The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1950 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 1, 1950
Page 14
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FACE FOURTEEN HI.YTWrvn.T.F! fARK.l H*!W» Use of Plentiful Foods Keeps Budget Down >« food budget down and tM ftmllr nutrition high. Plan menu* days ahead of time, using j M many of Ehe plentiful foods as ptKible. They are cheaper. Here »re a few good budge meals. Teal birds, buttered noodles, Harvard beets, chicory and anise salad, •nrlched rolls, butter or fortified margarine, fresh fnilt, coffee, milk. Creamed corn omelet, canned peas, enriched, crisp rolls or bread, butter or fortified margarine, cottage cheese and grapefruit salad, canned peaches, chocolate brownies, coffee, milk. Spaghetti Casserole Spaghetti and tongue casserole, bowl of mixed vegetables and greens salad, French dressing, rv e bread, butter or fortified margarine, rhubarb and apple pie, coffee, milk. Baked pork chops, baked sweet potatoes, broiled tomatoes, mixed green salad, enriched bread, butler or fortified margarine, Ribler grapes, cookies, coffee, ml!k. Saute of beef liver and onions, parsley potatoes, mashed yellow turnips, enriched bread, butter or fortified margarine, cabbage and lettuce slaw, whipped gelatine garnished with frestL^strawoerrles, coffee, milk. '*' Kale Inexpensive Kale, an inexpensive fjreen vegetable, belongs more often in nutritious budget menus. Try kale panned. Use the leafy pails stripped from the lough midribs. Cook In a covered skillet with bacon fat, chopped onion and a little water. For hot cooked kale use only the leafy parts, cut or torn in inch- size pieces. Use enough water to co»ie half way to the top of the kale. <Kale needs more water in cooking than more tender greens.) Boil about 9 minutes, turning over once. Long cooking causes strong flavor and loss of nutritive value. Add bits of bacon or salt pork, bam bones, chopped onion; or meat drippings in cooking. Kale omelet is a surprisingly good spring dish. To serve 6 the ingredients are: 2 tablespoons fat (bacon or table); 6 egi^s, lightly beaten; about ',i tcas]«x>n sail; 6 tablespoons milk; 6 tablespoons cooking water from kale; !-i cup cooked kale, cut In half inch pieces. To make: Melt fat in a heitvy skillet. Combine the other Ingredients. Pour into sWllet. Cook over lo\v heat. As mixture cooks on bottom loosen edges with spatula and tip skillet so uncooked part runs underneath. Raise heat to brown the bottom Just before fcrvlng. JOOO P/ione Numbers LONG BEACH, Calif.. June 1. Iff —Here's a man who figures to be pretty busy. An Introduction service told po- Leftovers Put To Good Use In Casserole Don't wi.ste leftover vegetables even if there are more growing In the garden. Combine tile bit of thts and a cup of (hat Into K casserole. Add onion for flavor. Cover with white .sauce or a condensed soup. Top with buttered crisp cereal crumbs. Pens carrols and green beans are vegetables which appear most often In menus these days. Save this recipe to guide you ivhen you find you've s'jim to spare. It make's a hearty Umchcon dish. }i cup cooked peas •tl cup cooked carrots ^i cup cooked string beans : Yt cup celery 2 tablespoons grated onion !<a cups medium white sauce 1 clip corn flakes 1 tablespoon melted butler Arrange peas carrots, string beans and celery in layers in a greased casserole; sprinkle each layer with grated onion Pour write sauce over vegetables. Sprinkle with crushed corn (lakes mixed with melted butter. Bake in a mcdorate oven (375 degrees R) About 25 minutes. Yield: 6 to 8 servings. Note: out can of cream of mushroom .soup or asparagus soup diluted will: 1'3 cup rnilk may be substituted for medium white sauce. By (JAVN'OK MAI)I>OX NBA Staff Writer Nostalgia often cntvrlncs Itself a>out the spring appetite. My father was a gourmet. He rated fine 'estaurants as important, as good chools In a boy's education. Old -.uchow's on Bast Hlh St. In New t'ork City was part of my early urrlculum. I returned last night to Is pungent halls. Lennard Jan Mitchell Is the new >-owner. He's the Swedish grcat- •andson of an English sea captain, lerring In dill sauce is his remedy for spring fever. We're making it now. it takes hrce or four days. Nobody rushes i spring. The herrings arc mari- aled In this sauce: beat a cup of olive oil and a cup of prepared lice yesterday a burglar had Inkei Its entire file of 1000 lonely wour en's names, plus addresses, tele phone numbers, physical spccifica. lions and income. WEEK END SPECIALS AT NABER'S GRO. & MKT. Ib. 33 MMM Kftkd — Frethly Dressed — P«t Tendtr HENS Country sty]* Lean Brisket of Beep . PURE PORK S'SAGE,, 390 STEWMEflF „,. 390 Wonderful for flavoring Lean meaty SMOKED JOWL ....,, 190 PORK NECK BONES ,150 End Curs Lean Pork Chops Ib. 45 Fresh From the Country EGGS Doz. 29' Pure CANE SUGAR 890 For a summer dessert JELLO 3 Pkgs 250 Sunshine Krispy CRACKERS 240 Cross & Black\vell— No. 2 can TOMATO JUICE 140 Richelieu Asparagus or M'ROOM SOUP 100 O 3 O cn O •t ro R> O o n Drip or Regular Grind Ih Farm Fresh Vegetables Fresh YKIJ,OW SQUASH ,„ 150 Young, (cntlcr pole GRKKN BEANS n , 270 Fresh, firm CUCUMBERS » 190 Nabers' Gro. & Mkt. MELVIN HALSELL, Owner Main & Division Free Delivery Phone 501 Appetites Recall Good Old Days THtmSDAY, JUNE 1, sistency of mayonnaise. Add 1 cup coarsely chopped fresh (111!, Juice of a lemon, 4 tablespoons strong vinegar and a tljlespoon each of freshly ground black pepper, white pepper, salt and ill-splcc. and two tablespoons sugar, cover the fileU with this sauce and stand in refrigerator three or foiu 1 days. Serve with thinly sliced red onions and spilBs ol fresh dill. Don'l forget the pumpernickel. Groceries Cheaper In 1830 But the Diet Was Poorer than Today Going to the grocery store In 18:10 was n lot. IKS expensive than II Is today, but a University of III- InoLs economist points out tkat the resulting family diet wasn't so good, at least by modern standards. It WHS long on meat, bread, butter, coffee and potatoes but short on almost everything else. In an article In "Current Kco- nomlc Comment.". Paul 13. converse of (lie university lists Richmond, Va., groccrf prices In 1830 as fifteen cents a pound for sugar, $1.50 per pound for tea, six and one-half to twelve and one- half cents per pound for lard. But balancing these—chickens were ten to fifteen cents each, bacon was A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEAT MACARONI -SPAGHETTI PUKE t&» NOODLES 9o a pound, coffee was 15c a pound and turkeys 75c each. Honey sold In stores Is usually a mixture of light and dark honeys brought to a uniform color. Bite Mem TMt> Dtftgtt wfa*** SLICED BACOI *st for '* •* year Jt^in TAKE A TIP FROM OTHER BRIDES SAVE YOU MORE All vegetable shortening — fine for baking SNOWDRIF - 3 to— doz. CHOICE MEATS Wilson's certified CHUCK ROAST - 59< Sugar cured whole or half TENDER HAMS - 62? White River FRESH CATFISH Hcil brand SLICED BACON - 34< For a summer s BALOGNA For a summer supper °" m " Lean, tender PORK CHOPS - 55? Brisket of Beef STEW MEAT - 29? Country style pure PORK SAUSAGE *. 35? For an economical meal WHITING FISH - Good Streak o' Lean SALT MEAT ,, HEINZ KETCHUP - lge.btl.23c Salad Queen SALAD DRESSING - • • q'.35c. Fine for summer meals—Sour or LL PICKLES quart 25c i. can 69c Famous Mountain Grown FOLGER'S Dole's Sliced Adams delicious sweetened Always sure in your cooking PET MILK Glenwood creamery PURE BUTTER 3» 35£ 01. can 3|C E - 2 •»• 35c Domino pure CANE SUGAR 10£89< All popular brands CIGARETTES ctn. Fancy YELLOW SQUASH - Ib. 10< Florida sweet juicy ORANGES - 5 Ib. bag 39< U.S. No. 1 red NEW POTATOES--- 10 lbs.49< Keep a clean fly sprayer on hand .for s p r i n k ' i n g clothes — it's faster, easier. Fresh GREEN BEANS • - 2 Ibs. 2S< Large Iceberg LETTUCE - - 2 large heads 25< Juicy, 432 size California SUNKIST LEMONS - Doz. 33? \ & MAIN ST. BLYTHEVILLE , ARK

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