The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1933
Page 3
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MmTMRRP. BLYTHEViU.,15, ..(A_P-:)..COUHIEB NEWS """ •—-' -r" ' Hollywood's Queens of Sophistication Joan Crawford and Normal Slir>avrr Vin for Honors j i:i Snhllo Roles. i !'.Y DAN THOMAS ! S'l A Si-i-ili'i- SUIT ('urrcsi'.einli'iit; HOLLYWOOD. N<jV. 3. — .Inair Crawford nnd Sovinn Shearer :iri-i bitier rivnli nil day Ion-; a: tin' j Misdio. I Utit. vhi-ii t!i<- 4 o'c'nc-k whittle, blows and the weary muv;e LKU>; I M":i>s I.!H' •studio fill" rh'n;: be-! hind hi-, li'i'.O'fim-. ilu-.-e two Uiive . 1'ieir riviiliy lurked in :i vault in I i!.<r slucUo office. They're friends. Theit', ih one of i ihe fev.- cases '.'here frienitsbii) h:is! Mir.-i-.vd :>n iKti'.'e p.-Gifssioiial riv- . airy. And it's n very rc-il rivalry, j too. !Joih '.vork !or the «imi' utisuio.' Mi'iro-Cifj-dv.'yn-Mayrr. an:l it so hih.jpcns lli;:i both :ui> is'.ii'ed to Ihe i ••aim- .sorL uf roll-.';. Piarticnlly any parr tha' could be r.hvn Miss Crawford f-o'.ild bf nluvi-d equally v.vll by Mi's Shearer. :ind vice ry. Many-a handful of h.iir has fci-en pulled out amoiij the studio.-for less. Every time a nice, so- ph'.Micali'd part comes to the 5111- ilio. Joan r.nd Norniii are natural -.iials in fill it. Main- a lime they have looked nn such a part, nnd each bus snid lu herself cinil others). "Tliin's for ir.e!" It's Ticklish Cliniie So the r'.udio lus to deni pans out to llic-re two stars M-illi mo-f di-Jlcmncv than it voultl take to i ; .i'l Ilu.-:.sia rrcofini/ed. E:'.eh star lias lo be nermi'dcd lint she's :; tlv: best of ill" Dans. In the rrisi this usually' lv;s meant rhnt. '.loan t'o'. tlv «crin!s ilia: have :i leanlnn tov.-ard the hi-nvy [imrna. ',v!ii!e Nonmi n« this.- ha-.iu« ii light toiuedy louch. IW, both arc so \(-r<:nt:le r,e:i< s v- :i!lv sneaking, thev cuuld he alternated in .".n" P : ''i without !o's o r . I'ffec' Hui Joan ^and. Norma haniien in he the kind of peoole vlio can draw the line between their s'.iidio and their personal lives. When the ii-hts (ii" riown Che recording anuaratus ' is slml off, rivalry Is fcr'oticn. If Norma is Sivinq p. party. Joan always Li invited. •\nd~ when Joan entertains, she rrvcr forcels In invite Norina. 'Conllniied rrom Pace Oncl (he A»rlrii!turnl r.nanee vnrnani- llsn. now in Hie bunds of a receiver, hiu ix-i'ii liulieicd on thire diaries cl einue/zleiueiit. IK 1 only ixvn licld lo the avaiid Jin 1 ;,' one caso. Olher indlcuucnls vevenlcd yesterday were: IMul Ktoin. dlsi^slUB 't property subject to title relm- lion lien; llnrmon l,owery, rape: Mrs. Syhil I'lilllliu. obtaining money under fake pretenses. Dismisses Jones t'asrs Denver Dudley, prosecuting nltor- ney. has kept liL-i "promise" to have. :il! caws Mains'. .Minmle Jones, local man. on the MKsHuipnl county dnrket dismissed, Dudley told -.1 jury ut Osci'Olu If It ticqilUUHt JOlli-S oi a robbery charge lie would dl.->- mls.- all charges annlnst tile dc- feudiinl. Tile jury found Jon« not . tiilKy or (lie elmrtcu nnd nmlli-y liuilii' |H-as.s«l nil elm-lies on Ihe il.i dtx-jM-'t- and followed by hnvliijc ;ill rises nKtinibl Jones here dl> Oth'T i:n'.i--s nolle prosscd by I)ud- liy liirltiile burglary diMf's ngalnst. Monk Uutli'dgc, now rarvlng * IUUK lirison term. Poriosl Cnlsliolm, re-, ccntly indicted l;y the arand jury i on new t-lmrws. u roulicry chnrije | agninsi J!:n llnrreU, convlcied of' craiul liii-fcny. nnd the following, liu'lucliii^. s'jinc iippcnl cases: M. C. Ou'.bw. evading (:as tax; Fjull D.v on. currying pistol; Jr.? McClure. m-ry!ii3 |il«W); Clark Mnrlln, reck- less driving; Waller iglehnrl, touch or pence; 8am LevK auault and taltfrj', onil Woodrow nnd Vlrjll ruhpr, rnnlieloiis mltchief, Mne .lordnn, vlio mis fined $M» ijy Municipal Judge c, A. Cunningham, entered :t p'.ea of glillty on lier appeal lo (ho liluhei 1 f!:t, nncl a Hiio of $50 \m& nrws?- t" . Allhniatlons of lover court i-onvlellons h.ive liton ordered In (he- follOM'in'g i-:i;:rs: cl)de Cioshy. Monk Wi'lglit. Vlllliirri ilerry aiiil j ^-1- Melvln Uownlnii, nil of Manila.! KiUiiinij: Hock CnMiolin, lllei;jli i>os<<'«ion; Mr;. KJmer llailey. lU|il(ir; W. 11. We. 1 , uroot:. ilbxnl paw.«lon; Kolscy PAGE THREE- ;; Corns Declared Out Ai Weather Forecaster! BOSTON (UP)—Tlir ar-UUig Ir. no slftn it'll rnln. I At, lonst, ararjc A. l.ovelnnd, tor] many years Hoiul of the U. 3, Wonthcv bureau at Boston, toccnlly retired, insists thai Ifi: nol an itccuialc barometer. An W»bl). leekloss drivlhjt. and public "Jack" Gftbbert, disuitblnn worship. A charfie of vio'.:iiln-/iilaio bnnkiii^ liiw.<; aj;nlnsl Mrs. .1. K. Ciouk Ixvn intliTmUi-ly eon- tlnueil. An alias wiirnnu lias been Ii for Cli-o Must, charti'd wllli disposing of niorlK.-iKed property, llel luul s:'e'.ired a eonllnu.-ini-e at Ihi: laM, (enn of couit but fnlk-d to up- IKHI- lor trial ;it IJiis lerm. j "0IEMS Mi A.IO. Ark. iUi')--A H[iiirrel has dcvolupcil tin- idc-ii o( iluiiii)ilni; on the door of Mr. Mrs. 11. A.'k for foixl. they cJaliu: other Miulrri'k urlint inr«|UUe lionns from the dewrt, coiniuy In ex- rhiiiittc for bread Mr:;. Lusk pliirr; ()Jl u" \vhlu* pillow .slip, .Ou: :;.tys. 666 11 Paving and Sewer TAXES ror IB:« e no'.v iluc and payable :cphl.ylcai!0!i ll's typified in Joan Crawford... .ihc enn play tue .Norma Shearer she's Sophlslicntiou PUi.s.... p.irts llir.t full for it like nobody else in Mov!»c!om... .excepi-- | successes lo piovo ii... .Rivals, yes. bill she a will] a long record ind .limn are bi:ddl;s # the inevit-i -. >• N'orma Helped .In:in One reason tor the ncrslEtcnc of this offsurr fi-ioiidliness f.uvivcs * hcaSlhv o!'.=taTe rivalry i- ihnt Sorma nni! -In! 1 " WPT<1 fTicni)'- ion" before ihev were rivals. Miss Sheerer already v.-ns f siar when Joan just WAS bcsinnma 10 mnlie her -«iv no thrm'.ali Email j ;.vinnnrtins role<;. NOVIKB not only | hr-fiiendert ,Joan at a lime y.-lic.n j the yoiimscr actress needed fvienu- Fliios. but she tave her much valuable advirc. .lean never his forcnlten thnl. But. a- .lean climbed '.he cinemn Ijuldc:- and he-nine in her own] i-i'dit one of the f-reai Hars, jimiliiiitv of tl-.eir talents r i,ii- i/-(j i.o rivalry. Pictm-e Ijns.ii-.e3s is like .oilier hti=ir.ess In this—every finr Ins lo fioh* hi-, or her own batllei. Nobo<Iv else wili r:"ht for :'di. AP.d . iiA .„ , :i star's surcess deuends vitally on; I f .'3'-.'-i : ; f>-e role=i he or *he ^ets lo play, j ,<>V$^ No wonder they fl-jlit for them! This \Vculil He r.reat .loan has to naht for pictures; JTvu will keep her at the top of • tin- ladd-r. and Norma has to do ihn fame. And il's when they both; wanl the same one that the flflin--; ative fur files. Hut imliite some of Hollywootrs nih?:- n-eal rivals, you cnn't gel Nr.rma or Juan lo sav a single woid auainst '.ho oihcv. tiilier from ihe pcrEcnal or Hie pro- f. s=:e,nal point of view. For. aside f--,i:n their Ion? friend- v\i':n. fueh Ins a sernine reside 1 , fr • rho elher's ability. Ilo'lywcr.d muld be rervcd no KI. ^e\v. Korest Chief ; France Leads World Liquid. Tablets, Salvo, Nosa Drop) Clin-lis Mnlarb (u 1 days, Culils lirst ilayj lleiid'ichrs ur Ncuralchi in :(0 minuli-s. I'inc l/.ixnlive nn<l '1'niiii 1 >lost SjvMily Iti'inrillts Known Offlee - Ki-sl (Jollcelnr 1(!C N. Broadway lu New Postolllce IPIGGLY WIGGLY Biita'm. 1.3: Norway, 1.3; Holliu ' l.i; Denmark, O.'J; -Madagascar, In Wine Drinking us: s«cden. o.o : jnp.ui, 0.1 : PO- i i Soviet Russia, 0.03. County Supevinlende n t s j discovered PARTS. (UP)—As Ihe grcai ; American market appears to be . ;r M J pieparing 10 open up to the world's i tlUIltreSS lYlafle nr-oo^^r^'cS "^ ^cord Good on Last Day | 760.000,000 quarts oi new i n • • i n/l i i WU.UU and 1 I'HlClpais IVleet at! drink this year and net Shaw nee. JOINER. Ark.. Nov. 3.—The need j' " _ of curriculum-and administrative I Pl changes in the public school sys- j - - n«f1 , I that th?re are bul 'Jl.- wlnc lo a tirop ! more. FrenchuH-n will carry EC- role In consuming liic- for the cenjus phoned tlw 1 I Frai.ce has Ihe great;'.-, ir-r cap EUSANVILLE, Cil. (US') — Mr tfc: past ten hunting seasons, Mrs. Mat tin J. Tilly, wltc of Lossen County's surveyor, lins basted a the heav- : '', | th? Northern prize hnutresj was mule-tail deer. But ihis season Caliiornla county's " heller Ireal thr.u lo sfi these ?iais ca^t in the s-' ti. if. Tim would he mnre fun than' eali]i<» anitnp.l crncker? in bed. as both ' have learned the business ^ the bottom up. | Tlir; know every trick of tl'.: 1 trade. And while- they might walk' . ut! the fet ley.'!her arm in arm. I at lunch !imc, Uie !» nnd plotting to sel every advar.last- over ihe ether before the cam n-a would be nobodvs bii5inc$s. de:itil'.y. II micht result in n coil- ; :i ( " nf p:-- frnunnce.s jou'd wan-, to j wiic hoir." about : OI-« Flint 5,prk May i J_.e?if' f <i MoviiitP.ifi Gold; SHERIDAN'. \Vvo. i UP)— Pier-::-1 f>f an old (lini-loH: intijkct. Ihnl 1 v.-nlwbly v.-« lest in iho Dii Harn Mnunlalns n:.irly 100 je.ns -j-^.l we:c found re:e:uly by a pro^p?:-1 tct ! The oM miner. Ten M. Model t.! declined lo ievoal th? cx~"l Ion-I t:on o[ tin.- place h-; I Mini l::n | nrirbv. i A Hrearms expert faid thst t'.ie i ivui cf t.:un went out or i;sr about. I IR-lfl nnd fnst tliey ran^v wjrej roil nfler tile War. Apuohitcii to bo new Chief For- ih.-tiit- of Hie government Forest Service is Ferdinand A. Silcox (nhove), now a director o£ Industrial Relations for Hie New Vorlc Employing Printers Assocta- tion. lie succeeds Major liobe't V. smart, who tell lo hi- denlh '.'", tram .in olliec iMildlng 111 Wash ' Going For Poetry In a Small Way I lein lo incel changed social and I economic conditions was stressed i ^I'' 1 " :u:u ouv1 " 1 ""--••'" '•"""- '"'-' ! in three talks ul the monthly! lcj:>L ; meeting of Ihe Mississippi County! The census shov.cti l!ie fo!lo-,v- siipcrinlendents and principals at ling per capita consumption: Shan-nee school last nlphl. I IViince. H5.9 quarts annually: Mrs. J. T. U* of Joiner, past'I'"* 'OTL: Spain. 80: Algeria, uresident of the county P. T. A.j7».5: Portugal. 10.7; Chi i. 1,10; council, talked on "Is the School ! Oieece 4^5: C^ccho^vakn. ,0: Mcellnc the Social Needs of the. S-.vltsorlnnd. 38.7; Hungary. 3i.8; "Sunt Oeo. Deer of the Os- j Rumania. 31.4; Yugoslavia. 23.4; schools outlined the pro-i Argentine. 22* Uruguay. 20.2; to be presented at the nn-; Auslria. 17.8; Mexico. 11.5: Bi:l- •ieetin» of the Arkansas Edu- i garia. 16.2: Canada. 15: Tunisia. al Association In Little Rock • 14.7; South African Onion. 16. 17. nnti 18. pointing out. Auslr.ihu. !V5; Ejypl. 74: lhat the program wos designed to • giutn. 3.3; meet current chances in r.ondi- : tions. Supl. Crawford Greene of ! Blylbeville talked on "Curriculum Revision." ! Mr. Green, who presided, .named ; Superintendents Carl Bird of Wll- ] son. and L. H. Autry of Burdetle nnd Nfrs. C. L. Moore, principal of i the Osccola high school as a com-' mittct! to :ir:-an«c programs for h:u l '"?nuent meetings this year. | The iiext monthly meeting will. ! be held at Luxora on the firs', j Thursday evening in December. forced to vvolt iintit the lust hour of Ihe last day !for her . . i Tne slain an'.ma:. with an antler • spread of 37 inches and weighing j2i2 jwunds. was butchered to pro• vide the classmates of Mrs. Tilly's tincghter with n venison banntiet. ceola eratu Nov " Cobbler P.aisrrt Family ! ENUMCLAW, Wash. (UP)—D:ike. a giani lurkcy isobblcr. ciuallfies as a first-class mother. When his tnr.te died uller laying 27 VK^S. Duke look over liic assignment of Imlch- 13.8:; In;', them. Since then he has teiid- Kjl-: td liieiu carefully and now has II Germany. 2.5: Great hair-grown sons ami 10 daughters. Club Bovs and Girls Will Meet Tomorrow. BROWNSVILLE. Tex. Gn'.i:"rt believes he holds 'i—C. record If you so in for "lislH" reading Taller, soii'll he interested In tlio is-jiase volume ot <>"iar Khayam Mi at llainilirn W noils and Frcd- I -CSCEOLA. Ark.-South Missis-' laooi County 4-H Club boys and. Uirls. numbering around 150 and IrepreMntin? ornanl/allons nt Kci-. Hatcher. West Rlrt?e, Etowah.! Slillmnn. Shady Dend. Burdetle.: wii'ju and Whitlon. will g.ith-' cr here Saturday for their nn-: nual celebration of National 4-H: Club Achievement Day. : Meeting at 10 o'clock In the Court House auditorium, there will be reports from the several clubs, followed by n specially arranged : riidio program broadcast over a: national hook-up from Washing-] ton, which will Include a talk by ; Assistant Secretary of Agriculture i Gco N. Peek, nnd this will be followed by short talks by vtsllins vocational aerlcultuic Icachers H., Splccr of Shawnee School. H., Wrenn of Wilson and E. S. Uig-1 ham of Kei:er. The meeting will i be in charge of County Agent S. | D. Carpenter of Osccola. Or Do Gas on Stomatri and Sour Stomach make you Miserable? ] Too much food, or the . j wrong kind of food, too '"" much smoking, too much liter, make your body over-acid. Then you have dislress o/(er fating, gas nn stomach, Jicnrlburn, sour stomach. ALKA - SELTZER relieves these troubles proinptly, efTectively, harmlessly. Use Alhca-SeZtzer /or Headache, Colds, Fatigue, "Morning /1/ler f'eelini;," A7i(sctilar, Sciotic (IIK! fame.-sort. After two years of j >rlck Vrooiu linvc lusi published analln^ for a huge fish in a lake In Worcesicr, Mass. The book ot n-.'nr his home. Galbert landed a terse, weighing but t third of a T- -foot car which weighed 1471 carat, Is so imall that aaordlnarj pounds Himbla C»D hold !J TOU>me»t ' KANSAS CITY, Mo. (OT)-Dr.j Jchn n. Brock, who flys every day, rnin or shine, is bringing tiis stable! of plsnes to his normal three with . the purchase of a new four-pas-, senger cabin Wp!ane equipped with. radi«. .. I Alka-Seltzer makes a sparkling alkaline drink. As it contains an analgesic (Acetyl-Salicylate) it first relieves the pain of everyday ailments and then by restoring the alkaline balance corrects the cause when due to excess acid. Alka-Seltzer t.istcs like carbonated mineral spring water—works like magic. Contains no dangerous drugs.,,,does not depress the heart., not laxative. Get • drink it ycur Drug Stote Soda Fountain. Keep a ptctctge in your homt mtdicine cabinet. KROGER I'KICKS FOU TltlDAY AND SATURDAY DRESSED HENS Fresh Full Dressed SLCED BACON ib. RftUNl) STEAKS C> "S, W I CHEESE S..'t '.^ 10 HAMS Swifts Empire, Halt ar Whole IOC SAIAGE BEEF ROAST Sho "" ler •*• 15c Thick Rib Ib. 12oC, Brisket SPRING LAMB ORANGES Juicy California, Size 252 POTATOES ^-. 2 C EGGS Dozen Rosedale In Heavy Syrup _ Large No. l\ Can Sweet. Quiirt 1'Jc Sour nr Dill, (Jt- a( Crc;iiii I.imil 2.J-1.1). Suck 3!?B33a533-S3 I ADR * Pound Bucket 64c LHnll g Round Carton MUSTARD JB r 10 L I MILK ,J : ^3c,i f BUTTER C. C. Ib. 22c, Spring Brook Ib, SOAP i'. & (J. Metlium Si 10 Ito PAT 1TMI7-T i3:il;iri«; ,l'o : ,vr!er lALUlWE.1 'l-M, Can COFFEE, Country Clu! Tall Can 1 Cl. 2 for iO A< ; ^ C. C. All Wrcm 1«7 - No. •> Can I' WESSON OIL, Quart 37c, CRACKERS co»ntr, iM 2 Ik BOK. !9c •AMC !5 ' vi11c No. 99*- : I AI'KICOTS Cnitntry Hub. Tree 1kt : Ano \ can H for LL I [\ t!i ' ;r ''7J^^''^ r '' '^ J^l^^JiJ% """5c Macaroni or Spaghetti, Each

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