The Observer from London, Greater London, England on September 29, 1957 · 20
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The Observer from London, Greater London, England · 20

London, Greater London, England
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Sunday, September 29, 1957
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20 THE OBSERVER, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1957 Racing Midget II Wins Big Prize By John Hislop ANOTHER good race went to France at Ascot yesterday when the favourite. Midget II, won the valuable Queen Elizabeth II Stakes by half a length from the out-lider Bellborough, with her compatriot El Reljcano a length away, Lhard, and lack Ketch fourth. Although Midget II was an obvious choice on form, she had not much in hand of El Relicano on their running together m France, while both Even Star and Jack Ketch were hough! 10 have at leas firsi-rsie outside chances. Seldom if ever, has Alec Head produced Midget il looking better Though the :s nearmg the end of a busy season, hc looked both big in condition and fit. E.: Relicario is a big, imposing colt. i t "'c "c aiso jooicea e templed to say a miniature, as. like his sire Hyperion, he u a small horse bul very well made, and was dwarfed bs Midgel II and EJ Relicano Most paddock critics eniered the ring with only one idea .- io back the favourite As, a result sh; hardened to odds-cm. . El Relicario, Even Star and Midgel II impressed most on the way to the post. "u. tt zsxnca -10 naa oegun lo sweat on Bis bodv. while High Veldt was lather- 5. Vh ungns tor some "for ,?f ung (Crcme DC1W v-iantulv, ihej call it in France) viewed as an ominous sign among racing people Off to Good Start El Relicano ard Even Star were rather resTrve at the post, but the wveti runners Soi off to 3 good sun Even Star and El Relicano followed b Jack Ketch. High Veldt and Midget II. were all proTTunem for the first five furlongs. Midget LI moved smoothly up on ihe inside but no sooner had she obtained Un. good position Lha.n shr dropped back as if squeezed oui. Breasie did not orry her, following the leaders into Uie stiatght close on their heels. At this pom i EJ Re I tea no was in front, but Midget J I could be seen going very well, and u seemed only a maiter olf whether Breaslev found an opening.. Things enr hts" way and he was able to come through and move smoothly up lo El Relicano. beading him about a furlong and a half out. Midget 11 ran on well, though laying her ears back and switching her tail as she always does, and passod the post rather a comfortable half-length to the good. The hrst of the two autumn meetings ai Ascot opened quietly last Thursday with a small attendance To the regular racegoer this is no great hardship Though the lawns, more spacious than ever sance the alterations to the course, had a bare look, compared w,th (heir Uirnnaed appearance at the Roval meeting, u is always pleasant 10 be able to move about freely Large crowds are a good sign and necessary for the economy of am important racecourse, but they can make racing a wearing business Getting a look at the horses in the paddock becomes some citing of a struggle, and a horse can go from six io one io evens whiJe a punter is irytng to get through a group of speciators. there ftv purely social reasons. Thursday was a dull da s racing and -almost too desened for fun, but Tdav's attendance was a connoisseur s crowd . enough friends there, but pleniy of -oom and good racing, It k pos-ahle thai those who w-cnt -o -Vent on Friday w the winner of the Cf-iT-witch, namely, Rally, who came with a la:e run to snatch the Gordon Carter handicap from Persian Flag and Papdl'o on the post Kafly is the best handicap stayer in the country on soft going and is relatively betier beyond the two miles of Friday's race, so the extra two furlongs of the Ccsarewtcth should suit him perfectly He is a beautifully made, srronc geldina. " black as the ace of Spades,'' game, and has a mot effective I tin i stung run. He is weighted at v si. 2 lb :n the Cesarewirch. out had 2 lb more at Ascot and would have no trouble m carrying a Household Cavalryman in full kit. Ascot Details J.O. DLVIDAL, b c by My Babu Farthing DamaEts (Mr I Collier) lA Bremley). 8-1. 1 Avtbor, 3-1. 2- Pbm, 4-1. 3. Abo: 11-4 Nivil Fishier, 9 Rortrlo, 10 Gladioli, tw-i M-(ic Puncc. Ricb Stamen, 20 c II Fur-rushed. Raventuli IW; tarDe (P Nelson i T. if fl 3. lOd . 9i 4d.. lit 10d. 9. 4d J JO. BR!LXJAT STONE, br f b Bcvram Ct-hle tLi-Col R Tailor) (L pigiiotd, 7- i 1. FetroveUs, 100-S. 1, St. Lucia. 100-cs i ,-1 Skep, 6 Croe Tlk, IU Lm :o Anne & Chioi. Sun Chaai, Ctume Mre pir'inc. Plain Gc.ld. Fur L U Good u G d J -5 wrae fN Murli T-Me ILK LOd Ad . ID 6d I J 3 .0. F A fLTLESS SPEECH, m c by Lm-peciwblc Liaht 0.mincm t Mr H Watlimrton i iG L?ui L 0-S I Ok)t. 9-:, 2 Kihalt. 8- 1 i Mii L 1 -2 MiAqucraJr Jmic An 10 Cnuntrv House. High fidelity 1U0-S Dc WTxla b I e Nero i Loe ondcr h . lOO-1 Mirrrrd -0 nn of Cuidcmin Mar-Con Joi a OciLBtn J. li 'H WilmPa J Toit-il i- fcd n d . 12i 8d . 12 3.35, MIDGET II. tr I by Diebe Mum (M P WenneiraeM A Brtaslo) 6-5 on 1 Bcinmrouft, 1 2 EJ RtUcarlo. 11-2, 5 Also " TjcK KfiB Ecd Slr. 100-Q Tudnr Jinkl 100" HiB V eldi .t. ll (A Head, in Fiance ) Toie i . 6 . l 2a 2d Dull forecut 4 6d 4-5. JOCK'S LOOGE. ch b Jock Ikoi Servian I Mi F "sewton-DtatiriJ i D KeichJ. 1.004 i, Spacfuus. 5-1 2. Diction, U-2 1 bo Manncrhcim h Acer. IC Milan. 1M-S Gripcvine lOO-" Arxbcique Fur Victor, 30 Mrria'le. Ttcc 21-2) Stick-Icy l Tote i-? Si lil. 1 I2t, lthj 0d, lOd 4.33. VARIETY KING, b i by TuOor Hin-ti el La Br isaoiinc tMi H G Blra a r F Durr' 1D0-9 I. LoppTtacs. 9-2. 2, ltcnacld, "f-l 3 Also 0 Montero Heloac. 10CM Ccrh-rddici 1&0-- Oorlttnc Harmon, 30 Chargcjr Hi W ido II Aidcw. Fruty Scot. Kint Rennet U.iliim F t - J: 21 H G BLiiraei Toic 1 l3i 6d , 9i 2d. "? m Tote T'eble 1 LS Tote Eouble ,0a Thirsk 2.15. RUSTY BAH iR Be nton) ICH. I Scotch Leac, T-3 fi v 2 Mear) -to-Round, iOM i IS ran -tl 1 - iP Taylor j Tote f 5s 6d 18a d Qa 6d f? lOd 1.15. HARD AND SHARP tE Hide). 13-2. 1 La Tufbic. 20l 2 Nanjttit Nmcj. 25-L S 20 ran Sh hd -1 'R PcaciKi J Toie 1 Pi 10d 16a fed 3 It ad 1 fi 4d 3.15. RLTHEHrORD BRIDGE iJ Mtrcrri 9-1 1. Afabof't Star. 100-A 1 Freach Charm, irl J 1$ rta V nmt 1R J Coltmg 1 Toie 12s $d 6s Jd 5i , 19a 6d 35. ROI Kt STAR C Hoi nun ) IDO-y I VUrrlp. :-L 2 P.Uim, 10O-" 3 H rm il na iJ Calven i T,mc O 2a. 2d 1 10d t &t 2d . I9t 2d 4.15-4PMUW a G BronJ "1. 1. Gait Slock, 11-2 rat j. BIbeIc. ' I f ll ran Vlt t ' -J i U hariort i T.Me 2 12s Ad . 16 M i id . a. UDICATIRC Ei !ien rtfffjn 1 iu on : Hctai Hx. !i t1 BeL.erh ) Tote Forecast Lit Tie 3i-l lit Do. 3 rar STe. ad Sir i,i Hi ,fie til 2s NEWTON ABBOT NH. 2 30 Tatjer III lli-lO m 10 SeiTi Sun (9-2 j 130 Faraji 11 -S- JO Crjdell c?-l onl 4 JO, P:io.t Stephen iM i S n 3iam: HEAFORD N.H. ; 0 Lone d ventures llW-Si 2 30 Eaitero CSnce lS-2 ct- i JO SoLfcrene i-l u J to HNmbcy (4-1 i 0 Preamri.e fn). 4 30 Red Emt-er (8-1) HEXHAM .H. 2 0. M-ei Croti on?. 2 ?f) The Cailant ill-S on) 10 Much Improved ;L-i, i jo Cocitbndat fem fa 4 0 Khorem (100-6) 4 30 Origin' t-It United Stale S friinfi 1 tat Dublin), North of Entiirtil Lcafu O Stoof vdiaru 2 Heama Mrrxev t) Ptrr" 0 O MJLiscunut L, S Marti-besier an 10 Winchester hat SO V Ojcawl 10 Mellor h .-mam Lawn Tevala. Mim P- Ward Britain) and Mmc S Chartricr iFrancel on ide -.omen i ductile in iw Marcel Poree Cup m Par yetterija Kauri ine German imert. I and E 1 Budmi " - f i in ihe float ' Lord Dertj a rt-elied Prendem of tbe 1 AJnaieur fisum Mo.iuoa and Mr J O Mclru-?a hnn ai lie anniu: met M in ! L-V - Mieida) I Rugby Union Round-up Harlequins Stay Unbeaten By a Staff Reporter VJ7HILE the Welsh clubs kept themselves very much to tbem- TT selves yesterday, London entertained, and was enter tained by, a number of distinguished visiting clubs from other points of the Rugby compass. For all but Liverpool and Bath the journey was costly. Waterloo, formidable m their concentration of international and county talent, went down heavily by 25 points to three at Rosslyn Park's new Roehampton borne. From the Midlands came unbeaten Lesson for Victors By H. B. Toft ! Roaalyn t li pta. Waterloo . 3 since the law-makers 17 VFH reduced the number of tight scrummages and consequently destroyed the excessive dominance of hookers and wing forwards, open play has been well-nigh unavoidable. And this state of the game looks stable enough, thank goodness, to last indefinitely Only the last five minutes of vestet-dav's match at RoehamDton, at the new ! and very pleasant home of Rosslvtl Park. i gavl. in, prorolse of the boldness and i 3ash wmcn both Rossi, n Park and Waterloo must sure) show before ihe season u much older. In those five minuitv Rvn Park scored a brilliant At A f tH- ,rtllrh1in, nnrf out of the blue, and an equally brtihani tr from quick passing, a perfect ctos middle. The hnal score, at two Hoaii. one dropped goal, one penahv goal anJ thw mVTirTnm. nenaln aoal. looks ovrrwhelm,nB enouah. bm m fact umiL that final effort the score had been better counted as two canceling penalty oals. seven leeble tatlures by Waterloo ;o tackle, and one inicrception Good Work Spoiled Rosslyn Eark had none of these failure nnrl iKirrfnrr Hevrverl everv point of their wmT but thev would do well to sec it as a lesson raiocr man a victory. In terms of quickness and skill, indeed, the losers had the outstanding player in R. I. Shuttleworth at scrum-half. At a slightly tower level came P. Benlca-Coker. Rosslyn Park, a powerful centre who alone was always looking hungrily for a gap to attack, and A. J. Crick, the Kosshn Park scrum-half, who. most favoured by poor tackling, scored a iry started another and dropped a remarkable goal In defence both sides kicked strongly, particularly R. Uren, the Wa;erloo fullback, who still likes to make his difficult by letting the halt bounce, but swings a tremendous punch when he I U . T"W Ui'a( l KIV" niinftCH lilt lituZ. i in forwards also covered gallantly, but I Rosslvn Park overwhelmed them in the loose by a massive and industrious pack, with two giants. R. Hardham and D. F. : Brown, for (he Une-ouls. Fust. Benlca-Coker and then Crick scored m the first half by rudely brush-ino aide severai limn Waterloo arms. Hogg converted one of these, Waterloo Dapped again, merfcciivcly. ai .Cnck zsvi , cepted ai halt way and cm over con,- foriablv. and Dean (Waierlool and Iron- monger (Rosslvn Park) kicLcd penalty goals Finally the game woke up, Crick , dropped hi. goal. mde anuihcr break Hardham cross kicked and T Thomas i scored a splendid iry convened b Hojg I . KCSUltS AJdrrshoi Sen ..1 O Pauline . Birkenbed Pk 9 Mant-healer BndceTHl ts Exciei BrhJjifr 14 Mlddlen K Crlitl 17 Abcrton ChelienbRm 9 Ly inej Covcriry n sic .aling . . . . Gloitcaicr Gu H Ha icqmn Llanckly JLflndira Irisli ,. Lnndon Sclsh Neath ... Ncpon Norihampioa OMT i PI mouib A. PfinivpooL Bart: Liu Bank 9 Braiol . 0 Blatkhcaih 19 Lewwicr SJ West Wles XV 11 St. Thermas'i H 33 Caiford Bridie B Maesteg 19 Sintea Ai L S Portsmouth 14 London Scotlih 3 Barnstaple 14 Peoarth t Fiaaimr D Oro Redruth Ai Dcvonpon Svct. Bedford Witcrloo Ebb Vle Bath Liverpool Met Police StreattuJn Si Ban H. - Richmond Rucby St Miry'i H. Siracea Taunton TL)rquy L' i . Chuhtra Bee OB O Readififlrrmm 0, Guitdfcrtl ( R M A. SawJb.uil 0. Honskns Bk. 0 Southend 34 J unu 0 O. Ouiam 1 1 Li on 20 Siemen 14, N Bank ft t) Ernb?an t4, O Ibanisnii R Leichorth 6: O GiyinniBn l1 O RcHttlaO 3. O MMcinuiu 12 O Recdoman 14. Stic! ford 11 Ipwteh 16, Tio-mnLHh 6 O. Bluen n. V C S O Boy, t Trolana 5 I Scboots' Mattbci. All Hallows 6 D I I Crahaw XV L0 ake i Sidcup G S fv I Bet U Brckentiam 13. Bcdturd 0 Bedim J ' lAand H. Colt Theater R G 5 Wn,jd- . hnrter I Downside 3 Harlequin i :i Duln:h 8 Vi'himfi 0 Eastbourne 0 Htr.e qutna XV 16, Ld Wandnrth v Htidmiirf i X lis riakham I e G R l.eihen t W li Rocftciifr M Kngt. Rocbeatu ll Si JoieDhi Acad M Selhurat G S 0 S( Man-lebone G 5 37 C ha wick G S. 0. Suiton C S i Laiyroer L'pper 10 Taunton b O Tauntoman 21 Wamlcad C H S. 9 O Hercmans flocJtJcv GS 5 Colic O S T. Eliham 2i KaberdMEirr's Aake 0 Fmanucl ft Rnanlvn Pk li. Erlth GS STiooien H GS r Forel S Vivwmin Ki ns F d a rd" Mor -pcth ft (t OS Newcaaile 6. Perse ft 0 Per-fcsn Porwmouth. G S OR D Tee's XV 38 R r, S Guildford 2ft tltlersha Q Surrn-lon CGS 36 Purie b. Chatham Hac. Ranw-gate 22 Maidstone G S fl Hereford Caih Stb 21 H A F Mprenticea 0 Weatcliff H S 36 Totienham CHS a St Mirykbone GS 37 Chuwick C G S n Bee Sch 11 Beck en him GS )J. Kmt Wilhann Coll 5 Cbesiir " A ' Glasgow Athletics Results at the international flood tit ahlencs meeting at Ibrox Stadium. Gl-isgow. last night ue-re inn rA n Carraahrr i AusiraHaf H ' I 7 Jartcmbk fPoland) 1 A Bmcker ' (A A A I ? ; 44fl Yard, 1 ir SaluNirv (A A 1 2s ' F P Hivsiru 'AAA' 485a 2. 1 Makriaiulti 1 Poland) M s 3 BIO Yard. M A Farrr'l (A A A i 1m ) Z t"n-au 'PniandS 2 M T Blaitnvc M A A ) MUr - S LrindowitiiL (Poland) Jm 2j . 1 j f, D IhH.'(on i A A A ) 4m 3 O 1 Errr't 'S A A A i 3 Totm Mli !). Ci Knjtflt fAAAi Hm i t 1 Z Krvii iax Pnland f 2 F 'U-n iPnland 1 4 110 rnnl Retmy. Tland 'A ' ! S iSAt'Mnh ilknmrn recd) AAA il 4 ; Poland B dime thi Beni 1 IW arth Htmllea. E Busaia (Poland) 1 J n I P B Hildreih i A A A f 2. J K mirtski ipr-landh I 440 d. HnrdV T S Farrcll (A A A 1 i P i 1 P B Hildrerh, i A A A ) 2 2. C Maithe i A A A 1 5" ft i 220 arth " A " Rac. - B Shenmn ' A A A i : 1 Z Baranowski fPoland), 2, G Mach -pt and' 1 22B 1 arti " O Carramher Australia i 1 E Boelt i PuLand 3 A BreaiAer 'A A A I 1 Hlrk Jsmp iDaeai. J Skiirn', 'Poland l ht; im 7 LcanJ.--wlti 'P'llandi : r rrkjafN i A A A i and A R CJiaddertors , i i i trito. J Sdk-i ipc-iandi 2n i c g ! SmithiAAA : C V Iceland M A A l 1 I PcV"'crZM TS??i a a n ff 2 E u ard i a a a i n n 3 wome i iw Sard. h i ojm a a a . loos (S'Hisb ailramcT rcorcti 1 1 lesion Wv: P V" ',c M? IIHS VetXd'. VKi DuSe'S iw. a A i :? Ja 2 C JeaTonowaka fPoiandJ. I is 3 440 lania, a. j LKJdcriage , A l " 1 Murohv i AAA - h Gabor 'P'andi 440 arda " B."l Rufl iw a . j S I i - G Hermin (S A A . : S Duman i& AAA) 3 86 Mefrw Honfln.-C Quinin (H A-A A ). 11 ) M S1oima.i (Poland) 2 I Pond s . A i 3 Mlkton Bm -G Walsh, m ear-old South African won the annua London to BnsblOfi run ieierdai ir the record tunc of J la 26 tr.r. 20 ec Leicester to play the unbeaten Harlequins. It was Leicester's record .hat went. At half-time ihe clubj drew, six points each, but in the second half (he Quins added ) poinl$ to their score, the resourceful Simons scoring two fine tries. Richmond, ai home to Bedford, beat their v or by 21 poinl to II. More speed and ideas behind the scrum gave Liverpool a convincing victors over the Saracens (16 points to ix). The Saracens' fly-half Frazer kicked j remarkable petialtv in this match, from near the touch and only 10 yards from ihe line, making the hall swing between the posts. Bath won their match against Si. Marys Hospital less comfortable t eight points to six) with all the score and most of the action coming in the first half. Scoring Full-back There were three important all-Welsh game1 Cardiff, unbeaten, but forced to a draw h Hhbw Vale on Wednes day, were not so hard pressed in their ' -k-mm .hi jr i ' rMm" l CIPh John SCOrl 1WQ f Cardiff's tries, his first after a brilliant w i'ding 60-yard run. .Nrwpori beat Swansea by IV points Tn J. - j . - ck. coring 10 his side s points witn kicking. The losers in Lne wo nx1ur hdd ih been hit by flu Neath kept ihcir month-old ground record in iheir march wiih Maesieg. winning by 8 noinTs to nil. Maesteg s pack looked like overrunning NeaTh in the firy halt, bui three time when they were on the Neath line ihcy were sent back pcnali.ted. Neath eraduaHv over came the pack, and after ?f minutes wen- able io bring their backs, greaily superior to those oi Maesteg. into the game C. Roberts on the right and u. Danes on the left wing scored ines, one of which W Young converted. The big game in the soufh-west, Gloucester v. Bristol, went to the home le3m (9 points io 3). who alone crossed ihe line and then only once In the Midlands, Coventry narrowly beat Sale H7 poinr.s to 14) m a forward struggle, wnh the young Coventry hooker, H. Godwin, holding his own against England's E, Evans. Northamp-(on more than made up for last week's defeat by Richmond by defeating the United Services (PorLsmauih by 43 points to 3, Against a side sull in the process of team budding, they reached double figures in a quarter of'an hour Richmond's Backs Baffle Bedford By Geoffrey Nicholson Ricbmood 21 ptn. Bedford 11 1CHMOND. who unexpectedly club their come-uppanco last week, proceeiied Io do the same estcrday for anolher Midlands cluh. Bedford. T)ie vmn by three goals (P. H. Rvan. concerted T C M I mi. R 3 Molt and P. M. doling, mnvcrled N. VI, Hall), a try IK. J. Selley) and id irvildiiy. aim L.Y UJiig. lu A gIMi I and two penalties (D. Heaton scor- ins all his sides points.) Richrn inid were nrtnl in control by the interval Afttr a shtrt penod of sloppy pawns and nwhandling. both wcks settled down to a fast open game which wjs kept up until well irHO the second haif flotn teams entcrexl into the spirit of it, hui while Richmond wtre soon ahW lo predict ihal afl Bedford jtuck from hehind the scrum would develop from the centres, Heaton and D. Pugti, Bedford had the whokc Richmond Kaclt division lo contend with. dm itted.1 y hope rose h i the r when the ball went out to B M Gray, on the right wing, than when il went left, but both centres and halves had to be eonunuaUy watched, and Hall, at full hack, is not the man to kick when play can be open-d oul. World Fencing, Golf, Athletics : Page 19 I In P M Voung and P. H. Rvan. Richmond musi have two ol the finest i win forwards to play for one team. , It hj1. Ran who wjs there to score i the tirs4 try. from ihe pass of scrum-; half Smith after he had broken away ' from ii wrrum. it is Young who made the running ' for Movie's tr, and a few minutes j Liter scored himself when Smith, run-I ning round the front of the Iineout, found his way blocked But for numer-I ous infnngcriierKs, which alone reduced the tempo of the game tn this period. ano wnicn were piacra m neuer gpai-kicking positions for Bedford, Richmond would have had more than a hse-potnt lead at half-time. The Lw 20 minuics were dreadfully dull. Onlv one good thing came as relief: a dfopped pass and a smirt miercenijon bv Heaton which put a betier complexion on Bedford's score An old man wandered out of the ground muttering. " Rubbish ! Rubbish 1 " But that was plainly ungrateful Rowing Fours Title for Christchurch TN the first championship regatta of the South Coast Amaieur Rowing Association, held in Poole Harbour yesterday, lhe chief event, lhe senior championship fours, was won bv ihe favourites, Christchurch. from Folkestone. Christchurch always had the race in ha nd and won nv a knih and 1 h rec-Ljuaricrs or iheni this was the end of a fine sca.von and the besi in the historv of lhe cluh. Results. Stoior chamipfoaialp loan. ChrniLhurcii, l . F nlkctonr , 2 Dartmnih lmmlnr-tmior rfeaiapJ naft alp fonra, Brunh Tranapon Com- i mnainn. ( tuaei pro : minampton j. , Jantor rksiapioMMp fr. -BTf . I, Hex hi L I 2 Danminjth. j Ladln' rfcaaaplaatkilp (oars. 1 Arpha J; Oiratit. hurt h 2 C F A Opta ttwrior foar. -Bit I Southampton H and ' A ' rrcw Idead heal) 2 ! Cooperman Out of I Sabre Final O COOPERMAN lailed to wm a R AaV - bmjt n lhe semi-finals of the individual sahre event at the World f-cncipg championsh ips in Paris yesterday and was eliminated, The only survivor of the MX BntLsh challengers with the sabre. Cooperman uod for hrst place m hs quarter-final Pool w,.a j PawlowsV,. of Poland. Both had three siciorws and lf hiLs against, rawlowski went on lo win ihe title. Bradford N. 2& Whnebiveo 16, Brunley 15 Swintoa U. Cutleford 15 Rorhdite H 3 OcAtbury 2 FcatbewoDc R. 17. Halifli 32 Lecdi 0: Hull K K 16 Kdihlcr 9. HuMlci 1 Hull 1. Leiih 13 York S Si Helen) iTWir-nngioa 2. Salford 16 Liverpool C. , Wtdnes 26 Dodcuut 8. Win- 4? Barrow 5. Uorkirm-io T. 1 OUUum It. Wakefield 23 HiKldtrt-fltld . Magne Lysiad, Norwegian Scandinavian sport of orientation, described below. Running at Night in Norway From CHRISTOPHER BRASHER Trondhetm, September 28 T HAVE just taken part, for ihe A first time in one of the best sportt in the work. It is difficult to know what to call it. The Norwegians call it " orientation," and it involves cross-country running with a map and compass. It is tremendously popular all over Scandtnarvia, and the Norwegians have wondered why il i unknown in Britain. Hence an mutation to vimt Norway lo take part in a night orientation race and watch the Scandinavian championship which siarr here in Trondheim 10-m or row morning. wasn't entirely conlident about this mghl orientation race. We changed in a Home Guard clubhouse just outside Oslo. A veteran competitor anyone over 35 said that he had jiarted his onematton in a niflht race, too. One runner fell over a chfi and never came back. Shine Your Torch In a night race everyone starts at the same time, but in a normal day race the competitors leave at minute intervals along a marked track to the true start, where they are given a map .showing their posiiion and that of the first control. With the aid of a compass they must get to ihe hrst control by the last-cst route, The country is densely wooded and the terrain, all hiH.s and valleys, looks as if i had been sculptured by an immense Atlantic gale. Accuracy is essential, ft is easy to pass within 10 yards of a control and mijis it, particularly at night, when you have to shine your torch directly on lo the red reflector marking the post. At the control your map is stamped and you are given the position of the next control and so on until the finwh, Our course was four miles long with six controls. At 7 p.m. we lined up two by rwo and trotted off to the start along the road and then siraight up info the forest. Wc looked like a cross between a party of speleologists and a team of baseball players off for vigorous evening t training. The organiser lost the start, but 80 lorches combing through the woods soon pinpointed it. There were last-minute instructions io report back hy 10.15 p.m. whatever happened, a marked map face down under the foot of one partner, and then we were off. By the time I had soried the direc-lion out everyone else was away, lights fanning out between the trees and disappearing at immense speed. We followed in the wake of a man with denim shorts and braces over long, white gaberdine ski trousers. It looked as if Walt Dttney was reconstructing an Alaskan gold rush. My partner, Rolf Engh, and I landed up in a swamp, marsh, or bog according to the Norwegian-English dictionary. It was very wet. Lawn Thrilling Match Won by Rosewall By TONY ItTEN ROSEWALL, making his first appearance in this country as a prcifessiopal, won trie international tournament at Wembley last night when he defeated Pancho Segura by 16, 63, 64, 36, 6- A. li w ihrilling dwssboard match without the big hitting of jkwoch finals, but with each player moving lhe other about over the full Width and depth of the court in a leries of beautifully played ralhcv The Altai must fee viewed in- the tight ot Scgura's foftr and a half hours on court the previous evening. Me can hardly hmve recovered completely, even though at 36, he must be ihe fastest and titicsi man n fn tennis lo-day. To tirelch bit younger oppowni to ihe full Kve 'sets rrvusi therefore be considered a remarkable achievement in itself. He took the opening jet quickly while Rosewall was slip searching; for his touch. It did not cgmc until midway through the second syt when the Australian's increasing control began to make. Segura stretch. When Rosewall took the Ihird set wuh increasing confidence, Segura appeared to be weakening, But hack he came at Rosewall in the fourth set. when some of the finest rallies of lhe match were ptayed. The final set was a thriller, with Segura once again calling on hidden reserves of energy to pull back Rosewall from a .1 love lead to 3 all. tn a desperate finish with Segura beginning to suffer cramp in bit right hand and leg. the fresher Rpstwtrif took lhe two dnd a half hoar match in the tenth game. Few people who have watched the lawn tennis can have been disappointed in the standard of play Among the top players (here was a. consistency and accuracy of return thai was a joy to watch. In particular the art of returning the service which is the outstanding weakness in the amateur game to-day, was superbly demonstrated by Rosewall, Segura. Gonzales and Kramer . These players show their class unmis v 0 Arnulf Cundersen champion rot the unfamiliar There was a marsh on either side of the control we could go either north or south. It was very dark. A string of lights mined northwards past us on their way to Control 2. We went south, hit the control, stamped our map and marked our new direction. The next control was easier just below a line of chfls. We took the long way to Control 3 down through the woods, on to the road and then up a stream to the post. We were certain not to miss it that way. Roif disappeared up the road faster than my weekly game of squash allowed nw to run. This lime wc walked straight into the control while the lights of the parties that had come directly through the woods hunted 5 yards to our left. At the pace wc were going I thought we must be winning by an acre or two of wood, but Roff thought we weren't doing so well. The next control was in a swamp. We beaded west off our ridge, down through steep rocks and landed in it up to our knees. A Swiss r a rty l ra ini ng for tomorrow's international were splashing about at the other end. We circled the area twice, then ihe Swiss discovered it was fiva minutes after the control should have gone home. ' Let's all go home." We plunsed back into i he wood . skirted a lake and 15 minutes later stepped out of the trees on to the road within 10 yards of the headquarters. Accuracy comes easily when it in" nccesviry. The winners had been back an hour already )4 minules ahead of the second pair. Thcy are very experienced competitors, but the best people at night aren't always the best by day." The Norwegian champion. Maenc Lystad, the favourite for to-morrow's race, is in a class of his own. He won the Norwegian championship last Sunday by 1? minules. He is 25, a forestry worker just this side of ihe Swedish border, and 41 his life and happiness are in the forest." He has a special style of run nine, throwing his feet backwards and sideways like a woman running for a bos. It prevents his feet getting jammed between boulders. Never Relax Orientation is very like a motor rallv without the car. It is a magnificent combination of physical exercise and mental concent ration. If you relax your concentration for one minute, then you are lost. The Danes. Swedes and Swiss all adapt the conditions of the race to their own terrain. Scotland or. Wales could ma tch the Norwegian coun i ry . but you could also hold an orientation race in Epping Forest or Richmond Park A few people might even lose themselves in such a race in Hyde Park. Britain should try one .soon : it reouires only a map, a compass and a little energy. Tennis MO H RAM takably by the low percentage of unforced errors they make. Theu high degree of allround control demands that each shall win points by positive play, for they can enpect little in tbe way of loosely played strokes. Perhaps the only disappointment in the' tournament was the inability of the Wimbledon champion, Hoad, to measure up to this high class of play. Kramer a thicker, slower player than five yean ago showed up the present inconsistencies in Head's game. It is a sobering thought lhat Hood, who strode through the Wimbledon cham-pionshipsi like a Colossus bst June, is Row having to serve an apprenticeship in an altogether different class of lawn tennis. Lack of Familiarity His play, I thought, showed signs ol a lack of familiarity with the speed of the court. His manner of returning service on the backhand with a lifted stroke demands greater precision than he has -yet been amc to develop on this type of indoor court. His downfall came through this less reliable return probably due as much lo the lack of real opposition he found in the amateur game as from any other cause. Yci it is not difficult to imagine Hoad as king of them all after a year or two's practice in this high-pressure play. Gonzales's unlooked-for loss in the femi-hnals to lhat urcless bundle of energy, Pancbo Segura. may not yet be a sign of the champion's waning powers. He did not appear entirely tit. Certainly be was less buovant of manner and stride during this maich. For a plavcr who has always been noted for the power and consisicncy of his service. Gonzales showed a surprising deficiency in the number of first-service balls he was able to put into court against Segura. In lawn tenms lo scrse well is to play well, and with the edge gone from lhe charn- f non's strongest weapon, his game was ar below the razor-sharp play he produced tn that magnificent final against Sedgroan last year. Soccer Round-up Flu Affects Gates and Results By a Staff Reporter INFLUENZA left its mark on yesterday's games, causing abandonment of the Everton-Blackpool match in the First Division and the Gateshead-Mansfield match in the Third Division North. In addition nearly half the League clubs lost players; while attendances were less than normal a drop of more than 100,000 from last week's figure. It was a day when result could not be taken too seriously. In the First Division, Manchester United lost for lhe third time in four matches when Wolverhampton Wanderers beat them 3 1. But they were unfortunate to have to field four reserves when they were struggling to regain their old ascendancy. Wolverhampton's victory broueht them level at the too of the table with Nottingham Forest, whose winning run was ended by West Bromwich Albion, another team mat is well up with the leaders. The other newcomers to the Division. Leicester City, are still at lhe opposite end of the table, and there was little to cheer them in an overwhelming defeat by Aston Villa. With Froggart missing in the centre. Villa's forwards moved easily through the defence and they were four goals up by the interval. Crowlher and Saward kept them on the attack afterwards, but Moms reduced the lead before McParland, who had missed a number of chances, scored Villa's fifth near the end. Manchester City, reverting to their norfnal tactics, were more than a match for Tottenham Hotspur. After having 15 goals scored against them in two games they had the satisfaction of scoring live themselves, with early goals by Johnstone and Hayes getting them off to a flying start. In the Second Division, Charlton Athletic increased Ihcir lead by defeating Liverpool; their nearest rivals now are Blackburn Rovers and Fulham. While Blackbun come second on goal average after their 4 0 win at Swansea, Fulham, with Haynes at his most brilliant, beat Sheffield United 53. With the England insides passes opening the wa, Brntlcy and Dwignt had soon put Fulham two up, and Dwight went on to complete his hat-trick. Sheffield United were still in the nghl at 4 3, but a further goal from Dwight and anolher from Stevens settled the issue. Appropriately enough, the two promoted clubs, Ipswich Town and Derby County, drew their match 2 2. This was one of only four drawn games in all the Leagues an unusual feature of the day's play. At the foot of the lahlc, Cardiff O'ly, who must be wondering if they will emulate Derby County's disastrous slide from First to Third Division, gained hope and points from a victory over Doncaster, the result of a goal by Hewitt just before the interval. M-anchester City Back to Life By John Jones Manchester C. 5 Tottenham H...1 VTiTH Marsdcn playing in the " reserve icamT Ewing resumed his normal third back posiiion yesterday; Manchester City have reverted to orthodox policies of defence. Ewing is Herbert Chapman's idea of a defensive centre-half; ne is, to put it bluntly, a bit of a bath plug, lacking the flexibility and instinct for coumcr-11 1 lack that distinguishes Wright. Mac-Untay and one or two others. But he is effective in defence, and he plaed T big part in subduing a Tottenham atlnck which, after the lirst 10 minutes, rarely looked dnngemuv ToUenliLini's single goal was. in fjcl. scored b ihe M.mchi'sier nghi-bjck, Branag.m, ho knocked the bull out of his own goal-k.eper hands. It Tottenham's attack was muted, iheir defensive tactics wcrj questionable. Playing rwo attacking wing-halves, and with Stoke? and Durtmorc lying up Held, they ex peeled too much of Harnier in the wide middle spaces. Slovenly Four of Manchester's Jive goal were due to slow recovery or slovenly marking. Johnstone scored in 19 minutes, after goalkeeper Reynolds had been hit in the face by a hard drive from Fugim. Ten minules later Haves s!iprd through a wide gap and added a second. The fourth goal went in, off the outside of Hayes's boot, from a low-flying corner kick, and the fifth coal, too. was a sad spectacle. A misdirected backward pass found outside-left Fagan away on his own. and he turned inside lo offex Johnstone an easy shot. Thai meant two goals for Johnstone, who had a thoroughly cheerful afternoon in his rami liar role of deep-lying " centre-forward. The whole Manchesicr team 'have woken from nightmare: once again ihev arc their old, opportunist, none-loo-skilful selves. Motor Racing Coopers in Fastest Goodwood Race By Peter Lewis TN the fastest race ever run at Goodwood at a winning average speed of 94.43 mjB.h. R. Salvador! and J. Brabham, in 1,475-c.c. works Cooper-Climax Formula Two cars, gave a convincing demonstration of high-speed reliability during the final meeting of the season yesterday. Unly tour-tenths ot a second separated the two Coopers as thev crossed the finishing line, with Salvadori in hrst place, havm? led Brabham throughout the 10-lap race. It was2S see. before ihe third man. C. Allison fLmus-Chmax). came home. Durintr thts vcrv fast race Brabham put in one lap at 9b m,p,h. 0 mm. 30 scc.V a record for racing cars up io 1.500 c.c. and also a record lor formula Two cars. A Walk-away In the main event of the day, the 21-lap scratch race for non-supercharged sports cars of unlimited engine capacity, that formidable combination of VV. A. Scoit-Brown and the Lister-Jaguar walked away from the rest of the field-Having put "up the fastest lap in practice for this class at 1 mm 34.6 c, (equal to the present circuit record of 41.33 m p.h t Scott-Brown got well away from the head of the tine in ihe Le Mjiw-tpe siart. quickt established a commanding lead, and JinjHy won by 34 sec. from Brabham in the Tojeiro-Jaguar. This race was noiahlc for the way in which B. Njytor. driving a two-lure Lot us-Ma sc rati, challenged the more powerful cars and held third place behind from lap nine until lap 19. n the next tap. with onl) 3 sec. scparai-ing him from Brahham, Naylor crashed ai Woodcoie Corner, but was only slightly injured. 5M c.c. tlOAmp ciatrtH. S Lrww-Fva! (Bean Conner I, I Ruvwrll (Cooper Nonrnil. 2. D farkcr fC.rfipci Norton!. 3 rVinncT xpeed W ffl p h Madfwicfc Cp L . 100 c.c nn-supercriartcd upcim cam 1U laiwl A Slact (Lultm-Cdmixr I, ; K Hall fLmua-Ciim. 2. P-Aahdown Lulu-CUma), 3 Winner it speed ST 1H m P h Woudrolc Cap (Formula 7 1.500 CC racing car Ifl lap). R Slvadkri C"oopcr-Climal. I, J Bra Mum (Cooper -Chnui). 2. C. Aliuon f LfHirt-Oiina!. i Winner's tpced W 4? tn.p-h. Goodwond Trophr (Sports can of unlimited cpaLiy--21 laiM. A. Scon-Bron M.uler Jaauari 1 1 Brariham (Turtiro Jaguarl. 2 M Taylor rCMypc Jaguar), 3. Winner ipeed. 8K M m p h Man at- S porta Cara (scratch race. 10 lap) J F Datton (Austin Hralcyl. 1, H Carnegie (M.G A.). 2; A. T. Fomer (M.G.A.J, 3. Winncr'i ipeed : 76 73 m.p.b. Spot Car HndJcay ItacawMiaft P. Burt (Cooper-Ouiux). ); ft. Macketnie-Low (EJva-Cltnuxl. 2: K. A. Greene (Cooper-CUmajJ. 3. Charlton's Deadly Trio By H. A. PaVson Charlton 5 Liverpool 1 PHARLTON ATHLETIC strength-ened their position at the head of the Second Division yesterday When they beat their nearest rivals, Liverpool, by five goals to one. Against a team much weakened hy illness they played with poise and seemed lo have gat their confidence back. Their main strength, though, hes now in the concerted central atuck of Ayrc. Lcary and Summers all ccntre-forward5 by experience and inclination, all opportunists in front of goal. Contrast Thev make a cleverly contrasted Irio, with Summers, large and forceful, harging down ihe middle to distract tbe ccmrc-half while Ayrcs, small and swifl, darts m lo seize any loose ball, and Lcjry, subtle and deliberate, creates the openings which all are quick to take, from their power m attack came also a weakness in defence, for wnh the three insides usually lying far up there was a gap in mid-field into which the opposition coulrj move at will, Charlton's covering in front of goal was solid enough, but even so they appeared lo be taking calculated risks, relying on their forwards 10 score often enough lo outweigh anything Liverpool mighi do. They were soon rewarded. Lcary heat his man cleverly and sent Ayre racing away on tbe left. With the defence wailing for a high centre be passed hard along the ground, and Leary moved up with perfect understanding to flick the ball in. Immediately, Ayre beat Younger wilh a tine long shot, only for the hall to curl against the post. But Ayre, feinting to pass to the wing, shot sud-dcnlv, and as the surprised goalkeeper dived across, a ball which had been going wide slid through his hands and screwed gently into goal. Outstripped Now Liverpool, despite their natural lack of teamwork, began to press Charlton hard. particularly where Hammond's nonchalant play gave scope to Melia and Twentyman. But though A'Court on Ihe left-wing received a line flow of passes, and often showed how dangerous he can be, he was well wjlL'hcd hv hdwards -Micr ihe interval Charlton soon went further ahead when Ltarir outstripped ihe defence in a sudden burst of speedy and controlled dribbling before pushing the ball across an open goal. As usual the other insides were waiting, and though Summers's too-deliberate shot allowed Younger lo scramble back and parry il, Ayre pushed the rebound home. Another goal came when Lawne, a clever and intelligent winger, sent in a low shot which Ihe unsiahled goalkeeper could only push out, for Asrc lo score easily. Charlion relaxed sufficiently for Rowley to score with a line left-foot shot just after Duff had swept out a heudcr from him as it was bouncing over the line. Then, to complete a day of misfortune for Liverpool. Byrne passed back neatly into the corner of his own net, leaving Younger dejectedly across his goal. Amateur Results (0) . .t Eaitood (2) Ha mm. MornmDrc, Lrwa 5.00J F.a. Aaaalinr Cap. Preliminary Round Achilles (Inawkh) 9 Landsccr Ylh. Aylesbury Utd. 3 KidUoalon 0. llarnct V Enema T. 0, Beccles 4 Ipswich Vfcand. 1; Bcc ken-ham i Luton IChatham) 3. Bramham Ath. 5 Lc.sHin 2, Bury f 9 Kadlclch Uld. 1. Chcrl- scv T. 2 Lcathcrhcad 4. Chesham LUd Maidenhead Utd. 1. Ctikheiter Utd. 3 (Jold- stonc 1. CI)fD0fDrd 3 Bala Sets. 1; Civil Scr. 0 Molcscy 2, Crawley 1 Dorking I: Crltlall Alh. 2 Newmarket 2 Dasenham Cab. 2 Eton Man. 1. Ulocot T. S Blclchlcy Spls. 0. Eke Supp. Ipswich 0 VVfadton Utd. S: Eastbourne I Croydon Amat. 1: Esti Winning Alh. 6 Bank Hd. id 4; Karncnmbe 3 Horsham 6: Famhaixi T. 5 E. Gnnslead 1; Ftnsbury 0 Bishops Stort 6, Ford Sports 2 East Ham U. 1: Harpeoden T. 3 Borcham Wood 0, Hastinaa A Si Leonards 3 t). VarndeanianK 3: Hatfield T. 2 Kfcuti Lanr-Icy 1; Hay wards Heath 1 Met. Police 4; Hemet Hempslcad T. 1 HerkharaalW T. 1. Heme Bay 3 Cray W. I: HornsViurcb A V 3 Barkfntswde 1: Hove T 3 Arundel 4; Hunilm Pcrcival A. 1 Manion SkeHaa R. 3. Huntley & P. 0 Wokmibam T. 4. Lanrlna A 4 Moulacoomb A 2: Leaveadcn H. 2 Hoddesdoti T. i: Letchworth T 5 AC Ueleo 3; Lewca 2 Campcrley 2; Litllchampcon 5 Haatlrux R. 0; London Univ. 2 H.O.F. (S.A.) 2; Maidstone Ll. 9 Boiey 0i Morris Motora 1 Windsor E. 7; Ncwiavcn T. 0 Three Bridges U. 0; Pelier & Brvce Sports 4 Dcva. lisst. 2. P.O. tL.T.R.1 1 Rullllp M. J; Polr 2 Wood G T. 2: Pressed Sll.. Cowley 0 Newbury T. 7; Rainham T. 2 Basildon T. 1. Rtckmansworth T. 3 Chcahtttit 0; Royaton T. 0 LelBhton Did. 3: Seaton H.T. 2 Lanalcy Pk. C.W 6: Shore-ham 2 Brighton O.O. 3 , Slouah T, 5 St. Fridrswldei 0. Staines T. I Kingsbury T 1, Stanley Utd. 4 Chllion Alh. 1: Stcvcnaac T. 0 Batdock T. 0 Thaeside Am. 4 Callciulers Alh. 1, Tilbury 4 Lsibol Alh. 2. Trraa T 3 Bedford A. 4. Twlckcnruim 0 Maldcp T 2. Tufncll Pk-. Edmonlon 2 Crown and M I 'attshall Mol h Slollnld 1. Vickcrs VVeyhrldBC) 0 Epsom 7. Wel.TFn G C. 1 SafTron Walden T. 2. Wtlllchawk 7 Chichester C 3 Whltton Pk 2 Tow Us T. 3 Wigroore Ath. I Snuthwtck 0: Wlngale ! Wcaldstooe 4 Win gate Wei. 2 Cockfleld 6- Witney T 1 M:rli v, I. Wohirutliam Wrl 4 Bumalde t ltd. I. WsxHltortl T. I Avclo 3, Woolwich Poly, i Fools Cray 0; Worcester Pk. 2 Surbiton T. 4. Extra Preliminary Round fReplay). Graya Ath 1 Barking 2. LoeHkn Charitl Cop 1954-57 Flatal i Dnl-wieh Ham 4 Bromley 3 lithaalan Leaaste. tlsford C. 3 Leylonstone 1 Romford 1 Walthamslow A. 2: St. Albans C. 2 Kinestonian 0 Wtmhlcdon 5 llf.ird 2. Wnkina 2 Cor Casuals 2. Wycombe Wands. 4 Clapinn 2 Alwrataa league. Carshalton Ath 1 Haves 2: Enheld 0 Sutton tltd 2 Hitchfn T I Lesion I. Rrdhill 0 Finehley 3: Soulhall 5 Cambridge C 0 Sosribem Amstrsrr Laagnr. Norsemen 3 Atcsandra Pk I .Spartan Lcaaac. Brlggs Sots. 1 Harrow T. 3; Hislon 3 Hcnford T 1. Raioera L, 3 Wolrer- ton T. 2 Seksassl Resalrs. Alleyn's 2 Dulwkh Ham. tun 2. Brentsvood 4 AldenhamiaB 0: Charter house 0 lor Casual z. Mercers 1 L.wr. acfll. ot John Lyon 5: Wellingborough 0 O. Westminsters 6 Bradfleld 4 O Wykehamist 3, Hamptrm G.S S Ealina C S 2 Lancing I I) RradfleMiana 2 Other Matches. n (L 3 (lid Mercers 5. Lcnshury J did Carthusians 2. Old Brern woods 3 Old Foresters s oid Cholcmellana 1 Etonomkcats 0. Yirwsley 3 Fuiham Xt 0. -Dragon Oaaa Vana tW Winaalc). 1. Troll (J Sutman). 2: Gany- mrde CK. Middletonl. J east Luast ccaas loyce IH Dickinson). 1: Widgeon IF P Seoul. 2. Redshank (N Snarpe). 3. Royal Corinthian o D.: Corpumanl (Royal Cortn- lli O.C.I. I, Corvette (Col. H Bamardl. 2. Coriander (J. Birch). 3 Royal Burnham O D : Gannet (F Berry 1. f; Aouamarfne (C. Cooperl. 2: 3ade (C Sanderson). 1 Hornets -. Btosrily (R. Webslerl. I . Crackcriack (D Baldwin). J: Tern (P. famesl. 3 Mhrai VX-. Dragon Class BlucholUe fTne Queen and t.-se Duke of ttdmburah). 1; Mcrlm T. C. Wcekea). 2. Wahoo (K McAlranc). 3. National 18-ft. Class Syrtu. (I. Andaley). 1. Rutbleaa (Dr. A. I Stanley). Z. 77 Handicap . Yendy (R, Wadbam) 1: ffleel a. Blddle). 2. SwordUsh - Mary Lou rUlB?' wutoo). I snipes : draaonny .-1. FireSiea : Soanan CD. Wclltl, 1. Results and Tables LEAGUE. DIVISION I U Z UU. IV -.1 rTrrrt f2l Brook .elratr 39.W1 C 11 .1 J 1.000 Mb VUU 11 ..S l?J Seocll (21. MorrU aouinren, McPiiland Lynn, BoUoa W. 11) Stereat Baraler (! . t -. IJ.JS nrmtmm tl .,..1 c a 8 if. Ol. .1 . Johmtaoe t3, Htyai Q), Ba ZZ.4CT W-fl SMB. A. Q) 1 gabion Q) 4I.6iS cum ff) ..... J NlCtWtlS fA.), MOB NJE. ID rrnnef. TT lor CD. am ScMcrto ID . ... FI debit ?). OffeBl VMvTk'anrt-a l Detter IS. Erenon v. Bliekpoo) paMpeaa. HOME AWAT r?i. Oh. P.W.D. L. F. A. WJ. L. F.A.P Noun. F. Woltea W.B.A. Man. (JUL Ewnon Button W. Araenil Luton T. P.N.B. Newcastle Man. C. Chelae Leeds Utd. 1 1 1 12 5 0 111 4 15 10 J 0 0I 4 10 J 1 1 17 7 10 4 0 1 17 5 2 1 2 I tJ 2 J 010 714 1 t 2 11 11 13 1 0 1 5 5 1! 2 0 ) 7 12 12 2 0 2 5 11 2 0 3 4 111 0 0 5 J II 10 2 1 3 I 10 1 0 4 823 10 1 1 1 III I 0 1 2 13 9 0 2 5 411 I 0 1 4 4 16 I 1 0 I 611 I 0 I 4 3 14 I 0 I 4 3 It I 0 1)5117 1 0 3 J t 0 1 4 721 r-0 0 5 t IS 4 S 3 1 o 10 ; 10 J 9 3 10 10 5 10 2 9 4 10 2 j 1111 3 1 I 11 7 117 3 0 mo s 114 4 0 0 14 4 1 1 15 7 It 0 2 117 Axtcm villa iv Tottenham to PoruiDoalo L0 Sunderland It Bnrnlcr 10 Sheffield W. 9 Blackpool s B-hatn C. 10 Leicester C. 10 10 3 0 2 115 1 1 IS ID 2 1119 1 2 10 6 I 1 10 6 0 2 10 8 12 7 7 12 7 8 0 1 12 11 LCAGIJE. DIVISION II (I) 1 We H Utd. ( smitn Brltio! R. II) ....I Radford (21. Cruick.hanV (o.a ), Hooper. MeOraUj In g. I Ckarlto A. I2 . .5 Leary. Ayre (J. Byrne lo a.) Derby Co. 181 ....I Ryan. Brown Doacutar H. 181 .. isom Co. (I) ....1 Kobr. 20J88 Unmeet ) 1 B.owle 29.403 PhllllD. (Md r naviM 9.900 Ill SacahM ytal. Ill . 1 Hewitt. Turky, Hoyutnd 26.200 Sloka C (01 8 12.467 MMtnefbroax 101 8 18.487 Grlaaihj T. Ol . . .4 Raflenj, Fell (2), Reraon 1721 Brlitol C. () 1 Eihoidee 4.7S1 Dwiaht 141. Bcntley, Slevcna IMaimtaM 18) Connor Usloa (Meat (1) Juliana 4 Lincora C. 18) .. Wither. BMhofcut (11 ....4 Wetotler. Farmer (21. Slcnhenson Smavaa T. (8) ....8 (II .. Calma C2, Venxx (2) 20.000 AWAY Ola. W.D. L. F.A.P. 2 2 I 13 8 16 2 2 1 8 6 13 1 2 1 12 9 13 2 0 2 9 712 2 3 21215 12 1 1 3 10 12 11 2 0 3 4 5 11 1 I 2 6 8 11 2 1 3 10 13 10 2 1 1 1 2 2 0 3 2 8 10 6 7 10 4 9 10 913 10 1 l s 1 1 3 n 1 a 6 11 9 4 17 9 6 9 9 7 10 8 5 13 8 2 9 S 5 9 I 6 10 6 4 14 5 I 1 2 1 0 4 0 I 4 0 2 3 1 1 1 I 0 4 0 1 4 DIVISION III. SOUTH Aldenkot (21 am 0 Ncavc. Mint Brentford 111 Cavcn S.I49 Coventry C. H) .3 Patrick (2). Boaley 12.090, W assail (0) . I Brown 7,366 R.adutg (1) 2 Webb. Duron 12-577 Bothasst Utd.gll owseu!1" arnot, 22.021 CokhHler (II . ..1 Wnsm Crystal fata (1) I Betry. Cooper Newport Co. (0) Harris Norwich C. 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Palace II 3 Walsall 10 3 1 6 5 1 16 9 1 14 6 1 9 4 1 6 S I 3 1211 11 I 12 6 2 o 2 2 2 I 1 1 0 1 0 2 0 2 1 1 1 2 1 0 0 0 0 2 4 3 !U II 2 8 1111 2 4 911 4 6 IT 10 4 3 16 10 4 4 12 9 3 4 10 9 2 5 9 9 3 8 18 9 5 6 16 8 5 19 8 3 2 7 7 2 4 4 1 6 4 1 12 4 1 8 3 1 10 3 1 S Covmirr CIO 2 1 2 6 8 Colchester II 2 1 2 7 Olllinglum 11 3 0 2 5 2 Torquay U. II 1 1 I I ) Eseter C. II 2 I 3 915 DIVISION III. -NORTH Gla. F.W.D. L. F. A. Charnon A ID i 0 0 1- 4 Blackburn 10 I I I 8 4 Fulham 10 3 3 0 11 Griroaby T. 9 3 2 0 l 6 Liverpool 10 2 I 0 7 1 Bristol St. 10 4 0 I 11 7 Stoke C. 11 I 1 2 17 H Barreuey 10 3 3 1 10 6 Mlddlediro 10 I 3 0 9 4 Rorann. U. S 2 I 1 9 8 Hiiddald. T. 10 2 2 1 8 8 leawich T. 10 3 1 I 10 ShclDeld U, 11 I I 17 6 Lincoln C. 10 2 2 1 10 8 Lcjion a. ID I I 11 t Swansea T. 10 2 I 2 IJ 14 W Ham ll. 10 2 2 1 8 9 Derb) ( o. 10 J 1 1 10 9 Bristol C. 10 2 2 t 10 9 Cardiff C. Ill 1 1 3 2 Nona. Co. 10 1 2 2 611 Doncaiter 10 2 0 S 5 7 arrow 11) 3 Aeertsmttss .,..1 Birch. 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