The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 13, 1931
Page 6
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1'A.GU -SIX fAKK.) COimiKi: NEWS STEELE HE! " Game Close em All the Wav: Po'h Jrainr Presentee? With Trophies. I BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laufer the same baeshHll team will be re- Driionizcd in. Hie near future. List year's team spent it busy reason iilaj'lng In Missouri. Arkansas an:i •icniic.s!.?9, and miide a rf'CCi'd 00 per cent perfect. It also a member of Hie Ark-Mo. Sunday amaieur haschall league lincl tied for tlie championship. A handiotnj trouliy. of lliu inc'?:w]i'j?!il championship of Sntithrnst EQtiti und Nmllirns! Arki:is.:s au'nrdi'tl the R^ 1 !'-. Mn. ci'i Inst nl°lit :i(lcr the Ktc .-le c hod defctUE-d fhr fast five in hard fcu:?lit score of t!\d final fiiimc cf IJ' 1 to'ii 1 - mtncnt at the Armory here v..i:. 3.1 to 27. • In a prclimip.."!! v game trcskctknll tca:ii fu-.r.i Ccoter. y.\i. tioimcr.'l H B'.yilu'ville i:ir! 1 ;' ii--.:n 23 to 13. A dincc foJIov.Td t!ip final game at which piayer:: nt the st-vcn teams parti;i|iatinq .in Iho tc'.inicy «er-> Riits'.f. Dlytheville, Cooler. Wilfnti. Hoi land nnd Pii^oil \\tTo d* 1 ! the fiv-.t two rounds cf the '.( Tin : 5tiay mid \VVdf? "v The rlnmpicmhip K;M:;:- \v:is rln-.-- nnd hard fo' th:uu-:hnit \vith the l\vo tcnms disp'myinq [lie brand of bn.sketball shewn the entire mr;et. At no M^p-:- of the game were the two U-nms -,[,!• nviUcd by more than SIM point!: with each a;gre;allon takins tli!> lend mw.eicus times only to it as their rivals lor'ged in front again. Hornersvlllc led nt the half I'l to 12 alter Steele. htul ftnls!" i (l tin 1 first quarter with an 8 to 5 JCent'.ctt. Horr.crsville forward, wn.i the most consistent scorer in the first half. Conn Ills Aid Crnn. center of tr>.i Steele troupe, hit his ttrick in the last hnlf a:id: the Cnnilhcrsvillc Junior ee!lc?c: toy with his mam. mute. Wersfll.: really accounted for the S;.?cle| victory. The -score was lied at 2. r > j nl! In the fourth qunrlcr !)'.;'. the;baked mulle! there isn't Ivnl cither. Steele cnctrs clmonslrntixl their; _ _ _ ni«y n?.ui !i.\:i his tonsils ability by sin-lntlnn aiv:id hi tlir: removed in the tiMcrm.™. r.ul tiin: last lev minutes us [hey c!!<i | CVJ nlni; ntc s.'vvnl '.iwls.> ti-.;v".' p-.ilnst the lilvthevlilc team on; EC ,, u iv,'iehes c:; rye bread . . . Ik- Wednesday niqht. Jatunlly likes Ili'i; nirknunie. Kermejt. HontcrsvillB forrarcl , .,.,-„,.,,„ „„ ln „ ho , ol ji: , L S^G^rMlowed"^ ^onni-voss the .tree, l*= t,U V ,r* of Stccle with 13 iwlnts. Hcrnersville was awarded u tro phv for finishing in the runner-up position. - ....... The tournament was declared a Mr. Henry "Hank" Dowdy. ti:e j " si;cecss uy ofdclnls of Hie Blythe-, Braves' co.iuh. escavlcd a cou;ib c'.\ t ville City league, which s;:en:orc.d j the yannser Braves to the po'ilce- Ihe meet. I men's ban hi St. Petersburg ihc i Championship flame : other ninht . . . and stood In r. HMHc 127> PCS Steeie (S3) i V ;ry dipnihcd and fatherly way. i Kcnnelt 1C !•' Tollien 9i| 0 okiinj un while We.s Svhuliu?rle.i, Demprey 2 P Ulshon I Braves' rookie. Vi-nuii G;:::u-z, t!:t- Crain 0 C Comi 1S| ^an'/.r,' icokle pitcher r.vlf.i liu 1 ' Chailland 3 G Fnr!s 5|| r .r!;c- feet )an:l ethers held a ll:.h' Rhiils O Copelnnd 2, ,:,,„;„„ of f |, r | n , f, OI bi|l tiA::-lr: ; -' I on th'j italics floor . . . After lull ! Orceola Eliminated In Girls' Cage Meet OSCEOLA, Ark.—Osceola, Ccrn- Ing and Welncr were c]l:n!nn'.cJ nils afternoon In the Uislrlct Four Girls' basketball tournament underway at Sha\vne2. n?ar Joiner. liono, one o( Hie favorites, triin- ined Hie Osceola lassies with case, -!9 to 8. Marion defeated Cornlnj 48 lo 26. Wdncr forfeited to Wil- O'-licr aames till 1 ! afternoon will brliiir toyetlrer.. Marked Tr;e and Marmaduke. Egypt and Corning will play ntid Marion will meet Wilson. Ehawnce and ' Corning ..will play toninht air.l Crawfordsvlllc will clash with liono. Et. iM'UTflmrjr . • - Hi. 1 1 Coast. Inn . . . nnd Cic fno:i Is , i O. K. r 1 am told by Uab'olL M:Li-an- an hour of watching, Mr. Oowdy departed to his Iwtel lo icud a K03d book . . . Oowdy was one of tile first bl;; lenyue ball players to enlist rtiirlni; the W. \V. . . . an:l one of (he last to leave .'. . an:l >a- been with the Braves ioniser than anybody else, maUny his dcbir. about the same time as Rabbit M.t- lauville . . . who came up in 1012. NOTICE Notice is hereby given tlmt the Coimlv Court of MLsstelinii Coun- ly, Arkansas, will on the 6lh day of | April. 1031. at. Hie County Court 11 com in the City of Osceola. receive i bids from any Bunk, Banker or • Trust Company that may desire to | become the depository of public funds for the Osceola District of .said Coumy, and on the 20th day iof April. .1031. at the County Court. • rocm In the City of Blythevllle, saiu | Court will receive bids from any such Bank. Banker or Trust Company that may desire to become the depository of public funds for the Chickasawbu District of said County. Any such Bank, Banker or Trust Company desiring to become the I depository of public funds shall file ; with the Clerk of said Court, on or j before said day, a sealed bid slat- i ing the rats of Interest offered to i be paid, by said bidder for the next 1 two years ensuing upsn County funds that may be deposited In jl_ pursuance to said bids, and each ' bid must be accompanied by iv cer: tlficd check for Two Hundred and ! Fifty Dollars "(S'250.00), paynble tc- Bargains for Saturday and Monday CARROTS. POTATOES Koine Heautv or Ad;. Illiidts. -I I.lis. CAULIFLOWER Cooler to Have Team —.. _ __ ;riiLy I^UIIUL^ ij^ou.wuy, |"».j nuit i Of UianiOnd Veterans UieTreasurerof Mississippi Count : Given under my hand as Clerk COOTEn, Mo., March 12.— Ac- of'sald Court this the-13t]i day o! cordins to Lois (Pete) ficCaun. March, 1031. • 13-20-27 manager of the Cooler semi-mo MRS. JOHN LONG, bafebalt team last, year, practically . County clerk. Grapefruit SOAP p -*- aor< i«\ n ,29 t If If If I'et or Carnation ITllLIY 3 Lge. or 6 Sin. SALMON Chm - N °-JS25 c PORK & BEANS. Quaker ^Quick or Res. Meal Golden Cream 24 Pound Sack Youll find It in the want ails. U'.irl-, Substitutions—Hornersvillc cson: Steele Wcssell 4. Heferec—Greerc. Umolre—Kri- mer. Poorer—Barnes. Timekeeper. Warring! on. _ i Random Ncles cf a Baseball Traveler. Gabby Street thinks the Brav;.are the most Improved outfit in th? league-. . . and that Bill McKerh- nie is the smartest manager ::o ever saw .... The expjvi'i 1 .?!! 1 . of Jee McCarthy bosVm 1 ; thx- 1 Yankees arcund like kids Is o:ve cf the most interesting In the bl p ; leagues this year . . . Babe- Rulh says tbe new bsll won't make any difference to him, he thinks . . . but admits a pitcher will b= al-lj to sling sharper curves. Jimmy De Shong. rookie pitcher o[ the A's. has been wantin? to pitch to Mickey Cwrhrar.c lor v^.ivs . . . Jimmy is fiom Hiurisbi!'.".: and he pitchKl four shulD:::i '....year ui the New York-Penn circuit . . . thinks he cculd pitch .1 fciv shutouts in the American Ln^.i: this year, but says. "I ain't Jure y: 1 whether I will or not." . . . Ask--. me if I had St-en the Piv;:s y?l an.-: warned me not to overlook-Pitcher Dutch Schesler. "a bie, fast -cir. v-ith a knuckler." RITZ THEATER Friday and Saiurtlny Sec John Gil burl and Anita Page in 'Gentleaiens FatG : Al;=o Comctlios. Xiy'nt—1;> iiiul JOc. Sunday ?.nd Monday lie lov:<! hi.-: \vifn — lull ho look her to i';ii'is! Wlioiv tilt fun begins for HOME THEATRE Friday and Saturday See Ken Maynard in 'Fighting Thru' Admission—Mnlince & Nigli 10 and 'ion. Sunday arul Monday Bottle, Bottle, Who's Got thcBollle? What floor - kno\v. every wnlkins . shiiuld ickq Good. Hal Wlltsc. F. Phll'y rook, pitch:; one of the b;st games ot lit? in Philadelphia, says he ... r was tack in 1920 and he was .vU'.- the Red Sox ihen. \vorkii',^ :: Mi:v. ! the Athletics . . . wa^ take;; r•:• | for a pin'ch-hlller vith tre -n-at. one-all ir. the 13th . . .;- opposed him . . . and the A'5 T.-.— from the pitcher who reV.cvr^ hi".: . . . Wiltsc is one cr th; b:s'.-::- '.:Ing prospects in t'r.e sojth . . . H. won 19 games In the Texas l.i!>r.:- last year . . . and if yet; th;r.'-- those Texas League rookies cV.-r- stay up there, look at year re::.' book. Chuck K!e!n may be tho cer.-.o. fielder for the Phils this yeor . . . Buzz Arlctt, big feet and all, probably wilt be In right. If baseball teams were pick:;! c:- spring lorm. the Phlb; are fair!-. certain to be crowded out :f li.-t place this year by the C:n:*.r.mi Reds. » * t One Bi|t Happy Kamily. The Cardinals eat j'j<: !ilv • liappy family in a little next to the Hotel Dixie Grr^i:. . . O?.bby Street and all of them . . . quite a few have their wives a:ii children in the camp . . . pnj th: cMULLIN'S CASH GROCERY A Blytheville Store JELLO All Flavors rs OAC 3 Hkfis. L\i BEANS Miss : LouSt tS25 c CORN No - 2Standa V10 c Pineapple WESSON OIL Q " art tu 23 C SNOW DRIFT G - T tfi n S 45° COFFEE Sunset Gold Ho. 2|, Can Libbys Sliced or Crushed, Can BUTTER Pure Creamery. All Btands "• Pound 30c Fresh Country Dozen . 20c OLEO Gold. Dot 2 Cj BEANS Blytheville 1AC ' \ Cut. No. 2 Can 1U 10 Pounds 49c SOUP Tomato. 3 for MAYONNAISE King Tnsle. Pint ' Miixv.-cll House or Canova found 30c Old Hose or Defiance f . 48's $1.20. 24 Lbs.*t 2-Lb. Box CALUMET 1-LI). Can I'KAMIT IJUTTKK Ciiuovii. I.h. Jar 25 C I FLOUR "IS $1,25 LARD Compound 8-Pound 95c -^i I *••-* f, vv o\ V 01 \ r r ccti ^W» \\-u, . '/.;** cr.uA J»c^ c .. $ '& I I Ms? C*7 Ji**« K--*»•- PEARS No. 2'/i Can BACON Swift's Sliced. 1 18 C [,b. 10 PRUNES Lb. 8 C I5ACON Sliced IJluck- OfTC hawk. I,b. LJ PORK CHOPS Nice and Lean Pound 15c I'ORK ROAST C| $f > I \USAGE Country Pork. Lb. HAMS Kver-Good Pound 20c HOG HEAD P'rcsh Lb. OYSTERS Select Pint No. 21 Can Libbys Deluxe Spaghetti or OP»^ ^| fciiaI^ajaSigjg'HfS?iify.-rj^^ g 'vriT 5 TsE XtX .MOLASSES Steamboat CHC B f/VPI?}?!? -Maxwell House or 05^ iDU i lUrrLE rannva. Lb. JJ Gallon BUTTER Springhrook 'OHC g DIFTTPD Clovcrbloom or I.h. ffl 1 DUlllill nrookficl.l. Pure Lard « 4Sb.Pail 8lb. Pail 50 Ib. Can I HENS FULL DRESSED Pound 22ic SAU_SAGE_ FRANKS Krooklicld I-b. 27c; Morris Supreme. Pound 25c Meat Pound 131c Hrookfield Pound 16ic With ANITA PAGK '' POUGLAS FAIKHANKS, .Tr.^ and ollHTs >ci'.i ]\^ f -, ffe stole his oxvti liaby, bill', tlidn'l know lio\v in food it. r.ut that was only niie trou- !•• nf this fatlior surprised with a son on his wedding Admission—Matii JOc— -2^— iO Niglil—luanil - Admission—Matinee & Xipht 10 anil 2f>c. PORK BRAINS Fresh Pound lie Crystal While 1 Toy Baloon P'ree \Vith 10 Bars 32 c Neckbcnes ib.5c Sausage p |i ;rk IQc Purei.ardib.12jc K raut Ne " Barrel 7V r diu pouni j / 2 C EJ^jsTiiillSS-lZifZf^i. 1 g-: « ft* 1^*1 s-aKSSisssssii Whole I *S- Pound 1 /S, Lard Compound pound Country a ff^'l Club. Wliolo 5 j}^ sy Pound Chuck Ib. 13^c Thick Rib Ib. 14c Brisket lSXrfS3SSF£ Blackhnwk Sliced Pound 25c MILK Page lirand. G Small or Evaporated. :) Tali Cans 23c MEAL 21-Pound Sack 45 c BROOMS •1 Ply Heavy Broom Kach 35c EGG NOODLES Ken-Mas?, Cclophane 4 /V^ \Vraitpcd. Each JL\JU Pig Liver Ib. 8c Jlixed Sliced Blaclihawk Pound Cheese Wisconsin Cream ib. H£ Fancy Milk Fed lib Full Dressed

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