The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 22, 1935
Page 3
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, MASdk 22, 1935 DOS ARE IftRGE! Believes Honor Bonuses Have No Place in Contract Today Tliev Ave Trying lo Stuff Wheat Down the Throats of Nation. BY RODNEY miTOHER WASHINGTON.—A great locust SWOT in of lobbyists Is upon this oily ami there is no limit to ilielr nerve. It used lo be conceded tlmt a government bureau was .safe in working out and publicizing diets Hie use of which would be of great value lo millions of families on relief or with Incomes so near the relief level us to threaten malnutrition. But [lie Bureau of Home Economics, which was doing that, lias run up against a high pressure lobby which threatens it sexist ence. It lias come under fire from lobby-driven congressmen in what as you may or may not know. Is a war between food industries for their place In the human stomach. A smart lobbyist named H. T. Corson led the attack for the floin millers, concentrating against an innocent MHE pamphlet . entitled "Diets at Pour Levels of Nutritive Content and Cost." A Hood of telegrams, inspired by COMOII and protesting an alleged BHE attempj- to reduce wheat consumption, reached Congress from millers, bakers, chambers of commerce, and fanners. The result was a fight in the committee considering the Department of Agriculture appropriation bill and on the House floor, during which some of Corson's congressional friends urged abolition of the BHE. Chairman Marvin Jones of the House agriculture committee capitulated to tile lobby, but Chairman Jim Buchanan of the appropriations committee stood by the nutritionists and economists—and consumers. * * * Turn Attack on Rider Thus, although there emerged a rider to the bill which prohibited payment of salary to anyone who in any way advocated reduced consumption of any wholesome food commodity or indicated Its use to be undesirable, Buchanan attached a proviso miTTing the rider inapplicable to suggested bal- nnced diets for food or feed purposes. The lobby heard of Buchanan's proviso during what were supposed to be secret sessions of the committee and brought all possible pressure iagainst it.,Now. the fight transfers to the Senate, with the lobby opposed to the balanced diets proviso and (he BHE and consumer organizations fighting the entire rider as nn attempt of special interests to dictate what government scientific work shall include. Even with the proviso, the rider miehl be used lo prevent dissemination of scientific nutrition' information to consumers by a federal agency. If the lobby has its way, no government'employee could advocate a diet. whicli would wipe out pellagra—since it would involve reduced consumption of some foods —and a mother couldn't be advised not to feed her baby exclusively on pickles and sausages The BUB diets now under 'fire call for 2« pounds of grain products a year in restricted dicis, 224 in minimum-cost adequate diets— both figures above annual per capita consumption—ISO for moderate cost adequate diets -and 100 for liberal diets, such' as few families can afford. Larger supplies of milk, vegetables, fruit, and lean meat are recommended if you can afiord it. A Grand Gesture This is only one Lstancc of the operations of a thousand lobbies now at work. If the whole nation followed the BHE diet on the basis of individual incomes, the millers would sell nearly 4,000,000,000 pounds more of gram products than they do now. But that doesn't p-ean anything to congressmen who can go out a»d iell the farmers that they made a brave fight against an ut- tlon' 1 '" rCdl ' Ce W ' ICat consum P- The most sardonic note of ' the nI", "n 15 '" U ' C f " Ct tll0t frie ' ld S °' " lc , BHE T1g,,re IhMr best way '°,,^" t . »'« millers' lobby is to re""" he 'l> of lobbies for dairy £ /",'"• V( WWes, and "protective" foods Solution to Previous Contract Problem DY WM. E. SIcKEN'NEY Secretary, American Bridge l-Oague I suppose that, so long as players will refer to aces and kings as honor tricks, there will be n fight lo prevent Hie elimination ot honors from bridge. However, I do not believe they have a place in contract and I had hoped that liie new rules would eliminate honors. Doesn't II sound foolish to deal man all the good cards in the deck and then -give him an additional premium because he holds honors? My most serious objection lo honors is that It is an unknown quantity to the opponents. The player holding honors could biii his hand accordingly, but you as Die opponent have no definite way to combat honors. In tournament bridge, if a man bids (our spades, not vulnerable, you can see that you cannot take a sacrifice against that, because you will be minus 450 points and the declarer, if he makes his contract, will make A Q 10 93 »KJ 10 + Void + KQJC 32 4 J S7 6 6 2 V 9 72 t Void + 9S5 4 Duplicate — E. and W. vul. South West >'orth Kiist. Pass Pass 1 4 1 * 2 t 1'ass Pass 3 V Pass Pass 4 * Pass Opening lead— 4 9 Double 2 * 4 41 6 N. T only 420 points. But if lie lins honors, he is going to be plus 520. Therefore, if a player linppens to overbid n;>d goes dovra 450 or 500 points against u pair holding honors, ills teain will receive a very flue score in duplicate. Not, te- cause they used gcod judgment, but because they were lucky enough to find an opponent with honors. Here's a hand that gave a pair top score in a recent duplicate tournament, because one player Fourth of Brothers Goes Into Aviation Today's Contract Problem Tho contract Is thren no trump by South. \Vi>st U'ajs the gueeii of spades. How would you piny HIP club suit to give yourself tlic besl possible chance (o make tlio contract which, of course, can be defeoifd? ' * 10 7 6 < * AK3 V KQG 4 K J S 2 + Q85 Solution lu next issue. with his 160 honors, insisted on playing it at no trump. True enough, he found a nice end play to nmkc hi* contract. The rest ot the tables played the hand nt six diamonds, which was a. spread. The BlililljiK East's cue blu of spades and clubs Is made only with the idea of getting lo seven. West makes a nice safe bid when he refuses to rebid hearts,'which would have shown a 6-5 distribution, but he was afraid when rcblddlng -hearts that his partner might go to seven, which he didn't think was possible lo make. The Play In response to his partner's club bid, South opened the nine' of clubs, North played the jack, which now marked him with the king and queen.'which you will see i's very important later in the hand. East won the trick with the ace and then played a small spade, winning in dummy with the' king. A diamond was returned and won with the ace. Declarer now cashed his ace of spades and then ran off six diamond tricks, keep- Ing three hearts - to the queen in dummy, retaining in his own hand the ace and six of hearts and the len of clubs. Tiie ten of clubs was then played, throwing North into the lead and forcing htm to lead nwny from his king-Jack of hearts. . " • ' fCopyright, 1935, NBA Service, Inc.) LITTLE ROCK, Art. (UP) — Gtynn Darnell, 13, Is following his! three older brothers Into aviation.' His parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Darnell of Little Rock, ;ire helping him select his academic training to prepare him, for his. chosen vocation. ~ . Cjordon Darnell was the first of the family to take to the air. He is Hying,the mail out of Kansas City. Next was Cecil Darnell who served three years in the United States Air Corps and is now completing academic requirements at Little Rock Junior College in preparation for examinations to qualify for regular service. Willis Darnell, the third son, recently completed n flying course at the army air school in San Antonio. The simple principles of mag- neton possessed by magnetic lodestone were discovered by the Chinese in 2400 B. C., some 3500 years before magnetism was known in i Europe. FOR OLD FOLKS INFECTED SORES CAUSE BLOOD POISON! Not always, of course—but a sufficient number, of times to make'it a mistake to ever leiv'e your. family. •;, w Itjipu'ei prote.cflon Cross. SalveT'fpr' wore' than' a generalibn,' hasvbWn'-'.Use'd with almost).miraculous'success in-the treatment of-, all. forins -'of "in-. fectl6ns--sores, bunis, "bolls, skin diseases; hemorrhoids.' One • of the most pgwerfui'.-fllslnrec'farus. known 'supplies the -. gerrhicidal'. power; a.velvet smooth 'oil base' affords Instant,: soothing relief, and'assists naiure in tliei quickest possible healinj. Get-, n jar" today! Use it often arid-freely when -the slightest trouble threatens. Sold under an Honest guarantee to give absolute satisfaction or, money refunded. '• 30c and 50o at. alt dealers. .The Cross Salve Co., Inc., Marion Kentucky. . -Adv.BA For Moving & Transfer JOHN HUCHANAN Wood & Coal P.uptured? Then come and see our Evwrt Truss fitter here for one 5£v Saturday, March 23rd lo A M until 7 P. M. ' Robinson Drug Co. For Sale or Trade Some desirable income city property to sell ,ot urices that are right or will trade lor farm property, see me. G. G. CAUDILL Phone 797 GAS REDUCED HI-TEST LONG MILEAGE 13 4-10c SUIEU . 72 IRC. ANTIKNOCK 13-ilc "™ Tm FREEGLASSWARE.° IVES Tax SAVE [ With GAS KEROSENE 8c FREE TRIAL OFFER GALLON ANY AMOUNT GAL. PREMIUM 100% PENN. 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It :uUs flmir"icndi:ri!us. < s and tlclicfouV ness to, everything you bate* h means accurate measuring,' mixes ingredients evenly, lops-,- czis.thc"iTtHit, niat:ci your, bak-, 1 ing lighter, unJ cvca textured. At this Sp'gci Offer Price I GOOD ONLY /VS^LONG V\S ;; THE^SUPPLY OF SIFTERS LASTS-GET YOURS TODAY PUREST OF SOFT WHEAT Plain or ' , , - /^^ "^^^rtMfc. ' * ^r Q tf f p. . : " ~' '"-'' (OOOd••" ' ' . "*—— +*^uS"*^ ^ " ^^*« THESE GROCERS HAVE THIS SPECIAL OFFER Blythcvlllc, Ark. G. H. Grcer Johns' Grocery Lute's Grocery McMullin's Grocery Parks Grocery Rite Prico Grocery Eissett, Ark. Mercantile Idaho Grocery Barneld, Ark. J. C. Ellis Calumet, Ark. G. H. Glover Co. Dell, ,lrk. M. P. BroM'nlce Freeman Cusli Stors Driver, Ark. Loratice Bras. Dyess, Ark. G. C. Hudson Kehcr, Ark. E. C. Cook W. M. Taylor Luxor.i, Ark. Jesse Brown Dudney's Grocrry I.f.icliyilte, Ark. Roy Joius Jl.irlr, Ark. Hill ami Wilson Manila. Ark. Ingrains Grocery Jiiincey Kay. H. p. 1). Oseeola, Atk, Urlckey's Grocery ,\: Market Guy Bryant Brinkley's Gro. ami NSarkct Knlglits Grocery G. R. Brlckey raikro, Ark. Spencer Buneli Cooler, Slo. Wng.stcT's Grocery C'nuitlim'ville, Mo. Blue Ribbon Gro. & Mkt. Crlslei- Storas P. L. Davis I,iimsd?n's Grocery Spaldings Market West aid Gro. & Mkt. Holland, :,Mo. Noble Ciipehart J. E, Holbert, R. F. D. Ilaj-tl. Mo. • J. W. Ray West Side Grocery Kcnnctt, Slo. Wilkinson and Stewart .. Kew.rnce, Mo. Fleming's storj Slccte, Mo. ; Albritton's Gro. it Mkt. •"' W. A. Curry S. If, Michle • Blkafd- Grocery • •/ Workman's Grocery J. W. Yarbrough's A. S. BARBORO & CO.. Distributors

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