The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE VOUB BLYTHEV1LLE. (Am.) COU1UER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS COURH8 NEWS CO, PUBLISHERS O. B. BABCOCK. Editor H. W. HA1NES, AdvutWnf ltu»ftr Kale Mitloma Advertising Rexe«nUt!vM: Artuuu Dallies, Inc., N«v York. Cblc*jo, •Detroit, St. Louis, DalUs, Kansu City, Uttle Rock. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as second cliss matter Bl the post ofllce at Blytlievllle, Arkansas, under act o[ Congress Oc- •SfLLTii tober 9, 1917. Served by the United Press. SUBSCRIPTION KATES By carrier In uit City ot Blvlheville, 16c per meek or W-60 per year In advance. By mail within a radius of M miles, 13.00 per year, $1.50 toi six month!, 85c tor three month*: by mail In postal rones two to six, ' n ««« v *; 10.50 per year, In zones seven and eight, |10,«u per year, payable In advance. The Real Foundation Of American Life Awny back in tlic days of tlic Ho' m:ui empire, when the Cacsiir.s were worried by ;t steadily rUiiifi- tax rate nnd a slow stasnaMoii 01" liusincss, tlic jjopulacc was kept <iuiel l>y a judicious mixture of bread and games. The government undertook to feed the hungry, bringing in great shiploads of wheat from Alexandria. Anil since Rome was full of unemployed, great gladiatorial shows were staged frequently in the coliseum, to keep the proletariat's mind olT its troubles. , The upshot, as everybody knows, was that nobody worried about anything and the empire finally collapsed of its own weight. * * * Al! this ancient history is mentioned here because there are people who think something similar is happening in America today. President A. H. Uphnm of Miami University told an Ohio teachers' convention the other day Ihsil right now •we are in a fair way to slide down to the.old Roman level. On one hand we have vast masses of people whose first interest is in getting enough to cat, , and who are looking lo the federal government to meet that need. On the other, we have developed a craving for a circus type of entcrlain- nieiitA-world .series games, great football contests, aberrations such as marathon dance contests, erooncrs, fan dancers and the grotesqucries of professional boxing and wreslling matches. The result, says President Upham, is that we are apt to forget Hit values that really matter—self-donial, service, idealism, a taste for literature and art, and so on. There is no question Unit you coiild make out a good case for pessimism, if you chase. We do support a lot of "entertainments" that seem lo havo been drawn up by and for morons. ' And yet it is very easy to assume that these things niattT more than really is the case. There is plenty of froth on the surface of American life, heaven knows. But beneath it all there Hows a swift, deep, and powerful current—an awareness of life's real problems, a determination lo do -'omeUiing cITcctive about them, an idealism that will vc- spond whenever anyone makes a proper appeal to it. The biggest mistake anyone could make today would be to assume that the great mass of the populace is heedless and flippant. Underneath, there is a driving force iind a seriousness of purpose that never should be forgotten. —Bruee Cation. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1933 The Final Riles The American Federation of Labor is beginning to collect "museum exhibits" on child labor. Shop bulletin hoard notices, pay envelopes, newspaper clippings, photographs, letters— all sorts of things that show what child labor was and how it 'operated are being assembled under direction of President William Green, so I hat future generations can know just how the childhood of this nation ivas exploited. Now the interesting things about this move is the implication that goes with it. The federation is making this collection for the simpler reason that it believes child labor to be definitely a thing of the past. It believes that within a very few years child labor will be unknown in America; so it is laying away its exhibits while there still is time. Ke\v things that have happened this year have been of much more importance than this victory over an ancient menace to national well-being. Perfect Americanization There is something 1 intensely interesting about the recent revelation of the names of the Aloy family, in San Francisco's Chinatown. JIaybc you didn't read about it, in the papers? Well, (hero are seven sons in this family of • California's Chinese, and their names are as follows: William Howard Taft Moy, Thomas Jefferson Jloy, Theodore Roose-' veil Moy, Abraham Lincoln Moy, William JIcKinlcy Moy, Ulysses S. Grant Moy, and George Washington Moy. The roll call speaks ,for itself. -It indicates not only a pretty thorough bit of Americanization, but a staunch and lusty pride iii the land of this family's adoption. Here, apparently, is one Chinese family that has done everything humanly possible to become 100 per cent American. Glancing at those names, one can do no less than wish the San Francisco Moys) lots of luck and all the prosperity they can stand. . ' SIDE GLANCES By George Clark) "These are our salesmen; and you can tiikc it from m they're all alike." Plan Your Meals to Include All Health Building Element! BY l>!t. MOKKIS FISHBE1N Editor, Journal of the Amerkin Mfdtcal Association, and of Hy- ffU, (he Health Magazine "Eat what you want after you have e«ten what you should." * * * Keep this advice In mind when you pick your food. You'll be sure o; well-balanced meals to guard und prolong your lienlth. At least, you won't make the mistake of several young women in the Y. W. C. A. cafeteria at Baltimore, when dietetic authorities of Johns Hopkins hospital observed them choose menus like Ihesc: (1) Meat pie. stewed tomatoes white muffins, bread. (2) Corn beet hash, mashed po- tutocs, succotash, bread, cornbread, butter. (3) Meat pie, raised biscuits, potato salad, coflee. (41 Beef croquette, mashed potatoes, stewed tomatoes, brca< ter. but- BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO from the die* of the Bl;tbe*|l»e Dally Cotirler Saturday, Nov. 3, 1923. It has Just leaked out thai Logan .loullric Is quite a liiimorisl as well as a traffic cop. Sunday he was Ipped off that a bunch o! while nen were shooting dice en the Frisco tracks just north of the colon gins in this city. I!c donned j;i old slouch hat and a b!g long •vtrccat. grabbed an old delapl- dwled hand grip, and started up tlv tracks. He moved llic players .'.own [o police headquarters where H of them pleaded guilty and were fined $48.85 each. They paid oir. Keep the Sabbath day holy had r.cver entered [heir minds. Nimrods who enjoy the sport of ^hooting ducks just to see them fall, the kind who really need meat, each report game plentiful in nig Lake. Most good shooters gst the limit, and some before noon. The ducks are coming in fast, and with llv cold weather apparent, the ."hooting will be yood for some time, or. mill the law is out. Colorado Deer Seek Safety in Game Refuge COLORADO SPRINGS. Colo, iUP)—Immediately upon the opening of the ciecr season the animals slai-ted a Irek to the Pikes Peak game refuge. "How the deer know where and when -.they arc sale is a question that cannot be answered." said Hc-puly Stale Game Warden Frank W. Poley. "Bet there U na doubt that they pour into the game refuge as soon as the season opens. 1 Six deer were counted along ihe main Denver highway, msitie the refuge. Read Courier News Want Ads. L - THIS CURIOtJS WORLD - PRUIT GROWERS OF THE U.S. ' FOP.-YEARS PROTECTED THEIR ORCHARDS FROM I-.~ FROST W11HQUT KNOWING HOW THBV DID IT/ V USED POTS OF 6URKIN& OIL TO HEAT THEIR. ORCHARDS, ONLY TO FIND OCT SEVERAL YEARS LATER. THAT IT WAS THE SA\OKE, AND NOT THE HEAT. THAT SAVED THEIR FRUfT/ THE SMOKE ACTED A3 A 61 ANKEF AND PREVENTED RADIATION OF TME GROUND HEAT. THE- SURFACE Of= THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA IS LOWER. THAN THAT OF THE ATLANTIC OCEAN. ITS EVAPORATION IS /AUCH GREATER THAN ITS RAINFAU.. AFTER A STARFISH HAS OPENED AN OYSTER., IT TURNS IK, OWN STOMACH INSIDE. OUT, WRAPS IT AROUND THE OYSTER., Ah40 OlGES':<i THE PREV / ?• 1 1- A burning oil-poU Fruit growers thought Ihiit "the iii-.oKe" o; Ihu-i" was only n necessary evil, nnd Ihey were quit« enthusiastic over Ihe Invention of n nc\v smokeless heater. Much to their sorrow, the new healer failed to do its wurk and limit- fruit crop was ruined. It took a meteorologist lo discover reason. ST. LOUIS <UP>- The National Furriers Guild was organized here tendance, invitations were extend- d to 3,000 furriers throughout the recently, with representatives from country to aid in completing a more than a dozen states in at-1 code lor the retail fur trade. dish, n soup, beverage, or dcsser Usually at least one hot, dish desirable. (4)' Alternate foods of dlfleren flavors and textures. Thus, a high ly seasoned food may be served wit' or following n bland food, or a sof fcod may follow a crisp one. Al teruate simple, less concentrate cllshe's with those of greater con cciiiration. '5) Size ot portions served varie with richness of food and numbe of courses. The richer U>c Icod and the greater the number of courses, Ihe smaller the porlioiis served. And don't make liicse mistakes, warns Dr. McCollum: <l) Don't serve an excess of any cut foodstuff at the same meal. For example, meat and cheese or eggs at- the same meal concentrate the protein; rice and potatoes toil trate the carbohydrate; fried potatoes and rich pastry or dough- DAYMON'D i\* 1 nm convinced that prohibition at its worst lias Item definitely better than hfiiwc at its btbl.. —Oov. Glfford PI chot of Pennsylvania. * * + One of the most powerful Instruments 'or rducatinn in the world, the moving pirlurr, is in the hands ot people who arc not Interested In children. —Prof. \V. W. Uharters, Ohio State University. » t <: Tlic call of today is for thai spiritual tovcc which popular standardization jn'ts to the heaviest test—moral courage. —Bishop WHMim Lawrence ol the Episcopal Church. nuts offer too much fat. f2> With the exception of such Not one of these girls had chosen: staples as bread, butler and milk, suitable incnl. (or each of the j don't serve the same food twice in menus was deficient In some nee- one day without varying the form cssnry constituents to the diet. AI in which it is served, suitable diet involves proper com-! (3) Don't use the same food bination of foods, so what is lacking in one substance is provided by another. twice in the tame dlfleront terms. For meal even in example, don't i serve tomato soup and Iwked toma- • You'll correct most of the errors i l"es together; don't serve a cream in your diet by taking a quart ol j fonp and another creamed dish at milk a day, with a liberal serving' 'he same meal, of green vegetables. The milk may j Such combinations, where variety be in the form ot the liquid or as: in color, form, and texture are ig- icc cream, cream soup, creamed nored. are monotonous and serve DOT OUR WAY By Williami f BE OF T'rA NOf UOVJE MOOM "Trie LftMD ITS GLOVM -TIME TO AND ORCAM WlTvA EV&r4 fX S1M&LS 6RWM CELL. UCOK HIM I'M ENJOM1M& MOUR MlNO'9 ON THfvT'S ORM CqOOFVKlESS. vcgelables. custards, or buttermilk. Also, say such dietetic specialists as Dr. E. V. McCollum and Miss J. Ernestine licckcr, salad should j be eaten Iwicc a day. By a salad is meant a mixture of herbs, vegetables, fruits let- luce, celery or watercress, usually dressed \vilh salt, oil, vinetpr, nr.d pepper. The takin; of fruits, cabbage, celery, and tomatoes provides plenty of vllamin C and also , encourages chewing. "The place lo gel vitamins." says ! Dr. McColIum. "Is In the market. • from the grocery s 'orc, from the i milk-man, from the garden, and I noi from the drug store." ; The only exception to this is' vitamin D. which can be had r.o: only tn cod liver oil. but in various easily taken concentrates. to detract Irom ihc value of otherwise wholesome foixl. CHURCH EXCUSES By Gco. W. Rarharo Dr. McCollum sets simple rules for you planning wholesome meals: (1) Consider the whole day. rat'.i- cr than Ihe individual meal, as a i.nll. If breakfast is meaner, seru- a heavier lunch and dinner. Plan so that the shortcoming nt one meal are met by the other two. (2) Use some raw food, fruit, o" vegetable at least once a day. (3> Serve al each meal tome- C3n- ctnlraled food, cilhcr as a main TUCK GUESSES I T have about decided thai I was brought up in the wron» clmrcl 'Hiere is no question in my mint but that a woman of my socin training and ability to lead, plai and entertain .should e in som other church. T am frank to sa\ thai. T did not realize this unlil began my efforts to find just tin down the=M 1 ' r ° 1 . lcr pc ™ n to scllrt sistcl ' ann In tolbw in I : TODAY JO.W \VAIll.\fi. prelly MrniiiMn Rlrl. nnd HOI! U'KSTO.V. unit ut n -NY\T Yorli millionaire, mi'rr In .MfinitblM nnd f:il! In hive. They Ijicumr- c^trnnBCd Hirongh the KrheinltIK ot IIAItDAlEA COUIIT- NP-Y. a noimlnr Koclk-IT Clrl, tvho Ix lrv(T»s Mi Min llol, ror hcrnrlr. Jo:m KOC« to ,\ew Vorh In srnrrh fi«r I'AT. lier yutmzer ittlcr. \Tiio Ijrtw run mvaj- nricr rcn anhnppy luve nllnlr. Jnnn \» hlri-d n* a ninaked iln^rr nt n ni;rht elul». lleHL.rlnB Hob Is lost lo her. «he 11I.AKIO. a*rner ol Ihe ntshl «-lult. l';it reniuienr* niul l:remiir» llnr- nt'.v'a xrcretnr?. It la not Inns he- lure be rr.ilizc* be love* lit-r In- Klofitt ot Joan. Jonn itlnira nt * fnMhlonnble entertainment nnd ilul, reeoeTDlzeft her 'rolcr nnil traee* fcrr to the apartment »he nnO P.lf iihnre *vlth BnrneT'* ilru- mnther. The nimrlmcnt !• in Elir name- nf ••»!«. IlnrneT IHakr." nnil Jlnl» ten|>» tn the cunelusJon Hint Jnnn lit living there nn "Mr*. IM.ikr." ire Ultima Jo:tn (ruin liiin nut! mftbe.i array. •hum teTT« [Inrnry nt her love fnr I'olt find Jearua llmt fce luvr* IT. I. IVOW CO ON \VITI1 TIIF. STOKY CIIAPTEIl XXXII Tv-fOnK tlian one driver cursed ^ •*• Bob WcGlon irecly as be sv/nng ibe gra;' roadster in and out ol traflic. . Miraculously.! through some r'cehanical agility ' tha: had nothing whatever to ilo with cotiEcioiis effort, iiob avoided each iinpcnrtiiis collision. Now !ie knew thai, despite doubls and disappointments, lie liad nhvays set Joan aparl from other women. Only to find thai sl:o was common clay after all. Iiitifully fr;:il and human! Slic was wcr.rinjr a mask, e\- nl.iU?d and glorified lilte some •••h:a|i. Inlriguiiig sbov,- girl. There could be bin oue Interpretation of Joan's presence in tliat luxurious np.iUin.enl. Sbe was living there ns Darney Blake. nob asr.ured himself thai lie n-oirhi put her out of hia life now. utlerly niul completely. From now on he and Joan would so their scparalc ways. Bui lie could not forget the way she hud rcsior.ilcd lo his kisses, tlie way she had wiiis- pcrcd. "Do you love me. Iloh?" swerinj. The bitterness eyes --fis plain. "Well, there's Barbara." in father said, his voice unusually gentle, lie was thinking that hi 1 would have given a great deal to his I ttcal reasoning, it Joan loved I him so much wby wasn't lie theicT hls| Harnoy and Pat wcrii ni.nricil just before noon. Tliey did not wire Mrs. Waring. Joan bad promised to write her Diother as soon spare his tall, hr.mtsotne run the as the steamer sailt'd, to wrli^ pain ot disilliisioiirncnt. "Slie's a voluminously and explain evcrj- line girl." Illiins. A wire would only have "Yes. Rarlinra's all right."I loft Mrs. Waring contused - and Dob said without entLnrHnsin. I Troubled. After a moKiciu lie add-.-rt. "li j They had lunciicon at a tlower- would please you if I mruTird her. . ( ] 0 c!:c(l table in llic rorner ol a lio- wouldn't it. l)r.d?" , 0 , <| infn g room . Tllose oroum , "I'd like to cce you hanny and iliem liad only to look at Barney seltkit. YOIIIIS p:c-|ilc ars like ; and I'at to know thai this was n colts. Bob. Pan lir«-ili-i^. part t gala affair. tioi::g pin tlircnjli lliel p.-ices ' early. l!:rb.ira i-o::'j» frni:t a • sootl family ai':l slic's lint] l. 11 .!.- ' suppose were nearly two hours before railing time and Barney :;us;csted a drive. Tliey passed said v.-caiily. ll/ aii.'.:i -V.'.li i t!ls ;;cv '' Vork Yacht Club basin you win D-i'd Ji!Ft":-ive :"-••• a' li;'- ! vvit1 ' ils i itmljll! ot sc a craft. Pat's tie lime, worn you':'" " j ;;azo was eanglu-hy a group ot I've l.r?:i tliii''; in: 1 : ! '°"" l; "Of course. I'd li!;e a litllc trin :-;: Perbnp-, a rrui:;? io li::v.iu:i was lonkhr: over ill? vi'.tjt \(.''^ ; day ;-.:i:i :;•.: liour's r.o:i : wilii TOP?" "Ol;::l 1 j: I a. on t to board a ;irivLitc yacht, Siie called Barney's attention to tile gay group and. witli h?s attention diverted, they almost collided v;ilh a Ions black ' a '.'. '• linionrina. shooting pa = l. Tliero " j wore Iwo men in Ibe back scat of ^,.! t -ie biacK' car. ;Cj ' If liiey imd stopped a momenl ' i-i.-'y v.-ouid have Keen ihe men— .,. in ir.ll. blond youus fellow and a "" jsray-Sialred Iran--join the crowd i boarding The yacht, nut Joan was '"'I lalliing lo Mrs. litakc nnd Pal's j cyeo were oirly for Barney. dial nil! y. •:'.— Dad." His fuller vnj w:il;-':i:, : ; keenly. "I Oju't l;iiov: it,: fulr h:.;l insofar, "j A Y>Mc , a[cr _,„.,„ an(1 Mrg ho saui. "li I li;.d. | ,;,-;:,, uoi|||| !lkc sloo ,i on , hc picr , n ,, 1( , how obvious had lieen ills [nthor's ' : :i;onr(] efforts lo make thinks easier lor htm. I'rcle:uliu^ be Intl planned this cruise for some time! Well, llicre was no way in grt hcyoad ncrental rlcvollon. Ami his father was oue in a million. After he was alone again Mr. Westou rcarlied for the lel^plmne ! Hlnlic Rarn?y ami r.ii stood »t tha rail of the bi^ liner. ln'i!;[^g dowa 0:1 Joan ami Mr.<. lllake. "fioodby. \\"c'tl write," Barney promised. "You kno'-v you won't!" Mrj. ^J..f'? WHO WAS BINJAMIN WiRAEtl WtQEIS MOUMT 15 THE Cl Iiintor to cliurch witii. It actu ally shocked me when I found on there seemed to be so many thing wrong wilh (he church I love so well or dirt unlil T began to find nut about everything from what T hear from some of (he ladies who belong to our church nnd my Saturday Ni^lit club. It's no wonder they have so few members, especially, among the up-to-date • VOIKCII of the community, and it teems like as time ocs on. they have ahr.osl last tight of Ihe value and just what il means to have my name on Ihe church book, and if they are not careful, someday Ihcy will wake up and find I have Transferred it lo some other • rhuich. While there lias been no ; riiiect approach but two or three of the lady members of olher j churches have hinled that my name vould be quite a drawing ! card to their church, and one ! vent so far ns to say that any : mother should be glad for her children to have the association of ' Sister and Junior for just the Sunday School hour. I'.erlde bia bed and called a UUKI- ber. I^RIDAY ii£ tame. II pro 1 , oil to l>_' the Flrr.tiECst. ifiosl uiKiceoniilnblc day in ui. Water Penetration Slow j TUCSON, Ariz. (UP>—FUun wa- ', tcr in this region rcqulrrs three months to penetrate five feet of : soil, accordini! t;> C.ini^cm Desert Laboratory scientists. n.';p:t^ the . UOL summer sun. the uatrr slowly i penet»t:s through the frmind at I • .1 monthly rate of 1 1-2 ter!. slid Dv. Forrest Shreve. Wlial could it mean except, lhat she wan willing Ir cheat this olher man who had taken her so Ju;in .. „„ , Am , shc w;i ^ far along her ambitions way? i.. c , |0in; hoi]cst wj|]] llcr , o|t Eob let blniselt Into Ibe great | tbnt il was lo he oil'' ot the bap- hall of his home and mounted thel r j cs t ,| nyR s i !c had known, too. slairs. A lisht was burning In hla | She Ml free. Xo more fallier's room and ll'.o door was slightly ajar. "Thai you, Bob?" his falhcr called. "Yes, sir." The older man was propped up In bed. pillows behind his hack nnd a book in his hand. "Sorry I dH3hed away In such a hurry. Dad," Dob said. "It was rather hard on Barbara. "Then we'll cable." "Happy voyage!" called Joan. And Uieti Hartley was waving .1 li;c fluttering of I'nl's liand- ; 1:crchicf joined linutlveds of ntb- -rs. Slowly be lililc tug boals csscd Ihe iiuer oul into Tiid- Slowly ihe liner lurncd. Iicr.ding toward Ilie sea. "We'll be loiKiy," Mrs. Blake "V.'c'll :a:s3 lliem." Joan re- pliCMl, t;uiil:iig r,.irucy's car science. Kiie had never hccn more j UiroiiKb the liiic-k ir. ,lic. She was ligbl bearted'than she w.i5 as she l liiinking Hint s'ie wouldn't bo packed llic prclly clothes bought lo:iely. Never again! I'erhaps tor herself into I'.M's steamer jc\v:i now LI telephone call from pulsioti. no more doi:ic this and ; tbr.t under Hie pricks ot con- , trim!;. "Joa:i. you're sure mind?" Pal demanded you don't in oue of j I suppose though." you had u reason. i, or impetuous rushes across the I di,t. Or thought T did. Xo thing In lite, world rccincd qulto so important." Tho older man waited. Then nob went on, "Tlio masked singer was Joan Waring, Dad." "Joan Waring!" "Don't you remember—the girl you warned me against in Memphis?" "Yes, I remenibsr," his father Bald, shocked by the despair on his son's face. "Perhaps 1 was wrong. Bob. She Is very bcautl ful and she has a lovely voice. Perhaps 1 was too hasty In my judgment." • • • •"TOO liasty! Bob ccuH have Iaughe4. Instead he looked tteadilJ ~v k V> fatter, wltho-j: an- room. Hob was waiting for her at tho ur.nmcut. T h e atlcraoon Bowspanera would be sure lo :iave a story abonl I'nl's and Barney's mar- II was bard for Vr.t lo realize triage. Hob would sec it. Anyway, what hail happened, hard for her | by now he must have reasoned to believe that Joan actually j things o-il and realized that there didn't want lo marry Marncy. just j was no cause for bis foolish Jeal- as Barney did not want to marry Joan. Then lucre was the mailer ot persuading Mrs. Blake, who had heard the explanation in complete bewilderment, that this was not mere caprice or the result ot misunderstanding. It wns even harder to convince Barney's stepmother that, of a" three young people, none were bsppler over the outcome than Joan. lores anoj£«r plained. Hrs. Blake, Joan Hut no call was w,iliin~ for Joan when she arrived. She refused lo allow that to depress licr. She filled tbt afternoon wtth alfmpts at reading, wrote a Ions letter to her mother, ana bailed herself about the apartment. When darkness c-- sh«. went into Ihe living rooi . bright »lth flowers. She tnrncrt on two ot tha shaded wall lights ami thoy bathed the room In a uiolln.v glow. Sha man," I'at ei- rearranged flowers in a tall silver vase. But this otter min tad little substance. He ' in the light oJ myth . Slave's pr£C' Iho rnon had a.n waiting n'r. (To IU CceiU,,

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