The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 4, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 4, 1933
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W> Served by the I <^vr United Press VOL. XXX— NO. 198 BCTTHEVILLE COl lOERNEWS TUB DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP HORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDrfiON^I Mta'S'pl Wtey L^«. BiiS^ "aSlw: BLYTMEV1LI.K, ARKANSAS,' SATURDAY, NOVKMHHU -1, 10H3 ' ' ^SjNGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS BANDITS OBTAIN \ PIE* FOR FIXED PRODUCTS irl-\\W Governors Slil! S'n'vinrr for Federal Assistance. WASHINGTON, Nov. 4 (UP) — President noose-veil flallv rejected Ir.dav the proposal of middle vvesl- rrn larm slnle governors for immediate Inauguration of a price flviiiB program. The announcement of the White "ni'.'e stand \vas made in a prepared statement. ' "The nrrsident and the department of af»ric.ultur<: recosiiize the rreat difficulties which the farmers of the northwest face during Ihe r»xt several months." the rtateuient said, "and will exert ev- ri-v nejsible effort lo bring alxmt an increase in prices wilhout ex- fi'titit; the compulsion on Ihe in• •'i''ri[iai farmers which Ihe governors' plan apparenlly contemplal- r-s " Tlie agricullure department, slatcment said, is In comr. '-mnalhv with the governors' Roosevelt Administration Rejects Swope Proposal WASHINGTON, Nov. 4 (UP1 — /.iucr:'.c;]i industry musl ilemou: 11 :ils' its aLlll'.v ' to rcBUhiU 1 . its air:: Ix'foiu i: is entritsud with le than In un'SHil privik'gi 1 - rKikr t'nc; iinMbiial recovery act. • Rocicvell i.dmlnistralion deeded lexJay. While change.-, In Ihe NHA may 1-c necei.sary fj'tin time lo time, there is no inlvnliun lo turn il • ver (o "big iMisim-w' i.nUer Ihc t.inin! Fiuupe plan or any olhcr ; -iiv.itL-ly udvaiui-d program, il wn-j Icaincd loclay on hiytifsi aulhor- JUST AKOUiNn TIIK COKiNKK tlie Expecl ,to Make Their Slate the First to Reject Prohibition Repeal. COLUMBIA. S. C. (UP) - A (ierpcrale fight being waged 1 by i!iys to save "South Carolina from the wreckage of the nation," was veurins a rlo;i- today as South i rarclinans prepared to go to the j t oils Tuesdav, Nov. 1 to vote on wil.h the dc-partmont or send! I BUli \vtHs a>.l drys arc claim- viclory. Unbiased observers leuresenlatives here anv time they- ! "B , vlul " rj : >-•'"'«•<=" u^.."" •*-Wi in nv.Ipr to "explore every ! W l ml bc a cl ™ vole ; , Sou h .-«iWc method to improve u, c Carolina is one of six states to rituatlmi in resrcct to each a8r i.! \Mc Nov. 7 on Ihc repeal question, cnltural comiuodlty." l>efv Wisi'finsin Govcrnnr MADTSON. Wis., Nov. 4, I UP) — Truck loads of farmers rallied to E'-rlr nicket lint s itxlay in defiance of Gov. Sohmctlcman's execu- Lve order for curbing' th? farm j.'rike. More than 'JOO farmers went frnm Inst nieht'r. mass meeting at Jlidhon to picket-rallying points. •-, mrpad.lnsr-Uip-word that the farm r :rifce v;oA' riot !n be called off until Hi" federal pnvernmcnt in- "•rrd rnst of pioduciion for the fntmers' crops. FThniPdcuian issued an exrcu- ilve order after neu 1 outbreaks in il'c strte rc'sult^d [n (he dvnamit- iiw of two orc-umeries and halt t fmcn p'tchfd tallies between 5lrikcrs and clrnutips. Tlis. order, addressed to all law which 33 states already have do- cjlcd by voting for repeal. The voU. 1 of only three more states is iiMded to repeal the prohibition amendment. Banners on tiiitomoblles urging he people to "Vote with Christ in November 7—Don't be on the encc," and "Vote againsh whisky— nve our state," liave been parl if one ol the most Intensive dry •tmpalgns yet conducted In tha rates • voting, on prohibition: • • Th^ tal-'ur the diyVhas perhaps'been .•qunled only in North Carolina . ( nforcenifnt "Even- law read: enforcement officei .-'-.nil k^ep Ihn hi?hv.'nvs onen nt rli cast.*;, shall sunnress violence "••d prowiiv feslrut-lion with al ''ic powers frranlcd bv the law." Cenfiirv-OTd Srhoolhoust TinOOKTJNE. Vt. (OP)—A 100 yi-nr-olcl schralhnuse here Is com- plcielv round. [Diicra if!, \n,,mni Will Culminate in| ''C- Mass Sonsj Deinonstva-| -.;' tion bv Puoils. An extensive program, which will rulininitte in a downtown sony demonslratlou by pii])iLs of thn lo- nil schools, 1ms IWPII pn-parcil (or the ouservance here next week of American Fducallon Week. An educallonal exhibit, sixmsor- ed bv the local schools, will open Tuisilav in the First National bank 1 j buildinc and continue through Hie week. Wednesday will be visitors day at the schools and all citizens are invited lo attend class sessions. Friday afternoon at 2:30 graded and high school pupils will gather on Main slrect between Sec-i out! and Railroad for a mass song | demonstration and brief program. Throughout tile week guest speakers will address school groups and representatives of the schools will sneak lo local rlubs and civic groups. Mayor Cecil Shane todav issued the following proclamation, calling for observance of the week: "We celebrate Christmas because; it gave us a great religion. We ob-' serve the fourth of Julv because it I cave us a free nation. We magnify the schools during one week each year because through them we develop the finer values of our rlvifention. Love of childhood expressed In education s a mighty force for unity. What greater contribution could America make lo the world than the Ideal—a fair start in live for every boy and girl? "The week of November C-12 has been designated as American Eii- citizens vote on the Meetings have been \vhers; Ihe • day. hrld in every county and ail or- ranization extending down to the precincts in every county and- an u-ganization extending down to Ihe precincts hus been perfected. In this state, as in North Carolina, many of '.he leaders in public life 'and thought are actively ;•: fisting in Ih; campaign. U. S Senator Ellison D. Smith, pro i- ably one of the nlrenched men most politically Closinp Stock Prices A. T. and T. 114 5-8 Arnconda Copper 14 3-4 nelhlchem Slcel 30 1-4 Chrysler 41 1-2 Cillcs Service 2 1-4 Onca Cola 97 3-4 General Am. Tank 30 General Electric 19 7-8 ficneral Motors 28 5-8 Internationa] Harvester 38 Mirldlewosl Utilities 1-8 MonlBomery Waid 13 1-2 Nrw York' Cenlral 33 3-8 f>acknrd 3 3-4 Phillips Pclroleum 15 Radio 7 Simmons Beds , 16 3-8 Pt. Touis-San Francisco 2 1-2 Standard of N. J. 42 7-8 Texas Co. 24 7-8 U. S. Slcel 40 5-8 New York Cotton NF.W YORK. NOV. 4 (UF>>— Cotton closed barely steady. oucn hiqh low close Dec OG2 !162 955 957 Jan 9G7 9G8 9G3 963 Mar 930 982 975 919 May P84 99G — 983 Jill 1007 1010 1003 1005 Oct 1027 1023 1021 1024 Spots closed qujel at 975, off 5. youth Carolina, has v>ublicly announced that he was going to •cte against repeal "for the sake of my boys." Former Governor and former Senator Cole L. Blease has sivi'n r.o indication nl his stand, w'.ii'.e. former Governor D. C. Heyward is the candidate of the repent fcrces In Richland county. Robert A. Cooper, the only other liv:>g former governor, now lives in Washington. Also very active in the d r y cause are Dr. George B. Cromer, former president of Newberry col- hg3. Dr. Henry Nelson Snyder. president of Wo(Iuiii cdlege, i ; partanburg. J. J Lawton, promln- uiit business man of Hartsville and kinsman of Secretary of Commerce rnniel C. Roper. Postmaster General James A I'arley delivered an address a Columbia Friday night in favor of llu wet cause. The wets, while not conducting an active campaign, claim no', to be disturbed in the least by the active dry cc'tupaign and Romulus Reese, ex- iculivE secretary of the State As- ti-clation for Prohibition Reform, predicted that the state would vote four to one for repeal. ucalion Week. During lhat week our schools will be engaged in certain special activities and they will need our help. They will especially entertain us with a wonderful program next Friday aftepoon^NfV;- embeY 10. at two thirty o'clock. The block' between the railroad and Ihe First Nalional Bank Building will be sel aside for that purpose. Citizens will be requested to get their cars out of that block during the hour of two thirty to three thirty. "Therefore, as Mayor of Blytheville. I hereby proclaim the week of November 6-12 as American Education Week for Blythevllle and hereby call upon the citizens of the City to participate in the affairs of the week, to visit their schools and lo help make the special program given on the slreet a vww iucH,- -UUr'f Audit Reveals Former G;ir!antl Collector Short i irrr.i: HOCK, ;;nv. •) <ui'i--- '1 lie IICHIIIIHS Of (ilnlR'C 1>. I.ratll- iKviin. li.rmcr (iiuhuid comity i ioHivkT, "u willed thin lie Is dii" .-.lull, niim'y mid I'HIvs S:ni.- :m iimMl by (hi 1 :l:ilc n :!!]]!r. jln 1 .. ulila 1 *howi-d liuliiy. 'I In 1 ii'pi;rl «;,•: in:i<li< lu lii'lllln ! ''"n^,i?»n,k7«K,» t .i,«- .iuJConnlo Held Prisoners All Miui tn.i! -iiu.. nm.,m! S «.f Nj-rhi \Vhile Robbers '.HUT iiiiiiMuK of Hie nullity nri: " i:i r."'d iM'iillt:in and nil munlr:: ii 11 pK;|H'ily ai;mmtul for." 'I hi 1 iiudiL I'u.rrul 111-: '.yiml »l J.'liuiiy 1, 1931. lu Dm'iiiUrr It), :'!.1 t. [ Awaited Time Lock. Re;ir|i Micjicst Fifuve in Four Years at Fanners Bank and Tnisl Co. Evidence of reviving pins|ierlly in tlio Ulylhevllk' comniunlly was todav In an nnuouuremeul by A l.vnch. president of the Farmers Hank :iml Trust company. Hint '.he Institution's depuslls yeslor- l«y liaised the Sl.fjOO.OCO murk for he firs! lime since 1029. today are nppi'OxiiuiilL 1 - i.v jnr>.000 nhovft vyhal llu>v wore 11 year ago, nnd nppioxlmnli'ly iloutilc what they were al the low pnlnl 'Of the depression. Not only arc uolug uo. Competition Will Be Close ; Beauty /^itie The .selection of "Miss Blythi'- Ille" for the Armistice Day bi;nii- Co-o|w]alive club, Is .a musician. She atteiuk'd (Signed) "Cecil Shane". "Mayor." PROBE DtftlH OF Dancer and Her Indian Companion Found Slain Near Mount of Olives. JERUSALEM, Nov. 4 (UP)—An exhaustive police Investigation was made today for clues and motives cf Ihc slayers of Joan Winters beautiful American dancer, belicv- rd to be from Now York City, and ty contest her? next Saturday h I^nrmuie school at Memphis anil interesting all Kiylhevillc. The 15 pretty girls ar; of varied types and the jivlges. who will be two i ;n and n woman from out of U-.e- city, are sine lo have a ficult time choosing the most/ beautiful. The coniest Is to be iu'id at the FUlz theatre Tuesday evening immediately afler the first show. Girls in this contest are: Misses Margaret Cross Ruth Whitworth. Marjoric Slcwutt, Irma Laura 1'ariics. Anne Morris, Virginia Bio- never. Ruth Jenkins. Othus iiackin, Helen Laden, Frances Evan;, Jamie Nichols. Maw EtlH'! Taylor. Louise Eourland, Mary Elen Slevens and Grace McParland. rhi-y are asked to call Mrs. Pat G'Bryant al. once and there vill be a rchcavshal at the Rilz lh?alre Mondo;. " r iernoon, five o'clock. "Miss nlyt 1 bul Ihi! volume of debits nnd credits lo accounts nt the local bank indicates n sulislanllnl increase In Ihc volume of business done by local -concerns, Mr. Lynch said. Average ilnlly clearances at Ihe hank, he said, arc running approximately 20 per cent nbovc n ycnr COOTKH. MIL — The Hank of (;<:nli'r wa:i robbcii of 53,500 in cash 1'i.ily iixluv by (wo masked men who f(,rrcil Alih Uushinx, cashier, uulcck (hi! Vaull after huldh!!! 1 : ]n and his wife prLsotserr, all ri^'hl. Olltui'r.i havo no clues tt. the roblH'.rs. \vho made their in lawny In Hiwhiiia's HUlomotilc. I'iUTLTi-liy luiart! cries of Mr. and Mi'». Kush.liij! al six o'clock from Ihu bunk vault and they wero' rein-M-d .shortly .iiltcrwartls. Mr. and Mir. liushlng, upon re- luming from a ride last evening, •.vi n- coulronlcd by Ihc handlts In heir •inrnxc.' Ihoy forced them ir> nccniinsnny Uicin (u the nush- inv[ lionit! whore thi: pair wa;: • 11:11 tli'd until aJirr mldnlt?ht, when they wfre tnkon lo tho bank. At lv volnt of a nun Rushing un- :™-Vcd Hie hni'k's clonr and .the lour rcinniucil I here until Ui2 itiiie •,-,'t- \v-iii o/f :i 1 . 5 o'clock. Then Ihe cashier WEIK compelled lo open tV.r vault frr 'he robber;, who ,.,..,,„(! ,,,. ^H djn cns |, 0] , ]mm | i'nd lo:ked Mr. and Mn. nuihlng In the vault. The robbers told Ihi; ntishlngs tl'.fir car would h::' left Kotii'Mvherc i 1 hl^hv.nv near Cooler, hut aflcrtioon no liac; of Ihc lilne had bncu found. Contests for Director in Four Mississippi County Divisions. rponsorcd bj ,i will compete < fretty girls i : i.:st Arkansas is to be . .. i .uxiliary \.ut 1G other vns jf north••• .ncnsl Missouri for the (iiieen of this sec- lion in the firs', annual Armistice l : ay program. These girls will be gucsls of 111 A'l-eiican Legion that day. They ran PLOT LEVEE BOARD— 3!i Landowners o' Mississippi coun- iv and seven other counties in which the St. Francis lc\ec dislrict Her will go lo the polls in n sivr- Ifil election Monday to determine by vote for the first time the meiii- hcrslilp of the district's board ol I'lreclors. With Mississippi county sep.xrat-' i'l! cllv^Ions with a director lo be selectcd from each, nine, nmdklak-s arc in the field. In a . candidate Two New Indictments Returnee) Against Him by Grand Jury Here. Will Hear Reiser , Incorporation Petition •- OSCEOLA, Ark., Nov. 4. — A heating on the petition of residents of tho town of jh- .i.wpor«le the lo*n--wi)l : -ba'l:W'lr. nminlv Court here Monday before' County Judge Zal D. Harrison. Residents of the town. It Is-un- derslood, seek Incorporation for Ihe purpose of applying for funds under the public woiks.act to ton- [ struct a city waterworks system at Kclser. • • . The community, located about B ' miles west of Osccola, has around (!00. inhabitants. Denver Dudley, district prosecul- iiK hllorncy. may vet have the a*l laugh on Jlinmle Jones. College Heads to Help Temple Observe Birthday Unemployed Man Threat- j ^JT o^lon!' . eiictl Wife of Heir to Reynolds Millions. WINSTON'-SAl.EM. Nov. ride o clock and Ihe parade v:ith a luncheon at entertained Hotel 4 (Ul'i—John Lanicr, uncmployi.>. •.<ho atlempted to exlort $10.000 frc-m R. J. Rcyrolils, heir lo Itie ReynoliLs tobaitc forlnne, will Ue tried in federal couit, probably iicxi week, for improper use of Ihc mails, which carries a maximum penally u r 20 years imprisonment. Lanier wrote Iwo letters to Reynolds, threatening tcr kidnap his wife if $10.000 was not forthcom- Following instructions but not necessary voters to Ic (|ualified under the general Ircllon of the state lo participate. Ownership of laud wllh- in the district Is Ihc requisite to a vote in the election under special llficalioHs set up by stalule. Concerning where -a pruiierty </vncr may cast his vole, Ihe 1 attorney general'.; office wired P. M. Ferguson, chairman of the (Ounly election commission, as fol- i"-v.s: • Where improvement district In county is divide I into divisions a \otcr should vote in the division where he rcsic'cs. regardless of \vhlch division land Is. A voter I'llIIjrtDELPlUA (UP) — More than 100 prominent college 'and Dudley, vexed by Ihe stale's in-1 i,,-.| vcrs itv presidents have acccp't- to convict .loiur. In several made tlie local ibilily trials. 'projnlse." It wns really a promise to an Oscrola dlsirlcl -Jurj" lhat If a verdict act|Uit!lnp Jones was returned in a tvlfil for robbery the prosecutor would dismiss all cases unndintr a'caiust Jones on the Mississippi county docket. Jones was acnuillcd and smiled while Dudlcv nolle pressed e-'l cases against him on the Osccola district dorkqt and a week later ' had Jones' c(tscs here dismissed. Now It on Hie docket lhat Jones has bren named In two true bills returned by the grand Jury of the ! current court term here. Tile cas- | rs w'ere not i>cndliicr al the lime of Dudley's "promise" and consequently " were not included in his proposal. Cicero Gang Struggle Claims Another Life New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 4 (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close !)55 95C 950 !)50 063 961 970 915 989 992 IflOOb 1020 1026 Dee Jan Mar May .hil Oct 960 913 987 1020 SCO 974 986 99Bb 1020 CHICAGO, Nov. 4 (UP) — The tcdy of Angelo Alonci, 35, ._ "ievctl to be another victim of a jang struggle fov control of mhK>r rickets in Cicero, was fmmd today ii\ the rumble seat of his car on the edge of a dump in Slick- i'ey. III., a suburb. He had been shot twice In tho l.rad. His -body was wrapped h a bSmket. The slwotlng followed by less Mian a week '.he slaying of Louts Cmven, Cicero publisher, and member of the former Cnpone gang. invitations lo pnrllclpnle In he cclctrallon of the 50th nniil- vrrsnry of Temple University, Feb. 11 to n. The university was founded liV. BB4 with n cliss of seven students. It student resislrntton. now s approximately 12.000. Governor and Mrs. Clifford Pin- !'ol will head a committee of 100 I'lomiiieiil Pennsylvanians serviiiu | as i:atrons and patronesses of, the | ri Men jubilee. Field Rat Whipped Sparrow Hawk Apparently the companion were shot from ambush. An aged monk of the convent In the garden of Gcthsemanc i'r.und Ihc bodies in a spot usually unfrequented except at Er.ster time, wiien devout pilgrims go to the Holy The girl and the Indian ar- at the armory lhat night. Al thnt time she will receive n silver loving cup. The queen and her mr.ids, who will be other entrants in the contest, and their escorts. I i,«,jred for a utiiit^t iiunjcujtiii:!^ ^uiin.oitu, --- — rf ... ... —, owneraling h!o wife, who was! commissioner, Mho said informally rncstcd but quickly released. He l '.', at '',' ^ils'belief _liolli would lx> j:'.:d he hoixd tc solve his com- ' ' omlc dillictillies Tlie Reynolds r. S lowed to vole only in case each real property in his or her cases having precedence. dance. be gucsus of honor at Ihel ' Reynods is e brother ol S-r.ith Reynolds.' who was myster-1'" e!>cl1 district follow: , J . . ».?•" T^:«,_I.< r^_ Osceola Postal Receipts Candidates ar.r! election booths, Set Record {or October TULARE. Cal. (UP) — A small field rat vanquished a sparrow hawk In mortal combat on the O.- W. Jones rnu:h the other day. An Irrigating crew related that the hawk, circling over the field, dove suddenly nnd seized the rat • as it came from iLs nest. It flew upward, the rat struggling in its claws. Suddenly, workmen said, the hawk and rat dropped to tho ground where the bird lay dead. The rat had severed 'Its throat." Several new entrants are adding | lui-sly killed In the Reynolds man---- , . . (.xcitcment to the contest. Miss ,f Kin lasl vear ived In PnlesMne two days ago Mas , nc Wallacc> 22-year-o io I I'.-hnan. torrh bv toiirlst steamer. It was understood the indlnn was a government employe. He was believed lo have met Miss Winters In j |" c( ^ ^ a ^ His widow, Llb'ay n 5 er. «as chare- blunde, who is the daughter of if a with murder in connection with J'r. and Mrs. W. M. Wallace, is I Ids death but war. Inter Irccd to be "Miss Wilson". Athens. Mtss Wal- bv the Spots closed steady al 945, oft 7. Chicago Wheat Dec May Dec May open 85 7-8 88 1-4 high I 5-8 low 85 7-8 close 81 91 1-4 88 1-2 89 3-4 Chicaftn Corn open 4:1 1-2 Sll high 41 1-2 M 1-8 low 43 1-2 close 47 49 3-4 til 3-4 Howard Munford Dies HAYTI. Mo. — Funeral services were held for Howard Munford, who died Thursday night at his home, by the Rev. J. S. Compere. The young man was born in Hay- li and was 28 years old. He left a wife, two children, mother, two sisters and a brother. Ray Under- Inking Company was in charge and Interment was made al the Car- ullwrsvllle cemetery. State Adopts New Lobster Measurements Turkey, Crossing Road, | Caused 3-Way Auto Crash i Lepan!o Snake's Winter Sleep Rudely Disturbed nislrlrl One Candidates—L O. Byerlcy and Clinlon Caldwci'.. Voliii? bcolhs— Leachville, Man!;n, Elowah. and] District Two Candidates—C. C. Langston Joe Pride I'-i'ty and (courthouse). District Three OSCEOLA. Ark., Nov. 4. — He- celpls from the sale of stamps and from box rents nt the Osceolji Post Office during Ihc month of October totaled approximated $1400 which Is the biggest volume . Voting booths— Ynrbro.| nr business for the same month right, Blylhevilk'ljr, Candidates—J Williams and i according I Smith. history of the local office, lo Postmaster Arch BOSTON" (UP)—A new method if lobster measurement has been adopted by Mawachiisells. ] Heretofore a legal lobster has had to measure nine inches from ntse tip lo um:\irled end of tall. Ihc new yanls.llck or legality sKdfies Hint the lobster shall measure 3 1-10 inches from eye locket lo the rear end of the Lody shell. It Is pointed out that a lobster CM< be stretched, but that H Is icarcely posslbV to strelch a lob :tcr's body shell. A lobster measuring 3 1-10 kelwecn cya socket :.nd end of body shell, experts say, w 1 !!! be nine li.ches long. LEPANTO. Ark.—A water moc- Five More Civilian Camps Planned for Texas DALLAS, Tex. (UP)—Seventeen civilian conscrvalion corps forestry camps will be In operation in Texas by Nov. 1. At present there are 12 camps, nil located In timber regions of Enst nnd Southeast Texas. When the additional five camps ire in operation. 3.400 young men n all will be employed in them, with a payroll of approximately SllO.OOO a month or $1,320.000 n year. • highway. Brown didn't sec the turkey I W h crc | t rcp osed. MLss HoTlmaii's unlll he was or, top of it, so hi; startled exclamation brought ns- twiing his machine sharply and slslnncc that quickly disposed of bumped a tree. Meanwhile Iwo the snake. ether cars appeared, both Hying io avoid hitllnu the bird. . One. Model O f Shakespeare House st.ite .......ray maintenance crew, wns Nicholson, G.Urghtly Injured this morning when L'. Salman. Vo'.lng booths—Joiner, \ v wns .struck bv a car while ta.'selt, French-:nn'r. Bayou. Whit- v.^klng on HlghwBV 61. a short lcn - . distance north of this clly. ___ 1 V ?! I chorles McCoy, negro, driver of Sp«nce at Osceola I the car which slruck Menltt, was : , nunosi struck Brown, wliiie uie PHILADELPHIA (UP)—Thomns 1 unur.UL.ft. JUK.. NOV. t— ucn n.,-.j\ ether clipper the tall feathers off j McCarthy. 2 nnd unemployed, re- Spcncc of Toronto. Canada, speak- ' '=;. on a charge of reckless the turkey. cently completed n model of the ing under the auspices of the] Merritt was cut ntout one ICE his faco was also lacern After scrambling around lo save; house In which Shakespeare was Antl Saloon League, will deliver ,,,,.. , „„,, his life tlie tmkey waddled the; bom at StraUortl-on-Avon. The an nddrc.<s nt 7:30 o'clock Sunday "hen knocked io the pavement nnd list of the wns across the road | only tool he used was a razor! evening from the pulpit of the pulled over I IK concrete lor a ust of the to safety. I First Baptist Church litre, |i!iort 'distnncc. WEATHER AHKAItSAS — Occasional rain, colder in north portion tonight. Sunday rain, colder, cold wave In northwest portion with freezin? temperatures. Memphis and Vicinity — Rain nnd colder tonight and Sunday. The maximum tcmpcralure here yfslerday was 59, minimum 53, .. cloudy, according to Samuel P.. Norris, official weather observer,

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