The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 29, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 29, 1950
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER M, 1980 ,B (A.RK.V COUHTER NEW* ELETEH Our Boarding House with Ma j. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams MAkE SLIGHTLY LESS N01S& tUftU A CARKSMAL GOIKJG FULL BLAST ? JUST gecAus.6 YOU HWJ6TO PLOP YOUR 8UMIOW5 Ofi "M6 PLOOR AT 4 A.M..AR6 ^U^ AL&<} CLOSE tue KITCHEN DOORS THE AROMA OP THAT 3ANA WAFTING UP- AW WOED? 3OTWSTUR the peaces, AT BC£W< OF DASWhJ TO 6ARM A PROFIT OW YOUR EGA.O.' \MRETCV\6D OP M6/ UP THE PIFTM WARO? •3* > V J <^i"^~ "W-^S SVi'E.V. y!;?, 1 ^ BOEM THIRTV YEARS'TOO 5OOM»^ FOR SALE FRKCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOS8U You Win, Sally Concrete culverl3, 12 Illtll to Inch, plain or reenfurcfil. Also Concrete Uuildinf Blocks cheaper lhan lumber for barm, clilcken housri, pump houses, tenant houses, toul shrds. We deliver. Call HI for tree eslinmle. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 691 / FRANK R.ADAMS COM. 1«0 BY HI*. SfKVICE. IHC- '1MH- 1 . S'VIMlVj l)itk<-. Jlul WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 PABM LOANS Catts Wi&ga Co. REALTORS Phon« i751 .Mnjhe IHnfs XVII watched a dozen molor coaches come in, load and de- ipart. But Old Ironsides did not show up. Maybe it had been in a wreck, or sold down the river lo \ become a school hus. He would 'he disappointed if anything had 'happened to it. He felt almost as •if he owned the old crate. • Under the instrument panel was ijwhere he had always hidden thai '•lucky coin, so he would never give J it to a passenger hy mistake when making change. It was about the size of a quarter and had a square , hole in the middle—a Chinese somebody had told him Svery day, when he first sat down n the driver's scat, he hooked I bent nail way under when no one would see it. He alway nil it back in his pocket when he was relieved. All but once—on that last trip when he had been so excited about leaving for th Army lhat he'd forgotten th darned thing.- Eddie had just about given u hope when an old rattling, snoH ing monster came lumberin around the corner under the pas sengcr landing shed and stoppc at the door of the waiting room. "Bontworks bus?" shouted th starter. "Leaving right away. 1 Lt was Kddie's bus. And Eddie was driving it. Perhapc it KEROSENE & FUEL OIL Dial 4091 or 740 Shirley Hipp •TOUR FRIENDLY MAGNOLIA DEALER Dr. Lindquist CHIROPRACTOR r Phone 3170 615 ChickasHwbn n his previous encounters with oung women it had been a case "everybody for himself." argie I-ou was different But He ould gladly have laid down his fe for her, if he'd had one left. Margie T.ou didn't at the mo- ent look like anybody who would much even a couple of rowboats. lie was in a gray-green uniform oat which was too large for her n several places and a cap which ame down too far over her braids, he entire outfit had been in- oi'ited from a woman driver who ad been fired the week before. Eddie climbed aboard. "I see ou're feeling all right now," he aid. Naturally Margie Tx>u did not eply, nol having heard him. The starter was marshaling pas- engers aboard as fast as possible. There was another bus coming up lehind. "You're Isle," he told Margie Lou. "Traffic jam at Sixth and Western," she snid. "Workmen's cars coming off shift tangled with 'uncral.** "Oh. M The starter raised his voice. "Rack in the bus, folks Plenty of room in the rear. Hey you in front, you can't stand so close to the driver." Eddie started to apologize t>u realized in a moment that the remark was not directed at him. to get aboard grouped behind hilt patiently. Margie Lou's advice to Max I.eugel did not have Ihc elTcct sh€ intended. Max got the idea she admired the prowess of (he husky bus loader. He couldn't bear to have one of his women friends admire anyone else. So when the man shoved him Max shoved back hard enough to push him off the step, Unluckily for Max Ihe starter had a grip on his coat lapels and dragged Max right with him when he fell. They rolled around on the concrete platform for a while, neither side scoring a touchdown. When they finally got lo their (eel the majority of the wailing passengers had climbed aboard and now there wasn't room for an emaciated sar- ine to squeeze in anywhere. "Take it aw.iy!" shouted th« tarter with what breath he had eft. Max made a tentative attempt get a foothold somewhere on he hus hut the folding door clocked him off. He compromised. 'See you later, baby," he yelled at Margie Lou. "I'll bring you his big palooka's teeth to wear for a bracelet and some of his lair for—" It was about here that the starter hit Max for luck. Th* argument continued. • stretching truth a litUe for Kddie lo call Margie Lou his girl. But, she was the nearest thing to it thai lie hod ever had. She was the first person toward whom he had felt a protective tenderness. tfE very definitely earthly body of Max L/enge! was right behind Margie Lou's seat. Eddie hadn't seen him get on. "I won't bother her," said Max with a hearty good nature. "She's a Trie-rid of mine..* The starter was a big man, too, and his supper wasn't agreeing with him. "Gel back in the bus like T told you." "Don't get him angry," Margie LOH cautioned Max pleadingly. "Sometimes he gets awful lough." The starter wns on the step. The oassentrers who were waiting J7DD1E had both an itching desire to get his hands on th< wheel and an unfamiliar feeling of awe and tenderness toward th« girl who was handling it. He did some back-stat driving, but Margie Lou naturally got no benefit from his muttered advice. Then, on a stretch of unobstructed highway, Eddfe squatted down and peered «od*r the instrument panel. Contrary to his expectation*, there-was the coin with the hole in it, hooked over the crooked nail. With a murmured thanks to Lady Luck, he reached for H. Nothing doing. He'd forgotten he couldn't pick up anylhing. While he was absorbed in hts battled indignation, Margie l.,ou took her right hand off the whftel, reached forward under the instrument panel. When her hand came out the coin lay in the palm. (T» Be Continued) I TOLO tie*. 1 SALLY L'O t.CAV[T /WANTS TO IT UP 10 /TUKCW A PARTY FOR A PACK OF OUR. HOUSE? SEND MEK.IM HERC.' -AND, ^URTMCRMORE. \ YOU'RE So IHA.T GANG-WOULD . IOJTB WHEM PiACE/AOU'RE AM6RY/ "He's grown a whole thirty-second of an Inch since last month!" No Prompting, Please BY AI. VKUMEER I'RISCl.LA'S POI HO, OF COURSE NOT! I MEAN CHICAGO WHV IN ILLINOIS F1Y MIC'IIAKI, O'MAU.'Oy iu ,(i RALPH I.ANE It's $25,0(10. Cruiser THE CSOJISEK SAII7 IP I W7NT I OO ON, PLAY »ALL/ HB'P TURN MB *1 OW THIS OLP KAK VIC, SO- \ y #125,000 \ V PMC7EI7 ?V ' ZOtf EffUiLS... T6<! YOU HE LIKE AM X-KAV , ceuisee/ TAKE IT'S SMART . . . IT'S THRIFTY . . . •IT'S PATRIOTIC . , , lo keep your show In good repair , „ V • . because SHOE REPAIR GIVES EXTRA WEAR HflLTCRS IL^LITY SHOC SHOP 121 W. MWI-M ST. FRIEND FARMER Owning and npcraling an aulomobilr ^fTnnls a lot of pleasure. but there is much danger on llic ruad. The h;i/;ird is too srcnt a risk—with votii tile, estate, and s&vinRS at stnke. Why run the risk when we ran protect von (or SrUHHI/10,000 Liability. JJ.tlM Property Oamage for only $2.1.38 per year. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. for dependable Repair Service 121 East Main Phone 2122 Just Call W.M. BURNS INSURANCE Phone 3361 "I Sell That Stuff" FUEL OIL! G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. Office and Bulk Plan) — Promised Land PHONE—2089—PHONE ARGUS CAMERAS We're jnM txm appointed TOUT exclusive afcfncy In Rlythcvillc for Ar^ns ramtra* See oat complete selection. Including Iht famed Arjtus C3 and Arjotlei Come In "'BARNEY'S DRUG \V«sl Main Phont 3617 SHEET METAL WORK—• OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Cusloin .Shearing up lo 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 Sonlh Broadway Phone 2651 NOTICE ALL CAR OWNERS! If TOD rfon't think voor speedometer Is working exactly right at all sp«ds, drive In and Itt •* thcck U. Wt ofttr one-day servlc* on repairs for al) cars and trucks, T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO 121- Kasl Main I'hone 2122 NU-WA Laundry & Dry Cleaning Call 4474 CAPTAIN EASY McKee Is Sold HY LESLIE TURNER INEDE BECOME FftST FRIENDS. MM BO* I POWT DOUBT 1HM, V £V& TOLO ME WHftT! MM CAME J A>M. SHE'S ACUTE IJTfLE TRICK, MEf ANYONE SO DISAEWIHSLV SUM, BUT I'D HATE TO \ ABOUT IT, EA5V! YOU HERE? WfiLL, I'M \. WITH A WILL OF HER OWN 1 . THAT UTTERLV WITHOUT GUILE 1 . flMOITRUSTWe ALONG! WAITTLVDU \GAyE7 THE POOR CHILD GIRL WILL GO PLACBSM MW SEE MORE Of HER IN PARISl HEMZ. WHftT ALL THAT WO ALTESNATlUe • SCHEMING imLE-WlW*. ISO DON'TCRKICIZE DID TO ME 1 . 1 . EVEN H&D A. HER TO ME! ME ARRESTED. AM'-/ _ _ TO PROTECT VOU FROM — BUGS BUNNY A Bargain I HE SMD \ 1 ftlN'T GOT NO CHARACTER/ AM.RY OOP I lead-On! V. T. HAMLIN THEY'VE SPOT TED SOMETHING IN THE VIDlCOM...t CftN'T MAKE OUT WHM! W!/?,//,, \ AHEAD/ BOOTS AND HEK HUDDIIvS Disgusted !SY EDGAR MARTIN

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