The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 4, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 4, 1933
Page 2
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PAGE TWO IT BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, .NOVEMBER " Yankee Pol Hoasl Is Grcal This Way Usslohn.vy soci;ty, church, business at church at 2:30 P. M. Business- and Professional \S'o- iven's club rnceling al Golf Hold at 7:30 P. M. TUESDAY'S EVENTS Eastern Star meeting, 1:30 p. in. Mrs. M. A. Isaacs emerlainint! Tuesday Contract club. Younc Mntror-s Bridge club, Mrs. Murray Smart, hostess. City Council P. T. A. at high school auditorium, 9:30 A. M. THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. H. A. Smith, hostess Mtd- Wrck club. Thursday Contrncl club, Mis. Efgiir Ijorum, hostess. U. D. C., Mis. A. M. Butt, hos- liss. W£%X??f .<*.>:' •-.-.•'i t?7—'%v* _^-- :--*-f •'-.-' :*f*^ Using Mrs. Wood Knlcrlalns Thursday Rnok Club. The Thanks-sivln? moilf was nied by Mrs. Charles !•'. Wood when she enler'alned .members of Hi: Thursday liook club and Iwo guests, her sister-in-law. Miss Ktllie L;e DoVrnh, of Carulhers- \lile, and Mrs. R. M. Ellis. . A plalc lunch wns served" at tables decorated with aulumn leaves and mm alurc turkeys and there were gariien flowers In low bowls and floor baskcls. Bible Clais " Uns A Parly. Mrs. Lee Armstrong enlcrlalned the Ladles Blbla class of the Flrsl J.-lethcdlst churih last evening at !hc Hirniun Rimer homo on Walnut street. Mrs. T. J. Crowricr conducted the devotional end In Ihe buslnc.->s i MIS. \V. W. llollipcter presided. For enlcilalnmonl Ihc names of 'capsule friends" were revealed. Ihis game has. keen played for ihe past scveial months. Mrs. Frank Webb assisted (he hostess In serving refreshments. * * » Marriage Liccnws Issued. Thes; have cbtain'cd mBi-rlngc licenses recently at the office of ihc county coil"-; clerk- here: Miss Veja 'Serrctt Hid Fmlcy Carson Ujfh of here: Kiss Margaret Hill l.ouscf "of Manila. nnd;Tho:nas W M.ller, of Caraway; 'Miss Orlln lliitton, of Manila^ anrtH. D. Rot) • Inson.'bf Lcaciivllle: Miss Louis White: r.nd VIrr!" Washbum, boll ol here; Miss Opal Williams, ol Jewish here, and G. L. Donnell, of Cos "c'ui j r-11: Miss Ircn? Dial and Grady k« Cat?^ toih of r.ere; Miss Mary Cr.tb.eilne Monngue and V'cincn Bennett, coth of here;.Miss Wan- Ca Lee Files and Virgil Miller, both bit Manila: Miss Clara Gardner and William Shepherd, both of here; Miss Hattic Mae Phillips End Crattis Moore, both of Manila. 'WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON-— Paul In Jerusalem Text: Acts 15:1, Z, 0, 22-31 | lib youth :uid which The InU-rnalloiiiil Uniform Sun-1 meaning for him. day School Lesson for Nov. 5. HES SCIKNCK SOOIKTY 'ADAM AND FALLEN MAN" is llic subject, of Ihc Lesson-Sermon lo be read In Ihe Christian Science liervlcc, Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. YANKEE POT 110AST- l!y NEA Service There's a- vosue for old-fnshlcn- cil. substantial recipes tills winler. Bi!'- mosl 'of tlicin are dressed up in nev,- v.ays to give them n little lidded zcsl and un nir of novelty. Ynnkjc pol loast is on dish vhlch Is sure to please Ihe family. mashed ones, and carrots cut In Strain the sauce when you rc- liuerc-itlni; sbiipei and sizes .lend lo jinovc the roast from the oven.. Pour '"-- '' 'it over the meat when you are-ica- dy. io serve. ,J' lltile nuitncg and herbs :r seasoning nnd making the yra- •y with puree of tomato Instead of plain \viiter changes your old cclpc mid introduces vnrlcly Into •cur menu. . It's the perfect dish for Sunday dinner and there's sure to be some eft-to slice- colrt [or'sandwichrf-lh :hc evening und the children's lunched Mondny. It's possible .to 'prepare the samp old .ycgyl'iflVii '\ft a new way oc«T- slonalljt Pbtalotpanciikes./cih ' be subslilulod for Ihe usual boiled 01 Mondny. Instead of Ihc nil day affair as planned, wllli Mrs. Max Miller jr.. (losless nl the ShunQ apartincnU oil West Mljfti slrcot The incc(Ing;will beubH",al 1:30 O'clock. .-'•'•'. f';i :;'* '5 whet lagging iinpctlles. '$. Take a four-isound plpce of round of b^f and se.ison with salt, pep-1 'Pctalo pancakes arc easy to irjakc icr and nurnt'.g.' IVy In its own ; Ico. Grute four -large potatoes 'rind ial In a .shallow pan tinlll all sides place Ike pulp In a sieve lo drain ore browned. Ad-1 two medium sizo , oil' ihe c.mss water. When they cnions im:l a few earrots ^ut .In j an; qutl'. 1 dry, add llic yolks, ol slices, sttiile in the-,- fat from Ihe I three OIKS. u:i'j tablespoon ot^nbur, The Golden Text k,."For if any one man's offense death reigned by one; much more Ihcy which re- relce abundance of grace nnd of Ihc glfl of righteousness shall relKn In life by one, Jesus Christ" i Romans 5:17). Among the citations from Ihe Bible Is the following, "Lo, Ihis only have 1 found, Hint God hath made mini upright" (Rccleslasles 7:23. to;). elude imssagc.s from the Christian The Ijesson-Scrmon will also in- ficicnce textbook. "Science ' and Health with Key to the 'Scriptures," by Mary Baker Eddy,' one of which reads. "The great trulli in llic Science of being, that the -real man was, is. and ever shnll 1)0-perfect, Ls Inconlrovertlble; for man is Ihc image, reflection, of God. lie is neilher inverted nor ubverled, but upright iind God- Ike" (page 200). Christian Science Reading Roon s open on Tuesday and Friday rom 3 lo 5 p. m. in room 108'Ho e! Noble. had; that lh;-s>e new converts .should 'contain to the "custom of Mosw," did not, however, see any, and demanded thai if they did not, • • • j reason why non-Je« p s accepting do so they could not \>c saved. BY WM. K. (HI.UOV, D. 1). (ho new faith .shuutd be burdened, i' an:l liarnabas were cmnl- EdHor of The CongrefationalUl with ritual prat".icr-.s wliich were-ly Insistent thai this Jewish rite Every new religion, or every new {foreign lo them, and which hard- vns no; ne^siary for the Chri.;- phnse or manifestation of an oldlly could linve ihe meaning or .sit;- '.inn faith or salvation of thefa religion, brings its problems andi ntllcanco Ihat ll'.cy h-id Gentile converts. Paul and rsur- ils controversies. ! brought up in Judaism. i nabas uern .sent to Jem-saler.!, to What is Ihe fetation of the new, i t raa ,. c t . cm tkiit Paul's views lhl ' a]ics:les nnd ciders of ihe i the old? How much of the old were nov alto-jclhcr consistent and - < i hnrch there to determine this lould survive In the new oullook ,-is,, t i, u i t |, cy varied from time "" and experience? How c:m the sub-'( () time. The whole mailer probably was one of .such difficult.}' of nd just men l (hat it was hard for even so clear seeing and clear ''!=i:on. stance und reality of all that good In Ihe old religion be pro- j served unless on? lays stress upon .the symbols and- forms In which-thinking a man as i'au! to rise lo Jhal religion exprescd Itself? | u, e help/ills of a view gt Christian Again and again these issues', simplicity and liberty-; thai con- arise In oil movements of religion. I ,i s tenlly was nianilestcU. In fact, II is Inlerc^llng io see the I'll,- lesuh was Ihat the clni:ch :il Jei'.:.-:alem .sided with Paul and Barnabas and sent to the Chris 1 Hans in Anlioeh Judas and Silas, "men that have ha/arrtC'i their livis I'nr tho name of our Lord Jesu.-i rhi'lM," to bear witni-?s lo extent to which they arise In all movements of conviction, and of | a progressive nature, without re-; Laler we find P.isil. in Jerusalem, laving his head in ritual obscrv-' nee of a vow thai he had made: : Ihe whole situation EOUHS thi [ ; d.'rHion. The decision, in effect, - — . . ,, ,. . llllu lui. uuwji nLiuiiLiuji -ivui.T gard to their essentially religious- . lvangeij . at variance with the! laracler. • , . • cltirllv and inclcpnulence of the Clni. lilt-It- n.irl,»till,M^c riF In. i *-""".• • l rogratns of aclion In very much ic same way thai early Chrisian sects, ami later denomina- have contended in conlro- ersy over the orthodox view and he orthodox way. nucl i acid four .lable- spomn nf flour and'simmer tor'lsn minuteB. •. ... '• ' . i'lio'j tlii. meat; in a saiicd-ipan, acid vetfelab!cs, two pints of ]>uree ol tomato and v,-ater to cover the 'meal."' •!)«!'-cooking' \vhie ; feiv'be ntetl Instead ot svalcr. Put in II lillle (jarnlshin;; au;h 115, l^«y Isnvcs or thyme: Cook) it j»ll. ,iii n covered Uislf it tr.vo :(i'nd one.-lu!£ the meat !s tender. sail and a dash of nutmcg.s, . ^ i Mold the mixture into small,;'.flnl pancakes an:l fry them lri-,ixicc,n fat. -•' Cul four large carrots into olive .sl'.ap.'i. Parboil them In sajl. am wjiler. •Irrriin' -and place in covered utensil -,i-llh one lablcspoan of-but ter and one leas-icon of sugar; Le 'thvni simmer iint-ll^tney tilrn,.; diirkish golden -color'.-. ':', , t .. Serve Ihe roast' -and the -vegc tables all'on'one plotter. S. S. lo gitjir-n ^ s ' :' "l>y'lfKl.l-:X NVI'.I.! : Y»U can alwjys k-ll wlici^faiiiily.liyis There are lio.iks :u ranKcilli Am , y^,.^. . w -. yy- «f,"jqj. ~^\.' o'clock. n[ 'the feinpTo. Children are urged to utlend. + # * Cleji to Meet,,, .-,, v ,\ ,.." The Dorcas 'Sundfiy schonl Hi"." °J''H ' Thai llu- people vary in sliapc and si'w. '. Mats I!L:I| hnve .sli-cacnet.s me.ui lillle " I NVilh i^iky InircuLs or riblxiii^d curls. Socialists and Communists of lo ay quarrel about matters of de- nillon and Inleriirelallon \icws lhal he elsewhere expressed was cnicies of i-onduc:. but lhal they iliuuUJ be free from the necessity ef placing themseUes under ritual kurrji'ii'; '.vliieh emild have for ami on the subject^f^Christian liberty. • .^^ .^ ' mml[ns „.. ,. eali ; v Thv- ecntrnvorsy wn5 much i Ii is seldom in deeply cotilrover- . ( i, ;t!1 L , chnrch e,u:irrel. u was .Fial itsiu'.s that men think anil :itt clivisir.n of opinion ahont a map•with cumpU'te oiwn-niindedneis. ln; utcr in which Ihe conUicting Even v-here there may be no pre- : ronvdiciis r.o doubt were sincere , judice. It Is difficult to avoid an nll ,( hono-.-abie. But Use decision i allilude of compromise, because of: vl;ii cnicml. marking the virtual One of Ihe earliest, phenomena', Practical considerations. :m i, v O f Christianity from Ihe n the progress of Christianity was- A distinguishing mark cf the fall' of becoming a narrow and lie winning lo the new faith of Jew, and a central and sacred rile] seciailan religion. l>ose who were nol Jews. Paul,1 of his religion, is the practice of Would God that all controvc-.-- who was himself a devout Jew ' circumcisiojj. When certain men, sics within ihc -Christian Church though he now had become a from Juclca came into the com'--, had issued so favorably and icnd- Chrlstlan, felt called upon to keep, munlties v.-here Paul and Darna- j cd to keep Christianity in the up.cerlain rilual observances in'bas had been winning Gentiles lo realm of simple, moral and spir- which he had been trained from the Christian failh, they insisted, iuial realities! Ihe Plrsl Banltsl church Is ex- ! A WAGON ami hall ami icvc'al iiding a special invitation to old- Tlial a Lav IIM-S llu-iv: and'a slim. !iii;li id new members to attend Ihc „ , ' . . . , Dell, 'Afmorrl,, B. Y. •P. li-'s Rtcelve Avrards. The Dell a Y. p. u. won 'the attendance awa;l and the Armorel Eioup the efficiency banner for i':e p=3t month., reports made at In? mcctins 'of the Mississippi Ccunty B. Y. F. U. association at Manila last nleht revcnled. The L'cll .group hai 71 per cent attendance and Annorcl marie 07 r.e: cent in the :(Ticiency report. Seventy-five members from un- :ons of Dell, Manila, Leachville, Anr.orel. Clear Lake, and Wilhehh frd Just. Friend unions of First church here nnd the Second church here were pvesent. George H. l^iqua, director of B. Y. P. U. activities of the Manila church, was in charge of ihc pro- trtrn on the Ineme "Esther". Miss Chra Bel! Kcnton. of thr Eercnd church l-.cre. «as Eelectcci a delegate lo the slate B. Y. P. U convent ion a;,-Fcil Smith. Nov M to Dec. 3. The next ir.eetinj; of trie cojinty froup will b» at the Second church here December 1. ' * ' D«lphians Have Study Nfrs. Lloyd V. Wise was leader of the Delphian study Wednesda\ morning al the Hotel Noble when the Delphian sluriy Wednesday morning al the Hotel Noble when the life and works, of Kra Lipyo Lippi was studied. Before Die program Mrs. Olio Kocluitzky gave Ihc parliamentary drill and Mrs % James B. Clark, the critic's report The work of this artist, as compared to Ihe Madonnas, was takei up by the leaner. Mrs. C. \V. At flick spoke of Fra Angelico. the last painter of religious pictures, and lold how scuiptors and architects influenced his painting. She also told of his paintings in the Sam Marco monastery and of his picture "Annunclallon." A modern artist, James McNeil Whistler, was laken «p by Mrs. W. T. Cbcrst who told how she was Ihe first artist to redeive universal recognition and wns the first to recognize the decorative as well as the illustrative in paint- Ings. His picture, "Mother," was discussed. It" was volcd to cnlcrtain the . slate U.D.C. concention ith a tea when it meets in Blyllicvillc in Oclober, 1834. Al Ihe next slurry Dr. Edna J \vill l>o leader of a program "The Medici Family's Encouragement of Florentine Culture." and new members to attend class, tomorrow .morning. , •• "- • On an ou-islioL- K a ceilain clew TJinl a i;r[i\sn-up .skier's :in ir.malc, loo. A doll lliat flopped \\ith a hioki-u neck, A toy h jin Lunched in a pU.Ms.iul v>rerk . . , The ivnin uiny lie .Mill, .is a sUcninR mouse loth ol he'ff.- Justice Oscur Alcx-ij-IJul youknwtliero'sa faniiljm llicliou.e' .nder performed tho ceremony la^|i>t. r^ Hcad-Keilcr Announcement lias been miidc of Ihe marrla'gc of Miss Kvanglcrl Londoit/.Hcitcr and'.Wilbur llcnd.;: bdlh ol he'rf.. Justice Oscur Miss llealha Lavhimi and A. .T. Lewis jr., both n( Manila, wcra united in marriage l Munduy by husllcc C. C. Marrs. Miss Lizzie Dew. of Curve. Trim. : . inir Fray iMivf, of Gates. Teni!.. j -,vere married in this city Monday with the ceremony perfiirnK-d by '.he Ilcv. S. M. Watson. Bits oj : "Ne&s Moslly Personal Rr. \r. O. ITr.vy will n-lurn •Monday from AnnlPlnn. Ala., where :c hs? teen wVn his brother who ''as !>cen ser'cusly ill several iVys. .MI?S Vorvelh Hum])lire\ went '.->!. Ky.. whesi- she will isit parenl.^ tho-e who a:trnn.-d l!:e football ramc ut Jpiirsborp i.^iUrwcre: Mi»es FlIiST 11APTIST CHDRCH Walnut and Eljlith Streets Alfred S. Harwell. Taslor Sunday school. 0:45 a. m. Alvt Holley, Supeilnlcndcnl. Sermon al 11 a. m. and .WO p • Morning suhjccl: "Not Ashamed." Evening subject: "Jesus Tn The House." '"•"' B. Y. P. U. 0:30 p. m. Miss Luna Wllhelm. Dlreclor. W. M. S. Monday 2:30 p. m. al llirs Church for lesson 'on Medical Missions, Mrs. W. M. Williams, leader. Sunday school officers and (cachets' meet Wednesday 7:15 p. m. Prayer service Wednesday, 7:45 .p. in:. ' • : ••!'•• . Choir rehearsal Wednesday 8;30 p. m. Mrs. Paul Tiplon, Leader. VILf.ltIM LUTHERAN CHURCH II. J. Kkindicnst, i'astor Sunday scho,5l teachers' mcet- •.nr,,. 4:3(1 A. M. irtnday schcol session, 9:00' A. Divine worship with Conimun- n, 10:00 A. M. Sermon of top- "Thc Tcxl That Reformed titlicr Reformed Ihe ClmrcTi". Informal db:tussion on Bible nulamenlals, 1:00 P. M. A cordial welcome is cxlended all''to visit our services. "He ial is of CMiA hcarctH God's orris: ye thc.oforc hear Ihem ol, because ye are not of God." I. John 8:17. Declarer Shortens Trump Pecom to Quiz lo Discard "Losing Card 1 Ex-Bank Chiei Today's Contract Problem . What is tho proper, bidding procedure In' ihe following 4 C S3 ».5 4 3 4 A K Q 10 7 5 4 iliNone Hay li v — Personal' Sunday of -Mr. and Mrs. Maroto Rowland-.. Almn James of here and Mi: Inva Webb of Stanley were unite in marriage October 10. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Xewuuni i Terry Switch were gnesls Tuc, day evening of Mr. ami Mi-5. Mar; ~~~ ~' ~ i son Rnwland. M'.^. Teddy Argil nr.d .-.on Jimmy- ,\. C. Dlankenship is (ransac (if l-'iinl. Mich., were ihe sucsts of i (,,,, business In I!lylhcvill L Mrs. J. M. Avgo. (hi.- week. • Mrs. j W fok. Uo:ln:ir;" cdyi-! A p° alul sou } l ' fl FvlJ;1> '.'™'i" M '"i Hubert Whi[tle of Dlv'.ln-vilK' ; • 4 A K 7 2 >• V K 2 (v ^ Nona 4 AKJ10 S 64 , Solution in next issue. '^'Solution to Previous Contract Problem -fcl BY'.WM. E. ^I Sfefttary, American Bridge Lcasi" 1 fiiave you ever seen a hand where the declarer had to get rid of same tnnnp, even though he had no los- rfg trump Irick. so tlial he could IRS'T rKKSHVTKRIAS Sunday sehoul. 9:45 A. M. Church. 11 A. M. The Rev. Rudolph Miller, of .•.Memphis, will reach. Youii? iicoplep meeting. CMS F I'lKST CUK1STIAN ' I-:. K. LalimiT. Mirislrr Church school. 0:45 A. M. Holy Comnnnion and sermon, 11 A. M. VCSIKT service. 6 P. M. A cordial we.coins always. Geisert in Ine South could see t.:at| his only ehane? lo make the eon- tract, was to get rid of the '.en of 'This looked rather difficult, espe- j K rially \v!'.*n you see that ihe dia- g mond suit will n:t sel. Bui lie proceeded to play Hie hand in Ihe following manner: | .After winning a heart with Ihe r.i-e. he led n :.mal! hearl and | trumped with' Ihe ten o!" club 1 ;. Ho I then led a diamcr.d and won in j dummy v.ith' the tuicen. ITc rc- {turned nnclher hem", and Iriimp::! i \vlcli Ike jack cf clubs. | . Mr. Oelstrt then pkiyc-.l his kins j of clubs anA follo'.ved il witli t:i? j i queen, but overtook the queen wilh | dummy's ace.'He played the nine: | of clubs aid pieked up llic iasl! outstanding ti'ump. : Oii t:!ie oijhi of clubs- h? tlis- I carded hia iosiiii; ten of spades. I TliLs was one of the mosl ninis'ial! plays in bridge. A diamond was returned, won with the kiiij. !ho p.c^ ea=he:l. an-i i Mr. Geisert ruffed another diamor.-l in dummy with his last Iriinin. i Then hi: relmned a .spadu. wlii:h discard a losing card on dummy's trump! Such is the .hand that was j ' 1 to me the other day by Tier-1 man G. Geisert of Indianapolis.' and I want to say it is one of the nicst, interesting I have seen lor s?mc time. "• • gave him 13' tricks for his grand Leaelivillc Socicly — Personal Mrs. Mabel Onlliiw and rlaimli- (er. Miss Lois, sj-cnl Monday nnd Tuesday in Me'r.phl--, sbopping. Mrs. ' Ellk of Monctte spoilt Wednesday In I.cuchvillc w i t h Iricnds. Mrs. A. E. Hobinson and daughter. Miss Dorolhy. have relurnccl after siJendii phis as the week in Mem- of Mrs. Rob- Rubber bridge—None Vol. • Opening lead—V -f- South West Nortli Kast 1 • I'ass ?. N. T. P.-.aa S A I'asn !i 4> !> '' s3 / i, i'tir- Pa=3 Pass l^ike Tno H'iilc'fnir I'liMsants FERGUS FAl.bS. Minn. IUP) - Phoa.sAiits a'.tenip'.in-.: io fly nerobs l.ikes here arc drunnin-: in large iuunberp. reports s-.i::l uxlay. O. Olson rcporlecl \'K (ir.ui ivi thV shores o! S'-:i'.ki!r v.I.iie similar rejjon^ have come horn other hike areas. E. bird: Lake, j Panama Cunul ir.iific is n Au™U5l- ar.rl j-.n'.vicsv in Uccom-! dcilt of t-irj CiiilH.> Nnti<ui:il lian'K, .\\-v.- Vcnk. \Vic;:in, )l is [orciasl, will IJQ called sooii lo. ike wiln' Elaiul. The Hiildin.c \Vhcn South opened llic con'.i.-ict- wltli one diamond and hi.s ii.irl- ner answered wilh two no, •5111111;], he knew he was going ]>lab% with the liand. as the rump practicaliy witli Iwo aces. DR. Cf IAS. f I, SCIIERSR Chiropodist Will Be at the Tuesday, Nov. 7th S:::n A. M. t» r, j>. A/. «' of , V ™ marked McrlhtHs xjjj After South bid mo'.hcr. Mis. L. Bral- Brock-Brock Tho marriage Vlrton Bass. R. F. K'.r.-him-. V-v- lon Morse, th-j Re\. K!ar.:'n M. i C'l.llowsy. Oscar Al'xand-.'r. J. | MelA 13rco'-:s. Sir. and Mr".. J.j Samuel Lar.drum. Joi* ' Pmklry. Cnrl D.u-is. Frank Whilwonii. Wocdrow FUher. Mrs. W. J. Pollard. Mr. and Mrs. V. G. Iicihr.d. Jnbto S.iliba. Miuk.ell Johns. John BurncHe. N. B. Menard. Jr.. ?>fi'. and Mrs. Crawfnrd Givm", Virgil Fuller. I-Vcd Balilw. A. Con- •viiy. Mr. and Mrs. E:idio B. n.ivid. H.irry T:i5!nr. Mr. and Mrs E. H. CoW) an,-: Vloyd Wlli' -. E. }). I-'erguson. (:. CT. Smith and W. L. Homer attrmli-d tti business in Lillle Rock Thursday. Mrs. Luther Williams of si. who was formerly Miss i,;? Mr in Mr-lupins visiting 'her ^?iss Daphne Cu'.rnivr ill' com- i'.any. with a of friends tro::i Caruthei-sv:i!e n-.ntorcd lo'.cn and Chiir'u'Slon Thu'is- :av nr.rt visilf;! wiii\ friend.';. Mrs. Bl.iie -JSuckloy js in of Miss Rosa Brock and Herman Brock, fcolh of IhU city, occurred here Saturday. , The Rev. S. M. Watson performed the ceremony. ;":'«* GoBd Will ' Have M:or !-,iU-*ud who r. Mc- •rucs- y whore McVernon coi-.^-.iHed r pliyslrian. n-.c baby of Mi. and M-. = . ves- r Pirrce is seriously ill. Misses Alice Marshall and Lois Mem-'"' 11 s)Wnt Snliird.iy n Memphis.. Mr. and Mrs. lioyd Hartii:; ,-in- icceivin- medical'. Ihere. nounco the birth of a tl.nichter -Sunday. She has been named Mary •\r i I r i "\ » ' • Alice, NeUieriand l\'CWS • Mr. and Mrs. W. A. l.lm-,1 and il.iuc.hter. Miss Belhel. wnv Suu- The Ladi-s Moire lv.-monslr.ilion tiny mirsis ..[ M,-.- n 'nd Mrs. Bill <-h:h u:rt 1hm-Ml<v nfinniKiu al'Mrdley at (WtV'ln. Hi:- rlubluii>: • viih Ms mi'ii)hcrs' .Mi's. I. T. Walkn-. of inv.rnt. ii:'-'.i:cl:;i\r t'A.1 iif\\ mem- is sivnthn-^ ilii- wrok v\ilh hr: ino- bns. IViffS i:i :i rnlllc lhal net- Ihi-r. Mrs. Hen Aynx-k. and lain- !r;i ihc rlub J.:t:ii.l5 were awarded, ily. K.idle • liiibinson won a riuill. Mr. I'lerce and family. (: ( oko- Mls\i 1 'na. V»i^.. IMVI' nurcliiv-i-d a pll-'and moved lo (his community." Louise .Waldcn of here, is row im- r;cn:Gr Muriel a c:ikr. anil proving ol the Barnes hospital-.of i Wciry Ku: Rhodes of.Ji.iyli . ...... St. Louis following n serious' ill- ] low. Mrs. F\saiy M^bi.s cave a Mrs. Jewel Wise, of Varbro: Mrs. the p.ifl six weeks. J. E. Whitworlh. who has! Mrs. fpenl Tliiirtrtay with Mrs. 'Wheeler : -..;.;?.i.u Rov.-rf.iitl v .is''in charge of Epperson. teen v quite 111 since Wednesday, is Li bean game contest In which Miss I.udie Perkins is a curst of no better loday. [Mrs. Mark Trainman and Mrs. htr aunl,_Mrs. Vfster Pierce, and - • I - Mmes. H. A. Taylor, L: H. Moore.! Bert Seviman-were winners. family. .' v The-SU SUphcn Eplwopal Guild' J. E. Crlt-, and N. H. Mennrd were' .!. E. Cook and friends of S: 111 have - in afternoon meeting In Jonesbsro yesterday. t Louis were dinner guests lr,f: ttlk n:i meat prern^ntlon. Re.i.1 Courier News Want nison s u-n. Mrs. F. M. Mailed spent the f si of (lie week in Memphis. Miss Martha Hlyllie cnlertain- *.(.. with a .'.lumber parly Thursday nl;:hl. He.* guests vcre Netti? B. Myraclc. Vandclli Watkins, lois Williams. Eiizabelh Lee and 1 ols Wlllard. Mrs. J. W. Mrore spent Thursday in Jonesc.ito. Miss Ruth Lr-, student at Ar- k.insas Slate college. Jonesboro. will sp:nd the week-end with her i incuts, Mr. and Mrs. Preston Lee. Mr. and Mrs. John Bcardcn entertained Wcrtne.-day night with cnflcl -supix-r. fnlioncd by rknic- irg. Guesls wne Louis Weinbcrg r.nd Miss IVna Weinliorg. Mr. and Mr.s. Kalph Gih!-ons. Jr., Mr. anu Mrs. Tt'd Roderick. Mr. and Mi r'r.x Parks. Mr. and Mrs.-Donald !lnniond. S. C'-nfion ot lilythe- • ille. Mi.'-s M. nrownire of }ily- thevllle. n. N. Ce'.irtr.ev. F. K VJiipllsli of Little Rock, Ralpt Gregory. Dr. and Mrs. M. E Slaudcnmeycr, H-.irk Sclimeyer. Ed •vard Ecllmeyer. Frrd Cox, J. E I'.nrdcr. Eddie W-ru"-i. Spnngd.ile rt :k.. and Dnn Bohbitt. The Rev. R. E. l.. Bearden of! Arksdelphia s)»'nt Tuesday hercj us the guest of his son, John clubs and North supported the club bid. Soulh now felt quite iwsitiv? , that North's holding was at least i our clubs to the ace.' and Ihc ace ol ncarts. C !( • While Ihe m'ci pf. sever, might br- I termed oplimisll'C, Ihe gr.ind 1 . bonus in rubber, .bridge is , enough thai it -nays to gamble. The Play The ! optr.lng lead was t^-.e jack ' | of heaVu by West, which was won in dummy Vote For JOE P. PRIDE ofBlyfcville Fur l.cvcr Oiri'ctor, Uisl. No. 'i. \\ An lixiicriciu'cd I.cvcc : Mun ,• Election, Monday, Nov. 6 The Following Prices Effective Monday Simimitt.. clean as a Hound's looth. Ton - - WM Orient, Illinois Rest, Ton $7.00 Kentucky Lump, Tor?. - - $6.5(1 Kentucky Nut, 1m - - $6.60 My Coal is Hliii'k Uul 1 Treat You While. Phone 107 MEMBER N. R. A. Observing N. R.-A. Hours nnd \\;u;cs. Tint I An: Meeting All Trii-cs.

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