Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 4, 1891 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1891
Page 4
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fohn Gray's "CORNER" NEW GOODS. j While everyone is .blowing-, striking Ifid trying to push- off old unsalable joods on their customers; John Gray J»S gong and filled up his store chuck 311 of new goods and is, selling- them iwer than some of the old chesnuts flat are being offered elsewhere as •teat bargains, reason why, ho has no. Id goods to lose <?n, ,.Good Goods, good selections careful •ing and close prices is what has en him the .cleanest stock in the jto.le. i i 1FINE PERFUMES :-: A T :-: Parvin's :-: l[E-:I12tli-st Drug Store.E:-: THE gamblers have been run out o Anderson and Muncie is now tackling them. When will the work bf.gi here? At Muncis the Ma,yor an other city officials refused to moles the gamblers and the people hav taken up the fight against them.— Pharos. This is a significant utterance on the part of the Pharos and the Jour nal will make it this proposition. Th Journal and Pharos will support irre gardless Of politics the candidate who are nominated on a platform stating 1 clearly a position in favor o the enforcement of the law. In the event that both parties adopt such ; platform and nominate men who wil stand by the platform the agreement to be off. Tariff Picture* "While we may do pretty well In the food lln and raw material, you know we are nowhere In the reports of manufactured goods." And ye agricultural Implements are manufactured goods and protected Iron and steel and lumber am paint and varnish entcrlnto them. The exports of agricultural Implements o domestic manufacture Increased torn $2.118,172 In value In 188 to or 100 per cent. —New York Press. Only a Flamli. An authority on fashions for men says that the dazzling blazer and the gorgeous belly band, alias sash, will not be the thing this summer. Amen! And now will fashion please show a little more common sense and shoot that fiendish abomination, the summer derby hat?—New York Press. baily Journal. jHahed every day to the week (except Monday) I by W. D. PRATT. 7 'Ice per-Anmun, ... - so OO " ice per Month. ----- 50 j|?J)KESDAT MORNING. FEB. 4. ^OitMcFADiN's ground hog is Jetely vindicated.~- LIE national apportionment bill is ("larked contrast with that of In||a. Congress passed so fair a one If even Mills of Texas, forgot his I and Holman his "I object, 1 ' _ 1 •X city election approaches. Nom-^ns will be .made"inside of sixty ' "'aireacly in the Democratic i. t \ '•"£ / TO activity. There will be .'r candidates however, and £jbemocrats should come for/ * \ Indianapolis Journal needs a asus editor. A few days ago Xho population of Logansport \ Yesterday it stated that the ; ^es in Indiana are Indian- tesville, Fort Wayne, Terre ,^th Bend, New Albany, *i.ogansport, ..iMuneie, An- Land perhaps Mad- jSbt llo this. •ME of the fa .•mer's .'papers notably New England'Homestead-and the rm and Home, of Chicago have 6D feeling the pulse of the er. The answer to the inqui- 'Will the new tariff help American.farmers as a whole?" is made known, and the^result is: 57,258; no. 89,133. True was ttementof the'English tourist in 'ountry that the American free r is either ai capitalist, a theor- a politician.-" STREETEK, the Alliance candi- "Tnited States Senator from \a protectionist for good the reduction of the asks, "enable 'i get a cent more .for. '"ftotton, .or wheat, or er, or cheese, or beef, or Or lard? If not—and I am sure fould not—there are not many Irs being deceived by the low •hue and cry as a means of relief remedy for their troubles. 11 MAGEE is represented as being d to the prison reform bill pre- by the labor legislative com- ie. Mr. Magee .is chairman of enate judiciary committee. The ,tment of that bill would, put an scandals and annihilate the ring.' It may. be that fear of isults prompt much • of the op.—Labor Signal. ir'Mag'ee's po'sition on this was under discussion during campaign and the claim was his .organ that he was ;o the measure. The Labor %ims to agree with the Jour- V ( s opposition. The Labor /w;ns are earnestly working I which is .a good oce and Illy watch its progress. Repeal It The press ef the State wants the Grubbs libel law repealed, or if not repealed, greatly modified. It is an unjust law, that it gives any deadbeat or characterless scoundrel an opportunity to annoy and trouble the newspaper that, exposes such people.—Pharos. NOTES OF THE DAY. A fire at Rockville, Mo., destroyed thirteen business houses. Mrs. Eliza Turner, of Cassville, Wis., was instantly killed by a train Monday. Canada's authorities have decided to Establish dairy schools throughout the Dominion. Ernest Forbes (colored) has been sentenced at Baltimore to be hanged for 2riminal assault. The revenue collections for Peoria, 111., for the month of January reached a total of 81,725,728. The bark Jose Moore while off Cape San Antonio was lost January 25 with 540,000" worth of sugar. . In the Union Club at Omaha Monday Robert Derr, the steward, was crushed to death in the elevator. Amherst College has been offered B100,000 contingent on 3150,000 being added to it for the general fund. Indian Agent Ashley has been enjoined from driving the half-breeds from the Omaha Indian reservation. A train crushed a street car at Whitman, Mass., Monday night, seriously injuring Mrs. Dawson and Miss Williams. The first annual convention of the Stonemasons' International Union oJ tae United States and Canada met in Syracuse, N. Y. A dispatch from Findlay says the Ee- publicans of Ohio are pushing ex-Governor Foster for the place in the Cabinet made vacant by the death of .Secretary Windom. Miss Dorcas Dean, aged S3, died Sunday at Adrian. Mich., after a lingering illness. She went there with her parents in 1822 and taught the first school in the wilderness. A dry-goods firm at Louisville, Ky., will file a petition for the return of 5103,000 duties collected under the Me Kinleybill on the ground that the bill is unconstitutional. . ' •A mob broke open the jail at Homer, La., lor the purpose of lynching Link Waggoner, but Waggoner was armed and wounded several of his assailants and put them to flight. George M. Bradley, a, consumptive, who had been inoculated with Dr. Koch's lymph, died Monday "at JJe j? Haven, Conn. The remedy had an ill effect on the man's throat. Superintendent Keighley, of the Mammoth mine, was attacked and severely injured by wives of victims of the recent disaster, who declared that he had murdered their husbands. In Kansas there has been more moisture than usual. In the southwest and south-central portions of the State .there have been both snow and rain. In the northwest there have been good snows. The winter wheat is in better condition than it has been at any time since it was sown. Great interest continues in the case of W. H. Crawford, on trial at Decatnr, 111., for the murder of the wife of Colonel Mathias.. A double guard of officers escort the prisoner to and from the jail and keep back the crowd, which se.ems desirous of taking the law into its own hands. Jorgen Nelson, a farmer living ten miles from Whitehall, Wis., killed Ms stepson Monday in a horrible. manner. His son was playing with, some. other boys about his father while he was chopping wood and dashed in front of the latter, receiving the full, force of a blow on the head, killing him instantly. • -. -,.- ' . cold- blooded LOST French Murderer, Dies by -the Guillotine, i He Refuses Religious Consolation and Goes to His Death Without A Tremor. ffifG,. Mich., Feb. 3,—A murder was committed here Monday.evening, Patrick Sullivan being- the victim. He was walking- home with a companion when one Toomey stepped behind/him and fractured his skull with a heavy club. Sullivan died before a, physician could reach him. Toomey ig not under arrest. I'AID THE PAHIS, Feb.>3.—^lichael Eyraud, the murderer of Goufi'e, was executed ab 7:00 o'clock a. m., on the Place de la Rouquettc. Eyraud met his fate with fortitude and resignation. There were but few witnesses at the execution. When the Governor of the prison, M. La Roquett, and the prison, chaplain, L'Abbe Faure, were ushered into Eyraud's cell, -a short time previous to the hour fixed for the condemned man's execution, they found that he was already up and dressed, evidently forewarned, contrary to the rules, by some kind-hearted official. Eyrand declined a glass of cognac which, was tendered him by one of the wardens, and in spite of the earnest solicitation of L'Abbe Faure, the murderer positively, even angrily refused to listen to the good priest's prayers, to pray himself, or to have any religious rites performed in his behalf. The abbe's pleading with the' criminal in that dark cell, while within and without tlw? prison all preparations were made to usher the sullen prisoner into another' world, was probably the most solemn and dramatic incident of the execution. But Eyraufi's iron will was not to be shaken even in the presence of death, and he continued impatiently to refuse religious consolation while on the death march to the guillotine, which had been erected during the night on the Place de la Rouquette by M. Be Paris and his grim assistants. When pinioned and upon the point of being overturned upon the boscull of the guillotine — upon the plank which was to glide , with him beneath the fatal suspended knife—Ei-rand, with a movement as ..if of angry contempt or sullen resentment, refused to return the last •ris.3 bestowed upon him by L'Abbe Faure, as customary in the case of criminals upon the point of being executed. The action of the guillotine. once - Eyraud's- neck ,vas well beneath the uprights, was instantaneous. There was a lash and all was over. Eyraud's head lad fallen into the saw-dust-filled receptacle which awaited it. Then fol- owed the usual funeral, ahd the body if GouffVs murderer was handed* ovsr o his (Eyraud's) relatives and acquaintances. lE.vraufl and Gabrielle Bompard murdered ouffe in the room of the woman at No. 3 Rue 'ronson Ducoudray. They put the body of heir victim in a trunk and set off for Lyons, There it was subsequently found- in' a ditch., tiud and Gabrielle wandered about together or a time, then Eyraud came to America, Ga- rielle confessed and was Imprisoned. For along ime Eyraud eluded Justice, until he was run to arth at Havana, whence he was taken to 'arts, Eyraud previous to the trial con- essed that he ivas the murderer of M. SoufTe and that all Gabrlelh) said was rue. After a sensational trial Eyraud sentenced to die by tho guillotine nd Gabrielle v:as given a life sentence. The efense set. up by the woman was that Eyraud ad hypnotized her and thus compelled her to ssist la the murder,! TWO WERE KILLED. INDIANA. Work of the State Legislature Summarized—Other News. The Law-Makers. INDIAN-ATOMS, Ind., Feb. 4.—The session of the Legislature is now nearly half over, and of the twenty bills passed most of them are purely local in character, and have no general interest. Thus far -i53 bills have been introduced in the House and 217 in the Senate, and probably one-third of these have been indefinitely postponed. The two most important measures to be considered, those relating to ofiicial fees and salaries and the (State's revenues, are as yet in a chaotic condition. It is the hope of the committees having them in charge to be able to report the neees^ sary bills during the present week. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Feb. ,4.—In the Senate Monday a bill was passed prohibiting the pumping of gas. This practically stops the piping of gas to Chicago, as pumps would be necessary to force it from the fields to the city. The bill which provides for a punishment of from six months to one year's imprisonment for keeping a gaming- house was also .passed by the Senate. The bill to compel railroad companies to maintain suitable waiting and toilet- rooms at all stations was engrossed, A long step toward political recognition of women in Indiana was taken in the House Monday when favorable action was taken on a bill providing that hereafter there shall be elected in each town three school trustees, one of whom shall be a woman over 21 years of age. A bill authorizing cities to pension disabled firemen or their widows and families if killed while performing duties was introduced in the House. It is an outgrowth of the Bowen-Merrill disaster of a year ago, wherein fourteen firemen were killed* Bills were also introduced in the House to establish a State board of insurance, which shall equalize the cost of insurance and fix compensation for loss by fire: to require all candidates before nominating conventions to file a sworn statement of money spent or things of value given away in connection with the conventions. A committee of three was appointed to correspond with other Legislatures in the Northwest in the interest of a law to reduce interest charges. Other bills introduced were as folio \vs: To compensate school enumerators by day instead of / per capita; authorizing appointment and paying of matrons of county orphan homes was ordered engrossed; also requiring plumbers in cities to register and secure a license; also requiring mine- owners to pay their men every two weeks in money. The caucus to nominate prison and benevolent truHees will occur Julv 10. Highest of all In Leavening Power.—W. S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889, ^^«^*ffl.l!> I der ABSOLUTELY PURE SWIFT JUSTICE. Remarkably Quick Time ia a Michigan Murder Case, Russell C. Canfield Arrested for Crime, and Sentenced for Life Within Thirteen Hours. An Engineer and His Fircmiui T.oae Tlieir I-ives la a Wreck oil an OIilo Kailway. CLEVELAND, O.. Feb. 8.—The Chagrin. Falls accommodation on the Cleveland, Canton & Southern railroad, was wrecked a few miles south of this city, and Engineer o Oscar Greenwald and Fireman Edward Hcllman were almost instantly killed. The train was running about thirty miles an hour and the engine jumped the track, rolled down an enbankment about ten feet Mgh and dragged a combination car and coach after it. The passengers were badly shaken up, but Tione of them sustained serious injuries. Will Not Bo Represented. LITTLE EOCK, Ark., Feb. 3.—At a' meeting of the. joint committee of the House and Senate a resolution was adopted refusing to recommend any appropriation for the Columbian Exposition. Senator Kuss, the. Union Labor member of "the committee, stated that, owing to the large deficiency i in the State Treasury., caused by the peculations of the State Treasurer and-his friends, it was inexpedient to make any expenditures that could be avoided at this time. ' Was One of Napoleon's Soldiers. •ALBANY, N. Y., Feb. 3.—Francis R. Jung was. buried here Monday.' He was born in Germany ninety-six years ago and when a boy was apprenticed to a Frenchman named JTey, afterwards Marshal Ney. Mr. Ney induced the young man to joiii the French army, and he fought under Napoleon up to the defeat at Waterloo. A Mother's Fatiil Mistake. ich-. Feb.^3.—Miss Martha Hickok, a prominent young lady of this city, died Monday afternoon from the effects of strychnine which had been given her by her mother by mistake, for quinine. The mistake was not discovered until the young woman fell in convulsions. Tlie Same Old Story. SPRINGFIELD, 111., Feb. 3.—After iaking three ballots the. joint session adjourned. The last ballot, which was ;he fifty-sixth, resulted as all others iave resulted: Palmer, 101; Oglesby, 100; Streeter,' 3. A Tu.x Commission. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Feb. 4.—The majority in the Legislature Las agreed to establish a State tax commission. A measure will be presented, of which the following is a synopsis: It provides that the commission shall be composed of two members, appointed by the Governor with the concurrence of the Senate, to receive an annual salary of Si, 500 and necessary expenses. The Governor, Auditor and Sta te Treasurer shall be members ex-offieio. The powers and duties of the commission briefly outlined are a£ follows: To take tlie place of the State Board oIEqual- Izalioa and to perform Its duties: to provide iill the necessary lorins and blanks and change them when necessary; to consider all the tax and revenue laws of the Stato and to instruct all subordinate ofttcers regarding them; to see that all assessments of property are properly made; to see, particularly, that tho laws re- g-.-irdlng toe as'sessmsnt of the property of roil roads and corporations are strictly enforced; to look alter all laws relating to taxes and revenue; to determine tho amounts that the various counties ol the State shall levy lor State purposes; to examine the books and lists ol the various offices; to report to the General Assembly the whole amount of revenue derived or needed by the State, and the amount of revenue lost and the reasons tor the loss; to investigate the revenue laws o'- other States and countries; to visit each county in the State at least once a rear to hear complaints and to see that the laws are enforced. -i JIB PLEAD GUILTY. DDIOXDALE, Mich., Feb. 3.—-At 10 o'clock Monday night Eussel C. Canfield was arrested for the murder of the young girl f o»ffld in the river here on Friday night. Last Tuesday night Canfield went to the State public school, an institution for the care of indigent children, at Coldwater, and by some means secured permission from the superintendent to take a young girl named Nellie Griffin away with him. On Wednesday Canfield arrived Hsre with the girl and started off on foot for his home, about three miles from hero, Suspicion was aroused wnen the girl's body was found, and an inquiry that was begun resulted in the arrest of Canfie'.d. Superintendent Sfewkirk, of the Coldwater school, has fully identified the corpse as that of Nellie Griffin. Canfield was taken to the county jai] at Charlotte to avoid an angry crowd, that would ! probably have lynched him. CHABLOTTB, Mich., Feb. 8.-—Canfield was brought into the circuit court at 2 o'clock p. in., and arraigned before Judge Hooker for feloniously and willfully and with malice aforethought choking and .killing Nellie Griffin. When asked by the court what he had to say to the charge, he replied: "Guilty, I expect."- Judge Hooker then sentenced him to the State prison at Jackson, for the balance of nis natural life. Sheriff Pollock took him to Jackson at S o'clock. Russell C. Canfield is about 50 years of age and looks like a plain, honest farmer. -He is supposed to be a widower, and some say he was divorced from his wife. He 'has lived here for two years, and is said to have hailed from. .Ohio. Nellie Griffin is'described as 12 years old, with dark hair, blue eyes, light complexion, of slender build and about the ordinary- size for her age. She was a comely- looking lass, and comparatively littie seems to be known of her antece- den.ts. She was received at the institution as a resident of Mason, Ingham County. From the post-mortem it appeared that although she was barely beyond the dividing line between girlhood and womanhood, her life had not been lived in accordance with yie mandates of morality. Ki Ted in » Collision. : SVHACUSK', N. Y., Feb. 3.—The North Shore limited on the New York Central was wrecked at East Rochester by" coming in collision, with a wild-cat engine. Engineer Robert . Brown, , of Greece, was killed, and .Fireman M. Feeny, of Dewitt, was fatally injured. Sad Death of a Child. HASTINGS. Neb., Feb.'S.-^During the absence of Mrs. Dan Berry Monday- morning, her 5-year-old daughter Gertrude, ]ert at home with her little brother, was burned to death, her clothes'catcliing fire from a base-biimer. Serious ISrcak in a Canal. CHILLICOTHK, O., Feb. 8.—A break in the Ohio canal within the city limits has entailed damages to the amount of 830,000 and, threatens to undenaine Eeveral warehouses along the bank. i r orjrer Fursmuix on'Triftl- BLOOMD.-GXON-, I1L, Feb. 3.—The trial '(A the forger Fursman, who defrauded Bloomin<rton and other lenders of money out of about 8200,000, began at Pontiac Monday- r m ni n -ua:!!- Monday nlgM dcs^nyed the general :• tores of M.irl; & SOD. Boafman & ,T:cr-] ; .- .'t Sinclair, the Knights ' ••' ' •: -i'-i'i'-in-eof W.liiam l^-- :i,ni : -i'Vi;r liu.vkins. Loss, nf J-'y r : . ,7. l; THE GREAT ENGLISH REMEDY, BEECHAM'S PILLS ""Worth.» Suineii a Box" but wld for 25 Gents, BY AL& DRUGGISTS. Condensed R. R,.Time-Tables. Pittslmrg, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis By (CENTRAL Ture.) . Bradford Oi vision. L*iVB Bradford Burbaiik Dead. Ind., Feb. 4.—Bradford Burbank, one of. the, most prominent merchants and capitalists of. this city, connected with the glass trade; died at Ms country residence in the suburbs Mondav, aged 71 years. He was one of the pioneers in developing the Fluor Spar mines .at Rose .Clare, and was identified with enterprises in-this city and neighborhood; " . A Hand-Car Run Down. MAELIN, Tex., Feb. 3. —Monday night a hand-ear with a section crew on board was, run down by a freight train. On the hand-car was a sick maa who was being taken to a -hospital. The collision occurred on a high trestle. One of the section crew, named Thomas was instantly killed, being cut to pieces, and five others were badly injured. . BAD ECZEMA ON BABY 1:16 pm* __ _ 4:20pint....,^Accommodation".. ...'. S.-OOam* 0.-45 amf.atarlonAccommodatlon. 4-$) pmt Jiichmoad l>lvistou. 8.00 ft m"....Night Express.-.! 1:05 a ro* 11:10 a mf Accommodation, SS^amt- * 1:80 p m*....T)ayExpress l:25Dm» A. UdOpmf Accommodation Saopmt- >} Indianapolis OiVlaloii...'.' j«f 2.20'a m*....NightE-tpress..;.... 1H55 am'.i/'-: 130 p m*—Day Express.. 1^5pn?,< *' •Chicago Division. V'" them» ^ ».... Night Express;..,..... S:l6'»^Jkiaiia»feH l:C5pm*........FastLlne ...... ... 1:25 CJ^ thTj l:« ; pm* ............ Fast Line ...... ....... } a? pi"- fcne c 3 11:30 a nit. ....Accommodation...... 4:30 p nltinued. 7:16 p»f..... Accommodation ...... 6:15 8 mv™- thntr State JUtae Olvistoa. 1 Vel ' t W Head one Solid Sore. Itching Awful. Had to Tie His Hands to Cradle. Cured by Cuticura. Indicted for Murder. LAFAYETTE, Ind., Feb. 4.—The grand jury has returned two separate indictments' against George Bennett, charging murder in the first degree in both cases. In November last Bennett shot John Werkhoff, causing his death four days after. A moment after shooting Werkhoff. Bennett met William H. Scott, whom he shot dead. Ico-Hoase3 Burned. LA PORTE, Ind., Feb. 4.—Eight large ice-houses on Pine lake, owned by the John Hilt Ice Company, were burned Monday morning. The, houses were two-thirds full and the loss is §50,000. Against the .-Lotteries. BISMARCK, N. D.,'-Feb. 3:—At last the constitutional amendment prohibiting 1 .otteries .ias.reached the.Governor for lis approval. It will have to be submitted to the next Legislature .and then. ;o the people. ^Bartholomew Sullivan, a farmer, was langed at Tralee, Ireland,- tor com- >lieityin themurder of PatrickHahive. in t>v. >'ew Iiouisvllle-Ciilcago Railway. jEFFEnsoNvrGLE, Ind.,-Feb. 4.—Surveys are being rnade between this city and Terre Haute for a new through route between Louisville and Chicago. Condensed Specials. Louis. Brolsaw. of. Fort Wayne, Ini, was •dlled by the cars Monday. Regular passenger service was established on,tho Emmsvllle & Rlohmona railway bevween Seymour and Westport Monday morning-. The body of John Weiss, 'n. German.who disappeared from his home at South Bend, tud., since Christmas, has b'oen found in tha river there. "• £ ' ' • ' John*M. Boylo, of Viniennes, a prominent member of the Knox County bar,'died Monday at Hot Springs, Arl:., of a rheumatic affection. He was 53 years old. William Mitchell, a youth crozed by too much, love, shot himselt at the door of his sweetheart's home in Indianapolis, Ind., Monday morning and d,c<3. , Our little boy broke out on his head with a bad form of eczema when he was lour momlis old. We-tried three doctors, but they did not help him. We then used your three Cutleura"Remedies, and afar using them eleven weeks exactly according to directions, he begun to steadily Imp) ove, ar.;d altar the use ol .them for seven mouths bJs head was entirely well, When we besan Using it his head was a solid sore Irom.ths. crown to his eyebrows. It was also all over his ears, most of his face, and small 'places on dlflerent parts of his body. There were sixteen weeks that we iad to keep hlB hands tied to the cradle, an<J hold them when he was taken up; and had to'keep mittens tied on his hands to keep his finger-nails out of the sores, as he would s^ ratch if he could in any way get his hands loose. We know your Cutl- c.wraEemedles cured him. 'We feel sale In recommending the.m to others, GEO. B, i: JANETTA HAHRIS, Webster, Ind. Scrofula Cured. I have a sHter younger than myself whose whole body was covered with scrofula seres, from head to loot. She could not lie down at nlshr, and had no peace by day. A friend advised her to try the Cuticura Eemedles. She did so, and they cured her. 1JOSA B. EEVING, Kushsylvania, Ohio. Cutieura Resolvent The new Blood and Skin Purifier.-and greatest ot Humor Eemedles, cleanses the blood ol all Impurities and poisonous elements, and tnus removes the cause, while Cuticura. the great skin cure, and Cuticura Soap, an exquisite Skin Deau- tlder, clear tbft skin and scalp, ami restore the hair. .Thus the Cuticura Eemedles cure every species of Itching, burning, scaly, pimply, and blutchy skin, scalp, and blood diseases, from liilaucj to age, when the best phjslclans fall. Sold everywhere. 'Price, Cuticura, 50c.; Soap, 25c.; Resolvent, $1. Prepared by the Potter Drug and Chemical Corporation, Boston. ESTSendfor "EowtoCure.Skln Diseases," 04 pages, SO Illustrations, and lOOteatlmonLHs. l«)pmt....MallandExpreM.;... 7:45amf. ., ...... Express ..... .».-; llilBamK. ..... Local Freight.-... .. Trains marked * run dally. Train e marked t run dally except Suntl&r. Tandalia. blue. SOUTH BOTHD.! - • ; Local Freight... ......... ™».i ......... „ ___ 5^0 a m Terre Haute Express. — ......... ......... . 7:26 a m Mall Train... — ;. ................. .... -------- fAO p jn .HOBCT BODND. ' Local Freight -------- . ..... ....^:._..-.._.... KM a m> Mall Train ............... „.,. ......... «_™.JU^6 a m. South Bead Express ........ : ___ .............. 8.-46 p m Through Freight....... ....... . — . ...... _ 658pm Close connections for Indianapolis' via Oolftx now made by all our. passenger train*. — j Ci Edgworth, agent. Walmxh Railroad. "• '' f - « ZASTBOUNB. '.,..;- ; .v •: New York Expres, dally ....... .-.„ ___ ... , . n-,55 a i& Fl Wayue(pasOAccm.;exceptSniida/8:l8am, Kan City & Toledo Ex.,exceptSundarll-a5 aw Atlantic Express, daIly^';,."..........:.;-.;;-4fi6'p m Accommodation Frt., exceptSunday;- 936 p m TVEST'ETOND. . . Pacific Express, dally ..... '.........'„.. ___ .. 7-52 am Accommodation Frt.. except-Sun'aay..I2:15 p m Kan City Ex., except Sunday^ ......... .. £f.-46nm LaIayette(Pas)Aeem,, except 1 Sundav 6 KB p m St. Louis Ex., dally _____ .....—.....,.....IlO:32 p m Eel River Biv., LopanNport, Wont Side. Between I-osaiiKport and ClifU. EAST BODXD. .• . : •"Accommodation, ex. Sunday, Leave.. 10:00 aw Accommodation, ex. Sunday, Leave.. 4:JO p m WEST Botnn>. ".-'• ' •"•".-'-• ' Accommodation, ex. Sunday, Arrive-. 8JO a m Accommodation, ex. Sunday, Arrive., tap p m i •me W ANTED a few persons Jn .each'place to do writing at home. Enclose Me. for --MO page book with particulars to J. H. Woodbury, Station T>, New York Cl'y. - ' ocKJldly opportunity. quIck SAMP profits. A rare M. f. W ANTED—An active, reliable'^ -Man-salary S7O to 880 monthly, with Increase, to represent In nis own section-a responsible New York House. References. Manufacturer, Lock Box 1585,New : York. .- - ,' , <C7R tn <J> / O IU L? A U VC Skin and scalp purified an DrVD I O tlfled by COTICUJU SOAP. lutelypurel and beau- Abso- PAINS and WEAKNESSES AM DOTH can- be made working for us.". Person* preferred who can furnish a horse and give their whole time to the business." Spare moments mar be profitably employed also. A- 3ew Tacandes in towns and cities. B.}'. JOHNSON AC'O 2600 Main St . nT-uhmpnd.-Va : - - ••'?.•'' W ANTED—An Active' Man for each section Salary S75 to #1OO, to locally represent a successful N. Y. Company Incorated to supplj ' Dry Goods, Clathlng, Shoes, Jewelry, etc., to con. burners at cost. Also a tody ol tact Salary Of females Instantly relieved by that *4O. to enrol] members (*O.<MM> 'new enrolled new,elegant, AndInlalllble Antidote to ' 8JOO.OOO paid In). Belerences .exchanged Pain. Inflammation, and Weakness, the i Empire. Co-operatUe Association- (credit w Ciulcura Aiul-Faln Fluster. L,\d)loclc Box 610. K I. , - "n ,-_> t j , i •_ ?„ :/, ?. , v

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