The Fresno Bee The Republican from Fresno, California on October 18, 1935 · Page 3
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The Fresno Bee The Republican from Fresno, California · Page 3

Fresno, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 18, 1935
Page 3
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Bullet Death Of S. F. Tot Laid JaFather'sError · 'SAN FRANCISCO, bet. is--m-- Arthur Hartley, 30-year-old unemployed father, is still in jail here on '.« murder charge despite a. coroner's Jury verdict.that he shot his 5-year- cld son, Bobby, accidentally. It was the -teatinionv of Hartley's wife, Gladys, from whom ! hc had been estranged but has since been reconciled, that brought ths ~"accidental jhooting" verdict. ' Frequently sobbing, the .il-year- cld mother, who nas.*vo vouriger children, told of the events leading ..,, .-,,., H , ,, .,, up to the fatal shooting of Bobby by's funeral yesterday. by hli father tt her horn* l**t Saturday night. She told of leaving her husband; of living with "the other man," Sam Baker; of H«rt- ley'i visit to the home; of Baker's Hidden, entrance. "I thought Baker mad* a kind- of threatening move," «h* i*id. "At* thur drew a pistol and started flr- *·" . She broke down as «he told of how Bobby jumped up and ran toward his father crying "daddy! daddy! don't do that!" And suddenly slumped to the floor, as did Baker, who had been shot i n - t h e chest and one leg. "I didn't know Bobby was hit until I saw .him on his hands and .THE FBESNO BEJ5 TTIIDAY. OCTOBER 18. 1935 * tHe Bee Radii knees, still crawling toward his father. I picked him up." In view of the coroner's jury decision, authorities said it was possible ihe murder charge may. be reduced to manslaughter. Hartley also, faces art assault with intent to commit murder charge as f. result of the wounding of 'Baker. He was permitted to attend Bob- One Day Only! CAHN'S To-morroW Saturday At .1328 Fulton, Between Merced And Tuolumne enne Suits .Actual 12.95 Values .Newest action back models. Neat ' . checks and plain shades. Well tai. . lored ..... 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The'first game, Pittsburgh vs. Notre Dame, starts at 31:45 o'clock, to be followed by the University of California-Santa Clara game at 2 .o'clock. · Another program featuring the works of the old masters will be heard to-night at 7 o'clock. L A.'s Split Building · Is Moved Together LOS ANGELES. Oct.' 18.--I/PI-The gargantuan task of joining together- a fourteen-story building in downtown Los.'Angeles that had a gaping, five-foot split in its middle, was completed yesterday. Three-fourths of an inch .at ,, ,ime, the 10,000,000-pound sectjon' of he office building was moved ori giant screw jacks, up against the other section to make it conform to requirements occasioned by the widening of a street. "Welrting of steel girders and fac- ngs of stone were all that remained to maka the building a solid struc- Sottth Africa's Boycott Hits Italian Shipping CAPETOWN (Union of South- Africa), Oct. . 18.-- (ff)-- The Italian liner Duilio sailed to-day with only 200 tons of cargo and twenty-eight passengers as a result of tho South African boycott against Italy. The Italian steamer Timavo, outward bound with munitions and supplies for Eritrea, picked up only 380 tons of cargo here and left without any passengers. AH-ING CONVICT PAHOIED SAN QUENTIN PRISON, Oct. '18.' . yP)-- Charles Hatcher, Los Angeles burglar, was paroled from. San Quentin yesterday by the-.-, state board of prison terms and paroles ''"' f h n t h- -«!"*·* *·- *-. -- !*~i.-3:-.' «·._ tuberculosis. · -.-..'·.'.-.' fo TO-NIGHT'S PROGRAM 5 P. M., to be announced; 5:1 P. M., Musical Interlude;-5:30 M., Broadway Varieties for Bi«odo CBS. « P. M., Hollywood Hotel Campbell Soup, CBS. 7 P. M., Gems From Light Oper for p. C. Greene; 7:15 P. M Stephens Bean; 7:30 P. II March Or Time. CBS;'. 7:45.P. M Strange As It Seems for Gilmor Oil Company. 8 P. M., Myrt and_ Marge fo Wrigley, CBS; 8:15 M.,, Lazy Dan for Old English, CBS; 8:45 P M., Radio News Week for th Vogue Shoe Company. 9 P. M., Richard Himber's Stude baker Champions for Studebake: Motors, CBS; 0:30 P. M., Freddie Bergin's Orchestra, CBS. 10 P. M., Time signal and weathei report; 10 P. M., Hal Grayson's Or chestra; 10:30 P. M., Lionel Hamp ton's Orchestra. 11 P. II., Anson Weeks' Orches tra; 11:30 P. M., Les Hite's Or chestra. Saturday's Program 7 A. M., Breakfast Broadcast :15 A. M., Prior Shelton time signal, Morning Kadio Bee anc Progressive Optical System time signal; 7:40 A. M., Federal time signal and Breakfast Broadcast. 5 A. M., Cincinnati Conservatory if Music, CBS. 9 A. M., Orientale, CBS; 9:30-A M., Al Roth's Orchestra, CBS: 10 A. M., Jack Shannon, CBS; 10:15 A. M., Domestic Science; 0:30 A. M., Billy Mill's Orchestra, CBS. ' ' 11 A. M., Madison Ensemble, CBS; 11:30 A. M., Rexall One-Cent bale for United "Drug; 11:45 A. M., 'ittsburgh-Nolre Dame football ame, CBS. 2 P. M., University of California- anta Clara football game. . Other Channels ' HARVESTER . WOODLAND, Oct. . man Frltzsche, 54, -was fatally 'man glcd under a. rice harvester on a ranch .eighteen miles north of here Use pure WHITE KING or every WHITE KING granulated soap is economical in more ways than. one. WHITE KING is granulated, for easy washing; condensed for economy. One cup of WHITE KING is a cup full of pure soap... and enough for an average family's weekly wash. WHITE KING'S longer lasting suds remain active in water two to three times longer, making it unnecessary to use additional soap. WHITE KING is kind to everything it touches ... including your hands! KPO--Snn Francisco--680 Kcy§. 5 P. M., Irene Rich, dramatic ketch; 5:15 P. M., Lucille Manners, oprano; 5:30 P! M;, Ruth Etting; P. M., The Wandering 'Minstrel; :30' P. M., Court Of Human Re- ations; 7 P. M., First Nighter; 7:30 M.; Elgin Campus Aeyuc; 8 P. I., Amos 'n' Andy; 8:15 V'. M., to announced; 8:30 P. M., Beauty ox Theater; 9:30 P. M., Griff Willams' Orchestra; 9:30 P. M., Henry Cing's Orchestra; iO P. M., news; 1:15 P. M., football forecasts; 10:30 . M., Eddie Fitzpatrick; 11 P. M., 1 Lyons' Orchestra; 11:30 P. M., iltmore Hotel Orchestra; Charles iunyan, organist, Saturday Program 7 A. M., Good Morning; 7:05 A. .., John Herrick, baritone; 7:15 A. li., gospel singer; 7:30 A.-M.. Nichos Mathay Orchestra; 7:45 A. M., x;e S. Roberts, guest artist; 8'A. ., Our American Schools; finan- al service; 8:15 A. M., Norsemen _uartet; 8:30 A. M., Marimba or- lestra; '9 A. M., Sprucehead Bay, Tfetch;-.9:15 A. M., Genia Fonariova, o'pranbT-"9:15 A. M., news; 9:30 A. I., National Grange program; 10:30 . M., to be .-announced; 11 A. M., oloists; 11:30.'A; M., variety pro- i.- · : - - - ~ ' · : .12:15-P...M., .\Vestern Agriculture IP.- M.;. Teddy'"Hill's Orchestrafl P. M., 1 Sax Appeal;: 1:15 P. M., news IJSO.vPiii'M., .Vagabonds Quartet 1:30 P. M., Fascinating Rhythm; 2 P. M., University of Southern Call fornia-vs. .Oregon State College Washington State College vs.· Uni versity of Washington. KNX--Hollywood--1,050 Kcy». 5 P. M., American Legion Aux iliary; 5:15 P. M.. Sharpshooters 5:30 P. M., Kearney Walton's Orchestra; 5:45 .P. M.,'Orphan Annie; 6 P. M., All American Boy; 6:15 P M., news;.6:30 P. M., Lum and Abner; 6:45 .P. M., Air Adventures- 1 P. M., Frank Watanabe; 7:15 P. M Charlotte Woodruff and orches'tra; 7:30 P. M., The In-Laws; 7:45 P. M. King.Cowboy; 8 P.--M., religious talk; 8:15 P. M., Lilac Time; 8:30 P. .M., World News, dramatized- 8:45 P. M., political talk; U P . M., news; 9:15 P. M., Musical Moments- 9:30 P. M., Character Analysis; 1:45 P. M., fights from Hollywood Legion Stadium; 11 P. M., Pasadena Civic. Auditorium dance; 11:30 »..M, Pontrelli'» Orchestra; 11:45 P. M, new*. Saturday Program «:80 X M, Wranglers; 6:45 A. M Sharplesvill»; 7;3S x M., news; '45 X M., Sharplesville; S A M Tew Tunes; 8:15 A.. M., Silver Strains; 8:30 A. M., concert; 9 A M., health talk; 9:30 X M., Manzanares 1 Orchestra; 9:45 A M news; 10 A. M., Ten O'clock Fam- ly; 10:30 A. M., Sue Douglas- 10-45 A. M., Tunes; 11 A. M., modern )iano music; 11:30 A. M., Magic Jarmony; 11:45 A. M., Castles In Music. -- -tf., news; 12:15 E. M., Jewel Box; 12:30 P. M., Marshall Grant organist; 1 P. M., Pontrelli's Orchestra; 2 P. M., World -Revue; :30 P. M., football, U. S. C.-Oregon State. all responsibility for this style * * . new men s suit CASTLEROGK "Wings of the Morning, my dear!" If Schilling Coffee doesn't improve his morning manners, your money back. Try Schilling Coffee. Treat it like i friend, with due consideration, and it will do the same fot you. It will never fail you. · ' ' It's a sturdy Coffee, Schilling Coffee There are two Schilling Coffees. One fot percolator. 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