The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1935 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1935
Page 10
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PAGE TEN COURIER NEWS y Fleet to Be Strengthened Korhlil/ky Outlines Proposal for Kiiflinii Danger un St. Francis ronr.iy Democrat, local 111; lini, an onliinn Y.l' \{\ |il:in for elimination of tile KU, river flood hayaiil by ill-' vcirifln of most of the river's wu- !<r to :i lloodwny tilonc the loot), of Crnwley's Hiciiic. ndvaneed hy i i Olio Kwlitltzhy M-.. c:ape Glrnr- [ <ip;ni driiinii;.'e enpinnei- and con- [ Mr. Kodi(IW:y. on a visit here (hi: wrrfc, his plnn \vitli tarnl citizi'ns. ineludhif neiinuii- r.aiipdeui n. Jones, and "with Major 1'hiir Hois of Hie u. ;;. Army A bnel summary of the plan n;- millinrd by Mr. Kochiltzkyi follows: "Tlii: plan to carry the quick flood of mil o(f from (lie OnirV hill ni;sinn.»e area of (lit- St. 1-Van- I'is river across the low (Inl, basin in Missouri DIKI /Irktmsas I'.ai- proven ineffective and too ,- r.l'.v. "A proclicnl (lood con'.rol can be .iccompllshcd Ijy ilivoi-tiiii! !he river near St. Francis (own in Clay frmnly, Ai-knnsus, into a llooihvny •There >% a lead of low Innili fl.'ip mile lo five miles uiile, ulrmi' the w-esl edi;e of (lie St. Francis !:;isin. lyinp near Crowlev's Rlduc ' extending from the tWn of St.' Fi'mi^k; Ifi Ihe Jou'cr Si. Kranels Channel near the south boundary of I'olnsett County, where 11 If liny .Jojns the river, a dlMnncp of einli- l.'-fcm mlira, v.-hich originally ie- ceived n portion <>[ SI, Finnels river overJlmv- waler. "Tliis depression, which is not desirable land for agriculture. Is nvnilnble lor n floodwnv which would be formed bv bntldiuu one lever- on the low land atom- Ihe rrislern ciipe of this demvsshm 'belt. The excavation for the ma- lerial for the ievee would form a tow water channel to keep the flooiiivny drnlnnt except dtiriiv? flood nM-iexls nnd make ii suit' able lor forestry. "The lolal cost of Ihe right of .way and conslnirtion should not exceed sli.Wo.noo. There is about 30,000 neres of 'Government.' land in the 'nasiir which would uc an' asset. tmi-air! the cost. The vary- In i; local interesLs of dralmnje dis- Iricts und their secm-ilies. in several coiintlfs in Ihe two stales covering (he St. Francis 'Basin' seem lo. preclude any prospect of 01- KHiiizins this tenilory inlo a rec- laiuntion dlslricl. "[(, should be pa-sifjle to secure Government support und control lo accomplish Ibis reclnmalioii under 'a comprehensive plun distend of Irving (o organize, these small nulls (or (his purpose." .0 oou, am. a to through ni in °<i, 'Slid _ranRSDAY,_M_ARCK through wlilcli mm iS " m "" y wHh l "°'™ u 'l'i olil^i, Aerrii^ IJuwn GARLAND, Tex. (UP) -A survey of the farming district here has thai. il, e Bc-rmmlu onion France Ii ,)„, ,)„.,,.„ ,, f ,.,,,.„„„, ((|1 . |i|jl|r( . r holer me field hour lii-rlln—nucleus lor nil- KiJUll nf Hi,.' N,,j..| S hi| )s ,,| -| V lii|(«i-r :iir force. "Treaty Navy" May Grow Lo Formidabl owcr Co ire Enjoy (Jrapo Fruil McALl.KN, -IVx. (UP^-Cnws in the Lower Dlo Grande Valley nrc liaying to cat grape fruit ami 1,111-5- like it. Free/iiiE; weather reeenliy killer! most, of Ihe ;;rass in .till-section. Snvi-ral rnrmvrs b;'snn es- 1»r.lii!fiit.s of fi-o:lini, their cows milled gni]ic fruil. and it wai so r.iiccexsful that 'other farmers have lafcon up Ihe praelice. Tbe irealy Heel of Germany was limited lo small ships like ihose lined „,,< for action ' nehlini; .ships may now be added lo the Heel. abovel lump -^—WEEKl.Tf SUNDAY SCHOOL Pcler Describes .the Christian Life •I'i'sl: I IVler :i:X-is Tin, Inti-rniiliunal Unifonu Sunday .Selionl Lesson fur ^larcll '>.\. 11V \V5I. E. C1I.KOV, 1). l>. lid if or of Advance Read' Courier News Want Atls. .,tr, in iza las 12:1 7S .| .CHIJSI 'I'licre are many descriptions uf Ihe Chrislliui [,lfe. josiis lilmself de.H-ribed it us Ihe doini; of 'the will of Ciod. And as the will of d is the will of un an loving" and gracious fnllirr, the life that follows Owl's cominandiiienls is one (hat in heart, mind, soul, nnd slrenjiih is yielded up in love to God nnd hi love to one's Mloic men. I'diil defined tli'eT "oTiTisThirTtfo » Hie 13lh of rirsl CorinMilniis ii lerms of Ihi.s lore ,,, tau . (i , 0 •very virtue, every aclivily, and •U'ry goal. Here In our lesson Peter denies me Christian life in details nurl lenns of spceillc ullititdes, tempers, and actions. Christlnns in their life togelher must lj« like iiiimli'il—Hint Is. one in their coiiiinoii aims and hopes. They must he compassionate, tender heiirted, humble minded, and lovhij! us brethren. There, can be no real Christian life or Christian community apart, from that attitude. Nor is tills at- IHudc merely one of idcnl hopes and aims, ft Is to be realized in a very practical world fidl of temptations,, and full of olfcnsrs In which man seriously tries his brother. '. . ' i Under lliese conditions | ii c Christian will not render evil for evil; he rill not revile aRain when he Is riviicd. On the'contrary he will show thn reality of his Christianity by rardcrlng B oocl for evil ""<! by eivlng blessing tor ri'.vilin». /We believe v<? have the answer to every man's .' -color instinct this Spring in our new Arrow. Fancy Shift lino. • . ' ' bx>k at thorn! . . . Colors? A variety right in step with Spring ttsoll. Patterns? New stripes •. chucks .and clip-figures thai don't run away with themselves. Collar styles? Tab ... pointed collar-ottpched . .. button down collar or neck- ' band style with matching collar. All "models are made iu the smarl new shaped-lo-fil Mitoga. All protected, against shrinkage by Sanforizing! Let us help you fulfill your color urge. i Anoii Shiris - - S2.f>0 ft.!). HUGHES & CO.. Tlip Ciirislinii is called lo inhnit mid lunclia- blcKKcdncM. I'i'Icr s;iys Unit lids suit of llv- ini! is i-oiKlndvi- |o lirallli niul stri'iislh L-vcti in n physinil N-IISC Sinvly. nil olhur lliin i:s IKMIIB ri|iml. that is e.sstiHitill.v true. Thai uinii lias HliD greatest c-x- jlXTlHiicni at life whose life is fre- ii'si irtini nfTHclton and trouble and Hi!' dlsi-iiptliiB influence of evil j passions nn ( [ (pmiiors. Tlu-i-c is nothing thai enn Imriii UK- rmin vvlKvse life is thus well eslabli.shed in Ijlessediu'ss and goodness. Even if .such n mnn should Mif- ler for righteousness 1 sake, ' his •bli'ssi'diiKw is 110 less. niKl i., have n liwid i-onscieiici! tou'iird Gix( uiul 111:111. Is much mure Itian to !>,; free f'oni iiersecullon or to bo MiicUIrd riiiiii what. <iihois may do The exniiiplc of nils i!<m,| life " ' U. is in ii, c M'usler himself. TRIPLE GUARANTEE 1. Against roail hazard* 2. Against JeFecIs for life .?. Our own giursinlcc and all year local service IOOK WHAT YOU GET NO EXTRA COST 43% More Miles . . . of RRAI. Non-Sklil Safety Quicker-Stopping Grip "Goodycur Margin of Safely" Blowout Proteciion . . , . in not one but Al.l, I'lios Buy no lircs mull you scewlnt we oiler you in new Gooilyc.ira for the same money. Sliousc-Little Chevrolet To. IM.vtheviMe, Aik. ^sSSSrrisiTsS-:^?,-...»- ,„ - "-i-vjss s.^s^vr..-sjSrr HH-'«"»-- lmldl About Honor (ieorge WaslTi BUHLEV, Idaho .UPI owskl^— No! Tlnit Is :i cliaptur of (he "Owi nosii" organised to honor tbe -dy Wnshlnston In u, 0 | ull ..|il ..vim O eorxe finv- i>i\-' liii int.;.' . A CJi-cal Selliufi- of Silk Flat Crepes :i<) INCURS WIDE! Here's another ANNIVERSARY bargain! A coin pi etc runijc of 39 inch silk flat crejiss — soft pnstels. in-be- Iwcen shades, street colors, and Yards <i\ Sheer Fabrics Color-fast patterns! Jc yard GilctfBeyt£' 9r ' """VrnWini „. Bs^oa^fs^JJUQi^MBM coming soon—so see them now! It's our Anniversary—so here are humlrcils of yards of batiste, dimity, voile, organciy, cross 'jar Warm wetilher's Misses' and Children's OXFORDS Stitchdawns! Two soles! Chrome leather outer] soles and rubber tap heels.! Roomy toes. Sporty new pat-l tern . . . fastened with bucldes.l Smart fringed tongue for trim/ Smart yojing. Fashions! Cotton FROCKS ize 7 lo 14! Sport gincbams, cords, seersuck- ers! Fine hanky lawns, batistes, dimities! All fast-color plains or prints! Lace Trimmed French Crepe Slips At only Full bias cut with V or bodice top! Adjustable straps. Lace, top and'' bottom. 48 in. .Ions. Wliite — flesh—tea rose. Sizes 32 to 44., A iiniversary Feature!,: RAYON TAFFETA ( Take advantage of this superb value! Of excellent quality rayon' taffeta .with lace trimmed V or bodice lo|)s. WJiile, llesli, tea-rose! Sizes .32-12.. \Vli.at_n bujj (Recklessly low-priced DRESSES 37° Don't miss out! Join our] ANNIVERSARY crowds' and get here early! An! amazing assortment of Nu-j .tone Vat Print frocks.' jSmart pique and organdy' [trims. Sizes from_l4 to 44,- ^ - I V SILK HOSE (Buj^a scarf "or- gay^' what-noL'^ ivilir.l ho' monej;7you -;sa,y«! -on -. these „ exceplioiial i bargains ! j In ^chiffoivj or', Iporvirtc weight .--:•' .'iii- a range of new colors specially icho'ie-^ lo' blend {with j Ensleri coslinnes— Grey ( Dunk) jTsa Danco, Sauterne, etc.! CliiflpTis with silk picot top..; •service with merceme'rt top and aolo, sim- p to 3 MEN'S SILK SOX Double sole! Reinforcetl«tt£»c heel, toe! 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