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The Observer from London, Greater London, England • Page 6
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The Observer from London, Greater London, England • Page 6

The Observeri
London, Greater London, England
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THE OBSERVER, SUNDAY, APRIL 16, 1950 At the Theatre At the Films 6 Radio Music A Winning Western By C. A. LEJEUNE Crazy Pavement By IVOR BROWN Dialectic By W. E. WILLIAMS JOCAL colour too liberally applied defeats its purpose. Some of the actors who delivered the dialogue of We Work In Steel laid on the Geordie accent Bookcases Again! The stylish ukix bookcases are back after ten years! Same design, same flexibility, glassed or open. They fit any room to perfection. anybody tells you that She I Wore a Yellow Ribbon is just another western," ignore him, for it is clear wear it on their uniforms; Joanne Dru, the belle of the troop, wears it in her bair; it streams proudh across the credit titles; and there i a jolly little theme-song about it, She wore it for her lover in the U.S. Cav-al-ree." Even apart from the yellow ribbon, the colour, although occasionally bloodshot, is frequently significant, and gives us so thick that 1 frequently dropped many seconds behind in identifying some vital phrase in the text. Once, the attention becomes distracted that he doesn't really love pictures, and is as false in his general assumption as he is faulty in the particular. This new John Ford work is a splendid example of the sort of thing the cinema has always done best; in this way a chain-reaction of frustration develops. One begins, unreasonably perhaps, to magnify the difficulty of following the "dialect," and ends bv wishing that mi something, moreover, that only the magnificent cloud effects over tawny rock -chimneys, distant blue ranges. the varieties of English regional milky green rivers, and lightning snaking down venomously from a jagged sky. I 7t rati frttn ptcfurc. i auiihoroui a 7 he Painter's the National cinema can do; a combination or effects and materials in which it is unique. Television will never be able to manage the western with such aplomb; the theatre has never been able to do so; radio can only give a blind impression; and one recalls the strained strategy that was needed to bring The Girl of the Golden West to the opera stage. The western demands film; Unix Sectional Units in action The lower picture shows one of the new individual phoenix bookcases, free of purchase tax, beautifully made, and at very low prices indeed. speech could be reduced to some Lowest ommon Denominator on (he wireless. Items like ountrv Magazine." and similar varieties of Hayseed Radio, olten contain, 1 find, passages difficult (o decipher. Here, perhaps, is a minor held of investigation for Listener Hankerings By ERIC BLOM TITUSICAL life in London is not what it was. In some ways we have cause to be grateful. The penance of the ballad concerts has been abolished, for instance, and in some directions standards of homemade performance have improved. But there is now a lamentable lack of enterprise in programme-making. We are browbeaten by a pretence, at once high-handed and lazy, that certain necessities have made economically impracticable what is still conceded in theory to be artistically desirable. One must agree that concerts which do not pay cannot continue indefinitely, but is sometimes tempted to go to the logical conclusion of saying that if thev cease to interest musicians they may as well stop. 1 am not now asking for novelties. We still hear a good many at concerts, particularly in the domain of chamber music and at B.B.C. performances held in public. What I do ask for at the moment are just masterpieces which have somehow failed recently to come to our table and a poor man's table it is, in all conscience. Examples need hardly be given, but here goes, so far as space will stretch, and list of desiderata should be Imagined as extending inimitably beyond that. I cannot think when I have last heard Mozart's A major string Quartet (K. 464), which I am often tempted to think the finest of them all. Even at the South Place concerts (now at Conway Hall), where you may hear admirable chamber music for a shilling Sunday after Sunday, this had only its fourth performance last November in a period of over The Academy Award picture. All the King's Men (Gaumont and Marble Arch Pavilion), is a very interesting work indeed. Il tells the story of the turbulent rise of an American hick politician, who the broad view, and long sight, the i pelieves in mmselt so passionately Ol I hj hpmmM hAm rtf th nennla or hat he becomes hero of the neoole. tree air and Keen cutting power film. And, by the same token, the Governor of the State, and putative dictator ol the world; it really puzzles him, dying, to know why shilling ol bus and pieces of scenery, and a huge cast Did an of his apparatus help katka's meaning lo come through 1 What ine did get was a vague impression of a man going dismalh insane -imid whirl of conspiracy -mania and guilt-complev Perhaps our world does contain ni.iru such candidates lor Bedlam but 1 do not see wh we should be exposed lo contused glimpses ot a pitiful contusion The theatre demands at least some rudiments ol theatrical technique and the human mind needs a clear interpreting mind to define the dilemmas and despairs ol us on heludd lenient How one pined for (en minu'es of Shaw, with his intellectual drive and superb lucidity, or of Ihscn. who could make a tremendous and moving, as well as an intelligible. pla out of financier Borkman's dreams and despairs. Still. I rank Sundstrom won through to win a compassionate welcome. His acting has a likeable force and sincerity he might be excellent in a comprehensible role in a comprehensible play instead of having to be a tog-wanderer in a swamp of unspecified fears. This kind of turmoil gives the cast few chances, hut the fine voice of Allan Jeayes was heard to advantage. hope that Mr. Sundstrom can try again and with matter better chosen. At the Embassy, Irwin Shaw's Brooklyn waterfront The Gentle People, recently televised, repeats its moral that Little Men should stand up to Big Shots appeasement never pays. It moves, surely but slowly, amid the serene Jewish philosophy of Meier Tzel-niker, the whipcrack brutality of Robert Ayres. and the dark glamour of Hilda Simms. Water, water everywhere When we are not on the jetty we are in a Turkish Bath, hose sweaty humours lard the text with moist relief. film demands the western; for only by getting out-of-doors once in a while, and stretching muscles cramped by drawing-room drama, can it keep its health. someone should have understood him so ill as to shoot him. The study of this man, a cross be- tween Citizen Kane and Hoederer IF ever a man won a sinprith vote in the theatre it was Frank Sundstrom. part-translator and producer of The Trial, at the Winter Garden That house is not the natural home ot the Art that is Left and Loft; some of the audience became apathetic and. at moments, impolite, but he and his large compan plodded on through Kafka's nightmare w.ith the utmost courage and in the end were sincerely applauded without opposition from above. The tjl-lantry of Kildine Productions Inc and of Mr Sundstrom in pouring so much monev and elfort into a pla which to the average man will seem onl a morbid muddle cannot be questioned. But the sense of it In wishing to have seen both capilal and labour better employed. I fancv I represent the feeling of the first night meeting. "The Trial is an English translation, by Jacqueline and Frank Sundstrom, of a French adaptation, by Andre" Gide and Jean-Louis Barrault, of Kafka's book of that title- How man chefs of distinction and what a broth! Fven an explanatory note on the programme is so badly written as to add to the bewilderment. If our poets of today are obscure, Kafka and his titivators can knock them for at that game. The central figure is a Bank Manager called who is charged before an unspecified court on unspecified charges and has to justify himself in some unspecitied way. Then we are told by the programme expositor, refuses to recognise the possibility of a personal guilt towards something supernatural, and he succumbs to his life's crisis. He is aware that the High Judge lies inaccessibly above man's knowledge of the machinery of Justice, but he is unable to free him from the ordinary impulses of finite life and accepts death at the hands of two dumb men. Sort that out for yourselves. The High Judge, incidentally, is presented like Beachcomber's Mr. Justice Cocklecarrot and might be God perhaps the latter, since Mr. T. S. Eliot's famous Cocktail Party has now been discovered in New York to signify the Last Supper. Curiously, this bit of modernis-mus seemed very old-world. This kind of play was done much better thirty years ago when Georg Kaiser wrote From Morn to Midnight," which also was about the crazy pavement trodden by a bank- Glass-fronted Solid Oak Cast 47 i ft 1 1 (no Purchase Tax). P7ttA 2' 111, height Shelf heights 91', 9 11- WRITE, CALL OR PHONE FOR LEAFLETS Dept. 10, Phoenix Gallery, 38 William IV St Martin's, London, W.CJ2. (TEM 0523) MBRBRBna She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (London Pavilion), out of Stage Coach by Fort Apache," is one of the most rousing films 1 have seen for years. It is also not without subtlety. At first glance this story of a grizzled cavalry officer (John Wayne), who leads his men on a hazardous patrol within a few days of his retirement, would seem to be a straightforward affair of troopers and Indians. But all manner of old adventures are quietly touched on ot Crime fassionel (with clearly-hinted parallels from contemporary history), is so well managed by Broderick Crawford and the director, Robert Rossen. and the whole film is so firm in its grip and impressive in individual scenes, that I could not help wondering why it didn't stir me more. I came to the conclusion that what is missing from All the King's Men is first, space to account for the hero's sudden change from a reasonably honest man to a client of the devil, and second, heart. It is sometimes brilliant, almost always authoritative, but deadly cold. Only one character, a pock-marked secretary- Children's Portraits An Invitation To Artists HERE are to-day many artists in Britain well qualified to undertake child portraiture, and many people, we believe, who would like to commission portraits ol their children if it were made easy for Ihem to do so. Tttt Obskrvlr intends to make an attempl to bridge this gap. A series of articles will be published next month on contemporary portraiture, illustrated with portraits ol children done various mediums, including small-scale sculpture. We request artists to supply the details stated below, so that, in addition to reproductions, lists may accompany these articles for the guidance of readers. An exhibition of works will be held at the R.W.S. Galleries, 26, Conduit-street, for a fortnight in June, and an announcement will be made here later giving details for submission. Meanwhile, artists in all parts of Britain are invited to send before the end of the month the following addressed to Portraits," The Observfr, 22, Tudor-street, London, E.C.4. A note stating the artist's full name, address and telephone number, and an indication of the category or to which his or her work belongs. One or more clear photographic prints, suitable for reproduction, of recent paintings, drawings or other works of child portraiture should be enclosed. A scale of prices is, of course, no indication of artistic merit, and categories are required only for readers' guidance. Artists, how Research: how much of Middlesbrough speech is instantaneously communicable to denizens of the Essex What percentage of listeners' black-out is experienced by a Wiltshireman tuned-in to a Lancashire comic? Ought some pioneer in Broadcasting House to invent, as Chaucer did, a composite regional idiom ivhich, in time, would serve as an acceptable wireless transcription of the babel of the shires' (To the last question 1 myself, in the final resort, would answer No but the mere consideration of it is a salutary exercise.) We Work In Steel was disfigured, in its opening passages, by another kind of naturalism. A conversation between several workmen was enacted in the canteen of a club and against the background noises of beer-mugs, laughter, small-talk and billiard-balls, the effort, at our end, to follow the front-stage reflections upon the Steel Industry was further handicapped. A set-up that sounds effective in the studio can suffer distortion in transmission to our parlours, and if producers would only keep their eyes shut at their work they might avoid many of these infidelities to their terms of reference. I can remember no richer reward of the spoken word than the verse sequence of Easter in Europe," written by W. R. Rodgers and spoken by Stephen Murray, Robert Eddison and Cyril Cusack. There seem to me intimations, already, that some of our poets are responding to a medium which may offer them a oreative scope (and, perhaps, a living as well) no longer attainable on the printed page. Much of the music of Easter in as the picture unfolds. It is possible that British audiences may not catch all the allusions to the aftermath of the Civil War, and the beautiful scene in which a hard-bitten army wife sews a red-flannel petticoat into a flag for the grave of a trooper who was once a Confederate general may go awry. Nevertheless through all the thundering gallop of cum mistress, played magnificently by Mbrcedes McCain-bridge, is allowed to give out a little genuine warmth. The others are either incompletely formed as human beings; or formed with a hollow where the heart should be. This does Us CONCRETE ft' FIREPROOF it's PERMANENT it's PORTABLE it's SNUG DRY fti SECTIONAL it's EASTKt ERECT it's QHIX CONCRETE GARAGE With spBcmer and a friend you can so easijy erect Batley Building. No ptrti fix in the round, limpJy boll the unit together on any evel foundation and you have a erage toliat a. lifetime. Aluminium doors, nuti and bolti no rust, no maintenance coats. fr daHvcry within 100 miles or LONDON or COVENTRY. Send Sot free brochure to ERNEST BATLEY, 20, Colledc Road, Cowntry. Tel. 8q34S'IS- sixty years, though the records of other Mozart quartets run into their thirties. The two Brahms siring quintets are almost forgotten nowadays, and 1 could bear with any amount of equanimity to hear Beethoven's in major, or for that matter his clarinet Trio. Neither is among his greatest works, but the urbane, be-slippered Beethoven they represent is in his way as characteristic and in certain moods as lovable as the tragic, the grim, the passionate, or the philosophical Beethoven. Chamber music is not as badly starved as orchestral in London to-day in the matter of variety; still, when has one of Mendelssohn's string quartets last been heard here? One does not hanker after them continually as the best chamber music, but more than one is among the best Mendelssohn, the action, the hard YTE cannot afford to gibe at Eden Phillpotts. In his eighty-eighth year the Master of the Moor can still construct a comedy i that puts to the blush many of our chatter dramatists The Orange (New Lindsey) is unpretentious Devon drollery by a playwright who does not regard a plot as a burden, and who still thinks, per-, versely, that dialogue should have some body and flavour. No doubt it is simple-hearted, and certainly not all of these players strike firm root in Devon. But Nancy Price is there to not prevent All the King's Men from being a picture very well worth a visit. It holds the interest; it commands admiration; tt may chill, but it never bores. 1 have to confess that Oh, You Beautiful Doll (Odeon) bored me Half an hour later I had forgotten all its tunes; whereas, I am riding, the sharp shooting, the ferocious raids on outposts by shrieking Cheyenne dog-warriors; creaking wheels, bugles sounding, dogs barking, harness jingling; there is a sense of personal relationship with a long back-history. This, you feel, is really a story with roots in the nation, not just a fiction snatched out of the busy air. Europe was tantalising in its Your, praaant BACK BOILER CRATE will five ABUNDANT HOT WATER always i you tiie an EVERBURNE Slow Combustion Unit which after all is something. brevity, and some ot it (especially from Scotland) unworthy of the still humming She Wore A I Yellow Ribbon." It must be ad- mitted, however, that the ageing composer hero, Alfred Breitenback, ever, who prefer, may state unclassified." Category A A list of the orchestral gaps that occasion. And now for a batch of summary need filling requires a pamphlet John Ford and his camera-men in the past have made such lovely pictures with black and white photography, that aficionados may be disappointed to find the present film in Technicolor. But anything else would seem foolish in view of the title. She Wore a Yellow and judgments. Miss Margery Fry, who left college titty-six years ago. coax along a new brand ot. heiress; Julian D'Albie's faithful suitor is I called Bnmblecombe and sounds like 1 it. and Lilian Annear is, richly, one of the babbling gossips of the Devon air If ever I am lefr an orange 1 orchard in Australia, my first task will be to seek through London for the legal aid of Mr. Forbes (Keith Pyott) and Mr. Pilcher (Jonathan Field), who take us benignly within the law in the gentle gambol of the second act. J. C. Tbewin. No electricity or gas expense. No fixture. ALSO FOR ORDINARY GRATES (without boilers) giving all night or day burning; with SHIELDED SAFETY. Saves work, cuts cost, uses poorest fuel. INSTANTLY REMOVABLE WHEN OPEN FIRE RE Oils size 1, 12 guineas upwards. Oils size 2, 20 guineas and wards. Ivory miniatures, 10 guineas rather than an article. 'The fields left lying fallow there make a desolate sight indeed. Haydn's middle-period symphonies alone make up clerk in a world of chaos. That had tome narrative value and was not over-loaded with irrelevant characters. The old Expressionism of Kaiser and Toller, with which the Stage Society regaled us on its Stark Sunday nights, was sensibly economical it worked with curtains and clever lighting, whereas Mr. Sundstrom has descending doorways, bricky parapets, much delivered a thirty-minute talk on he emancipation of women with a played by f. cuddles (ugh!) Sakall, was something of a person. It appears that he got at least six song'hits out of one unpublished opera, not to mention concert billing with Beethoven and Mozart. These are the guys, swell guys drools Picture, who changed the face of the world," QUIRED acres ot uncultivated ground. Ribbon is all tied up, as it were, Write for prticulrt to wwv-nna inue a m. ajaaaaaa Which reminds me: a choral vocal and mental vivacity of the rarest quality. "Taking Stock," which 1 have lately found a pain with yellow ribbon the troopers society might do very much worse (Dspt. O.BJ) ITU IE Fra HARROGATE. YORKS. upwards. Water-colours, pastels, and other drawings, either size, untrained, 4 to 10 guineas. Heads and busts (sculptor's choice of material), 15 guineas and upwards. Category than to revive Haydn Seasons, to mv mind a more encasing work Television in the ear, was a cogent and well-balanced discussion of European Unity." As usual it was a four-in-hand, but the reins were held by a even than The Creation." It is true that choirs may feel a certain coolness towards it because its best music driver (William Clark) whose sense in the anas, which oaint an up- of discipline was unobtrusive but exquisite series of wonderfully varied decisive, in an exemplary produc nature pictures, wnile the choruses Oils size 411 guineas and wards. Oils size 2, 8(1 guineas and wards. Ivory miniatures. 20 guineas up- often drag in religious reflections and tion of The Wild Duck (by Raymond Raikes) Mai Zetterling displayed again her poignant art in the Old Master's greatest play, and, on a different level, Terence Rattigan's merely because an oratorio has to be hortative now and again, or they become didactic in a rather tiresome way; even this prolific master could not be greatly inspired by a chorus in praise of industry. Still, there arc many good things in the choral portions of The Seasons," too: the awakening of spring, the thunder Flare Path went as nimbly on By C. A. LEJEVNE set has been out of order for the past week and I have had to get my television vicariously through the courtesy of neighbours. It is a salutary experience for a critic to look at television in another person's house. You realise, sharply, how personal the reception must be; how strongly every transmission is affected by the atmosphere of a particular home; how violently one family's reactions differ from another's; and how tough is the task of a programme director who has to try to adjust the differences. Although I stick to my belief that the viewing public has a long sight more intelligence than the B.B.C. gives it credit for, I have been glad, as a guest. upwards. Water-colours, pastels, and other drawings, either size, unframed, IS guineas and upwards. Heads and busts (sculptor's choice of material), 40 guineas and upwards. Category j) As otherS 1 A man's associates, both I business and social, are Qj 1 more critical of his 1 I manner of dress than he I I is apt to think. That is the air as ever it did on the stage. But the moths have been at it, all Austin Reed the same. storm, the hunt and the spinning- 1, 100 guineas and up- chorus, so obviously the model for To-day's Programmes HOWE (1.10 1 8.0. News. 8.20. Momma Oils sie wards. Schubert's "Gretchen am Spinnrade," tor Mclfldv 9.30. Service. 10 30, Sunday Morning Prom 11.15. Talk Travel and Adventure; 11.30. Music Magazine. 12.10.- The Critics, 1.0, Nev.8. 1.10. Country Magazine. 1.40 Opera I Home. 2.5, Garden. 1.30, Pty Oils sie 2. 200 guineas and upwards. Ivory miniatures, water-colours, pastels and other drawings, either size, unframed, 25 guineas and upwards. Mjr Hose, by name. 3.0. Homage OlfenhaUi 5.0, Children. 5.50. Talk, 6.0, ot in sentiment and drama, but in figuration, key, modulation and pace. Another choral work I should like to hear oh, not every other week, but just once is Schumann's Paradise and the Peri," though I suspect it may not be as splendid in full dress as it is delightful in neglige when played on the piano. News. 6.15. Plav Dangerous Drugs 7 15, Heads and busts (sculptor's choice of material), 75 guineas and Angus Morrison Piano 7.45, Service. 8.25. au-e 8.30. Serial Plav The Country House 9.0, N'evs 9.15. Talk The Ciw- upwards. I ny me man wno wears gitt I Drescott Clothes finds I easy acceptance in what- 1 ever com pa ny he may be. 1 You will find Drescott I Clothes in the good I' quality Stores all over ftmm the country, including the West End of London. tmpnrjri lhe.nre hs Christopher Fry, 9.35, viindjv Swnrmmiv Concert 10.52 The Epi- Size 1, Small-size heads and bust-portraits (about 20 in. 1 6 to slide off the argument about art in favour of the agreement about science. Nobody, in my experience, disputes the value of television's outside broadcasts. They are fine. The commentators from Alexandra Palace seem woefully concerned about weather conditions. They apologise for bad visibility; they apologise for the wind and the rain; they really needn't worry. It is very sad, of course, that they should get wet, and that their monitor screen should be washed away. But the engineers are i re 2. Media m-si ze ha if or fali i ,0, Penijv Oul West S.40. News 9.10, East-Band ol the Life im 10 30, Sinit It hss 11.30. People'! otiue. 11.0-11.3. Nr-'KI (l.sIHl 241 lesmond Pi.ini 8.20. Wa "hark-s Smart, IrKan 9.0 t.irls' riimr 9 30, 10 0, Alhi -V-SJin 11.0. Itrnor.ince is Bl Sc-imlc 12.0. Hair A fi I awmnrcs 1 .45. Take 115. Joiirnev liilu Melods length portraits (about 24 in 20 inX As for opera, which we are always accused of neglecting, we seem lo do pretty well by the accepted masterpieces just now and could aflord there to go into by-paths a little. 1 have already, in the most lordly and persuasive manner, ordered Berlioz's Trojans from Covent Garden for 195! and must in r-aniiK Ir I rom Here 3.0, Oov.n Your Hall 4.45. Who's A well dressed man has the appearance of effortless elegance we envy him, we wonder how much and how long he spends on his clothes. More often than not you will find that his suits are tailored for him in advance in our Ready for Serv ice Department where an average price for a good suit is 18 and it is ready for you to walk away in. Wa 4.0 metv Concert The Galleries HERE and there this week Who 5.15, Mm h-Bmding-in-lhc -Marsh- S.AS, Top S.orc 6.30. Rai A Laugh 7,0. noi frighten them off that by asking News and Ncdsfffl w. sjrand Hotel. 8.30. H'mns 9.0. Varieiv Bandhos 10.0. News: 10.15, Semnriiv Piano 10.30. Hvmnv 10.45, Daintinss by Asian artists in 0Mn 11.15. Serenade 11.56-12.0, News. on the job, and the spectator at home is only interested in results; he doesn't care about conditions. Easter Monday's races at Kempton Park, for instance, were run in a slashing downpour. It must have been purgatory for the commentators, but we were sitting beside a bright fire, looking at some of the best actors on the screen London at Asian Institute Gallery (adjoining Leicester Galleries). St ran ee that whereas Oriental lor more, or mey may go on strute. But Sadler's Wells, so adventurous in reviving neglected Verdi, may perhaps be urged to give us the forgotten Luisa Miller." It is a sweetly lyrical work rather in the Traviata vein methods e.g., the Japanese colour print have often had a stimulating THIRD 1 4o4 194 I Talk Early on the lichen with a Trout Rod. hy St Cirimwnod Mcars 6.t5, P-ano Sonatas bv Hacdn 6.40, To Thoughts in Landscape." Reading h. lolin 7.10 Music bv Schiil; 7.55. Talk (nam Ocics. 8.15", Bruckner S.mphom No 7 in 9.30. Ptav 11.0. Songs hs Warlock 11.30-11-50. Talk TELEVISION. For the Children. 8.30. Plav Promise ol To.morrov, tw Michael Barn 10.10-10.25, News (Sound only) horses. The tearing diagonals of the rain, the sudden neigh of a horse, the flat slap on the wet flank of a mount. AN ANNOUNCEMENT BY DRESCOTT CLOTHES LIMITED OF DUDLEY in thm county of WORCESTERSHIRE AUSTIN REED OF REOENT STREET, LONDON PRINCIPAL CITIES LONDON TELEPHONE REGENT 6789 Ballet RflllTFS ss- effect on Western art. buropean influences are usually baneful in F.astern art. Burmese artist San Win sees the enchantment of Mandalay through the eves of a popular Academician. Ling Su-Hua's mountain peaks are magical on silk, why then make a brush drawing on a sheet of English newspaper 11 East and West meet here most happily in the mysterious, decorative paintings of A. D. Thomas, an Indian Christian. Open assembly of young painters. draughtsmen, sculptors at R.B.A. Galleries. SufTolk-street. invites talent spotting. Greal vanetv ol styles, general standard dis-ttnctlv lower than in Young Contem and no doubt as much better than its model as Traviata is better than La Dame aux cameJias." For Luisa was based on Schiller's callow, would-be realistic and overstrained tragedy of Kabale und Liehe lemonade is pale as tliv soul -poisoned lemonade and so on), and like the Dumas play it is soltened and poeticised by Verdi's touching music. Luisa was given in London, at Her Majesty's Theatre, as long ago as 1858, and in English al ihe Wells the same year. Need it wait for the centenary of these lo be revived'1 And what about Dvorak's Rusalka." promised for 1939 hut El.VIN 1 1 itl acl- danced (he l.ikv for the Besides her is not neces- the umbrellas, the roar ot the wind on the roof of the stand, all added to the excitement. Why apologise Nobody minded. These are the sort of corroborative details we buy a television set for. The outside broadcast department at Alexandra Palace is first-rate. It is more than that it is essentia to television, and the B.B.C in view of recent discussions, might just as well shell out generously and have done with it. They can be quite sure that viewers will support them. I have just these suggestions to make to tif Siwijf Mondav je. vs hich I IIUUILU ACROSS THE ATLANTIC fust time on heaui of 1.i EXT TIME Travel to Ireland the easy way FLY DIRECT TO DUBLIN sank assci on ihe stage, she has a hnc umipait sialnrc. a regal carriage tit the back, melting arms, and sluing leas sol on perfect feet. Her perl orma nee is remailsjble for poraries ehinmon. harles Oakle attach she makes a movcnu'nl with the machinations of has Iwo trcshlv seen drawings of Irustrated hy such assuiatic ou would think she Well, in opera our amateurs ROUTE LONDON FLYING FLIGHTS OFF SEASON AIRCRAFT 1 TO TIME WEEKLY RETURN FARES f-IjjSA Sirotocrufser 1 New York 19 hn, 7 Speedbirds CANADA ConscefJmJon Montreal 20 hrs. 4 160. OtO Speedbirds 1 HICARI8BEAN Bermuda I 21 hrs. 3 21 1 12 -0 v-a -sboo Ntau 26 hrs. 3 218. 0.0 t-ieAr-or 29 hrs. 1 I 223.15.0 SpicirrK K.neston 30 hrs. I 248. 5.0 was imcnlLnt; it She was soluptuouslv television commentators. Don't bumble so much Don't interrupt i you can't add. Repeat important names Don't talk if you can't keep up with the visuals And always, aways have your information clear. sad as Odette as Odile she cajoled the Pnnce with blandishments of such aie often ahead of ihe professionals when comes to exploration. I hear that Rusalka is to be done by members of the staff of Messrs. Peter Jones in Sloane Square on May II and 12. Cor-el'i Seeedbi Jerces ihrougnoLit the CoriDOeon and to Panama, Lrmo artf Santiago. rnps commenced by 30th June. Return journey made ofler tst September. mesmeric hraura that he clearly stood no chance as well do a trapeze acl with a Hger' Siegfried, lohn Field danced and earned himself serv well Brae's Queen is better. Powell's Tutor is too determined to be (unn. Rcnno is as established as the Church marine equipmenl. and promising work comes from Healhtield. A Mor-rocco. and student Josephine tc-Kenna, whose Richmond Bridge." one hopes, makes its last public appearance and will find a private home. The Beaux Arts, studio loft at Bruton-place. is at present a hunting-ground for collectors of maiira el pclil-nwilrv, tin XIX enn mi Ir Whistler's eve-glass would have Hashed approvinglv on an Anqticlin paslel. and (he delicious qualilv ol Ribot's hltle painting of ovslCIs Ni ii Vv i js XIMENES No. 131 Solution and Notes POUTE Al RCRAFT FLIGHTS WEEKLY FLYING TIME. SINGLE FARE ACROSS I. Her-mcnc. 7. Seed ol England I he tust att was er dull, and Mr Hurra's 1 RETURN FARE 37S 6 0 124 3 0 e.A71 IS.O 0 LONDON TO Rio de Janen Monteviaeo Buenos A.res Santiago 208 Li 35 in IK-ihlin ni a smile anJ in 1 1 moiKl Vs i I nyuv in nuhl.ii nporl 1 si.i-hf i i'ss No ips No 3 I 2 Exudate i Herd 15, Son-tdj iSir arxfi'il lnjh The.i:rck Iti Blue, iKarenina -SoulhcoUK -6. 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