The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana on August 3, 1866 · Page 2
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The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 2

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 3, 1866
Page 2
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tfe P aila jKcaBimt, FRIDAY HOBlOira. AUGUST 3. 18M ontgomery & Bro. will sell EP Pelican Hook and Ladder Company No. 4 will hold their regular monthly meeting at their track bouse on Monday evening next HT Practical use is to be made by friends Aehbridge, Decan & Co. of the Atlan tic cable, by sending on the 6th for such salt, pig iron, soda ash, or anything else their friends may wish to order. See their adver tisement. iy Volunteer Fire Engine Company No. 1 have their monthly meeting next Sunday, 5th inrt., at the engine boose. y The fair Mary, the beautiful MobUe boat, is the one which leaves to day on the arrival of the 12 o'clock cars, uapt A. ju Myers does the honors. canto all engaged will sail for Liverpool direct, Saturday next, at 8 o'clock in the morning. The Florida has cannot desire a greater pleasure than a voyage in her to Europe. Her agents are Hunter, Askew & Co., No. 43 Carondelet street, who will promptly attend to all applicants. Steamship Raleigh fob Nbw Yowl The Atlantic Coast Company's steamship Raleigh, Capt. Walker, will sail for New York direct, Saturday next, at 3 P. M. The Raleigh is a very fine ship, and staunch ship, with large capacity for freight and handsome accommodation for passengers. Her agents are our well - known fellow - citizens, Ji Connoly & Co., 85 Poydras street, whose. long acquaintance witn steamsnip Business has given them that experience which enables them to see all their passengers well BP There are some misuses of money which can never be prevented. For instance, speculating in gold and stocks and buying lottery tickets. You may tell a man that he ought not to do either, that it is gambling and roll of risk, but if he thinks himself smart or lucky he will invest, no matter how many sermons you preach to him. When this disposition can be made to subserve a good purpose it is certainly the more excusable. Such is the case with the Alabama State Lottery, for the benefit of the State University, to be drawn at Mobile on the 6th inst. In 30,000 ticket there are 437 prizes, the highest $50, - 000, and none less than $100, The whole tickets are only $12, for which a man may draw $50,000 and can only lose his investment of $12. Can gold and stock speculators do safer or better 7 advertisement else' and to this we invite attention. A spasmodic affection of the Troches" will in some case give immediate rebel. For coughs, colds and throat du the troches have proved their efficacy. old lady friend having tried many remedies t asthma with no benefit, found great re lief from the troches - Ecv. D. Lett., Frankfort, 1 t Poughkeepeie, N. Y , The murderer, Richard Lewis, having been his meadow, and askecfhim why he called 1 him a heavy blow on the left temple, from and his father are now confined injaS c with Richmond's murder. Young and very varied learning. He was specially accomplished as a linguist. His lectures on several Protestant Episcopal Churches in various parts of the country. He was Chap. during the recent war. He e graduated at Har - yard College in Coal Oil for Steam Engines. The London correspondent of the New York linm, in 1 letter of Jnly 11, writes The experiments at Woolwich on then of coal oils for steam engines are of such i: portance that I must once more ask for the found in these experiments that the American water, which is nearly double the power of coal ; but it was also found that a pound of need not point out the economics of space's, his gfires"at perfect command, to mcrease diminish from moment to moment. He needs no stokers. The doors of the furnace are never opened. No stirring of fires no burning out of plates. The space, weight and labor saved will make it an economy. As to the oil, that distilled from the shales and iron ore of North Carolina ought to be as good as the beet English. This matter is worth the attention of the Government and of capital - Marshal Baudel. The private correspondent of the New Free Press, of Vienna, writes to that journal on the 4th. from Hohenmauth : Marshal Benedek this day spoke to the cor respondents of , the newspapers, and asked ns where we were on the day of the battle. Everybody gave his answer. "Now," said the General; you may tell all. There is no way of palliating the misfortune." We reminded him of the causes of every kind which contributed to the defeat, but he said, "an honorable leader takes all the fault on himself lam responsible for aU that has hap mvathe. The Manchester Mirror a wtie, moved ST. of a marriagT A rCVn " Thf Murderer of Dr. Webb jmrenta of a .Tory largely which led to their arrest. Oneof the negroes was about to turn States' evidence. Fort Smith (ark.) Herald, 19th, HEALTH OF THE CITY. narfoct health. WhU niana and pesti lence hare been visiting a large portion of the world, they have not been pernniioQ to e nigh us or ourdwelW everDe - has our summer population oeen near of mortality have In particular we have had no disease of epidemic form character, and more recently sudden changes and an excited state of the public mind, have from time to time been reported, but the general health of the city continues remarkably perfect. Of consumption ana ausrrnea, terminating in dysentery, the fatal cases have been most numerous. The greater number of the cemevBtion cases hare been brought here, and a warm, debilitating summer climate is the worst possible for them. Since fruits began to be consumed without stint or caution, the principal cases have been diarrhea or dysentery. Hot days and cool nights, and the recent excitement of the popular mind have increased them. would be well for our people to be on their guard against these, now our principal causes of disease. Over - ripe fruits should in particular be guarded against As for undue exposures and excitement, we think all will at once see the reason of avoiding them. The remarkable health of New Orleans this summer is no doubt due to the quiet of the city, and the health - giving influ ences of attention to profitable business. We began, it is true, with a large stock of health. All our young men, in particular, have been in the most robust health since their return from the tented field. And returning, tbey entered immediately, and in perfect contentment of mind, upon active business, in the belief that it would be profitable and permanent. They have either to the right band or to the left, by any of the exciting political questions of the day. Then only participation m public affairs has been in the interest of peace and order. Our homes, under the safe protection of our excellent police, have also been models of perfect quietude. That this may continue, and with it health, the fountain source of all happiness, should be our highest desire. WISE PRECAUTIONS OF THE POLICE. oput have, by the current of events, necessarily been realized. Our city, in consequence of the events of the war, is full of freedmen without employment and seeking none, and adventurers of the worst possible classes of society, brought to the surface during of peace and order. Any personally acquainted with the city, knows their haunts and their occupations. Every hiding place of the city is full of them, and day and night they idly prowl around the coffei - houses and river wharves, in the TOe place seeking the element of all viciousness and crime, in the other plunder. It is but a few days ago requested to call the attention of the police to the frequent thefts on the Levee, and especially to the necessity of a more active river police. As it is now, a cargo of grain is not safe a single night. The modus operandi is well known. The gram heaped up in large quantities on the Levee. It is but the work of a moment for river thieves to find their way up under the wharves and, with all the implements ready, to take off a large quantity of produce. This must be stopped, and we call the par - ticular attention of the police to it. They have wisely shut up the drinking saloons at an early hour of the evenine. Since this was done, how marked has been the change! At ten o'clock now the streets are as quiet as we could well wish them to be. The homeward bound evening promenaders now no longer peram bulate the streets in danger of trouble, if not ot fife. Every citizen must rejoice at this marked change of things. Nine o'clock is late enough for any of the houses of public dissipation and if people desire to frequent the public streets at a much later hour, let it be without the excitement of bad and adulterated liquors. Our early mornings are now p fectly delightful, and it is far better retire early and rise early to enjoy them than it is to spend the night in revels. Letter from Bishop Early. We have just received (says the Richmond Christian Advocate.) the following letter from Bishop Early, which will be most gratifying e rS&5? an Serf r fonret'the kind avmnathiea of that dear family who entertained me and mine of the doctors who waited on me day and tried friend and his hospitable family, where no pains were spared to administer to my comfort, and where friends could visit me without restraint. The kind solicitude of ministers, of editors, of citizens, of old and young friends, and last, bat not least, the con joint Eai Memphis, July 26. A large and enthusi - stic Convention of the Conservatives of delegates to the Philadelphia Convention. i"the national nags. Stirring speeches Hon. L. C7 Havnes. Gen. Chalmers and others. . . ... Resolutions were aoopcea strongly moors ing the policy of the President, adhering to the Union under the constitution, and setting forth the inevitable ruin of the country which wouia rouow if the Radicals should si KROxvrxLE, July 26 - CL Thos. A. R. alKnox villa to - day, to appoint del i?0"'' pson, and denounced First Lord of the Treasury - Lord Derby. Chancellor of the Exchequer Mr. pis - Home Secretary Mr. Walpole. Secretary for Foreign Affairs - Lord Stan - eecretary for the Colonies - Lord Carna - Secretary for War Gen. Peel. Secretary for India Lord Cranborne. First Lord of the Admiralty Sir J. Pak - 10 Lord Chancellor Lord Chelmesford. President of the Council - Duke of Buck - Lord Privy Seal - Lord Malmesbury. President of Poor Law Board Mr. thorne Hardy. President of Board of Trade Sir S. North - Postmaster General Duke of Montrose. Noel. Joint Secretaries to the Treasury I Tav or. Mr. G. W. Hunt Under Secretaries Home Department, Lord Belmore i Foreign Affairs, Mr. E. Ed - gerton ; Colonies, Mr. Adderley i War, Lord Junior Lotds ef the Admiralty Mr. Secretary to the Admiralty Vacant Attorney General 8ir H. Cairns. Solicitor - General Mr. BoviU. Vice President of the Board of Trade Mr. General Mr. S. Cave. Jndge Advocate Ganeral Mr. Mowbray. Secretary of the Poor Law Board - Mr. B. Earle. President of the Council Mr. Corray. Lord I uis of Abercorn. Lord Chancellor Mr. Brewster. Attorney General Mr. George. Solicitor General - Lord Advocate Mr. Patton. Solicitor General Mr. S. Gordon. Lord Chamberlain Earl of Bradfc Comntroller Lord Rovston Treasurer Lord Burgblev. Master of the Hoi - Lord Colville. The New York correspondent of the Phila delphia Ledger, in his letter of July 25, writes : i the United States army I liberty to publish all t in cases, have been placed supply which, it is understood, is Matamoros. The money to defray expenses specie recently capiurea oy i its way up to Monterey. Caravajal, o this port direct, believed that should steamer get safely harbor, she take on board a sufficient r of able hearts of the Juarists. These facts are known to sundry persoi this city, and as they are much talked a don't know half that is transpiring, often recognize Maximilian, and has no treaties vidual who has had something to do with placing the arms on board also says it is not a ngnting expedition at all, but only t lative shipment of old muskets, that i lively demand for them. ice and Russia. The Moscow Gazette. of July 16, has the following official and very significant paragraph : France, Kuaeia can no longer depend as heretofore. Y. - netia without. Ron constitute no progress for Italy. The submis - dangerous to European equilibrium. Th supremacy of Prussia in Northern Gei narrows that of Russia in the Baltic. Ri may make her seek an alliance with France and Austria in the Eastern question, but the dictatorship of France in Italy and Germany cannot meet with her support. at IKrsl 8ight. The Rochester Union : a party, who,, visiting New York, n board a Livemool nakat thnir first acquaintance with a vessel. A sailor boy in - lighted with all she sa xlaimed, Europe ship." " Yon can," spok captain, in ho had entered the cabi steward! iywife,"' exclaimed the rsirTexTm "No, I am not," returned the cap - ihe young woman wi would be. She asked for a few hours to consider the pected proposition. At the expiration City Treasurer ef Lowell. Mass.. has been restrained from navinc the $10,000 lately appropriated by the City Council for the relief of the Portland sufferers, by an injunction from the Supreme Court, sranted at the reauest of some of the citizens. Several towns have taken similar . being understood that the municipal nties have no right to make such an ap - other and specific purposes. BP " I suppose," said a quack, while feel - itted to solicit bis advice, " I suppose bravely repl; .'a thoughts0 VjsefaglS pulse." Squirting Cold Water on 'Em. Punch's car - Yankee Fireman Keeps his Word," and represents Canada, a voung Miss in furs and armed, shooting at the invaders, while Jonathan, as a fireman, squirts cold water upon them, exclaiming, "You see I'm ready when wanted, Miss Canada." vamcCrcosionahyoTIL8 features in the internal revenue law. kg the restoration of Texas to the new Softly the wind from the southward was Wowing. The higher the brtUrVgav"us delight ! SwMSiwSinSiS Boys to the last, if the tenth must be told. E'e. a. la cldbgjggg.. Sa.hln, bright. A very superior steam vessel, called the Lady of the Lake, arrived here yesterday from Wilmington, Del. She is bound South to Mobile, andis to be employed on the route from New Orleans to Mobile. She is truly an elegant boat, and her rich and commodious Mr.S.D. Bloodgeod, long the editorial fraternity of New York, died from that tune 1836, her edited the Al bany Daily Advertiser. He subsequently edited the New York True Sun, a paper started by an association of printers, who had struck journal in the city, so badly bitten by a crab that it will have be amputated. So sweet would hot readily release. journal in the city, and, at the time ef his I Judge JOSHUA BAKER, K. GAHT. Thorns Layton, Bsq. , President Southern Bank, South? amrM ormms ana steamers xresa me death, was connected with the Railroad Jour - I FIFTH DISTRICT New Orleans. Tlmefrom Sew Orlei. to How york - 3 daya hal. I The venerable Catholic Cleray. thmughout the JJJJJ'Sm t ry Ppt. W L Heradon . widow has I Zdnu, mS."! trwnMUl U, Um. "".iB8!l,Si', on the Amazon. I ured that .ncha remedy U wanted by those who mTUsUJi. : ; I Buffer strumous comulalnta and that one BeconuBendaOon of the Most Bev. Archbishop Of sWWBePMLTDg - ggj SsELSSSS srEbLTL mmB 1 S6 1866. KruPtiTe Dleeww, "cew. Pimples, Blotches, t JOHS, Archblihop of Hew York. txaln I Tumors, Salt Bheum, Scald Head, Syphlhs id th!f2r?tw! sWJRsWfclWeaPfcM1Ws! JPl"Uo AffecUona Mercurial disease, Dropsy, .commendation of the Most Bev. Archbishop of , , m - Wm - - wd t neuralgia or Tic Doloreaux. Debility, Dypepaia ?. ,h arcnDunopor pj olass "earner, runnlnj to How Iberia and MOBILE ASD OHIO BAILBOAD. and Iniligertion, Bryslpelaa, Bose or St. Anthony's .w.ww connecfwitaTSe re, and indeed the whole class of complaint y ll J fi f'gbt deceived at the Company S ritj - landlns, cts of the case, mMlsra&kmlSi hums wWche - terta e b thaTseaonol Pral elergy will plea - e recommend the work to ' cbUtrStlJXaZEUmupL 3 to enable the MOBXS andOHNB BAILBOA1D toATR) where thjZ By the UmeljLvonottheTi tbelr recUre nock either from the pulpit, or 22f Chief Bnataoor aad Oonoratfnpt a the wind. pessenger. have choice of Boutes to the Northern rankling disorders are nipped in the bud. Multi - they shaB deem most suitable aiidettcaeioua MOBILE ying at one of IndEMtarn Ciliet tude. can. bv the aid of this remedy Bnare them I M. J. SPALDING, Archbishop of Baltimore. far from Court Thendid Boad is laid with a HEAVY FISH saCeta 1 the sa7MmsTmZ Baltimore Feast of S. 8. Peter aad Paul. AND ORKAT HOBTHRRN davs I moUon, ind eriSnceouofher j ZJVJSS31tllh I BecommendaUon of the Most Bev. Archbishop ot ' . ; ' ' WEk lJSZ. t"SSsSsSstS ESSSE" bost"" iK ae$ or srss&ssk xjjs znzzz. fhiladblphia SI lBte5s?0aPw ArchbUhopofHtw OrLna Pa - engw. iv. daOy frs - the SepH of the pay a visit to I Fm1 Time aiid (loCatoortki. with thillllnei. I been egregioualy deceirod by prepare - I J. W. BKABLKV'S ufliWx D.S. Marshal I Central Railroad at Cairo, for all points Horth, Bast I tlon.of it, partly because the drug alone has not I WOBLD BENOWNBD PATENT OOMJMBOS, ADOOBTA thln"lnycl WplOX MUl - tte I KHOXVILXB, HASHVLLLB, Stti t"t'.f!!?.?tin,bUt UtU nh TlrtM (OB DOUBLE) 8 TB BL SPBIBG BKIBT. LYHCHBUBO, Wtrflmu S?Z& tt&&SrU rrnedhy B, J. C. A,.r C, Xw. "ZSZ'Xu Berth and B I cnuecUoleotclrKe: tnsferred Bt U I P "yga cHBBBYPBCTOBAL hasoh'foTltaelf I 5 "sneraUyOun I t , EotmuU ntCAi. I B kU.t ? gfeto I such a renown for the cure of every variety of I nnyielding and bungling SINGLE SPBIBG myfi'66 - ly andwiteSfeand S&SUSOsT Throat and Lung Complaint that it is entirely unne - Hoop Skir h - at U.t been enUrely overcmein olrrrHAMntAri, lt - fJAPpanio Aira Horth or Ea.t from Cairo, before applying for quality 1. kept up to the beat it ever has been, and I These 8KIBTS were introduced into the market a Departure of Cars Fare Low and Speed Faster than byfnther Avert Cathartic PHI., for the Core f I ?Uar dTDt" "ese peases over all Hoop BteasaTram. J .. Chlef Bnaineer and GeaeVsnriStendenL CosUvenesa Jaundice, DyspepaU. indigestion, ""11 TT - t ,2u " " ,?S - fJS aulm f GerWdckTgent. PuTumaM 5 & ? . - !! ? pN. ll I tols Of I I Liver Complaint, Drop - y. Tetter, Tumors and Salt I SStVutft? of DDPLBX iZ ' ?S " 1 them BOOTS AND SHOES I Rheum, Worm Gout, Neuralgia, a. a Dinner Pill I rjrngS. I . T. Z S - H O, BVBBY DBCBIPTIOBI IperHuSw J1S V. Horse 'car. TaJ PBICBCBHTBPBBBOX - FIVBBOXBSFOBSL Ssii jSSSaSSV. men and eminent personages, have lent their they surpass all others, and are unequaled, theya at 1 o'eioek P. M names to certify the unparalleled usefulness of readily adapt themselves to any and erery emei On and after May eth, the trains wul leave elth MORBiS WOOLS. these remedies, but our space here wUl not permit gency .nd exigency, folding as easily as a end of the Bead oa SUNDAYS, at every half hou the insertion of them. The Agents below named J , from S until S o'clock P. M. furniah gratis our American Almanac In which SttK OB MUSLIN DRESS netheeeprtaelpled dealer, with Fare, 15 cents each way. paHDBLY, " Oh j I I waf thebeat aid there 1.01. and oley I MOST AGBBBABLB AND STYLISH BKIBT BVBB x - v IBBCT BO CTB FROM HBW OatLBAsTS TO BBW I I should have it. ' .. U anper I on hand I our remedies are for sale by I MAHTJFACTUBBD. York - Important to travelers between Bew Or - I la every Style. I DE1Hgt LEGATEES AND NEXT OF who sell JJjt the (laetanatfta Jlew Terk, as4 SB is, 1 1, Coc - UUngmparto, " V" XJZTZS? J JXSSl 3 She" BIOBB1 I TH LED TO PROPERTY IN ENGLAND, WALES, ' TBlTT Wlb!"'tCTWt'',,d7, T'" I .tH SweteJ mm BRITISH AKU Cmji iJSBWTS MOT 46 WA8H BT. BOSTON, MASs", oSrwP v" ! J boom a, 10 to 4 daixy p. o. box "01 "ummmm Ami infants, whab. elauaei8 BATOHExVOR - S HAIB DYE. " '""TZTZJ!' Tosether with a Full Stock of plantation I " 1" which the heirs, legatee, and next or I amiy at tba oStoo of the Bow Orleans, leekaeasest OODS, sneh as I kin cannot be round, and hare been advertised for I The Original aad Best to the World! The eary Great Borthere anrean, 44 Oareadsle. street. saH MUD BOOTS, I 5 United Kingdom, Colonies Halted States and triie aad parnct Hair Dye. Harmless, Behahlo aad atBepot, or at the office of th. Atlantic aad Missis BUBSBTS, I rpollcaon toT .n I Fre t - msdl . ss slpptaW 11, 0,W, 104 0.11 j, Bew 5 - ZmZL - v?cSSZ 'Zr SI MaLABSM,e man same goods can be purchased elsewhere. Sgs and ufi onei U In VreTj 'aaTwhlre Batohatar. WW t(ZtothvlAgl the applicant has an apparent tiUe to property, a - also - T ZT rVh """.Slllter vunumm vmab wmmmm. OaQ sad Saoune our Bteck. 7V,iiTlSL. - o?Wbttdbah OBABIJB BAT0BBXOB, fcABOTBOLD, for wbkpocharge wUl be' ajad, maomt1f w Test M COBMIOB k GIBSOH Charges for preliminary searches coats of arms PIANOS I PIANOS t Mairnfkfetoira ef MOKKM nMs. ccpie.of n.eore, etc, etc, moderate. All letters LEAD PIPE SHEET ToEAD mBe5cTm.A. A. M. BICBUMABI, CoLJMMundmot CanabrUaMW cTwI; r 1ST CANAL STUBT. 9 ISO. P.yds Straet. 18SJ p. MTS Gr, u. a A Hse Jast reertved aaethec supply ef th. , eels, BAB OA. flnn.rohOeorgW. atetheomma, - oftSsbbL itHta - HSaHS " 'tT" jzj. Mttt.vs zzzZT The friends of President Johnson and of . his liberal policy of reconstruction, in the various parishes of the State, have now been heard from, and in concert with the National Union A Club of this city, the following list of Dele gates to the National Union Convention t Philadelphia, on the 14th of August, has been represent Louisiana therein. As this Convention is called by none of the old political parties, but has its organization among the independent friends of President Johnson throughout the Union, without re gard to former party affiliations, it no better representative delegates could be chcaen. All of these gentlemen are known 0? "ESE? 2 SSSZ to have been among the earliest and most pUU Md 6w Orleans, at the eurrrat. of ex - Eof this reote SS - a direct 11 - influential friends of the President and of change. The issue being at 66 dollar, (gold) will nil nZ from MemphU to Lorllto, his wise, eonstitutional policy of the recon - th" 7 nt n " ta" lpM struction of our common country. The Dele - From 1870 12, 000 win be annually appropriated UmMDmaatttrmKntma simmr t laat gation to Philadelphia is as fellows: JS 11 Wgttftjg Ujd CHAKLR8 BlEtVKHU, BOBBKTJ. KBS. J AKiJl. IILtZh S c - ffiiK,2a..ifW i toes AYEK'S SARSAPARILLA. ?wot mtTboIS Se?lieStt tS BUPPBBa, sea., I mno 1?"' I HOOr be sure they ga the GBBtHBB wUheei change, offer, to 1 1 a eegaeeet ROMAN LOAN. To insure the Treasury of the State of the Holy l"0 J' ft ! S nt" jfi r'Z?LV. wmtt, morth. bast, warnnto plaokb ad "Hcnl oTtliwltvi I BHOBTS8T ttUra'aJin CHXAPSST sans. cilLo UTttas loan t"xtix (f doUars gold ' sS - WsfflsB3sWsJBjsBssWLsB f0L.thenhua,.do1' ddbond - rPRsmo or m great middls noun to Hdd be cent, intere tt per annum. In sold, th coupon. MEMPHIS A9D LO0I8VILLB RAILROAD LOT. RAILROADS. looked, for in a day or two.

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