The Independent from Hawarden, Iowa on June 22, 1939 · Page 8
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The Independent from Hawarden, Iowa · Page 8

Hawarden, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1939
Page 8
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EIGHT THUKSDAY, IUNE 22, 1939 TOtlNflr BOARD PROCEEDINGS SUPERVISORS MEET IN ADJOURNED SESSION 000.00 to 11,000.00 vacation for 1988 tax. Motion [Sioux City ware Iron Co., h*rd- Upon the recommendation of iahe Scanlan, D,, right of way... 24.53 Trustees of Logan Township, the j Walraven, A. et al, labor!... 92.00 Board reduced the assessment of John I Waterman, N. E., labtfr 80.00 *"" "" tractor from |600.00 j WPA Payroll No. 9 a, b No. Dr. G., dental W. Official Record of the Board of Supervisors at Adjourned Session Orange City, Iowa April 11, 1939. The Board of Supervisors of Sioux County, Iowa, met pursuant to adjournment at 10:00 o'clock A. M., Chairman C. H. Sedgwick presiding. Members present: L. Noethe, P. E. De Vries, Ed. Moss, John H. Dykstra, C. H. Sedgwick. Minutes of April 3, 1939, were read and on motion and vote stand approved. The following non-resident notice was ordered served on the following: Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Hinsch and family, Boyden, Sherman township. Residents of Lyon county. At 2:00 P. M., the time set for Gas letting for the Southwest District of the County to furnish 10,000 gallons of gas, there were 2 bids filed. After due consideration on bids filed, the Board awarded same to lowest bidder, Tammen on to $500.00 valuation, as same was erroneously assessed. On the other request to reduce land valuation of Lub- len Estate from a valuation of $12,700.00 to $12,200.00 was on motion rejected. Upon the recommendation of the Board of Social Welfare, the Board suspended the tax on the following properties for tax of 1938: Jacob P. Hop—Lot Town of Ireton. 8,00 S.OO clerks !0 labor 4,588.36 Wilkinson & Henkels, hard- ware - 30.84;Gr*af, D. GarfieM TowWsMp tra$te«s D^ "cAre Wilson, C., repairs .......... 19.59 Zee, P. H. Van, labor ....... 80.00 LIST OF CLAIMS ^ . «. , « i Tfte *> Itow *»* >s a list of claims as C m Out-lot 2, allowed by the Board of Supervisors of SlOTUt at their meet- T t™ tr j TT *.««,,« —•"— wv.«n,j, mwa, at ineir meet- John Vander Hamm—Lot 4, Block 2, ings tram March 14,1939, to April 11 MMVH A rtrt-t-f «jfn 4-n T*«A>4.M*i I* nnn •. « • * . ^ _ * Berlin Addition to Ireton. Albert Gerritsen. On motion the Board adjourned May 2, 1939. C. H. Sedgwick, Attest: Chairman. M. J. Van Wyk, County Auditor. & Herwynen, ptovi- aoce Giesen sions Geselschap Drag Co., drags.. Glasscock, Dr. T. j., medical aid Gleysteen & Mnrphjr/Drs., medical aid 25.83 19.28 80.00 80.00 ' 6.00 66.T6 27.64 28.40 Betrd of Review, ffees MatJefwra, H., work relief... MaHer, G.» provisions Marl*, Dr. C., medical aid... Marfenaa Drag Store, drags. Mots, Dr. De, dental work.. Meyers, Dr., medical aid Meylhik, B., rent Midwest Coffee Co., provisions Mulder, J., feed for county home , McAninch, Mrs. S., rent.... MeNally Store, provisions... Nail, Dr. F. F., medical aid. Noethe, L., meetings and mileage 169.80 to Relief, Institute eral, Poor, .Soldiers' and T. B. funds: [Associated Markets, sions .................... [Alton Democrat, publishing official notices . . ......... 45.87 provi- 75.06 being the Barnsdall Refining Co. of Hawarden, Iowa, for a bid price of 12.8c per gallon, said gas to be delivered to County Grading Crew upon request of Grading Crew foreman. The chairman was authorized to sign the contract. The Board spent the remainder of the day auditing claims and instructed the County Auditor to pay same as allowed. On motion the Board adjourned to April 18, 1939. C. H. Sedgwick, Attest: Chairman M. J. Van Wyk, County Auditor. LIST OF CLAIMS The following is a list of claims as allowed by the Board of Supervisors of Sioux County, Iowa, at their meetings from March 14, 1939, to April 11, 1939, inclusive, and paid from the Maintenance and Construction funds: Adams, J. D. Co., repairs $ 29.15 Alton Hardware Store, hardware Arnold Motor Supply, repairs Art's Tire Shop, repairs Aller, Van & Int Veld, hardware Boone, Ben, labor 80.00 Baugus, Albert, labor 80.00 Bomgaars, A. et al, labor 333.5 Bartels, G., labor 63.7 17.6 4.8' Orange City, Iowa April 18, 1939. The Board of Supervisors of Sioux ounty, Iowa, met pursuant to adjournment at 10:00 o'clock A. M., Chairman C. H. Sedgwick presiding, lembers present: L. Noethe, P. E. De fries, Ed. Moss, John H. Dykstra, C. Sedgwick. Minutes of April 11, 1939, were read and on motion and vote stand approved. Henrietta Torwelle filed application for release of tax lien of personal axes from NEl of Sec. 1-94-47. Upon notion and vote resolution was adopt- granting said application. Upon the recommendation of the lity Council at Hawarden, the Board luspended the taxes of 1938 on the following properties: t 2, Block 46, Ames Addition to alliope, Hulda M. Johnson. Lot 2, Block 3, Morningside Addition to Hawarden. Belle Wilson. Upon the recommendation of the fherman Township Trustees, all per- onal taxes of Cornie Siebersma were Irdered cancelled. Motion carried. Non-resident notices were ordered erved on the following: Peter Bakker and family, Sherman pwnship. 16. De Koten and family, Sherman bwnship. I Emil and Edna Knutson and family, awarden. rs. Hattie Goodhort, Floyd town- Slip. f Wilbur Cain family, Hawarden. | Mr. and Mrs. Bert McCormick and fimily, Hawarden. , On motion the Board adjourned to !>ril 24, 1939. C. H. Sedgwick, Ittest: - Chairman. M. J. Van Wyk, County Auditor. Bergman Bros., hardware... Berg Oil Co., grease Boyden Hardware Store, hardware 15.50 Brown, H. Co., repairs 106.63 Bauman, T., repairs 4.1J Barton-Warner Co., repairs. 26.98 Berg, R. Vander, assisting engineer 125.00 C. M St. P & P. Ry. Co., freight 543.04 re- Co-Op. Gas & Oil Co., gas... Continental Oil Co., gas. Carlson Machine Works, pairs Cities Service Oil Co., gas.. Gambler Motor Co., repairs. Conoco Service Station, gas. Cooper Service Station, gas. C. & N. W. Ry. Co., freight.. Orange City, Iowa April 24, 1939. The Board of Supervisors of Sioux ,y, Iowa, met pursuant to ad- irnment at 10:00 o'clock A. M., airman C. H. Sedgwick presiding. Ambers present: L. Noethe, P. JC. De Ed. Moss, John H. Dykstra, C. f Sedgwick. linutes of April 18, 1939, were read on motion and vote stand ap- 91.66 34.42 28.65 6.58 8.71 7.89 129.00 553.40 Dick, R., labor 100.00 Doherty, M., garage rent 6.00 Ekdom Bros., repairs 7.70 Bven, J., gas and repairs 25.95 Eizenga, Van Lumber Co., lumber 17.25 iFuhr, F., labor 80.00 Freriks, D., labor 34.20 Farmers Co-Op. Association, Boyden, labor 161.80 Fitzgerald Equipment Co., repairs 53.34 Farmers Mutual Co-Op. Association, Orange City, coal.. 4.64 Gerritsen, G., labor 80.00 Goslinga, T., express .59 Gearhart's Insurance Agency, insurance 52.40 Harmsen, J., WPA foreman. 26.00 Huizenga, J. et al, labor 285.05 Hoeven, L. Vander, labor 80.00 Hull Co-Op, Gas & Oil Co., gas 82.39 Johnson, A., gas 1.31 Joslyn Mfg. Co. lumber 1,305.60 Kooi, J. Vander, labor 80.00 Klave, 0., labor 80.00 Kersbergen, F., labor 60.20 Kraai Hardware Store, hardware 25.14 Kamminga Garage, gas and repairs 112.67 Kleinwolterink, W., repairs.. Kosters Repair Shop, repairs Kvols Implement Co., repairs Knutson, J., labor Muilenburg, H. P., WPA foreman 44.45 36.01 23.96 4.00 31.10 Martin, J. et al, labor 265.50 Mouw, H., labor 80.00 Mulm, C. Ver et al, labor 110.20 Moorlag, H., labor 80.00 Miller-Hasselbalch Co., repairs 22.62 Maaten, Vander & Sitters, repairs 12.29 Miller, J. et al, gravel pit.... 200.00 Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., telephone 15.28 Nebraska Bridge Lumber Co., 61.60 3.56 30.00 1.50 5.00 32.00 6.14 Acres-Blackmar Co., supplies 15.18 Ascherl, C., mileage 68.06 Albers, Mrs. A., care 10.00 Anderson, M., cash allowance 10.00 A. & P. Tea Co., provisions.. 9.79 Anderson Drug Store, medicine 1.67 Aue, F, C., rent 5.00 Aalberts, Mrs. M., sup. county home >««•..,... 1,00 Alton Savings Bank, rent... 18.0C 24.471 Beehive Store, provisions 81.06 1.64 Brink, Vanden Grocery, pro- 12,761 visions 31.75 Biemers, N,, milk 2.29 56.621 Bethesda Sanitorium, hospital care 32.33 Brink's Shoe Store, shoes 10.30 Balkema, J., helping treasurer Beach Printing Co., supplies for auditor Burroughs Adding Machine Co., supplies for auditor... Boone, J., repairs Bosch, L. Vanden, quarantine expense Buncombe Township, clerks and trustees Jlair, S., coroner fee 3oone-Schalekamp, freight.. Jalkema, P., repairs Blankespoor, G., T. B. eradication 25.17 larents, J., work relief 14.40 irake, P. G. Vande, horses... 225.00 ienson, L., stenographer.... 23.40 Bonestroo, H., transportation 4.05 Jalkema, N., provisions 86.41 Jeckman Cafe, provisions... 2.53 Joeyink's Store, provisions.. 38.76 Bey, Drs. De & Grossman medical aid~. 180.82 Jatavia, Bert Van, rent..... Jenthem, W. Van, rent Beste, Mrs. E. Den, helping at county home ity of Hawarden, sexton fee louncil Oak Store No. 210, provisions 64.00 Council Oak Stone No. 214, provisions 223.63 Gefke, F., rent 18.00 Northwestern Bell Telephone golden Rale, supplies 17.89) Co., telephone in relief K. Vander, care of 'Huibregtse, H., meeting and mileage Hoef, J. Ver, milk.......'.'.'.' Hoxmier's Store, provisions. Homan & Lamb, provisions. Co., office 4.00jNaald, 3.75 sick 12.241 Nels, J. rent. 7.55 13.50 8.00 88.10 (Olsen, Carl, provisions 28.38 197.50 67.34 Orange City Board of Review, 4.121 fees 26.20 6.45 8.00 Oort, W. Van, work relief... 12.00 Oort, J. Van, guard 10.00 Heemskerk, L., rent 8.00 Oosterhont, D. Van, postage. Barker & Burket, drugs Hegg, Dr., medical aid Huisenfeldt, A., mileage Holley & Sons, supplies..... Hawarden Chronicle, supplies Hawarden Independent, publishing board proceedings. lull Board of Review, fees.. Hawarden Independent, supplies Horn, W., work relief Huysing, H., work relief Houtsma, A., cash allowance Hopp, P., transportation Hirt, E., cash allowance.... Harmsen, Mrs. J., care of STRANGE AND INTERESTING FACT Forest City, lowa-^Spl. CFI photo to The Independent by W. R. Prewitt—This hen's egg which was laid on the farm of Mrs. Julius Tschirki, three miles south of here, is the image of a swan, floating in a pond. sions 4.00 3.32 117.94 4.00 21.96 7.20 14.40 8.00 2.70 2.00 Oggel, Dr., medical aid 20.20 Oelrich, Dr., medical aid.... 23.40 Piggly Wiggly, provisions... 186.42 Penney, J. C. Co., supplies.. 22.71 Pree, L. De, treasurer's help. 77.00 Perkins Bros. Co., supplies... 4.86 Parrott, Matt & Sons Co., supplies 69.71 Paske, H. Te, expense 18.85 Ploeg, C. Vander, fees 14.51 Poll,- H., milk and rent 11.98 People's Store, provisions 11.22 children 16.00 Punt, C., rent 24.00 7.16 60.00 73.2 2.10 Efanenburg, J., fuel Helmers, Dr., medical aid... Hawarden Community Hospital, hospital care Hull Co-Op. Gas & Oil Co., fuel Herwynen Grocery Store, provisions 93.4 Hoef, W. Vande, provisions. 49.33 Heusinkveldt Mercantile Co., provisions 4.30 Hoflund, 0. E., rent 16.00 Houtsma, H., rent 7.00 .50 Hjelm, M., gas 1.35 20.20. Hoogterp, H., supplies 21.55 Insane Cases, fees 32.20 Ireton Board of Review, fees 4.00 Iowa Public Service Co., light at county home 15.15 Jenkins, C., court reporter.. Jong, M. De, stenographic Jenkins-Fergemann Co., sup- Jong, Mrs. G. De, washing.. Jans.sen, H., work relief Jasper, J,, supplies for county 8.001 home , < 7.00 Johnston, J., work relief.... Johnson, Y., clothing Johnson, Mrs. E., rent...... Jensen, Mrs. J., rent,. Jansen, G,, rent....". Jong, W. De, seed for county 7.05 28.00 lorner Drug Store, drugs... 34.95 Collins, E., shoe repairing... 1.00 Central Electric Telephone Co., telephone 82.99 Center Township, clerks and trustees 16.00 Coffee Shop, provisions 3.32 Jozy Cafe, provisions .60 Coert, J., feed 8.19 larke Lumber Co., fuel 16.97 3o-Op. Gas & Oil, fuel 19.08 3oleman, Mrs. I., rent 8.00 3uperus, E., rent 6.00 )ykstra, H., expense 187.67 Dykstra, J. H., board meetings, committee work and mileage 182.00 Darrow Chemical Co., supplies 16.17 Doomink, Dr., medical aid... 4.25 124.69 38.40 . 163.08 .60 16.80 25.80 9.60 5.00 5.00 6.00 8.00 home 13.00 Kempersma Dairy, milk 12.91 Kooiman's Stores, provisions 134.84 Kneuble Dairy, milk 2.57 Kosters Market, provisions.. 6.12 K & K Co., provisions 414.09 Klein, H., fuel 8.16 Kenny, L., salary 90.00 Kamminga, R., committee work 0.90 Koch Bros., supplies 70.00 Keystone Envelope Co., supplies 20.05 Klopto Loose Leaf Co., supplies 6.18 Kleinhesselink, W., draying. 4.00 Katz & Son, provisions...... 103.80 Kraai, A,, stenographic work 32.40 Kooy, A., salary 30.00 Keizer, W., transportation.. Koerselman, D., work relief. Kamp, W. Vander, provisions )oorn, D. Ver, rent 6.00 Kroeze Grocery, provisions.. hinlap, E., rent 25.00 Ericson, E., meeting and mileage 4.30 East Side Dairy, milk 28.60 ast Orange Township, clerks and trustees 40.00 lizenga, Van Lumber Co., fuel 90.85 'armers Savings Bank, r'ent. 5.00 Field's Drug Store, drugs.,,.. 7.61 Farmers Co-Op. Association, Sioux Center, fuel........ 12.59 French Lumber Co., fuel 135.53 Farmers Co-Op. Association, Boyden, fuel 24.48 Farmers Lumber Co., fuel.. 88.77 3.30 7.20 6.10 24.48 .2.46 23.25 22.95 lumber 971.51 Frankel Carbon and Ribbon Parks, C., repairs... Perritt, N., repairs.. Phillips "66" Station, Jpon the recommendation of the council at Boyden the Board re- led the valuation on Lots 10 and 11, munps "00" station, gas. 2, from $2,800.00 to $2,600.00. j Peacut Industrial Supply Co., ition carried, oldier's exemption of S. H. Dobbe 2.55 .50 5.40 Soldier's exemption of Jake Harmi allowed. jfpon the recommendation of the council at Ireton, the Board can- the moneys and credits tax of Brown as same was erroneously ssed. Motion carried. the recommendation of the council at Granville, the Board elled the personal tax of Carlyn aud as same was assessed: con- to law. Motion carried. the recommendation of the [council at Matlock, the Board ro- th* valuation of William Nieu- orp farm machinery from |2,- 168.85 Rorda, H., repairs 42.62 Ruyter, De Hardware Co., hardware 14.76 Schutt, S., labor 80.00 Starkenburg, J., labor...... 80.00 Schneider, C., labor 80.00 Sterrenburg, C. et al, labor.. 206.00 Smit, L., wedges 1.10 Sheldon Machine Shop, repairs 3.75 Standard Oil Co., gas 190.30 Schemmer, C., hardware 23.00 Steeg, D. Ver, gas and re- Pairs 62.74 Sedgwick, C. H., freight.... 1.05 Sioux Center Auto Salvage, repairs e.OO Seliger, K., salary 210.60 Co., supplies 7.00 Friend, H. & Co., supplies... 13.75 Frank, W. J., fees 10.20 Floyd Township, clerks and trustees ..,,.. 24.00 Fitzpatrick, Margaret, salary 100.00 Foppe Pioneer Store, provisions 61.78 Fischer, C., provisions 19.38 Faber, R., milk 4.20 Farmers Co-Op. Oil Association, fuel 3.93 Farmers Co-Op. Grain Co., fuel 10.76 Farmers Elevator Co., fuel... 16.82 Faber, H., fuel 6.82 Farmers Co-Op. Association, Ireton, fuel 92.42 Fisch, Dr., hospital care 5.60 Farmers Mutual Co-Op. Co., Alton, fuel 26.91 Forkenforock, J., work relief. 9.60 Green Produce Co., milk.... 12-78 Kreber, Mrs, August, milk.. Kosters, J., meals. Kelley Grocery, provisions... Klamath, Mrs. T., rent 20.00 Kooiman, J., rent 7.00 Kreykes, A., rent 8.00 Lynott, Ed., rent 16.00 Lubbers, H., drugs......... 66.35 Lambertson Elevator, fuel... 33.87 Lint, C. De, labor 4.75 Logan Township, clerks and trustees 16,00 Leeuwen, W. Van, T. B. eradication , 15.28 Lutjens, C., transportation... '3.60 Lankhorst & Sons, provisions 26.40 Lutheran Hospital, hospital care 23.95 Larson, Dr., medical aid.... 69.10 Lundgren Service Station, fuel 2.40 LeMars Clinic, operation.... 62.50 Lovering, H., rent. 6.00 Lovering, E., rent 5.00 Lint, G. De, helping at county home 6.00 Lubbers, B., seed for county home 39.26 Lint, A. De, helping at county home 8.36 Muilenburg, H., meetings and mileage 16.10 Miller's Trading Post, provisions 24.48 Mullarkey's Dairy, milk 34.99 Murphy, Dr., medical aid... 18.06 Moss, Ed., meetings and mileage , 191,20 Moss, H.,\bounty... 11.60 Maria, Dr., health officer., 203.30 Reiniger, Mrs. 0., expense... 100.86 Rock Valley Food Market, provisions 8.16 Roekel, G. Van, milk 20.02 Rooyen, J. Van, milk. 2.29 Recorder, County, fees 25.20 Reading Township, clerks and trustees 32.00 Rensink, G., bounty 11.10 Roekel, A. Van, work relief. 7.20 Richarlson, D., salary 100.00 Roelofs & Vandeer Bok, provisions 49.23 Roekel, Mrs. J. Van, provisions 7.66 Roose, Dr., medical aid 16.95 toss, A., burial expense 85.00 EUemersma, J., medical aid.. 3.73 Rens, L., rent 8.00 Ruyter, De Hardware Store, hardware 9.15 Scriven's Grocery Store, provisions ^ 292.76 Slagle & Co., Alton, supplies and fuel 36.69 Sunny Slope Sanitarium, hospital care ,. 65.00 Slagle & Co., Orange City, fuel 23.04 Steeg, D. Ver, fuel 44.49 Schoeneman Bros. Co., fuel.. 108.29 Steenwyk, W. Van, repairs.. 3.95 Synhorst, Hugo, expense..., 23.35 Sedgwick, C. H., meetings, mileage and trans 269.75 Sioux County Capital, publishing board proceedings. 284.32 Sioux County Index, supplies 46.75 Smith Corona Sales Co., supplies 1.07 Strauss Key Co., repairs.... 2.74 Schut, J., bounty 11.95 Smit, B., work relief 12.00 Santema, P., work relief 9.60 Sluis, Mrs. C. Vander, care of sick 62.00 Strasseer, J. B., provisions.. 12.24 Siperdas Store, provisions... 18,20 Schroeder Bros., clothing... 1.99 Schouten, B., clothing. 7.99 Schafer Elevator Co., fuel,., 8.16 Somers, Dr., medical aid....' 15.00 Slagle & Co., Hospers, fuel.. 19.20 Sacred Heart Hospital, hospital care 44.10 Sedgwick, Mrs. C. H., rent... 6.00 ilobe, G., rent 8.W Subd. of Aid to Blind, pension 12.81 Standard Oil Co., expense on relief car 11.47 Siderius, H., provisions 4.98 Town of Orange City, light., 30.07 rye, C. H., expense 35.65 Dolman, G., repairs 158.35 Fangeman, A,, provisions... 20.40 Phomassen, J., rent 8IO( Visser, M., janitor's help.... 41.5C Vries, P. De, meetings and mileage , ,..,, 162.35 Vogelaar, C., labor 2.1C Vries, F. De, work relief.... 2.40 fries, J. De, care of sick..., 8.50 Vries, John De, helping at county home 8.60 Vliet, S. Van, provisions..., 22.44 Vries, S. De, provisions 25.05 Van's Grocery Store, provisions 14.14 fries, Mrs. J. De, rent 8.00 freeman, G., rent .7.00 fisser, J., rent 8.00 follink, A-, rent. 3.50 Vearrier, J., rent. 5.00 LIST OF CLAIMS The following is a list of claims as allowed by the Board of Supervisors of Sioux County, Iowa, at their meetings from April 11, 1939, to May 9, 1939, inclusive, and paid from the Maintenance and Construction funds: Adams, J. D. Co., repairs. . . .$ 424.30 Anderson, H., freight ....... 32.78 Boone, Ben, labor ........... 80.00 Baugus, A. t labor ........... 80.00 Bomgaars, A. et al, labor. . . . 601.50 Bartels, G., labor ........... 60.19 Boyden Service Station, gas. 108.71 Bobeldyk, J., repairs ........ 8.35 Barnsdall Refining Corporation, gas ................ 612.08 Berg, R. Vander, engineer's help ................ .... 125.00 _ . 3arton-Warner Co., pipe. ... Cities Service Oil Co., gas, . . ?ambier Motor Co., repairs. . /oast-to-Coast Store, repairs 3onoco Service Station, gas. Carlson Machine Works, 1,253.72 13,81 7.19 9.68 10.80 re- ) C. & N. W. Ry. Co., freight. . 1,014.17 C. M. St. P. & P. Ry. Co., n . freigDht .................. 480.34 Dick, Roscoe et al, labor ____ 662.90 Diepen, Van Garage, labor. . 7.94 Even, J., gas ............... 131>0fl Fuhr, F., labor .............. 80>00 Fitzgerald Equipment Co., repairs .......... Friedmann Bros., grease.... Farmers Co-Op. Association, gas ..................... Gerritsen, G., labor. ,...[..'. ~80QQ Groenweg, W., repairs ...... ' Huizenga, J. et al, labor ..... Hoeven, L. Vander, labor. ... Hoef W.. Vander, cloth... 92.36 3.06 209.45 297.70 80.00 7.09 8.62 Veils, Earl, provisions ...... 127.92 Veaver, P., lecture. . . ..... . . 25.00 Western Union, wires. .. 3.35 VieJenga, P., bailiff ........ 52.00 Wiersma, S., auditor's help. . 19.60 Vork Relief ............... 602.40 VPA Transportation ....... 106.95 Warren Hotel, rent .......... 30.00 Wilkinson & Henkels, hard- were ..................... 66 Wassenaar, A., corn .for county home ............ 26.70 Younie * Carstea, provi- Hesselo.& Berghjiis, cloth., Hartog, J, Den, gas and repairs 165 73 Harker & Burket, supplies.'.' 6*36 Klave, 0., labor 8000 Kooi, J, Vander, labor 80 00 Kooiman, G., supplies Kvols Implement Co,, repairs Kamminga Garage, gas 41 47 Kersbergen, P., labor 3 40 Knutson, J. et al, labor 241 46 Keuffel & Esser, books Lind Bros., repairs ' Mouw, H., labor, '. Moorlag, H., labor ". Mulm, C. Ver et al, labor..!' Martin, J., et al, labor Muilenburg, H«, labor Mutual Telephone Co., telephone Maten, H. Vande, repairs... '. Miller-Hasselbalch Co., repairs Matlock Service Station, gas. Marienau, W., hardware McGuire, W., repairs 45,44 Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., telephone 19.61 Nebraska Bridge Supply Co., 217.30 438.65 25,60 3.98 14.10 6.70 1.50 1.79 2,371.80 1.83 30,25 1.05 Orange City Motor Express, freight Phillips Service Station, gas. Penney, J. C. Co., cloth Pecaut Industrial Supplies, supplies 12.86 Ricker Service Station, gas. 9.48 Rock Valley Lumber Co., ce- m ent , 5355 Sterrenburg, C. et al, labor.. 214.25 Starkeriburg, J., labor 80.00 Schneider, C., labor 80 00 Schutt, S. et al, labor 142 96 Stouwe, B. Vande, repairs... 7^00 Slagle & Co., lumber 1,028.29 Schaaf, P. Vander, gas 95*57 Swaney Oil Co., oil 21.01 Sioux City Iron Co., supplies. 148 46 Skelly Oil Co, gaa 15983 Strong, F., repairs 3' 6i Sheldon Concrete Works, tile 1*84 Scanlan, E., insurance Scriven's Store, provisions! Starrett Bros., cloth Standard Bearings Co., re- 246 '70 1087 , Steeg, D. Ver, gas 304} Seliger, K., salary 2 16.66 State Treasurer, tax 7539 Utech, H., labor 4 « Vermeer, W., labor 8J 88 Waterman, N., labor 79'^ Walraven, A., labor M '^ WPA Payroll, labor .' 749 46 Wolters, A., labor 2 30'o0 Wechel, C. Van, salary Wilson, C., repairs iee, P. Van, labor gQ >00

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