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THE PACIFIC COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER HONOLULU, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1915. (J d) (bo Etepfl b7tp i mm drive MARKS SO TWELVE RACES IN NEXT WATER MEET LEAGUE LEAD TO BE FOUGHT FOR SAUNDERS' CHERUBS ARE HANDED MERRY LACING After All-Chinese Trample Over Saints, M. Josh Paresa's Hopes Annihilate Army Champions Good Baseball Despite Wet Field Service and Honolulus Both After Pennant In Y. M. C.

A. Bowling Series Standing In Y. M. C. A.

Bowling League I. W. L. Pet. Service 15 11 4 .7.11 Colts 15 10 5 .007 Honolulus 15 i 6 .000 Cosmos 15 (i 9 P.

R. O. 15 0 9 Nationals 15 .1 12 200 This Week's Schedule Tonight Honolulus vs. Service. Wednesday Colts vs.

Nationals. Thursday Cosmos vs. P. R. C.

Friday Honolulu vs. Oakland. An attractive is on the Y. cher and Scott is more to be pitied Gian censured, our iniscues at short by Smith and a bobble by Rogan, another by Hawkins an.l one by Swiu-ton, caused him heaps of troubles. Mr.

Othello Johnson also made a couple of costly mi-plays. That is, he held, the ball on two occasions and was responsible for the four runs scored in the first inning. Of course Scott and Smith helped but had Johnson thrown Flizer's hit to the plate, and ajso Dixon's hit, he might have cut off the runs. Scott's Many Troubles. Carroll started the inning anil was I to first.

Rushnell a life when Smith erred. Then Costa forced Johnny at third. Flfzer hit to right ind while Johnson posed with the ball, Rushnell and Costa romped home. Or-nellas next got up, got a passed and Mien went over the plate along with Fliztr when Johnson jgain posed with the ball after Dixon had hit. Iiuns win a ball jamf," spoke the great Mike Kelley in the fall of sixty-three ind those toiw runs won for the P.

A. Cs, even if they did gather five more luring the afternoon. Costa gathered ine of these in the fifth on Smith's 'rror, a hit and a double Fteal. Or-nellas and Hixon got over in the eighth on errors by Hawkins, Smith and Scott i BROKE OP BATTLE Timely Triple By Cherubs Center-field Brought Defeat To Travelers "TIC PI KT.TV 'BARRACK 1 bm -her 27. After a vacation of over two months several hundred of local base-1 all fans 1 this afternoon, as exciting a game a- has ever been plavcd here between the ancient rivals, the Twenty fifth Infantry and the Traveling Chinese.

The layoff, bei-aiise of the weries down town and the in. Icii weather apparently has made no off in the condition of the l.i-al champions and they played the game in mi.l-sea-oii form while the visitors up a game to satisfy the mot fastidious of fans. The stands were crowded to capacity showing the hold the gsiue has here on local importing interest. As a fielding exhibition the game was a h'unmer but owinj to the rare form displayed by 1 olh pit. -hers the hittiig was not heavy.

Waterhouse was Lieutenant Saunder's choice as and although he sometimes has trouble with a wet ball the showers this afternoon caused him to lose none of his effectiveness. Kckoa for the isitors held the Twenty-fifth to five hits. Smith was the bright particular star of both teauu today and his handling of twelve fielding chances without a was a remarkable performance. At the bat he made two hits it: two chances an.l spat over a run with a sierifiee fly to left-field in the sixth when the run was needed. The locals took the lend in the third inning when Swinton drew a Red "tojs pass.

While he was still rubbing his elbow Waterhouse stvrilieed him abjnjr to second la" and from here he scored cn Roman's drive to lefttiel I. In the sixth the Chinese tied up the score and took the lead. Keko.i hit to right but went out on a Holder's choice whb-h put Moriyama safely on lirvt. Kn Sue hit to Fiman who booted on a wild heave by Wnterhouj-e M.iri-vaina scored. Lai Tin hit into a field cr's choice'" also, resulting in the retirement of Kn Sue and Tin romped around the base: when drop-pod Yamsshiro iy to o-nterfield.

In their half of the sixth the Twenty-fifth again took the lead. Rogan was safe ou Ayru's error and went to third on a ball. J. found Kckoa for .1 triple scoring Rogan and scorei'. himself later when Smith sacrificed to the out field.

The excellent was a feature of the game The 2-th Inf. AH I'M SB PO A 3" 0 1 Rogan, 3 12 1 (I Crafton. If 4 0 O. Johnson, 3 1 1 0 1 Smith, ss 2 2 i 7 Gfliah. rf 3 0 1 1 Pagan, 2b 3 0 t) 1 2 Swinton, lb 1 1 Oil ll Waterhouse, 2 0 1 4 I .21 27 MOSLEY AT TOP OF PIN SMASHERS He Is Closely Followed, By Reed With Benson and Mills Next In Line averages of the Y.

M. O. A. howlers have been compiled by Secretary Larimer auil are follows: Aver ainf. (limit's, nut-.

Moslev 3H2.S Reed "(S. J- 381.40 Hensoii (Cos.) 9 17" stills (II.) 12 17H.72 Co. big (H.) 0 170.22 Ran'inau ((.) 14 174.14 Chamhcrlii. (C.) 15 17:5.42 "White (Cos.) 1 172.M! Treptow (S.) 15 Wikander (N.) 9 lOO.OT are (P.) 14 1G9.3S Clark ML) 14 1GX.94 Scott (II.) ID 107.4 Cear (II.) 15 ir.5.33 L'minans (C.) 104.5 Win no fll.) 15 104.4 MeCutchen (S.) 15 10.5.2 Young (X.) 13 10:5 Gomes (I.) 15 102.2 Franz (II.) 1 159.77 Canario (S.) 15 150.27 Creed (C.) 12 (C.) 1.1 150.02 CU'thveu 15 150.47 Aeirerman (X.) 9 (P.) 15 152.S AtliC-ton (Cos.) 6 152.00 1 la 111 (C.) 10 151.2 J5frn.ii (Cos.) 15 151.11 Van Beusen (X.) 150 Rerthold 11 140.72 Intrigues (P.) 11 14S.1.1 (X.) 9 Franks (P.) 15 145.9.1 Stavton (S.) 0 139 This includes all men who have Imwled six or more games. Explanation Service; Colfs; Honolulu; Portuguese Rowling Club; Cosmos; Nationals.

DEFEAT HIGH SCHOOL It was an intr-roing ynnit1, hut it was quite evident that the liirli School girls are not in the same class with the Wailnku mnnsium team. Ry a score of 3 to 17, the locals put it over the visitors, at the Alexander House last Saturday night, says the Maui News of November 20, and were roundly applauded ly a large mim-ler of more or less partial spectators. The High School team was not seriously downcast the defeat, however, ami has issued a challenge for a retnrn fame to lie played at TIaniakuapoko. on Friday afternoon, December 10. Following the frame several hours of delightful dancing were enjoyed.

The team lined up as follows: Wailnku Gymnasium: (luards Myers, Girlie Hart; centers Lily Myers, Oriet Robinson; forwards Mary Hoffman, Naomi Robinson. Maui High fsehol: Guards Alice Walker, Elizabeth Lindsay; Centers Constance Hose, Borothy Lindsay; forwards Thelma iloyuin, (iladys Mein-ccke. first half, 13 to goals made by Hoffman, Kobirison, fouls, 3. Rovuni, Meinecke 2. Second half Hoffman, Robinson, fouls 1.

Boynm, Meinecke. fouls, 1. Totals Wailnku Gym. 30, Maui High School 17. Six or eight months time and an expense of $50,000 is involved in repairing the Brooklyn I ridsre.

WAILUKU'GYiVI GIRLS Big Turkey Given As Prize For Highest Figure In Hilo Tournament There has been considerable excitement among the bowlers of the city during the past few days, ami the cause has been the strenuous competition that has been going en at the Waianuenue street alleys, where a fine fat Thanksgiving turkey was put up as a prize lor the highest score made between November IS and 24. says the Hawaii Herald of November 20. The competition Itas been very keen and all sorts and conditions of bowl-3ts have been hard on the job of try- iug to annex the gobbler for Thanks- giving Day The unfortunate bird has been on exhibition ami every time he hears the pins go down he emits a dis- mal gobble that became worse each time a high score was recorded. Some kind-hearted people sail that it' was a shame to allow the oor bird to hear the pins rolling down, and that they were sure the turkey knew what was going on. Other persons wanted the bird to have a chance at the game and claim ed that the gobbler could easily defeat some of the bowlers who have tried to win the prize.

Supervisor Cabriuha -appeared to have a cinch on the turkey when he, early in the contest, rolled up 15.1 points. The show looked about all over, but the men who generally score about eighty or ninety stuck to the game hoping to by some streak of luck have a look in at the prize. However, Cabrinha's score stood good for some days and the turkey's fate seemed sealed. Then came the big surprise when Tnondoro the well known chef of Demosthenes' cafe, wandered in last Monday afternoon, and, after a short conversation with the turkey, proee. led to roll iij) ISO joirs.

He made seven "spares" and one "strike" ami in every instance male good on th s-eor? is a wonderful one ai.d shoii'd "stand for a long time to cprne as the Hilo record. In Seattle a few weeks ago a man made 104, and that was considered to be very good -but then he had 110 turkey to consult with. Some peorle claim that Theodore got a tip from the bird, as that knowing fowl felt that if the chef Won the prize there might he a chance for life. Tt is rumored that Theodore will have the bird engraved and kept alive as a perpetual trophy of his owner's skill at bowls. MAU'S HAVE CARNIVAL CUP The cup won last February by the All-Maiii baseball team in the carnival series played in Honolulu is being displayed in the windows of the Maui Drv Goods and Grocery Company at Wailnku.

The cup was the subject of some controversy as the Maui team and the All-Chinese of Honolulu had tied in the series. The Chinese withdrew their claim to the trophy, but Maui refused to accept it as a gift, and it was some time before the arbitration committee got around to a decision. This was favorable to Maui on points, and the cup was so awarded. It was sent to J. Garcia early last July, but arrived just after he had left for a four vacation, and was not opened until he returned home recently.

SCHALK BOOSTS Ray Kchalk, the leading catcher of the Chicago White Sox, has this to say of Charles Hollocher, a young shortstop, who will lie a member of the Pott la pc club next year: played, against Hollocher in an exhibition game and the entire Sox ten in was much taken with his fielding. That kid is a marvel on ground balls." AD AT BOWLING CHINESE 8, SAINTS 1. P. A. Cs 9, 25TH.

2. R. Franklin Hollinger was responsible lor the two games at the ball yard yesterday but he was not responsible for the results. Along about ten o'clock in the morning the watchman aroused R. 1'ianklin trout a peaceful siun.Ler and told him there had been a cloud burst and there wasn't a chance to play baseball.

I. Franklin being' a man of action, pulled on his rubbei boots, donned his workaday clothes and got At half past-twelve, he had the ball yard in good enough shape-for the sons of swat to perform on and then the Chinese proceeded to. maul "the Saints to a 1 are-thee-well, the count being 8 to 1. After the Saints had trailed their baiuier in the dust, Saunders-Cherubs, otherwise the Twenty-fifth Infantry, and the rejuvenated M. Paresa Portuguese indulged in' an exhibition of water baseball and the Cherubs were merrily laced, the score being 9 to 2 in favor of the Paresa combination.

3ix Travelers Help. In the first game, six of the Travelers count 'em took part, Jimmy Aylett and the Moriyama boys assisting the Saints while Yeruon Ayau, Lai Tin and Ah Lee, known to baseballists as Kualii, wore All-Chinese uniforms. In the shuffle of the cards from a baseball point if view the All-Chinese got the best ot the deal for Ayau and Lai Tin played great games, both in the field and at the bat. Serving the benders for the -A. Cg.

was Luck Tee and he kept the Saints -overed with mud walking from the home plate back to the bench, via the -trike-out route, twelve of human's hopes wafting the breezes. Rill Nye was a victim on three occasions an.l so was Jansen. Schuman fell fvice and Moriyama, T. Moriyama, Rill Inman and Frances Harney fell once. 1.

Barney Is Easy." Francis Harney, who heaved them over for the Saints, pitched lovely ball tor the 'All-Chinese- an.l they totaled ten hits off his delivery. His ability to fan a batter was limited to Lai Tin, uang Akana, Cheung 'ami Luck ee. The All Chinese were the first to break into the run column. After En vie had backed Rill Inman up against the left field fence after a skj- scraper and was out, Ayau singled to left, went to second on a parsed ball, stole third ami scored on a wild pitch. In the second inning the All-Chinese sewed up the game' on an error.

Kan Yen's sacrifice, and singles by Kai Luke, Luck Yee, Fn Sue and Ayau, all of which netted three runs. In the fifth a pass, wild pitch, stolen base, an error and Lai Tin's double netted the A. Cs. two more, and a pass, a wild pitch, two passed balls anil two hits netted them two more in the "ifhth. Bill Inman Fanned, Barney's bunch escaped the whitewash brush in the eighth when Jimmy Aylett took a pass and then romped to the rubber on Mo-'vama's lon-j two bagger to center.

Moriyama got over to third when Albert Akana went out at first but Rill Inman left his base hits in Sioux City and fanned, ending the inning. The score follows: Saints ARK RH po a uid Williams and. RushnelLgot over tlie ninth on two errors, a wild pitch, 1 sacrifice, a steal and hit. Saunders Cherubs escaped the shut out in the ninth on a pass to Rogan ind singled by Goliah, who replaced "rafton and O. Johnson.

Dad Sw.nton Funny. "Had" Swinton supplied the of the game and was given the terry ha ha by the fans all afternoon 'or a litt'e stunt he pulled in the thi-d 'niting. Omellas popped up a little fly sack of the first an.l Swinton took off his glove just to show how easy it was 'n catch and then he dropped the ball. Thf seore follows Inf. ARKRIISBPO Woods, of 4 0 0 0 1 0 0 Rogan, 2 1 0 1 fl 1 1 Cinftou.

If 2 0 0 0 0 (. Johnson, 4 0 2 0 0 0 0 Smith, ss 2b 4 0 0 0 4 2 4 Hawkins, 3b 3 0 0 0 0 Fasm.2b-ss 3 1 0 2 1 0 Swinton, lb 3 0 0 0 11 0 1 Scott, 3 0 0 0 0 5 2 xColiah 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 Totals .29 2 4 14 0 P. A. C. AR RH SB PO A Four Clubs Will Compete In Indoor Events At Swimming Pool isuj nnr hm; Program of "Events Fbir M.

V. A. Swimming Meet Next Saturday Night 1 swim. 2 Underwater swim. 3 Apple relay, novelty.

4 swim, ri Diving. SO vard relav (four men to a team). 7 Spank the baby high dive. 8 "i-yard back stroke. 9 100 yard swim.

10 Plunge for distance. 11 HO yard breast stroke. 12 240-yard relay (six men team). The swimming meet at the Y. A.

uext Saturday night promises to a M. C. to be a stellar attraction. At a meeting of representatives of the four eoniK'ting clubs last Saturday night the above program of events was adopted. The Healanis and M'yrtles will be two of the clubs entering, while the Knights of Kamehameha and II.

A. two of the regular Y. M. C. A.

clubs, will be participants. Some of the best iwimmers in the) city will compete and the Y. M. C. A.

pool will be ojeri for practise from twelve noon until nine-thirty o'clock every day and evening. Ten of the twelve events will count for points, with two novelties to entertain the crowd. In all but the relays five points go to the winner, three to the second and one to the third. The relays count ten, six and three points to the first three teams. A handsome pennant will be awarded to the winning club.

Competent officials have been selected by the committee in charge and programs will be provided for spectators. The admission price will be twenty-five cents for all seats. With the coming', of, warmer weather, swimmijig, has inctva-ol 'hniong the Y. M. C.

A. members an.t over' fifty a dry upw. make of the pool. The elimination if' a charge forj htviinming during the; ivinter months has made it more popular' among the younger Inembers. The committe in charge of Saturday's meet consists of Methven, llealan A.

Carter, Myrtles; Sam Knights, of Kamehameha, and Roy Oraham, II. A. C. COMPANY UNABLE TO REACH HOWIE PLA1E Company Second Infantry, met defeat at the hands of the Braves baseball team at Fort Armstrong yester.lay afternoon. No score was made I either side until the ending of the eighth inning.

Jwheu J. Perry of the Braves clouted the ball for a three bagger, sending two meu over the home plate. He in turn was sent home, thus iieing three runs. The army team failed to seore in the ninth, and consequently were shut out iu a 3 to game. The gnm was fast and well played from the opening until the closing round, true and keen sjKrtsmatiship prevailing.

Perry did excellent work on the hill for his team, sending thirteen of his opponents to the liencli via the strikeout route. Simmons pitched a good game for the soldiers, striking out six men. The lineup follows: Braves J. Perrv, Lojiez, c. Silva, lb; M.

Phillips, 2b; A. Nelson (captain), 3b; II. Mara, s.s.; Y. Rosa, e. L.

Silva, 1. D. Phillips, r. f. Company Simmons, Kane (captain), Rough, lb; Heeler, 2b; Fogerty, 3b; McGarry.

s.s.; Rosea, r. f. Price, c. Morse 1. f.

Score bv innings: 1 2 3 4 fi 7 0 Company 0 0 0 0 0 0 Rraves ') 0 0 0 0 0 3 3 111 mulcts in 1 ue I Fnited States in numbered 2411, a decrease of 331 as compared with 1913. HONOLULU PHOTO SUPPLY CO. EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC." 1059 Fort Street Do It Electrically Hawaiian Electric Company Our representative will figure with you on Fencing for lawns, Rack Nets for tennis courts. Chicken Runs or l'ig Fen-es. J.

C. AXTEX.L, 1777 79 Alakea Street. Carroll. 2b ..30 2 2 0 Rushnell, ss 5 2 1 I 4 2 1 Costa, If 5 2 0 1 0 0 0 Flizer, lb 1 2 0 10 0 0 Ornellas. rf 3 2 1 10 Dixon, cf 4 11 0 3 1 0 Simoa, 3b 4 0 0 0 1 1 0 Soares, .40 1 0 6 4 0 Williams, 4 1 0 0 0 5 0 xx.l.

Ornellas, 0 0 0 0 0 0 Totals 37 9 3 27 15 1 M. C. A. howling boards for this week. Tonight the Service and Honolulus clash again for the leadership of the league.

On Wednesday the Colts, another strong contender, bowl the Nationals, and on Thursday the Cosmos and P. R. C. light for the lead in the second division. The Service won three straight from the Honolulus last week after the latter club had led the league from the start.

The Honolulus are out for revenge tonight ami will make every effort to capture the series. A feature of the match will be Leslie Scott's last appearance for the Honolulus before he leaves to make his home on Maui. Treptow is liable to be out of the game tonight on account of illness and Captain Stayton may tahr his place in the Service lineup. The Honolulus have signed Edgecomb, who is likely to break into tonight's match. No wireless results were received from the Coast yesterday and it is expected that details of scores made by the San Francisco Naval Y.

M. O. A. against Honolulu Friday evening will come by week-en. I lettergram this morning.

Complete scores of each man could be sent by the week-end route at small expense and it is probable that this accounts -for the delay in receiving the score's. Honolulu will bowl against Oakland this coming' Friday. The local men expect to make -a much improved showing over their first match, in which the scores were 820, 80-1 and S52. A total of 2000 at least should be turned in by Honolulu's piehed team against Oakland. HILO BASKETBALLERS LOSE BY CLOSE SCORE At last the Hilo Hoard House basketball team has be.

on defeated, says the Hawaii Herald. The lads weit dov, to defeat to the Plantation team at the Hilo Armory a week aero last Saturday night by a score of 23 to 21, after a most exciting game. The teams mcn-lioned are now tied for the championship, as they have each lost one gun.e in the 1915 series. The close score indicates the kind of game it was, and the excitement r.tfl high as the second half drew to a close. The school rooters did all k.r.Ls of stunts in order to encourage their team and tho yells could be heaid .1 long way off.

The supporters of the plantation players -were eqrally as keen about the result and the conse-pieuce was that the roof was fitted off at times by the rooters. The first time the Hoarding" School team met the Plantation outfit the students won, but it some game to watch, all the same. On Saturday niiiht last the sugar growers went out dt-twmined to win if it were possible to do so. They were thinking of the, T. Moir iup.

and they knew that if they lost Saturday's game, it would be a'l off tor their chance to annex the beautiful tiophy. So, girding up their loins they wndod in and. after a splendid game, took home the bacon by the narrow margin of two points. The other game was between the Machine Gun Companr and the team from Company and it resulted in a ton sided victory for the Company by ri score of 34 to 10. OLD KONA BEST COFFEE IN HAWAII McCHESNEY COFFEE CO.

Oi'ixtsite Station House It yon would trvT your worries USE WHITE WINGS SOA. AV your Grocer. Our Picture Frames will please you So will our prices. PACIFIC PICTITEE FRAMIQ CO I 11 llfrta! SL Travelers AH BH Sit PO A F. C.

Morivama, 2b. 4 1 it 1 2 0 Kn Sue, cf 4 It 11 1 2 I ni Tin, 3b 4 1 1 1 4 1 Ynnia-hiro, rf 4 Kan Yen, 4 1 4 1 Ayau. ss 0 3 4 3 Ijpc. lb 2 0 Aylett, If 3 1 1 11 Kckoa. 4 1 3 1 xT.

Moriyama ..1 ft 0 ft Totals 31 2 4 1 21 201 0 040 10 1 0 3 0 0 0 r. 0 4 4 1 0O0 5 3 0 24 17 2 PO A F. 1 2 0 1 14 0 0 0 0 0 Co. (Filipino) N. H.

can furnish COOKS, HOUSE BOYS, YARD BOYS, DAY LABORERS at very reasonable rates. For information phone to P.MANLAPIT, Q. M. Sgt. PHONE 1813 2tl Floor locking King St.

and Nluuanu Hits and runs bv innings: P. A. 4" 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 29 R. 2 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 25th 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 R. II.

.0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 xGiah batted for Crafton in 9th. xx.1. Ornellas replaced M. Ornellas in Sth. Summary Two base hit, Soares: sacrifice hit, Carroll; hit bv pitcher, Rogan; bases on balls, off Scott 3, off Williams struck out, bv Scott bv Williams wild pitches, Williams, Seott; umpires, Stayton and Brans.

Time of one hour and thirty-five minutes. Manager Sam Alo of the Chinese had his beauts on the diamond last Sundav, says the Maui News of November 2t, against the Asahis and defeated them by the score of 5 to 1. The Asahis scored their only run in the first inning, and no runs "were allowed them thereafter by the Chinese pitcher. Diamond Chong, and his asso ciates. The Chinese scored three runs in the r.t- 0n during the third and seventh, making five runs to.

their i c.i.l. In the second game the St. Anthonys outclassed their opponents, the Waika pus, in every department of the game, the score standing 7 to 1 in their favor. Both teams failed to score in the first inning, while in the second, the St. Anthonys scored three runs, two in the fourth and one each during the eighth and ninth, on hits and a few errors on the Waikaups' side.

The Waikapus were saved from lie ing handed a whitewash in the last inning when Cockett scored. While he was on third with one down and J. Ro.lrigues at bat, Catcher Pomba of the Saints was somewhat nervous and threw wild to third. "Little Gink" Cummings at short for th school l.ovs was the star of the game by stopping some hot grounders iid pulling oit double plays. The score bv innings follow: 1 2 3 4 5 i 7 8 9 C.

A. C. 3 II 1 0 0 1 0 0 Asahis 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 St. Anthony .0 3 2 0 0 2 1 7 Waikapus 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 MAUI CHINES AND SAINTS ARE WINNERS C. Morivama, s.s.

10 0 Aylett, c.f. .,,..2 1 0 T. Moriyama. 2b. 3 0 1 A.

Akana, lb. 3 0 0 Inman, l.f 4 0 1 Toy, 3 0 2 Jansen, 3b. 4 0 0 Nye, r.f 4 0 Schuman, 3 0 0 Totals 1 4 Chinese AR It RH Kn Sue, c.f. 3 Ayau, s.s. 3 Lai Tin, 3b 4 L.

Akana. rf. 4 0 0 0 Mi Lee, l.f 4 Kan Yen, 3 Kai Luke. 4 Cheong. lb 3 nek Yee, 4 Yen Chin, r.f.

1 0 13 0 0 10 0 0 0 0 0 Totals 33 10 2 27 12 1 Hits and runs bv innings. St. Louis .0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 Rase hits. ...0 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 Chinese 1 3 0 0 2 0 0 2 Rase hits 1 4 I 1 1 0 0 2 Summarv: Two-base hits. Luck 0 1 1 4 IO I ai 1m, T.

Moriyama; sacrifice hit, Kan Yen: hit bv pitcher, C. Moriyama; double p'avs. Jansen to A. Akana to J-insen. Lai Tin to Chon-r to Lai Tin; Kan Yen to Ayau to Kan Yen; bases on balls, off Joy 2: off Yee.

stmck out, by Joy bv Yee, 12; wild pitches, Tov 4: i.assed Schuman, nm Stayton and Rruns; time of game WW Happened Next. Having left the Schofield RarraVs '1 a hiii--v. the heretofore swatinj Twenty -fifth forTot to put their bats in the has and "Rlondv" f0r r. Josh Paresa, had a merrv time handing the boys a baCns. "Tlondv" o'v foi" hits, pepnnr1 nnc in the eb'hh a'l two in the which produce! the two runs credited to S.nnulfa lit-uhs.

For th Twentv fifth, a tall vouh -bearing the name of Soott was the pit- xRatted for Aylett in ninth inning. Hits and runs bv innings; 2--th 1 ti 2 3 B. II .0 1 1 lot 0 1 s-r. Travl rs: 2 0 2 B. it 1 1 1 it Summary Three ha so hi, t.

Johnson. Smith: sacrifice hits. Smith, Sainton, WaternouM; hit by pitcher, Swinton by Kckoa, Ie (2) bv Waterhouse; dotthle plays, Waterhoue to Smith to Swinton; bases nf balls, off Waterhouse 11, Kekoa 2: struck out. by Waterhouse 4, Kckoa wild pitches, Watethonse 1, Kckoa p.nsed Kan Yen umpires, Collins and IIol-lingsworth. Time game, cute and fortv 111 in 1 w.

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