The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 6, 1952
Page 3
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__TUESDAY, MAY «, 1953 'Caine Mutiny' Wins Pulitzer Fiction Prize St. Louis Paper Cited for Exposing Revenue Corruption NEW YORK Ifl _ His novel of the wartime Navy, "The Calne Mutiny," has brought Herman Wouk the annual Pulitzer Prize for I fiction. The stage drama award has Bulic to Joseph Kramm for Ins nlav "The Shrike," a story of an estranged husband and wife set in the psychiatric ward of t city hospital. In the newspaper field, the St Louis Post - Dispatch's exposure of corruption In the Internal Revenue Bureau has won that daily its fifth Pulitzer Prize, the most awarded to a single newspaper. John M. Hightower, foreign affairs reporter of the Associated Press, received the annual prize for international reporting for "the sustained quality of his coverage of news of international affairs" during 1051. Selections for the 1952 Pulitzer awards were announced yesterday by trustees of Columbia University. I'uliUcr Established Awards The nivards in various fields of creative endeavor were established by Joseph Pulitzer, the late publisher, in a bequest to Columbia. Pulitzer founded the Post-Dispatch, which also von prizes in , 1937, 1941, 1948 and 1050. The five • citations of the St.Louis paper were for meritorious public service. The San Francisco Chronicle's George de Carvalho was cited for local reporting for his stories of a "ransom racket" extorting money from Chinese in America who had relations in Communist china. Anthony Leviero of the New York Times was awarded the prize for national reporting. Leviero wrote an exclusive report on discussions between President Truman and Gen. Douglas MacArthur at Wake Island during their 1950 conference. It was published April 21, 1951, shortly after Truman ousted the general as Far Eastern commander. La Coss Cited Cited for the editorial writing award was Louis La Coss, of the St.Louis Globe-Democrat, on the basis of his editorial entitled. "The Low State o! Public Morals." It dealt with the West Point cheating scandals, the basketball fixes, the exposures of government corruption, and the U.S. Senate Crime Committee hearings. j Six photos of a Drake-Oklahoma A. St M. football game, taken in sequence by John Robinson and Don Ultang of the Des Moines Register and Tribune were selected as the year's best news photograph. The pictures showed Johnny Bright,'a star Negro player of Drake, receiving a broken jaw in a B«rimmage. Cartoonist Chosen J"red L. Packer of the New York Daily Mirror was named top cartoonist tor his "Your editors ought to have more sense than to print •what I say," a cartoon showing an Irate President Truman talking to Washington newsmen. The occa- Bion was Truman's denunciation of newsmen for printing certain military stories and photos which, it later turned out, actually had been released by the President and various government agencies. In history, the prize went to Oscar Handlin, an associate professor at Harvard University, for his "The Uprooted." It is the epic story of migrations to America. . The biography award went to f Merlo J. Pusey for "Charles Evans Hughes," a study of the late chief Justice. Pusey is associate editor of the Washington. Post. "Symphony Concertante" brought the music award to Gail Kubik, musical adviser and stuff composer of the National Broadcasting Company. Two special citations were awarded this year: ;o the Kansas City Star, and to Max Kase. sports editor of the New York Journal-American. (ARK.) COtmTTO NEWS web of beams being formed to coring and research center in carried on in the buildinc. Keating Says Morris Was Hired To Prevent Probe of Corruption Tone and Peyton Dcicy Lego/ Hostilities LOS ANGELES Wl—Legal hostilities in the Franeliol Tone-Barbara P.iyton martial dispute have hcsn postponed for a week at least Lu'.vycrs for the movie actor nnci his v.-ife told the court yesterday th'y mny be nble to reach p.n nsrce- mr-nt on Mi = s Pay-ton's temporary alimony claims. She has askccl a"rfl.fjCO monthly. ** If so. they said. Tone's petition to amend his tlivorce complaint to' crnrtte his vjfc with adultery \\ith r-" ^;m probably «i|l bs dropped. WASHINGTON Ift-Rep. Keating (R-NY) said today that new testimony indicates Ncwbold Morris was selected to run the government's nnti-corrupUon drive "to make impossible any impartial and thorough investigation." Top officials in the Justice Department, Keating said in a statement, were interested in seeing that the probe "would never get off the ground." The congressman's comment was prompted by testimony before a House committee yesterday that Morris and former Atty. Den J Howard McGrath knew that Morris's connection with profitable deals in surplus U.S. tankers was under investigation at the time or Morris's appointment to the cleanup job. Morris and McGrath have disclaimed knowing about the probe at the time the New Yorker became government corruption hunter. Morris said he would not have accepted the job if he had known. Morris said in New York last night that he was aware a year ago that surplus tanker deals were being investigated, but that he knew of no probe Into any deal involving him or his law firm. But Keating, a member of the House judiciary subcommittee investigating the Justice Deirart- ment, said It is apparent now'that Morris was picked as "one who would be amenable to approach because of his own vulnerable position." Peyton Ford, former deputy attorney general, and James M. McInerney, assistant attorney general in charge of the Criminal Division told the committee yesterday what they knew about an investigation of a surplus tanker deal involving Morris's law firm which was under way before McGrath named Morris as ;i special assistant. "It has been proved," said Keating, "that Ford, who nominated Mr. Morns for the post, had himself consulted Justice Department officials concerning Mr. Morris and the same ship deals which gave rise to the pending investigation of alleged criminal acts on the part of Mr. Morris and his companies. "Despite McDrath's denials, two of his top advisers have admitted they informed him of facts which clearly disqualified Mr. Morris from holding such a position." When Morris appeared before the committee last month, Keating said, Morris's connection with a surplus tanker deal had been under investigation by the Justice Department's Criminal Division six months before Morris's appointment. Keating added that he was not accusing Morris of any misconduct. Ridgway to Leave For Europe Monday TOKYO Wj-Oen. Matthew B RIdgway, supreme United Nations commander and head of the United States forces in Japan, will leave Monday enroute to his ne«- assignment as supreme Allied commander in Europe. 'Deutschland Uber Alles' Rises Again As German Anthem Flood Request May Be Ignored By Congress WASHINGTON W,-For the second time within a year. President Truman's request for a national system of flood disaster insurance appears likely to be Ignored by Congress. * Senate and House Banking committees. which received proposed legislation providing for the insurance, hart no plans for early consideration. The President's request yesterday was in the form of a message sent to Congress along with a proposed law to set up what he called "a sound and workable flood Insurance system." PAGE THKEB land ubcr Alles"-the nationalistic anthem to which Germany twice struck out on world conquest-was revived officially today as the national song of the west German Republic. The song was officially dropped after Germany's defeat "in World War II. President Theodor Heuss and other authorities tried to get the Germans to sing another tune —but they stuck to this one which proclaims Germany "over all in the world." Heuss said he accepted with misgivings the recommendation of Chancellor Konrad Adenauer to revive the anthem. Western officials said they would not object to its revival. Xayler Cugat Weds Vocalist Abbe Lane MIAMI BEACH. Fla. (.<!>) _ Rhumba king Xavier Cueat and his vocalist, Abbe Lane, flew to the Dominican Republic today for a three-day honeymoon. The 52-year-old musician and his 20-year-old singer were married yesterday In a five-minute ceremony. It was Cugat's third marriage and Miss lane's first. Woman Bilks Oldster INDIANAPOLIS (<P» - William Barnes, who says he Is 102, told police yesterday a woman stole 4117 from him in e tavern. Stay-Down Flier May Be 'Example' J ; AS CRUCES. N. M. (*)-Le»al action may be taken in the case of U. Verne Goodwin, widely publicized stay-down flier Goodwin was allowed to resign from the Air Force Saturday after having been sentenced to two vcars imprisonment by a court martial tor refusing to fly. He is In Las Cruces to close the books on a biis- jlnes.s he and Parker Cullum, Ms latner-in-Iaw, owned here Goodwin himself has had little to say since his release. But Cullum said last night: "I feel that, if certain officers went out of their way to build up the case in the hope of mnkfnc an example of one man. they should be held responsible. If it dcvclom that legal action is impossible we intend to press it." Bordeaux Jail's Beaten Inmates Are Returned to Prison Routine Read Courier News Classified Ads and, to build now, it will take a lot more money They cnsl a lot more today. Read Courier News Classified Ads IMPROVED KIDNEY FUNCTION Subnormal Jctdney function was improved, Bladder pain and discomfort reduced in most observed cases after drinking Mountain V»l- Icy Water. <>cliciot» — delivered right to you. UttEUTY ASH OROCKRV 50; \Vcsl .Vfatn I'hone 4373 ; in C '? 1 iron pipe you could hav * installed for SI 1 000 in 19. 10 costs 517000 today. The pumping station that cost $100 000 ten years ago will involve a $225,000 expenditure now. Dlanl in ?o ,n S !rf °' 0n ° l ° inSfa " a 50 milHon ^ 1!on P« *>v «»« Plant m 19-10. The same system mstalled today will cost §1,250,000. Maintenance costs have risen proporlionatelv. Take coal for fuel bm that ran Si7s a da >' in 19 °° ^ ago are now P riced "I 51.700. ave c -- , hat COSl SU a lon are S 2 3. A good pickaxe cost 53.YO as against §2.00 in 19.10. time in i ° f ' T ° increase waler ^""ics at anv ewer enr* % rfl I ", " 8 T? l ° C ° St a 1ot more monc >' l "™ P«'t experience had led most people in the business to expect. Blytheville Water Co. 'Water h Your Cheapest Commodity' Read Courier News Classified Ads r Prominent Banker Held on Charges Of Embezzling More Than $450,000 ^- !? *"**•**£* ro-~ c. . $ S-.-T: **• \ "• •*>-" PRETTY POSTURE-Mode" line Castle, 18, is not only pretty she's posture-perfect. The Los Angeles girl has been chosen "Miss Good Posture cf 1052," by a chiropractic group which sponsors Good Posture Week, May 1 to May 7. MONTREAL Wj—Bordeaux (ail's subdued prisoners, half of their mates farmed out too ther local cells, went back to prison rotuinc today as an official riot investigation gatehered momentum. For the first time since Sunday's riot and a lesser outbreak choked off yesterday by tear gas. all prisoners were locked in Individual cells last night. Because of damage to sections of the - cells, only 327 of the rioters could be housed at Bordeaux. The rest, about 250, were moved to city and provincial police stations. Unofficial estimates placed the riot damage as high as $400,000 Antome Rivard, solicitor general of Quebec, was due here today to talk with Dr. Zenon Lessee, the Jail governor, and Inspector General Norbert Labbe of the provincial police. Labbe. who directed police operations throughout the disturbances was acting governor of the jail last year while Lesage was on leave of absence. The prisoners rioted In protest at the food they had been getting, but thny shouted also they wanted "Labbe. not Lesage," Rivnrd said last night those responsible for the riot would bo punished "according to law." Widespread use of coffee In England dates from the 17th Century. PERTH AMBOY. N.J. OP) — banker described as a pillar of respectability in the community is accused of embezzling more than $450.000. The complaint against 50-yc-ar- old William c. Horley was entered yesterday by the First Bank and Trust Company, where he was vice president at an S8.500-a-year salary. Middlesex County Prosecutor Alex Eber said early today that a series of bad investments" engulfed Horley. whom he referred to as a "very generous man." "He llkerf to help people. He made persona! loans with bank funds." Church aim community officials were shocked at news of Ihe embezzlement. Was Civic Leader Horley, married and the father of three children, took an active pail In civic affairs. He is former chairman of the Community chest ft Red Cross director, head of a Scouts, former president of the local chapter of the American In- stitute of Banking, and a warden of St. Peter's Episcopal church After a five-hour quizzing which ended early today, Eber said that In order to cover up for the shortages resulting from bad loans Horley took some of the bank's monej and speculated in the stock market. This stock market dabbling also turned sour and Horley found himself deeper and deeper In the red, the prosecutor said. SI50.000 May Be IUcovered Approximately $150,0(10 of th» loss may be recovered, he said, adding that the embezzling operation began about three 'years ago. "It doesn't seem it the present time (hat any of this tremendous amount of money was either used for himself or for his family," safd Eber. Earlier, Horley's attorney entered an Innocent plea for his ell- ent. who he said didn't pocket even the smallest amount of the money he is accused of embezzling. Free in $25,000 ball, Horley awaits action by the county grand Jury, fund-raising campaign for the Boy The finest Mother in the world deserves no less than the world's finest candy —the incomparable Belle-Camp Candy Shop. CHOCOLATES The Perfect Gift for Molher's Day MAY I I THE CANDY SHOP I V, Ibl.. 13.00 2 ft fc,.. J4.00 I Ibl . 51.00 the Tnafc Mark o/ the World's Fi Eorum's Drug Store 427 W. Main At DREIRUS -"" "*; ?'- YOU CAN NOW OWN AND ENJOY A NATIONALLY ADVERTISED LADY'S OR MAN'S WATCH ... INCLUDING BULOVA, ELGIN, GOTHAM, GRUEN, ETC UP TO $50.00 FOR ONLY A DIME A DAY PAY WEEKLY INCLUDED ALSO ARE NURSES WATCHES, SERVICEMEN'S V/ATCHES AND WATERPROOF WATCHES TRADE IN YOUR OLD WATCH FOR A NEW ONE GET A LIBERAL ALLOWANCE! HIGHER PRICED WATCHES ON PROPORTIONATELY EASY PAYMENTS IT TAKES A MINUTE TO OPEN A CHARGE ACCOUNT DREIFUS Meet DreiFm . . . Wear Diamonds \IU\ST. ITORK Hi MEMfWS, KTWVH.U AND No Charge For Credit

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