banker 01 tin*', company in the Chickasnivba District of Mississippi Couiily, Ar- kx.feas, that may desire to become, the depository or the public funds of said District and County for a two year period beginning December 1st. 1033. All propositions or bids must lw filed in this office on or before December 1st. 1933. Given under iny l.aud and seal ns Clcri: of Ihe County Court for tlic Chickasawln District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, this the. J day of Nov. 1933. Fred Flcctnan, Clerk. -4-11 ' TELLVOU WHftT l r LL 00, TU8B5. 1 UKE VOU. SEE. 1 LIKE MOU ft LOT. VOU GOT ] CHMtoCTGR. MOU'RE SMWJT. 'VoU'RE I SHREWD. WOBODV COULD FOOu VOU OWE BIT. NO,SIR'. Auto Glass All Kinds Installed The Atk-Mo Lumber Co. iCc kll-10 WKECKF.U SKIIVICE C:ill u.s when you need a wrecker, Day and Night Service. Call G33. Sliousc-I.itllc Crcvrolet Co. TH<5 <1MD OF A. LfAD I'M LOOK1V16 FOR-A LIVE WIRE!-A GO &&TTEI? WlW BRAINS'. I IJCM'T : klCED TO TELLMOU1 &0f THE HOTTEST CLAIM ALP.SKA. SOU KJWOW IT. ~~ GO SLOW, WASH! _ i'kNOW U'3 WORTH HOMOREOSCfTHOlr5MI*i DOLLARS. MAS Be MILLIONS. BILUONS! AMO NOU'RE NOT TME. SORT to PASS UP A By Cran sou. . 60LDEU OPPORTUHlT 1 /, ARE VOU? MO, SIR* — ji -- S . WrJ'u. 5//«f/«y/*. fa, it lit-fit 'NOW, VH GOWGTO M&KE sou f»PROPOSIT TU88S. T MEED CP6H, SEE, ftWO I NEED IT. 80,0. I'LL SftCRlTICG A HALF INTEREST IM MS 6OHANZA FOR.HOUR. LITTLE CLAIM AWB $-20,000 CE6H. WHftT OO SOU gftV? r.ATTKIUKS llaltrry >t Itailialor Service We yiirrrar.tce you better battery or radiator wont less money. . Any make radiator repaired or re- cored. Get our prices on new and rebuilt batteries. Call U33. SI.oiise-I.Utlc Chevrolet Co. lOck 11-10 West Indian Countries Happy Over Repeal WASHINGTON. tUPi— Revival of the rum trade is bring antiei- pal-.Vi by \V?si Indian countries w'|t;'i ri'iv.-al o! Ihe 16tl. Anicn:!- j ment. i;»fore prohibition many of the ivjar nine e'cwiu^ islands did a hriUii:: business in rum. a source [ r c"""nui' on u-hicii (hoy had de- prude:! SALESMAN SAM New Ford Batteries . . Hental - Rcclursing - Keinirlrg | '' - ^ ' 7V7 TIRE fc BATTERY STA t ION I "•'•";, \ .-.,.....! .-..,-' e.irly Colonial days. The Virgin Islands, which came i-nder the American flas almost ..iiunJt.inrc;!-:-,- with prohibition are particularly expected to profit Virgin Is'.and rimi. r-"irticularls that from 51. Crcix. hns ?trxxl higl . Jiuice cFSft'Vo OFFER c\e. RUV.TH' OOO&H 'vSAMMYl ft ,,- cu-a SftFe. Fea r-is' -iKft^cLiM THIS enw&ss- t'uLct-EAU CUT TH' Sftee AW t;:o ' GOOO-BY! DOGS, 1'KTS Tor H«Ilhr DUE* feed Miller's llntion Jt Quick Lunch HLliBAKT) IIAnDWAIii: CO. llckll-ll Vr»n \vill firid a complete line of XKW MODKI, HIDYCI.ES at Ilubbartl Hardware Company. IGckll-l m cf Aracr icans. and " po itcn under \vav lor of Haitian sugar tO all(is fcr ,.;„„ acture. Virgin Island rum vill onjny a piciemd. posi'.inn as i; will r.ot i-ave to pay an import duly as will t' f.rai olh;r of the West ind'io-.'and C.nrihean countries. South American wine producing nations also p'.Jn <° con.luet an inlvnsivc camp.'i'-n lo develop a market lor ll'-'ir piodsirts. CHAKl.KY'S SITTING I'ltli'lTY! »jeo OUT, By SMALL MtGOSW. CHARLe^'WOU) CO&Ve L-O3T FKECKl/KS AND HIS FRIENDS CHAGRINED! Oklahoma Closes 1933 CO A I, oi WOOD •1 AI.VA. Okb. '-Ul't- The Ok l-.oina r«leo ^i^^-on «as oracl, . Iclo'Cil here wish a cowboy con- \\'c arc cvclusivc a s nit s for oriE-ltf=l which dr.'«' riders and bull- inil Genuine Menlcvalto Coal ' cic.ggcrs frnn ..' fa." 3 ' 1C> 5 ^ rin- anrl Sipsy. Arkansas Anthracite ami ; rilelon. Ci-cyrm- 1 '. IJramie. and • Kentucky Coals. ' Madison S<iii.v.v Garden. Hione 417 E. F. Fry I The rcdeo Hew this year was Wonder Cily Coal Company i pvonounccd one of the most suc- Uc. kll-3 ever : ,-t'- A - ROOTERS SO V/ILP, AFTEE RW CP 76 Y/^RDS! STILL WOT KEALIZIrJS HELPED OFF TMS FIELP, 1 -RSOS. ...WE'LL SEAT 'EM, VET!! WAT DIP 1DO? WHAT DID 1 DO? RIUSLE STILL LEADS 6TDO IKl TVie 7HIRP PERIOD.... REP TELLS (TRASH TO <36T Ho~ ! I > •S"*-, VbU CALLEP THAT PLAV K»R HW.SO ESPIN PJ»INCLE'-O , CRASH GETS OFF A PUNT ' A PRINGLE LlrJEMArJ' BR2AKS THROUOH AND BLOCXS IT. 5 "^i

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