The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 29, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 29, 1950
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BI YTHEVrU.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER », 1*M CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION rn« lin lln UnB 600 15c , I2c y PC p#r daj ...... 1c nei day 5c BQo Coum fire *»rra?;e words tn'lhe line Ad ordered fm three o> *'< 'I'"" » n ° •topped neffire eicpini*'nn wit I bo charged for ihfl number nl times the *a •pnfared anrt iLdJuniment ol t>UI marie Ml divined AdrrrlUlnfi copy sub- muted by persons resldlnE oumiile ni th* city imul oe Rcro-npRiilrd by cwh fifties may e&sllj be computed frnm tnc *bn*0 tubFe AdTmislnp ordu Mr recum in-iei ilons t«yre.« me ""e H'Tie IB hie NO iMpcmnlbllHj *llt *M W^n for more ihM) one Incorrect insertion of * n AlJ Cl *d~s are r*Mrifted 10 ih**» P f °P ei Minimum criarffB . 1 time per Una 2 lime* per Hue pft 3 times pel « ilmtv pe; 12 tlmen per yonih pel t. --iflcn'.ifin courier New-* t or rr]ect *ny ' Th the rlp,hl u> Supplies and Services AUTO AND rUKNITlTKC LOANS I'rompl I'rrflnnat Serrk'A (Jrn?rai Contract PurchAM On/p 100 South Mh phnti* «803 (V *J ck uon'i endanger your fftnillr *' fnullj tires--HI I If I.KI I miS CHAPMAN KKKVICK STATION MMn Jta Dltli'ton Phony *M 12 n ck Services Quilling wanted. Ph, 2G2Z II 2] pK 11 I KOK SEWING. DRESS KAKIN'U AL I'F.nATIONS 1'ilONK 61BO '31S N 8t[i ST H|7 pk IJ.V Oil Blovfs clonncd. barrels noolte up h"or etpfrt sejvk-e. call John \Vlfi ilom. ph :H50 ll;l p ( c^ 12J11 liatjy snoc liron/lns work Nowl Ynui oauy « own shfir.s preserv. ed in everl«Ktlni< hrnnre ^J37 Birch Aienue PH 6TOfi ll|l t>* U-l Notice THANKS We want to r.tpvcM <™r ninny llmnks to all of the Blytlievlllf ffospilnl si«rf and Cobb Funpral Homo an<! ninny friends for their klndnr^i f;lio;vji al the death of our Infnnt son. Kenny. »-ho passed sway the twenty second of ""'"""Mr. and Mr,. Kenneth Ttyrrt 11[» PK 30 Fclcvision—Radio 'AST EXPERT SERVICE You far, entrust your worS to J yrnrs exptilemre wilh IMythcvllle Sales Co BJythcvilJe Television & Radio Service Near Rosy Tighter . Phniifr 3706 ims ck 11 for Rent Two room furnished apartment- Private bath. 51G Lak«. Ph 240ff. 1I!29 Pk 12,6 3 room imfur; apt. Close In. Call *OE« or 2350 > ]1 ! 25 t( 4 rtn. Modern Fur. apt. Schmuck Jlry. Ph. 2^52 "rM Furnished Apartment. 2t2 S, Franklin St. Phone 2891. ll!« P^ " 2 6 Apt. for rent. Call'2234. 2 room (urn. ft"* . ""'' modern 3 room turn, apt Ph. 4267 Two room lurnl.shctl cotlnRe. electric Kitchen. Phone 6905 11128 pic 12;5 4 room unfurnished apt. Ph. 1112S p 3-3 room unfur. Bpta Ph. 2667. . v 11:20 pk Small Fur. apt, Ciill 252R li;2B pk 30 3-room furnished epurtmcni. prlvnte buth. electric refrigerator. aiUom ho( water lank, electric stove «aed 508 W. ClilckaaAwbn. Ph. 39 ]i:2a t'k tf tr. apis. 401 R. Ash «t Ully 11122 pit -in 3 room unlur, apt with bath 303 s nth. 11116 I'* U3° One room furnished apartment. $600 per week. CRll 6213. J1J27 pk 30 Unfur, 3 room apartment. 'Close In. Phone 565 or 2595. 11^7 U 3 room unf. apt., private bath, goot! locatton^Ph.. 332S. 11J27 pk 12J3 3 .room unfurnished spimmenl. pii- Y»t* bath. Electric range and water heater, oil circulator fiitnished. De.-it residential section, 3 blocks frnm good school. Th. ;U3B. 11(27 ck if 1 room turn apt., upstairs Adult* only 700 W Walnut, ph 2000 10i3 c* tf For expert oil stove repair ctcanrtl he vacuum way 10 3'ear.s exjHfrltMicc All work giinrnnlefd Ph Hurry Mycts ".349 11 22 pX 12 22 Watch and Jewelry Repair t -Dtiy ^e/rice (ni lewpiry—;t-<!.iv^ "f icnf* a ad cLOcfcJ UnarAtitfed «/ork don* tiy espi*i% lepalnnnn Ijiwt-st PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 1 11 W Walnut Plenty of Parking Space am Have money with our expert SHOE REPAIR We oltpi 1-Day Service v.-ltli wTLSON"SHdE r SHOP. Snuib nj Main on Brondtvn? 11114 ck LI MtxJern njr «pi 4-room.' ^* baih G»n equipment Klec relrLRfralcir 171 W Dfc»li Fh 3373 i* Simon 11> ; S cit tl rurnlHhed api 3 room." and Ua<i • equipment electric refrigerator Uood lurtilnire Fh 3373 622 ci it 3 unf room* and buth Call 4912 *r 2«74 10|3 ck »r 4-room hnujo unfur ipl 7C74 North America has 21.3 persons per square mile. For $o/«, Misc. John Deere "O" Tractor S row planter nnd cultivator Hale Seed Farms I)u rdet le Ph 702 11! 15 tf Xmas trees, .holly and cut greens kept forest fresh 10 clays longer when sprayed with Spvay-Life. Stops needle drop. Drys into trjuusparent film, non-inflnmiiblc. 98c p pint. B. F. Goodrich Store. -117 W. Main, Blythevillc. 11-28 ck 12-13 Lar;?e pnpershr]] pecans. H ml S. fil Fdway Upton Booker 1123 pit 1 CHRISTMAS MAMSTKRS tdr-al p/'rs vou'M ealoy a]I 'he 'vcar C. A. Otjnton '.i M1. S. On My. 61. ll;25 pk 12 29 PIANOS and 2039 nffd Rnd tully piia rant cert AIM) Mpprt pUno repnl Day phone 2071 nlBh 11|10 ck 12|1 1950 I'onlinc Slrr.-imlinrr Si-dun Cou|ip, a beautiful car that's been driven only ;i,IO() miles, has radio, heater and scat cavsry. Jill? I'ontinc 2-dnur S.'dan, beautiful maroon color... $119o. 1958 I'onliac l-dnor Sedan, a very clean car. . .$!:!!);>. 1919 Chevrolet -l-dmir Sedan...only SI1DS. 1911 I'l.vmoulh -1-door Sedan.. .in exccllcnl slianc... ?.|<J5. 1919 Dodge l-donr Sedan. ..jusl UiUc a drive in it... J9I9 Ford Custom l-door Sedan.. .§129.), Noble Gill Pontiac, Inc. "Dollar for Dollar you eon't beat a Pontiac" USED CAR LOT Across the Street from lh« City Hall USED CARS AND TRUCKS J!)1S Kurd super deluxe l-dnor Sedan . . good lircs & niolor, e(|Lii|)pcd wilh rail in and Iienlcr, !!)!!) Clicvrok'l I'lueUine deluxe 2-door Scilan . . . healer and defroster. 10.17 Chevrolet HceDinc 1-door Sedan . . . radio and healer. I'J-Hi Ford 2-door Sedan . . . radio and heater. 1948 Ford '/j-Ton lonj? vvlicelhase Slake Truck. 1919 Ford '/i-Ton 1917 h'onl '/.-Ton I'icl completely overhauled. has very gixitt healer. . . the motor has been Slh. & Walnut 1'hone 4153 ISED TRACTORS All Makes—Priced to Sell, it's a Used Tractor You ai^t—Sec Us First. 1 Implement Co. Hi way 61 Phone 2 12 h p. EvennlUe outhontd inolor, clas« Jhape, Call Mrlvln flalsell. Ili24 cfc I2;8 40 acres of Kround. See J, W. Ka.sp- rry. InlonnatLn Ark-Mp Gin. 11(25 'pk 12,9 'cornmnea n good coridkllon traeior-CiiUlvMot I] rv^ily lo go to niplement Co 113 ir 1-5 horse po-AT,- motor, renson^nle IAO 7',j florae power. Ph. 3201. )] 21> pk 1122 used OiHer 2 jo iced right This equipment or* Uhn Harrison 2fl - house trailer, t-too. PU. 025. 12.1 1943 Model Klectrlc Westlnghous, anKP 1^50 We.itLngllo\ise Ilotne Frecx r. BaiRHlti .Imvlnx 10*11. C'ill 6328 6 W. Kentucky. Jim Jordan. Jl]23 pk FURNITURE tised lo.i-s than 6 mo EST QUALITY. 4 poster bed A: rnes\R. lnulumsr rcfrl^r:A;or. O, K. Ro^st- r. elc. Apt. 217. Alrlmse. 11 29 pX 122 Used bat>F New' Modern anil sluvtlj mill home in Country Club Jrive addilion. 5 large rooms )lus extvi\ lai'KO baVli. Big i;lua- cts, large floored attic. Bean- .ifully decorated. All interim .rim ami built in China .C'ahi lets of solicf walnut finishec latnrai. 5;1150 cash and lake over low interest loan balance of ?78<IO. Total payments K ;)cr month. It's a bargain, it's $100 too cheap. It's a 5-rnom home and hath on Moultrie Di-ive i blocks from new high school S'lOO to 5750 cash and a haml; little balance of S-lfjiiO. Pay able monthly ?35.fiO includin insurance and taxes. • See or call — JOHNNY MARR Ph. 4111 Res. Ph. 25% nft S hi. Table Saw, Franklin Fit, Ph. 36 11,23 4. .'•12 X 122 For Safe, Real Estate • iblc lamps Pli 3G26 FOH SAf,E' (94fi Ford KciR vr nntt equipment hi cotid on trar,- ontlltlon •si nl Wnlrott Nor^p oil riirnl.itIim hcaicr. double iflal rack wilh lianr-K ,nlso plnulc in-lal rrtek ^t^ll barrels. Vti 3132, Ilndln Uecnrd plnyr of rc- MnXr 11 2V pic 11 .1 BATUI/UN IVEKK OPFKHTN'O ^-ronm tio\isn nnri hMh Ol rtnn • r1 . Corner lot SmmlJ ras^ down on nrnt. S2!>Sl pw month. Wll] iradc nice Ihrre hpdrcmm linn .L 'i^iii:KS^,'&ii..L .:„:, STOK31- l/PKOO'l'KIl TREKS KII.I.S MOTORIST—Hands of Wal- r H. Mc-Corniack still clutch the steering wheel of his crushed cai 'ter tree, uprooteit by high winds, crushed the mutism i?and killed Mc- orinnck at Blocmingfield, N. J. Rescue crews worked for over two hours extricate I lie 45-year-o)d plumber's body from the wreckage. The tree as two-and-one-hrilf feel in diameter. (AP Wtrei>hofo). bedroom hoi i Holly. Ph. 367i In new Addition Jlj22 pk 12,7 Bus/ness Opportunities tor sale uy uivnL'r — coinblnailon pool 0111 K.-U doitilim ,>t.r1o! hi OscfJOla liilpuicjit 11 K« ciew (Jnnt) Inuatltni. id n font [iillllon ddJIftf leillle pUinl limn* with »]£ payroll Sea or write T Elder. 215 W *y Ave.. BJythc- He. Ark Ph 6113. 1119 [>k 12 ; 9 for Safe, Cars and Trucks BIGGEST USED CAR BURNE'I v r AUTO SALES AU'i • KMti Phona 2f)37 , BUSINESS Would you want to own a ood profitable, all cash, WQ- ery business? I have (.wo •ell loculed Liberty Cash tores for sale—Wynne and oiiesboi-n, Avk. Both recent- y redecorated and have mo- em equipment. For details, call R. P.. tailey, Jonesboro, Ark. 11-a-l ck 12-3 For Rent room hotlKe. Ph. 43G6. ja pk New. 2-tjedroon Ive one year'j 'h. 4«6. rurnlsheri home. Wll lease If necessary li;28 ck 12.2 One 3 room rurnlstjeil house wi»,l bath find hot water henter. *n5 a me 12 South Frknnlln Street. Phonn 3(W' lli-29 pk W| roo/i 4230. fur. apt. 109 W. Cherry. Pli 11 20 pk 12. Newly remodeled apartment. tOl Sycamore. Nice bath. S'10 ppt month "TWO small * tores, 214 South First heen remodeled. One nl J15 am » at $35 per month, or both » DAVID REAL ESTATE <t INV. CO. i'h. 363^ ll?fl ck 12i 49 -Smdebalcer v, • aell. Ph. 6278. ruck. Priced 1[25 pic 12j5 50 Bulck Speclnl for flnla hjr owner i months to pay. Phone 4349 efler e 11122 it Notice Ona filray nlavik horse mule weight boiiL 1,000 Ihs.. will he sold HI public Ion Wed. Nov. 29 /or $20 charges. H. T. Moody Rt. H. 11-28 pk 30 YOU SAVE MONEY & TIME' AND YOU <;KT BBTTKR SKI.KCTIONS WHKIV YOU TRAUK A'l' ",SUU,1VAN-NI5I,SON CHKVHO- LKT CO." Look at These Money Savers! 19-19 Chevrolet •5-1'aRSPiiger deluxe Coupe, on«-own*r . ..$1285. l!)li» Packard .|-di>»r Sedan...s steal al $1295. 1919 IM.vmmifh 4-<liH>r Sedan...a reiil buy M $895. 1018 Chevrolet 2-doon Sedan... a bargain. . .?H)95. !<)I8 Kuril 5-l'assengcr Coupe.. .;i beauty for $98B. 19-17 Olilsmobile "SIS" Sedan, has Hydramalic drive... only $ll'Jf». 1917 ['online -l-door Sedan. . .city driven...11095. 1917 Chevrolet 2-tlotvv Sedan...a honey. . .$905. liMl Chevrolet 2-door Sedan... for only ?l!>5. 19>l() I'lymoulh 2-door Sedan...u go»d <me...?:W5. iilosf of these curs are equipped wilh radios, seaf covers, healer and defroster ami many other extras. TRUCKS - TRUCKS - TRUCKS—Chevnilets, ('"orris, and "Dodges—Large and small, some with bodies and. some vvilhoul. . .all year models, 1939 to I95U. ';* M:<ny more to choose from. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, Ten Cut Always G«t A Goof! Dwil lit SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 West Walnut J>hnnt 57S 3 room f'h, J5BO. u-Kh liot wnler Li II [28 pV. .1 rooms and half-bnth In porch. Clly Lluilts. Call 255'i or 2344. 1104 Hnlly. S60 per 5 !>X 12|2 5 room fur. or unfur. home. Close in. Klectrie Kitclien. 3mall at rear. Mrs. Mac Aulen 231 K. Uavis PVi. SlliO ir'122-1. 11-2-1 12-1 Get your Cliristmas Cards, villi your own or your child's picture on tliem at Mason's Sludio. 320 S, Lake. 11-28 ck 12-1. Wait to- buy your Christmas Kills, al Ihe Catholic Indies bazaar, Wednesday, Dec. 6, at the Legion Hut. AH handwork. . ' U-J5"ck J2-6 REAL ESTATE If interested in a home or farm, see ns. \Ve have anything from a vacant lot to a plantation. A]so city aiii! farm loans. CATES-WIGGS REALTORS 1 15 S. 3rd. St. BlylhcvMle, Ark. Ph. 2751 9-11 ck Lf 1 larKi* room wllh ConnertltiK b;itli SitO 110 per month Close In lx>ci\tion on nnrth side ot house No 50S M Fl [ I tt See I E Pii rk l\n r*l R oo m 207 •Rjii Ofllce Bnlldliiif. Plionc -1176 Yoti ift will spl) hrdrnom n up T month nRymr 4-roni.i tmnse, Rfi nr two full IjiUh* CM 1^ Pay M: it nrte side i>a) fo stiiuly lam]. f2Mn lonn, or for rnsli In IXivIrl Arrr.t , YOU make HO lot, on nnse Trnn.i. . MlHhvvny. Prlo' JJOJi. prr rush will handle .lOYNFIt t? RAT TV Th, 4^f> d:\ys .120^ R rnlfw of mile r>f7 r.1 IICTP 1C.OOO 122 1 lion n 2070 1o nntlitny yoottlrs Rc, i»lnca vv»l« ptare your •ImiuiTnniltr ups We tllvlnUy. dowu rnkpR, 1127 py 1227 on l-ncAt^n H(>0 F. Main Writs P W nrloctc. c/o Frisco. Ctvpr Glrnrdrau In HIM pk 12 n Are You Relaxed? i . nt ff.i^'-. In trip coinfofi ol yonr Immp We submit for your npinovnl rmr ^('l^-^^lorl of tUccJ t;«rs Heronrmtotird. imp itioilot rnm \vllli ^ ,^ 1 1 50 £ 11 n i n ti l rf on pft 11« .' n t! iflhnr iwrhrti. HA alM.-\vs. hv nut r.-pi nation tor Irtlr <tc:itlii s " Fnlr nilrr.T KHS>* trims. Come In TODAYt 3!!> I-'OTd rii^ro 949 Nri.'sh Oluh l!>49 Knlser nr-tux Koidoor Krclan nprt wt1 h Rtl ex- and man.v more, all values galor« The 61 Motor Co. Your Kaiser-Frazer Headquarters North 6th St. .Phone 21-12 'Well be Here lOMORROW to BBCl! Up VVIlal We S«J «nrj 1>0 TODAY!" Real Estate Farms—Cilv Property LOANS [C inlr*rr.nrd in Hnrlnc Nobie Gill Agency REALTORS' — Cecil Harls — Ph. fi! t.10 rl .•v rooms »nd butr. Newly decorated urtiro Call 71V after 8 10.31 pk 11131 NLcp. clenri I'rlvRte Rpl 2 rnom« nn<l atli Newly dccornlcd Inlnlrl linoleum lo^rs ihrritiKhmit New shades Con- La ni hot a ntl co hi water tj\d1w ixiple only. I'h 2(171 nr ,14^5 I1>2J pic 11 rin. fur. *pl.. clcclrlr kltchrn. hnl WHter. bnth. Close In. 115 K Ash. II 27 ]2 1 ATTENTION CREDIT GRANTOHS: The Credit Bureau of mytlievllle Inr. FniiLier?! RanX t)Mi{., h^.s over JO.OUO InctLvldtin) flics, and offers ycr cornplfite credit s IT vice -Invent] SB lion; report*, anrl rnlloctSonfl Member i: Associated Crprtlt bureaus of Amrrlm Dial 206-1-2065 Mrs. Vernan Hoyrt. manger. Mrs. Lnclan Gainer. Assistant iTdnaRpr. ij.ii pk 123 Insurance Help Wanted Kami tidnd wilh/ rumlly. Salary rjv lUc. month. Musi tlrlve Irflrlnr nntl linmik Inljor. WrUc bo^ o-l r o Courier News 11 21 pk 1211 Private Rooms Room*, oil he npdroo 611 n'vllli- Hotrl. 11 2S pK 12 28 . ronventcnt to bnth. Steam W. Main. ph. n:12Y HOT pK 12;2T O-room housg A «-r<v>m hnunr 1» ••nun C«H 2671 9.1 c* lly fawner, atirnctir* two b^dnx nonir. Newly dprorairrt Two hlrv Ontrni fichor*] I mm relate po^.^r.^Mi P F, Hinck. ph 39.S7 IIS cX Mill several rholra blinding lots on a new paved <trr*t In K O Attntns !'ni>dl7lsmn . No p^vlns twi In n fflntitiuhlly ol nice hninr.t AJ^rt a 5-n>oin house, ll^htx nn<1 ml h, in nooti rnndliinn Very nitinc- HT* pilr# Can Rive NO me irrms on pnrt it rcqilliod I'nssc^loii wltli tiecd X O ADAMS 11,17 ck It , A room house with hath, bulll In eKi>in«CJ» Chf!\p Wli Franklin Writ* i Uelma ^ > n\•Rht iQ& KAHM^A Ave To. pckn K*n» lltf pk U|3 i rooms tuid hath By owner r,c\ully tliKKl [ncnilon Shown only hy «pp(Hnl ni«tu. Pu. 43G«. 11,M pk U/J mm Ph ll;8 p Bed room ? d Joint n? bath Ph •J brdrijoms Men nnlj- Mrs illomeycr. ph 76S6 10.26 p Com Eor 1Kb!a btdrooni Ph Wlcft bedroom nrnr town Prh •hirtincr Television Heasonnalp' Ph 6138 H3 pX US H»,p Wanted, Mal« The Gran Chaco o( ivirngufty .still in the Wild West stage, ,_ PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guxranlerd Hesl Prices Kirby Drug Stores Call 553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency •. Planned Protection Gl.INCOl HOTEL BUItUINO (S ck t W. l,.~"Bill" Walker WALKER INSURANCE AGENCY Glcncoe Hotel Bldg. Phone -13GO 10-20 ck t Flowers for Every Occasion BLYTHEVILLE FLOWER MART OUR NfW 1500 \V. MAIN LOCATION - - I'HONK Wanted to Buy \VK BUY PECANS Bring Wllrt pec ATI 'our jjecans Ifstnr's Gro 6.12 iU We K^ariintee [.he ? for wild iicrAn.s Jiie South Hlwav 61 Phonp 11(17 pk ]2 i 17 Wanted to Rent 10 tnllcs nr fllythevnie Davis. Blylhnvllle, ArX Patrol Makes Record KUALA LUMPUR. '^--The. ^nitf patrol of thb v't-Leran first "battalion Devonshire, ivaiment is going home to Britain after hanging up an Inipip.s.sive record '.n the jungle war against Coniiiiunists, This patrol has killed 70 terrorists since 'emergency regulations were proclaimed in Malaya in June, 1918. The patrol, ted by Sandhurst- trfllticcl Lt, ^Pcter Grny.scone. of Falgnlon, Is inwde up of- 12 army •men nnd two policemen. HEMORRHOIDS (PILES) Lost nnn black re [or SVeslty Eighteen dollnrs—10. i and three lies, hclwccn Koxy Theatre MK! l"o!il- Rcwsrcl for rrmrn. call Owen- rlolyn StllUtl 246"! or 2107 11^8 ck 122 Concrete Culvert Tile Slit* «p to 36 In. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sites *p to 84 In. A.l.millc rlixxl Gain Concrete Septic TanVs Metal -Seplic Tanks Sewer Tile Bksl Prtcct We DtHret A. H. WEBB Ht|hw*.T «l «l SUU l.lnt rh«n« 1M YES, SIR! THE BEST BUYS IN TOWN! J Mllil Oldsinnlrilc "SS" 2-door wilh Hyclramalic driv«, radio, hc.'ilcr nnd scat covers. 1 !!)!!> (Jlicvrofcl deluxe 2-door wilh new white (ires, radio, healer and seal covers. 1 19.IS Olds mobile "7(>" I-door Sedan. This car post- lively looks like new inside and ouf. Only 1-1,000 m\\tt- I 19 IS Chevrolet Acrosedan. It has everything. 1 ISlfi I'onliac "6" -l-door Sedan. 1 1!)I6 Nash Super •l-ilunr,Sedan. A bargain. Also several older nimicl cars priced cheap. RKMKMHKK—You can find jusl Ihe kind of USEnl TRUCK you need at tinnier-Wilson.. .from pickups to 2-lons. C!ct our prices first! HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO. 309 East Main 2056

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