The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1933
Page 5
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_ j'UlDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1933 BLYTHBVILLB. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NVfc € i ASS iff IED SECTION - CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily raje per line lor consccu- 100 Phones 123 • No Price Advance Yd On FAMOUS SAHAKA COAL -llul As tin: Desert Bands" L; c noniNSON IAIMUEH co. lOc 08 0 060 05c Me !l\e insertions: (Five average words to a line) One lime per line •n.'o times per line per day .. •; nrec times per line per day . bix times per bne per day .... Month r«U per line Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered .for three or six limes and stopped before expiration »-lll be charger 1 . lor tiie nuni- ter ol times tl-e ad appeared and adjustment ot bill made. All Classified Advertising copy iutmitted by persons residing out side of the city must be accoin lanled by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table No responsibility will be take "lor more than one incorrect in scitiou of anv classified ad Advertising crdered for irrcgu tar insertions take the one tnn rale. Phone 306 or ,307 RILLIANT & KENTUCKY COA1 Quality & Quantity OuaranlL-ctl BAUTNICK'S COAL VAUU R. & Asil SI. I'llOlll! 179 3tkl' ~HOK"E" 107 BUCHANAN "Our Coftl is ISlack Bui, We Treat You While." 9c kll-i) WHO'S WHO In the Supreme Court No. 8—Owt'n J. Roberts FOK SALE CAFE with living quarters, doiiiK nice business, rent $20 month. Sickness Hi family. Address "AlJO" Courier. 2|Jk5 1 ay a few cents more and purcliaic FKEStl EGGS, taid dally. PICKARD'S STORE. 1044 CHIC. AVK o- 100 yds oil pavement, on .North 10th Street. 2 '' AUSTIN COUPE, perfect running condition. O. M. Morgan, PI ion i!93-J. 30C- kll-23 1029 Ford ODiipc. 1930 Chevrolet Coujx?, bo-.h good condition, attractive prices, 1221 Holly St. 31yk3 BUSINESS DIRECTORY Etc Us for Bnller and General Blacksmilh Work by John Wade. Tom Howard's Machine Sliop. 30c kO New and Used Furniture Bought and Sold Stoves repaired—Any make Pure bred Stcncvilie number 4 Cotton Seed $20 ten. See McDermott or Black n Blythevillc Gin. 2ck9 2 PIANOS, sninll size, bargain F. W. Oarlock, Phone 33. 30p k3 Alvin Hardy 517 W. Ash. 20pkll-20 uburban Home near A. &. M. College, good 7 room house and 15 cres land, will sell cheap. Apply oneeboro Welding Shop, 325 Church St., Jonesboro, Ark. 3i>k4 L'XPERT Typewriting « Ild Adding Machine Repairing. U. S. Blank- eushlp, 115 E. Rose. Call 1G5-J. L. G. MOM BljtheviUc's Cut Hate linflrrlaker 10p-kll-10 Wagon and Truck Covers made to order, any si«, 9'4"xl2' $1.10 up 9'4"xl5' $5.50 up. Camey Awning Co. 113 S. First St Bljtheville. Ark 23pkll-2 CLEANERS, TAILORS REAL ESTATE Come in, list your real estate Sec what we have to sell E. M. Terry Licensed Dealer . Terry-Worthington Title Co. lilyUieville Phone C17. 23ckll-23. y toward the liberal side, (hoiiyn occasionally he- Is tound arrayed K'M\ Hie eoiiwmithr.s on an inl- wrlnnl decision. I'.iine came to Mr. Kobsrts :<l- U051 ovcrnlslH. In his brilliant prosecution of the Ti'ii|»t Dome >ll scandal cases. ' ' Justice Roberts, born in 1815. Phone Connections in New Mexico Increase AI.IlUCJUKKQUi:, N. M. . lUl 1 ) — Td;-pl>onc 1-uniu.Tlic-ns in New V.CXKO Micsu'tt not n.iins In AiM- i^.t ;uul tV|)U'iiibtT di tills yeiir, tin- livst month;, to show increases Valuable Private Library Moved to New Haven 'islol Accidents Cause Expert to Give Rules PHlLADEU'lllA. (Ul>>- -Ai-ou-ittl by tile Increasing number ot uccl- ilunt.s with pistols which "aren't inuU'd." Di'li'illvi.' Sergeant Cicoi'iiu ingler. firearms cxpevl of Hit ...Ice li>-ro. remitly Lssued y.dvlco for bundling pislols. Ills riiki>: Alwiivj opi'n a gun wlu-n you NEW HAVEN. Conn. lUPJ-One c: the line-si, and largest private llbrnrlcs In Ihc F.nsl. that of Dr. Ilntvcy Gushing, bmln specialist. j has been transferred from Huston to New Haven. Tlic books and fixtures, along with a number of original manuscript.*, were moved in seven van loads. Dr. dulling, wno is the father- in-law of James lUinsovc-ll. eldest son of the President, this year was named 'Sterling Professor ot Bur gery at. Yale. Prom 1012 until this ycai he was professor of singers at Harvard and surgeou-ln-clnef of Peter Bent Blngham Hospital, Boston. Prom 1902 to 1912 he was associate professor of surgery a Johns Hopkins. The library was insured " io $100,000. pick it up. H you do not know l:oi\ io do this llien you havf do tn.slm'w b.imlllng llio weapon. - ! Don't forgft A ijiin al»'.iys Is Inaded. More pcnuta luivo bivn biiol by "empty" ones Uian any oilier linul. Nrvi'r [iiliil :i \u'ai>on in a illioc- I'.on \\hviv 11 couM do damage [ilvlce .should H happen to i;o oil. And ckni'l llu'.nhii it about. Never pull Hit? liliiiji'i- Idly ..--• "snap- 1 H'.e gnu, or even loucli the I'ullixl unices yon arc ready to shoot. (Pon't. Uy to look down Ihc'bar- i-61.1 You could not see a tiling any- How. IJon't, attempt to hide a gun Irom children. If.tlicy know one Is concealed about the house, they will not, rest until they find it. limn fi,200,000 Ions of were consumed In Ihc States during 1932. OUR BOARDING HOUSE Trrc Jiarvcst In Start MAXVll.Ll-:, Mont. (Ul'i— Cut j tlni;. ut 25,000 Chvlslinus irres v\i ' !;>• started toon ii: the Maxville en by a Cnlllmila contractor, •null :\-:r Hie ciiulnc; issued I ho United St:ites "s-'orest sorv- r. All the lice's ,no to bu of the ^::iil:is Fir vailv'.y. and will be hipped to eastern and southern olnlvs. Toronto Leads Tea Drinkers of Canada PERSONAL Flues Cleaned, repaired, Inspected. Work guaranteed. W. W. Booker, Call 100. 13p kll "' for Quality Cleaning Fnone 180 Barnes NuWa Cleaners 12ckll-12 193S Sewer Tax in THstrtfl No.- now due and payable. Delinquent taxes, if paid muiiediately, will be accepted wllhout penaliy. W. M. WILLIAMS. Collcclor 107 North Second Street. 2ck9 It Pavs to Look Nice Send Your Wocien Dresses to Unique Ginning Service Phone 111 -i ' 20c kll-20 AUTOMOTIVE WANTED MONTREAL <UPI—Toronto hn Hie larijest number of lea drinkei in Canada. So says C. E. Lough, Lomlo businessman, wlio has just, con •ice as a > )acd a survcy O i Hie lea-drink iicmber of a conservative law firm, lug nations of the world. Owen Josephus Roberts should be Lough declares Ihat Britain u " l v - • • the leading tea-drinking counlr Australia comes second, and Ca On ttic strength of training and his long „ reactionary. But the youngest member of the United States supreme court Is not. He leans strong- ada third. ^-.OO-o—WONQER. \NU.\CVA ONG "POPPED IAE J vz WH/VT I GE"Y TOR _ . rv\OUSTACH&,TO LOOK TMHE^\3 'BROTiAr-R, ,^>OR ^ AM' \T COST JV ._ - \1. THAT HE MUST A OWED , THOSE rv\ue>s<f- vS~^<. Continental army oF the jpimeiicaTL "Revo lution disbanded. William, Cullea'Bry«'Jwr, A-iucricart poet born. ' writi WHW "BOIL WAS THAT -B\& LARD TUB TRVIM" TO ^AX WASN'T Trf fAE HE WAS -3AK& , HOOPLt,TH rAAiOU'S BROTHER! WHY, , I SAW HE OWED ^ H ^ip; sw.u^, SATE AT TOOTBM.U r OT SO WOT, BEING T^ Day & Night Service Station Complete Unc Shell Products Repair Work at Any Time Milton Steniberg Phone 605 19c kll-19 CORN WANTED MARILYN HATCHERY 3ckl2-3 LOST Call 308 i Bed's Place - US E. Main For Auto Painiinf P^idy and Fender Service Formerly with Shousc-I.Utle Co LARGEST STOCK USED 1'AKTS Between Memphis and St. Louis Also Auto Glass—Phone GC JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. AUTO GLASS INSTALLED We install glass in your car while you wait. Call us for better service. Phone 633. Shouse-Liltle Chevrolet Co. 10ckll-10 SHAFFER LIFETIME FOUNTAIN PEN between 700 Ash St. and Hish School, phone 085-W. Doris Kay Dobyns. 3ck7 LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE ST. LOUIS-SAN FRANCISCO RAILWAY COMPANY and J. M KURN and John G. LONSDALt ils Trustees, hereby give notic that on September 25, 1933, the filed with the Interstate Commcrc Commission at Washington, D. C llicir ioint supplemental applies lion for a certificate that the pres ent and future public convenimc and necessity permit the abandon mcnt by them ol the Evarialc branch of the St. Louis-San Francisco Raihvay which Deckcrville in a general northeasterly direction" to Evadaic Junction, a distance of 18.1 miles Cill Us When In Need Of Guaranteed Merchandise Tircs-Baltcrics - Replacement Paris HUBBARU HARDWARE CO. Automotive Dcpt. IcklS >•* Auto Glass AH Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. iOc kll-10 WRF.CKEU SERVICE Call ns when you need a wrecker. Day and Night Service. Call G33. Shouse-I.ittlc Crcvrolet Co. 10ckll-10 in Poitisclt and Mississippi _ tcs. Arkansas; and on October 16, 1933, filed an pmcndmcnl thrreto substituting J. M. Kuril and John G. Lonsdalc. Trustees of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company. Debtor, as applicants, in place of J. M. Kuril and John G Lonsdalc .Receivers. ST. LOUIS-SAN' FRANCISCO RAILWAY COMPANY and J. M. KURN and JOHN G. I.ONS- DALE. its Trustees. 27-3-10 BATTRRTES Bailery & Radiator Service We'aulcc you better battery or radiator work for less money. Ary make radiator repaired or re- corcd. Get our prices on new and rebuilt batteries. Call C33. Shouse-Litllc Chevrolet Co. lOckll-10 New Ford Batteries KcnUl - Rerhargins - Kcpairir^ 177 TIRE & BATTERY STATION 23c fcll-23 For Prompt Baltcry Scn-icc I'hone ft Ucn Clunr 2ckll-2 I)OGS, I'KTS Knr Ilc.lllhy l)n ; 's feed MillcrV; Ration & Quick Lunch HUKHAKD HAKDHMiK CO. Hckll-11 SI'OUTING GOODS IN THE DlSTKiCT THE UNITED STATES FOI THE JONKSBORO UIVISlO> OF THF, EAS1F.RN DISTRICT OF ARKANS/.S. in tiro Matter of E. VI. MMcnlh. In Bankruptcy. To far of the abov^ -,ri;;c-d bankrupt ol Deli, in Hi iomtv of MW!:--ippi. Division District aforesaid, n bankrupt. Notice is l;cicl>y Ki V(S " lhai o Ccl. 25. 1933. Hie nbovr. nnmc rcli^i'ticr was duly adjudged i-snkrupt. and the first mcetin cf thp crcdi'.crs will be he:d a :'iy office in the City of Jonc.'•o' f -o in .-aid Dis'.rict on No' n 1M3. n» 10 A. M. at wliic ti'nc Ihc said creditors may nt tend, prove thrii claims, appom i laist^e pxam'.nc the baukrup and iranjact .-uch "l'->cr businc is may proiwtly co:r.c before sa iv.ccliii";. Al Jonesboro. Arkansas, this 1933 ' v. C. MULL1NIX. Rcfc:ic ' [1 Bankruptc ... _. " s °" r Yon will flnd a complete line of NEW MODET, niCYCIiES at I "»»"» »>-—•—» .,„,_,,,,.. Hubbard Hardware Company. SUNDANCE. W>o u i' U«A lSckll-16l Tr/ ' ver National Mo.i«mf«. n« Illn «i\rr-*nrfi If} \W I>(C\CK 111 COAT, & WOOD . arc exclusive agcnls Tor orij- the enlr.incc in the «'<><* "' region, is bcccmir.'-: o™ of i-liosv places of \Vyomins. Mo tl:an 11.000 _. . -- ..... iml Genuine Montevallo Coal 1 monumenl dnriu-' ' :IL ' summer. T and Sipsy. Arkansas , \nlhraciic andl To\vcr is a liaue rranM p:llar Kentucky Coals. | -vhich rises, 1 000 (-.'?< ui the air. I hour 477 F. F. Krj-. - . - --Wonder .City Coal Company .,, , ds Be kU-!i| Head Courier >c«s .v.'iu .ins. WKLCOMB, KOl.KS! HO. "i Of HAPO-S\U& ff Voo'u. Vt hi tO bOW WRtCT TO (K \\6TEV.... . rc '<:,-.• I.<KAA.,you w Wt'U. . Tft W OUT VKTCW . BOT , R16OT 1 W^ViT V VOO«. CO LOOK OUT, WAS!!'. WASH TlJIiBS HUMPH! TAKE A tOOK A . IF VOU THINK VOUR CLWtA'S SO HOT— 16 POUNDS OF OUST IW A SINGLE DA"/. -46000. AND VJHEH I R1& UP | p> B011-EK AHO STEAfA POINTS FOR THAWING, IT'LL CHAKI-KY MAKES AN SALKSMAN" SAM I OROEReo CHOP Sue-/ AMO M -<*J' I -' l'Li.e.(xr WHftTevJeft. vT is^ . e.S&! X MIGHT TEST FUKCKI.KS AND HIS FRIENDS ME a ALL W, C3ASH-...VIE <=OTtA TAKE HI". OF TVTS...JUST ACIMS -WE FI£LD AT BREAK-HECK SPEED/ RED kIMG OVERTAKES FRECKLES YARD WHAT SORT Irom A) r -i« mat . , , n > K an oppoc.tnl also is Ron? atltr Uw ball | keep >«u b«J)- brtvswi Ihc bafl and yotr o;^>ncr.!, ihiovrij tfc body' m Irani of I-* Wl. i( il is rolSnj. Io >'<*? n Wicn :ero\crin n-.| ra il. Bfir.j i( st»vi:ii . i : ™. Ttiis « Jl pt^-ciJ ir.ju.-y ^hihmigKKCU boll lie imkt iHt <hcil vfte «K 01 T-K il.clch ;h .--J.-,{anH». ' « »-«y fc P »''«

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