The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHTJVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1037 Court Pictures/Since Black joined Bench Sponsors. Doubt Validity j .Of. Measure But Will Fry Enforcement BY KERMTT McFARI.ANf) NEA Correspondent PJTTSBTJHGH, Pa. Nov. 23.—He- glnnlncr December 1, Pennsylvania j will attempt to enforce a law limiting, the work week of all employes to 44 hours. Pennsylvania is the first state in the land lo undertake such legislation. As an experimental preliminary to: tills law, Uic state has been nl- , lfnmtf!i< lo'enforce, since .Scnlem- h n r i a 44-hourJaw for employed women. Part and climax of Die most com- [ prchensive program of labsr li>«is-1 J "•••> net even considered at Hnr- | r.<-l ,ir?. Hie general 44-hour law • \xas enacted toward lire end of (lie .last session of the legislature, which ; adjourned In June. Gather Dust a Month jruiigfc Mammy, by the way, will ' be an even tetter purser wlien ho jjjtts over the collegiate custom ot fodiiiK back five yards. Professional magnates arc hot on the trail of Clint Prank, bril- li int Yale quarterback; Johnny Wysockl, Villnnovn end; Andy some ot the oilier Clevtlanil pitchers to adopt the roller system. 0 » » Mike Jacobs believes the Antl- Nnzl League unfair In boycotting Max Schmelhig and not taking nc- lion against Bernd Rosemeyev, the automobile racing driver, anclGott- 1 ii-kas of Detroit and Dick Riffle, Tried von Cramm and oilier Ger, of Albright, the latter pair ex- j man athletes who appear in this | cepllonnUy flnr: running backs. country. it has been found lUnl about 8ft per -cent of a toad's food consists of Insect pests, and In a period of 3 months, about 10,000 Injurious Insects will be destroyed by each toad. In oilier words. Uncle Mike rioesn'l care about the embargo, ! bin is concerned about the coin. JONESBORO, Ark. I UP) —.It started accidentally and MTi'. and Mrs. W. O. Noisworthy had namc<l ' ) " > r '" 1 "'" e S ''"' C ""' Tied Up Senate in Lynch Knot ttlth employers which permit moie than 44 hours a week will be exempt. The department is deliberately broadening its interpretation": to eliminate a possible court test of the law. A:court test, it is feared, ml^ht invalidate the law as unconstitutional on the ground it is an undue delegation of power by the legislature to an administrative department. Believe'It Unenforceable Employers generally have indicated they will make at least a became effective, show of attempting to comply with the law. Most of them assert they , believe it unenforceable except, under extremely wide interpretations by the department. There is nothing in the act to prevent employers from cutting the wages of employes in propor- tion'to the reduction In their hours of work. Labor and 'Industry Secretary Ralph M. Bashore publicly has admitted he could not prevent such pay cuts. As a result, he has indicated -his department will permit ...48-fcour weeks providing the employers pay overtime Uimc-and-a- • half) for the extra four hours. i Bashore estimated application of j the 44-hour 'week for women last '• I September would provide employ- I ment for 20,000 additional persons. 1 i! 4B-h<mr week subject to wide variations in different types of business and industry. Amish to Relax Toil For "Wedding Season" LANCASTER, Pa. (UP)—Amish men and women will abandon their dnwn-to-dusk toiling and relax son? of the strict rules of their sect to celebrate during the liixl tew weeks, their niinnul '•wedding season." Marriages during this period will be celebrated by feasts and games, activities which the followers of Jacob Ammon have frowned upon for centuries. Their somber, butlonless clothing, marks of their faith, will not be discarded, however. of Justice Bl.'iek, the United Stntf.s Supreme Coiict. sat for this formal group pictuie I'll" justices, in whose hands the fate of important legislation lies, are shown above in their court robes n.s follows: left to vi','ht. from row, Associate Justices George Sutherland (15, appointed W2'2>; James Clark McKeynolds (75. appointed 19141; Chief Justice Charles ; Evnus Hughes (75, appointed' 1530); Associate Justices Louts D. Br andcls (81, appointed 1810); pierce Hutler m, appointed 19:W). '] Back row, left to right., Associate Justices Benjamin N. Cardozo (01, appointed l'j32i; Harlan p.: stone 'fa. appointed 19251; Owen J. ntrfment. but Governor Geonjc ! ' Roberts 'lia.appoinled 1330). mid llujo L, Black (El, appointed 1037). H. Earle's ad ml ni-st ration for weeks | bi'Vf-l auai- from It. The bill ?ath- crr-rt dust In n senator's desk for r"rc j),.,,, R monlh before it fin'" "as Introduced as an administration measure. Even then, there was no niujec would be passed, although the women's law had been a fore- gc-ie conclusion. But Pennsylvania already had a f *i/»m- in*v f^r pinr'oved woiucti. and the reduction in the work-week occasioned no surprise among em- plovers or 'anyone else. •_ In meting the general 44-hour Jaw, .however, (he legislature. n\ Ihe direction of the Earln ncftninis- tiatlon provided the State Lib" - "i TnrJ.iist'-v Denartment with such sweeping discretion it could, if 11 wished take away ail restrictions on the work-week. Plans Wide Lalitmlc The law specifically impowers the department to grant excmnlio-is in any case where it believes the -44-hour llrnlt will "work a hnr-d- shio" on jflnv business or Industry While no final rulines have boon issued and copies of the law ha\a not yet been made .available for seneral ditribulion, the department has made it plain that it Intends to permit wide latitude in compliance with the law. Virtually everyone who makes $25 a week or more .will be, exempted it is expected. Employe's who belong to unions enjoying contracts Fort Necessity Bayonet Found UNIONTOWN, Pa. IUP)— A Civilian Conservation Corps worker found an ancient bayonet near the scene of George Washington's first, untile and only surrender. Wolves and Itrars 1'als DENVER <UI J ) — Officials of-the City Park -/oo are considering an attempt to make Iliclv lions lie down with lambs after having no difllcmty persuading wolves ami bears to shave the same quarters, Senator Tom Connolly (Dem.. Tex.), right, so violently opposed the unti-lynching bill that lu continued "filibustering" in his own olllce Mallard Dut-k Carries ('.old following an hours-long Senate speech, lie relinquished floor leader- 1 °WASCO, N. Y. (UP)—A gold i - , tl mi. . r i , .. .. . nugget the size of a small iiea was ship of the filibuster lo some of his southern colleagues, and is Alioivu | f omu j ^,, j^ c \y Van Duesen abov; as he continued his speech with gestures, to Senator Claude] in the crop of a mallard duck Pepper (Oem., Fla',)—who also opposed the measure. He has made no estimate of pos-1 through are skeptical of the out- slble employment increase result-1 come. Based on whatever cxperi- ing from tlie general 44-hpnr law, I ences are reported by the Labor and hns provided to report of j and Industry Dpartment, they findings since the women's law lure prepared to make amendments Ken Strong, who more than lived up to his New York University ball-carrying and place- I kicking reputation as a Giant, no* 1 is a radio announcer. I Simmons to (Hauls; , llarihT Srcks Chance j Al Simmons will be waived out I three or four children" before Ihey I of l.-.c American League iuid tn- i rrnlized it. Today tliey have .seven :'kcn by Uic Giants. No American I children and tliey arc named: i I-catue club is willing to ]jay any|llobert. Roberta. Rosvcna, Rosa[ bind of a purchase price and come j mond, Homine. Romona and Rose- r <b:;e lo meetinij Simmons' report- \ Ivn jn! W2.CCO salary, flill 'ferry is in din; net:tl of jiowor. however, and has ;r .hunch Dial lhe Pole mlijlit! <lo u Ifel/iie ) Mel Hurdei 1 wants Ihe Cleveland j i hib to tradii him. Looking at his i )y.'j[> i-ecoj'd, oil'.- wouhl .susp^.-t t ilutl Harder was kjMng some tit Ills stuff, lint iho:t' closest to the Indian .situation' declare that, following it brief K]icll of arm trouble early lust .spring, lhe only thing me rather frnll rlghlliuiidei 1 lacked was ' SluiiiM i/jugh \Vidi, Not At Hnli IVIIi'i- lio!) Feller is most unpopular with Ills Indian teammates, especially the pitchers. It -seems thai they got a big laugh out of the youngster posing in pitching stance before full-length hotel room miv- rors. flu even pitched the bail into pillow.-; stacked against the head <!f the bed. It might not he a bad idea for PHONE 103 FOR 'PETE' THE PLUMBER Pecans Wanted Highest Market Prices Goldstein Hide* Fur Co. Hear Joe Isaacs' Store PREPARE I'OR WINTERl l!Y DICK McCANN NKA Service S(:ifl' Writer NEW YORK, Nov. 23.—Harvey Hnrmnn is through at the University of Pennsylvania, they are saying in Philadelphia, and Lon Little will resign nt Columbia to coach his alma mater. Along the football beat yon also hear that Clnrk -Rhaughncssy ot the hapless but happy University of Chicago team will accept the next offer made for his services by a National League club.-~The professionals have bid for the old Minnesota man before. A group of southern football men have joined Dr. Clarence Spears of Toledo in trying to have the polnt-after-touchdovvn sel-iir. changed IPrestone & Ford finti-Freeze FREE TESTING OF . . , Brakes, Hose Connections, Battery, etc. OPEN. DAY, NIGHT AND SUNDAY Don't Delay! MOTOR COMPANY Phone 810 I'RKPAKK FOR WINTER! 109 West Main St. Phone 15 EVERYTHING TO RAT Prices for Tuesday-Wednesday, Nov. 23 & 24 Mnsl Will He Granted Almost every branch of industry to the law at the next session of the legislature. ,. Subject to Variatioi and business in Pennsylvania Ms I The law permits an 8-hour (lav Hied, or intends lo file, applica-1 live and ft halt days n week and lions with 'the department for spe- j provides cm-tain restrictions as lo cial exemptions from the 44-hour i hmch periods and limits within work week. j wll |,. h lhe ejghl nollrs must - be Judged by tire department's ri|l-1 worked. But all these provisions Ings on the women's law. most of i "re subject lo departmental modi- those requests will be granted. i ficatton. The general 44-hour law frankly.! Tluis, In netual opcrnlion Perm- Is a n experiment. Privately, legls- i sylvanla will not have n rigid '«- lalive leaders who helped push u i lioiu- week law. but move probably that the defending array would have a chance to pick up Hie extra digit, too. Wnen the kick is blocked, n pass is intercepted, or a fumble Is caught In the nir, they would permit a defending player to score a point by running the length of the field. Advocates argue that the point-aftcr-loucr.down play is the only one in which both sides do not have a chance to score. llaugh Weak Against Hit; Own Strength Sammy Bnugh. greatest of pass- which sire was serving for dinner.! Drs - Ls wcak °'> Pass defense. The ' former Texas Christian quarterback- now with the Washington Redskins is easily sucked out of be cuUvorms, and, position because lie lias not yet cutworm's animal sollen used lo the professional Of the 10,000 insects destroyed by each toad annually, about it! per cent counting will each CRANBERRIES, Pound He I-ETOJCE, Firm Huiuls, En 1 '/jc CKf.ERY, Jumhn, ?5leached, En 9c CAUIiA(;E, Solid Heads, 111 2'/>.c ONIONS, Spanish Sfylc, I!) ,'J^c I5EI.L 1'EIM'ERS, lh POTATOES, No. I Retl, 1'k SWEET POTATOES, Pound I5AIVANAS, Dozen ORANGES, Large Texas, Dnz APPLES, Delicious, Do/en MIXED, .^UTS. Pound •"• '••• '-l 27c 2'/ 2 e I5c 25c 2iie ' ..,. . , 2()e .vV- :>,•„! damage at the low figure of 1 cent., each toad would be worth $20 Tor this service alone. rule which allows forward passing anywhere behind (he line of scrim- Louis Tiffany invented favrile glass in 1894. It is a variety of iridescent enameled glass and the j most beautiful example is the j screen in the lobby of an Independence Square publishing company, in Philadelphia. Shoes Arc JMoro Comfortable When Repaired al Smith Shoe Shop On Picket Line SPECIAL THIS W£CK Rose Glass SALAD PLATE LARD, Pure, 4 Pound Carton 55e, 8-1U'. CMon $1.05, 50 W $6'.8b SHORTENING, 4 Ib 4fic, 8 Ib. 90c, 16 Ib. Pail $2.05 SORGHUM, Pure Mississippi, Bucket (JOc OATS, Gold Medal, Plate, Bowl or Cup & Saucer, Box 23c COHN FLAKES, or POST TOASTIES, 2 Soxes .' 15c DOMINO SUGAR, Brown or Powder, 3 Boxes .25fc COCONUTS, Fresh, each 5 C COHN, Pridt- nf Illinois, 2 fans 2ai-' SWEET HORN, No. 2 Can Ilk PEACHES or Pears No. 2'/> Can, diced lac SPINACH. Klylhevillu No. 2 Can Sc GREEN 15EANS. Hiythevillc, tan ....8c TOMATOES, No. 2 Cans 7 l / 2 c APPLE .SAUCE. No. 2 Cans Iflc FRUITS, Cor Salad, Tall Can lOc KRUIT COCKTAIL, Can 22c 15LACIvl!EURIES in Heavy Syr up 20c PICKLES, Sweet Mixed, 21 o/. r ...:..21c PEANUT lU'TTER. Quart 2Sc SALAD DRESSING. Quart 25c SANDWICH SPREAD, Quart 2;k' CATSUP. M <n. liottle lOc I5LACK PKI'PER, 1 Poiuul Box 20t MUSTARD. Full Quart 1 Ik- EC G NOODLES, 'I'kff lOc CRACKERS, 2 Pound l?ox ISe GOLD MEDAL MEAL, iiox Iflc HOBNAIL DESIGN 8'/2 in. salad plate. An authentic reproduction of a famous Early American design. Clear glass, delicately rose tinted. At this remarkably low price you can get a whole set for your next afternoon club—or as a breakfast or luncheon set. 8 EA. Limit 12 to a Customer m*«f. "do mouse catching until ths ' strike is settled" is the sit-dovvn '] threat of the mouser mascot of a i chain grocery-store in Washing- | tort, D. C.. since the clerks v.'ent , en <tn\,c Kilt;- does her picket- ' •ing-"in '.!i? tinniest spot ot t!>e ' ' lin«. . , SMO USE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. J. W "THE Shonso PROGRESSIVE Phone 35 STORE" Wilson Henrv HIS WHiSXfY IS AGED OAK CASKS FOR A LONGER mt THAN ITTOOKTOERKTTHK WORLD'S TALLEST RAISINS, B »/. Kox 5c, 15 <». lOc, 2 Ih 20c COCONUT, (i m. Pkg H)c MINCE MEAT. 1'ackage lllc POPCORN, 1 Pound Package U)c JELLO. All Flavors, Pkg. Ofic CANDY, All 5c Bars, 3 for lOc GUM, All Flavors, :{ Pkgs Hie QUAKER GRITS, Hox ' lOc Stcak-HarlKi or Cocktail Sauce 15c HUSKIES or WHEATIES, 2 For ....25c TOILET TISSUE. iOOO Sheet Ro!! . ...3c HROOMS, 25c, ^ac, 45c, and (>0c OIL CANS, 5 Gallon «5c KEROSENE. 5 Gallons 'lac WASH HOARDS, Hrass King .|5c CHASE & SANBORN COFFEE, Hi. 30c CANOVA COFFEE, Glass 30c PURE COFFEE, We Grind, 11) 15u TOILET SOAP, Asstd., :( liars Klc Sl/NSHINE CRACKERS, 2 Ihs :«c FRESH OYSTERS, Dry Pack Sclccl. IH 3»c FRESH HAM, Half or Whole, II) 21c BUTTKR, Fresh Process, Ih 3.ic SMOKE!) HAM, Half or Whole, Ih ..*>c POKK CHOPS, Center Slices, H> 25c BLOCK CHILI, Rival «rantl, Ih 2lc No. 1, 24 Ibs. 75c; 48 Ibs. $1.45 Barrel .'...... $5.85 BIG MOON, 24 Ibs. 85c; 48 Ibs. $1.65; Barrel .. .$6.30 HOME SPUN, 24 Ibs. 90c; 48 Ibs $1.75; Barrel §6.70 PEACOCK, 24 Ibs. 95c; 48 Ibs, $1.85; Barrel . .$6.90 White Water Rose, 24 Ibs. 95c; 48 Ibs/ S1.85; Bbl $7.00 <5 « JIFNQ .. nilPKQ H °»E a •• I1IL810 •" UUlilXO GROWN I, Bulk, Bring Your Bucket |b. 12JC GROUND 1UJEK, Pure/& Wholesome 15c I'ORK DRAINS 1 II) Cup, Each ISc SMOKED I5ACON, I n l>i«ce, Ib 23c J'UUF5 I'ORK SAUSAGE, Ib \.20c SPARK RIBS, Small & -Meaty, II) 20c UACON, Rindlcss, Ib. 370; Rind on, Ib 35c Our Doors Are Open al 6 o'clock Mornings and Closed at 8 o'clock al Night. DELIVERY SERVICE IN TOWN AND. OUT. PARKING PLACE IN REAR. f i ,

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