Press and Sun-Bulletin from Binghamton, New York on July 30, 1991 · 28
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Press and Sun-Bulletin from Binghamton, New York · 28

Binghamton, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 30, 1991
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2D Press & Sun-Bulletin Tuesday, July 30, 1991 TELEVISION Veronica Clare' is cable's new sleuth By MIKE HUGHES Gannett News Service Young actors are supposed to be covered with a layer of desperation. .Jobs are rare, odds are steep, disaster is gear. That's a show-business tradition. - Then there's Laura All Tlf ' Robinson, star of the UN I V new Veronica Clare series. Her response js simply: Balderdash. ' That's Balderdash, the board game. Robinson co-created it and saw it cushion her life. "I haven't had to do anything I didn't like," Robinson says. "Surprisingly, I seem to get more work now, because I don't have this air of desperation." Lately, Robinson has been busy. She went from the late-night series Night Heat to guest Shots on prime time shows. - " Now she has her own show, even if it is limited to cable. Veronica Clare is at 10 p.m. Tuesdavs, wrapping up an ambitious two-hour block of original series on Lifetime (channel 23 on Binghamton NewChannels). Robinson stars as a no-nonsense detective. "I'm in every scene, every episode," she says. "Afterward, I just try to live a normal life." Veronica Clare is as cool and distant as its jazzy score. This week's episode with Bruce Greenwood as a lover with a secret is even more muted than last week's opener. (For a much stronger jolt, catch the second episode of The Hidden Room, at 9:30 p.m. It is a powerful little tale, centering on a coed's incest with her father.) Robinson was just another semi-employed Toronto actress, when she took a wild chance. She and then-boyfriend Paul Toyne turned an old parlor game into a board game. "We risked a personal investment of $35,000." she savs. "It was kind of ignorence is bliss." Balderdash was born. Basically, it has several players claiming to give the definition of an obscure word: only one is telling the truth. (When I tested the game, for instance. I drew the word "syncopee." I offered a definition that lacked the grace of synchronized swimming.) "We knew it was a good game," Robinson says. "What we couldn't project was the how big it would be; there were 2 million sold the first vear." Suddenly, Laura Robinson was an actress who didn't need to act. Just as quickly, her acting career boomed. . In her native Canada, she was a Night Heat cop. In Hollywood, she created an android assassin on The Flash "I play a lot of vil-lainesses" and she was the Cheers nurse who left with Sam, when he was supposed to be visiting Lilith and her baby. Then came Lifetime, with a steep task. In effect, Veronica Clare mirrors the channel's view of its audience. "She solves the mysteries herself," says Pat Fili, the cable channel's programming chief. "She's also sensual, feminine; men are attracted to her. She's a beautiful woman and she's smart." This is an imposing assignment that went to Robinson. In the first two episodes, she remains starkly stoic; however, her voice (heard often in narration) is like a smooth jazz instrument. For Lifetime, Veronica Clare is a crucial test of the notion that basic-cable channels can do one-hour, prime time series. And for Laura Robinson? As long as there's Balderdash, she has a cozy cushion. Yes Murphy is pregnant By MATT ROUSH Gannett News Service "The stick is blue," says Murphy Brown creator Diane English. With that, she confirms the home pregnancy test Murphy took in May's cliffhanger was positive. As the fourth season opens Monday, Sept. 16. Murphy (Candice Bergen) is with child. "There has been lots of speculation did she do the directions wrong, is she really pregnant, what will happen, a miscarriage, you name it." English says. "But we don't intend to drag out any suspense. You'll find out everything in the first episode and then get on with it." Murphy's competing beaux. Jay Thomas and Robin Thomas (no relation) one of whom may be the father will be back "for appearances," but beyond that. English is mum. No new cast regulars will be added, however. Don't expect impending motherhood to change Murphy. She'll be "the same feisty, cranky pain in the butt." So why do it? "This is my last season (on the show), so I wanted to do something interesting ... for the next group of people ... to work with." Also this season. English hopes to lure T ? t I. 1 i . : Murphy Brown The test was right Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin to sing on air with Motown-mad Murphy. "Ultimately, it will be up to Aretha, but what we've written is for them to sing Natural Woman. The script is on the wav to her now in Detroit." TODAY'S LISTINGS TUESDAY JULY 30, 1991 TUESDAY JULY 30, 1991 Ch. 7:00 I 7:30 I 8:00 I 8:30 I 9:00 9:30 I 10:00 10:30 I I Ch. 1 11:00 111:30 1 12:00112:30 1 1:00 I 1:30 I 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 I 4:00 4:30 Wheel o( Jeopardy! (CC) Rescue 91 1 1nured man receives Movie Donor " (1990) Melissa Giibert-Bnnkman, Jack Scalia. A New Exile (In Stereo) Arsenio Hall Singer Party Nightwalch Nightwatch Fortune (CC) aid via snowmobile; a hemophiliac doctor uncovers a tiomfymg secret while investigating the hospital zJ Patti LaBeiie. (In Machine ulBUO falls through a window. (R) (In where her best friend died (In Stereo) (CC) WRNfi Stereo) (CC) WithNia W8BC Stereo) (CC) . Peeples (In (CBS) . ' (CBS) J Stereo! Hard Copy Entertainment Who's the 1 Oavis Rules Roseanne Coach Hayden is thirtysomething Michael and News Nightline Into the Night Pich Off Air fjj) Alleged police Tonight Tanlyn Boss? Tony Cosmo gees out Roseanne helps lealous ol another Hope s New Year s Eve party turns tJ !-c) Hall with Memli Warkoe WMPP off-cer Tomita. (In teaches sex with another nan. Crystal with coach. (R) (In nostalgic (R) (In Stereo) (CC) WMGC and Mop Nixon. (In l,muu misconduct. (R) Stereo) (CC) education. (R) (In (R) (In Stereo) Lamaze. (R) (In Stereo) (CC) . Stereo) BC Stereo) (CC) " (CC) SterecKCC) ABM ; I Night Court Cheers Cutf Matlock Two Business partners In the Heat of the Night Gmespe Law a Order Stone prosecutes News Tonight Show Jay Late Night With David Later With News (R i Of I Air Q3 Christine has a handcuffs himself disagree over the torching ol their must pry name of confessed three men associated with an 0 Leno with Cher Crystal Letterman (In Stereo) Bob UH wild night to his house. failing store. (R) (In Stereo) (CC) murderer from psychiatrist. (R) (In organized crane family. (Part 1 of 2) U(J7 Bernard (In Stereo) Cost3S(ln mliL (CC) : Stereo) (CC) Rj (In Stereo) (CC) Stereo) (NBC) NBC MacNeilLehrerNewshouriCC) Wonderful World of Disney Davy Pavarotti in the Park Tenor Luciano Pavarotti performs 20 arias in a ff P.O.V. "A Little Vicious": "Where Off Air Crockett at the Alamo" concert from London s Hyde Park, accompanied by flutist Andrea uCHP the Heart Roams." (CC) WSKG Gnminelli and the Philharmonia Orchestra (In Stereo) WoftG . World of Crusade in the Biography: Harnj Cosi Fan Tutte Mozart s satiric opera about two young men who test the fidelity of their ARTQ Cosi Fan Tutte (In Biography Cosi Fan Tutte Mozart ssatinc opera about two young men wno test the fidelity ot Movie The ARTS survival Pacific Truman ' girlfriends as part of a bet S'ars Ashley -Putnam and Anthony Rolfe Johnson (In Stereo) 1 a Stereo) Con; d Truman their girlfriends as part ol a bet Stars Ashley Putnam and Anthony Roile Johnson Utile Princess' Rendezvous (Rl World Monitor Blue Revolution I Beyond I Invention A high America Coast to Coast nicr Wings Hitler The Whole I World Profiles of World Away R Off Air DISC Tomorrow tech video harp. ulov Story (Part 1 ot 3) Monitor (Rl Nature - iji SoortsCenter Major League Baseball National game: Oakland Athletics at New York Yankees. Alternate game. I Major League fl' Major League Baseball (Live) Cont d Sport- Running Surfer Up Close Auto Racing FIA Formula One - l&MlJ Chicago White Sox at Toronto Blue Jays (Live) Baseball Hive) sCenter t Racing Magazine m German Grang Pn (R) Scarecrow and Mrs. King I Beauty and the Beast (In Stereo) I Beauty and the Beast (In Stereo) 1 700 Club CAi Scarecrow and Mrs. I Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast 700 Club Paid Paid Paid Paid FAM (CO (CC) King (in Stereo) (CC) (In Stereo) (CC) Program Program Program Program , , Great American I Duet ' L.A.Law(CC) Confessions of I Hidden Room Veronica Clare ICc Tracey I Molly Hotel Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid LIFE jypoii Crime Ullman Dodd Program Program Program Program Program Program Program Program VideoPM(ln Be a Star (In On Stage (In I Church Street Nashville Now Scheduled: guest host Al Wyntor; I Crook and KIA9H 0nS,a9e Church Nashville Now (R) (In Stereo) Crook and Club Dance (R) (in Off Air NASH Stereo) Cont'd Stereo) Stereo) Station (R) Colin Rave: Gene Watson. (In Stereo) Chase (In Stereo) rcHon ,ln S;ereo) Sree Chase (R) Stereo) l inspector Looney Tunes Mork Mindy Bewitched Get Smart I Dragnet I Alfred Hitchcocl Green Acres flMlilTl Beatoi Mister Ed Looney iDobie I Patty Duk My Three Donna Fernwood Mork. Get Smart Dragnet A. flW.a G8get Presents UUflrti SNL Tunes Gillis Sons Reed 2-Night Mindy Hitchcock MilfordJai Don Cherry's GWF Major League Wrestling AWA Wrestling International Championship CDrtST Go" ln,ide 0,,Air SPORT Aai Rep0rt Grapevine Wrestling (R) afUH I Racing fR) ; r Bugs Bunny 4 Pals Cont'd Movie "... tick... tick... tick,.." (1970) Jim Brown. Bigoted Movie "The Blackboard TNT Movie The Blackboard I Movie "The Asphalt Jungle' (1950) Movie "The Big Night (1951) Preston Movie TNT whites set out to destroy a newly-elected black sheriff Jungle" (1955) Glenn Ford lm Jungle" (1955) G'enn Ford Contd Sterling Hayden Sam Jafte Foster John Barrymore Jr . gwrrm MacGyver ' Murder, She Wrote (CC) . I Boxing Gabriel Ruelas vs. Aaron Lopez. Scheduled 12-round NABF HUH Crime Story I Hitchhiker T. I Boxing Gabriel Ruelas vs. Aaron Lopez. (R) . Movie "Pete n Tulie (1972) Carol CKf:!3 umor lightweight title bout from Reseda. Calif (Live' Wflifcf Hitchcock Bume't Walter Mat'rau nws I Current Affair Movie "Bacnelor Party" (1984) A carefree school bus driver's iNews " " uVKIVW M-A'S-H Alt in the Daily Kojak PaiSi Close HeeHaw Movie "Max Dugan Returns' (1983) WNYW (CC) pais decide to throw him a no holds-barren pre-wedding party ; VYPTY ' Family Journal I Program Comfort (In Stereo) Jason Robards Marsha Mason Cheers (CC) Major League Baseball Oakland Athletics at New York Yankees. From Yankee . News WDIY Cneers Honel'" 06(1 Jeff ersonsl News (R) Movie "Somewhere m Time' (1960) Fantasy Island WPIX Stadium (Live) "rlA (Part 2 of 2) mooners Couple (CC) Christopher Reeve Jane Seymour. uceii- Cheers (CC) M.A.S.H I Movie "Maid to Order" (1987) Ally Sneedy. A spoiled heiress is Hogan's Heroes! Hogan's Heroes WQRK MASH Slud WKRPin A. Movie "Fear in the Night " (1972) Movie The Warriors" (1979) Michael WSB transformed into a penniless maid in this "Cinderella' -inspired comedy :;-- .---.- .-. V,JPIX Cincinnati Hitchcock Peter Cushmg Judy Geeson : ' Beck James Remar Jeffersons (CO Major League Baseball Pittsburgh Pirates at Atlanta Braves. From Atlanta Fulton County Stadium. (Live) Movie Big . uTSC Movie "A Big Hand for Movie "The Sea Wolf " Movie "Devils Canyon" (1953) Virginia Three I Love WTBS Hand-Lady" v 1 pa the Little Lady" (1966) Cont'd (1941) Edward G Robinson. Mayo. Dale Robertson Stooges Lucy ,...... KateiAllie Comedy Wheel I Movie "The Deer Hunter" (1978) (Part 1 of 2) Robert Oe INews (CC) Major League Muno Major League Baseball New York Mets at Los Angeles Kiner's CinemAt- Paid Home Shopping WWOH (CCj Niro Meryl Streep Baseball '' Dodgers From Dodger Stadium (Live) Cont'd Komer tractions Program Movie "Tha Sword in the Disney Vacation Characters go on I Return of Sherlock Holmes Rock and Roll: The Early Days Oziiei Movie 'Christmas in Movie "The Diary ot Anne Frank (1959) Movie "The Sword in the HUD Stone" (1963) Ricky Sorenson vacations Holmes refuses to believe that a Traces the early roots of rock n' LjlWJ Harriet July (1940) Dick Powell. Ellen Joseph Schildkraul. A young Jewish girl, in hiding from the Stone (1963) Ricky Sorenson. . Sebastian Cabot (CC) Cont d beggar murdered a businessman roll (R) Drew Nazis keeps a journal ot her life in an Amsterdam attic Sebastian Cabot (In Stereo) (CC) Movie "Little Shop of Horrors" (1986) Rick Morams, Ellen Movie "My Blue Heaven" (1990) Steve I Movie tmrwm, "Bad Influence" I Comedy Hour Sam 1 1st & Ten: I Tales Movie "A Shock to the Movie : GM3 Greene A floral shop salesclerk boosts business when he cultivates Martin. Rick Mcrams. (In Stereo) PG 13 (CC) Bad . QJwa (1990) Rob Lowe James Spader. Kimson in Concert" (R) Bulls Fromthe System (1990) Michael Caine. Leviathan (1989) illm out-of-this-worid plant. (In Stereo) "PG-13 (CO Influence" 'R fin Stereo) R (CC) Cont d (In Stereo) (CC) Business Crypt (CC) Elizabeth McGovern R (CC) Peter Waller R (CC) Movie "Woman of the Year" (1942) Spencer Tracy, Movie "Revenge" (1990) Kevin Costner, Anthony Quinn. A Movie Act of Piracy" (1989) Gary I Movie "Modem Love (1990) Rooby I Movie ' Silent Rage ' (1982) Movie CHIl'LI Katharine Hepburn, The marriage between rival newspaper columnists former Navy pilot enters into a dangerous affair with a cold-blooded CikTJ Busey, Belinda Bauer. A psychotic hijacker Benson, Karla DeVito. (In Stereo) R (CC) Chuck Norns Ron Silver. R rSam' Z is strained by their devotion to their respective jobs (In Stereo) killer s seductive wife (In Stereo) R" (CC) seizes control of an Australia-bound yacht. 'R' J QrlsR I mfw Town's Revenge Woman returns I Movie "Spaced Invaders" (1990) Midwestern Comedy Club Movie "Betsy's Wedding" (.,., Movie Movie "Glory" (1989) Matthew Broderick, Denzel Movie "The Bad and the Beautiful" Movie "Street EMZ to her hometown (CO children aid a crew of pmt-sized Martians who have Network(ln (1990) Alan Alda. Madeline Kahn. EMUi'iI Betsy's" Washington. An all-black regiment of Union soldiers prove ( 1952) Lana Turner, A ruthless producer stomps Smart (1987) i mistakenly 'awfed in the American heartland 'PG' Stereo) 'In Stereo! R (CC) I Cont'd I 'heir worth on the fields of battle durng the Civil War R I on the lives of three Hollywood hopefuls (CO I Christopher Reeve R "EVENING S:00 "2 5 40 Cosby Show (CC) 3 618 28 36 Donahue "5N Diff'rent Strokes 9 People's Court 9N Ironside ,11 Brady Bunch 12 Who s the Boss? (CC) "16 News (CC) 20 Hard Copy '. 22 Inside Edition (CC) 24 Mister Rogers (CC) 34 Geraido . 38Gidget ' 38S 68 Tiny Toons (CC) 46 Reading Rainbow (CC) ARTS Fugitive FAM Popeye ' DIS Kids Incorporated DISC Mother Nature ESPN Monster Truck Challenge NASH VideoPM . NICK Mork & Mindy uSHOW Movie "Tuck Everlasting" (1960) Margaret Chamberlain, Paul iFlessa. USA Just the Ten of Us WGN Rescue Rangers WTBS Laverne & Shirley 'HBO Movie "Days of ;Thunder" (1990) Tom Cruise, Robert Duvall. 44 Apple a Day I 2 12 Golden Girls (CC) S 22 News (CC) J SN Mr. Belvedere (CC) 9 News 1 1 Hogan Family a 16 Night Court 20 People's Court 24 Reading Rainbow (CC) 38 Family Ties (CC) ' 38S ALF (CC) . 40 Current Affair (CC) 44 Cooking Plain and , Fancy 46 3-2-1 Contact (CC) ' 68 Charles in Charge AMC Movie "Honey moon" (1947) Shirley Temple, Franchot Tone FAM Popeye DIS Mickey Mouse Club (CC) DISC Wildlife Chronicles ESPN Harness Racing 91 MAX Movie "Real Men" (1987)(CC) NICK Hey Dude USA Welcome Back, Kot- ter WGN M.A.S.K. WTBS Happy Days 6:00 2 3 12 18 20 28 34 36 40 N6W8 5 6 16 22 News (CC) SN Mama's Family 9 N Cosby Show(CC) 11 Happy Days 24 44 World of Survival 38 ALF (CC) 38S Highway to Heaven 46 Gourmet Cooking 68 Star Trek ARTS Avengers (CC) FAM Our House DIS Teen Win, Lose or Draw (CC) DISC Beyond 2000 ESPN Running & Racing LIFE Supermarket Sweep NICK Wild and Crazy Kids TNT Giiligan s Island USA Cartoon Express WGN Andy Griffith WTBS Bewitched 2 3 18 28 40 NBC News (CC) 5 12 22 CBS News (CC) 5N Three's Company 6 News (CC) 9 18 20 34 38 ABC News (CC) 9N Who's the Boss? (CC) 11 Happy Days 24 44 46 Nightly Business Report 38 Bosom Buddies DIS Movie "The Sword in the Stone "(1963) ESPN Up Close LIFE Shop 'Til You Drop NICK Get Smart SC Inside Racing TNT Bugs Bunny & Pals WGN I Oream of Jeannie 6:35 WTBS Andy Griffith 2 9 22 Wheel of Fortune 3 18 20 28 38 Current Affair (CC) 5 Cheers (CC) 6 CBS News (CC) 18 Who's the Boss? (CC) 24 44 MacNeilLehrer 32 SportsDesk 38S MA'SH 68 WGN Night Court AMC Movie "Wake Up For complete daytime listings, see TV Week included with your Sunday Press & Sun-Bulletin. and Dream'' (1946) John Payne, June Haver. 32 Sports Forum 2 9 22 Jeopardy! (CC) 3 18 28 Entertainment Tonight (CC) 8 Growing Pains 6 Current Affair (CC) 16 36 Golden Girls (CC) 20 Night Court 32 John Abdo's Strength & Fitness Profile 38S WGN Major League Baseball 68 Mama's Family 2 3 18 28 Matlock (CC) 5 6 22 Rescue 91 1 (CC) 9 18 20 36 Who's the Boss?(CC) 24 44 Pavarotti in the Park 32 Racquetball 68 Movie "The African Queen" (1951) 9 16 20 36 Davis Rules (CC) 2 3 18 28 In the Heat of the Night (CC) 6 6 22 Movie "Donor" (19S0) Melissa Gilbert- Brinkman, Jack Scalia. In stereo. (CC) 9 16 20 36 Roseanne (CC) AMC Movie "Stage Door Canteen" (1943) Lon Mc-Callister, Helen Hayes. 9 16 20 36 Coach (CC) 2 3 18 28 Law & Order (CC) 9 18 20 36 thirtysomething (CC) 32 PGA's Golf Almanac 44 P.O.V. (CC) 68 Twilight mmmm Zone 10:30 24 P.O.V. (CC) 32 Boxing: The Sweet Science 38S Mama's Family 68 Paid Program WGN News (CC) 2359182028 36 News 6 16 22 News (CC) 32 SportsDesk 38S Arsenio Hall (CC) 68 Mama's Family WGN Twilight Zone 32 WWF Wrestling Spotlight 11:30 2 3 18 28 Tonight Show 5 Cheers (CC) 6 22 Exile 9 16 20 36 Nightline (CC) 44 All in the Family 68 Arsenio Hall (CC) AMC Movie "Around the World" (1943) Kay Kyser, Joan Davis. WGN Magnum, P.I. (1970) John Wayne, Jennifer O'Neill. 12:15 MIDNIGHT 6 No Excuses 9 Johnny B... on the Loose 16 20 Into the Night 36 Arsenio Hall (CC) 38S Party Machine With Nia Peeples 44 Movie "Rio Lobo" 32 Harness Racing From the Meadowlands 2 3 18 Late Night With David Letterman 5 Exile 6 People's Court 9 Into the Night 22 Night Heat 28 Cheers (CC) 38S Laverne & Shirley 68 Party Machine With Nia Peeples WGN Movie "Dial 'M' for Murder" (1954) Ray Mil- land, Grace Kelly. 6 Kate & Allie (CC) 16 News (CC) 28 Late Night With David Letterman 32 PKA Karate: The Kick of the '90s 36 Into the Night 38S Paid Program 68 Republic Theater AMC Movie "Wake Up and Dream" (1946) John Payne. June Haver. 3 18 Later With Bob Cos-tas 5 Joker's Wild 9 News 44 1 Love Lucy 22 All News Night ' 5 Nightwatch 22 All News Night 28 E.D.J.: Entertainment Daily Journal 3:00 68 Dick Van Dyke AMC Movie ' Stage Door Canteen" (1943) Lon Mc-Callister, Helen Hayes. WGN Facts of Life 68 Big Valley WGN Soap 22 All News A.M. WGN Movie "Explosion" (1969) Don Stroud, Gordon Thomson. 9 News 68 Buck Rogers WWW torn Sunday, August 25,1991 FORMAT: Quarterfold DEADLINES: Reservation' Thurs., August 8 5:00 pm Copy iruuay, nuyuai 3 s:uupm Advertise in this convenient, easy to use and re-use reference guide containing reliable, up-to-date news and information on culture, recreation, sports, business, education, health, housing, weather, transportation and government in tne bou nern ner. vv.i n n V ill luaflj

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