The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1935 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 22, 1935
Page 5
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FRIDAY! MARCH 22, 1936 . BIA'THEVILLE,' (ARK.)! COURIER NEWS A»»o<riiu MUor»i MISS LOUISE DIXON MRS. HIITH CAMPBELL , MRS. BERTHA M, HABRI9 MBS. EDNA R. CRABTREE MISS EDNA M, FERGUSON M O D E R N-H O M E-N EWS Conducted (or this newspaper in the interest of il» women readers by re i ' d hi • ^""™ll f, ^"*™" ^"^ MBR Follow Reliable Recipe And Result Will Be Satisfactory Hay Fever, Asthma and Olher Diseases Often Re- sull from Wrong Diets Dear Friends in lllyllievillc: In the past few years great slritles have been made In dietetic research, especially in the Held of food .sensitiveness. We have all heard men amv women say: "I ain't eat eggs. They poison me." "Or any cereal product gives mo a cotct." Ill many cases a too-active imagination makes such people afraid In cat a norm ill diet; In manj oilier cases there is a true food sensitiveness, and cerlain foods "el as poison, causing., rash^. |the symptoms of asthma, hay fever, colds, and other conditions of Die JH'sc and throat. Recent Research One of the greatest contributions of this research Is the "cure" for liny fever, In many cases the cure being simply that the palient is forbidden certain foods which have been found, by long testing to cause Hie hay fever condition! Children wno suffer from asthnm have been diet, and , .-. .f i , cured by a change in blow to hear that anybody who a lotal abstinence from will use a reliable recipe and fol- tlie roods which were round to be,low it Implicitly can make a gooi rairans (lie asthma condition. | C akc In these sclentiitc days. U is not the place in these col-1 Mind yon, that is not to sa nccoralinjr a chocolate frosted ca ke nidi cocoamit like Ibis one is easy—mark off cake in clghllis anil sprinkle eocoamit on allenuilc v seif nciils. . j!a| BY MARY E. HAGUE Ifuls ami even bowl-fills were llic NKA Service SlalT Writer I measure.'; used by our gramlmoth- Here's good news for everybody ers. That's why years ol experi- cxccpt maybe Ihc woman, who's'cncc were needed before one bc- cnjoycd years of prestige as Iiav-|Came n good cook. Aside from iHK won all the ribbons year af- | the vagueness of llio mcasure- tcr year at Ihc county fair for intents the method of mixing was licr cakes. For her it. may be a | never explained find the oven was GocrJ Cakes Are Easy to Make f{ These Rules Arc Followed left entirely lo tile notion of the cook. No wonder "good cakes were born, not made" In those (lays of inaccuracies. .. . you, that is not (o say If you want lo make Hie follov,-- imms to no Into a, lengthy discus-' that some women aren't -wizards ing cake in three layers, double Eton of allergy, or the relation of «'il!i cakes. Tliey are. Those »ro<tlic recipe and use 10-inch indict- food.'; to certain bodily condilions.' the ones who make superlative than Q-inch pans. The (resting Bnl we can aid you in your ef-, cakes. I'm talking about GOOD-svill have lo be doubled, too. forts to follow certain dietary cakes, rules, after a. physician has ordered them. Two l^iycr Cake Old Hccipcs Inaccurate j Tsvo ™P S clftcl1 ra kc Hour, '2 _ If you've ever gone through old • teaspoons baking powder, 1-2 tcn- unc ol the common conditions recipes you am appreciate Hie ,5I TOOn salt, 2-3 cup butler or other in loon sciisi vcness demands a convenience of today's standard [Shortening, t cup sugar, 3 eggs, nit iree of mllk, eggs and wheat, measurements. Tea cups, coflce l ~'* Cll » " lilk . ' teaspoon vanilla. «i iirsi, mis sounds like an im- cups, pinches, butter llic size of • s ' rt (1 ° 1 "' °"ce, measure, add ,,.„? l )r °B™'n- Bnl here arc ,11 esg, the size of a walnut, hand- l)aki "S 1'owcicr and salt nnd sill menus, for adults, based on llic " " command to cat no wheat, eggs or I milk: Jireakfasl Orange Juice Oatmeal with fruit, or fruit juice U rilled Bacon i C'crn Bread Strawbeny Preserves! Coffee or Tea with Sugar Fniil Ice J.iniclieon Consomme l.-imb Chops Steamed Drown nice (prepared wilh a little consoimuc) .'lomato and Lettuce Salad, French .Dressing Hye Crisp Marmalade Fruit Cup Tea -with Lemon Dinner Vegetable Soup Toasted Rye Bread (all rye, no wheat Hour in It) i.-ilccri Fish (no milk! Urowned Polatoes (use shortening, not butter) Green Beans, Bacnn cooked with them Vegetable Aspic Salad, French Dressing Klr.e and Corn Meal Muffins (no white flour) Caramel Apples three times, Cream butler thoroughly, add sugar gradually and Rye Dread ^ cream together until light and C'nokie.5 Huffy. Add eggs, unbeaten, one (no butter or a t a i.~r, beating thoroughly af- nnlk in them) ] ( cr each. Add flour, alternately 'with milk, a small amount at a time, beating well after each addition. Add vanilla. Turn into two oiled and floured nine-inch layer pans and bake twenty-five to thliiy minutes in a moderate oven (375 degrees p.) Spread chocolate frosting between K-iyer.7 nnd on top and sittcs of cake. Chocolate l''rostinff Two cups sifted confccliotier's Dinner . Shrimp Cocklail Roast of Beef French Fried Polaloes Relish i Broiled Tomatoes • (vegetable shortening) Orange and Nut Salad French Dressing Rye Bread Preserves Fruit Pudding wilh Sauce . Coffee It is necessary to walch that neither bullrr nor milk gets into any cookery, nor flmir, in even a small amount; rice Hour and pure Vegetable Stuffing. r i' c n °" r are usable as well as corn meal. Included in the' Ihtiigs which can lie taken on a diet far those sensitive to milk, eggs and wheat, fire: chocolate or cocoa, made with water; barley; corn such as rarnstarch, corn meal and hominy; corn or maple syrups; fruit ices; fruit juices; gelatines; honey; jellies, jams, preserves, mar- Coffee Brcakfasl Grapefruit Fried Corn Meal Mnsh with Maple Syrup 'vegetable shortening) Toasted nice Bread with Marmalade Urn wheat flour in it) Coffee Luncheon Reef Broth with Barley taiitiicd Sweet* Potatoes Lamb Cronuettcs 'no white sauce,"no butte>->' V Carrot anft Pineapple I sugar, 2 whole eggs or 4 egg yolks. i 1-2 cup milk, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 4 squares billcr chocolate, 2 tablespoons softened butter. Moll chocolate over hot water. Combine Ingredients in order given, beating with it 'rotary dealer until blended. Place bowl in pan of cracked ice or ice water and continue beating until of right consistency to spread, about llircc minutes. -Cool cnkn llim-oughly before maladcs, fruits, raw or cooked 1 same; meats (do not use huticr .In preparing them); meat soups l(no milk or flour); sea food; vegetables; meat fats; vegclable fats; poultry fat; nuts; olives; pickles; rice and Its products such as rice flour, brown and polished rice; rye; rye crisps and breads; salact or cooking oils; salt; sugar; tapioca. A little study and consideration of these foods will give suggestions for appetizing menus which can be prepared In Ihc family Recipes to Help You Plan Attractive Lenten Menues iu+tbit Upon i MRS. NANCY SOWB MRS. CEOHCE TBURN MRS. EMILY M. IAUTZ MRS. J, WATSON SHOCKLEY MRS-KATHARINE BAIORIPCE frosting. Frost (tic first layer, , pul on the second -placing then it precisely so that the etlges are even and the cake uniform in ing height. Then spread the frosli on the sides, working -it, up ovc. the top edge nnd down around the sides. Then nilc remaining frosting in center of top layer and spread it out to tlic cdaes. Mark i i:i?h(hs and sprinkle altcr- scctions with grated cocoa- Ko many requests have como In for plain loaf rake that tills simple ivcipo Is given; It. may bo left plain or Iced, or It may have mils added; raisins; currants; or chopped candied orange peel. Another delicious addition is I wo. thirds of ;i cup of uraleil coconut. In that case add two tablespoon:; of milk more tlmu the recipe calls for «t present, rialii I.raf Cnko One ludf cup shortening; one cup sugar; two eggs; one half cup mllk: one teaspoon vanilla; two cups (luiir; Ivvo teaspoons baking powder; one fonrlli teaspoon salt, lllcnd shortening and sugar until very light. Heat the eggs and add one at a time, with mllk and va- Inlllii, llien the Hour sifted wilh ifalt and baking powder. Sift (lour I first, then measure nnd sift again ivfth die salt and liakln gpowdcr. Bea Ithorougnly. Line n loaf pan [with waxed paper rubbed with Shortening, bake forty-five minutes j In a moderate oven, 350 to 375 degrees P. Mocha Ciikc One fourth cup shortening; one jcup brown sugar: two eggs; two [ounces cooking chocolate, or two squares; one half Clip mllk; one and two-thirds cup flour; one fourth lcns|K)on salt;"one and two two-thirds Jcaspoon baking powder. Blend the shortening and sugar, then add henlcn eggs ami beat nil. well together. Melt llie chocolate, add the milk to it and cook until thick. Cool U?n add lo the first mixture with the (lour alternately (the Hour, snlt and baking powder siflcd logctber). neat, thoroughly nnd pour into two layer cake pans rubbed with shortening. Moderate oven, 350 to '100 degrees P.. eigli- locn to twenty minutes. Fill with mocha filling and cover , with mocha icing. Orange Cream C'^kc Two eggs; one cup sugar; two thirds cup cream; grated rind of one orange; one and two thirds cup flour; one and two thirds Ir-a.sjxion baking powder; one half teaspoon salt; one half teaspoon orange extract. Break the eggs into a bowl and add llio-sugar and cream and beat well together for five minutes. Add orange rind and flavoring then the dry Ingredients sifted together. Blend thoroughly. UPC n shallow loaf cake pan, rub with shortening and bake about thirty-five minutes in a moderate oven. 375 [degrees I-'. Ice witli tills (rosl'ing: Two clips mllk; two thirds cup sugar; one third cup flour; one fouiih teaspoon salt; one egg; one teaspoon orange extract; one fourth cup grated orange rind; three tablespoons grated coconut. Scald the milk, blend the sugar, flour and salt and add the milk slirring gradually, cook in the double boiler for twelve minutes, arid egg slightly beaten and cook three minutes longer. Cool, add orange rind and coconut and orange extract. Spread on cake. In your markets, some dealer Imudle frozen llsh nnd the -cr vinielics of entitled fish, Those recipes are variable, adnpl- »i|: themselves to ellla-r fresh or canned ash. 1'illct of llalilmi Halibut sliced lliin; frying f»t fur skillet cooking; bread crumbsfee: suit and pepper. Sprinkle each fillet with salt and Pepper; dtp In Ihc beaten egg y.-lildi lias been bcntei) with one ' ''spuon of water; roll In llic y ground bread crumbs. Melt Bli shortening In n skillet to cover the boltom about one fourth mrh deep. When hot add the ilsh slices. Fry slowly until one side'is brown. Turn mul broiVH on tlic oilier. l-'lllct of Sole Kemove the skins and bones without Inning the i) S |,. rjj., i., melted flit well salted. with u doll). Bea'son wlih salt ii |K'pper. Hiivo ready two lira of crumbs and one dish of beaten egg mixed with one tnblc- spoon of wilier. nip jivst In crumbs, then Into t!ie egg, then In the crumbs again. Lower Into itrcp, hot fat, uiul fr; until golden brown. Urulii, serve, wilh chilli sauce and catsup. f:it. ihcn In iin c crumbs --led. Place In a frying bas- xi't ami lower !n(o hot fat 1375 degrees .on frying thermometer). When biwiicd on 1mlh sides remove, drain, serve wllh parsley' and lemon, lurlnr sauce if possible. Crab BUFFET SUPPERS Here is an assortment of recipes which make delicious dishes .suited to Informal entertaining. Mincemeat Turnovers wllh cheese are also delicious In the lunch Ixix. Here's how you make (hem: Two cups mincemeat; two tablespoons mllk; one half cup grated cheese; rich pie pastry. Roll llic iraslry Into four Inch circles using n cookie culler lo cut the. circles, Fill each wilh mincemeat and fold One cup crab meat carefully ovcr l«'cssli)(f the edges logclhor rimed of nil fibres; one linlf clip wltl1 lllc U"" ° ( " fork, brush Die milk; one eighth teaspoon dry to l> wltl > mllk Rncl sprinkle with mustard; one eighth teaspoon c a-' chccsc - Un|r - e '» n hot O veu, 450 yeiine: one cup iir'cad crumbs- l ric eices, ten minutes or fltlccn, Volks of two hard cooked eggs' i llllt " delicately browned, llest when Bialcd; one teaspoon .salt- one l!ot " fourth cup mellcd biiller. Orlilillo Cakes irllli Iliini Mix the crab meat with the Two ""<' <>»e hull cups Hour- crumbs (which have been moist- """ lmlf teaspoon salt; two and cncd will, the mllk) and egg yolks. l a ll(llr Icasiwoiix baking powder; mid mustard, .suit, cayenne and' 0 " 0 tablespoon sugar; one egg butter; mix well. PHI t[ m | ra i M 0| . two cups of inllk; one fourth cup sum! dishes with ti,u mixture I lllcllc(l shortening; minced ham; sprinkle will) crumbs nticl dot wllh el '^ se 5 «»ce. inter. Hrown quickly In a very I Mis ""<' sift- dry Ingrmllcnte. not oven (500 degrees P.), being "cat, Ihc egg, mix wllh mllk and c.'iiclul the crumbs do not burn. j 5tlr lllto t' lc "rst mixture. Then Oyster Slew [stir In the mellcd shortening. Ilakc One quart fresh oysters; one ml ljolil sl(lcs <"' » '>ol griddle. cup v/Rtcr; two cups scalded Spread each pancake wilh minced IIIJK; two cups thin crcnm; four '"»>' «»'<l i»» '<• »P. I'lnce side by (cnspoons salt; one half teaspoon sklc °" ll liol dish and serve wltli pepper; six tablespoons butter; w( -' l] seasoned hot cheese sauce. Add Die coloj-y, nnd icrvo on least. K»K» 1kncd.let Quo fourth cup butter; onu foiirlh cup shortening; two egg yolks; one tablespoon lemon julco; one eighth teaspoon cayenne; rcQ large muffins split nnd tousled or six slices of tonst; six slices cooked him; six pouched eggs. Molt cue 'minor in a saucepan with the egg yolks and lemon Juice; hcnt ovcr hot, not boiling, water until the butter molls, Add the rest or the rut nnd stir until he sauco hlckcns. licmovn from Iliu hciil and season with the cayenne. Aria'ngo on each hair of muffin, or ench piece of toast, n piece of hum which luis been frfe- ulcd In n Iwt Trying pan ror a few minutes, on ench ctrpo a |»achcd egg, and pour the hoi siuico over encli. Serve at once, Fish Ale Label nOSEntma, ore. (UP)—Clar- encc Teslcr was nulling on the Ump(|ui\ Illvcr iienr here nnd tossed in n tin chewing tobacco label Later in the week the label was round in the stomnch or n steal- head trout by a rrlcncl or lil.i "Dutch" Davis. three tablespoons Hour; two InblpI poons tnilk. Carefully go ovcr each oyster removing all trace of n shell. Add .be water lo tlic oysters and sim- 'mer only until (he edges curl. Drain. Mix the mllk, cream. KC n, soilings nnd butter, (lour blended with a little milk. Stir this mlx- ure in gradually. When thoraugh- y cotnblnecl. cook, a few minutes, (lien ndd oysters, hent a'few iviin- tes and serve. r- Fried Oysters orr natc nut. - . Atlantic City, Ih? pleasure resort ol America, receive.-; 12,000,000 visitors every year. kitchen without loo much trouble.! —EDNA M. FERGUSON. Save Rose Bud Coffee Jars For These Useful Premiums 12 ,/AKS J-G Cup Orip-O-Laloi- i Dnz. \Valoi- Gbisscs 1 Serving Tray 1 Sauce Pan ai 1( j c ora . 1-8 Cup Percolator 1 Hug, 2'lx.lO inch 1 Oven Serve Bowl 1 Double Boiler 1 Set Mixing- Bowls 1 Frtiit Reamer and Bowl 1 Pink Bowl, Cream and Sugar 18 JARS 1-10 Piece Green Cab-' .inet. Set' 21 JARS 1 Radio Lamp 1 Utility Cooker 1 Aluminum Tea Kettle 1 Chhui Base Drip-0- Lator 1 Sleepy Doll 1 Large Dish Pan 1-7 Piece Water Set 30 JAHS 1-17 Piece Dinner Set 36 JARS 1 Aluminum Roaster •18 JARS 1-18 Quart Cold Pack Canner Manj' Other Premiums Including Dolls, Dishes, Etc. AT ALL GROCERS Distributed by The Craflon Co. Ihivcrliill Has Hosiiif 1'cvcr HAVERHILL, Muss. (UP)—Hav- crhill lias KOHD pugilistic. Howard T. Clark, local ERA adminislralor. approved the project ntld four boxing and wrestling hwtruclors were employed at a 'cost of S7G4, of which (he city paid $41, for 10 weeks. Not one CENT has ever been spent for service on any Westinghouse Refrigerator IN MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS Westinghouse Distributor 412 W. Main St. Phone 350 C'reamed Chicken with Oysters One fourth cup Hour; one eighth cup butter; one eighth clip shortening; one half teaspoon salt; one eighth teaspoon pepper; one cup milk; one cup cream; ,two cups diced, cooked chicken; one pint oysters; one hair cup finely chop- l>cd celery. Melt the fills, add Hour and seasonings and blend, Ihcn add mllk and cream slowly, sltrrlng coiv slantly until thick. Boll one niln- ute. Add chicken and oysters and .... -.-..„ — - . ccen an oysers an Look o;er and remove any bits | cook until Die oysters nrc plump. The Choice of Millions KG BAKING POWDER Double Tested — Double Action Manufactured by baking powdor Specialists who make nothing but baking powder — under supervision of export chemists. Same Price Today a$ 44 Years Ago %5 ounces for 250 You can also buy A £__ll 1O ounco can for IOC 1UJ.1 15 ounco can. for l$c Highest Quality — Always Dependable MILLIONS OF POUNDS HAVE BEEN BY OUR GOVERNMENT SPECIALS FRIDAY--SATURDAY--SUNDAY DOUGHNUTS Per Dozen 16 U CINNAMON ROLLS Per Dozen 12 C CHERRY CREAM PIES y X,, F PINEAPPLE CREAM PIES 'iS 19° BOSTON CREAM PIES "'"& 19° __ _______ Coveted With R| c h Chocolate Fudft Ic|nf' HARD CRUSTED BREAD ,a Blytheviile Baking Co. HOME OF Eutereg Bread There Arc MORB COOI) GUI'S Of ColTto In Every round Of Kour Ixjaf TROY, O (UP) - Harold A Pauly, c(J!loi and publisher of the Tioy D»]J> News, died h?re 'af{«r ii shoil. illness Ho wo* r" This New Cream Sep* arator Bottle Give$ You About One-Hqff Pint of Whippifig Crenm From Each Quart of Craig Tonight's Time lo: CRAIG 1 Phone 74 RESPONSIBLE HOME OWNERS| One of the NEW Coieman Instant-Has We arc immensely proud.ol the line new Coieman Initant tias Ranges we now have on display at our store They ire «o rnodern-so beautiful iu design and finish—and they do mch wonderful cookingl We want our friends and customers in town or country to fry tlicm—(o discover how much better, quicker and more easily they bake, broil, boll and simmer any pmd of food So wo liavc set aside one model especially for demonitri- <ion purposes. And to responsible home owners we rn«k* this amazing offer. We will deliver a Coieman Ranfje to your home and leave it there long enough for you to cook from 9 to 10 meals on it—do any kind of cooking you want to do As nany people will wish lo lake advantage of this Trial Offer, wo find U necessary to schedule the offer for a definite tdm« so pleats Call at Our Store for Details and Date Coieman Instant-Gas Ranges ate made In slies and mod«l» to fit any kitchen or purse. Beautiful porcelain fmijhen In soft- toned colors, insulated oven, drawer-type broiler, conceded fuel tank of Everdur Motal that is rust and corrosion proof, and th» wonderful Band-A-Blu Burners, are some of the outiUndinr features. They provide- real gas cooking service ANYWHERE! You'll never know what a pleasure it is to cook until you UM a Coieman Instant-Gas—a slove you'll be proud to own. . on» l> ulking- about thCy imizln^ naw bt^ •J One-fillh it tail cojl'SOS 5rc«'.;r t«nj«-of < $86.40 Liberal Trade-In Allowance For Your Old Stove HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Phone.32- .,, v , '

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