The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1937 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1937
Page 10
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PAOH TEN Tips On Police Broadcast; School For Criminals Also Discovered PAU1S. (UP)—Two startling disclosures in crime liave been made by', the Paris Police Pretetiirp. Investigators have discovered Uio existence of a worldwide bronU- cnstintr sy.sHm through which ^snimgb against \iolice traps arc Font in a mysterious code to criminals all over (lie world. They also have obtained circulars that show Iht-ic is a \YOll-c-qulpped corr-- .spoiidciice school offering complete courses'Mn 'any form >>f crime. The radio organization, police discovered, 1 makes reqnent broadcasts from Britain, France, Germany, the United States and other countries. The wave lengths nre changed for each broadcast. Experts are trying: to discover the code used. French police also have J been trying to find the localion 61 the transmitting stations for six months. The code has baffled them evfn \vhen they succeeded in • picking up some message. Recently .police here were advised from London ol the departure of two notorious confidence men for France. They were traveling with a third man of whom liolhing was known . j : As it was known that their baggage was registered through tile Gare du Norcl, police wore content to await their arrival TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1037 OEORGE: 1 heard you last night and got tort old feeling. I, too, love Minneapolis, If » Jj on jny part, Piain'toprancftW w ig- * - i MET a very (.lose fr*n*,pf 'mine In tf» Loop Jut night* Krt fn me teorot D! items in lh« pstt- Some «t thtm toav* b«B HI* j lie tcoops, tea, Aiul lie's nsvM b4» ««>n*\, Hjrt'» «w r,§ dropped ' last n!g,fit—sou may taite It for what Its worth; A'piomlnetU Ul»c k k»aer fn Minneapolis will te "laVtn J<>r * i}Qf, within tji Federal jjjcnu mo afttr Frank Klewel, tyy' b»w«ry gournmt.nt can't stop the stunt, but't);»)J&''''fulrtd! j fti» hnwery to iiop It. H vlayj..*»v<>e. Four Room Farm House BE only the third mm was able to satisfy there ,but arrived. He the police that he was not associated with the two crooks, but had merely made their acquaintance in a London hotel and traveled to. France with them. The man disclosed that one of ihe two confidence men carrrled a pocket receiving set with he. had picked up messages at in- ..tervals'.'during the journey. These were in code ,and the man "listening in" read the code words out to his companion. It wns after receiving one of these messages that the two decided to travel by road to Paris, .The informant remembered a few, of the code words he ' had heard, the police now know that they formed. part of n message „ <'• Harvey Stewart •Dr..p..A. Robinson STEWART-ROBINSON - STKSwefls C«y Drag Store ''••'LI We'' Specialize In "' PRESCRIPTIONS Medicinal Wine & Liquors 2014 W..Main Phone 20 Since the grim prophesy of a Minneapolis "gossip" columnist, circled In black in top photo, was fulfilled in the murder of Patrick J. Corcoran, lower left, Teamsters' Union official, six other Twin City InbOr leaders, named for death, on "assassination lists," have lived In dread that "hns gripped Minneapolis and St. Paul. The prediction ol the murder wns made by Cedric Adams, lo\ter right, of the Minneapolis Star, more than » week before Uic slaying. Police feared the outbreak of a widespread labor war. sent to ivnru the two men that the police were watching lor them. Various Languages Used Tlie circulars describing (he crime school had been sent out, In French. English, German Italian. Tlie address given and was that of a private postal service lor the conventEiice of the public at nn agreed charge. Police have seized hundreds ol Utters from embryo crooks all over the world .and It Is planned to round up the "pupils" in France andi to furnish to the police of their respective countries the niimes and addresses of stu- d?i)ls .abroad. The school offered « special course in various forms of coining and the forging of bank notes and letters of credit. And resldrnlln) Hemorrhoids-Piles CURED WITHOUT SURGERY & GUARANTEKl) Sale, sore and with less discomfort. AH diseases and conditions of nervous origin, tool ailments and skin cancers treated and cured at our clinic. DRS. NIES & NIES Osttepathle Physicians Blytheville, Ark. 514 Main Phone 98 courses In pocket picking and in forms of the confidence trick nlso were on the prospectus. These courses last from Ihrcc to six months, nnd proficiency is Bimrunteccl or money will be refunded. The fees, full bonrd Included, range from $30. to $50 n week. Retired Beauty Queen Likes To Cook And Sew RACINE, Wis. (UP) Mrs. Charles Horllck Is a retired beauty queen, but she likes nothing belter tlinn lo cook, sew, nnd pull weeds in her garden. As Lillian Anderson she ruled as "Queen of a Century o f Progress" at Clilcngo In 1933. Recently she celebrated her third anniversary of her maiTlngc to Charles Horlick by working In her flower garden. . She said .he does uo.t long for [lie pomp and fnnfarc tlrat attended her reign as exposition queen. A Mrs. Horllck said, however, that her fondest memory was of her nr- rival aboard a special train in Racine after she had been crowned queen in Chicago, Plying fish have been timed at n speed of 50 miles an hour.' ^Toads nre worth 520 each, tin- Employing FHA System Family Can Be Careful In Home Purchase WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 23.— by employing the Insured ivfort- gage System In the purchase of a home, the average • family Is able to avoid many of the common mistakes into which persons unfamiliar with the technicalities ol mortgage transactions often fall, according to Stewart McDonald, Federal Housing Administrator. | Only families with ample means can afford to experiment with forms of home financing which have been outmoded, by recent developments in mortgage lending practice. Mr. McDonald said. The Insured fvfortgage System! of the Federal Housing Adminis-j (ration provides families of moderate and fixed Incomes with a safer and more convenient method of purchasing a home. Tlie additional safeguards inherent in the plan make il particularly well adapted to use by this large group of families. "Home ownership can be one ofi Hie safest, soundest and most satisfactory forms of Investment for the average family, If it Is undertaken on a sound, business basis," the administrator said. "Under other conditions, however, it niny be a hazardous experiment. The pure I) use of a home is not only the largest but also the most involved transaction undertaken by the average family. Few persons have the technical, specialized knowledge necessary for the completion of such "a 'transaction. Few people know the difference between a well built and a shoddy house; the evaluation of the character of a neighborhood Iq * u technical problem; and every type of mortgage has its own particular advantages and disadvantages, none of which is evident. to the layman. "In the past, only those who could afford the fees necessary to employ mortgage and building ex- perls could be sure of. avoiding the many .pitfalls inherent in. the purchase of'a-home. The majority of families 'paid their money and took a chance', hoping that, they htul. measured the situation properly.; "Now, under the Federal Housing Administration Insured Mortgage System, the average .family Is able to obtain the services ofi technically trained valuators, ap- ] praisers .and architects. When a mortgage is submitted for insurance, the staff of the Administration's locat' office examines the property,, the neighborhood, the mortgage transaction with the greatest, care. Many of the common mistake's in previous mortgage, transactions are thus obviated." . Mr! McDonald pointed out that the terms under which home buyers can obtain mortgage money are also favorable. The stabilized Interest rate and the absence of renewal fees make the amortized, Insured mortgage one of the safest methods of investing in a house for the average family. SOMETHING TO BE THANKFUL FOR... The Ring-neck Pheasant is a prize, That brings a glow lo hunters' eyes; And for Thanksgiving Day, good friends; If you would get the prize in blends, CAIL FOR CALVERT! To makcThanksgiving Day complete.. .remember to call for Calvcrt! It's skillful blending—the expert Calvert touch-that makes this fine whiskey so rich and mellow in highballs ... so smooth and satisfying in cocktails. For Calvcrt is the perfectly blended whiskey for a perfectly Mended drink. M CLEAR HEADS {CLEAR HEADED BUYERS] CALL FOR i Foreclosed Properties Are Handled By Local Dealers Tlie \yldc range ot native and local building materials in Arkansas has created a need for plans adapted to R variety of styles and-types. In the above Illustration, the same plan Is shown in stone and In frame construction. There is no change In the flour plan, or Inside measurements. The special features of the plan include the separate dining space, hallway to give access to all rooms, and the kitchen at. the front to give a view of the road or highway. This is one of a series of farm house plans designed by the University of Ark'ansas College of Agriculture to meet Arkansas conditions, and nmy be of frame, log, or slant construction. The working drawings of this plan, No. 71213, nmy be secured from your County Agent and Home Demonstration Agent. Planned for Comfort WASHINGTON, D. C.~Proper- , ties acquired by the Federal Housing Administration following forc- ;!osure of .insured mortgages by approved' lending Institutions will be managed, rented, and sold by local real estate dealers opmUing under a brokerap.e contract. Broncl policies for the management of -policies are laid down by t h e Washington headquarters. Brokers receiving contracts may, v.-ithin the limitations laid down, make full use of their knowledge of the local market in handling individual properties. VVIu-lhei- properties are to be immediately sold or held for rental, they will be reconditioned immediately. Each property will be placed in condition which will make it compare favorably with other properties of the type on the mar- .cct. ReconditioniiiK contracts will let to local firms. Held For Market Since the Federal Housing Administration is well able to hold Individual properties until market conditions are favorable, there is little chance that local market londlttons in any city or state will be upset by the sale of foreclosed Federal Housing Administration properties. Administration officials point out ihat at the present time so few properties arc held that it is uii- ikely tlmt any unfavorable reaction could be felt. At the end of September 1937 the Administration lad acquired title to only 37 properties, of which 13 had been «fj!d and 18 were bfins held until local conditions \viiriitnled their :;ulc. ' : llrokerage contracts set ul> .call for the payment of fees aUthc established local rale. Where the local real estate board has set a rate, this rate is incorporated in (he contract. Otherwise, the prevailing rale dictated by custom will be used. Insurance Premiums Cover Possible Loss The National Housing; Act permits a charge not in excess of 'l per cent for 'insurance premium; { on insured mortgages. However, a ) study of mortgage ilsk on dwellings made by the Federal Housing Administration has sliov/n that, u charge of one-half of 1 per cent should be ample to cure for possible losses on volume business over a long period of time. Must Be Residential Property to he considered eligible for the insured mortgage financing of the Federal Housing Administration must be residential in character and provide for not more than four single-family residential xmits. FHA Does Not Lend The Federal Housing Administration lends no money. It insures loans made by private financial institutions operating under provisions of the National Housing Act. Home May Be Bought On Convenient Plan The Insured Mortgage System of the Federal Housing Administration hns provided families having moderate and fixed incomes a safer and more convenient method of purchasing a home than the outmoded experimental forms of home financing which prevailed in this country for many years. The additional safeguards provided by the plan, as well ns its low cost, make It particularly well adapted to use by families of moderate means. WHISKIES HOW TO MAKE A SWEU WHISKEY SOUR1 Witb ihc iu;cc of I lemon mix i ij£gc r O f CMA1RTS "RESERVE" ot "5PECIA1" >od 1 tctjpoondil of ingir. let, ibiVc inj siruo into wlmkry lour yUu. Add j<><j t ivmr « denied. Decorate with cherry md slice of Driose. Sip it iad... sto'ilt 1 Approved Lenders Take Applications Application for insured mortgage loans must be made to some lending agency approved by the Federal Housing Administration, such as banks, saving 'and loan institutions, insurance companies or their representatives, or other approved lending agencies. The Federal Housing Administration insures such lending institutions against, loss when loans comply with its rules and regulations. FHA Is rermancnt The National Housing Act IS permanent legislation, and the Federal -Housing Administration Is a permanent governmental agency. Treasury guarantees of Housing Administration insurance fund debentures . continues until July 1939, but Insurance of home mortgages continues with a fund that now totals about $20,000,000. .The well-designed fireplace in this architect-designed home adds a decided cozinesg and homey touch to.this comfortable living room in » BrbnxvUle, N. Y, home. Homes such as this may be financed under • the Insured Mortgage System of the Federal Housing Adiriinistra- tion. Amortization of the principal, taxes, interest, service charge, ortgage-insiii»nc« premium ire all included in the monthly rent-lika under this plan. ' Houfsirig Question Box Q. Is it possible to install an automatic stoker for any furnace? A. Almost all. domestic heating boilers or furnaces are adaptable lo automatic-stoker installation. The principal requirement for successful stoker operation is to have plenty of distance between the flame and the top of the firebox. Where this is lacking in the ordinary furnace it is often possible cither to pit the stoker or raise the furnace or suspend a suitable baffle from the (op of the firebox. Certain types of magazine-feed boilers are not adaptable to stoker installation without fairly complicated baffling of the magazine, section. Many ol the stoker companies furnish units especially designed for their product, and the additional expenditure for such a unit Is of(cn justified by greater operating efficiencies. Q. Can stucco walls ever be cleaned satisfactorily? A. Portland cement stucco is not injured by the application of water or by water and cleaning materials. It may be cleaned by hose application of water and brushing with a wire or fiber brush, or it may be first cleaned by vigorous scrubbing v.'ith soap solution and fiber bnish and then thoroughly rinsed with clean cold water. These treatments will usually remove all dust and smoke stains. It the stucco is p unusually dirty, i{ may be washed j with a solution of muriatic acid, 1 part of acid to G or V parts of water brushed on with a fiber broom, alter which il should be | thoroughly rinsed with cold water to remove all traces of add. For white cement stucco it is belter to use a sulphuric-acid solution, as the muriatic acid nas a tendency to prodce K yellowish tinge on white cement. Advances Made In the field of statistical and economic studies and surveys, the Federal Uouslng Administration Is making definite ads-ances toward tho elarlflCTtton of many of the facts necessary for the proper understanding of the mortgage-lend- I Ing field and- the operation of thij Insured Mortgage System, If You Find It Difficult To Heat Your Home These Cold Days . . . Try INSULATION After our workmen have finished installing Red Tovj Insulating Wool in your attic you'll find il a great deal easier -to get your house warm and keep it warm. Heat escapes through the attic, hut our insulation offers a harrier to this loss, retaining the heat in the house for a longer period. Let Us Figure With You On Insulation THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 ..* . Closer). Al) Day Thanksgiving Blytheville's Water Supply Is Now Doubled A new artesian well that produces V 8(iO (falJons of water per minute hns just been tested ami put into operation by' ds; insuring (his community a " wafer ^ip'iily'"great'h to Jiieei any ' emergency. This well cost'ap- proximately S25.UUO including- all equipment, and is representative of the efforii of (his company to give this city a perfect water service. Blytheville Water Co. COAL GOES MODERN •We buy all of our coal from big producers who are equipped with preparation machinery of the most modern and scientific type. Our coal is WASHED WAXOLIZED DUST TREATED All impurities are removed. It burns better, is cleaner to handle, makes less dust and soot. We Can't Sell All the Goaf So We just Sell the Best. Priced at $3.50, $4.00, $5.00 and S5.25 per 1000 pounds. Sold to you on a MONEY-BACK-IP- NOT-SATISFIED guarantee. Phone 100 and ask us aout the different grades, then try a load of the kind best suited to your needs: CLOSED ALL DAY THANKSGIVING E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. PHONE 100 a Do The Ro 5

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