The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1937
Page 8
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS BLYTHEVC-LE COURIER NEWS , . W.'HAINES,' Publisher - Bole National Advertising Representatives: Ark$iD£&; ponies, Inc. Ncwyoj-k, Chicago, Defeat, $t. J^uls," Dallas, fCa&ias "City, Keniphls, Published Every Aftomp<m Except Sunday Entered us, second class mater at the post office jit Biytheville Arkansas, under act ot CojiErcss, October 9, 1911. by the pnited Press SUBSCRIPTION y carrier In the pijy.or Blyt.Ijevillc. lac ix-r •'?, pr 65o per "inonth. mall, \\llhln a n\dius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $J50 for six naonths, 75c for Uirco nj.ont.iis; by jnail In i>ostal zones two. to, six/ Inclusive, $8.50 per ycsr; In ?onc.5 seven ami eight ,?1(WW per year, payable in advance. Ability Not Limited by Class or Crevd . You eoukl preach ,3 pretty jit tie sei'- mojV if you ,c#rc<i Ip, p.u I've fad that tlie vicwsp.aivsi's a.Ji.uouiice'J on |hu £an\e (lay two Hiitiist.vw) pi'pinotions— one in America, the other in Soviet Russia—whjcU were remarkably similar. In Anxcvica, John Holmes was m.ule president of Hie packing Iruist ol' Swift ;md Co. He is the first iiuvn not named Swift to become president of tlie com- pa#y; he entered the firm in 1900 as a messenger boy, ami' worked his way to tKe top in the traclitionaj way. In }Ufssi:\, a jfooil-lookin.s: yotmif woman namet,!. Tntiaim Itloiw.ova became iieatf of the Soviet .Cosmetic ,. Trust, replying 6;Ii»«-'- Vyacli.esjaff jUolotofl, wife of the Soviet premie;'. ^jVInie. Jlqiozova is the (i&ujfhlor of a -Moscow ^lay laborer^ antl started out MIS a floor-sweeper ami Ijox-he.avcr at ~ the age of Vl- So we l\a\e a neat littK'. payaUel—up from th,e bottom, in. both cases; and yojt might go on to tmy Russian industry and American industry ar.e sisters ui.uler the skin in that they reward merit where tliey find it. But the thjug goes a little deeper than that For what this coincidence really m,e;ms is that wdl-nm .organi- y.tUons in any Jaucl—Communist Kus- sia, capitalistic Aiuerjca, or wherever —have sense enough not to build, up \ arheWjdifafy caslc system, 'an' urisloc- " racy of birth. They bring, their laid,. ferslip fi'Om the Uoltqm sinipjy, beciuise that is one way to get good leaders. America has no copyright on the story. The willingness to accept new blood," to i-e\vavd ability , where it is found and to give it a chance to e^ert itself, is simply the pi ice of survival. You might notice that the two great Kuropean nations which stand as the very denial of democracy—Germany and Italy—ai'c today governed, lespectively, by ;\ former house Rainier and by the 'sou of a Village blacksmith. And, indeed, this uprfrom-lhc-b.otr torn business has nothing to do with democracy. It simply means that the people who. run thiiigs recognize that Ihere is Jio, .substitute for ability, and that you have to take ability where you find it, If .ability happens to be lodged in the boss's son, well and good; if no.t, look for it elsewhere. There have been a few societies -OUR'WAY which igixon-d this pni)§ipjc; o\i« $»d fill, tliey cracked up! The England of •George Hi's day cntviistctl gov?f^.nve;\t .ru\d armies to well-born nincompoops —mid lost (,110 c.oloiijes, TJic Fniiiee of (he .same era did the sjinie —;iml wo.ui}<i up with ;i r.cviotttioi) and Ji Napoleon. ilii.s-.sia had the sjunc ]it\\)H, mill MO oi.xo .needs to l;.c . I'crriinOed \yhit.l CAWe of jl. For Hi is is 0.110 aristocracy which no .society can ignore: fju; fljcis.toQW.v of ability. Sooner or later, the able man will find liis way ,to a position which lets him use his abilities to the full. If he is kept from finding his \yrty, he is not the eliioj' sufferer.—sy.- Vic.ty is, ' Pubtlcallpn in this column of editoilnls from oilier iicwsua|X!r.s docs not necessarily mean riidprecinenl but- Is an ivcknow of Interest In the subjects iijrcusscd. Good, But Make It Better 'Hie ju-oiiosiil pf Si'iiii^- Bridges or Hc;v Ilampshlrc fc;' jiubiic Hearings oji Supivme Court nominees, v.'ii.lcli \vc heartily indorsed the .other day, ought IP be broadened so as to embrace all nominations for scats in th? Federal judiciary. J.mlcMl, (lie need fpr scafchli.i 3 sciu- tiny pf Hie record nn<,\ fiiialiric^tlpjis ql Dl^lrtei Oouvt Judges is oflcn greater Umn i,n the case of Supreme. Court Judges. Nomlnrrs for the Supreme Court ai;c, in moat Instances, person.',- of ii(}ttonal i-e|mtntic4i and dlstiiictlpn. Althowijh there mny be more yet tp learn about tliein. the country frequently Is substantially well informed ns lo tliclr :vt- Inlnnisnts. Thb Is so because Supreme Court nominees In Many, inslnhces 'arc men who hnyc previously served In high' public office, such as Chief Justice Millies awl Justice Stone, or-men who have c°n2 IM) f ra!!! important lower Fccl- ei'Sj or state Cam-Is, such us Justice Vnn De- yiintcr and Justice Cai-dozo. Nominees for Federal District ami circuit. .Court- pf Appeals jiutgcships on the oHioi- hand nre, In a large proinrtlon of rases, unknown O (lie public. All too frequency, nominations UK hnsc'd upMi jio.lJUrnl c.Qi!Sklcr(,t.|o,ii<: i-a,(!iej- than eminent qwv.lif\c:it.icm. And Ijeciuvsc. the rule'of .se;>Rlorial caurlcsy iirrviill?, one S:na,tpi-'s jiirti- cinl candidate scUloin Is cli^lcngcd by otn-r .Scjialqrs. T/ 1C o,tHarii. loo, have their candidates. " '"'. Tim nrklncs ])ro]ios-al is cxeellenl as n, |.s but U (iocs not ao fnr nio ln! h. ir we are lo improve the .qijniuy O f , hc jln -; d!l ,. V] (hc ^^ to start Is at the bottom, rf u,e Senator from K,-,V H,nm)«hir.? will broaden his proposed new rule IP Include all Judicial nominations, ) lc ,,'ill luve n reform which should receive the support of every citizen. —St. Louis Past-Dispatch. f am golnj in sr.svrch of Ihal most, cliisivc of all forms of lmMw«s-rext_.j. ,jp nm .si y Mac- P?i>al(! of Enpln.nd, starling trij) w vliich !v' ..... H any one piits his tp,x A(0 « A i ,, C M t ? niiuc. I push Jiis liciiil •thtqugli liis ,l)p.\-,-^ c «- Yprk boGtMack. csplainui 3 "co,!;, p , (air ac ijo,r anion;; his co-wprkcrs. * * * Munarciiy is just l,i.V;c Uic Lord Mnyois show. it's iusl a spectacle, .U.ul scimctim.c.? it yets in the \vny ol— H. .Q. -\Vc-lls. 0 TUESDAY; -NOVEMBER 28, 1337 i SIDE GLANCES By "ihcre, I've tfme put six lin^ei-H on (his iflove! I criu'l knit and "(issip at t.he sarne time and do cither of theni properly." THIS CURIOUS WORLD ^r am Ferguson By Williams IN WHICH WE. LIVE. CONTAIMS ABOUT STARS.. OR. ABCUT SEEKING- TO ENHANC-E1 TH.E BEAUTY OF THEJF?. erVES, DJLATED THE; PUPILS 'WITH EXTT^AC' SEEDS OF- 'THE. EACH PERSON ON EAR.TH. AND THUS GAVE THE NAME/ .TO THE UNITED STATES FROM SEEN cclsr-Mi, as in the picture nbovc. me galactic system in which our sun is tcuiiii is shaped, soibcthiug lite tl w ,c(lge of a wattli. This system, ns well as the thpusaHds ol other siniihr systems is J.ompoSctl ol S lobi!li\r clusters,''gaseous nebulae, mct-ors nml •i-Mcc clouds. , • NEXT: A r c ,cor,il solid co.ralj T. K. rter..U. «. P»t Off. TIRED OF BUFFALO MEAT.' GlaiitU of Body Are :Ajm>ug Factors ('.owtrolling Hair's Growth, Health Tills IK the second in n scrips T the hair is associated with a lack 'n tt'hicli Dr. Mpriis Fisl>bcin discusses the hair, its health and cave. . of of ihs ihyrold glaiul. In people In \vhpm the secretion of Hie Ihyrcul gland is less than noi> njal. the is triin. Sry and lus- tcrlcss and may be prematurely &rny. l'ro|)rr doses of thyroid (No. JtSl j r.Y DR. MOKKIS FlS|ir.Kl\ i Kdilci. of the (\mrrican j . .-- ,-.. .,..,.„ Medical A'soti;iti(ii\. awl nf iStnntl by a physician, the linir and .ti.v3ci.ii, tlii- Uc;i)th Majazinr ' ! . le f - ki « i:sual!y improve. Wl:eu ( 11 tiisrc Is .illy onr subject thai, secretion ol tlie thyroid gland is [(ihturbs the average man more tc ° 8-cnt. there arc. In addition to I than any'other, it is the ijrflriiuil; "" ll ? lti V. symptoms, in many m- C'ijMpatiPn of-liair trom t're lop j s f'W. c . cs "UW'ng of tile hair over or Ins scaliv '-e srnlp and sometimes cpmpletc In n study ct baldness ii\ manv t ,,„• families Cstornc concluded that ,• V ". ', c ls lo ° llu!clx sccre - c-nrly baldness is inherited us •- ! ll f! u ., o! cc '' !al " lotions of the dcmmunt chavacter from faihr'- to |.l )Uultai '- v &*»<*• Mipcfflotis hqlr .-on. In wpmcn. baltmcss is a i-c-i ", iay , S T W ° n Villic " :s P or! '°<« of ctsfhc' character, whicb e-<pl u i., s I L Uc ,••': Iu w "»«i 'his sitpor- wliy women very nvvolv arc in- 1 ., ., "", " ia> " OCC1 "' °" ll ' c crintcl to be bald. " " i coc51 ,' U V° lc S - ;1 ™' sometimes also i . Ion the face. There are many lacior* m lllc t O :;scvvcr s a i so noticed that Inimau ho,K- winch ccntu-1 the atWttlcyal hair was hl"k w v Biwlh Of mehnlr. Thc.,o taclsra L^l '.oily. Kcwevr, " - 0 , d UicT are inanlfested ciofly thio',, S h the ! lioir cf the pitmta, • g a ml b" IB gUuds pf internal secretion. For! sufficient, the .skin 'is kclv to be instanrr thnro s :i v.iU^t.,,^., ; M. *._:. .. "«vv.i.\ 10 ut. , ,.. .'*' *********** •*'W lf«. IS* A-.J, gairj'* ^1-cw.r, HOSJUV Btfi VuruHxW ,.J liar . UAPKS JOXKS.— jjliwKMri ni.ul- IJIT tMirry'i Burly. . , **" c * • " , >''«'.«• r<*»y MelU»» develop. « tlt'rldul lUiluj.- foj tcr >(>uu<r JW'w.r. And Hot, e*t|i"t£c »i-co«a fumrfiir of til» r»)K,all,ofl— the c-yu(t he (m,l lilrc.d ' MljtVl JiiufiM ull - ' "'' * uii IV . 7ACHARY , '.'HADES" JONE§ ** came to lite first. White the othei' tlivce Jo his y;uty still stared, he bariced. "A scivtaw! JLppky- thai-, it's a squaw!" Th,e \yhple parly lau^he.dMhen, -and Bob, was quick tp ippjpgize. ''Oil, I'IQ sorry,' yh— ftpney-r Vhat'd you say ypjir nstme is? Hoaey See? We wea-e >jot livughr ing at you, b«t ot oursejv.cs. YOU see, we exueeted a tnale'cook, a man." "I cook tliee while man's food," she repeated. "I cook it better than white man's .ypman." "Sure, syrc, come pn tpniglit Ja.nyway, Honey Bee, and cook supper and breakfast for us. We'll still be skirling the Indian country, and you can ride home tomorrow and send us a man. I'll pay you. it's all right." " ' " The supper that night turned out to be perfect. With scant utensils, an 'outdoor fire, and a limited stock of supplies. Honey Bee quickly fed them' generqusjy and well. She even foinjd tjrae to disappear up a canyop evidently watered by an" ijnd,ei:-sui ; fgie stream, anci there pick a quantity of the odd plant cal),ed 'mincr'a lettuce, an unexpectedly delicious sal.;\d which she dressed with the rich brown juice .of fried ham. U toudied tlie men's appetites greatly. ' ''Notliiu 1 blit n Indian cc.uld.a done that," apprp.ved' Ho.llima.ii), picking his teeth, bu,t ftades "Jones snprted. " , ». 5 * 'THAT first night was u^eventr •, -f"'- 'Lissa slept sounctly, "cje- sp«e her saddle soreiwss, and the parly was moving again at (lawii.. Cactus and brush forced them to ride single file most «f this .ctay, so tliat, relatively, cpnyersatiop was impossible, but int'c're'st hejghtenect \vheu they fui^lly ^riadc earnp within sight of their goal. Tl;ey were near the toot of the §reat Castle cliff, it loomed impressively in the sunse.l g(ow After supper, AolT ' studied' t,Uc . with his field glasses, although lip could see but little in the twil.ight. "It's about «,00 feet, strait up," Ive told Mmy Melissa. "Np, not quite straight up> but nearly so. And ypu'l) npto the clifl' cap abpve has ^ alight overhang. Centuries pf erosion l^ayc cut back the softer under '.strat.ii. where the Caslle i'W.hyiiis it called Defiance, Dr. Barry?" "Because it has defied all ct- .fprts to explore:'it, and prebably was impregnable as'a fprt when .occ^pici 1 One 'archaeplpgist, Irom ihc .State? University, did manage lo climb part way (ip, chiseling tgc hpltls and using rppcs. But even lie slipped, .pn the .down trip and broke .his leg. And until now npbody apprppriated money for a real .effort at it." Mary IVJelissa stared inlently upward. Fast dying shadows of day seemed to create life in the old ruin. "Looks shpstly," she ventured. "It is. There's a wealth pf legend about the place, Miss Lone. Many gppd yarns; spme fact, maybe. These dwellings were abandoned before Columbus sailed. We d,on't know why." "qopdness!" breathed the while girl. "It's fascinating." ' "Yes!" "Maybe the Indians drove th'em away. But where'?" "Can't say. There arc Indian legends about it too, but they dpn't help much." * * « J\fEXT dawn found Bob B.orry impatient tp visit Defiance Castle, During th,c'night'l\e had. eyplyed. n new plan. It excited him so that he arose before anybody else, shook HoUiman awake and'With...him left .canip before anyone else stirred. Some' cold food did them ipr breakfast. "I have a hunch I can make a preliminary exploration this mcyniiig, Holli.m.ari, v the ypung scientist beamed. "Let's take a long rop.e^say 3.00 feet o£ the se; s.tuff—and ride around i the top of this cliff," Holliman looked at his boss. '•'}, you gonna doV" he de- miuicii:cl, 'Kc.yer nun.d oow. Maybe \us$h- ,.J- Ws sc.c y we ca» get to the t.pp. of that cliff." They .cquJd, by riding isvp-njilcs sputh and .c^U.irig back an'jj itp oh 9 zigzag, rocky cpurse, then .clihib'f ing. through mor.c .rv'cksv,tq" the mesa top. They were three jipiirs -t^t. -- '.-"'' "Quglit Iff be easy," Ilob began. "Here, let's anchor one end of ,<ljc • rppe firmly. Then you, snw\). the middle length around this mesquite irce trunk, HpllinwH, anc! I'll be Pn the other end." .";.'. "Yqy mean—yoy go;n' to swing aver? Ypu ai.nv to taice us all dpwn there th'ji way?" "IVJaybe. It nii^ht l*c Hi? simplest way." Bol> Barry started down, but he had overlooked two things. First, ti\e wind at the c[iff edge w,au very stro;)|, forestalling all effects: to shout instructions up to HoXli- man once the descent over the ledge wa,s beguu. Ho was dangling down 'nearly 150 feet when he discovered that he was on a level with the castle floor. He shouted to Holliman; but got no answer, and Holliman let him go down some -30 feet too far. Then ho realized the importance of the second item he had forgotten—the cliff overhang. His strong arms, developed in years of swimming, enabled him to climb back xip to liie level'of the castle floor. But because ot the overhang above liinij he-was still 20 feet or more from the rock lip. He knotted t^e rope at that point and studied the situation. "Hey, Holliman!'- 1 he yelled,' but the wind swallowed his voice. ''Gee, it's a long "drop ynder me!" he murmured. \i was indeed. About 400 feet to somp treetops, then more trees in assorted levels for 200- feot or so m,ore. He could see Miss Lane and Honey Bee staring up at ^lim. He gvionod and waved, showing more coiifj- dencc than he felt. He noted in a flash that the ancient castle walls, made of crude masonry, were remarkably well preserved. He was close enough to study their exterior. He thought he could see blackened rocks, where fires had buni'ed centuries ago. But scientific interest was -Reeling. He had twisted the rope around liis left leg lo hold himself there, and the- stricture was hurting, lie looked up. Could a man climb 150 feet pf rope? He didn't know. Ho was swaying in She wind. On a narrow ledge down to the left he rccpgnized an eagle's nest. He suddenly envied the eagles/ A moment of hysteria cliilled him, but he literally forced himself to think calmly again. Robert Barry had a.trained mind. ' ' '" • He i coul'd see but two 'pb'&itftft- ;tses. Each offered .a.,vqiy slim chance, he realized, but h'e must decide quickly tp risk one of them. (To Be Continued) Wrpng, Turkeys V Birds; \VASHINQTQ.V (UP)-rYouprob- alily .will cat mcleajris niexicaiia \\ont.givc you indigestion" if 'ypu take ordinary, precautions!. [' M e 1 e a g ris mexicanj terrible ipitgh it sounds, is' just, the scientific name lor turkey. -Jhe Ameri- ca.n. Nature Society described, tur- Scy as that "kind of pcacpck" which graccil hpliday tabjcs long lieforc Gayernor Bradford of the Massachusetts Colony featured it in America's -first " Thanksgiving dinner. The fowl \vas discovered by invading Spaniards. ii\ exico. Turkeys scon were carried to the West .Indies and then to Europe. By i541 roast turkey was on England's Christmas menu. The bird was given its cpinmon name because Europeans thought the bird originated in Turkey. Despite the demand fpr turkeys- America vyill eat 20.000,000 Thaiiks- sivms;—many still live wild in the Sputhwcst and along-the Atlantic coa,st. in Georaa and SotU-h Caro lina. ••"!•Petition FiJed To BUFFALO, N. -Y. (Up- — The Rpyc^qlters. Inc., or East Aurora, winch became world famous through its oublicat.ons and the writings of its f purser, Elbcrt Hubbartl. is bcin»^nizc.d. The organization petitioned Federal Judge' John Knight, for -permission to reo"rga.n.ize under Section. 77-B of the amended' Bankruptcy act, declaring that it was unable to meet debts as' they mature, al- lliough solvent. The, petition was approved and Judge Ki-.ight appointed Sen. Nelson \V. Cheney aini Irving 1,. Pries as co-trustees in the rcprganiza- tion plan. porpDratipn assets as of July 1 lotalcd $349,324.68 and liabilities, $115,821,20. Tiie petition, .signed by Eiticrt Hubbard II as. pras;deut, slates that the corporation iias ample assets tp meet, all Its liabilities, but i as the result pf. .operating losses I during the depression it has nqt'li'iKl sufficient working capital. Scv.eral me.a.ns of raising t,hc working capi.tai were suggested. Among these were liquidation of part ot the cprporalipn's '••uijclul.v i»rge;' inventory aii(( publication of another ctji.'fion of Hl^ert Hybbard's "Little. Journeys" already contracted' by various ncjvspapere. For nearly half a cciUu'ry'or- ganization has been ciigagccl in printing and publishing, as : wcll as the mautRcture'of metal and leather handicraft and the operation of tlie Roycroli Din. Soviet Isj.ucs World. M03CCW (UPJ—^tiblicaHoi of the first yqUim,e of - yvrco 'of. the big Soviet AHas' of the Wpr'ld is V.oing completed. This volm.iie'cqu- tains more than 35p maRsi'-whicli present a vivid to.iiccp'tipn of-'-the physical structure of, oceans, the stellar systems, o;l, inii\cral wealth, and the" climate prevailing throughout the world. Read founcr Mews want Att». OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hopple sinpptli. trR.ii.spaivnc -ami fi-'ce from incistnre. and there may be n tcn- dency to Uvck of iiaii- \ m m\ iiio instance, there Is u substance in 'he pituitary glan:l which is te- lioi-td to be cicfitiitrly related to «««, liod,v growth unit o,tlwr.-. s,ippo>cd body' to l.v definitely conwrnecl with Gomctiines when there is a dis- l.c grov.lh P the lu».r. ordered action ot tie 1 «r&«Iw-.S W from " U ' UW ! ( ';? 1 'W 15 IHr.' 1 '!^ W te observed il^ i-.ol hrrom- ivXi "!!!!'; ','K .. b0<1 , y i'" f! 10 1<i V: i -r>l>mi.oH and character vc dr jllcw Pt SAV, P1PCJA HEAP, ABOUT PEDIXIM'HIS i' POWE'P, POOR PER A MILLION BERRIES? HORACE diOT A PEEK AT* 'MOPEL ME SAYS IT'S TYPICAL t>? •v&fzfffiwt' HAW/ 'ip ne t^ •^\ CASHES IW QM A -^ AMLLIQK), ME O'JST ABOL1T EVEW HIS PEBTS AROUUP HERS/ ' Blc3 OFFSHORE OUGHT TO IM FROMT I OF A WIKiD- ^!

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