The Honolulu Advertiser from Honolulu, Hawaii on February 1, 1953 · 31
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The Honolulu Advertiser from Honolulu, Hawaii · 31

Honolulu, Hawaii
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 1, 1953
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i THIRD SECTION THE HONOLULU ADVERTISER, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1953. FIVE :03 :15 :3J :4 :00 :15 :30 4 6 rr O .30 . ,4 I 9"- "r" .: : :'oo 4i TO 11 :C0 :1S :30 :45 ! :C0 :1S :30 45 12 ii :4S :00 :1S :30 :4 :00 :t5 :30 45 1 2 :00 IS :33 :45 :00 :I5 :30 :4S 4 :00 :15 :30 :45 .00 :1S :3T :4S :00 :1S :33 :4S ;00 :1S ;30 :45 8 O :00 IS :30 :5 :00 :15 :30 :4S 10 :00 :1S :30 :4? 11 ill " 8:00 8:30 9:30 10:00 DANGEROUS ASSIGNMENT stars Brian Donlevy THEATRE GUILD ON THE AIR Dorothy McGuire in "Scarlet Letter' DRAGNET Jack Webb as Sgt. Friday JASON & THE GOLDEN FLEECE MacDonald Carey as Jason i nrf inh n rr t , i 1 i t it f i.rt TT KHJ High Chinese Officers On Mainland Trip Samoan Secretary Is Elecleil Representative MIC WASHINGTON, Jan. 3i (UP) A voung secretary became th Itirst representative elected in That good old blood-and-thunder character that has entranced'!! OI 11 1 nil 1 1 i 1" ' American Samoa's first popular the young try with his fearlessness and respect for the law, The Lonej Xf- "imiiu. lelection by secret ballot. Secre- I. anger, is getting a week-iong salute on the ABC network marking) The Chinese chief of naval op- tary of Interior Douglas McKay its 20th year on the air. orations and commandant of ma-announced today. KuLA carries The Lone Ranger Monday, Wednesday and Friday, rine corns are scheduled to arrive J Zilpher Jennings, a Samoan m I . a - L r 1 1, T u r . - . I . . . 'TTYfr.nn KGMB CBC) STO KPOA (MBS 630 KUIA (ASS) 693 KGU (NSC) 760 OKI 860 KAHU 119 KHON ABS 13 Japan.-., Program 5:3o! Filipino Hour !5 o.m.) Japanei, Program Japanei Program An UN3EATA31E lineup for Sunday niqht: WINCHEU. PEARSON FIDLER FltlPINO FIESTA PROGRAM Dirtcted by KG3-NEC Hawaii fir. 'ilipino Fed. F Cherry Blossom Melodies F A. Retpicio Voice of Pronheev Showers of BUssmg Christian Science NEWS Strictly Clattified Show Parade Record Room FiMoino Proqram Dino American Musical and Information Program Piano Pattern Dr. Roy L. Smith KGU New Reiioion In The New Dr. Fred Schwart Choi'Ci! Concert ECHOtS OF THE EAST United Prcaram oF Variety : Air Line for 186,000 I Sundoy Japanese-American Symphony Let Co to town Here To Vet Sr. Andrew's Cathedral Freedom Story Civil Defense CHINESE PROGRAM (Community new. special feature. authentic music) Sjlt Lake Cher (CBS SUNDAY JAMBOREE WAYNE'S JAMBOREE (Wayne' Used Cars! NSC Symphony Hovr Uncle Feewee Rene's ire comic JSAF Cond MATINEE CONCERT with Ed Marion 49th State. Hawaiian Record Review Your friend, the Ooctoi UARRY STEVfNSi Glenda Sunday Jamboree Cont d. I Hen. A. J. A. Senior league Baseball Kalihi Vaiiey vs. Kalihi Koyu Kai with i Church In The Home I wF:ed Jordan 'Did fashioned Catholic Hour Sp--ci-l Beyond The New edit. on pooular retorcinqs ihe Royol Hawaiian Band Revival Hour (Gospel Broadcasting ' Hour of Decision f-om Fa-k j SHELL NtWS Sport Sunday 5renfide Start Sunday right wnn Mus c tiom KJkl Ntj'vs and tluic i.Uike Mine rViusic first baptist CrcS Fitst Baptist Chu cn 1st Assembly of Cod Church Bu:e Class Mus.c Kal.hi Union Church Kanhi Union Ciiurch Kanhi Union Church Koi.Si Union Church . Under Hawaiian Skies j j Under Hawaiian Skies , i Under Hawai an S'.ies i Under Hawaiian Skies ! , W LD ERTK D SHOW I G JEST STAR ! REVIVAL TIME j SUNDAY WITH SIMS SUNDAY V.'ITH SIMMS: SUNDAY WITH SIMMS i SUNDAY WITH SIMMS! SUNDAY WITH SIMMS! SUNDAY WilH SIMMS 1 SUNDAY WITH SIMMS' SUNDAY WITH SIMMS j WINDWARD OAHU FILIFINO GROUP I ' . 1 . i f-f 1 1 rp i - mums ai t u ciocK. mis prusrami .inaugurated western drama oniwiIi be the hymn offered by the ; radio and-is the oldest contmousichoir along with other church : half-hour- program in radio his-;music ,tory. The program was called! t, . " . , , .. . . . - . . . r . , . . Hlifrtni hP!A P,l MaHnmo Tint- J. Edqar Hoover. " V,,f , r , Sbaturday over KULA beginning A SPECIAL, Sundav ' Edition 'fV"'30 f '.m h ,he fading roles ,vrnn,.m r tw. ,i, v., niidl be Licia Albanese and Eu- J UlUUl - A VUHU lilVI Will; be broadcast todav at 1:30 on; KGU on The Institute of Pacifies Relations, The full half-hour jene Conley JO STAFFORD, popular CBS at Hickam air force base today ner mia-twenues wno worKs m for a short lavover en route to the i the island s administration de-Mainland for a courtesy visit as partmcnt, was elected representa-guests of the United States navy.ltivc of Swain's island in the na- Vice Admiral Ma Chi-chuang jle aaisory iegisiaiure 01 xne oamoan governmeni. iiiss Jennings will take her seat in the lower house of the new fono (legislature) when it convenes Feb. 2 at Tutuila. tl-- Mabuhoy Tim i broadcast is a behind-the-scenes radio singing star, will be heardf UNITED VISAYAN COVMUNITY OF WAIPAHU 3a-jong Buhay i THE HONS t -ROAR i. GRtlN LANTERN SERSNADERS I Music ! Geo c;a lioubodaun CHINESE HOUR Presented by the iNEWS) Sunriie Chtwel Moment r Me'ody 'NEWS! MuTie ) Room General New oundu Gene-ol Paint Corp.) ; Hawaiian Electric i Sundav Morning j Hour of ! Familiar Music (NEWS) Soohisticafed Rhythm j review of what might have been,; t.!. A ' a brief representative meeting o j!3 lUnf 1?" t Mondtali! Japanese and American delegates 1 1-40-,1"- af, ""c n . n, i..t:ti- ..f.nnw;Jo Stafford show will be frankie, '.' ' Y . r . . . Y i: , Lajne. The famous Broadwav i parting Feb. 24 on the return trip to Formosa. ierc for four days beginning Jan. IT. ; Hollywood personality. Claude Rains, stars in a series of 13 ra- Adm. Ma Gen. Chou P-iHii'itvin in iMo hrmrio-ict ; rr-i T " ana accompanying aia in t!iis otoadcast, dio programs, The Jeffcrsonian j nPf,tH tn t,h t-r h :uh- iPrniYlH ui Piw-ifi. Hfnn in..:.' i.': . 3 pected TO Spend TWO Ct w - . " -t.iieiiide ucuininiiu k-wuuuay fu .,. 1ril, ,rt rnri land accompanying aides are ex- ays in Ha- are J . yallard Allicrton, pros-4 over KGMB, 6:30-7. Kicm ot Aiuiuai leicpnonc -o., and president of the institutes about February 21. Entertainment columnit Earli IN ADDITION to Admiral Ma i t'JK-.-vti nfi 1 1 li'w ln" i-."-ii-J ' -it f ii. . ..... -.. " ' ---- " oiificcmn k i nni it T friA cull. itl. fcJ t v . v. - v a a i . . .a uon;-i nt, ;ecreiarv. New Chino Daily Press HClllDAY WITH MUSIC Mason Holiiday 'NEWS MUSIC FOR SUNDAY Hawaiian Melodies ABS NEWS WEATHER i MUSIC HAll li..4a-.- V,a-. f n fr.,- ... toi.ieicntc commiuce, ... ,,.u0 i, 1L. nn eu: rv--: n.:. ni-ni-Aiitinn 1 .'--i.-v v'ivn uv; e"-.-v ""-'ll.'U OI111I-U1UI1, ldUWIIl IlMd - - t-, ""1 v,tilr 'ill: K' ' . a ..... -K1.. I 1.. ....l"""'"OJ - ! iCUi.oiiUS U! 'UI. lUUhdl "'a;TTnl.O.iPctlftn KPOA ecrctai y of the Japan . Insti-i - , , Mr. Matsuo. John Stalker,' the itute p.m. program of;Sing, and Lt. Colonel Kung Lin- chang. ArrivinC in Snn Prsnricpi-i !nn KPOA'S SPORTS department "'"''"7' 7' " . .'Tl . tVCy l thC CnfCrCnCC'i-tS Honolulu stadium again iir instiatnand1 "con-is model atoi UnS afternoon to broadcast this;ler vith navy and marine Com- auernoon s o ciock same DC-imQrifure t ,-, Q, c tm . (NEWS) Music Hall IMIIV iril'M IV 41-.- At..!,.,'. . .- . . . w..a, '"". .'..a twocn rvailtu ivoyu lai ana "!NWYnrk Nnrfnllc anH Washino network's newscaster. renui K the: in,; iin,r Tniatriaw-. r5rt-t in i . ew. ?Ik ".oik and ashmg- ii-,tf innnr.nino- in ' ichmk1 " n "-" "-ton Deiore leaving ban rancisco ;KS L UI lJ...LJ: 9A "tscastcr .trave s to;about February 21 on the return mm vmi mi. iiiumiuim v. u v. t i ? I) ()( M ii! 111,1 I I ) I 1 1 1 II 1 M H 1 1 1 1 WS- trip. DURING THE visit here on iUnie. Monday through Saturday.! L--ih.M,i f:,n thf intpr-tprvirp rapP KAcrL'icH !i,n KIION apd all Aloha stations. ' fjasli between Pearl Harbor Ma- -. opccial emphasis is on island hap- rjnes and the Schofield sauad.itheir return trin the rmun wilt NEWSi Sunday At ! penillgS. iTimf 7 nm. imppt vi1h Arlmiral Arthur XV Basketball on KHON. Wednes- TIip AM News and Snorts on : Radford, rnmmanrfpp in rhiof Pa- ' . . ! . 1 " Home Your Favorite: Singing Star and j Lutheran Hour Baptist Hour Godfrey' Roundtoble t Carlo Rivo IKingon Meat) CBS Music Room Ciro s Musical Menu How n Trust New Jack Benny (CBS) (Lucky Strike) Berren-McCartSy (Hudnut) CBS HAWAII CALLS The Greatest Story Ever Told The Navy Hour GREAT DAY LUTHERAN HOUR ' America' Town j W'setinq of the Air : (Star-Buiietinl life with Luiqi (Wrigley gum Binq Crosby (CBS) (General Electric) American Factor Muie Hour (Ben Hvami. annotator) Cherry Blossom Melodies Mon. Morn. Headline Guest Star World Brotherhood latin Serenade Niumalu Hotel Orch. Club Polynesia Sign Off Drew Pearson Thi Is The Story Wolter Winchell Henry J. Taylor Could This Be You? (Auto Mart) Otzie and Harriet (Lambert) Hawei'on Elect'ie Hour of Fami'iar Music ALOHA NEIGH80R from Hi'o limmv Walker 'Nome That Tune "Information Please i Honolulu Advertiser' iHEll NEWS Bob Considine i SUNDAY WITH SIWiS i S'JNDAY WITH SIMMS : i SUNDAY WITH SIMMS; EWA SUNDAV SUNDAY WITH SIMMS SERENADE CN THc SPOT- j WAIPAHU on the Ait Discussion of ; luvimi Hour Community problems; F. Fasi moderating " . CA VALCADE OF MUSIC : PLANT'ION SERENADE CAVALCADE OF MUSIC I Mose P Claveno CAVALCADE OF MUSIC CAVALCADE OF MUSIC . SUNDAY NITE AT GEORGE BARATI S SUNDAY NITE AT GEORGE EARATI'S JAPANESE PROGRAM Produced by Seiki Totsumi ay and Friday of this week.iKfni nt to n.m. rarh week nicht NEwsr FoV7FiirVvifcaUn'cs Frank Va,cti reporting ) features Joe Rose who claims the and one-half Hour: the games betw ccn Universal ! honor of Hawaii' most -comDlete Alotors and the University of inowc roi-prafP In addition. Rose j Southern California. On Saturday I leatures his Inside Track and the the University of Hawaii battles Gripe Box. (with USC hoopsters. All basket-! interviews of outstanding in-j baU games heard on KHON starts s terest this week on Beyond The at 7:55 p.m. (News sponsored by Aloha Motors i rr- ?t niA-r . 'and commentated by Wynthrop OI IMPORTANT lis cning ?n"iorr of KGU, will be Chief Dan ..erc.t is the State ot the 1(iniLiu and Gregg Sinclair, president ;add. ess by President Dwiqht - 0f the University of Hawaii. Chief Eisenhower which will be broad-; p . L- ln d- th ter. rlS'c d,.CV .A'lritorial police conference on .uie uo uumuuv AU.wu r-riHav Vtr KinrlmV wilt riisruse the Best Band ene-half Hours! Your Host. I Michael Anthony 'NEWS) (ConTd.7- Ave Maria Hour i NEWS) Mabuhoy ' Time Latin Amer Serenade (NEWS) Aloha Jaoanese ! Community Time cific Fleet, and Lt. General Franklin A. Hart, commanding general, Fleet Marine Force, Pacific, and tour military installations on the island before de- BACK Oil THE AIR SUNDAY BEA 20YF1T01 "LISTEN TO CIVIL DEFENSE" My 12:15 p.m. Sunday CGA1B (NEWS) Vith George Fujita jmorrow at 7:30 a.m. continuing j "Donaerous Assignm t NBC drama Theatre Guild "Scarlet Letter" CURTAIN TIME CURTAIN TIWE CURTAIN Tl.r..E A'AIKTU WILLIE Walter Winchell Heart A's'tion Show Jimmy Fidler Music On A Sunday w. Docthy McGuire (U.S. Steel! 'Draonet (Chesterfield) (CBS. the stars' address) Around the Town Waikiki Tavern Brown Derby Record Room Drew Pearson Hour of St. Francis Beyond The Sunset IJason And The Golden Fleece OASIS CAFE Music S Mystery Until 11:00 P.M. Hear Lucky Luck Tomorrow 5:30-9 a.m. ,' Hear WALTER WIN-I CKELL. America f Foremost Reporter, I every Sunday night 'Indicates NBC KGU FOR THIRTY YEARS HicMirhts & Sidelines VPESTLING WRESTLING WRESTLING WRESTLING WRESTLING WRESTLING MUSIC SIGN OFF AT 11:00 RECORD SESSION wi;h Bill, The Be?ch Boy Bill Ystad (NEWS) Japanese UWU New ABS NEWS-Wearner Bethel Baptist Church Sunday Serenade KGMB;made in the past 0yTS' An Hawaiian Band (NEWS) tVENING SYMPHONY DREAM HARBOR, HAWAII, U.S.A. Music until 3 a. m. (NEWS) Prelude to Midniqht The Aloha Network ; llirt nnni-nr 4 ii r T T nit'o'rci t has until H A rr hi'nar rnct rf t Ii 1 ra- K ' port will be heard over irom a-d:.JU p.m. It's The Shadow again ! ominous note read, "the deadj have spoken. You are cursed.! i Etc. Etc." But it was enough to send The Shadow out on his do- or-aie ior iav-ana-oraer in me case called, The Man Who Died Four Times during the Wednesday Shadow caper on KPOA, 8 p.m. There is also Nick Carter who smashes a confidence man's ,1JF ori'.- n n r n n : ym If A 1 ' r s . . - k Proudly present 3 Top New Personalities For Your P.M. Listening Pleasure Gtl THE 13S0 Spi 4 : w Today program The Royal Hawaiian band un der the direction of Domenico Moro, bandmaster, will play this afternoon in Kapiolani park, Waikiki starting at 2:30. The program which will be broadcast by Radio station KGU, fol- c- -- Ant K i m -. c - a cnh'oo Tlt r i 1 OWS Case of the Wrong Spot during i", the Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. 1 Huncai i.-.n Fdiiinsia ...Tobani mystCI V on KPOA. iSnnc-Torna a burnento (Come Bk RADIO'S A WA R D winning! dramatic series, Theater Guild on The Air, presents The Scarlet : ( V ( u j 1 KGMB Letter tonight at 3:20 on KGU. to Scrreuto Curtis j Ccorse Hoohano, lyric tenor arr. bv Moro Watsp Voices of Spring Strauss i Selection 1 he Pink Lady Caryll j Iiitermission I Sotie of Ha'vaii bv tne Koyal Ha- LM ra n rm rm n fi f rv h THE RECORD SHOP 7:30 to 10 p.m. OF "CAVALCADE OF MUSIC" 4 to 6 p.m. SPORTS REVIEW 6:15 to 6:45 p.m. Joining Hawaii's Top Radio Personalities AT TEE TOP SPOT ON YOUR DIAL J. AKUHEAD PUPULE . ... the one and only LARRY GRANT .. tops with the ladies DON CHAMBERLAIN with his fishbowl AIKE CARR all-night record spinner CARL ESSER boy disc jockey extraordinary JOHN J. JORDAN . . with all the news tn Co-stars are Dorothy McGuire wanan band vocalists and string en and Sir Cedric Hardwicke in thembie: r ,, , TT c, iMoain Keala full-hour program. For the U. S.i vocal solo by David Pokioala Steel Hour adaptation of Nathan-: LoKe Kateoont iol 1 in wthorne-s historical drama, ; Ahe ocalolbv Peter Kane Miss McGuire will portray Hester,; vocal solo by William Smith .-. vnimf wom.-in in thp rarlv Mas-i Mauna Aala IsaVhusrtts colony who undergoes1! lpucIS,ody""VV'..'.V; ilhe torment ot runianieai pun ishment. Senator Joseph McCaithy will; face a panel of expert answer-scekors on tomorrow night's Meet the Press and the NBC program k heard ' at" 7:30 p.m. on KGU. Tho NIK' PoftimiMitarv of the I p.-ist two .decides will he. heard to-inorrow on KtHI at R:30, jthr hour-Ion program - entitled, I'T.nd nf"An Kr.V ami introducing j Dave (.airow.iy and featuring oiros and sounds Irom the historic period. 1 iilii?- 1 ir.:. now can vi: i.i vi: roni:- i: will he ihe suhject of the Hev. Fred .Ionian's inspirational lalk. "Tlie CIuucli In The Home," ;lo he heard this alternoon at S2:15 nor KULA. O, Zion. Haste, Vrocal solo bv Miriam Leilaai Kinalr The Star-SDanclert Banner . . i . Francis Scott Key; mi3 nonolutu's Professional necMirilin Sliiclio Trivate and Sound Proofed for your convenience. Fh. 93763 SOS IIAIIIO i.45 S. Beretama. Near .Sears 1U """"W-? .IV,'' WS" '..J'W--W - vrv. yJOIWjyWy I i (and Every Sunday) 7:3 P. r.l. Presenting "JASV3ABCA PROGRAM FOR FEBRUARY A FULL HOUR SUNDAYS 8 to 9 P.M. Direction of Ben Hvams, Commentator t a si FEBRUARY 1, 8 to 9 P.M. CONCERTO IN D FOR VIOLA AND ORCHESTRA Stamitz. Heinz W'igand and Pro Musica Orchestra of Stuttgart, Rolf Reinhardt conducting. THE MISER KNIGHT: ACT II, "IN THE CELLAR" Rachmaninoff. Cesare Siepi, bass; Little Orchestra Society, Thomas K..Scherman conducting. OVERTURE TO "ORPHEUS IN HADES" Offenbach. Boston Pops Orchestra, Arthur Fiedler conducting. FEBRUARY 8, 8 ta 9 P.M. HEBRIDES OVERTURE ("FINGAL'S CAVE") Me,:delssohn. London Philharmonic Orchestra,, Sir Thomas Bcecham conducting. SYMPHONIC INTERLUDE FROM "REDEMPTION" Franck. Paris Conservatory Orchestra, George Sebastian conducting. CONCERTO NO. I, IN.B FLAT MINOR, FOR PIANO AND ORCHESTRA Tscbaikousky. Vladimir Horowitz and NBC Symphony Orchestra, Arturo Toscanini conducting. FEBRUARY 15, 8 to 9 P.M. DIDO AND AENEAS Purcell. Kirsten Flagstad, soprano, and members of Mermaid Theater Company, London, Geraint Jones conducting. FEBRUARY 22, 8 to 9 P.M. MUSIC OF WASHINGTON'S TIME. National Gal-lery Orchestra, Richard Bales conducting. SINFONIETTA GIOCOSA Martinu.' Gttnuint Le roux, pianist, and Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Jaroslav Krombholc conducting. BALLET MUSIC FROM "FAUST'Gott. Paris Opera Orchestra, George Sebastian conducting. i : -IS i j Starring , CHARLES LAUGHTON & MAUREEN O'HARA ECGMB-TV. ChanoeS 9 E' YOUR PERSONALITY STATION Nam J : I

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