The Guardian from London, Greater London, England on August 11, 1911 · 5
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The Guardian from London, Greater London, England · 5

London, Greater London, England
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Friday, August 11, 1911
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THE MANCHESTER GUARDIAN. FRIDAY, ATTGTTST li. 1911. HOTTEST DAY ON EECOED. MISS MALECKA'S ARREST. MR. AUSTEN CHAMBERLAIN'S DISCLAIMER. NEW RULES OF DEBATE IN BRITISH GUIANA. SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. AMERICAN STOCK MAKKETS. PUBLIC COMPANIES. 100 DEGREES IN LONDON. From official information it is now clear t. Wednesday was not only one of the very hottest days known in tho south-east of Eng-1'ld but absolutely the hottest for the seventy rs during which observations have been Ft ir Greenwich. A meteorological corre- tep- spondent writes: Of all the hot days of this summer Wednes-. ,"was the most torrid. In the London area 'ivas tho hottest day of which there is any r- -hemic record: Hitherto the highest shade recorded at Greenwich Observa- ' . jjjg Deen 97, but that has now been beaten i '-"ree degrees. The maximum thermometer f the Observatory ' (of course duly screened) e!-.:nci the unprecedented figure of 100 some-V'o en Wednesday afternoon. In several '"'""er Parts j0Qon tle reading of 97 was '"stored, and it is probable that in many -jlires where there chanced to be no observ- vn satlOn tile zicau u.a aa icau ks ak TTCll- A gentle flow of air from tho northward has mvriA til f.H Tflwnp flnr? T.vacti-r1 o v f,re a!iiiiil i-w"" - -5 rpiatively cool in the south and south-eaet c England and quite cool in all the western northern districts. It is, however, very -"olb!e that the temperature will increase a;n very shortly, and it may be that the -cord of 100 will have an extremely short THE DROUGHT AND SULK PRICES. meeting held by the Chester Milk Pro-I'ucers Association at Chester yesterday unani--lousl" nassed a resolution urging the Council oi iho Association to approach the Milk Dealers' .VssociatiorLs of Manchester, Liverpool; and Bir-'jj.jj.gBan, asking them, in view of the extraordinary conditions in the. production of milk prevailing at the present, to pay an increased r.rire. All the speakers agTeed that the farmers were ci'taiiiing heavy losses owing to the shortage of the tKtlk yield through the continued drought, i-ie farmer said that it meant going bankrupt or losing considerable capital. LOW WATER SUPPLIES. .c a result of the continued drought the water supply of the Bury and District Joint Water TSoar.i is getting low, and letters have been trr.t : the constituent authorities asking ihra v:c watering of the streets from the mains :.:'J ! c discontinued for the present. The ,;:?:rkt5 affectt-d are Bury, Haslingden, Itaw-terii'.aH, Radt-liffe, TVhitefield. Ramsbottotn, Tfiiiiiisrto:!, Littlo Lever, a part of Prestwich, arid several surrounding villages. J:;e Heywood Town Council was informed v.-.terJay that on Wednesday only three-liiiirters -it a day's supply remained in the X.tIcii Valley reservoirs, and that the Hey-jA and Miiidletnn Joint Water Board had i;r.i:iiiQOUsly derided to turn on tho water from ti'ii-iiew reservoir at Ashworth Moor. It slated that the Board had 42 days' s-aj i !y Ie33 this year than last. Tho supply :.w i-.tands at 32,000,000 gallons. The Board a-.t; severely criticised for not having taken uniier steps to reduce the consumption, so as tj delay the tanning cf the Ashworth Moor j--s;rvnir, which will mean an increase in the v 'lcr rate. SIR EDWARD GREY ON HER LEGAL POSITION. BRITISH NATURALISATION INVALID Sir Edward Grey, Foreign Secretary, asked by Mr. Hugh Xaw (Nationalist West Donegal) if he could give further particulars of the reply received from the Russian Government in re gard to the case of Miss Malecka, replied in yesterday's Parliamentary papers as follows: the .Russian Government point out that it is laid" down in Article 325 of the Russian Criminal Code that "any person absenting himself from his native country anil entering foreign service without the sanction of the Government, or becoming the subject of . a foreign country,-shall be liable for this violation of his duty and oath of loyalty to a deprivation of all ngnts and perpetual banishment from the country, or, in the event of his subsequent voluntary return to Russia, to banishment to Siberia." It is clear from the above-quoted article that adoption of foreign nationality without due per mission oi the Russian authorities cannot be considered of itself as renunciation of Russian nationality, as were a Russian subject to be deemed a. foreigner from the moment of his adoption of the nationality of a foreign country it would entail recognition of the liability of a foreigner residing outside the limita of Russia to the enactments of a Russian court of law and to punishment for being of such nationality. i'or t.ns reason, and in the absence of any regulations in the existing legislation of the Russian Empire providiug for renunciation of Russian nationality, it is evident that-persons of thi3 nationality can only be regarded in Russia as foreigners when thev have been re leased from their obligations as Russian sub jects ana exempted from the provisions of the law by Imperial sanction, obtained in accordance with procedure by the Minister of the interior to tho Council of Ministern. The enactment above quoted (Sir E. Grey continues) can be fully applied to the natives ot tlio provinces of Poland. Although in Point 1 of Artielo 17 of the Civil Code in force in tuese Provinces it is enar.rnrl thnf. nnt.iv oitixpn. oi"i teases consequent to naturalisation in a foreign country, nevertheless, by the Imperial Ukase of 25th April, 1850, the action of Articles 340 and 341 'of the Criminal Code (now Articles 325 and 326) was extended to the provinces cf Poland, and in accordance with this Ukase, in cases provided for bv the above-mentioned Artk-Ius, the competent provincial administra tion, and in Warsaw the chief of the police, upon receipt of information respecting the volun tary absence o persons formerly of Poland or their residence abroad for a period exceeding that trranted bv the Government, is bound immediately to publish in tho newspapers a notification calling upon the persons specified to appear at the nearest police office within six weeks' time. Upon expiry of this term the estate of the person absent abroad is confiscated, and the procurator of tho court gives LEADERS' " HONOUR & COURAGE." Mr. Austen Chamberlain has addressed the following letter to Mr. "Walter Long: , Sj.Egerton Place, S.Vr, August 10,. 1911. My dear Long. In your speech at Weybridge yesterday you spoko of our present difference and our future co-operation in a spirit which all of us appreciate, and to which we shall all desire to respond. The difference is on a point which is even now passing into history, and we hone of us wish it to be prolonged beyond the occasion which has given rise to it. It is therefore a cause of deep regret to me to see that you think that some of us who support Lord Halsbury have cast reflections by " speech or letter " on - the " chivalry, honour, and courage" of our leaders and colleagues. It would -be. affectation for me to pretend that I am not aware that your reference to a letter was particularly pointed at one written by me. That letter referred to the consequences which in my opinion must follow from the acquiescence of the Unionist party, in the House of Lords in the passage of the unamended Parliament Bill. It expressed no new opinion. My views have been known to my colleagues from the first, and I hold them now as I have always held them. But it never entered my mind that my words would be interpreted as an attack on the courage or honour of leaders and colleagues from whom I differ on this occasion, but with whom I have worked for years in cordial co-operation to secure the great objects we have in common. Had it occurred to me when writing that such a misinterpretation of my words was possible I should have guarded myself against it, and since a colleague thinks them capable of such a construction I think it right explicitly to dis claim a charge which I had not thought of making. Yours very truly, Austen Chamberlain. OFFICIAL AND ELECTED MEMBERS AT VARIANCE. (Press Association Fobeign Special:) Georgetown (British .Guiana), July 22. In consequence.., of some unseemly scenes during debates last year the British Guiana Legislature has just adopted additional stand ing rules and orders witn regard to the -treatment of members who beeome disorderly, disobey the ruling ' of the chair, and interrupt business. The rules were not adopted without some opposition, which led to a, good deal of interesting argument. . The Government Secretary said that the new rules and OTdeis were almost word for wold the same as those which obtained in the House of Commons for the same purpose, the only alterations being , the substitution of " the Governor" for "tho Speaker of the House," and of "the Clerk of tho Court" for "the Sergeant-at-Arms." The Court therefore could not go far wrong if they approved of them as they stood. The elective inembers thought cthero-ise, however. The constitutional difference between the House ot Commons and the British Guiana Court of Policy was pointed out by tho Hon. P. N. Browne (a black man' and Mayor of Georgetown), who said that tho former was an elective body entirely, whereas the latter was only partly elective, the majority of the mem bers holding office in virtue of their being Government officers of a certain rauk. When PORT OF MANCHESTER. ENTERED EASTHAM LOCKS. August 10. Ayrshire ). 4,953 tana, part cargo, Mix-vrcotl ad Robertson; CBascow. Vlllo D'Eu ). 306, ganraj. Sew York, Thobsmt. ' The Stock Market has to-day. been wild, excited, disorganised with very heavy trading, and violent fluctuations, with a feeling oi oemoraii DIVIDENDS AND REPORTS. Fu'rness Railway: dividend reduced. The' directors at their meeting yesterday agreed to sation during the greater part of the day, but a , recommend for the hali year ended June a divi- Pig Iron, li. Watson and Co.- vdrossm. Laplnnd (s). 6 '3. maimer tone in U1D anernoon, wiuu eo...., . iiro ul 3 LJCL uciil, iJCl a-"""- - - liieeJB'rJ Wd rallies from the worst, and final changes j ordinary stock, carrying forward 1,037. This -- c. UjwwiT Tnfvcrf h?34. BoiwraibubiijTand comparatively insignificant, some of the earlier i compares with -1$ per -cent per annum and tK"?:5 RSS.Jfi,-. 16-rrti' to h.,w ;tooh w i,Vh. ins. notably so ,1,523 carried forward a vear euro. For the last 58, 5la:isp tor Ttitnconi; Port uutonvic. sa, lor Jtiancum: Fleetwood. Taleadar (Kl), Pimdlon (si. 5B2. imerji. J. T. Flu-Iier and Co.: Aider (s). 125, 1-sM, A." li. Bora; Farxlngton (for LEFT MANCHESTER DOCKS. MUIo Orni (5), 72, light, A. K. Biwec; Pfmnaer-rawr. XUli trt, 35, liicht. A. K. Bowou: L:veryo-J. D-vomita esneral, J. J. Mick and Scr.s: Bdfaf;. 'ro s. I, w. n, Ingram: Nsrwe-ijiin portK. Princess is i, 248, general. XI. I,an?lainL ami Sons; Glasgow. i-rmcea, nffiena tE. 24&. general, il. Lan2iaj:cs aTxi sons uders.,. LliFT VAHTIXCTON COAL T. VSIN. Itrcr Ecsa 1.0. 173, coal. li. Ilugh.ra and Co.; Haylo. LEFT EUXCOR.V. Amber (si, 122, brquette.?, u-awav Ma:Lcrtca-, Gtasstow. C;:u-:i iUy (sea), 59, roal. Minvoo.i and Co. ; Bliietord. Mcolaa (s, 229, Jleht. li. D. To!t; tivston. LEFT BLLESMEKB 1 OUT. Plerrtt L-Stl (haxitui?.. 1.326, l!pat. Clirko and GroiiriAi; Penartli. l!iiabat!i (fch). 57. coal, Jlanvwvt uid Co.; Bud-5. 0;.i Hunter (s:h), 57, V.gbt, Marn-c-.d a;id Co.; Garaon. in the Hill stocks. The opening w;is heavy with traders excited, and after initial changes a violent decline followed under a deluge of offerings from many sources, and coming largely from all parte of the country where the Government Crop Report issued late yesterday hurt santiment. There was furious trading throughout tile morning, especially in grangers, Readings, and Steels, The bears were raiding, half year the dividend was 2 per cent. Boddington's Breweries, Manchester. Interim dividend on the ordinary shares at the rate of 6 per cent for the hah' year, as against a Utvi- dend at the rate of i per cent last year. Manchester Palace of Varieties. The directors have declared a dividend cf Is. per shave, or 5 per cent, making 7i per cent for tho year, free . of tax. Last year, for tha first lime, the ; Company paid 10 per cent 2 per cent as an MIDDLETON AND THE VETO BILL. MANCHESTER IMPORTS. August 8. Wrstonoy (s), oi Hartlepool, 2.474 tons, from Karachi: 105,400 cwt. of wheat. Pinna (s), ot London, 033 tons, from Batoum: 2,253,800 gallons of oil. Xfw Pioneer (s), of Manchester, 320 tons, from Rown : 2,250 cases of condensed miik, 500 loaves of sugar, and sumo general cargo, part of which is for tiarston. Half-tlnn (s), of Sweden. 633 tons, from Halmitsl and Gotlien-hurg: 31 tons of pig iron. 351 steel blooms, 60 cusee of ferro silicon, 80 krgs of foila, 37 cases of matches. 2,570 bales of pulp, 3,141 hales if mner, 7,234 bundles of laths, 413 b UKlIos of cratcwnoil. SO casra of leather boards. stop-loss orders were executed, and margin calls . interim, o per cent as a luial dividend, and per cent as a bonus at tne cna ot mo jeir. The dividend v,-as 7i per cent for each ot tho This year the lat ugamst indoor cnt-ertainuients. Wilson Broihers Bobbin. The report for tho year states tliat alter providing all trade charges, including depreciation, the prohts amount U, 16.796 "makins with 4.516 brought, 3.036 nieces Of bllTs;. S.P?? ),i,t,,11vi nt ,-nnc !u,,r,,j 91a the conduct of an elective member canto to be piecw. of nit props, ami mio (.-csirrai rarcc Mun'in r?). dealt with, therefore, all the members of the iL 0l',?',, ?i,s.:',?w Li, 2??nuX' d encouraged tho bears to further pressure Court of Tolicy were not so free to vote as the : ?! Vjoorn?. 2,803 bales' of pulp, 171 bales' of Vsper, oii There were evidences early in the day of liberal . iani inimus .urri:an.ier ,r cork, SHI 1 lien, the ions, from Rotterdam , 11,714 pieces of strol billets 1B9 received a poor response, and in many cases remained unanswered. Demoralisation seized the room under the heavv liquidation of long stock ; years 1306-7, 1907-8, and 1303-9 c,.ii! holdnrs. i weather has been somewhat C4 v O Jk UlxlL iat)D i-k.Vk -j the market being impressed by further considerations of political developments at Washington, the apparently unending investigations, tho labour troubles, thn foreica labour and market outlook, and the announcement that forward a total oi 21.312. Debenture interest, i 1.1 ,. 1 -i .j iit 4v atxsoros 5,W0. Tho directors recomuienci .1 the Attorney Oeneral considered that the in ,1 rtividull1 of' B ueut on tlu. ordinary capita:, formed Security Company of the National City eav:ng 4,519 t0 bo carried forward. Bank was illegal. On tho scalo down con- Chester United Gas. Dividend at tho rate of certed support appeared which checked tho 5 per cent per annum on tho ordinary stock bmik;.-, but which at times was not sufficient, ior uie year. the market resiliency, jut which at times was not sufficient, ior uie u.111 year. ket shotvintr a conspicuous lack' of African Steamship.-lnleritu dividend at the with ralhcs and fre liquidation, tfMK" ,lMh ' members of the House of Commons. Speaker of the House of Commons belonged to '"ll1!!!;.."! tlibMl "j'3,?1 !l.""P ilY-". 208 pieces , ....... .""!"s 1.1-5 01 umorcua muiiRS, gjo baM cases of ironware, 2,775 coili of iron rotls. of 1,228 F T-H-.,- Ji?1 , ,!asf? cf, L'denMM milk, 370 lwrs of s'tnrcb. Milwaukeo and Union. Towards I,l-Uicj gag packages of culours, mid a large quantitv ot treivpnl i.,t 1 , Of the Tuhorc I,). of Rormark, 1,062 (0, Tom malkt rallied (!ea111' but tho ' Jvo-v;,san: 17,112 lcw of deals, battens, mid boards, snapless, although there was muc . put ill , for l,ncorn. , secur0 .ofi,s aud COnsiderai no narty. and was nrenared to hold the s!.ilp!; : nails. 6; without consideration of party feeling, whereas, : c'tt K 5' .'VLl YiLiiuui, ucajiiiij 10 uu oueuaive, was it r.ot a j ui sem;va, "tit, clifils ot tea, 163 casks of fact that the President of the Cnnrt of TnUrv Am .v....'iT. .v .v'..cnrn . a' J 'ns ' . v. ... .i.j .jj was the advocate, the premier advocate Government? Was it fair, he asked, to the hands of the President such a power as was given by the new rules? However, when it came to a division only the four elective members present voted against the rules and orders, and as all tho official members gave their votes in favour they were adopted. selling' for foreign and Canadian account, particularly of Canadian Pacific. Another, feature used by the bcar3 was tho report that tho Standard Oil iuterests were heavy lenders of money and largo borrowers on stocks, notably Milwaukeo and Union. Towards neon the ecovery was uch rebuyin iniTV!l :i oc ilia Hinli rte EFFECTS OF THE HEAT. M07EMEXTS OF STEAMERS. (Uoj-d's Telegrams.) AMAZON, Buencs Ay res ft,r 6'iuimpton. left J;i6bon 9 AXTOXY. Liverwort for Manaes. left I.iihnn 1 AHAUUAYA. Smitlniinpton for IW.amb-.ien, J(jt VidmriO CITY Ut' LAHUliK, Lp.! for Karachi, :!rr;l. Vaple, q and no remark made which indicated that any one present held or was interested in the ' No surrender' policy, and this although the consti- mstructions for the institution of a criminal j tutional question was enlarged on and cheered SIR UYLAXD ADKINS'S REPLY TO MR. HEWINS. . Sir Ryland Adlcins, M.P., writes as follows to the " Times " : " In your issue of to-day (August 8) appears a letter from Mr. W. A. S. Hewins as to the atti tude of Lancashire on the Parliament Bill as evi denced during the recent election in the Middle- ton division. I know nothing of, nor do I care to inrtuiro into, the private utterances of Con servatives ou their domestic distentions in refer ence to this topic, but tho following facts may be thought relevant and not without interest. " First. With the exception of a reference to ' No Surrender ' made by him in a speech at .the beginning of the campaign, I was unable to discover from the reports ot Mr. Hewins's speeches whether he folluwed Mr. Balfour or Mr. V. . Smith. All was veiled in decorous ambiguity. " Second. Durine tho whole of the election. at the 45 public meetings, mostly in the open i ing up of the springs has been tu keep the. size menki, Liverpool for t':st' Africa, nvrhixi Canaries air, which I addressed, no ciuestion v:is asked , of voting grouse un the Cumlcrlaiid moors Mixrc-'OTA. frt.rh Lmiiir-n, arrival rhila klphia 0. MOVKMENTo OP MANCHESTER STEAMPRS botl1 Bi;rhn and Amstrd-uu made fair purchas-ea ra'tiii'rm ivnco in" ii.i.r, . Z ,.i direct, and Loudon arbitrage houses were esti- tanb T'rinc wiii foil- oa tho terth and commence toacSwc shates. The monthly s.ecl tounatre nport quite 0,1 or aO'.llt 'til JJljt . i.... 1 n fn..,,K nico :.vfti;LUkiuiJU, Jul. ail Ubiiui iiiiuuiouio Ct.-W HITIIA.VAV, ii"rr .iiaunri'j?. .u-r.l. t , o fOI l'MIHAX, fiMi, l.iv-rj nnl, a.-livrv N-.v Y .rl lT C150W.V ill-' CUIIDOVA, from tlss llv.Jc, nrrivvl Btr-liadocs 0. ' SMALL GROUSE IN CUMBERLAND. i l ..... j ne iif nt, 111 me luatyport ilifitrict was i scorching again yesterday, and stopped ltarvcst- j , . . , , i"i i.i-r' 'uu.-una., i.oiiii.,ii tor Kanirn, left I', ,f. f..,;,! 9 being given a long rest. Even cx-solcliers, ! HICillL XD KXTEIUTdSE, from Liverpool, arrived Monio fresh from India, who wero among tho workers ! 1SDI tv for L-:.u:,,n, arrive Aden 10 found tho heat very oppressive. Supplies of iHlsiorAV. for l,:verim0:, bit N:iui 9. tea were sent to the fields. Cumber-lnur? hn,-. ! 1"V.A?. L;AS1I:1i .,!tt. TaWe . vceters believing hottea to bo the most cooling ' Xnm iriUK. .'V CUriOUS eneCt Ot ttlO SlUmilfrU iITV- I r.V-mXi:l from I.K-imnn! nrrK-.l Bl .!; n 8. prosecution. Tho method and conditions are also laid down for the granting to residents in at every meeting, "Third. As the campaign went on, Mr. Hewins's own references to the constitutional the olish provinces of emigration passports lor j question became shorter and more infrequent much below the average. Youns nartrides on tho plains are also small. THE BELFAST DISTURBANCES. MONGOLIA arrived Sydnev 10. Mi;i-.;iIA. for Livcriiool, left Canaries 7. NVASZA. London for ("hltnittj. pwswl Oiliraltar 10 tK'KAN'A, for Bombay, arrivei Marseilles 10. OLKXHA. frr I.iverrOo, Kft Sierm Iyeonc 9. UTWAY. llrishnne for Loudon, nrrived Colomho 10. ItOTOliUA, London for Xuw Zealand, called Ten-eriilc 10 SAl'KI.E left SCkonJI 7. I SLT1. Alexandria for Liverpool, arrivrrl Gibraltar 10. DESTRUCTIVE FIRES FROM FLYIXG SPARKS. A tire brcke out yesterday in tlie Waterbeach I t it. ;i rnark fiom a traction engine sotting fire ;o so::! firaw. A farmhouse and a number 1-:' labourers' cottages wero saved with ditii-cui:y. iiiit a lare mimler of live stock perished. A; Cambridgeshire, a lire, sup-I: j-.i :o have originated from a spark from a i-urir..; tr.jriiie, has rendered homeless some t':).r:y-v::e jick'jiis. A: "id v r.IJAIN DISTURBANCE. ;n: ::iq-.iest at the London Hospital yester-:i lk-ri.LTt Christopher Darnell, 21, medi- .1 i:v:.:,t'..;..- fho'.ve! that death was due to shwl; fr ui brain disturbance, probably due to 1: v.;us stated that the young man i :i .;. r'il::g long distances of late, and tl.ut t'.iv titTiinti probably accelerated his end. '!.: jury returned a verdict in accordance. I: oil settlement abroad. From the above it is clear that the naturalisation in a foreign country mentioned in Article 17 of the Civil Code for Poland involves lo3s of Russian nationality only when the person in question has renounced his Russian nationality with the permission of the Government authorities. The Russian Government state that John Malecka and his daughter never received per mission to renounce their Russian nationality, and must therefore bo regarded in Russia as being at the present time of Russian nationality, notwithstanding tho naturalisation of the former in Great Britain, and quite apart from the question of whether John Malecka was a native of one of the interior provinces of the Empire or of a Polish province. It is further pointed out that it is clearly laid down by the British Naturalisation Law of 12th May, 1870, that naturalisation does not hold good as regards the former country of a foreigner if, in accordance with its laws, the naturalisation cannot be recognised as valid. The Russian Government, therefore, find it impossible to take any steps to comply with the representation "of His Majesty's Government on behalf of Miss Malecka, but owing to the friendly relations existing between the two Governments they will day by day, and he concentrated his efforts on ineenious anrt imaginative criticism nf tho Insurance Bill, which he sought to destroy. ; mitted for trial on charges of rioting. Evidence EIGHT MEN COMMITTED VHTt TTfTAT.. ! .SYKLA. for London, left Hong Kcng 10 TKVIOr, fnr Smitmunpton, lefl I iit. rseiiasc yesterday eight men were com- ZAUiA, for ustwn, leit hcKonii l'.ilmas 9. Doubtless he pursued the course which seemed to promise the greatest electoral advantage. " If the fires of indignation and ' No surrender ' do burn fiercely in the bosoms of Lancashire workers, they were certainly carefully banked during this election, and no smoke or fire betrayed their presenoe." FINES IN WEAVING SHED?. CLOTH OVERLOOKERS SUPPORT THE ABOLITION BILL. The General Amalgamation of Clothlookers and Warehousemen have unanimously decided was given that on the 15th July a mob attacked S two spirit and grocery establishments ;-.nd a' dwelling-house, looted the premises, and burned goods and furniture in the street. Repeated attacks were made on the police, who were obliged to make a series of truncheon charges. There was consiricrablc stone-throwing, in which it was .alleged the accused participated. Bail was allowed. 1 LIVERPOOL SHIPPING! HOLIDAY SPIRIT AMONG M.P.'S. The heat, the lateness of recent sittings, and the holiday spirit are having their effect 011 the energies of members of Pa-rlijimflnt. Th to support the Fines Abolition Bill introduced House did not rise till nearly two o'clock yester- into l'ariiament. y ar, Aioert i?mitn, m.I'. for the ClitheToe division, a few weeks ago. The Haverford 3 .... Tornio ClMfC Siic 8 .. Ayrs hire, s Lo llorlrihaa s Laiiiiasliiro s ijfnum s . . Hector s Italian 6 .... fink more s . Nap") s Kevv I"ionecr Arrived. . Philadelphia Kinross s Odessa l'alermo ) Kixe s Tocopilla ...ltiver HaIgI Carthaginians Clyde. Cl.vdo I Xrr b Manchester .az:urQ ivotsa s City uf Glasgow Lii'.j Assurance. Interim dividend for the first half of 1911 at tho Tate ot 3i. per share (2. 10s. paid). A year ago 5 pet-cent was paid. Scottish Western Investment. Interim dividend on tha ordinary sii.-ek at the rate of 3 per cent per annum for the half-year. New Brilliant Freeholds. Dividend of Is. per share. 31 ills Day Dawn. Tsivtdsnd ,f 1?. per share. nl-ilfi odd-lot Merchants' Trust. Interim mviuend ot per It was reported that cent on the preference and ordinary slocks. Melbourne Tramwav and Ominous. Bonus for the -ear curled .lime at the rate of 5 l'.er cent, equal to 61I. per share. Nottingham and Grantham Railway and Canal. The report for the half year shows that the net revenue balance amounts to 24.813. The rent has been received from the Great Ncrthern Company, and tho directors propose a half-yearly dividend of S.2. 0s. lOd. per cent, leaving 4,241. Belfast Rope Work. Dividend at the rate of 5 per cent per annum, with a bonus of 2j per cent and a special bonus of 2. 10s. per tdiara of 100. For 1S0S-10 7i per cent was paid. - llomoeea. The report for tho year ended March states that after charging all advertising, working and other expenses, and writing off all bad debts there remains 1,047 to bo carried forward. Sheffield United Gaslight. Interim dividend of 5 per cent in the A B and C stocks for tha important. The Executive of the clothlookers nlnppd tho matter before the members in fh expedite the course of the matter as much as frvlln-nrintr terms :' The power to inflict fines is possible. J.I10 liussian Uovernment add thata responsibility which neeoo Great discnmtna The the arrest of Miss Malecka was the outcome of her political relations with members of the Polish Socialistic party. FATHERS DROWNED. wire held yesterday on three cases r.- drowned at the neighbouring Lincoln rnii of Mablethorpj Trusthorpe, ton-on-Sea. Ail occurred on the same 1 at each place. The victims were George H.'!h:i.I, 25, of Penman -street, Nottingham; Sihuy Keen, 17, of Worthington-street, Leices-! v. n:;a Robert Burns, 20, of Huckhall Torkard In- widtfti.-ii iii the case of Holland showed .1 wry rough sea prevailed on Wednesday ;'l:e:::i :i. s-. veral bathers-got into diflicul-t:.. Hoilat.d was one of a number to form a .131:1 t- rtsi'ue :i bather ill distress, aud when -.0 was u.-nhfd Holland himself was swept to -!. A juror suggested the possibility of s":"".:ior pr-r?on beinrr missing, tyr-.l Brocks, cf Nottingham, gave evidence Keen's case, and stated that several nersons :::!u:!i:n.g costume on tho bsach declined to tion was held on Wednesday. The financial state- uie witness got one boy out, but Jvec. ';:. i :;ot be rtaehed in time. I.;:as, who was drowned at Sutton, was bath-j ..;oue, and his bodv was not recovered lor bill is for the abolition of fines and deductions in weaving eheds, a system against which the Weavers' Amalgamation have promoted an agi. tation. As the clothlookers are the men who impose the fires for damaged cloth, their attitude is appearance in either room. Urgent messages D. tV,,, -U T 1: ( i.. v,m ociio wnuui,Liyu, uie jl Albany failed to whip up the requisite quorum, and so ,?er'1 ;::' business could not be proceeded with. Again, j Asia ..t.... 1 AMiev : IlclKian...., features, it wa3 ignored. In tho afternoon the ma-ket became ca.mer, with the selli ig pressure much lighter, and in the late irade an all-round recovery, cliieliy under pruflt-iaking by bears, made the final tone steady. On balance. Jersey Centrals show a loss of 5 points. Rock preterteds 3, Milwaukee pre- fericds Manhattans a.:d Soo preferred 2, . ChitsaiK'ttkes 1, Atlantic Const Lines, JSrio secomls, Kan.-as C:ty.s, and Harvesters 11, Denver prjfcrrods. aid Union 1J. Ore certificates and Pnos Ij. Atc'u'tou ami Missouri Kansas prcferrctl 1, Great Wes.cra t,re.erreiki, Novtli-Weslorns, Louisvilles. Readings, and Reading preferreds, with Smelters 1. Lnckawunnas I have risen 2, Wabash preferred . Southern pre- lcrred i. Aorfoiks. utiiou nreierreds. 1 eopie s Uas. and Utah Coppers . and Great Xorthcrnts i. half year. int) gales were 111 aooitt i,uit snares, neuig Buii-. and tno ueiiviesi 01 any u;:v ? ur uns -vuai. cuti contributed 252,000, Union 197,000, Reading 153,000, Atchison 3S.CO0, Southern Pacific 27.C-M, Milwaukee 26,000, Smtdtcr 21.MD, and AirsMjramoted. 20,000. transactions in about $2,846,000 face value, of and lUt ,AcllYI?.:.. hJS t ..UlVl!nd w!,i;-h SKOamn wm li .in,, .onvort.ildf-s M-hiph was O per cent aim wiar. ir xauo-s, h. itit oit ij lower out 1 pomt iibove tne worst. arri-h retuudiugs were dealt m to the ex tent of $328,000 and fluctuated between 61. finishing at the lowest and 21 iwir fjir, I,,, trfl,Tj.ol l,ct 13 A l.l) vertiblcs 1. Telephone convertibles and Tobacco to 56,401. It is proposed to write off one-fifth fours A. Kansas City threes and Ocean Trust of the expenses 01 tne new muc oi preiereneo 4t wit!t Norfolk consolidated are lower. New shares 2.139. and pay a dividend on the. York City 4A have improved i, Steel fives i, and ordinary shares of 4 per cent per annum, making Che.sapeake4i with tho interim dividend 8 per cent tor tho Thrt money market has been quiet, with a year, and cany forward 35,948. Since the ii)iidis,rate demand for accommodation over, lust annual meeting the Loudon Palladium ban Drontlieiui . night at yesterday's rates, most of the business been completed and opened, as well as tho I and uie last loan, being placed at 2g per cent. Hippodrome at Lewisnani. Mr. uswam atoit Calcutta Sterling Exchange has shown some irregularity now becomes very considerably interested .Copenhagen I and posted ratei are on balance 5 to 10 points financially in the company, and joins the board Vi-V tt lower tor short paper and b points higher lor as chairman, whilst two ot Ins co-directors, 10 UlDraltar ,l-ft i. iv,,, tV,y rVdiaAnSn Isvndimff. MTiil The silver market has continued quiet but his other companies, will also join the board, steady, and Commercial bars continue to be j quoted 520.. bid 53jjc. asked. J he fcteci Corporation s return of the unfilled ordr on their books on .Tulv 31 gives them as 534.000 tons, against 3.361,000 tons on June 30, 3,115,000 on May 31. This is the best sbow- A better tone has sprung up during the week ' i'W S1ce tUe corresponding month last year, T . , . , . , ., .- wnt'ii tne tonnage amounted to 3,371,000 tons. .. j a- . iivineims. 'ijnirm racini:. nu.iTLGriv. npr ... , ji.. tlta common stock and 2 per cent half- iuulL U"'F-"'J- j-j luancncswjr. o,r lyimnuiii, -i. presided. A reference which ffce.ts of tho labour troubles also from its Executive Committee, as w-ell as on tho Company s business wiu do iounu rc-from the boards of directors of the Oregon ported in another column, line and the Oregon Railroad and Navigation Tb rhnirmnn. before movirnr the adoption Co., roolmakers. &c, Shcllteld, Dividend of 61. ver cent for the Vear on tho ordinary shares, 1,000 to tho reserve fund, and EI. 723 carried tnrwarii. i tinner aiceratwna and improvements to plant and machinery arts 111 hand. witJi n view to a larger production London Theatres of Varieties. The profit for tho vear amounted to 89,222, which, with tho m 62' and profit brought, forward, makes 121,673. This iints down J-a reduced "by debenture ami other interests, hison con- directors' fees, oifies charges, depreciation, &c, SaUed. Jersey Finnic Java . .Alexandria . . .Marseilles , Iiuiitos s . ...Kouea Patrician a Lena B . . Ilarburg s Krnyt Wilheim s., Curaican s Montreal . Jrousa s Lallao OLDHAM S5HARE MARKET. Oldham, Thubsdat. day morning. Consequently at half-past eleven yesterday morning, the time appointed for the ment, but it did not take shape until early this cent sittings of two Grand Committees on tho sonages Bill and tho Railway Companies tAccouuts and Returns) Bill, respectively some half a dozen members had put in an been realised. Quotations: K0CIIDALE CANAL- A LARGER DIVIDEND. Tho half-yearly meeting of the Rochdale PUT-. -,t- mriion n ninr.o i-lAP.iriorl huviiic ocntimrint vearlv on tne nretcrroa stock : boutliern l'.icine. yucen s notei. set in and the whole feeling bigan to improve. i-,y ' 71 u " , , u, Koyas tcnairn)anj onlv All mund better urices mav be said to have v 1 c ,i;-f, -,f h,: -,T..;.r t.,..-- 1 ho made to tho e , j jMUlU Ul lil 1. Ci. tl. i-a tJJO llliiUil J. ttlUK Rharo. Comoany. Formoil. il TiiVt. IJiiotatloni, at half-past two, it was found impossible to pro WAREHOUSEMEN CLERKS, AND THE INSURANCE BILL. The half-yearly meeting of the Manchester Warehousemen and Clerks' Provident Associa tion and sound judgment. There is no doubt ceed owing to tha non-appcaTance of the neces abed,1 iStoK the partV tho . enty members in either room, so the con-weavers. There are several factors which cause sideratian of the bills was postponed till next damaged cloth. Among them are the following: . week. (11 Incowmeteni or care?es weavers, w incom. petent or careless overlookers. (3 bad material, (4) bad prenaTation. Are all these factors taken into consitTeration when imposing fines or discharging weavers? We leave the matter in. your bands for consideration and decision." A HAEPTJRHEY FIRE. ISM , 1873 , 1833 190 . 133t . 137J . 1304 . 1371 . 13H . 1903 . 1374 Bell itovoiih .. Itonnflary., rtri.-.r Uriwdwar.. Do. nf.w ... Cutler Green. 1870 CMro 1904 Cnro 1903 Cnstlo 1891 CnvenrtlBli lS3t Central 1871 Chadderton.. 1834 Colrimirst..,. OXFORD AND CANON BARNETT. . 1873 1373 0 juries returned verdicts of accidental Wd naitictl Emrys Bartlett bcloneing to the :a:-on fompany of the Llandaff Church lirifirle, was drowned whilst bathing at Kiiw. Somerset, last evening. CHEERS FOR THE BABY. STAFFORDSHIRE LIBERALS' VISIT TO MR. H. D. HcLAREN. M.P. t Vesiorday at Bodnant Hall, the North Wales 'e of Lord and Lady Aberconway, 600 --t'erals. with their wives and lady friends from t.e Mcf: Stafford division, visited their former nv?;v.:.;r. Mr. H. D. McLaren, M,P. The party, -c .'.an travelled by special trains from Wyrley, tar.ncvK Chase, and neighbouring districts, were reiVtved bv -r-- ir.T.n entertained. After their host and -os. ess !;ad spoken, the homely mining folk de-.J:-.iled to see the baby girl, and actually re- 's 'ed to allow the speech-making to proceed tnoir 1:ad been complied with. Mrs. r.;1"11':1 went 5nto the house and took the 'ant :r0111 1 nurse, and there was great oheer-t35 'vhil' -'It- W. H. Peach, of Stafford, stand- n the terrace, held the little one up for inspection of the crowd. Mr. McLaren said :araily had been associated with Stafford- 're for three generations. Was it possible T"a" l'le fottith generation might be similarly -.netted with the county? It was not impos-;!,le that twenty-one years hence women would omy vote for members of Parliament but '"" 0. actually sismd as Parliameatarv candi-"E-.Es.-fLanghter.) ment showed an income for the hix months of 5,176 and an expenditure of 3,777, leaving a balance of 1,399. The membership was 6,228, 73 more than at the end of the last half year. Mr. John Stoney, the chairman, in moving the adoption of the report, drew attention to the small amount of unemployment benefit which the Association had been called upon to pay as an indication of the satisfactory state of trade. Mr. E. G. Field, who seconded the resolution, said that out of a membership of over 9,000 only 30 were unemployed. The. number of new members who had joined during the half year was smaller than usual, and this fact he attributed to unsettlement caused by the National Insur ance Bill. It would be a good thing, he said, to deal with the bill, one way or another, as speedilj as possible. After the meeting sous questions were asked by members as to the probable effects of the Insurance Bill upon the Association. The Chairman, in reply to these questions, said that the directors had done and would continue -to do pvprvthin.r n f heir nower to secure amend ments of the bill on points which adversely affected the interests of the Association. If any drastic change in the conduct of the Association was made necessary by the passage of the bill, the' members would be called together. THE FOURPENNY CONTRIBUTION. The Secretary, Mr. E. R. Cr&n,, said the bill could not be regarded as satisfactory so far as it concerned the members of the Association. The proposed contribution of 4d. per member was -unjust in face of the small benefits which. tha Government offered. If that sum were handed over to the friendly societies they could make 100 per cent more in benefits than the Government proposed to give. Mr. Lloyd George !:.iri said that friendlv societies would benefit under the bill by the Telease of ierraiii of their funds. He could see no prospect of any relief coming in this way to members of this Association. WORKING-CLASS EDUCATION. In a Convocation of Oxford University held yesterday in the Sheldonian Theatre the Vice Chancellor (the Principal of Brasenose, Dr. C. B. Heberden) presiding, tho degree of D.C.L. honoris causa was conferred upon the Rev. Samuel A. Barnett, Wadham College, Canon Shortly before nino o'clock last nLriit a fire broke out at the premises oi MessTS. James 1 RpTtflnv ATtVt Co . finishoru Fnntrvrv T.nn, TTf. ! Cemmeretal. j - , , I frntrfnrH 1 StM 1374 1334 1902 1903 liuiatev, aiauiiireawi, J.110 urc occuTreu in a Croroor. building tiiTee-storeys high, and on the arrival : pr,"'1Ilt'0 of the fire hrigade, under Chief Officer Bayiiss, : Ucitu'." Vinit crt a firm TioM tV 4.- Ul'D quickly got to work from the street main, but Duchess yjhe Durban Kngle it was also necessary to use the water sunnlv ! from the river Irk. which oasses closo bv. The dare in the sky attracted laree crowd of rwnnlr. i Krl. and a large force of police -mas summoned to E'pm--. keep order. There are some cottages in the Elm"" Z." immediate neighbourhood of the works, and t-iinDire"!....! of Westminster. Dr. Goudy, Regius Professor : the firemen too.-; eveTy precaution to prevent : Equitable.... of" Civil Law, in introducing Canon Barnett, ! the sP?ead f the flames to these and other sur- j y"-7"" 5 1 . 5 . 5 . 5 . 3 , 5 , 5 2 & & IE 5 5 5 a & C 3 U Q 5 5 6 & 5 4 a 5 & 5 said that at this season, when Oxford SlMSOTSS BFRYING A DOG ALIVE. Herbert Hill, a Penygraigcollier, was charged Ponli yesterday with cruelty to a dog by ru.r p.g 1 alive. The dog belonged' to a neigh- "OXA the accused, and one of them eventually ug out the dog arid; killed it to put an end to .misery. The defendant said the dog had :-'-c-d a small duck of his, and he did what ho a.i.n temper. The police stated that the ?s tongue had been cut out. The Stipen-irla:''u -a?istrate passed eentence of- two months' imprisonment with hard labour. crowded with students from all parts of the Kingdom he might say of the world intent for a brief time upon imbibing a little of her culture and her charm, and especially when many of the members of the working class educational association were present, it had seemed fitting to the University to confer a high academic honour upon one who had for many years been noted for his efforts to elevate the working classes by education and to create of the flames the brigade were kept hard at work for about an hour. They were, however, successful in confining the outbreak to the premises in which they originated. FATHER ADDERLEY'S RESIGNATION. The Rev. J. G. Adderley, vicar of Saltley, Birmingham, has intimated his intention to , 1333 , lS3i , WS3 . lb . 1390 100 . 189S 5 . 1890 - 13M , 1833 . 1374 . 18J7 . l&ti ,. 15 . ISii . 1902 . 1373 . 1374 . 1BB1 1S71 3 0.. 2 5.. 210 .. 10.. 2 10 .. 3 0.. 0 15 .. 2 0.. 1 10 .. 1 S .. 6 0 . 1 0 . 15 & . 1 0 . 1 0 . 2 10 . 2 10 . 2 0. 5 0. 1 10 . 4 0 ., 2 0 . 2 0 . 3 0 . 2 (I . , 010 , 2 0 . 1 10 61 5b bl 31 43 62 . 61 . 67 . 34 . 17 . 33 . 20 . 8 . li . 23 . . 32 ,. 46 0 In 62 0 t.11 53 0 to 52 0 tn 32 6 to 0 la 63 6 to 62 0 to 63 0 u. 35 0 to 18 0 to 34 0 10 21 to 31 C to 14 0 0 to 29 0 0 to 60 0 0 to 33 0 . 6 to 47 6 ... Div. I p.o. j 0 0 ... 0 ... 0 0 2 10 ... 53 1 10 ... 41 1 5 21 2 0 ;.. t3 $Z to 3; 23 U to 24 0 C to 21 6 to 47 6 to 33 0 to 35 0 to i 0 to 25 0 to 50 0 to 45 0 to 57 6 to 42 0 to 22 0 to 60 81 4 10 8 5 40 10 10 10 10 10 company, is now reponeo to inteno resi-ning . n. . .1!ml(,(1 t the loss also trim tno Jioartt o: tne steel uorporation "k i""- , - - 6 ... 6 ... 6 ... 0 ., 0 ... 0 . 0 3 - 0 6 M 0 3 Gtrtield.. Gem Q'juisUme... U'.wltvlek .. tiranville ., Grcenacrea GrimsliawLn 1S74 100 Quido liridEQ 1875 li Uaugh .. lS3i 0 licroa 1905 & IlolUniroxt. 1S74 3 EDlly 1830 5 llonoywali . 1874 0 Hobo 1374 31 Ivy .. lktdo 3 . retire at the end of the nresent vear. For 1 u,w inn a spirit of sympathy between rich and poor, j some time past, he says, he Has had a desire j Jffjf Among other claims to their gratitude Canon I to take up other work provided he could be sure ; Lees Union.. 190. ISia 1871 Barnett was the original founder of university 1 that the work at Saltley would not suffer from I Hii- settlements, whereby young men selected from i any undesirable change of vicar. Being : Uvuipnone... is74 1875 ior; . s 2 . 44 & - 20 the universities were induced to live among ', ?a?"rtJ l"al DO sucn cnange neea oe teareu, ne . the poor, and it wa? largely through his; lmtiative that the elementary teachers had (adds: I know that some of vou mav wish to : Mooi-neid W7o been brought into relation with the universities and that the Education Department had been induced to establish day training colleges. "Ui .I..... 1 Kit MEMORIAL NOTICES. Mr. Juiln Conery, of the Grange, Alexandra acafl rk.uth, Manchester; retired umbrella manu- ft'.trer, who died on the 23th Jrme last, left r Messrs. A. Hibbert aud Ca.. -tnis vy. valued at' 16,641 fi-ioss, with net per, f Pittcn had been a member of the Mane i-nahv 14,038. . . R03-al Eschamje for over 35 years. Db. von Poschisgek. The death is announced, at the age of 66, oi Dr.' Heinrieh von Poschinger, well-known as an intimate of Prince Bismarck and a voluminotis contributor to the literature dealing with Bismarck. The death is announced at his house t Old Trafford, in his 66th year, of Ms. Jashk FnroN, who for manv years has been well-known in cotton trade circles. At the begin- nJ-ntr of his career he lield a oost at certain Oldham mills, and nltinsatelv became manager for Messrs- Chadwick and Taylor, ootton soinners, if Manchester, a position which he held for many years. Latterly (ne naa oeeu iu v;e;noc as a. vani atrent with the- firm of Clv . jix- 1 Manchester ' ask me to stav. but it is ritrht. to tell vou that Mess 131 my decision is now quite irrevneable, and '. Kgi Lana 13i therefore it is of no use to make such a request, i gi I have not done this without very carefully i ewCey "m thinking the matter over, and I would not : fcew iurk. 135 have done it had I any doubt in my own mind ' l.orth iioor. 1875 that the rarisb woulri not i.iior T nm not. : l)k.. - 1374 -M in 411 T-... T 1 . ; Oldtu Father Adderley, who is a brother of Lord . J'aim 1334 Norton, went to Saltley in 1394. It is stated ; l?rk t Saady 1375 that he will be succeeded bv the Bpv. James . !' W.a. I Percy Amos, who was "formerly in charge of ; jffi' gv tYcuuujivu. .-uusBe aiission at watwortn. 1 Do. proi. 1'iae - 1333 lr.of Wales 1375 Uegent 1903 hex IZIi liUaeaelil 133 UocbiUtld 1334 Hoc. 13S 40 C ... 43 to H . ... 2 0 25 0 t 25 0 . ... 2 0 ... 4J 0 to 41 0 . 3 0 . 9 0 to 11 0 . 2 10 ... 64 0 lo S5 0 . 5 0 44 0 to 4b 0 . ... 2 0 57 6 to &3 6 . 30 0 ... 52 to ... 22 6 ... 14 f to 15 6 . ... 2 0 ... So 0 to 37 0 2 0 ... 19 nto 1 6 . 3 0 ... 41 0 to 42 0 . 2 0 , 52 0 to 53 0 10 0 ... 10, to 111 ... 2 0 . -18 0 to 49 0 M ... 60 0 ... - 2 0 23 0to 24 0 3 0 . i5 0 to 37 0 476 0 lo a 0 1 10 13 0 to 19 0 ... 0 ... 99 0 wlOl 6 3 0 17 0 to 13 0 . 2 5 25 5 to 26 S 2 0 . 45 6 to 46 6 . 40 0 . 31 to 3J4 2 0. 20 0to21 0 1 0 70 0 to 72 0 3 021 0to22 0 1 02o 0to 27 6 1U 0 7J to 31 1 lo 35 I) to 37 0 i 10 52 1 15 33 1 0 33 1 0 19 3 ll64 1 10 23 5 CJ60 2 0 55 5 71 13 11 11 10 13 10 13 13 13 13 13 W 5 13 13 n 13 20 5 r,d other companies. It is denied that this action is due to any friction with tho Harri-rnan interests, and it is understood that tho purpose of these steps is to lighten Mr. Prick's business care3 The Erie Railroad has placed orders for 45,000 freight cars. SliifV'.n , Hxt:;uiijp. To. I I'rov. U4. Cjih numey, lf"t loan Exchange on Lonrlon, sight ... Do. cftblo transfer Ijo. 60 itays' aiht Do. lleriin, short sijjht Do. l'arl. sliort siirljh Z33 a f 5 30 ti 86-20 1 P5-70 9413 5 19:3 Securities. fLonrlorJ-, parity, j ilnln? Prices Kivi. 213 0 8G-00 4E625 1 f 3-o5 5 193a fliiv. K.Y. Cttv bonds... 1121 :a . 308'jj : AU-hison I I 1067a' U... nrolcrrwl... 1C571B ! 103 103 :103'3 103 0 6 6 3 6 0 0 0 6 SOUTH AFRICAN SHIPPING LINES Kenter's Agency is informed that as the pooling agreements between the German and British shipping lines trading- to South Africa have expired a. meeting was held in London on Wednesday to consider the situation. The result of the meeting was negative, and it is understood that the German lines reserve their rierht to break from the South African shipping ' "" ""i-iuauii, lUB 1 m jvuy -was (us.,;oo ounces of fine cold, ot tn Koy IMOi German negotiator, has returned to Hambursr. ! value of 3,012,758. This constitutes a. record , Moval laso where it is believed that further discussions i 0UlPut- ,: j"" ii may take place. T. . fnlTrtwl-n, nmUa ., -I Ww W 101 RAND'S GOIJ) OUTPUT A RECORD. The total cold output of the Transvaal mine3 in July -was 709,?58 ounces oi flue eold, of the-Koy The following Tesults were announced yes'ter- - ;oaj . -rriucess instate, value Jiiaj.ttL, profit , bmaUu nr.MTi.pT rp- i tt a t t nr i rmj frr I East Rand ProDrietarv.- BO.OOf ounces, rimfit. tepartti 1U -l wxiArtli 1 . 1 KXV246 : Golden Horsed Estate 7.S43 Huaywidga- ISdl ounces, profit 4,373: Brilliant Extended, profit; gS!2 Mrs. Grace Taylor, or College EoarL Einon. Z7(Lu.:r , i"1"??. ounces ; 1 isuuwy who died on the 21st of June, left 1,000 to the i 79.000: Lamrlaasrte ItetateKR&R Home for iDCurables. Harrogate. The gross , 16.000 ; Oroya Black Hange 21S5ounoe' value of her estate is 4,431, with net ner- ' ' sonaiiy ttoa. mofit i tr 1S3J 133J 13i ldjo RUBBER . OUTPUT IN JULY. way, irnra ni tnfi i.: . , -r-r . ibratBth K,rc. Singapore United Rubber Plantations, 5,6001b. ; w0Li-. ,'"h0 iM'i ?'soiv"rii at 1 Bukit Sembawang, 2,5001b. onnces. ounces, PMStjl CbuJdiU 1261 1 twist 137 j TnnrhtiHm 1374 buuat LSI itemedi . 134 rin.1... 137j ttuiwoKt 134 :tmuoc . laj ' Al j 21 O 1032 0to34 0 1 15 33 bu39 o 1 0 3 i 6 to 34 9 . 1 0 . Id 0u20 0 i 064 6 to 65 6 1 10 &i 0 to 29 5 5 CJ60 0tol&3 6 2 0 56 u to oi" b 2 3 4i 6 to b 2 10 85 to 87 0 & i 10 . ai b to 6 3 1 10 . 20 6 to 21 S 3 1 10 JO ft to il 6 . 5 4 0 1.2 0 tolOi 6 &0 . 20 0 to 43 a i la . ao o to ot e t) Z iQ-. il u to io S 5 21051 0t53 0 3 ' 0 ... oi J to 6 0 19 4 10 84 0 to 35 0 6 2 10 100 0 toi02 0 5 3 0 0tol33 3 50 0 0 33 to it341 5 3 0 6. j lo 5, u 5 27.6 IS 0 to 17 0 6 1 10 31 6 to 32 6 31 i; 15 51 0 to 62 3 & 0 it 0 to 55 0 o.3031bto:6. 5 0 10 14 b to 15 6 10 3 10 S4 0 to 66 0 a 2052 0b53 0 10 3 10 8l 0 to S3 0 31 2: 13 31 b to 34 6 b i 10 69 C to 71 5 6 3 0 3j 0to34 0 5 Z 0 41 0 to 42 0 0 10 ii U to 33 0 6 1 10 45 Oto 47 0 t 2 0 41 b to 4i 6 b 4 10 2S -J to 1 0 6 6 0 3i to ij a i 0 5l QtoSi 0 5 1065 u to 66 0 o o 0 137 0 K138 6 S 0 0 SO t to6 0 3 4 0 5l to Si 3 A U bMiJ o 4 'ti C.Ei 0 3 0 65 1 J 0 24 1 10 . i 4 10 5. t . 1 10 3d . U 6 ti to 6, 0 0 lo o' 0 t to t a- u. is . 0'L 32 0 0 tirSt. 0 ; 84 8 SI. 15" 5 13 n 13 U 6i 10 10 u 8 11 il u u ii 3 13 7 13 3 3i 13 U li i) iJ 10 ii 11 Do. ai i ustmcnt 93"ia 918 Uo. coc.firtilile 110 : 107 127'a : 124 i).nliim,ro& Ohio 1053 : 1C2''2 Do. i,icii!rrel...i 87is ! &5 I iirooiiyri it. 'trans va-'is 78'2 Laiiaaianl'acilic. ; Liiiit. JVew Jcrgev 27271S tueiatiekeiOluo 7.-1 1 .Do. j p.c. 103"16 101 1 ChlcaoanriAltoii; '2C516 : 20 uuiL-. ut. ttejtern, Zliis! Z02 Uo. prel. ... 4 Us : 40 Clnc..ilil.,at5.1J'L 123i3 j 12, U Do. nrer. lSOis 14S13 Gkic&.-Wcct... 143Wi5 140 CJl..t.'jn.,C,li.4S.L.. 55 i i5'2 Coluracio&Sotitb. 5115ij' 60'2 Uttaware & liud. 170U13 166 ' Uel.. Lo,ck..i W. 5514 , 4j Deuv. iU-Urando, 26'i 1 26 Uu. .rei. ..( bflits 542 Urie ! 32 j 3Ha Uo. Ziia uref....' 415a i 40'2 JJo. istpref. ..." Si'Jis1 50JS Uo. j;on. Jien.i ygJrj S 77 which tho Company had sustained by tho death of two of the directors Mr. I. H. Ryruer antl Mr. Eeswicke-Royds. Turning to the accounts, tho Chairman said it. would bo seen with satisfaction that there was an increase of 213. 10s. 61. in the toll traffic receipts, " due principally to arrangements recently made with Hie Manchester Corporation, .which wc hope will be mutually beneficial." : There was an increase of 221. lis. Id. in the freight earnings upon the traffic carried in the Company'd boats, 'making x total increase of ! 440. Is. Id. in iho gross receipts. The traffic expenses showed a decrease of 662. 7s., re-sulthig- in an increased net return of' 1,102 8s. 7d. In the rents receivable there was -a falling off of 41L The miscellaneous receipts ; were sligmlv in excess ot tnose ior tne corre- ' spending period of last year. On the debtor j side of the revenue account, there was a de- 'crease in each item of expenditure, excepting i the general charges, which ahov,-ed an increase 4 of 43. He was glad to find a small reduc- tion in rates, taxes, and . insurance. Rents pavab'e were 56 below the amount for the corresponding period of 1910. In law and Par-ir liamentftTv costs there was a jrratifying reduc- 100241 : . tion of 701. 13s. 4d., which the directors hoped 20 . i.i v-. .. f,.. f t, d.-inL-. dny. 1 II s licit. 1 In I OW- C'.l. 9112: - 108 1 12512! ' -103'-3 1C2T3 1C2 85 t - 76:'1 76:5 76 ?37-'a 25,1 257?a 234-2 265 j i70 ; I iS; o2 lOJ,' Ojli ortij HI nanvs exnenaiture. mere wa3 a decrease 01 I20i2'ii056ii9 ! 23 444 in depreciation of plant. In Ehort, tho 149 j balance to credit of the revenue account was - i 3,719. 12s. 7d., or an increase of 1,966.. 18e. 8dn jas compared with the figures for last year. j Prom the general balance-sheet it would bo 141 ,1417s 1401 S3iz; - 51 : 501a 50i3 538 545 538 ! iseen that the balance at the end of December, Vfill OR CCS 4 - -loin r7 tAC, "Itei OA TWlMMinfr trfm V.ta 2612 1 26 55Ta 55 545s' 3ll2! 312 iCi33 42 I 42 40U 51U 503 492, VtP4t ! UtAorUiernpreI. 129ib ; 1253 125m26 ;124l2 w. vm uciu... 3U' 315 SI 2 Wl iiuuoia Central... 142U luterboro Jlcts.n leB lieii!Jui c'ltyatlm 313s i Uo.bp.c.lstint. 763a 134:3a 138tj 133ia 1375s 16U IS j 1SH 13 i 3012; 22 3U 30?S 4i( 4S lieM&ii Valley r. 17UMB 167 t 16712 16712 16534 ijuis.i AaaLvlile 147:s 14312! 144I2 145 143 jVunrtartJUi 1.16V. J j iliiiJi. (Soo Ijct; Uo-prel 1501s liiss..Kan.,SleJ.i 3i7i5 Do. pret . 677s I Do. 2nd mort...' Bo's 1 hUitjuni'iicilic... 45i;j I,n.Ai;j;.;:iilprt! 2B'iS JJu.ltprBf..; 65lii S.i. irj67i8 33 56''2 3233! 66 I 135 1 148 38 63 427a 29'2 64 10SU 10512 103 40U. 40'J! 40 1 13 13 11 1 42V 40'2; ia 14 1910, was 3,342. lis. 2d. Deducting from this amount the l,USl. las. paid in dividends last February there was 1,460. 12s. 2d. to bo brought' into the present accounts. This, with the balance of net revenue for the June half year, 3,719. 123. 7d., made tho total of 5,130 4s. 9d. now available, out of which the directors recommended the 'payment of a dividend at the rate of 7s. 6d. per cent for the half year, which would absorb 2,822. I83. 6d. and leave 2,357. 6s. 3d. as a balance to carry forward to tho next account. The dividend compared favourably with that of Ss, per cent-for the two previous half years. THE CANAL AND THE ZHILLOWSrEES. "As was explained a the last meeting," tho Chairman continued, "it was booed at that lo3'2 145 3212 63 8412 2 j 2S 64 104'-2i dm.' jKonolko: Wat. iC67JS 103'2i 1023 103's'l02"2! ! tuujsvi-t ... ijojj ayia Aoxtuem r3fic 1Zi1K 122 . J22Sg;i22!2;120J,; 18 i r,r nnrticularlv. of the unexoecte& i2n, iz-iii.i!iis ivri . . , - ... 124ia 152tia Uo. xvX pteU Qi.3 Jbo. ux pref. 923i5 ' Do. 4 p.c ootid 10Q7e , IsiaiKtcosn. 28'i5 i StJUluo a.-Wtsi.: 29t3is' gt.gttterK.,,,. , .' 293,3,' Uo. prel- -7lii6; lo. ltop.& lilt,. iesnU iraaua 27 j Uujtiu Jfactne m2 ', IJO. Wet. - Qit; 147T8 143 ;i48Ta.l48531 153 time that by now we should have agreed with tio-.TrnllnameTa tinon som gatisfactory arranse- 1 I ment vhich would obviate any further dispute 3 Und expenditure in Iitisation. This, tinfor- ; tunately, na3 wsen Tenueieci uiiyoAaiuiB uy i miimn mnrp, nnrticularlv. of the unexpected i ,15 i death of cur deputy chairman, and the serious so m 2734 433. 29 i 103 r 177 : 1 1 1 br.rvo hoTOvsr. to tae tne matter in hand 2'Z i 11 i m.tlicTit, further delay." The Chairman . then 1 43lJ . " . aanotion of the report and accounts. tOS' 1 -- . . . - .... -r, , gii-i ; . :. illness or several otnr w.iuiuvis 01 ine xo;ira 88ls, 28i4j 2813: f3Si 44 2914! 2912! 28iJ 10 ' aud irttrodnced Mr. John Barker, of Waterside, oi ; o9 - i fafeUI 2 Todinorcen, wno nas Deen eiectea to a seat on J??- ;i,T I- ithe Board. zl Jlv MjJ ? i Mr- J- Sutcliffe-Thomas seconded the resolu-1783s 1733s I7a7 197 ! tion,. which was passed unapimirosly. So also B2 ; j ; 1 was tne one acciajius u. uivxueuu. J 1 .1: . l iCBl. . lio. ii rauau.; ro'i 61 : bi'i AlJJJWjKam-Copper S4iijs gs t 65a! 3': Amer. Ootum Od S5 531. 533,1 smeiiiUei.; 75i2 - yiij' 7212: 7Z4'. 70V ixtprel. 107Uis: 1034 1054 ! f Aiuer. auarltet. il',. j Hjji, nS 115s. ust. 1A412 3673j 13314 1SZ'4 1!2 H 573; 1143; 4 1 4 $338 ZJ 21 AmeruauiJioap". I33n6 . 13s4 1347sl135 At.nCiriHVa .,.,s. 38ilS 37UJ :571 38 Cva-uasoia-ZJc i42Je 138iif 143H ueosBH ilectrit. lSSB-.a lo21z 153 " luier.narecr... iigSj ustji 117 4!a 1 4 15'.lu, 1514 327is E 31 30Si&"U Z3!4 4 15'i: eats &1I 30 llu. ijicl. SaXluual 11 irotu;aiaii-.. jrajpie tJai U--'l07iir; ' IC4S4 104 1104H! .z.swel : 757; ,3ia 73' 73S41 US-, ildlai 11612:117 i-'.- a.Jii.icL 10V,-.' ' 104Ss; Lt,, i-oj.r iil3i3 ' .Ai'Sf ' 4478t 45': HlSk.....i...i lei...' & t 73i2' 110534- I On the motion oi. -Mr.' Alderman Hassall, ' i74; w I i7,J vt seconded by Mr.. George Oollett, of Failsworth, 61 - 63:2 fciiii 61 ;8338 j tHe tbanka. of the meeting were tendered to Sir uiement- noyua lur uis vuuauct ui ute cnair. Tho Cliairman'". I am much bhliged" to you. gentlemen,-. 'and to Mr. HassaU for the kind words with which he moved this-'resoltitioQ. -I cart only ' say . that the Rochdale Canal is. raot in the happy position, in.' which .1 -'ihoultl1 'lifcb to 3ee it -when I leave it, and hWever 'in.ucu my own interests might bfCosulted'ib5;ic--i lievintr myself of the wort' of the cKaMnaahii I shall not think of doingrsd for the'prescrrt time at all events. (Cheera.) " 13912 THE BUTTER" MARKET; h MjiSCHZ3TSSt;i THTitSOAT. 1045U' I 723a ? 252 . .,mrs.. JDoptmi Brothers report: The-Ddnijji.-oSSehil ."" '-' 1 'feftMubiwaMrf.. 'flobr price-is nov 106 Etoset CerTSJ kiTos.'Mndt tor-sBaslMlSii. cTt,;?lifcti la ;to hg untied height and' ex.

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