The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1937
Page 7
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^TUESDAY, NOVEMBER .23, 1937 NLYTOttVTLl.R, (AKfc.) COURIER SIILLSLICUS U. S. Ar miy's New "Cannon-Bearing Pusher" He's A : Bit Streamlined Now, But Still Skips Merrily About The old-time confidence man, a bit stream-lined now, is still skipping merrily around the countryside, duping business men and swindling business hosues. Some of his more Interesting frauds are lo!ci here In an article taken from the real-life files of the Skip Tracers Co. in j New York City. BY DICK McCANN N"KA Service Staff Correspondent "No gas—just two cans of water," •sale! the driver of the big, shiny new car, "and put it In the gas tank." "In Hie gas tank?" Old, Slim knew that he hadn't heard right. "Yeah—In the gas tank, and hurry," said Ihc driver. The ancient proprietor of the little wayside gas station shrugged his shoulders and shuffled off to get the water. In the gas tank! Hrnmmmph . . . must be crazy, or drunk, mebbe. But It wasn't Old SHm's nuto or worry and he poured the water into the tank . . . "Hey, don't screw the top on yet, Pop—wait a minute," The driver had a small pill box in his hand. He took two tablets from it and dropped them Into the tank. The water gurgled and phizzcd and bubbled. And Slim wondered and blurted: "What's that? What's them , tilings?" "Combustion' capsules," said the driver. "They take the place of gasoline, Pop." Too Good To Be True "You mean—you mean," and Slim was pop-eyed with amazement, "you don't need no gasoline? That there car will run on them things?" The men exchanged amused glances . . . "Sure thing, Pop," said the . driver, stepping on the starter. The engine coughed and grumbled and settled to a soft purr . . . "See? They do the trick. And the next time you see us, Pop. we'll be millionnaires—yep, millionaires, 'cause we're on our way out west right now to sell our Jittle product to one of the big oil companies. And they'll . .pay--a-pretty penny for th.e for- raiijj. too,- won't they, Jim?" ,——.'-S°5fi,_ mister," and -Slim, was alme-st. shaking with the wonder of it all. "but could you" gimme some of them there things—I mean sell me some?" "No, Pop—you see, \ they're not .on the market yet , '. ." "Just, a couple?" "Well, all right," said the driver, reluctantly. "I suppose It'll be all right, huh, Jim? But it'll cost you a lot. Pop. m gi ve you wnat n . e got left m this box for $200" • "I got it! I got it! Not with me but I got, it up to the house HI go get It. You wait—right here-won't be long-thanks-he right back," and Slim was run inng to get the money. Then Rude Realization It was only about an hour later that old Slim knew he could've gotten the $200 combustion capsules down to Doc Wan-en's ii town for 25 cents a dozen. Combustion capsules? Precious substitute for gasoline? They were nothing but headache pills. And after he had p,ut two of them Ii an enraged customer's water-nileu gas tank. Slim took the rest to try to relieve his headache. "So you can see that the old confidence man is still roamln' around the countryside," say's Daniel Eisenberg, head of the Skip Tracers. Co., 'o whom old Slim went with his troubles. "We have "t caught these fellows yet—bu we will. You see, usually, when a single individual like old Slim is victimized they don't have the money for an extensive .manhunt. On the other hand, when a big company, has been taken In by a t •« ""., spara! no expense in Hacking down the racketeers." .v, Llk L t , he band of convene* men the Skip Tracers Co. helped to .- round up about a year ago In upstate Ncw York. They made a business of cashing m on otl , er people's credit. They would move into a small town, buy out a reputable store (paying cash on the line for it) and then, under the respected name of the man they had bought up. order large quantities of goods N from wholesale houses, explaining that they were expanding. Soon as the goods arrived the confidence men would ship them out ot town under cover of darkness and skip cross-country to buj (own lioli'l phono directories (oi 1 uddi'essps of n Hyan or two lu n half down or so clllcs and then writes to Ihese victims that he 1ms ImvMijjtilecl the' life of Mr. Groritp llynn nnd lias ik'toi'inlned thai "you." like niyclf, are un heir to Ills estate nml legally en- j titled (o share in the distribution, However, my InvcsllHiiUon 1ms ox- Inut'.-d my ready cash and, in"Minich us you will share In the I nin taking the liberty you to pk'iise shurc In Ambulance Rider Victim of New Vehicle BOSTON <UI>>—I'nlrolmrm Clnr-' nice Anderson Cobb wits assigned lo rdo on 'the rear slop ot a new police ambulance, when .the volicle arrived nt Its frst accident ; scene, Gobi) failed to appear to aid I'dtow-offU'vrii. They fouml liim miconwoiis on the nuibuhiiKV floov, i Driver Minlln Connolly recalled I vrht'ii !!(• lind bftirly missed 11 piuslu'iift, (ho new brakes had halted the ambulance wth um'X- the It'Knl expense." omcUmon he asks for $50 from < i Ii. .sometimes S500. He'll take, ol course, whxl he gels,, 'And thai, usually," says Mr. 1 i inbfig, "iii tlu> loiuj run, isjuually. as cutworm (k'slroyn-B, It,! ten years." i ls estimated. or —4, I: 'ive miles a minute is the cruising speed of the new army lighting plane, shown above In this late, inpressive 'picture, which carries a crew of five, a cargo of light bombs, and six automatic machine :uns which me veritable cannon. Pilots and gunners have unlimited' vision in nil directions, as the )!ane Is a "pusher," wlih propellers In the rear of this revolutionary new fighter, which nrmy flyers nave nicknamed the "Aircuda." In the picture above, Lieut. B. F. Kelscy can be seen clearly as iie puts. .the plane through test flights for the Army Atr Corps Materiel Division at Dayton, O. THE TREND OF THINGS according to Mr, make money, Eisenberg. Tlio con follows the dally legal reports closely until he comes till- on a notice to the effect that the will of. fay. Mr. Qcorge Ryan lias | been probated, ttic estate valued at $75ti.OOO, and Die "heirs undetermined." FARM & CITY LOANS Low Interest Rates Easy Payments-Long Terms * l''astcs( closing service of any mortgage loan company doing business In stales. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. T.ife Insurance - - Fire Inxurnncc Investment. Securities OSCKOLA, AUK. Gives BOT^l LIGHT & MUSIC G1KICETHE INVENTION OF THE ELECTRIC LAMP THE EVOLUTION OF UCHTING HAS BEEN LY IN THE HANDS Of WHO FASHWN SPECIFIC LAMP& fOt? EACH ROOM.THE TREND IS TOWARD THE AESTHETIC AND THF. DECOre\TIVE.THE TVPEPI TURED HERE-WITH ITS MUQi BOX UNIT-LULLS THE BABY TO CUEEP WITH NURSERY WEIODIES COPYRIGHT 1937 MERCHANDISE MART NEWS BUREAU. CHICAGO out another business—and expand. Where There's A Will— Tlie larger bsiness houses also hardly ever fail to capture the furniture racketeers. This is a- popular bit of cheating, but it usually fails. A young couple of "newly-weds" buy a suite of furniture at, n credit house, put down a small sum, and then advertise "forced to leave town, must sell brand- new living room and bed room suites nt. great sacrifice." "We usually get them in the next town," says Mr. Elscnberg, and with a twinkle, "they truly are 'forced to leave town at a great sacrifice'." Where there's a will, there's usually n wny lor confidence'men to **•"• t- 1 '•H'tnriiM»I s JPAGE 8BVB|. SIMMONS foytyrest Iwb Studio Couch You pet nil the style ,, m | nnijonrrmre of Glmmons finest studio i-oucli . . . you net nil lh<! comfort of two Beautyrest Wat- li'r-'isc.'i , . select your cover materials Jioin cove rat: models In the tfasoti'.s nowrst. rubrics- . . This Bc'nuty- rost httii rounded corners . . . carved feet . . welled seams . . . rove-reel ImUeins . . . fts two Bcniilyrcsi mattresses have (he snmc-TloalliiB Acliou Hint brought universal popularity-to the regular llcautyrcst bed mattress. At night It " o|ic-ns to lu'lns or n double bcci. ./l-iuiuiiby W $59.75 FREE GIFTS FREE GIFTS Given Away Until Christmas Only a Short Time Left to Prepare for the STATE AUTO TEST Save Money On Anio Paris and Accessories «S,. ARIAN flUTO PARTS SPECIAL Merchants i'lale Lunch 40c HOTEL NOBLE "Where, Hospitality Is a Reality." PAY YOUR NOW! And Save 25| Penalty Will Be At Blytheville November 22nd to 30th Mrs, Lyn P; Goooh, Collector • Mr. Confidence Man Immediately becomes Mr. Albert, Ryan, moves to another cily, ("leans out-of- MJES THIS WHISKY IS 2 YEARS OLD Bottoms NO INCREASE In Price KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY BROWN-FORHAH DISTILLERY CO., LOUISVIllE, KENTUCKY .. . SINCE 1870 SILBERNAGl.G & COMPANY, Kvclusive Distributors for Arkansas little Bock, pine Mluff, Uernwtt, Fort Smith Beautyrest 'Spring-up 1 Studio A smart, luxurious ' conch . u combines Beautyrcst style- nnd quallly vrlll\ the convenient gpilng Up feature . . . Two Boaulyrcslniatlrcsscs, wllh famous Floating Action . . Prc- JjuHt border Is always neat ana erect You'll' delight nt the, variety of 'beautiful covei rrntcri.ils in plain sdr-tutics or -altraqijvo homobiUiis .-,., . The Siulnir Up nutojnatlcally raises llie lower section to. correct ilcopliij height no UfthiKT 110 pushing . . . mid you,-or tlibMllic greeted gw*\s, get (fcfcn CA ncaiityrcut sleep .' . . Twin bed:; or a double lied: tpOS^p" Beautyrest 'Pull-Easy' Studio Bwuityrc.'it nnd Pull Ensy combined . . . Handsome Bcautyrest model with Pull Easy arms nnd pillow support . . . During daytime the Pull Easy bad; elves" the 3 pillows "perfect pos-. turc" for your comfort ... no neeel lo rat couch cigalnst rear wall ... At night n gmlle pull of Pull Sasy mil nnd couch slides open for use as twin beds, or n double, bed . . . Two Benutyrest nintlrcsscs hau; famous Floating Acliein with pccketcd coil construction . . . The popular prebullt border, I another exclusive frnture o( nc-i\utyrest. . . Come In and ECO (his as well as the other Studios. $69.50 Beautyrest Tu!l*Easy T Spring-up Unquestionably the finest Studio Couch obtainable . . . Tl.o style, comfort, and quality of Benutyrest . . . the convenience of automatic Spring Up .-...- the famous Pull Easy feature . . . all in one handsome couch and costing you NO MORE TE1AN YOU'D PAY FOR ITS 2 BEAUTYREST MATTREo- SES . . . Smartly tailored in handsome new cov£r fabrics . . . covered buttons . . . carved feet . . . upholstered arras . . . welted seams . . Pull Easy opens It easily . . . Spring Up rais:s It to bed height . . T,vin beds, both with Beauty- rest mattresses . . . Floating Action . . .;the' Prebullt border ... see it to appreciate ils remarkable style and value ,. Furniture Co. ,

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