The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1950 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 1, 1950
Page 17
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THURSDAY, JUNE 1/1980. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS PAGE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams LIKE THIS, WES--ALLERS TWIST VORE SE1 _ F TQ Hrr -M SLOPIW' SIDE OF A ROCK--NEVER. LAMP FLAT ON YORE BACK, STUMVUOC Ed HEAD/ WHUT HAVE VOO 6OT A BOD/ FSR. BUT TO USE |T ? DOK1T FALL LIKE A DEAP DUCK--OL' STIFFV WOULPNVT BE EIDIN' TODAY IF HE HADN'T LEARMEP HOW TO LAMP. Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoopte /MATCH IS AS STORE 6O FAR .' BUT I MOTICe BURKe is STARTING TO 8R6ATMe LIKE A SWITCH BURKE'S AGE IS BEGIfJNIKlS TO PESp ODT UKe TlAe HORSB- HAIR IKS AK! OLt> •90F-A.' BAO Mews SETTER K6EPT>41S SHORT OR H&LL eo OF HIS ViElGHT LIKE ArJ OLD GUY 15 VJORtJ Television on Thursday 1:30 ji.m.—Headlines 1:10—News 1:45—MfilSoulh Mews •2}00— Herl Olswangcr f||30—Fashion Parade 3:00—Jr. Disc Jockeys 3:30— Howdy Doodjr 4:00—Cactus Jim 4:30—Spins & Needles 5:00—Kukhi, Fran & Ollie 5:30—Spinning Images 5:45—News Caravan 6:00— Slop the Music 7:00—Kay Kyscr 8:00—Martin Kane 8:30—Wind Date 9:00—Morey Amsterdam 9:30—Garrovvay At Large 10:00—Alan Vnung 10:30—News Vic oflrr complete Television service., supplying and jnslall- Inr General Electric, Motorola and Capehart models. TOR FREE ESTIMATES* TELEVISION & RADIO SAIES AND SERVICE * 3BE MAINST BIYTHEVIUE. ARK, By Grace Nies Fletcher . cop^ight 1950 b y NIA iem«. IDC, TIIH STOHYi Cli.rln rToi. WTien Rent A Car... Drive It Yourself ^ Fresh Crappie M --Chicken Dinner I'ackage Delivery Anywhere Simpsons Cafe STATE LiNE Phones 4!MS - 937 Corrugated Metal Culverts Sizes up to 84 In. Automatic Flood Gnlca Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes an to 46 in. Concrete Septic Tanks Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Best PrlceJ We Deliver * A. H.WEBB Hlghwxr 61 at State Lln« Phone 114 II '"PHE next morning when Gloria was starling out for the supermarket on Fifth Avenue where she did her shopping because it was cheaper, she noticed .a letter not quite slid under the door of the interesting family next door and. her heart thumping Tor fear someone would sec her, she picked up the letter. His name was Ben it o Benoni. "Glissnndo, like running down pi.ino keys," Gloria thoughl it sounded, wondering if she'd ever get to know them. Being opera singers, or artists or something exciting would explain the green hat because artists notorious!; dressed and acted as they pleased : iJater that very day, she Mrs. Benoni actually came (ace to face over, ot nil things, their gar . biige pails! Gloria and Milliudes used t< jiggle because this was such ritzy apartment that even the jani :br spoke "French; with • a "Brook !yn accent. Every morning at 1 o'clock sharp he would appear a the bottom of their dumb waite shaft and bellow: "Dehris! Debris .adiesl" He pronounced the fina like a cat hissing. And scve flights up and down the shaft, 1 doors would open and housewive or maids would deposit the ricbn pails at the dumbwaiter, beginnin at the top floor, sank slowly to ward the basement. Gloria and Mrs. Benoni being on the lop'floor had to hurry to get theirs on the dumbwaiter first, and it was hard not to see the older woman a mere two feet away. She looked plumper and more motherly in a pink print house dress with her gray hnir just a suspicion rumpled as if she'd slept with a net on to save her wave and Gloria wondered wistfully if she dared venture "Good morning," Better not, she decided, dumping her pail on with such energy that the lid felt off and her latest concrete pie fell onto the dumbwaiter with a thud. • • * /^LORIA giggled and Mrs. Benoni could hardly help smiling as the bride explained ruefully, "I've been married four months now and I can't manage a decent crust yet. I can't imagine where I go wrong. And my husband does so love apple pie!" "A bride?" The older woman's Our Telephone Number 4438 Shelton Motor Co. ^ *r COFR. t9M Of MCA 3 +fL~f*~ fc-f I. 3 PAT. Off, FKECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEt Alast TO JNVISH3LI: IS*,, / GOUe WXERE THE OP,' U CANT LOSE SpM6THrN& 7KAT "Dad's cut off my allowance and taken the car away from me, so we can't go to the dance, but I figured we could spend a nice, quiet evening at your—hello, hello, Dotty—" PKISCiU-A'S POP The Convert BY AL VBRMEKH VOU JUST WAIT!! W A FEW YEARS HE'LL HAVE YOU SHOUTING AMD l-KJLUERING \_ TOO! VIC FLINT Unfriendly HY MICHAKL O'MALLEY and RALPH LAN A Did delivery hoys usually wink at the customer? "My Benny loves With little sliver: face softened. apple pie", too. of lemon in iL Yon never made it that wny? It is delicious." "II sounds wonderful," Gloria agreed so ardently lhat the older woman hesitated. In. her green laffela lounging pajamas with her hair caught in a gay knot of curls on the top of her small head, Gloria looked as young and artless as a stray kilten, so Mrs. Benoni sug- gested, "Why don't you come over, into my kitchen ami I'll show you how to make pie crust that is pie crust!" "Now?" Glorin gasped, seizing opportunity by the tail. "If you want," the older woman agreed. * • * 7VOT only a cooking lesson but a friend at last! Excited, Gloria loaded a big tray with everything she might need, apples, sugar, flour, cinnamon, lemon, lard— anything else?—oh yes, a knife to prick the crust so the juice wouldn't sizzle over and fill Mrs. Bcnoni's apartment with black smoke like it had yours. At their kitchen shower some months ago, some wag had presented Gloria and Miltindes with a "Mr. and Mrs." set, two knives vith sturdy steel blades and bright ed ha tidies,-on one of which was ettered "Mr. M. B." and on -the fiber, "Mrs. M. B.," while both )ore the toxichmg legend, "No cnife can cut our love in two." They were silly but proved us fill so Gloria added the "Mr." tnife to her already loaded tray and started out, but before she could knock at the next door, it opened silently, swiftly. "Thank you. I do have my hands pretty full, Mrs. Benoni," Gloria murmured and then her eyes widened for her hostess had gone white. "You know my namef" "I know it was awful of me to pick up your letter," Gloria confessed, dimpling, "but it was just lying there by your door and I was so dnrn homesick! 1 hadn'l spoken to anyone for days . . ." It was impossible not lo believe her. Mrs. Benoni looked relievec and led the way into a kitchen as big as Gloria's whole apartment with' more chromium than on a. new car, and room for not only an enormous electric stove standing on its own legs instead of jilterinj on the icebox, but for a washer a deep free/.e and all the other gadgets at which Glorin looked xvistfully in the catalogues when Miltiadcs had gotten a raise- Mrs. Benoni did not oZTer to take her on a lour ol the rest of .Ihe npartment but you could sec .hrough the door that il turned ihe corner, fronting on the Park, and the furnishings, while a little loo Hollywood for Gloria's taste. were obviously very expensive. Figuring on the hundred and twenty-five you paid for your two and a half rooms, the rent for all this must be n king's ransom. Mr. Benoni must be in a very lucrative business indeed. • » » '"THIS idea was further fostered in Gloria's mind when, just as they'd scattered flour on the board and started to cut in the lard for the pic crust, the door hell ram and a hat box from Ariadne's was delivered to Mrs. Bcnoni. It was an adorable hat box in gold and while stripes and a pea- ,cocVL blue ribbon for the handle, ut Mrs, Benoni looked startled \ t the delivery boy, who, come to ink of it, was dressed rather ! trnngefy for such an exclusive ! tattery. He was a little wizened ; man in bright blue pants, a tan acket, and he wore the green hot | lorin was beginning to think wns ; a sort of uniform for Benoni and Co. And did delivery boys usually vink at the customer? ; "The boss sent it," he told Mrs. Benoni, hoarsely. | "Oh," . said Mrs. Bcnoni.; 'Thanks." ) She closed the door and stood jlding it in her hand and Gloria cried, "A new hat! I've never even seen one from Ariadne's! Do try it on!" "No, no," Mrs. Benoni said hastily. "1—Benny sent it and he always likes to see how I look, first. He's funny that way. Have you cut up all your apples?" Feeling unaccountably thai she had been urged to get the heck out of there, Gloria hastily set to work, seeing out of the corner of her eye that Mrs. Benoni locked the hat In the hall closet. Did she think Gloria would swipe il? SUM it was rather sweet for Mr. Benoni to be so wrapped up in his wife, after being married all these years, lhat he wanted to see her try on his present first, Gloria decided. WT POOR KID/ HER NERVES S/ ARE TIGHTER THAN PIANO STRINGS. I'D BETTER Gtr ACTION ON THIS CASE BEFORE 5HH BREAKS AUTME WAV DOWN. THERE'S JED BRGWSTER. IT'S TIME HE AND I HAD A TALK TOGETHER. CAPTAIN EASY An Old School Friend BY LESLIE TURNER EASY! WE. We WERE 5O WOKEPED A60UT VOU ! WHEKE HAVE WE CARRIED THE PUGH 6OVS !H TO THE SHERIFF LAST NIGHT THE SHERIFF! VOU «EAM YOU FOUND OUT THEY DID STEAL THE * 3S,OOO FCO« DAU'S LUQGftOE •YES.NIKI. L 60t THE WHOLE 5TO&V...IVPTII THE HELP OF OUR. »,WSTEKY MAW— ART NIBL1K.! VOU THOUGHT I WAS DEAD.,.ftMP IWASNT MUCH , TILL EASV FDUUD ME! BUT IKUOW VOU «AWT TO KEAB. WOUT VOUR HUSBAND.,, --_— [1 —-i -C^^-w-ltSS 1 ';' -) Uore. 1 8M n r hr ."sT?;itr. me. T BUGS BUNNY Smartic (To Continued) LISTEN, YA LATIV FEUNE, > I'HIReP YA T'CATCH MICE, NOT'T J SNOOZ1E/ , ^ IT SHALL RE THERE'S A MOUSE NOW- HEADEC? FOR THAT IN TH' WAUL/ C-\ ALLEY OOP He Means Gooilby BY V. T. HAMLIN Illinois Territory was established in 1805. LOANS CARS, TRUCKS Kcal Estate A FHA United insurance Agency A. F. (Dec) DicCrich, J] sr . Isl * Main—Rear Cily Drug Bljthcville, Ark. Our'Tclcpiione Number 4438 Shelfon Motor Co. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Price* Kirby Druq Store; FLAME CULTIVATORS 2-Row . . . $230 4-Row . . . $360 BARKSDALE MFG. CO. FOR SALE Oncrele cnlverU, 12 inch lo 48 Inch, plain or rwnforccd Also Concrrlc Building Klocks cheap, cr than lambcr Tor barns chicken houses, pomp hottsti, ttnnnl houses tool shfds «> deliver ('ill us (or free «Unv\t«- OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. ?hnnr 6M Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 6888 OOf FOUND THIS JUST BEFORE T SENT HI B/KCK TO MOO... STUBBED HIS TOE OM IT. I GUESS... ANVW\Y HE HURT HIS FOOT; IgSSSSTtSg •''GIT AWAY y FROM ME»,f G'WAN, V SCR AM .'j \ '%!;?•* —^ frrj"\ SCALY HIDE. XW>V^vV4V T AiN'T, , ^.-•CTtWA^ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Well, Good! UY EDGAR MARTIN \ THVNK VT'S DISGUSTING 1

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