The Guardian from London, Greater London, England on September 16, 1915 · 4
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The Guardian from London, Greater London, England · 4

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 16, 1915
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iTHE MANGHESTEB GTJABDIAN, THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 16. 1915. STOP THE SALE OF M PORTED CIGARETTES An open letter to Mr. Asquith . .. '- S6, Piccadilly, ) the Right Honv H. H. AsQuiTH, K.C., M.P., ' r ; 10, DOWNLN'G STREET, W. - Sir' Your attention lias no doubt beon directed to the fact that the sale of "a certain. weH;knotvn brand of imported. Egyptian Cigarettes in the United Kingdom has caused money to be forwarded from London to Germany via. a neutral State. This fact, placed in juxtaposition -with .vour own statement in reply to the deputation which recently -waited upon you at the . House of Commons, that " we must diminish our consumption of imports," is, I submit, sufficient reason for the "introduction "of a statute prohibiting the sale of imported cigarettes into the United Kingdom. .... Moreover, as one of the leading menibers-of the Trade, I am in a position to state that British-Biadc cigarettes are, like the British Army and Navy, superior to all others; My Company's product, "De Reszke" Cigarettes, to-day commands about three-fourths of the whole trade in cigarettes of its class. This overwhelming demand is the outcome wholly and solely of the British - smoker's recognition of the superiority of the Home product. I appeal to you, Sir, as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, to take the necessary steps for the protection of British interests without delav. Permit me", also, to draw your; attention to-the. fact that " De Reszke " Cigarettes (the invention of the undersigned, a Russian, by birth) are made in London by a British Company employing British Capital, and that my Company has no factory or branch whatsover in any enemy country. The smoker who buys " De Reszke " Cigarettes therefore has the satisfaction of knowing that the money he spends stays in this Country, to provide those silver bullets so emphatically described by the Minister of Munitions as essential to the attainment of the ultimate victory of the Allies. . I am, Sir, ' Your obedient , Servant, COOPERATIVE EMPLOYEES' WAGES. STRIKE NOTICES SIGNED IN SOME DISTRICTS. Meetings of "the employees o the Burnley, Kelson, Colne, Brierfiald, and Padiham' Co operative Societies are1 being held this' week" in connection with' the agitation for an increase of Avages. The new scale of pay demanded repre' 'scnts an advance of about 10 per cent on the present rate. The application has' been laid before the directors of the societies named by the Amalgamated -Union, of Co-operative Em ployees. - The .-co-operative societies -have re plied that they have referred -the matter to. the rsortn-eaet Lancashire moots and , wages Hoard. The" employees refuse to -accept this,- and "are .pressing foi an. immediate decision bv the co-onerative societies. ' At the mass -meetings of the men. held up. to yesterday the action of the Amalgamated Union ci Lio-operative Employees has . been unanimously approved, and members signed the strike notices to be tendered unless the advance in wages ie conceded. AN UNFOUNDED CHARGE AGAINST TWO MUNITION "WORKERS. JTTJMPING TO CONCLUSIONS. At the Munitions Tribunal for the district of Blackburn yesterday a Blackburn : firm com plained that two turners went to their work late on August 27, and also that they returned under the influence- of drink. In his evidence, the foreman said the;men were not intoxicated, and thai he sent them home -for being late. The watchman also stated the men had" not had drink, but were in "a Tough state." The representative of the firm who filled in the form of complaint said the foreman told him the men looked " rough," and he concluded they had been drinking. . Mr. T. E. Mansfield (chairman) : You have no right to do that. It is a serious charge, as a workman will find when it is proved. I want to know something about this "rough state." u uuu. i jju uu worn, witn kiq gioves on, or as it niey. were going to a DaiL. . The watchman sair? fht had been out all night and tumbling about the street .. The Chairman : This was night, and they had been OUt for more thftn an hniir Prnpoprlincr Mr. Mansfield said the firm had made a mistake about the intoxication. As to the. men's iate arrival, they would .bo fined 5s. each for that. There would not be the sHghtest leniency iu vturhuiea wxio were unpunciuai. Managing Director, J. MILLHOFF AND CO., LTD. P S.For confirmation of the statement contained in the last sentence of the third paragraph I would refer you to your Right Hon. colleague the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who knows the merit of "De Reszke" Cigarettes. MAILS, FOR NORTH. AMERICA. The Post Office cives notice , that, in the ab Sence Of a Ounard or American linf New York this week, letter mails for the United states, Sc., and letter, majrazine. and -narcel mans lor Lanaaawin be embarked1 on the steam ship Scandinavian, 6ailiiwr from Liverpool to morrow. In Manchester the mails will close as follows: To-morrow (Friday). Head Post OfHr id a.m., xsewton Street Post Office 10 15 am. Correspondence specially superscribed for trans- mission by American line ships will not be sent in the mails ev-bcandm avian. UTILISATION OF THE VOLUNTEERS. Mr. Mount has given notice to ask the Secretary for War whether he proposes to make use of the Volunteer Training Corps for any service abroad. A similar question has been set down by Mr. Duncan MillaT, who inquires if Mr. Tennant can state the nature of the duties which will be allotted to Volunteers, whether at home or abroad, and the conditions attached to their service. TRAINING WOMEN AS GARpENERS IN TOWN PARKS. At a" meeting of tiie St. Jlelens Parks Com mittee yesterday it was reported that a letter had been received from the County Committee for promoting the employment of women in agriculture, during the wax, suggesting that the Committee should give facilities for women to be trained: as gardeners in - the parks. The Borough Surveyor had reported that he could find free unpaid employment for a limited num ber of women, not more than half-a-dozen, in, the parks and cemetery. The Surveyor's reply was approved. I Mil III I ) ll J 11 nPHE inherent love that aBritisher has for his bath is due to his inborn LOVE OF HEALTH. Therein lies the secret mT WHO LOVE HEALTH i Tl Hy IT OY Llebuoy Soap gives an abundant antiseptic lather which is as pleasing as it is beneficial. LIFEBUOY SOAP IS MORE THAN SOAPYET COSTS NO MORE. : : . The name Lecer on Soap a a Guarantee of Purity end Excellence. V mrn ... . " brothers limited, port ' sunlight. - LANCASHIRE TERRITORIALS' GALLANTRY IN GALLIPOLI. MANY AWARDS TO N.C.O.'S AND MEN. OFFICERS HONOURED FOR GOOD WORK IN FRANCE AND FLANDERS. Asupplementto the " London Gazette " pub-lished last night announces the appointment of four officers to be Companions of the Distinguished. Service Order, the award of the Military Cross to nine other officers, and the award of the. Distinguished. Conduct Medal to-a large, number of warrant officers, noncommissioned officers and men for gallantry and devotion to duty in the field. Among . the " officers awarded - the Military Cross "is 'Lieutenant E. H. Hopkinson. 2nd Battalion Cambridgeshire : Regiment (T.F.), second son of Dr. Albert Hopkinson, of Withintrton, - who was wounded . and taken prisoner bv the Germans' a fortnight after performing .the, services .for which lie has been decorated. - DISTINGUISHED SERVICE ORDER. The King has been pleased to' approve of the appointment . of the undermentioned officers" .to be Companions of the Distinguished Service . ;Order, . in ' recognition of their gallantry and devotion to duty in the field: Cantain (temporary Major) JOHN PICKARD BECHER, 8th Battalion the Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment), Territorial Force. For conspicuous , gallantry and good service on several occasions : On 24th April, at - Kemmel,- when part of his trench was blown in,- he organised. the defence of the breach under, heavy fire, and personally assisted in ' repairing the parapet and digging out buried men. . On 15th" June, at Keminel, when part of his tTench.was blown in by mines, shells, and trench mortars, he displayed great gallantry and- coolness in reorganising the defence. On 30th July and subsequent days, at Ypres, he displayed great coolness, cheerfulness, and resource under trying circumstances when in temporary command of his battalion. Captain HUGH GLENCAIRN MONTEITH, Royal Army Medical Corps (attached 2nd Battalion the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry). For conspicuous gallantry and devotion -to duty in picking up and attending to the wounded under heavy fire in the actions near St. Jean and Wieltje, east of Ypres, between 23rd and 27th April, when the casualties in the battalion to which he was attached were very heavy. Captain (temporary Lieutenant Colonel) HENRY GEORGE POWELL, Reserve of Officers, the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, now commanding 8th Battalion the East Surrey Regiment. For conspicuous gallantry on 23rd October, near Bixschoote, when he led his company in the attack',' and by his fine and courageous example contributed greatly to the success achieved. He was wounded in the action. - - Captain LIONEL ' CHARLES STOPFORD SAGKVILLE, 4th Battalion the Riflo Brigade, (the Prince Consort's Own). For conspicuous gallantry and ability since he obtained command of a company in February. Near -Ypres, from 8th to 15th May, he did excellent work in the trenches, keeping up his men'sspirits under very heavy bombardments. He took command of another company -in addition to his own, when it had lost all its officers. On the night of 14th-15th March, near St. Eloi, he took a barricade with half his company, went forward by himself to reconnoitre, and then, returning for his company, led them back and cleared the houses on the road. ' THE MILITARY CRpSS. The King has! been pleased to confer tho Military Cross on the undermentioned officers, in recognition of their gallantry and devotion to duty in tho held : Captain VIVIAN; LEONARD HENDERSON, 3rd -Battalion the Loyal North Lancashire . Kogiment (attached 1st Battalion). . For conspicuous. 'gallantry and ability at . Bixschoote. on. 23rd October, when with. his ' machine-gun iietacliment he performed most valuable services 4in the final attack and : charge, 1 inflicting, heavy loss on the enemy, He pushed his guns close up to a flank and helped in a great degree to clear the enemy's trenches.' Captain HUGH WILDE RSPIN NIVEN Princess Patricia's Canadian Light In-: fantnj. ";." For-conspicuous-gallantry and coolness dur ing a very heavy bombardment on 8th May at Bellegarde Lake, east of Ypres, when his battalion suffered very heavy casualties. All the senior officers being disabled, he found himself an charge, and continued to command the battalion with great ability till 15th May. He had previously been brought to notice for consistent good work as transport officer, and as adjutant has done good service, and was once wounded. Lieutenant KENNETH BRUCE GODSELL 17th Field Company Royal Engineers. ' For conspicuous and consistent gallantry east of Ypres between 24th April and Uth May, notably when laying out wire en tanglements in front of the support trenches on 7th May within 20 yards of the enemy, who were occupying out front-line trenches. Lieutenant WILLTAM BROOKS TCVTTTJ M.B., 1st Home Counties Field Ambulance Royal Army Medical Corps, Territorial Force. ' ! ' '. For conspicuous gallantry at Hooge on the night of 23rcL24th April. When a "shell killed two stretcher-beareTs who were bringing in a wounded officer, he went out to assist, and under heavy fire, brought the wounded officer into the dressing station. He has performed many acta of a like nature, and has consistently shown coolness and resource under fire. Lieutenant (temporary Captain) NORMAN: UilAKLJSS JiKNBY AtaUDONALD-MORE- TON, 3rd Battalion the King's Royal Rifle Corps. . . '. , For con3ister t good work -in the trenches at Polygon Wood and Bellewarde Wood; between 20th April and 14th. May. On the nights .of 5th and 6th Hay. he reconnoitred towards the enemy, cm the latter night dis-. coveririg and giving warning of an attack. On 10th May, when occupying the dam at Bellewarde Lake, after a, six hours heavy bombardment, he repelled a. German infantry attack by , the. well-directed fire of .his company. ' ;. ' '- Second Lieutenant (temporary. Lieutenant) vcinxviri vAKii.jAiJ! Mfij ; t Joauanon - the Cambridgeshire Regiment, VTierritoriml Force. . -":Vv: V ' '. For gallant and most useful .Work' on patrol . duty on several oecasiona: Near Ypres. he went with artothiK offl " ilia enemy's tren' tov instigate some dead ground concealed from out trenches. ' On 14h May he went out and remained on the German parapet li hour, gathering very valuable information. On the night of the lst-2nd June, near Houplines, when reconnoitring hostile wire with another officer, the patrol was discovered and heavily fired on. Lieutenant Gill, though severely wounded, made repeated efforts to bring in hi 3 brother officer, who was wounded and unable to move, within 20 yards of the German trenches. Second Lieutenant (temporary Lieutenant) ERIC HUMPHREY HOPKINSON, 2nd Battalion the Cambridgeshire Regiment, Territorial Force. For gallant and most useful work on patrol duty near YpTes on several occasions, notably on 12th May, when he tled his patrol to discover liostile patrols in . concealed ground in front of his trenches ; -and on 14th May, when he led his patrol .right up to the German trenches and remained on the parapet li hour. This patrol brought back very valuable information. Second Lieutenant BERNARD WILLIAM VANN, 8th Battalion the Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment), Territorial Force. For conspicuous gallantry on several occasions. At Kemmel, on 24th April, when a Stall advanced trench which he occupied was blown in, and he himself wounded and half buried, he showed the greatest . determination in organising the defence and rescuing buried men under heavy fire. Although wounded and severely bruised, he refused to leave his -post till directly ordered to do so. At Ypres, on 31st July, and subsequent days, he ably assisted another officer to hold the left trench of the line, setting a fine example to those around him. He was slightly wounded. On various occasions he has led patrols up to the enemy's trenches and obtained valuable information. Temporary Second Lieutenant HARRY HOGG YUJLL, 170th Mining Company, Royal Engineers. . For conspicuous gallantry and devotiqn to duty on several occasions. On 29th May, 1&15, at Cuinchy, when one of the leads to a charge in a mine broke close to the charge, he at once untamped the top of the charge and crawled into the mine to find and mend the break, although the Germans were working so close he could hear them talking. On the 24-th and 29th June at Cambrin, at great personal risk, he charged mines, well knowing the Germans to be charging against him, and managed to fire lids charges before they succeeded in doing so. Again on the night of the 21st-22nd August, at Cuinchy, Second Lieutenant Yuill exhibited great skill and bravery in directing mining operationsi The enemy were working within a few feet of our galleries, opposite Nos. 5 and 7 mines, and it became a race which mines would be first exploded. The situation was critical, but owing to his splendid example and energy two shafts were sunk in time, charged, and tamped. The resulting explosions must have blown in the German galleries and the miners. m them. DISTINGUISHED CONDUCT MEDAL. The King has been pleased to approve of the award of the Distinguished Conduct Medial to the undermentioned warrant officers, non-commissioned officers and men for acts of gallantry and devotion to duty whilst serving witn tne ixpetiitionary f orces in France and Flanders, and at the Dardanelles: Private R. ALLEN (9143), l6th Battalion ijancasnire if usiiters fx.'.). For conspicuous gallantry on 4th June, south, of Kriihia, Gallipoli Peninsula, Noticing movements in the scrub he went boldly into it on his own initiative under heavy fire and found a "Turkish machine gun with an officer. He took the revolver from the officer and brought in the machine gun. Private Allen was wounded. Sergeant E. BAKER (9626), 10th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers. For conspicuous gallantry on -the night of lltliifiath August, at Vierstraat. Sergeant ; Baker and another non-commissioned officer went out, on their own initiative, under a heavy fire, to bring in an officer who had been wounded whilst scouting between the lines and had become entangled in tue barbed wire. ' They had to wait for, half-an-hour under this fire until wire-eutters could be obtained. Private H. BESWICK (716"), formerlv 1st T 1 x-f iL -r T - "t t - xiubLauuu ajuhi iuiui uancosnire xiegi-ment (now serving with the 2nd Battalion). - For conspicuous gallantry on the 23rd October, at Bixschoote, wTieri be' constantly volunteered to carry messages under" very heaw rifle and machine gun fire, and always exhibited the greatest, coolness, courage, and devotion to duty in the'' performance of this dangerous -work. . : Private H. BUTTERWORTH (9776), l6th Battalion. Lancashire Fusiliers (T.F.). For conspicuous gallantry on 4th June, south of Krithia, Gallipoli Peninsula. Noticing movements in the scrub he -went boldly into it on his own initiative .under heavy fire and found a Turkish machine gun with an .officer. He took the revolver from the officer and. brought inV thei . machine gun. :y - -. Private R, CASEY (2473), l7th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers (T.F.). ' - For conspicuous gallantry on 4th 'June,; during an action south of Krithia, Gallipoli Peninsula. Under an officer and" with! one ether man. he. charged and captured a small Turkish redoubt and continued .to hold it aftr the officer was killed; ' usinr Turkish' rifles and .ammunition When their own was exhausted. j Private J. L.: COOKE (2022); l5th Battalionj jvasc jjancasnire negimenr; . , For conspicuous gallantry bh 25th May,-son the : Gallipoli Peninsula, - When, as . a stretcher-bearer,' he was engaged iq assist-' ing the wounded under heavy Are. -le ''was - mmself , wounded while so doing. Private G. Ri CTOTtER .(1493), l6th BattaKon Manchester Regiment (T.F.). . For conspicuous gallantry m 4th Junelon the Gallipoli Peninsula. He dag a shelter under Very heavy "fire -for an officer who -was dangerously wounded, and then rejoined 'the firing line."-. ';":''. ;':-:-''v".1,' - ' Private A. DAVTES (1843), . l'Sth Battalion! jiancneswr Jwgimem,,ix;;i' .)... ; s Fci corispicupus gallantry on 26th May oil' .the Gallipoli -peninBula. Fe .brought in aj' wounded sergeant and three wounded, men from an. exposed position under. very heavy fire, Gunner H. DAWSON (695), Mat East Lancashire Brigade Royal Field Artillery (T.F.). For conspicuous gallantry and good work: on the Gallipoli Peninsula -during 1915. He has constantly, as. telephone linesman, repaired damaged wires and restored communication under heavy shell and rifle fire. Private A. M. DOia.(1738). 16th Battalion Manchester Regiment (T.F.). For conspicuous gallantry and initiative on the 4th. June on the Gallipoli Peninsula. Taking six men with him, he captured- a trench,' thereby, bringing fire to bear on the enemy and TepeHing a counter.-attaok. It wag aiie" to his "action that the trench was not only taken but successfully held. Private W; DOWNTON (2382), V7th Bat-talion'-Laiicashire Fusiliers (T.F.). For ( conspicuous . gallantry on 4th June during an action south of Krithia, Gallipoli Peninsula. Under an officer and with one other man he. charged and captured- a small Turkish redoubt, and continued to hold it after the officer was killed, using TuHtish Titles and ammunition when their own was exhausted. Batter v Quartermaster Sergeant W. H. GASTALL (1202), l'5th Battery l'lst East Lancashire Brigade Roval Field Artillery (T.F.). , " For conspicuous gallantry and ability south of Krithia, Gallipoli Peninsula, on 4th and. 28th June and 12th and 13th July. Battery Quartermaster Sergeant Gas tall arid another non-commissioned officer were employed with guns dug, in close behind the forward trenches and exposed to heavy shell and rifle fire, but kept their guns continuously in action in spite of great difficulties. Battery Quartermaster Sergeant Gastailwas seriously wounded on 12th July. Private" F. GERTSON (2348), l4th Battalion East Lancashire Regiment (T.F.)'. For conspicuous gallantry on 18th June near KiHViia, .. Gallipoli Peninsula. At a critical moment in the assault be jumped on to the parapet under heavy rifle fire and set a magnificent example to his' comrades, encouraging them to "follow him. He tjhen ran on forward to the charge till ho was wounded. Sergeant H. GRANTHAM (969). 19th Battalion Manchester Regiment (T.F.). For conspicuous gallantry and ability south of Krithia, Gallipoli Peninsula, ' on 10th and 11th Jul-, when making a reconnaissance of the enemy's "new trenches ' under very dangerous circumstances. He . . gained valuable information and located exactly the hostile positions. Sergeant A. HAMER (9732), 16th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers (T.F.).v For conspicuous gallantry on the 6th May on the Gallipoli Peninsula, when he led a half platoon during the attack with great ability and . courage. On several .occasions he has carried messages under heavy fire. Private R. HASHIM (2478), l6th Battalion Manchester Regiment (T.F.). For "conspicuous gallantry on 4th June on the. Gallipoli Peninsula.. He due a shelter, under very heavy fire, for an officer who was dangerously wounded,, and then rejoined the firing line. Private A. HILTON (2322), l'Sth Battalion Manchester Regiment (T.F.). For conspicuous gallantry near Krithia, Gallipoli Peninsula, on 4th June. .After the capture of a position he volunteered to carry messages back to his battalion headquarters from the foTemost trench after two previous messengers jhad 'been killed, and succeeded in 'delivering them. Private W. HUGHES (264), 1lst-. East. Lancashire Field Ambulance Royal Army Medical Corps (T.F.). For conspicuous gallantry and ' devotion' to duty fiom 4th to 7ih June on the Gallipoli Peninsula. He continued his work throughout the fighting under machine- gun and shrapnel fire with , a total disre gard to danger. Companv Sergeant Major J. HTJRDLEY (155),' l6th Battalion Manchester Regiment For conspicuous gallantry, on 4th June on thj Gallipoli Peninsula. During :an assault he was wounded in the head and . partly paralysed, but refused to be taken to the ruar, and continued to give , orders -and rally scattered parties in the Krithia Nullah. It was largely due to. his brave conduct that the advanced- line was .held. Sergednt J. T. McNULTY (8809), formerly ast ilattalion Loyal JNorth Lancashire itegi merre (now serving in depot) For conspicuous gallantry on the 23rd October at Bixschoote. At a very critical period Sergeant McNulty, by his coolness i; atid courage, off wed a fine example to ;all ranks with him of steadiness and devotion to duty, and kept" them together, giving them the' greatest encouragement in the attack, Sergeant (Acting Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant) G. H. MORRIS (7060). formerly 1st Battalion Loyal North Lancashire Regi- . uient tnow- serying wren Aieaiierranean . Expeditionary Force). ' . For . conspicuous gallantry on the 23rd . October at Bixschoote, -when, although - wounded,' he insisted on remaining in" the firing line, where by his coolness and courage at a critical time he succeeded , in restoring confidence to the men. with him; His devotion to, duty was most marked. Lanoe Sergeant W. MORT. (40), l7th Bat talion Manchester .Regiment (T.F.). For consistent end conspicuous gallantry throughout the operations on the Gallipoli Peninsula. He has invariably set a fine exiimple of devotion to duty and disregard pf danger.. Private J. O'CONNOR (2148), l8th (Ardwick) jjtkuuiuiuu luRDcurauir xvegirneni (J..r .) For. conspicuous gallantry on : 4th June on the Gallipoli peninsula. He exposed him-v .-self- io heavy rifle and ehrapnel fire on ;; eeveral occasions when-bringing, up amnm-nhioh durinr the attack. Gunner- H. OGDEN 1 ai52),. Ammunition Column 171st East -- Lancashire: Brigade Roya Field ArtUlery T:V.), f v .. For conspicuous gallantry and good work .. on the Gallipoli Peninsula during 1915. He ; . has cqnstantiy as telephone' linesman je-, ..paired dcinaged wires and restored oonv ; ; -. munication under heavy shell and rifle flre tapper G,: POLL1TT (875), 2nd East; Lanca- . -snire, jv.ieia yoiawj xuov&v iujeaneers ."(tr?.).. ..;-:--':..-!.,4;: ,'-,..-'; ; "Bor; 'nspicuons gallantry ,?near KrHbia, r ...Gallipoli Peninsula, .pa the tijgnt .of - 6th-i -7th Jumv He volunteered under ari officer with four other aapperst to !mak . a .comi municaiion ;trench nnderheayy tire," He; . showed the hight :courage; under -very difficult ' circumstances, - three of the five ; being killed. . v '. - i '--;-J Private ?H.;PRICB (149), l2nd.: East LaWai rshire Field Amrmlance KoVar Army Medical ' Corps (TsF.). ' -'M'Kii:fi -BQtuioSoiia 'gallanti;'and" - duty (icm4hU 7fh Juhonthe Gjaiipoli Peninsula. ; - ,'He - -continuedi " hi8.work5 7' throughout thefighting.'under: machihe gun j ariaV shrapnel 4re."With a total 'disregard V . to" danger. - 'f, Private SRiLEY ;(679i);: formerly ist.:-Bat4 : jalion Loyal North Lancashire ?'Rgrimea October- at, iBixsohpote, . when, althonh wounded, he insisted on "remaining in tha firing line,, showing, the, greatest cooing.? and bravery at a critical period and ii;i.ier - ' a very:heavy;fire, and" offering a splenni.i "'"' example of devotion to duty to all with liira. Company: Sergeant Major J. H. ROflEP (5053),' 10th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliprs). For conspicuous gallantry, on the night ot the Ilth-12th: August at Vierstraat Cm-'.pany Sergeant Major Sogers, with anothor ; non-onnnissioried officer, went out ,n their own ' initiative, under a heavy firr. to bring in an officer who had ! wounded whilst scouting-between the lin--. and had become entangled in the haTM wire. They had to wait for half an hour .under this, fire until wire-cutters couM l,. obtained. Lance Corporal W. A. SENIOR. (104.".). l., Battalion Manchester Regiment (T.F.I. For conspicuous gallantry on the 4th .lur--. during "operations on the Gallipoli Peninsula. He showed great bravery, coolness, and resource in leading a party fighting from.'.travcse to traverse, which resulted in the oapture of a Turkish officer an about 60 other prisoners. Lance Corporal- G. J, SILVESTER (135. l9th Battalion Manchester Regimont (T.F.) For conspicuous gallantry and devotion a duty on the Gallipoli Peninsula. Although wounded on 20th May he continued to prr form his duties, and showed tho hishr?-. courage on 25th May in aiding the-. wounded under fire. Sapper H. SMITH (983), 2nd East Lam-ashirp Field Company Royal Engineers T.F.). For conspicuous gallantry near Krithi.i. . Gallipoli Peninsula, on the night of 6,'!,. 7th June. He volunteered under an officer, with four other sappers, to make a ciiny.., munication trench under heavy fire. I In showed the highest courage under vcr..-difficult circumstances, three of- ihc -fliv . being killed. Private .3. STOCKTON (20231, 1oth Battalion Manchester Regiment (T.l'). For conspicuous gallantry o.n 4th ami 6t'i June on the Gallipoli Peninsula. On fli'n June he attacked and captured Fiiig'r. handed four Turks, including-one ' offUi-. On 6th June, during -a hostile counterattack, he most gallantly led a -par:;-- of bomb-throwers and drove .the; Turks !:, of a strong redoubt, subsequently estaVj lishing communication under 'heavy firo. Sergeant W. E. SUNDERLAND (4281, -Ifiili Battery 1lst East Lancashire Brigade Royal Field Artillery (T.F.). For conspicuous gallantry on the"4tli .7unr on the Gallipoli Peninsula, when, incharpc of a gun . in action, in a forward-position exposed to heavy shell fire.' He has subsequently on several occasions, shown marked coolness, and has . set a fine exajiiple tr his men. , Corporar C. TAYLOR (286), "ilotli Battery 1lst East Lancashire" Brigade Roval Field Artillery (T.F.'). ' For conspicuous gallantry and ability .kouth of Kriihia; Gallipoli Peninsula, on 4th and 28th June and- 12th and 13th July. Cor-.poral Taylor and another" nori-comniie-s-ioned officer were employed with, guns dus in close behind "the forward trenches and exposed to heavy shell and rifle 'fire, bin kept their ,guns continually in action in spite of great difficultiesr Lance Corporal S, WILD (1369)', l5th Battalion Lancashire FusiliersT.F.). - For conspicuous gallantry. ,pn lOth. June, near Krithia, Gallipoli Pehinsuhvwaen'he volunteered to- lead -a? "party1 to jre.cpRnoilri' a Turkish trench which .was known to. lyi occupied: As leading 'man he" behaved with great courage, driving, the Turks before, hi m till he was wounded. . Sergeant C. E. WILLIAMS (530), 42nd East Lancashire Divisional .Signal Company For conspicuous gallantry and eoolne?s in action on the Gallipoli Peninsula during I 1915. He has frequently laid wires under heavy rifle and shrapnel fire, and' has con-sistently shown great bravery and resource. BOYS' SCHOOL OitFITS We have in Stock,. Redy for Wear, Excellent Quality, Stylish, "Well-Tailored BOYS' fc YOUTHS''' SCHOOL SUITS and ; OVER." COATS, made : from - Reliable Cloths and Splendid Value. BOYS' SUITSJ 176, 206, OVEiOATS, !76V 2 To Measure " or ldy 1-or;.AVearV'":r BOYS' SCHOOL OUTFITS COMPLETE. PRICE LIST & PATOJNS POSTJEE

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