The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana on June 11, 1858 · Page 1
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The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 1

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 11, 1858
Page 1
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i i It . - A ; J t r V COMMERCIAL; .a - ll MnMftUd vw4 knt spr.Tr - with - lea .f about If hhU fcrUnT for Prime gCCO WS aear - - M7R Sales 000 bbU. comprising 1600 St. Louis f(4e tWO IOI v w, v - .wi n buu .aVBOl. rRAT - Notblnf of any moment doing. !T.ire notice sale of SOO nek white mixed at &4c JiwUte at toc ? busheL TSj00 to TOO sacks St. Loois aold at ASc. V boibel . h.(llna mm.IU tic nlf JO Hhl lj)5 Tbf sales include 46 casks ribbed Side at 8c 'JrlKSET 0 bbla. Rectified aold at I8c 49 - gallon. MffEB glKf YUUU H iai.Luuiu 1WU v - uj - v i7.Milt lOS - WsjC. 160 skimmings at 9c. 4? IB. ktvii BASfllNG 100 balea aold at Hc. caih, and DID ClU "" - - .LLI. U1J - .. rwriwrntm, t - rmm MARINE N E W S . TFICATU5r; OmCE, Jane llf" JOSS A WASHINGTON, and aaalatanta, are the a Wa. - : - mum th i Mnnvivn j,,, Matagorda, Bod nan. Key Wet, niiH aHwisjasu cvw la Bciu Joftqmim. Dli Camper hy vialurana. rEi,TK0al. . J H Campbell Irti Qll Eicaary. Swm. Prime olm. Muter ARRIVED. blv Crut Merfti Aradt. Haesloop, fm Bremen 30th April to B I oct p - ta diatrict M j, - anaaiira WiUiama. 18 dsya fm Bsatan, to Q W Brute district t Um B t rOtfrm, Bardirk, fm Liverpool SOth April, to t (Tkitsey Aco itb diatrict 41 STEAMERS. tmm Belle, Lyon, fm Ooetonaaa Biawiaaa. Dix. frn St Loula. En Nat. Skvil. tm Fine H'uffi Onfpa. Hookina, fm Mobile. Cmtaeiet. innott. fm Mobile. Bolow Comlni Ud. thsHnrPStrlnrer. Wood, ifldavt fm Boaton Egara ,'rw vnnoi, hdqui, no Dremca mjw April nmwios. Davit, a day fm Boaton lajar Barboar. Thompaon. 3 daya lm SaTana, to iaacBBow at uaparre EXPORTS. UTTtST SteanutriD Matagorda tfC bbla flonj. sno L to bbla pork, 16 cka aidea, 75 balea nay, e bbla balaklapotatoea IMPORTS. CHPOOL Snip 8'E I'rtt - g - TW X) aka aalt, order Ifm - gnp oeraaoire Aaaortta maae SllCi Snip Ernat Horitz Arndt wuo baa plpea T Ana - arkga mdee Thiele, Seller Aeo do fl par MS rtrta ; i apaarcie ceo ot no ao n paga maae tW - nattaoff 30 do J Gaorhe ceo 4 do Marrr k - ial Cloatervann 4tco 4 da as rka beer Dantze A t tjaai niilac M ravro ! I oxa maae Cramer co 3 ailrtaaru I do da Barateadirck Aco pea nag atMaaa pipe sio neata ai pkga baaketa order RECEIPTS OF FRODC7CE. IT mm Hawrnrr Hiawatha SAM bbla floor. I bbla W s tkaaacea J Connoly Aco T aka bran IT para taatMaawHorrell, Gayle Aco lu do do 3 bxa Mi t cka tana Otjeaby i laraulay 3S1 1 aka wheat tali tear Feaaeu, Power Aco fijrfdo tow bbla pork M h b'i b beta Wef J O Woodruff Aco 7 cka bacon I BBddKke ca kada tobacco ion bhda tobacco 21 w!a soar m aka eera ttiven, Watta Aco 17 aka oatato THaoreAca I aMe tobacco Fatton Smitn in do J fvatr 15 da W 6 Jteeinaoa Aco 10 do V Pretat t do liiTpe Bartley, Joaaaon Aco londn Parmeie A Bro soo FuraaiBea Aea 117 aka com J OeArmanrl Aco nno faaaweil A rarae 100 do Hilliard. Sammera Aco axi ararr W T Vredenbureh Aco SAdo HaJfAG - ren. W - M aa Price. Omveree Aco lo bxa mdae J E Hyde x - e kb aarter tr i, iouen at son tunonea, oraer bbda tobacra rlLOCSAS Steamer Bayoo Belle 1 bhda euxar to 'leVy arabead cattle and aandriea, order SB EIVCE Steamer Era Na 1 IS balea cotton to .aaur - iaji Aca 7 no Ward, Saunders A Hnut t do M k rrieraoa t H R Carter Aco A Lewia A Ofleaby ananaaiL Tern Aco s Brander. Rnbhard Arn 4 rtr tn, Jaaki Aco Total aS balea cotton Per PonteiiartTmin RailroauL WTTK Bteaaaer Oregon aundriea. order Fa CarroOton and JnnWaon Rallrosul. EEL Steajnar rimndrlrt la baUea cotton to A?ckrkiaaB ' Sao Farley, Jurey Aco s cotton gina iwran - in BtU, Burnanan tea - xi oara rmil - i jaa u abla boita ? can bara lu pkga mdae. order cnMsifivp"F:s ''Ajs BerVthlre fm Rnatnn - Smith. Conner rn - I) fas J C Woodruff Aro - C T Buddecke Aeo - W A Q tre - Hrald. Maaaie Aca Tufta A Hobart - Eaton A "rota - e Coanrlrr P H Brioton Aco JA Bauaie r A Blaae T S "Wateraaan J J Peraon Aco H H - Locke Sempann A Keen H Oreen C Boye ISsala Aca Fruat Am ba Aco T ft Smitn il Rro - Btldje A Bra Orosjean A Beneteaa - and akrrwetwtna. fmBoatna Slark. StaofTrr Aco M r - Prterm MUlart A - Hjtchcock A Latting H W Aco Prtrj t - Smita A ro C C Cate ran A HaU - W beetrr A B a r Cochran A Hall - C - i. ? w Tz Aeioam Voae Bros , " e it nati aco pfnl Brown Aco Cnntrrra, Kannett Aco C Bove - rl ?T 'C - ?, J Vredenbarirh aero - Rice. Broa A MCax Aca - W ghaw Aca J CABS Ricka Aco laT i 7. o r rraon aco - c M Harrey Aco 6 r Fei'd - Arthnr Aco - R B Aarnia Maae Broa - "2"T; e" co uocloa Aco Groajean "aa w ao McCracken Hiluard, Sammera Aco Sj Ernat Kariu Arndt, fm Bremen 156 at ee rage GAS FIXTURES h OaaAnnpea hare cooatalyii'frmThe SarkeaV llall rendanta. ' Reading Lighta, suaOraamenta, Heflecto - a, ' TteiaeataeiecttonoreiaaaSuadea, . Ac Ac . Ac. Ac. Ac. ISMnaT - T "anufacturera' pneca. laTiaairlJ!! "bUe general, are rrqueated to liJT ar aaakina anv cstrbua. iZjTZ.1' rfxk of kT - - onipoitlon npea, r d Joiata, of afi airea. - ir."aTxoerBi pneea. eaaa nttera, engin - riaawll fll fin) 't ta their advantage by giving iZ7t V lvteat ae lection la toe South, f VBMwar BMbaf ' ratM' f diffcrest uxra with rBaiw?? "oderateur Lam pa, which they offer 0HAUCHE3 LOEFFLER, 143 Charrrea atreet. . kctatea Tonlanav and St. Lonia atreeta. sSi. nuf ta tb Mechanica' and Tradera' Ex - tN'tHlwlt r?fclea atreet. y7 tf I " H. 6mll4, Uu Fitter, Cl.1 , Ha. 114 St. CbArUa straw. aZ2y weaoatanUy receivrng all th saoat rIS!? W CaaideUera. Pendent Llgbta. P FSi - "" - ,af CaaAdelkera. a,2taeJ Lighta. 6aa Pit K aSi bg'AatcM factoH rip ana nccuAB a :oriea, foraala, whaW hich will save ta ijr'"au VafWInga fitted op on tb abort awrraated ta ay cara wlU w promptly aalui tf J: Oaks u.i wru.i ku bmk dlvtd f rent wy low ratea. Ta each Cottage tl aI, waatf and baabdna haaaa. aaatan tber kjwn aer - i d . : i at.Hu a hM N - SatWit.oen yw lm XHCriaTBP m mm a n m ww w : iKjQER & EDMOND S StatJraary Ssislaie aha SAW BULLS. rcrmbte and atmplest englneanaw rw w . arvawr aerc man each cnglaeta tk?Zr LiL" w"Tfc'"ahtp. All aaieacanaa lt v wd snaweA wttavont bemg takes wj Wag given great aaOafactloa, and ta aa aki i. - l.i a..w ITJIHOW V USE. I m. Miaaia Ooarea O. Oaatga O. Baku Oa Selma, Alsv, March to, 1S6A StSdaaaniil KlphaTaATlfl 7 aft. Eiflnt and Saw Mill wa rurehtSal aa aaa ranaing aboat eight mantha, Saa aaa aullVm Seat ef taaabar tn wry w!lz" k Srate. and we conaader It tA "AaaTzTT' 11 aaa cat twice aa much ia the aarna salT W - tT rroTt Thai very wauectraUT T a ! "1 M8I O. BARER at CO, - . naona, Ta van SEsrniaisEN co, a ST fiiarW m Bm ftaM P - AMAW w ) and I Ittto bbtrlistnunts. DIED. On FrMay morning, at 8 o'clock, D. A. OODEN, aged 4 years. His friends arc invited to attend his funeral on Saturday morning, nth inat.' at 8 o'clock, from hia late residence, on Apollo street. ORLEANS FIRE COMPANT. NO. 21 The offirera ana membert of tbia Company are bereby notified to attend the poatponed monthly meeting on MONDAY, the 14th Inat., at s o'ciocx r. m. By order: A. PITARD, Secretary. Jell St To the nitrrhasta and Shlpmaaters f the fort or new uneaua . T WISH It to be anderatood that from this day out I X decline working any loager with what is styled the oppealtfonto the U ranch mots of the rnrt of New Or leans, La - JAMES SCOTT. New Orleans, June 9. 18R8. Jell I m" FOR RENT A three - etory brick Reaidence on Canal atreet, near Maraie. F'lat Diatrict. Rent, $ per month. Inqutte of Jell tf 7T H. J. LEO VY, II Commercial Place. Twenty UollRra Krward. Stolen tram Mr. Paul T. Arnnult'a reaidence. t milra abrve Car toll ton. a iisbt aorrel Horae. .aoout ia nanaa aian. more or leaa. verv rood look ing; naaaatanie gall under raru arm of the fire leaa: alao. one new Spaniab Saddle, Bridle, Ac The above re ward iu be paid to any pnon leaving the Horae at TATTERSALL STABLES. Jail tf TT on St. Cbar ra atreet. P. S. ARNOl LT. !! x Saddle and Ilarnesa Horses, At Auction. t)T MONTOOMERT A SMITH R. M. Montgomery, a. Auctioneer v in De aoia at auction on saiukuav, 1 irh inat., at 11 o'clock, at the Old Auction Mart, t7 Camp acreec Six good Saddle and Harneaa Horaea. tar Ternie Caac. Jell If Leevea ou TfESDAY. isth inat.. at A P. m ST. LOCIS, CAIRO AM) NEW ORLEANS RAIL ROAD LINE. The only Line making through cwnuectiona for the East North and eat at Cairo aod St. Loaia OR ST LOCIS AND WAY LAND - Zt ?ltia Conuectins at Cairo with the Iiliaoh TLf - i. Central, and at St. Louia with the Ohio and rliaaiaaipi'i Railroad Tbe 6ne rraotar paaaenger narket steamer HIaWaTHA. E.J Dix, maater. win leave far St Lonia and alt lutennediate laudiaga aa above. Tbe Hiawatba for apeed, comfort and aafety, la not aarpaaeea ny any Doat on trie river. For passage or through tickets to all North - Eastert and Western cities, apply to W. E. REDDING, Oeneral Agent, Ctider tbe Sr. Clmrira Hotel, where a plan of the cabin can be aeen and atarerooma aecured. Jrl 1 Leavea on WFfDESDAY l - th inat,. at ft P. M. . ftS FOR CINCINNATI. MADISON AND J M - M Loniaville and all intermrdiate hkndinga aaCa4 - The fine regular paaaeuaer packet ateamer NTTKjBusIAS. John A. Dublr. maater, will leave as above, tot rrelabt c naaaage appiv on board, erto CHAS. F. VERLANDER. 10 Poydraa at. Jell? formerly Corn 'Change. " Leaves on SATURDAY. 13th Inat.. at 6 P. M. , frS FOR JEFFERSON, SMITHLAND. I ainil aiii Port Caddo and Slirevrpert The new light gaaaHaeansa draught paaaenger parkrt LINDA. Willia a kiu, Djastrr. will Irave for the above ana all interme diate laodipga on Red Hiverand t he Lakea, aa above. For freight or paaaage apply on board.or ta Jell H O L. ROCN8 A BROS. 1 Front at. Point Clear Hotel. The above Hotel, which ia orauttfally aitaated on toe eaatem enore oi atoone isay. win be opened for gorata between tbe ttitb aud S3tb of June. A ae - aiand for accomraodattona baa induced the proprietora to erect a new bciidK'g. wbicn, alto completed, will contain Thirty Two hue Rooma, and make the ea'abliahment capable of comfortably accommodating altogether Foar Hundred Peraons. Paint Cliar ia diatingnlabed for its natural advantage and neattbtm locality, having a free and unubatrurtea Gulf Brrec. a;,d moat auperior Salt Water Bathing wit Din loo parva nf the hotel. Good sluaic ia aecurrd ; Stable accommodations provided, and a variety of amuaemeata offered. The aplendid new ateamer - CRESCENT will leave Mobile rterv afternoon for Point Clear direct, and will alao go drwn on Sundays, Mondaya and Tburadaja at 10 0 clock A. m. J7 EAMjwtMtf T. H. CHAMBERLAIN A CO. 1 PEBBLE SPKCtXci7kS. Just received, a new assortment oi Pebbles, including all kinds of ths "OPICS AND BCOPICS," which, aa hit a:, we are aell fng lower than any body elae la tbe trade. G n arm a teed Pebble Spectacleaat from ..SI ta StO. Pebble Lensea cat to salt any frame. A Iso, a very fins assortment of Watches, Jewelry aad Fancy Goods, at very low prices 6REGOR A WILSON, Ftl IstpM A Etf corner Camp and Canal. Important to ruear Planters whose ta - tarea are inundated. rP HE advertisers otter for sale a Sugar Plantation, with A ev ry thing complete, except the alavea, at a - 1va:ita aeoca t,nnL 1 be tract containa 90 arp, nta, 22 of which are cleared and eneloeed. There ia a good aland df caoe and corn. autbeieat to employ about ao bait da. Poaaeaaion given Immediately, inquire ni MANDEVILLE A McILHENNY. myj d Wtf Gravier street aaiAar JIIM . ainsrlnea. Mean Tralss aad Gil Worta TO - aNTERS AND OTHERS The subacrlber Sega eave, reapectluliy, to inform the Planters and citi tecs of Louisiana generally, that be baa permanently lo rated in the city of Baton ftooge, where he is prepared to oil orders for SUGAR MILLS. ENGINES. STEAM TRAINS and GAS WORKS, which, under contract, be win order tram out incDda in rniiarfeipma. :aew arsone Boaton, and have pot up in any part of tbe State, undo hia own superviaion. Tbe traa apparatcs which he has last completed for thi State House, at Bston Rouge, is admitted to be the best and moat economical light that can be uaed in private res Idencea, aa well aa angar hooaea. Thie apparatoa be ia pre pared to put op. raticiug In price accorumg to quality of the Chandeliers and tbe number of borne ra, from asiio to tiTOO. Having considerable esperience In Steam Trains, he Is prepared to give special attention to tbia kind of work For pronriency and akill, aa well aa prompt attention t buaitrea, tbe heat recommendations can be fnrniab'd. Addreaa lettera to D. R. TIG HE. ap 3mdAW , tan linage, Louiaiana. To Hignr Planters). I AM now prepared to contract tot the erection of Pur - nacea for burning wet Baraaee - tlrect from tbe aalll, and guarantee ibem onder my patent. By tbia almpl and eciat means, that light, wet. and hitherto uaeieas auostanre. Is cod verted into a f uel oi greater rapacity for arodoitng the moat Intenae heat, til an find in any dry fuel known, ol eqoal quantity and weight It ia of aim pi etructare and rqairea but one hand to feed It: tbe burn Ing being entirely natural and wit boot artificial aid, it oners advantage over any other ayatem now In uae, being easily recognised by aay one converaant with ths aobject. ' Ita practical ntility has been reduced to a poaative certainty, by successful use for the past three rolling seasons, I hereby notify all Infringers of my rights that they will be held to a strict aceouatar ility. I will guarantee agalnet all claium under my patent. Communications a4dresaed to me, rare of Hail. Rodd A Putnam, wba are my authorized ageals, will receive orompt attention. MOSES THOMPSON, at the office of Hall. Rodd A Putueun. BanaS JmdAW No. S Customhouse street. N. O. For Sale. BARRELS 6 per cent, and M per cent. ALCOHOL, barrel percent. ALCOHOL. . Deodorized COLOGNE SPIRITS, 91 per cent, .. NEUTRAL SPIRITS, 4 per cent, proof - .. proof. .. LINSEED OIL, variooa Brands. .. BOILED OIL. .. No I CASTOR OIL. .. LARD OIL. bales GUNNY BAGS, barrels Excelsior Re boiled MOLASSES it . . .. , sack Liverpool SALTS, barrets Extra Rectified WHISSET. .. St Louia, Illinois and Ohio FLOUR, .. Choice brand of EX. FLOUR. MOLONY BROS. A CO., a Poydraa atreet. 8000 re JO 100 600 10o sno O ene too auo Bono 40.0O0 nno anno isno Cedstr Ckeata at Hare Preweatiwo stains t M1 ESiSS. MONTGOMERY A SMITH, at the Old AnctioD Mart. 87 Lamb atreet. nave on Band a Mrg .rtznent of Cedar Cheat, of various sixes, which bavs been so toorougbly teatad for tbe paat tve yeara. In this city, that they caa bow aa reconanaended a a certain pra - venrJve against tbe snatn. The Cedar cheat ia oat only ta - dil liaahic for protecting fine cartaina, carpeta, fan, aad every variety of woolen Irabrtca, during the sammer, bat ki also very desirable and aaefoi article of furniture to booaekeepera. either In tbe city or country aabSI Hlawo Uepat, lu Oravter and aa Dryadea streesa. TO TRADERS, "PLANTERS AND MERCHANTS Having epened my aid tand, with omaiderable Improvement and another be uae added, I ant prepared ta il i... w mm lan ta aao Blavea. Alao. aoad accoaaaaodatiap for awnera. A good aaaortment f jUvea constantly ao nana a4 tor sale, caneiaUng of Field Hand, erUC.VPHTAtTCHSR. ton Sfawter asd aa Dvradea atreeta, Jai tf To aSlarern. Plan tern, MaehLmlAts, a - 'l nartiea aaing aaaa - BJaery. ajsej ngPROVETJ CEMENT, taeaseaam, water ac are jatnas A aadtwble for aitoer rawsrb aedieawed wrtaca. noartae Ing repaired la aaa king tae joint Inaura rta awing tigna. la will - . m w - una, and ptevent tae corro sea a the araee that can hi contact with it. Parent a B A s Hatches street, whan IWliadlsraneaAAad nortica - wm ll a. - I ($helhy Cooaty Alarblo I.lwae. MawadWtareA fraaa White Mareie, in Shelby Co., Aia. rpB nlwcrfbeva are the only are nta ia tbia State tor A ttx aaie of tbe atove aoperior Wbite Marble Lime. Ita superior qua'itie for brick laviog and plaaterlng par - pooe bare keen tecled by mxmmt f aur balldrra and pasat - a wet! a govemment contractor and architect, end i we. In . mii ,h. fjlmf ary inr aw, wru auu i m m ai - f rai a, w r - , v snyM m a. w. J u u . wv., 1A4 Maamaice street. New Orieana Fine Leoadoa Oil. i SENCY for the aaie of C. F. Man ton's Sae Londea L Sim aad Fawline Piece' mi ml a oLrYIBa, aw ww ly aie aavaia, vv FRIDAY'S AFTERNOON EDITION. jpj f)c Btmhtg picanunea Published Precisely at Two O' Clock. BY LimSDGN, KENDALL Sc CO., EDITORS AND PROPRIETORS. NEW ORLEANS. FRIDAY EVENING, JUNE 11. 1S58. EP" The Eastern newspaper mail, due this morning, failed from beyond Augusta, Ga. We are indebte d to the clerk of the mail boat Oregon for Mobile papers of yesterday. CS5 On the fourth page of this evening's Picayune will be found the list of the letters remaining in the city Post Office, up to htt evening, and published "olfii - ially" in this morning's paper. Ae already announced, it should be noticed by those interested, tluat there is now only one list of letters made out by the Postmaster in each week, and that is dated on every consecutive Friday. The old plan of giving out a Siind'iy list baa been re linquished, and the duly authorized "official"' list will alwavs appear in Friday morning's Picayune.'. An advertisement will be found in another column offering for sale a lot of desirable mules. (iRiKEHlE - , &c. J II. Carter, 'Jt Tehoup ltoulas street, oilers for sale verv extensive and well assorted stocks of groceries, wines spirits, &;c., well worthy of the attention of dealers. See advertisement. Ii.i.csTUATKii Pk riiDDir - Ai.s. We are in debted to J. ('. Morgan & Co., Exchange Place, next the Post - Olfice, for the Illustrated London News and Punch for the week ended on the 2d ult. They are two good numbers the former having a very beautiful colored enpplement. Bair Potpovkd. It will be seen by a notice published this morning that the Fair at the Carrollton Garden has been postponed to Monday and Tuesday evenings next, the 1 1th anl 1 Jth inst. The fatigue of the ladies, re sulting from the Fair at Odd Fellows' Hall, the unsettled state of the weather, and the necessity of farther preparations, have ren dered the postponement advisable. For Tbxas. The steamship Texas, Capt. vN il son, will leave tor Galveston and Mata gorda Bay on Sunday next, the inst. Agents, Harris, Morgan fc Co., foot of Julia street. For Key West. The steamship Mata .gorda, Capt. Bodtiah, will leave for Key West, via ports on the western coast of Florida, at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. Agents, Harris, Morgan & Co., foot of Julia street. For Nrw Yokk, via Havana. At H o'clock tomorrow morning the steamship ISIack N amor, Capt. J. . Smith, will leave for New York, via Havana. Agents. James Connoly &. Co., 41 Poydras street. I.iEfT. isn Affair at Toinrn. The course of Lieut. Ahuy towards Gi - n. Gara. at Tjunpico, has ln - rii Very freely canvassed : and by souk has le - u deemed . - - s earnest than it - might have been, in op.isiii..ii lo the oppressions exercised on American shipping. The subjoined coiinunnicai ton, a Copy ot that which he uiMrc sset to den. Garza, in reference to the case of 'apt. Tienis, of the brig Nahuiu Stetson, will show, however, that he j - erteetly understood the wrongs being committed, and fook the proper steps towards procuring redress for theai and preventing their rec urrencr : L. S. STEAMER rl!.Tu.V, Tampico Kiver, April 14, l'taS. Si' I beg to call your Excellency's atten tion to the seizure and detention ot the - Auier ican brig Stetson, and the imprisonment of Capt. Trulls, of that vessel. Cant. Trenis was ou his way to Tampico with his vessel and cargo, there to exhibit hie papers and lodge them at the customhouse bud with the U. S. Consul, according to the laws of Mexico and long established usage. when his vessel was seized, and he taken into custody by officers acting under your authority, because he would not show his papers and enter his vessel at La Barra, which is not the acknowledged Government cusiom - houee. Should von be at the head of the Gov - ernniett of the city of Tampico, your author ity and customhouse regulations ad:mu.stereii nnder vour direction. Jtccordiiii to treaty Btin - nlationa and the usages with neutrals, would be difly attended to by vessels belonging to the United States. Having tw customhouses and being obliged to pay duties twice at one port is an unprece dented thing, against all treaties ami against the law of nations. The treaty of amity, commerce and navigation, between the United States of America and the United Mexi can States, negotiated in the city of Mexico, in the year 1831 ; ami the treaty of peace and friendriiip. concluded ami signed at the city of Guadalupe Hidalgo, in February, ISIS, guarantee: "That the citizens of neither of the contracting parties shall be liable to any embargo, nor shall their vessels, cargoes, merchandise, or effects be detained for auy military expedition, nor for any public or private purpose whatsoever, without a corresponding compensation." Now. sir. I have to remonstrate against these acts of your Excellency, in requiring these vessels to pay duties a second time ; in the seizure ot the brig Stetson, and the im - pusonment of Capt. Srenis at L.a Barra, as being unjust and ia violation of treaty obliga tions. I therefore have to requestyoar Excellency in the most earnest manner to release the said Cant. Trenis from confinement at La Barra, and also to release his veseed and return to him the cargo that belongs to her ; and that you employ soldiers or other persons under your command to assist in putting this cargo back on board of the vessel. And I must farther request that your Kxcellency will permit all American" vessels to pass to sea that have complied with all legal forms at the custom - bouse at Tampico. Any unusual or improper interruption to the commerce of the United States is always regarded with a sensitive leeling, and considered just cause of interruption ef friendly relations existing between that and any other country. I avail myself of this occasion to tender to your Excellency tbe assurance of my profound consideration and respect. (Signed) John J. Almy, Commander ef V. 8. steamer Fulton. Bis Excellency Gen. Don Juan Joade la Sana. ' Frott in Neto Hamptktre. The Concord Patriot, of the 2d inst, says: Frosts feem rather out of character the last days of May, but we have bad them. On Thursday, the 27th, and the three succeeding mornings, slight frosts were observed in this vicinity, though luckily they were not so severe as to injure materially either the crops or garden vegetables, or 'damage the prospects for fruit The season has been cold, and vegetation here bouts isl?ackward. TELEGEAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. Special to the New Orleans Picayune. River and Steamboat News, By the National Line. Vicksburo, June 11. The steamboat T. C. Twicbell paesed this point, on her way down to New Orleans, at 11 o'clock last night, and tbe Messenger at half past 8 o'clock this morning. Letters from First Private. The Mobile ."Military Encampment. Special Correspondence of tbe Picayune. Moiule, In Camp, June 'J, 1S58. My Dear Pic. Although you have lately - had something too much of " the pride, pomp, and circumstance," you could not fail to be pleased with the picture of camp life now exhibited on this ridge which overlooks the city, aud is visible to the approaching vieitor lor a long time before he is challenged by the sentinel. Last night most of the companies composing the 1st Volunteer regiment camped on the ground, and their whit tents were glinting in the declining sun light, while drum and fife, aud the music of martial bands were resonant on the evening air as the tioops were marching to the field. This morning the regiment wad paraded iu due form, and when the Adjutant pronounced ' Canip McCay," he bade " the trillnpe - apeak Tl.e trumpet to Ihe caunoneer williotit. The rai'iKtn tn t r.e heart na, ti,e iita ea to earth and a pretty loud noise it made. The name is that of our respected fellow - citizen, Major - Geu. McCay, of the Fourth Division. A. M. The orders wf the day decreed that sentinel duty should be ' performed " by companies," and' as Capt. Sands field the age of Ins peerg in rahk, his gallant, well drilled Cadets. Like the first toui to day. It was a treat to us old soldiers to see bow well the young fellows mounted iruard a ceremony not of the easiest to do well and promptly. It was pleasant, too, to meet old Jordan, and hear once more his excellent field music. His inspiring reveille would almost wake the dead, much less a merely slumbering soldier. " I'll pitch my tent ou thie camp f rounl Yr a lew da5! fur a tew ilaya!' Our new comrades, the Iafayette Guards, are not sufficiently prepared to take part in this encampment to our great regret as well - as theirs. Seven companies are on the ground, the City Troop, Capt. .1. S. Secor ; State Artillery Continental!, Capt. W. H. Ketchum ; German Fusileers, Capt. J. I . Kriete ; Mobile Cadets, Capt. If. M. Sands ; Washington Light Infantry, Capt J. A. Hooper; the Independent Rifles, Capt. A. Stiekes, and the Mobile Hitles, Capt. L. T. Woodruff. The field and staff are John B. Todd, Colonel; J. If. Ketchum, Lieut. Colonel: M. B. Harper, Major ; J. W. Smith, Jr , Quartermaster ; S. Fowler, Paymaster, and John P. Barnes, Surgeon. To keep the ground as free as possible from unwelcome intruders, no one is admitted without a ticket signed by a member ot the reiri - mi Ut, and tho'igh the hospitality of the camp is no It rS profuse and liberal than usual, the (adits have set tin - example ot tempering that hospitality by pledging themselves each to the other to abstain entirely from the use of any ardent spirit as a drink while on the camp ground.. But tin y can till their skins with wine, as tin - vintager. - of Spain, France and Italy do when visiting their exporting cities, so tl ev will let lack creature comforts. nor the means of entertaining their friends. It is somewhat of a draw back to the sports. expecte.:, eppt cMlly "the datio - upon the LTt - eii." that during the four days tour we are to be "diverted by the waning moon," bur it will take more than a dark niulit to make Ms all as gloomy as itself. But the days an - aw fully hot. and muskets are certainly heaveir in stu b weather than at any oth - r time. Es pecially troublesome is the heat to such as carry overweight, like our amiable ensign larding the lean eartli as he walks along." Fii'.sr Pan Ait. " Coir M Co,'' Mobile. June 10 My lh - ar Pic April showers may be more proverbial, but are not half so certain as camp rains: and when our gardeners are suffering in dust, they petition the colonel to camp. Whenever enc - h a document as " Order No. 0 '' appears, Jupiter Piuvius is sure to be about Many years ago. and before our tents were roofed with tlies, and floored, car ted and fitted like drawing rooms, a9 at present, we of the big guns were sitting. tailor I ke. on benches to avoid the flood beneath, and nni formed in tarpaulins to dodge the drippings from our seine like canvas over - bead, when an order came to us to try a re versal of Espy's philosophy, and see if an artillery salute would not stop, as well as bring down the rain. It had been falling' for six and thirty hours, and many a modern steamboat might have navigated the parade ronnd as we stood to our guns letlock deep n water. It was deemed very good tun ov those who stood grinning at us from their tent doors, but they were ou the ground an hour ifterwards. for the rain ceased ulaiost with the echoes of the gnns. Who aa merry in the camp ? Battle over, live in clover: Care atid hia eroi.iee nr - fi.r - ed to tiatxip. And ail ia a - icial pleasure." The attendance of visitors yesterday was not very great, much to th6 satisfaction of the troops and the facilities of the. parade. j I be field and staff bad mounted tbe new regulation cars, which look very like a laJiss' riding hat. Yet there is something of the bngand Nicaragnan touch about tuem, too; for they are turned np on the left, with a gold embroidered rosette, while the black ana yellow feathers on the right set back like the crett of a game cock when about to pitch in. They were manufactured by Warnoct & Co., 519 Broadway. Many are the incidents occurring at our en campments, which serve to wile away the time after tattoo has cleared tbe grounds. ( leeterdav evening an eminent nidge a ' learned judge" dwelling iust in the rear of the camp, thought to save distance by cutting across lots instead of going ronnd by way oi the guard tent in front. " Colonel," said one of the bench for there were two legal dignitaries together" will not those young sol diers thar let os make a snort cut ; W ell, you can try them. Judge. As you are so well known, thev will not. perhaps, object to let you pass." Away went the Judges, but soon returned, saying, " troy, John, that young ieiiow threatened to ran me through with his bayonet if I did not go back." ' Then, yon could not have given him tae pass - word!" o i A ma not get it. nat must i say so him V "Ray Gumbo!" " Well ! that's a queer word, John ! but, let us go." It is needless to say that the mocs worn proved no ' open sesame" to the Judges on circuit, but, on tne contrary, orougni aowu tbe eentinel's bayonet to a still nearer prox - mitv to the place where gumbo is sometimes deposited. . I Unr worthy irenerai from whom the camp named is, we are sorry to hear, too much of an invalid to visit it , but to - morrow the Brigadier General, Butler, will review the troops, and there will be a vast gathering in tbe evening. : - r t - mvirr. Further From Our Mexican Files. The Extraordinary has advices from Yucatan that British soldiers had inarched into a portion of the State to preserve the lives and properties of some British subjects who were jeopardized. The troops had come from Balize. The value of goods stored in Vera Cruz, in consequence of the prevention of their conveyance into the interior during the present state of affairs in the country, is stated to amount to at least $7,000,000 ; besides which there are large quantities along the road. M. Gabriac, the French Minister in Mexico has refused to present to the government the protest of French citizens against the forced loan imposed on foreigners! The Legislature of the State of Chihuahua is stated to have granted to Messrs. Me Manns and Potts a special privilege for the construction of a railroad through that State. The Extraordinary announces that Messrs - Coolnlge and Garcia, two American citizens' who were taken prisoners at Orizava, have been set at liberty through the clemency of President Zuloaga, exercised at the request of the American Minister, Mr. Forsyth. The same paper reports that six of the accused in the San Vicente affair have been found guilty and condemned to death ; but the case has been carried to the Supreme Court. The JCnloaga Government has granted its exequatur to Isaac S. McMicken, Esq., as Coi.sul of the United States at Acapulco, and also to A. S. Bates, Esq., as Consul of the same nation at the port of Guaymas. Gen. Ifobles has obtained leave of absence for the purpose of proceeding to Mexico, to explain to his government the views of ours with respect to the sister republic moie clearly than he could by letter. Sehors Moi.tes and Lafragua, Mexican Ministers respectively to Rome and to Spain, have been recalled by the Zuloaga Government, but the Constitutional President, Juarez, has desired Seiior Montes to retain his post The liarxo de Arisos says Zerman was re' ceived at Oaxaca with open arms by the Gov ernor aud officials of the place ; that he (Zer - man) said be bad 8,0041 men at New Orleans ready to lend their assistance to Juarez. Zer - man was treated to a banqnet, &c. The Extraordinary has the following grave paragraph on the subject of the proposition for a protectorate for Mexico : Many of onr city cotemporaries regard the proposition or idea of an American protectorate over Mexico a very laughable matter. We were afraid the idea might have been taken unkindly by some of our hiuh tonpd jonmalistsL and it is certainly a just cause for grauncauou to kuow mat we nere in aiexico can aMord to laugh at the quixotic schemes of the restlees people of the sister Republic. The same paper publishes the following extract from a letter from Guaymas, giving a terrible picture of the condition of Souora: We are in the mfdet of a frightful state of things, and anarchy assumes such lull sway that it is nneafe to be in the country, (iuay - mas was beseiged one week by about "iH'O Yaqui Indians, but they conld not enter; they robbed aud destroyed every hacienda around Guaymas. and the greatest misery now exists Leie Whole villages have been burned down and the population killed by them. As you will have heard. Jesus Gandara and the others, chiefs of the revolution, have all been taken and ehot ; and now the troops of the Government have entered on the rivers Yaqui and Mayo, with full determination of killing everything they meet, and I think the intention of the Governor is afterwards to colonize the rivers and dispose of the lands. If it is carried into effect it will be a great benefit to Souora The last outrage committed by the Yaquis was at Santa Cruz de Mayo. They entered the place, killed every man there wits in it, got all the women and children together, ehut them up in tbe church and set tire to it, and then burned the rest of the town. At a battle fonght on a plain called El Sau - cito, between Gov. IVsqueira and Don Jesus Gandara, the latter was totally defeated, aud himself killed in tbe action, and also three of his principal officers taken prisoners and shot on the following day. This occurred on the1 J - 'd of February last. The troops are now at the river Yaqui. and have intentions of kill ing men, women and children, aa, in the fore part of this month the Indians attacked a place called Santa Crnz de Mayo, and killed aud burned to death over one hundred persons rr.en, women and children, indiscriminately. It is time that the Indians should he taught a severe lesson: th - y have ravaged the whole country, and while the Government troops were occupied in another part of the State, they have carried oil' all the crops and stoll - n the cattle from our farms and ranches. They have carried away over three hundred fanegas of corn, and about as many head of cattle I believe it is now the intention of the Government to take aw ay their lands from them aud give them to people who wish tr settle there. Gov Pesqneira baa pronounced against Zuloaga, and in favor of Juarez. The suppression of the Ileralilo and the Aurora appears to have been one of the most outrageous pieces of despotism that any tyrant could exercise against tbe liberty of the press. Most certainly, if the people of Mexico were capable of rightly appreciating the cowardly and infamous appressiveness of the act, Zuloaga's quarters would soon be about his ears, and these perhaps of no further use to him. A fine of f 500 was first imposed on tbe Heraldo, simply for having announced that Echeagaray had advanced towards Puebla ; and the editor, Senor Godoy, having refused to withdraw the announcement, and to eupplicate Zuloaga for mercy, he was denounced as a rebel, and his press, book - cases, and library were seized, to the value of three times the amount of the fine. Some days afterwards, at 10 o'clock at night, on the 7th nit ., a notice was left at Senor Godoy's house, that ke had been fined another $500, for hav. ing made some observations on the law against thieves and highwaymen, and far having published two sonnets, one to Orsini, the other to Pierri. The next day, Sr. Godoy sent a representa. tion to the governor against the harshness of these proceedings ; and at 10 o'clock that night an armed body was sent to seize the paper and suppress it, the officer notifying Sr. Godoy that he would not be allowed to publish any political periodical. Finding there was nothing political in the number being worked off, a copy of it was carried to the delectable "Supreme Government"! for consultation. Half an hour afterwards the officer returned, and made his men carry off the nine hundred copies of tbe paper printed Next day was Sunday. On Monday morning Sr. Goday's furniture and other property was seized and carried off in payment of the second fine. Sr. Godoy then started a news raner. the Aurora, free from all politieal mat ter. In the first number, the course parsoedj moderate terms. At 8 o'clock at night notice was served upon Sr. Godoy that another fine of $500 was imposed on Sr. Godoy, that seizure was to be made if not paid within twenty - four hours, that he would not be Allowed tA TtnKliah one rvAinw1Iol varriatAtrAV' I and that of any circular or other matter he might print a copy must be sent to government and stamped with its license before being issued. At the same time eight hundred and thirty copies of the second number of the paper, printed on one side, were seized. Two days afterwards his house was literally Backed of linen even, male and female in payment of the last fine! Vivanel gobierno magnanxmo de Zuloaga, y la hberlad Meji - Loutsiana Intelligence. The Richmond (Madison) Journal, of the 4th inst., itays : The com crop, where it has not been injured by water, is very promising. The cotton crop is small for the season, though the plant generally has a healthy appearauce. The weather is very warm and dry ; we have had but one good shower for several weeks. The Opelousas Patriot, of the 5th inst., furnishes the following account of a shocking murder by negroes : In tbe town of Vennilioiiville, on hist Sunday morning, about 10 o'clock, during mass - time, M'rne Elise Missonnier was brutally assassinated by four or five of her own servants and one of her neighbor's. Her two daughters, at the time of themurder, (were absent at church ; Uiou their return thev discovered drops of blood upon the floor of her room ; these demonstrations, together with the absi - n - e of M'me Missonnier, led to immediate searches for her body, which was found late in the evening lying in an old well. Several large incisions had been made on her head, apparently inflicted with an axe. The body when taken out of the well was yet warm, which induced the opinion that the work of death was not thoroughly executed when it was cast into the well. The assassins have been arrested, and our District Attorney is now absent attending to the preliminary examination of the circumstances of tins most atrocious murder. The Vermilionville (Lafayette) Echo, of the oth, has the following : On the 3d instant the slaves Joseph and Modeste, the former aged about 13 years aud tbe latter about 21 years, the property of widow Elize Missonnier, were arraigned before Theogene Hebert and C. II. Eaetin, Jus tices of the Peace, and a jury of freeholders. The District Attorney being present, read the accusation against the slaves for murdering their mistress. After the usual proceedings the court retired, and immediately returned with a verdict of guilty, sentencing them to be hung. Joseph is to be executed on the ."th inst.. The execution of Modeste, who is enrtente, is postponed. Other t - laves, accused ol having participated in the crime, are now in jail ; their trial is to take place shortly. The murder of Mrs. Missonnier is a moet fiendish one : of the numerous wounds she received, three which were inflicted with an axe were sufficient to cause death. Her body, after she was dead, seems to have been dragged or carried to several places in the garden and yard, and was finally deposited and bnried in'a large hole about ten feet from the dwelling - house. The crime was com - ' mitted on last Sunday morning, about six o'clock. It appears by the following paragraph, which we find in the Baton Rouge Advocate, of the evening of the Oth, that a gang of rowdies from this city, in attempting to cut up shines in Baton Ronge, got rather used np A gang of rough looking customers, who weie landed here from New Orleans the other day, from an np river steamer, yesterday made an attack on Mulverhill's bar room, Front street, the proprietor of which was "cleaning the whole party out" most handsomely, when Sheriff llahin put an end ta the fray by arresting the offenders and sending them to jail. The party consisted ot six, who gave their names as W. H. Harris, Arthur Short, la lad of 14 years) Thomas Haydeo, Chas. Richardson, YVm. Russell, and Charles Williams. They were brought before Mayor Consinard this morning, searched, and then pent to answer an affidavit made before Justice Dufrocq by Mulverhill. One of the party, Thomas Hayd'en, had about his person ft 25 in cash, and the others had each a large supply of knives of various shapes and make. Indeed, they were so well provided in this regard that one might imagine that they had some intention of setting up a wholesale cutlery business. In the affray Mulverhill received a severe cut in the arm, while his assailants came oft' with all sorts of bruises" about the head with bricks and fists brought to play by the aroused bar - keeper. The Franklin i St. Mary) Banner thus speaks of the village of New Iberia in the parish of St. Martin : This little village, pleasantly situated on the southern bank of the bayou, forty - five miles above Franklin by way of the bayou, and nine miles by land below St. Martinsville, is one of tbe most pleasant villages of Attaka - pas, or in Louisiana. It is also one of the most prosperous villages that we know of in the State. Those who only know it as the "Newtown" of 184'., have no idea of its present appearance. Those dilapidated bouses and squint - eyed groceries that disfigured it, eight or ten years ago, have given place to neat dwellings and comely stores. Everywhere on all tbe streets new buildings haye sprung up, and prosperity and enterprise have almost obliterated the former characteristics of the place. It is the central point for the trade of a large scope ot country, and that a fertile and prosperous country. We know of no reason why New Iberia should not eventually rival every village on the Teche in prosperity. She has a strong and fortunate position and we trust in due time she will get the entire benefit of that position. The Planters' Banner has the following : $10,000 ha vex been appropriated by the Swamp Land Commissioner, from the lurid r aa - . .:la ktf Ofir I OJs I aDIPIii. given to St. Martin y - "' r ' , , f. , - n.n;n;nir the Spanish Lake, situated AsBtlUCT JVI aja.iarfaa.a - aa. a . . - t... - Le. x - o iheria and St. Martinsville. It is not expected to, araui surface of the Tecbe, into which it is to be drained is much above tire bottom of the lake. But thev expect to reduce its waters so that the low lanas in the vicinity of St Martinsville wiU be completel v d rained, by which considerable land near tbe 'village will be reclaimed, and the village will be made more healthy by the arrangement The Franklin (St Mary) Register, of the 5th inst., says : The weather for the past week has been very bot and oppressive. Last night we were refreshed by some cooling showers, and this morning the thermometer indicates bat 78, while at tbe same time yesterday it was 92 3. Tbe reports we receive "from our correspondents throughout the Attakapns country, in regard to the growing crops of sugar, are generally very favorable ; ths corn crop does not appear to so much advantage though a fair average harvest is anticipated! We are sorry . to learn that tbe water is encroaching upon some of onr planters in the lower part of tbe parish, on the eastern side of the bayoo. 1 be swamps ana lakes being cued with tno .Saratov it, that twice a day some few planters have a Small portion of their na anmanHul Thai damage, however, can in no event be great, incepting a few scattering eases of scarlet fever, our parish continues very healthy. Ear" It is announced that the Fall Regatta of the New York Yacht Club will be held at New Bedford abont the 1st of August. - ty The President of the United Slates has recognized Guiseppe Valerio as Vice Consul of Sardinia, at New York f also, N. Stadimair as Consul General, ad tnferim, of Hanover, a New York. fp The fine packet Jenny Lind, one of the line of steamboats that run between Ogdensburg, New York, and Montreal, struck on a rock in the Long Sault Rapids, on the 2d inst, and sunk. We have no particulars. EF The trial of Francis E. and Miriam Y Heath, at Lowell, Mass., for the murder "of their father, in, the town of Dracut, closed on tbe 3d inst., the prisoners being found guilty of murder in the second degree. Francis was sentenced to the State Prison for life. The sentence of. Miriam was deferred. The Death of Senator Render ton, of Texan. This sad event, of which we were informed by telegraph, is thus announced in the Washington Union, of tbe 5th inst : It becomes our melancholy duty to an - nounce this morning the decease of another member of the United States Senate. Hon. J. 1'. Henderson, of Texas, died at his lodgings in this city yesterday evening. The disease was of a pulmonary character, from which he had suffered for some time. Senator Henderson was a native of North. Carolina, and emigrated. to Texas in the year 1836. He filled many high civil and military positions daring its existence as a republic, and since its admission into tbe Union as a State the value of his services has been repeatedly recognised. He was chosen the first t Governor of the State of Texas, and by tha last Legislature unanimously elected to the Senate aa the successor of the lamented Rusk. He was a lawyer of distinguished ability, an orator, and a statesman, and his death will be felt by the people of Texas as a great loss. THE 'CITY. . Accm est ally Killed. At an early hoar this morning officer C. Brown, of the River Police, was fatally wounded by the accidental discharge of a gun in his own hands, on board of the police boat of the First District Just previous) y3here had been a heavy shower of rain, and the guns on board of the boat had been placed under the seats, for the purpose of keeping them dry. After the shower Mr. Brown undertook to take out his gun by the muzzle, and tbe hammer catching some projection of the boat caused the weapon to be discharged, when its contents were lodged in Mr. B.'s thigh, wounding the femoral artery and causing a hemorrhage which resulted fa tally in the course of an hour or so. Immediately after the accident his companions conveyed him to the Charity Hospital, supposing that the wound was not very serious, but he bled to death in a short time after he was admitted. Deceased leaves a wife and one child Since writing tbe above an inquest was held on the body, and a verdict of accidental death was rendered. Deceased was about twenty - five years of age. Some of the smalljntestines were cut by the ehot. Alleged Mutiny. Last evening the Third District police boarded the ship Sarah Peti - grew, at Slaughterhouse Point, and, at the netance of the Captain, arrested Stanley Wilson, Geo. Williams, Rieh'd Lloyd, Wm. West, George Bradley and Mich'l Harney, on a charge of Laving been engaged in a mutiny on board of said ship on the high seas. The ease will be transferred to one of the U. S. Com mi ssi oners. Sweet Oil. The police picked np a basket of sweet oil at the corner of Fulton and Common streets, where it had been left by a thief or lost by a drayman. The owner should look after it. - Burglary. The fancy store of Angnste Dudoussat, corner of Royal and St Louis streets, was last night entered by some skillful burglars, who broke open a pane of glass and sawed off an iron bolt by which the shutters were confined. They then entered without difficulty, packed np two thousand dollars worth of goods, and escaped with them, without detection, by opening the front doer and walking out. The operators probably belong to the same gang that made a similar descent, a short time eince, on an establishment at the corner of Camp and Common streets. Police Matters. Before Recorder Stith. David Gorman was examined on a charge of having, on the 30th ult, gone to tbe residence of Jno. Riley, on Giroa street, and there knocked down kicked and otherwise injured him in a very 'savage manner. David was sent before the First District Court, nnder bonds of 93M. - a - Mrs. Ann Martin, accused of having robbed Mrs. Ryan of about $20 worth of clothes, - was discharged, no case being made out against her. Jack Reynand, a free boy of color, accused of having attempted to violate the person of a little white girl was discharged, an alibi , being proved by several witnesses. John Glausen, accused of asranlting and stabbing a little boy named Wm. Henry Webb, was discharged, the prosecutor young ; Webb's father having left the city. Mary Dostenich was examined and sent , before the First District Court to answer for having beaten M. Petrovich with a billet of wood when P. was. disputing with her bus - qand. John Kennedy, Joseph Eepal and .Bridget Kenny were fined $10 each for breaches of the peace. Samuel Birmingham, alias Martin McGill, for vagrancy and an attempt to pick a pocket, was sent to the Workhouse for six months. . . THE COURTS. U. S. Circuit Co n rt . Judges Campbell and McCaltb. The rule taken in the Walker : " j - a nr. ii .J r& i aaer, reituiiiiK urea. TVaiaer ! . Anderson to snow cause why they should not 1. - a . m i ': ekt Wl9m urj rcijuireu to innusa cu7 tnre peaceable behavior towards Niearagoa and the rest of tbe wo. W, came np tbismova - ing for argument bat was continued UU to - First" District Cocrt judgt i This and plead not x. Marks. ouM,enteredc and plead niiltr a Thar" ofem'hezxlmg $1203 Ctfi foyers, Mar,sise & Co. ' aJon 8 - Stratton was arraigned and plead - rrnilty. to a charge of larceny, committed oVrSarof tbe steamer E. Howard. W. Henderson, convicted ef assault and battery, was sentenced to two weeks in the Parish Prison, and $20 fine, or in default, to MM"n .,. ,'( V - i is ; i i It J

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