Honolulu Star-Bulletin from Honolulu, Hawaii on October 2, 1920 · 1
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Honolulu Star-Bulletin from Honolulu, Hawaii · 1

Honolulu, Hawaii
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 2, 1920
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MAIL SCHEDULES Ciose f-sr S. F. r ' ,!.,. C p. r-a Tue. Arrive from S. F. VflU.'-liii.s-a. -1 . rii. T .:S. Clo for Orient f.h.ryo it;ru, ( t. ii Arrive from Oriert P r . Mo! ;i. V Clos far Canad Arrive from Australia Ve.atiira, Tutu, a. m. r 7 o A -. s " 'J O ."5 tj' J V ! if ! -A -4 s r J k 5 1 v ; Kvening IJuUetii, II. X-n T - ' 'J Hawaiian fc'trr. Vol XXVIII. No :-'i 2U PAliES UONOLULU, TIIKIUTUHY OF HAWAII. "op P.UII V rnici: livr. ei;v: HG VOTE DID THE WOMEN TURN C 5 e A V f 9 s J J- T 5 "fi. t is - 'W i V i BY WOMEN FEATURES x n .1 . 1 1 il i M -r, K it l 1 ELECT10 "a " r Tit Twfti ti in S V i J ,1 i' "'' "l" m r-T r r n-i nrwrw-iirMwiwMMMiwiiiMMiMii. . . i rl i Central Labor Council: Comes Out for fiIcCanc!-' less for Delegate, Sup-? ports Ahia, Fogarty and, Coelho for Senate ands Brown-Andrew Slate fori House. In many of the prpcincts of the fourth district up to noon today the women were outvoting the men 2 to 1, and in fact all over the city women voters, who are exercisinrc the right of franchise for the first time, showed a keen interest in the primary. It was unusually quiet in the fourth district this morning. Voting was fairly heavy and there were no untoward Incidents. Scores of automobiles were pressed Into service by both parties to carry voters to the xl!s- Electioneering was rife, but the "runners" and "watchers kept religiously without the 100-foot boundary. Delegate J. K. Kalanianaole and Lis Bourbon opponent, L. L. ("Link" McCandleFa, traveled from precinct to precinct in automobiles. shaking hands with the voters and fit the came time doing a little personal electioneering. Oldtimers like Harry T. Mills and ' Arthur M. Brown were on the job bright and early. Harry was pass ing out Lorrin Andrews" cards in Kalmuki. Brown was a frequent visitor at the fourth of the fourth, Kalakaua avenuo. Many Slates II. N. Tyson, head of the electrical workers' union, was also a visitor at the various precincts. Labor ivn were everywhere, many of them apparently acting as watch ra. There were "slates' galore the labor slate, the carpenters slate, the "people's ticket," the "rich man's slate1 and the "poor man's Plate." All of these slates were printed, and were passed about frequently. In many instances both men and women went Into the polling places with a handful of "slates" and candidates' personal cards. A large number of the candidates visited the precincts.' Albert M. Cristy was watching things at the Normal school, and "Eddie" Fogarty was on the lookout at Fort und Beretania. Governor Charles J. McCarthy and two daughters. Miss Eileen McCarthy and Mrs. Margaret McCarthy Stevens, voted .at Emma Square at 8:04 o'clock. Bishop and Mrs. Henry Bond Restarick voted there also. The record vote for the morning was at the sixth of the fourth, Biloa Rise and Kameharneha street, Manoa. where the women easilv outvoted the men 2 to 1. The registration there is 290 women and 53 men. As soon as the booth at Emma Square opened the place was crowded with men and women, and there was a long line waiting. None of the candidates were pessimistic this morning. In fact, each seemed to be assured that he would land the nomination. Down in the J "Fighting Eleventh," Kakaako, P" there was considerable electioneer- ing and distribution of elates. Dozens of women gathered about the polling place, and the women vote ran strong from the start. Labor Makes Choice The labor ticket, adopted by the Central labor council, made its appearance this morning. The preamble reads as follows: "At a special caucus of representatives laboring men held on the night of September 27. the following men .were decided upon as repre-ppntins the best interests of the working classes. Candidates for legislature have pledged support for many necessary labor laws, now in force in California. "By special committee, Central labor council." The ticket follows: Delegate B. L. McCandless. Senators E. F. Fogarty, W. M. hia. TV. J- Coelho; representatives, Borrin Andrews, A. R. Cunha, A M. Cristy. II. S. Canarlo, J. K. Jarrett. J. II. S. Kaleo. Another slate said to represent (Continued on Tage Best Wants Wurst, But Wurst Hasn't Made Up His Mind When Capt. Xewton F.est, commanding a company of marines at I'earl Harbor, read that Private C. H. Wurst had been declared by i;r!g.Geri. Smedley X. Butler as the smartest sea-soldier at Quantico, Va., he immediately filled out a requisition blank for Wurst. The form followed, although not strictly according to, Gen. Hoyle, "It Is requested that Wurst in Best s company." be it is up to Wurst whether it i , ants to serve a. icw muusanu i ' s from his home in Eltzabeth, r. Jl ICHMAN I M. V. AVichm SERIOULY ILL ?hman, president of the f lichman Jewelry Co.. was taken uddenly i!l j-esterday afternoon A J-.a. w.ss removed hastily to The VV, 'ueen's Hospital. Reports this 4 sornintr said he was in a serious (, ' adit ion. J - h j,,. .- .. v...., .. . :. . i i I $ 9 ii . ; -' . V""- . . .... , - 5 ' ! i , it 1 ' '.t j if-.t"" i i n . . . ' . I f i. f. . 4 i...'- t --'I V . : ( s '. '-' ! , - ' w ? 1' i r. - fv ; c : .v; f - - r-- - I ? In nearly every precinct the women voters outnumbered the men up to the noon hour. Kakaako was well represented as the!photo in the upper left shows. Though the haole women voted early and often in th eight of the fourth Wilder avenue and Liholiho -Hawaiian women were in the ma-jorityiat the so-called "silk-stocking" polling place when The Star-Bulletin cameraman got around there, as the photo in the upper right corner testifies. Left center, Emma Square with the women voters "backing" up their favorites. Right center, tenth of the fourth, at the normal schcol. Lower, Elmer Schwarxberg giving free advice to the women as to how to mark their ballots. Build Planes Equipped For Pacific Trip A. P. by U. S. Naval Wireless - NEW YORK, 6ct. 2. Super- seaplanes with a cruising rad- ius sufficient to enable them to cross the Pacific are now under construction and prob- ably will be available" for ser- 4- vice early in the spring, the Aircraft Manufacturers' asso- ciation announced today. Eight torpedo seaplanes with a cruis- ing radius of 4CD miles are now en route from Cleveland to 4- San Diego, where they will co- - j'perate with the Pacific fleet t China Shuns olshevism ropaganda (Associated Press by Naval Wireless) WASIIIXGTON, Oct- 2. The Chinese foreign office in a state- j ment received by the state depart- ment today, says that conferences j sentatives of the far eastern republic of Siberia and the Chinese foreign office, but that the Chinese government would "require certain guarantees, notably that there should be no Bolshevik propaganda in China." China's negotiations with - the Bolsheviki have created some un easiness at Washington. Peking: re cently was asked to define her position. Booze Galore is Found on Farm of 'Dry' Act Author MOUNT " PLEASANT, Texas. Four hundred gallons of whisky, seven barrels of sour mash and an illicit still of 130 gallons daily capacity was found upon a farm owned by United' States Senator Morris Shep-pard, author of the national prohibition amendment, during a raid by federal agents. The operators of the still escaped. The raid was made by G. C. Gray, United States revenue enforcement officer, and Q. C. Gaddis, constable. Senator Sheppard was also the author of the congressional enactment under which Hawaii went "dry" in 1917. STAR-BULLETIN TO FLASH RETURNS At MAHUKA SITE Returns of the primary election will be flashed, as usual, by The Star- I Bulletin Saturday evening. The Star-Bulletin has changed its election j returns location this year to the Mahuka site, opposite The Star-Bulletin j building, on Merchant street, believing that the crowds can see the re- I turns in more comfort and minus the disturbance of passing street cars. ' The returns should begin to come in about 6 o'clock, and from then on ! until the final count. The Star-Bulletin will give a continuous stream of' results in each precinct and from the other islands. j If yeu want immediate and accurate information of the election be at I the Mahuka site Saturday evening. ! To facilitate the work of tabulating the returns. The Star-Bulletin re- ! (tllcte OlOrfirxr Aft i9le m mmK '.mm. uii.io.o, vritjf in districts, to telephone the count as results win oe appreciated. The Star-Bulletin's telephone number is s f " -v ?f , i Iv ; -v v : u 1 ... ' : ;" ' ; - - ' y vv i. j . V s-1 - V yy .i,'--4 COX NOW ' . :-READY TO P' ;:t. DEAL ON TREATY Says If Elected He Will Dis cuss It With Senate and Agree to Any Clarifying Reservations. (Associated Prss ry Nav' wir--rs) . PITTSBURG, Kans., Oct. 2. Governor Cox of Ohio, the Democratic candidate for the presidency, in a speech here today declared that if elected president he would "sit down with the senate, UlSCUSS ine peace treaty aiUl agree to anv reservations that will clarify Or reassure the treaty.' SAY BORAH WILL STICK NEW YORK, Oct. 2. Party leaders at Republican national headquarters here scout the idea that Senator William E. Borah of Idaho would quit the campaign in behalf of Senator Harding, as claimed in a dispatch from Washington spying that Senator Borah had asked that no more speaking dates be made for him. Officials at headquarters said it was understood that Senator Borah will make his own campaign dates. He has not cancelled three speaking engagements in Connecticut, it was announced. Johnson On Job SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 2. Senator Hiram W. Johnson of California has denied that he is contemplating retiring from the campaign for Senator Harding. Declaring that he believed Senator Harding had "scrapped the league of nations," Senator Johnson announced that his speaking program has not been changed. PROFITEERING CHARGE AGAINST THIRTY MEN CAssoc!atd Press by Naval Wire!es OKLAHOMA CITY, Oct. 2. Thirty Oklahoma City merchants and restaurant proprietors have been arrested tm federal warrants charging a violation of the Lever : food control act, following their in- I ciietment for rrofiteerir.g. iL. : a. . . I . . i . , uic i,h precincts out in tne rural ' soon as completed and even partial i r - i ' . , I S- - f - - ". ii '.' -. , - -...; " t. - --.' ' , ' " . ' . -! F- Uerk s -.11010301 Late Affidavits Nullification Nullification of th entire primary election is threatened by a conflict today between the board o? registration, the attorney general's office and the city attorney. The board of retristra t 'on this morning ruld that 30 registrations by affidavit made at Waianae before the great register had closed, and forwarded at the ' first opportunity, but net received until after the 1 t,-.i 1 time limit, were eligible for receipt. There was no conflict m the testimony; it all went to show that the affidavits were signed beiore tne deputy sheriff and district magistrate of Waianae in the afternoon, although the great, register did not close until midnight. No finding, was made until Joseph Lightfoct, first deputy attorney general, had passed on the evidence and given verbal advice. City Clerk Kalaukolani, however, acting on a. previous opinion rendered by Judce W. H. ileen, city attorney, hud re- tusea to register the voters whose eligibility was at issue, and declined Major League Stars to Seen in Action at ig league baseball p:a yers v.-ill c;ivort around Moiiiili diamond alc-ut one month from now A cablegram was; received today by J. Ashman Betveii of MciUUi park from Gene ioyl.,- of Los An - i geles to the effect that the Aii-ST b!g league baseball team, compo ed ot players "from b- ft -m ri and National leagues would sail November 3 from San I , There will he more t n . ) in stars in the eh; legation, wri. a mafc3 a tour of the Oi i stars will stop- off here f ,, the way to h; far en- r 1 i the return. Ail game J.fr" v !"' 1 under the auso ices of i t ana the p. roc cods will ro to lr. ti new Elks horr.e at WaikikL m, ... in? original plu inclu led ; 'Swede" ITdsberg, "Ihick" ind Fhidie Ck-otfe ef the AVe a Chleag,! u : r ' o t i Whit- to iv 1 a v if Eli to alter t! e rer .er until further advised. CalN-d int Ileen soughs brary and fir COP: ion. JlK anctn:ry in his u-y iast.ructed the city nna comity : . i; to ings of til" bo ti-;-. II ever, that the boa r-1 will nj.peal imm-.dia y ti:e !':. !-lieve-s, p.ow-n e rror np.il to the su- Under the revised 1 iws of Hawiiil, any vo'er has an ?.pp?;l fjom the rulinrr of the county e'.esk to the registration board and from the ward to the supi YVai ,na;. voters me court. Tho r-;-.e.;:,;J to the !o ifvl rnd th.e city -.':. - now will appeal to the final tribunal. "One doubtful vote," said S. X. Cl;ul;ngworth, c:aurm:i:i of t y boarrl, today, "mi-rat tie un the tire eien ion." .! a . - ii'-f-n va 1st. ! is OoaiafiJ s or .a n aiarm -h- s "if the result of the election w-frctod, whether the " ". ere accepte r o- ) ' ' be 8f- ,a vo-f.-s ulity ; - course the thc-oreti ists." i.0 1, T 1 1 iViOlilli! :!..;- Tia-r oe the gam now, aubt- ' . a ; . . : lIC-f 'ir r ti- m i4C - DViirvCs I'm W C DEFICIT i iiCii.ii V s o (A i tj r- ',n-' EXCH A N G E Q U OT ATS 0 M S (Associate i Pess i NEW Yoi:;;, h'hh a. : i : l,'"1.. ft- 3v;l i t: ' 7 -0 'TH "ins rr -r j-i. i Ji Peace Movement in BoSsllC- Vik Army Is Coupled With RcvoiLiticnary Outbreaks b, 0T rcirCCj.aCu (Aoc'-tr rr. -ny-i '.';r-i LONDON, Oct. 2. Reports of serious distinbances in the industrial establishments of soviet Russia, anu a peace movement in the Bolshevik army on the western front, are contained in a Renter's dispatch sent from Ilelsincr- fors yesterdav The -pi T a. 1 1 jt i. i lhe dispatch sau that iv;o nimissaries r.au ocen khi- ed in one factory and that , i . 4t i lliei e iiitU ia.Il tiUoa fUhj ill nearly an i etrograa lac-lories affected by a strike ot v.-orKmen who are seeking to overtnrovv tne soviet gov ernment. t ' neve a: Gt A me it '.!.". a : . GUARDSMEN GET $8000 ; h' I : r. M T DISSOLVED i ia i , MA!!T.I1, S:e a. (he 2. KhsssJ ' 3 - .' ti 4v I 1 i y "V i - i V Ik. i ' Ji ;.r.jf "7 . Cc-ori cf Allied Co:nmrs l- r :) i rs f ' - . It' ! UK ii ., t V. I'll, 1 U J " Pcz'iicn in f t i . . c!.:;na. AVASIIINCTOX, Oct. 2. Evitlence Ox a desire by the Japanese to obtain complete domination of the Chi-UC2Q Eastern railway, built through Llanchuria by lins-sia, and now administered by the new inter-allied com-rni ; iun, was reported to the Chirn government in a recent memorandum by the commission of inquiry pent to -Manchuria and Siberia to i n ve st i fja t e co n d itiona. This commission, composed cf American, French and British representative?, de- clared that from the cvi- drnfe . collected on bandit rap.vay, spanning the Chi- no se province of IManchuria, it was "nlain that certain of rcn bir:ds were armed with Japanese puns" and that j "foreicn influence was exer- ciscd in favor of the bandits for the evident purpose of destroying Chinese author- it v. The rnnnrf r'n -li -- -l j. v. i' J v vi - J m v. Villi a the Jajmnc,e na.lected no occasion to intervene for the ovnlfittnftfin nf t7aohr -t-vi i n - - ' i ... ... v . i v . i j , ; i t i i - (r,w..i, i r. i. Keep vatch over the railway's traffic, to interfere with the policing of railroad and to install themselves on the grounds and in the buildings of the company. iyphoon Hits Yokohama; Big Loss of Life 4- 4- 4- 4- - by U. f.av,?l Vv'ireiess TOKiO, Friday, C-t. 1. Ccoras of lives base in a typhoon on ife y coast cf Japan. Widespread l"- P-c;:erty daina-o centered at YCko roa, where 44 were --1 drowned in floods. In Tokio ' five were kit! O 1 . i or l-a. ,!:.!! j'lav.'j to 'fix" the l'vji) v.-o;! .orios bcUs ocn the 1 i . ! i Nationals and the tvimun ' w imiiiur American h a;:; team. ; Alter the recent d: flosuifs in Chicago that h .am ' Wliito players ;: . been bri'ocd by r amblers t throw the last world m -vU to the Cincinnati nation:. i it yas reported here that similar effort war? to bo m:u: to corrupt thel'rooklyn pla; eiv, this year. "C'es-i UiC ("irn.-l ciiic.vc;o, oot, jf,--rcui' t. : fit r.t ;ti t s cf l.i.ijor l-T kUia k-)u h. iXO rt-sl tt 1 II m.VMlt nt "to r'c; up 1' i !..:, f.,io..r" !' tal lit,' - rrU fn in tho l.-xn-U c f m. u fir, , -iii!y i'ltcrt -v In tl.u te-.ti'm l-tclnx it l;i t'.c han.N ff a " hi triuiial" jn...ti.,l ,f r;;.;i ut ; :'ut.iic Ktandir.K'. Th fl-m wen! I I """.vo the .b(C!:,f!'M-iu ur cm!! t :it of juwrs f the iiutlunal c, i :j.iKiion, v l.ii ' fui .v r,.mtri;. i ' ti iK.f-i-haU aff.,trtl. Thi bat ; r ' f tl: r.-'V m iv Tiiviit fuo A'.. B. Vs'f. k. j i. -!,b : i On CI. lea go Nutlcii!il; Ch ul m.iH.-y. pitHl.lnt ..f the MC, Ath-.m Jr.-ifis; I'. itiii v D-( j : : l id -ut of t':o Pitt d,u' ,: N!4t;;! arid John ,L MrO-u---. ;;tiii.U' . ' the Xi- .v Voi k Is.i tl.jvi . - Tl.t four hjie :.:r'u . n--t:. . Ji-s uf vhich xvet : i,i : 1 -fiy ; vJor leaj.-Mi- c'.sh i.nd i '"- ' ' 1 -! ' a.-K'.n : 't j-; i. u v.. 1 : -J ";;.V' if u; H,'.,rt',l b " . : V,i Ai-: , :- . .i , - ; ' 1 ' r' 'i : u T '-;,,i, t . ' i ' j '. : ' lii f' iib " ii( ; c iii ; i ; , b.-.r :;ttb t-f the pi-iii ,. : f ' c,2 t :! r. . ' . ' - i : r 1 b rv li- . ,!, ' - 'it Ha in, .1 i- t ill." G n J. J. IV-c hmr l r. ad Wu 1. fo. a J P Wil'inm lio v'srd Tuft and W i ! ; Gibb-4 rje.Aeo'), fo-m r ncii'i ir he t fi a' ury, arc pvopt.."-.. by , '' M-billl in" j.'iin !if ;ik t:r he c ir!ai:a u whieh .uid b hi:e control ovf b - u.-.i friij's, unl r tb- plan proii'i,-' d. A new !!"; of t!ie 1 - i a , . . hd .laoh; d . ' ) C..M,e, t: lerg. I'.ed Me.MuIhn : ml U Weavrr, Infie-akTi of tae Cd. Americans, and nmon th-e ; nis-n Indieted by t e ecu ray r. 'ury far alleircd con-e';- ty ia i hi ! '. :t ' of Lo t year's -. i a Id i m.s to t';!:('!t:'"j!h, .ii.ru t: ; .. that thi-y had J tii itifal -Oi;t.-( 1 fiL-l.t ti:" e'oarK's f.j.i!r.t tfa-m. T thien phiyerH f-aia they nrr' j-r pared to prove thar j enaef iee. "We uil! be b a ;c m b aab ;U : year," Weaer sail. ANOTHER SLICE TAKE?' FROM NATIONAL DE2 A'fflrl''!! Pt'H ty Mavji WlfO- V.'ASl U.Vt JT' )X. it. t. T gross ratio;! il deht w;. lehaei-S 5.,:i7,.'Jir.,l;.i tlarirw fhu'eiah,., t treasury (h'pattna a,t ia ;..a-t' I t" NEW V0MK STOCK t-roscciacr r-..vj ua lv der.ee o? Attcrpt by Gr.:: I:!crs to Rcreat Yhcir 191 Coi:p by Bribing Placer iAs,r' '!f,1 ' - . I; ivJ' V.-rr' m:v yohk. Oct. 'j.n; trii-t Attorney L-m, t.f Kir,r cuunly today i-- u d a ?r.i.-nt in which ho declare that hi-; :r.vo.ic;;tion h; i'ailrd t) ui.-clu.-t anv i !.r; it MARKET TODAY - Vrt- CetrifuTSt Suoi 9 i Mariia HeO '-'-'t COCOn 0 1 1 1- Anrierttan S-re'tor "!' Hm'!'.m Si.'O-" 1"? American T". A Tel. ... " ' Ans-anM Ccpprr ...... Atc'i'en, Trrkt A. ft F Wt rl ' ' n LoC rnrtive 1''"'s ' Bl't'Tor O-iO ; Erfethem f'.t-el ' ' 1 Cnhforra.i Pftrc-f-jn ... P': . r c-ma-jom Pat. it 'c X't V' : I Chic.'.rc., MH. &. St. P.ul "1 ' i Cruclb'e htcfl H1 ' : Cuba Cnnn Sanar Si'i ' ! ; O-s "(. I F.lectrc 1 . 1 h 1 H ' Gt".ar-K Meta-rs f. s 'J Great No'fvn, Pd. ... PS', f 11 New Yc-r'-c C--tral ??' "5 Peidlnn n. H ri 1 1 c0,.(Kri P?C''C ....... 1"ai, 3 S'.vidf h nl; r Co-p f-r ' Tfai Cfimniny . t ' ' IJnmn Pacific R. R 1T' T Un toil fitTtf Stscl ..... far, fi V"?t.rr:housr 4 7 Raw S air iCal.-Hawn.) 1".79 V. Chit Cerper 1' j 1 LeM-.H B. R 24 '4 t-2 VVctt'rn L'n on J . ... t - Co'crMo Fuel A. iron .. - "1 Eris n. n r-'! r 1 Keenecett Ccrpf ..... 21' a " -? Pfnnv!vanU R. R 4 ' 1 ? " T Riy Cenrol. Ccp'. r .... K j ' Ut-jh Copper t'h C1 San rr-.nc'fco Stack Gt-Ptr.tte" Ceier.-.l Pet.-"!f um .. a California P.iruan-i Co. .. f-i'z 15 Unicn Cil ef Cni.farnia. . U t . . Hwali.m Stack Cuet st'ori Hawn. Com. r,.j.:-r Co... f fi r ; Oihu St; far Co . Oiia SJaar Co IV VI C -w a r " r - . . .

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