The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1933
Page 6
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•PAGE f»I>? _JKf 1 YTHEVn..T.R,JARF) rOTIRTIR JTEWS NOVi-V-ERF.P. Mairoon and White Squad Off For Jonesboro TEST YOUR FOOTBALL KNOWLEDGE! Two Teams Appear F.ven- . ly Matched Wilh Prospects (or Close Game. Blyihpvillc lilch's Maroon unit V.'tnii 1 isridticrs, drlr-ntcii only l>y' Memphis Tech. rtcpai-tc'c\ luis al- ifiRoon tor Jonesboio v/hriT rlicy • nill engacp I lie Huriiraiw lon:Rtn ' :n ft t:ftn:e thai nuy have a lot '• in do with U» ui'Uiittlnntion of] HIP Norllientt ArXaiiMs climniiioii- ' :ilip. i The Chicks have! a cliancc lo I :i:i!K-x wclionaj hoiiors ihl.^ ytm]' lK:vm£ bf-c-n unclcfoutcd by an Arkansas tcnni. WUU PavriKOMld. ['!£- iatt. O^'cola mid Shawnuc heiucn ihp Chicks havp JoncfUoro, Wilson. Forrt'M City aad Luxora lii'Tarc llu'in on lliflr ilatc schedule. Kl'.O'.ild the Dlylhcvillc lu'iddm-s trounce Hie Hurrlcnnr loniglil they will liavc n'jjoort slftrt lownrd v.-natevcr myihicnl Xorthcnst Arkansas honors c i x::it. The lltirrlranu sudcred n snr- , p:isc setback M Ihc hnnds ol 3hnv:nec last- week by a mnrpin of one iroint. Rlytliovillp defent- cd Siiawnrr by one po'"t (-nrller In ihc fi'iivon. Mirinplils Tech Ibe oiily to defoiit llu' Clicks this season and a loam that trounced the locnls In decisive fashion lost to Hi" Hurricane car- lior in Ihe reason. The dope shecl inrticaies a Imrd fought. c-'.T-iilv roiiirstcd name :il Kays Fk'ld. II slioiild UL' one 1 o( the fc:sl umiirs of I he season In thj6 section. Wear H^rhoojuiver. foi'iticr Ark- nnsas nazorbatk .sin]', will" refen.e tonight's [lit nnri Unix' Joyiler will ;:ct ns umpire. Fred Pnrker,' a-stibL-. am Arnkustu Slate coach, \\lll be hendllnesman. J The same Ls scheduled lo be- Rin at 1/JO o'clock bill snrni 1 claim [lie wliiftlc mobnbly will not hlow until around eiglu o'clock.t A large niimhcv of fin* from licre nrc esnecled lo be on hiuid . lo wateli Ilie Chicks perlonn in Ihelv only o«l- of town snine of (he reason. The local drum and bugle corp will also innke Hie trip. Michigan- Illinois >Iuh S -K in Sf'tlO Tcvis-S M. U. l ! C 1 \ -I'aklf. HorMa-Gforciri Funlhnm-SI. Mary's Cmipgtel T .-Purdue i'lilnno-WkronsIn ( % orff 11- Columbia, IKirlnmuth-Yult' HitAi'nini PICKS Kauris Sl-ilo Notrr l)um> Drulu: S M I- Catlfftrnh Dukr I S U Kl. Mary's I'urdur ChEr:itfi» CorccU Ihirtnmulh SPOKTS 'KIUTOK ronuKK -NKWS yon HCK -semi-: I'ICKS MMilian . '. Kan e i« State No LIT- Dame Drake Texas , . , Colgate , , ('Lilifurnh . .' .-. .' ; ,V. . \\u\y Cnwc . , L S. L'. Kurdlum , WlscujLsln Columbia r>nrUm>uUi .....' f=E^M^~—j--: j. . . . i •=s^^M NSWE8S Anyone Who Could Untan- i jjlc Wrestling Muddle j Would Be Wizard. ! gothcr will) n few ]»tutoe.s v:hlc!i llit-y rnl>r> iliPin.'.plVf-s. make Hi coijipjiniiM-ly i':isy nncl . h:i|jpy tusk." inmi-i filUTlSM STATESMAN .-nil N'OVIM.IST IJmiiH Kvurcst i-- on llu> 'I'lHKT-NKI'AI. bonier Tin. 1 f-':'i-:it':st ik'hlli in lin- All ui- >u- !., ju-ar 1'UBIvTO IC1CO EiTZE Sunday - Monday ! MATIN EK and NIGHT i lOc - .'!;ic ^'.Friday & Saturday j MAT. & KITE—lOc - 2'ic TOM UV rOSTKU EATON ; I'niU'il Press Stuff Curif-spniiitent | S'l'. LOUIS, Mo. (UP)—AUliotiKh l_ hiicklng the toughest kind of |)rn-I . ! niotioiwl comiieiiiion. John inon) lypr? of business in which you up- 1 Krone. Chicnuo iinpiv«ir:o, luis cralcrt? We liavo Iji-m friends in moved in horu whh ihc Intention i Hie, yes." of liiidine out who the liuwywclKla I Krone, unruffled put il thte way: \vrc-Mlini! ch.nnjjion of (ho v;o:l(l , "We always li-.ive t>oon the rrally is. I 0 f friends. Pucks K u veiy lovely The ciojiipc-litlon hrvt* Is: Thomas I fellosv. He is an SIS.SH lo tlie yuniL 1 N. PiitXs. lon-sfrticaTit of mnt and I and he inuloublcclEy knows Ihc rinii :ilf:iirs for vt ycjirs, diii'int; ! Kinne. Bin. 1 think I Just hnvc n \vhicli Unit 1 3'i previous coinpeti'.or.s I liule more .showmanship than fnund It irnpassibli.. lo siorm his I'nfks. 1 do things dlffcrnitly. Un- .sl!o:iKliold. [iiMinl, you know." i:llmin:ili.»i M;ilclu-s | Krone, with 35 years' experience. But Hie, 200-pound I ralos Browning as the best of Ihe HE'S A LOVER OF PAREE! Bill Braucher Kcrrlieral Kick) , The safely man is 50 yards behind the line of scrimmage, shading his eye^ [rom the glarfe of a . Kentucky sun. . . . Thai's a lone way back for a safely man 10 be ' playing, but Kerciieval 'is ROinR to kick, and 50 ( yards Isn't so lar R-hen Kentucky's Wildcat p'.inlcr pulls back and lets fly. The center passes t'ne ball anc Ihe lines clash . . . Kerchcva" takes Ihe ball In one hand, like a second baseman who has jus jcooped a grounder . . . he slayfc it down on his swishing foot, hi: 190 pounds huris itself into thi air, and a perfect spiral goes sail ing down the field-30. 40, 50. 60 70 yards . . . the safety man \vas n'l far enough back after all! Distances Iflalf a doicii times this year— with the season aboul half over— Kcnlucky's Kerciieval had scnl iha ball zooming 70 yards •. . . and o the strength ot his kicking, Ihc Wildcats had wen three games . . . . one or those kicks had been mil whirling 90 yards. The story of Hnlph Kcrchcvnl, who deserves All-America honor; Ihis year if ever a back from the south dirt, doesn't begin and end wilh his kicking . . . Kerchcva! calis the signals . . . his field gene r alshlp agalnsi Duke would have *cn trie game had il not been for txo unfortunate Kentucky fumbles ... he gave almost li . exhibition of cl'.oosing the right .p!ny at Ihe right tlinc. «; M F-n= Rpll^.r. Mirla' \V : II W«l>« His Coach Force! Red Cagle. i- 1 —' •'-"• ln I>nirf>r<:ilv loihcr nil- Idnt^ down 'm nf Lou- irinio.tiivrni. fnillnrk. who. New Mirror Gives Truthful Reflections LOS ANGELES (UP) •— fi. new typo of mbTor that r'cflccU a person's Inmyc as others see him re- ccnlly has been perfected by,..Dr. H. W. Edwards, pro/esldr of phy- •ilcjs at the University of California ill Los Angeles. ' -. Unlike the ordinary mirror, which reflects red more, tharf any oilier color, this new i.hirrror reveal? nil colors in their" full vnlue. A new alloy, which Is prepared in n vacuum lank heated ,by a Ing the glass under pressure, Dr. Edwards said. •The mirror, because of'lts undistorted, tme reflection, Ls "expected to uc,n boon to denthU and. doctors wlio desire: perfect solor and Krone, unabashed, has announced a serk's 01' elimination matches, open 10 all comers, will lie held • here and in Chui'-.go until only six n.spiranls for Jim Hrownlng's "lille" remain. Then, he sjiys. he'll match (liose I six in three maiches, the last, to he heUl he-re or i:i Chicago, whichever city offers Ihe highest, bid. Brownini; leads Hie list of mat- men Krone says he already has lined up for (he eliminations — lU-jjo'.iaisoRn fo:- others are goto' forwunt. [intl thereby comes the '.oiitiJi par: of Krone's program. Without f.ondos find men of his tlabii!. the eli:u!naiions would be iKiiinil lo be u "Hop." and London anc] Packs me c,ountrym<'n, \ - eiy fik'iidly. If Packs cracks the whip. Londos may to vxpcclc-d to siwil KI-OKC'B wliolu shov, 1 . Two t'romotcrs Wary heavy malnien. Packs gives the palm to J. Londas, fellow counlry- man, which is conceivable indication of how far Krone may get. Bishop Envisions Alaska As Refuge for Jobless CHICAGO (UP) — Alaska, as a Dlace of refuge for at least two million of the- United Stales' unemployed, has been suggested by the veteran Bishop IVier Trimble Howe. Episcopal bishop for Alaska. While in • Chicago visiting the World's Pair. Bishop now pru- po.sed that the federal Rovernmeni, as jiart of its recovery program. make it possible, for unemployed men lo mierale lo Ahuska at mod- era le costs. Image views, he declared. •'•SUfar Be4ts Fattened Lambs BILLINGS, Mont. (UP)—Sugar beets make fat lambs as well as sugar: More than 120,000 lambs will 'b<i fetl rations consisting principally' of sugar beet pulp In inn BlIUngK nnd JIardin areas of Moh- 'taria this fall. Beel sugar .plants in Hie two cities'" how arc 1 grlfYdluV the 1933 crop and pieparin; "Alriskn. hardly knoxs il'.ere 1ms The alliludf of Ihr- iwo promo- been a dopreMion," lif salil.. "You _ r.^ lowiird eafh oilier Uhiminatcs .we. it Lsn'i as hard lo make n liv- j ing in Alaska as il is right here in Chicago. Our i>co])!c up there have pienty of land, plcutv of lish. ynmc and berres. uiui tliese, lo- HONORS, MOUNTED iri ; Serial —Ciirtoon a I Sunday - Monday •;; I j AIAT. «nd NITE— Klc-.'iSc \ K i one's prostH'cls. "Would you call p. Iricud," asked, up, nexl to your s'.ore innn your 'if he set the same Paramount News Our Gang Comedy A drama of [uuiiu:i inthecniJe oil tt'illi BILL BOYD MAE CLARKE PAT O'Bk'EN lungsten furnace k used , 111. coaU.jpjilp feed for the lambs. 1 i v<irciiv fooi'nuli. is belnt nc- ln[.«nrl fin fi "hny WOtlder" ...... -'"int Ihr- Smith. nlovl,,, n^olim ^v|f"llS(lS llnl- ot-cilc .^f-nilMv, Ab n Ihl'I^W niollt, • illr>l.|ll-x nicccc Six Of Wlllell •ern conill'"lnil. two of them fO- " ir fnr innrhflnwns. He made an- iber fonriulowTj nn n is-vurd run mil ml "'"i. flml kicked two coals -nrn rLlnc^nienl, acrounlinp for •» ooinls In L. 3. U.'s 2Q-0 ric- or\*. Airnincj. ^tcp Institute his ntints >vera«od 54 vnrtls. find one of !">m wcnl for 74 yards. He ts (Icvelouinir rnnidlv, and '.. S. U. followers telieve that he lav brine KS much plon- to hli -nnrh n^ flirt Red Ciole. when 'on"s piloted Ihc Amiy team. I Al>e is a sontinmorc, studying Mrc-ni n dic wnvk and making crades *•' "A" iind "B" in all his courts. **» came »o L. S. U. from MrComb. ^liss.. with an enviable record us •"• nll-'roiind athlele. n- earncrt la letters in hleh -^hruil ronir^'tln^ in football. •-»sMinll f»"rl IracV;. For two yem-s ^r- \vn<; MKcisslnnl's nll-ftntc lil?h pnl fullback nnd he wns i-uard the wile's All Hie Elehl" bas- all team. He ran Ihe low hurtles. ihc mile relay, and llirew the hot. Javelin and discus. TO LANDOWNERS WmnAn, 8". Scrks ITusMnrt "°OtO. Mont. (UP)—Mrs. Tom Mrlcr. 87. Is desirous ot Irvinir mil- I -:inonv a flflh time. Her fonrtli, bnnrt died s^vcn years n?o. Now, : Vrs. Carter says, she finds the so- 'icc of n corncob r>loc "Rood -nousli." but not cciuol lo U:c ccm- i'.lcnMiip of a husband. And Oh, Yes! Besides trial Kerehcvai rims Kith the ball . . . besides that he blocks . . . besides thai hs passfs it ... and he can throw a fool- ball like Pug Rentncr uscd.lo . . like a cntobcr pegging lo second base ... or liljh and far down " the field, timed to drop Into the arms or a sprinting end. Wh^s Kercheval was a. sophomore in high school (he is a Lexington boy), he broke an ankle the ankle he plants against the leather now .... and doctors emerged from. a. clinical huddle to express the fear that he would u-alk through life with the aid of a cane. Kercheval overcame the handicap fo become everything thai a great football plaj-er should be . . . this year he has made a previously underrated team a threat throughout the south . . . some thing for Alabama. Tulane and Tcrmessjc (o look forward, to with . piofcund respect. Five of every six lieutenant commanders in the British Royal Navy arc "shelved" before thn age ot — ana nhen It comes to Used Can the w»nt-sd col tun ns of the Courier News can't be beat. 1( want prompt rt&alls phone 30$. TO THE LANDOWNERS IN GRASSY LAKE & TYRONZA DRAINAGE DISTRICT NO. 9 AND SUB- DISTRICT NO. 3 OF GR4SSY LAKE & TYRONZA DRAINAGE DISTRICT NO. 9. Read the Following Offer Carefully: (1) W your land was sold more than two years ago for drainage taxes due Drainage District No. 9 or Sub-District No. 3 of Drainage District No. 9, you can pay Ihe receiver. FIFTY (50 r ' ) PER CENT of the tax for which the land was sold, and no effort will be made to collect the balance of said tax, or subsequent tax, prior to November 1, 1934. (2) If your land was sold for such taxes leis than two years ago, you can pay the Clerk of (he Chancery Court FIFTY (50 : ; PER CENT )f the tax for which the land was sold, and no effo^ will be made to collect the balance of said tax, or subsequent delinquent tax, until November 1, 1934. (3) If your drainage tax is delinquent and your land has not been sold, you can pay the Clerk of the Chancery Court FIFTY (50 r ') PER CENT of the tax for one year (oldest year), and no effort will be made to collect the balance of said tax, or subsequent taxes, until November 1, 1934. (4) For any landowner to receive the benefit of this offer he must make the 50'- payment prior to January 1, 1934. (5) If any landowner does not pay said SO:' by January I, 1934, he will lose the benefit of this offer, and will be subject to penalties and costs, This is the order of Hon. John E. Martineau, Federal Judge, made October 24, 1933. This day, October 30,1933. ., E. N. AHLFELDT, Receiver, 905 Rector Bldg., Little Rock, Ark. J. T. COSTON Osceola, Ark A . G. MEEHAN, Stuttgart, Ark, Attorney for Drainage Out. No. 9. Attorney for Sub-Disl. No. 3 of Drainage Dist. No. 9. Many large landowners, such as Lee Wilson & Company, have signified their intention of taking advantage of the above offer. ', (44-52) . .. M ESI ,VJ C COOP! R "••.-«.-:-».'..-«r - TRAVK?, RKE1, COMEDY LAST TIME TODAY Matinee 2:30—lOc - 25c Night 6:<I5—lOc - 35c "BUDDY J> ROGERS JAMES DUNN. JUNE KNIGHT, LILLIAN ROTH, CLIFK EDWARDS, LILIAN BOND, DOROTHY LEE and LONA ANDRE "TAKE A CHANCE"' Every 1'laycr u Star! Every S'.ar ;in Enter' -' tainer! Look! ICO Gorgeous Showgirls! TIIK BIGGEST MUSICAL COMEDY HIT OF THE YEAH! NOW OX THE SCREEN AFTER 53 WEEKS ox BROADWAY: FUN? . . . We Cot It! ROMANCE? . . . Here it Is! GIRLS 'n' MUSIC? . . . Look iind Listen! Mickey Mouse Cartoon Musical Short "That Goes Double" Russ Columbo and Orchestra BIG VAUDEVILLE SATURDAY! On the Stage in Person 'Junior Arkansas Travelers' i Good Old Mountain Music played In- -\ Real Hillbilly Paiul " ' Good Dancing - - Sin^in^ - - Aiul Comedy On the Screen - - - "Devils In Love" " (4 SEKIAL—CAKTOON ' NO ADVANCE IN 1'RIfJKS

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