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Natchez Democrat from Natchez, Mississippi • Page 2

Natchez Democrat from Natchez, Mississippi • Page 2

Natchez Democrati
Natchez, Mississippi
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THE DAILY DEMOCRAT. NATCHEZ, MISS. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2.1911 .31 PAGE, A HEALTHY, HAPPvnin Ar.F NAVY READY: fOR WAR v. PUUH I OOI IN OKLAHOMA. Oklahoma club women will follow the lead of Mrs.

K. "MeKfbban, accomplish more in Muskogee than any other city of the State. There wf be no fight on the local firms, bl women will be furnished with gradlif chairman of the Health CoVntnlttee of the Oklahoma Federation of Women's bel Cards that will show where the goods are handled. Clubsin carrying on a pure food cam SO SAYS' SIX-HlTrAUY 1 MEYER afteii heviewinc; fleet. t.

in. paign in Muskogee. The lty chemist and other officials will assist kthe wo-men In their efforts, the aim being to Cooking: School at a. stead of 2:.10 p. m.

LOUIS RIEL. 1 II 12' "lima Mam Xlnoty-Xinlv jrou'oYnV Will Parade Iff ore President Tart Ttxlny. We Have in This Store Many an Indian of the northwest and many Canadian half-breads firmly believe that a certain blue-eyed human firebrand, Louis RIel by name, will some day arise from the dead and lead his people to victory against the English. A number of, less supersti May be promoted ty tliose who gently cleanse the system now. and then, when in need of laxative remedy, by taking a deseitspoonml of the ever refreshing, wholesome and truly beneficial Syrup' of Figs and Elixir of Senna, whicrj is the only family laxative generally approved by the most eminent physicians, because it acts in a natural, strengthening way and warms and tones up the.

internal organs without weakening them. It is equally benefi-hcial for the very young and the middle aged, as it is always efficient and free from all harmful ingredients. To get its beneficial effects it is always necessary to buy the genuine, bearing the name of the Company California Fig Syrup Co. plainly prinfed on the front of every package. 1 Something to Surprise You New York, Nov.

1. "The fleet has demonstrated Its preparedness for any emergency and has shown the effectiveness of the present organization." George von L. Meyer, Secretary of the Navy smiled as he made this statement this evening on board the We are Showing this week an unusually large stock of kitchen necessities. Prices from 1c. up, and tie give Green Trading Stamps with every purchase.

We deliver everything you aw tious people in Canada believed for years that "the blue-eyed Indian" had never died; but that he is somewhere biding his time in a place of safety, waiting to bring riot and bloodshed once more to the Dominion's British settlers. Louis Riel was a half-breed of the "Metis" race of Franco-Indians. His father was a leader of the Metis and headed an uprising in 1849 against the mighty Hudson Bay company in Canada. Louis was born October 23, Presidential vacht. Mayflower after having inspected ninety-nine lighting ships of the Atlantic fleet assembled Soim'thinjr you seldom fet tluw days.

It is STYLE, FIT and WORKMANSHIP in th CLOTHES we havo ready for you to TRY-OX- They are STE1X-IJLOCII SMART CLOTHES, and the CLOTHES with this LABEL on them are admitted to he the children of a liheral education. Xohody in the world makes better clothes for the money. Here They Are, Ready To Try On, GO NO FURTHER In the Hudson river for the greatest mobilization in the history of the American navv. President Taft will review the fleet tomorrow as it passes buy. RELIEVE YOUR STOMACH out to sea and the 1'aiisaaes ami me shores of the Hudson will echo back a 1844.

He studied at the Montreal Jesuit college with the idea of becoming a priest. But when he went to take holy orders he was for some reason refused ordination. In other words, he was turned loose on the world with an excellent education, a keen knowledge of white men and their ways, a gift for organization, a wild genius for oratory and as was afterward claimed a well-developed case of egotistic insanity. Such a man could do much among the local In W5 creater number of salutes than was Wo accorded the secretary today. Notwithstanding the more spectae Will Help You Do It Head Our (iiiarantee.

ft ular event to come, Mr. Meyer says he is satisfied with what he saw today M. M. ULLMAN CO. Leaving the Mayflower on a speedy THE MANHATTAN STORE 320-322 Main St.

The Busiest Store on the Busiest Street. ai 9 UIMUV II ceived on board Rear Admiral Oster saw dians and excitable French-Indian half-breeds. The "Human Firebrand." The Hudson Bay company one of the most gigantic trusts ever launched had for a long time controlled the fur trade, of the The company was the master and patron haus, the commander-in-chief, and the division commanders, the Secretary paid visits to the flagships of the fleet standing erect in the launch with silk mm ti ii i Igpi i hat held firm and frock coat flapping as he sued from shin to ship in the ifirSin feSy OPSlil (Sn31 5 ml ml ml Ml mm ml 0 gjjl Ij ilj I 111 i A New Line of Millinery on Display Monday at THE ELITE face of a twenty-mile nor' by nor west wind. The Mayflower fired a sa Dyspepsia may he completely eradicated if properly troated. We sell a remedy that we positively guarantee will completely relieve indigestion or dyspepsia, or the medicine used during the trial will cost the user in "thing.

This remedy has been named Rex-all Dyspepsia Tablets. Certainly no oll'er could be more fair, and our of-ler should be proof positive that Dyspepsia Tablets are a dependable remedy. Inasmuch as the medicine will cost you nothing if It does not benefit you we urge you who are suffering with indigestion or dyspepsia to try Rexall Dvspepsia Tablets. A twenty-five nt box contains enough medicine for 17, days' treatment. For chronic eases wo have two larger sizes, 50c nd Remember, you can ol- of thousands of half-breeds and In- dians.

In the late sixties the Cana-1 dian government bought and assumed control of the Manitoba territories I hitherto ruled by the company. The if lute of nineteen guns as he left her iM i i i 3 IRISH POTATOES side and this salute was repeated by each of the seven flagships that he boarded, beginning with the Connecticut and ending with the Little Dixie of the torpedo fleet. His calls completed, the Secretar re-boarded the Mayflower which had steamed to the upper end of the seven eleven-year-old son of fell from the tree and hurt. His right arm tlernard. the It.

Lee Wood, was seriously AUil'STA STRIlvi; I.NlVs. Augusta Nov. 1. Street car, servic was resumed in Augusta at o'clock this evening under an urin 25c natives bitterly resented this change. They hated the English.

They loved the company; although more than once they had rebelled against its stern orders. Riel, by fiery speeches, persuaded the hunters and savages that they were entitled to part of the money paid by the government for the company lands. He made formal demand for this money. The Canadian authorities refused. Then Riel called his people to arms.

William McDougall was sent by the British officials to assume control of ative between tnc striking employes miles of warships and passed slowly southward along the entire line, each nd the enrnpan- after conoid ''rat ion a jropo.siti(n of arbitration "am Ucxall remedies only at our to. the Rexall store. The Natchez Co. Ilia! rutted hy a morning newspaper on was Iraetured and he was badly shaken up. The accident occurred at the home of Mr.

"Wood in street. Drs. Watkms and I'll man vy ere there in a short time and dressed hi- injuries. For sometime it was feared the child was injured Internally but this is not believed to be the case. 'ehalf of the merchants oi the city.

their newly acquired tract of country New Kraut New Mackerel New Mince Meat New Barrel Pickles A hoard hi live men is to settle all ifferences lelv. en the oompanv and as lieutenant governor. At the head of a little army of half-breeds and In-1 WOULD TAKE BOOK ts men. dians, Louis Riel forbade McDougall's entrance into the territory. Riel cap ship saluting nineteen times as he passed.

The echoes roared back from the New York shore after an interval so long that it seemed as if a second bombardment were going on in the streets of Harlem. It was ":10 p. when he had re-passed the Connecticut on his return trip, marking the end of the day's formalities. Members of the House Committee on Naval Affairs accompanied the Secretary on his visits to the flagships and were honored by each with a salute of seventeen guns. They too, ROUBLES TO TELL FALLS ritO.M IM: TIIF.F.

While shaking pecans from a limb in- Cooking School at a. in. the ground, txf 2 GREEN: STAMPS WITH ALL GOODS or some little girls on tured Fort Garry and other strongholds, and caused himself to be elected president of a "provisional government." Thus, when only twenty-five years old, Louis Riel, half-breed Indian, ex-theological student and professional insurrectionist, became known to his people as "President Riel." From December 8, 1869, to August 24, 1870, you TRY JifE nfWinZliniQ CTADt Cor. Mate and Canal 1 W1CCU1I VniE. 1 UIVJC Teiepheon 650 OuTsvIlle Lady Says She Laid Awake At XiK'ht Keen use of llor Troubles.

0 were gratified with the apparent efficiency, and preparedness of the fleet and when the party re-assembled on the Mayflower hope was expressed that Congress might see fit to create the position of Vice Admiral. SS2 1q)1. QiUmKB (0) mm mm msm mim "The rank of Commapder-in-Chicf should be commensurate, j. with, his msffli mii mm mm iteSEz- great responsibilties, Bald Secreaary he ruled his wild republic with firm As one of the youngest presidents in all history, defended his new title most gallantly, capturing an entire British expedition of 48 men, and even ordering at least one execution. But Lieut.

Col. Garnet Wolseley (la. ter famous as Lord Wolseley) marched against him with 1,000 regulars. Riel had no army competent to with stand such a force. So he fled from Fort Garry and escaped into the United States.

The Canadian government offered a $5,000 reward for his arrest. But when, a little later, he came back to Manitoba, no one laid Carrsville, Ky. Mrs. F. K.

Cossey, of this town, says: "I had been afflicted for nearly six years with wo-manly troubles, and would suffer so much, every month! It would take a book to tell what I have suffered in that time. got so I could not sleep at night from nervousness. I had four different doctors to treat me, but they Meyer. "And It is due his position that he should have the rank or vice BLCQDINE We Can Save You Money Admiral." V-: Rear Admirals Walnwrfght, Vree- i i i land. Potter, and letcner, acting as THE 0REATEST REMEDY the Secretary's aides, endorsed this: tuc unvi ii on Yoiir lit IUL.

Iivtxn- --Ji Grocery Bill- ie nine rV AI Repression. "This mobilization has also demon ntiF ASES ARISING FROM IMPURE BLOOD. strated," continued the Secretary, We Know --BLOODINE- W2U Help You To Regain Yoaf StrcntJth and Energy Qepoft of the Head Physician la a Leading New York Hospitad on the Cure of Catarrh. "A tew years ago we considered that were doing well il we cured tenper cent, of the cases of catarrh brought to us, but since the introduction of into our. hospital we cure more than 90 per cent, of all the cases of Catarrh in its various forms brought to us.

Catarrh of the Head, Catarrh of the Eyes, Catarrh of the Bladder and TJretha, Catarrh of the large in- testines, Catarrh of the Larynx, Pelvio Catarrh, Catarrh of the and "that for our reserve fleet we should ha've a greater number of enlisted -V. IT CtVES NEW LrFf? AND STRENGTH TO ELDERLY PEOPLE. DELICATE WOMEN, AND TENDER BOYS AND girls. dr" -MC could not When I took Cardui it relieved me nt once. I can't praise it enough.

1 hardly know how to tell you what Cardui has done for me. I haye taken about seven bottles, and nothing else I ever took gave me such rel ief. All my friends know how had I was and how Cardui has helped me in many different ways." i Cardui is made from purely vegeta men. I have anticipated this in part by asking for 2,000 more men in this BJmAm ffl Ac mett ifeltntu year's estimates which have now gone cimi of KIDNEY. LIVER BLAD hands on him.

In fact, three years afterward he was elected by his local I admirers a member of the Canadian i parliament. This was too much for even so patient a government as that of the Dominion. Riel was not allowed to take his seat in parliament. But, next year, in 1874, he was re-elected. He went to the house at Ottawa, signed his name to the rolls and was sworn in as a member.

But when the news of this step reached the English townsfolk of Ottawa there was a storm of Indignation and threats that forced the half-breed "ex-president" to flee from the city. After DER DISEASES, CATARKM, ASTHMA. RHEUMATISM, to the Treasury Department. These GOUT. LA OKirre.

SUMPTION. DYSP8PSIA. estimates provide for these men, but CONSTIPATION, HEART IIUCHK. i NERVOUS DEBILITY, Two Cans Red Cross Tomatoes for Arjo Salmon the best per can Irish Potatoes, per peck Yam Potatoes, per peck Onions, per pock Van Camp's Corn, per can Small May Peas, per can Two Cans of Pork and Beans for Leaf Lard, per pound Pest Qualitiy Compound Lard, per pound Good Quality Putter, per pound Cooking Oil, per gallon they are no larger than those of last fa.i me year." ble ingredients, which act particular- Jde ing. TBI' Two slim nosed destroyers painted the delicate womanly system, twt 35 iod 121-2 15( 11 I 9 I 30 65 gl .1 green patrolled the course during the uildim ltT UP neailll aim suniscn, TUB "LOOOIlNLi tu- nspection and there was no unto ward incident throughout.

About MOMIEAL. 00.000 persons witnessed the specta cle from the New York shore and more gaily decked harbor craft bore he was formally expelled from parliament. Again, in the fall of the same year, his faithful followers elected him, but this time the government declared him an outlaw. Then hi3 brain apparently broke down and for some months he was confined in a Quebec lunatic asylum. A Mad Prophecy.

Thence Riel moved to Montana, but a deputation of Indians and half- other thousands up and down the uatarrh oi the stomacn are quicKiy cured with 1 'Bloodine." It builds new tissues, gives new energy, new life, new blood and strength to any part of the body attacked by the Catarrhal Bloodine Is a powerful tonic, nourishing food medicine, composed of valuable tonic stimulants obtained from vegetable drugs. "Bloodine" contains no narcotics or other dangerous druers which merely deaden pain line. At: yhere it is most needed. JDurlng the past 50 years has helped thousands of ladies, afflicted iVith just such troubles as those from which Mrs. Cossey suffered.

It is thyefore a rtynedy that you can feel confidence in. Its merit is guaranteed by years of success. Don't experiment. Take Begin to-day. -t N.

B. Write to: Toadies' Advisorv Chattanooga Medicine Chattanooga, for Special! In-structipns and 5 book, "Ilopie Treatment for sent in' plain wrapper, on Inspiring tunes of the "Star Span giea iianner came irom each war ship when either the Secretary's barge or the Mayflower drew near THE, CHEAPEST PLACE IV NATCHEZ TO BUY 1T.OUK DON'T FCiRGFTT WE GilsterV Best FliOUU. FOR CAKES AND PASTRY IT HAS XO EQUAL. the manned the rails and those ships which he boarded hoisted the Secretary's blue field white anchor stars. temporarily, but give no permanent relief or cure the cause of your disease.

"Bloodine is a powerful body builder and blood maker; it is the best remedy known to the medical profession to enrich thin, watery blood and supply new, rich red blood to the whole body. FJREC To prove tne wonderful merits of BLOODINE we will mail a large sample bottle for 10 cents in fill er or stamps Xor postage. 1 uj DzxosrBi Boston, Maair COUNTERFEIT TS FOUND. Chicagot, Nov. 1.

A package con taining 143 counterfetit $10 ban! notes bpried beneath a tree on an island in Jackson Park today 2C GREEN STAMPS WITH ALL PURCHASES The billgfwere recovered after a con breeds followed and begged him to come to Manitoba again and fight for their rights. So back he came. He found a dispute raging between the natives and the English. A second time he put himself atthe head of a "provincial government' in the northwest, captured the Duckake Indian agent and others and seized Canadian, official stores. Next he thrashed a force of police and volunteers sent, and it was not until a larger body of troops was hurled against, him that he was defeated and captured.1 Riel was tried for treason.

His counsel made an in sanity plea. Riel declared himself perfectly sane and shouted i "If you put me to death I shall rise again!" He, was hanged November 16, 1885. There1 was flrece indignation at what was deemed the needlessly severe action, of the government in putting a hmatic to death. (Copyright.) Agent. JJ.

CiJIOVER and Special The trains of this system carry Pull-man sleepers of the. most up-tq-dat pattern, built of steel andt equippeo with ejectric fans and electric lighU Dining cars on trains serving meaJi tension oh Deri Lieon, arrested in ASK FOR THEM New York two weeks agojandbrought here last Saturday. Leon was said to IT'S TIME TO BUY A NEW MOWER "a la Carte." The service is first-clasi be a liussian political refugee and the head of a successful counterfeiting GROCERY outfit. KIIEHN 'S CORNER or have that old olie" Mc- -i Cormick-Mowers Rakes are the Yott can always T- depend on in every particular and is not sur passed anywhere In the South. v-: Communicate with us before ar xafj ypur trip.

TKP' BUSiEST OTOBJB'oN. THE BUSIESi, 00RNEB. them. Fewer parts andf cheaper re-x Through sleeper New 600 FRANKLIN ST. phone 123.

1.7 r. -r We make, r.epairs on all COLDS CAITSE JEADACHE LAXATIVE BKOMO the vvorld-wide 'Cold and. Grip -remedy, removes the cause. Call for full name. Look for signature W.

GROVE. 25c. (th) For. rates, sleeping reservation i other Tseo that your. Mo wen -an 3 ther; Information address perfect repair -now, Bala CffiffijjLagJ 1 s-j1ll'iil- Haflel VuMMWMMWvr V-vwvwvw Srwwwwxvwwr Sryswvwrwwwrw SvwwwAwW' District Vicksbur our restauiIaxt is' nov OPEN." A PIxCE FOR IiADIES AX GEXTELEMEV.


A.r J. An- Cookinjf liool at 10:30 n. In-stead of New Head of Franklin St. Natchez, Mios,.

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