The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 29, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 29, 1950
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER M, I9JW BLITHHTILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEYEIf Th« Nation Today: A City Fa«l§ Ht« Critii News /rom Korean War Knocks Washington Bac/c on /fs Hee/s By MAX HALL (Far Jamtc Marlow) WASHINGTON, Nov. M. OP) — The news from Korea has knocked this city back on Its heel*, and maybe the effect has been the same In Ighborhood, 'ftrywhere are solemn (aces, and people saying, "Isn't It terrible?" "Yes, awful. Isn't H7 Where Is It going to end?" In a Washington department store, l clerk and a woman customer are deep In discussion of the war news, and other women come may be talked to dea.h. too. And* as in the cast of Texas, there Is a radii consideration at work: certain Southern Senators, who are pretty good talkers, oppose the bills because they don't want to add four new members to the Senile who would probably vote for civil rights legislation. There are also other motives for opposing Ihe bills, but that U p«r- haps the significant one. Supporters of the bills have lied them to the present war emergency, arguing that statehood would help up, one by one, and stand quietlyI-TJJS. security In. the Pacific and and listen. In many government of/ice Ihere is worried chattering about the crisis. Activity at PenUron At the Pentagon and other military buildings, there is great activity. No time for glumness. Conferences are all over the place. Hinging telephones. Brisk walking In corridors. At the While and elsewhere, mea are wrestling with immense problems affecting the future of this country and the world. President Truman, the man on whom the heaviest responsibility falls, consults with his chief advisers, Between times, he finds time to would advance the cause of self government and 'democracy. But some Senators have used Ihe war emergency as an argument on the other side. They say they can't get excited about statehood bills at this particular breathless moment. EDSON Continued Irom Page t they will have a majority of 52 44. > These n conservative Democrats more than offset the 11 liberal llend parties. Yeslerday he went! Publicans who sometimes vole will to a luncheon for Attorney General ] the Democrats. These 17 Democrat McGrath. Last night he and Mrs. , Truman attended a party given by Senator and Mrs. Clinton Anderson (D-NM) at a private club. At the capito!. Ihe House Is idle until Thursday and Senators are debating statehood for Alaska and Hawaii with Iheir minds only half on_thelr subject. ife^r speeches, their conversations are tilled with allusions to the war headlines. Some have suggested the use of atomic bombs .In Asia. There was a temporary let-up in atlacks on the Trum«n-Acheson foreign policy. There have been * fervent cries for unity. It Is nothing new In American history for a territory to undergo long exertion and many disappointments before being accepted In the union. Many Ksample* There are many examples. One is Kentucky, which tried vigorously ^ and sometimes despairingly, for sev- " ei\, years before getting statehood In 1792. Texas, alter winning independence from Mexico, sought armexa tion into the • U.S. But because Texas had slavery, former Presl dent John Qulncy Adams taikec the bill to death in the House will a speech lasting three weeks. Tha was in 1838. Texas was not admitted until.1845, The- Hawaiian and Alaskan bill also more .than offset the bomblna Ion of the 11 liberal Republican plus the rive Southern senators whi sometimes vote liberal. Checking off the list of the 1 u also fairly easy: It includes Me Clellan, George, Russell, Hoe; Long, EHender, -. McKellar, Byrt RobertsQn, E a s 11 a n d, stennis Chapman, McCarran, O'Conno Prcar and the two new Southern era, Smathers of Florida and Smlt of South Carolina. Frear is from Delaware and McCarran from Nev ada, but they have voted with th Southern bloc consistently. In this group you. "also have si important committee chairmen: E lender (succeeding Thomas of C lahoma), Agriculture:: Russe (succeeding Tydings of Maryland Armed Services; McKellar, Appro priatlons; McClellan. Expenditure George, Finance; McCarran, Jml clary. Add to this list: Maybank, chai man of Banking and Currenc Connolly. Foreign Eelatlons; Join son k of South Carolina, Civil Ser ice; Johnson of Texas, Defense Ii vestigalion; Kefauver, Crime I vesligation, Chavez, Public WorX It shows you how much power I South really has. It leaves Northe Democrats only six committee airmanships. Greater Site of HOUM Mat** Analytli The situation in tht Houie is not > easy to analyte because of the rger membership, the greater In ependence of action, and 6C new embers. But roughly th« situation reaks down about like this: Republicans, 196; Democrat!, 23«, you include Franklin D. Roose- elt. Jr.. the Democrat-liberal Par/ congressman. Of th{ 236 Demo- 'ats, 119—or two more than half— re from the Southern states. Thi* barely enough to give them con- rol in party caucus, if they should i'er vole In sectional lines. On an average of 15 key votes In lie last stssion of Congress, there i r ere approximately 110 Democrats nd 10 Republicans who voted for tie Truman program. There w&5 n equal number, 50 Democrats arid 0 Republicans, who voted regular- y against Truman proposals, About 00 Democrats and »0 Republicans plit their votes. In the last election, the Republl- :ans' gain of 28 seats may be pre,timed to be at the expense of Truman Democrats. So the ratio In the new House would become approxi- tely 90 pro-Trumanltes to .150 anti-Tvumanites. assuming the former ratio of vote splitters remained. On committee chairmanships, Southern Den^crats will hold nine out of the 19 top positions, plus, presumably, the .speakershlp of the t'ouse, with Sam Rayburn of Texas PEMKVLVMM TURNPIKE.,! EXTEHStOK UNFINISHED VAilEr FOHGE.EXPflESSWAr TO PKIUGELPHiA \unicipat League Head e Attend Convention NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark., ov. 29. (/PI — Glenn Zimmerman, leciitlvc director of the Arkansas Municipal League, will leave Sat- rday to attend the annual conven- on of the American Municipal ssoclaflon In Washington. He «atd the Arkansas delegation i the convention, which opens londay, will Include Mayor Floyd lousley, Hot Springs; Mayor George Steed, Pine Bluff; Mayor B. ALL ROADS LEAD TO THE TURNPIKE—Here is a pliolo-diaiyam of the new eastern exlen- sion of the, famed Pennsylvania Turnpike, now open lo tratlic. The ma?.e of roads forms a cloverleaf pattern of approaches and exils al Ihe King of Prussia terminus about 15 miles from Philadelphia The turnpike now runs from the outskirts of Philadelphia lo the outskirts of Pittsburgh, and further extensions' are underway*: f tench Cabinet Resigns After Assembly Censures Defense Minister Moeh PARIS, Nov. 29. (,T>i—The French Cabinet has decided to resign alter the National Assembly censured Defense Minister Jules Moch for his alleged part in an internal scandal. The Assembly failed to vote a motion of Impeachment which would have sent Moch before a special high court for trial. The, narrowness of the vote, 235 to 203, with 37 abstentions, was considered a censure .by the Cabinet which went Into Immediate session. The vote arose over a leak of confidential military and political report last year on Indochinese affairs. It became known in France as "the affair of the Generals." Singapore Tries Mass Marriages SINGAPORE— (&>— The surge of Communist' culture which followed the conquest of China has hit Malaya's Chinese full force. Its biggest success has been In vitiating the Chinese marriage. Scores of Chinese couples from all parts of Malaya have collected In Singapore to be married In the mass marriage -ceremonies sponsored by the colony's most active pro-Communist organisation the Mayfleld Musical and Dramatic Association. The mass marriage has eliminated all the solemnity and done 'Tlway with all the tradition of the old Chinese marriage whether performed in temple, at home or in church. The federal atomic research reservation of Los Alamos, New Mexico, was recently made a full fledged county of that state. Ecuador Takes First Census in 128 Years QUITO. Ecuador, NOV. 29. (AP) — Ecuador shut np shop today to take its fii^t national census since the country won Independence 128 years ago. But, the census takers s" ipped a few villages of rebellious Indians. Ten thousand workers, most o. them public employes, began the head counting at sunup—-working without pay. The day was proclaimed a national holiday, with from midnight last night until s rcn.s announce the end of the cor everyone required to stay at home'stis at 5 p.m. R. McCarley, Texarkana; City Clerk H. C. Graham, Little Rock; Mayor Henry Whltley, Magnollt; Mayor Lyle Brown, Hope; and Mayor Ike Wlllcockson, Paraeould. With the Courts Circuit: (Criminal) SliUe of Arkansas is Herbert Best, possessing trammel net with less than three inch square mesh. Slate of Arkansas vs J. O, Prultt, possessing trammel net with lew Urn nthre Inch square mesh. OLD Aged Q \'CH rt in the wood Straight Kentucky Bourbon i all Us Glory! rrs ONLY $094 ' Pint M UIIF. HUNCH SIHUN1191WOK KHISHt. Ill Sim IIUIUHC Cl., flUlflll, lEIIKU NOW! iq-car power, room, ride... for less than many smaller cars TWM In IHE BILLY ROSE SHOW ABC-TV Nttwwk LOWER-PRICED HUDSON PACEMAKER for '51 Pmmilitf Cistom S«ti« r"»-4*K f»iemokel*f.Ktom Sttit* Club Coupf THE new Hudson Pacemaker is here! 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