The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1933
Page 2
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PAGE BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3. 1933 - Clib • ' Mrs. Baker Wilson had members of the Thursday Conlrncl club as her guests this week. The eight iilaycrs enjoyed a bridge game In n living room adorned willi roses. Mrs. n. L. Bradley won the prlz*. cards. A salad course was served. SATURDAY'S EVENTS Benefit Bridge and Rook party, Woman's club, 2:30 P. M. Ji ~-hr - ^0Mv-OAMi4£J~c</Z^ » ' News ot Blytheville Schools School Piano solo. Naomi Alexander; talk, Hoji- [o Have a Good Time on-Hal- lowe'en Without Destroying Property, Harold Dozier. County p. V. I>. U. To Give Program. George H. Puqua of Ihc Manila Senior Uirfcn will be in charge of the meeting of Uw County B. Y. P. U. at Manila tonight. The following program will begin at 7:30 o'clock: song, by union; scripture reading, Hilda Davis; prayer, A. H. While; welcome address, M. F. Gathriglit; response, J. P. Friend; solo, "Because ' of You," Sybil Shcdd; musical selection, by the male quartette; special selection by mixed nun^cUc: topics by Bcrnlce Fox, Madge Key, Alberta Koonce, Bessie Cirimth, Van Young and Pauline McWhirter, and dismissal by Lois Scoll, Clnb tins G»tt(s. Mrs. Occil Shane had members of the Mid-Week Bridge club and Mnies. R. E. Oarllnton of Searcy, Ark., who 'a visiting her sister, Mrs. B. A. Lynch, A. B. Fnirfield, Hunter C. Sims and Max Miller jr., as her guests for luncheon and a bridge game Thursday. Dahlias, chrysanthemums and zinnias decorated t'ne lower floor where the three tables were arranged. In the card games Mrs. Lynch won Hie club prize, cards. Mrs. Miller received cards for e»esl honors and Mrs. Gavlinglon was presented a handkerchief. 15 : j ii! \\ jHipils have had perfect allcndancc for Iwo monllis: Firsl grade: Homer Lcc Brown, Orville Elklns, Hoy Halscll, Mal- jon Jolly. Hrycc Layson, A. L. Reynolds, Carl Lynn Robertson, Harold Lloyd Smith, John Bruce Wilson, Frances BratUm, Pally Jean Gibson, Sarah Mattio Hall, Wnnda McBrlde, Mildred Myrtle Page, Carolyn Peterson, Evelyn Louise stan- fle:d, Helen Marie Wlioal. Second Grade: Bvulah Chlsm. Johnny Mc- Bridc, Antronell Lambert, Miiruie •Mayo. Mary Ellen Overtoil, Carrol Elanfleld, Milton Anderson, Charles Roush. Third Grade: Gregory At- i for thc past inonlh were entertain- kins, Pauline Heath, Mary Louise cd with a Hallowe'en party by tht Elkins, Sarah Warrlngton, Billie I pupils who haa been absent, Tues' The Girl Scouts of bailee school had a Hallowe'en parly Tuesday afternoon. Each girl Invited one friend to the parly and some of (he girls ,worc coslumes. There were several 'interesting contest 1 ;, in which prizes were awarded. Deli clous refreshments consisting ol sandwiches, hot chocolate, angel food cake, apples, and pop-con: were served. The Third Grade pupils of Lange school who had perfect attendant Jar ret t, Marjorie Robertson. Fourth Grade: Raymond Bell, J. F. Ellis, Geraldine Ellis, Pcarldinc Ellis, Tommie Dean Hatelicr, Jewel Wa- sbam, Gilbert Cowscrt. Margaret Allen Ailken, Mary Alice Seay, Verna Wheat. Fifth Grade: Harold Woods. Sixth Grade: Harold Dozler, Bill Slielion. Beulali May Rciish, Pauline nciish. James Barnes. Dent Brown. Frank Ellis, Marvin Nunn, Odie Rice, Mary Emily Wilson, Juanita While, Juanita Sample. ay aftcrncori at 2:30. The roon :ae decorated with aulumn leaves lowers, cals, owls, and light jack -lanterns. Fortunes were told an he games The Black Cat's Tail an ack O' Lantern were played. . marshmallow ghost was given a a prize to the one who pinned Ih :at's lall on. The hostesses, Rose Hollis an Kathcrlne oxford, served apple popcorn and marshmallows. fif/s oj Netcs Mostly Personal SISTER MARYS KITCHEN MCiss Mnry Jane Loflln. Mrs. Elva Poe and Mrs. Irene Wallace, accompanied by Jack Bedford, of Muskogce, Oklfl., returned yesterday from a brief visit in Memphis. Mrs. R. A. Moore, of Lcachvlllc, Is the guest ol Miss Louise Crane today. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wostbrook and Mrs. G. B. Byrne. Mrs. Hol- llce Ynrbro and daughter left this morning for California. Mr. Byrne will Join them hi Hot Springs. They will later go to Washing- tori, D. C., where Mr. Byrne Is a navigation officer. Among the out of town people who arc here today for the funeral of Mrs. C. J. F.vrard nrc Mr. aiid Mrs. John D. Matthews and chil- 1IY SISTCU MAUY NEA Service Writer III many households onions arc isscd cliieny fir seasoning, comparatively few liotne-nmkers realizing ihclr Irne worth. In other words, It pays to "know your onions" literally as well <ur flGiira- lively when you arc a cook. Rich in iron. cnions nrc "splendid and chM(> substitute foi 1 so-called "red iv.cals". This quality alone makes lliein u di-shable lo tlv. 1 mciiit when meal Force With Original Bid Only With Game In Hand la not served. They also have Ihc virtue of supplementing thc ih- t.dcqimle proteins of other vege- ir.ble foods. Baking: Trcsrrves. Mil i-rah Al th!s season of thc year "ciry" -iiicns are at their Ix-sl and, wlifii properly ccokcd. provide an economical and exceedingly wholesome food'. They are generally •Oijs'idered thc proper accoiiipani- nent to ixuil'.ry and game, but irj quile acceptable with beel, Button and liver as well. Today's vonirnct Problem Sonili tuin iho conlracl. for seven rlnlis and lim Jack nl licarl!. Is n[i,-;:i'!(l. You :ran nirrke ucainsl utiv defense, bill by UK: nf tbn rivrt- tlcsl |ilr.y» I li;ivn Bfien Mils year Wliai Is It? : • . -..-.. ;:• « VAQ.:'.' ...; t makini; ' leans. Aflcr an original of Wilson Society — Personal North's two spade bl<t Tlie "lerary department of the South should Miow his second suit'' Cooperative club met at the home us lie did. naming three clubs ' Ol Mre - c - '" Bil ' ci Tuesday after- North supported clulis and South • |ln011 with H members present, bid nve hearts, thus telling part- i Mrs - Ht) ™ cc Lewis gave a review nor that he wished to play tin-• of " TIlc Slorc ^" by Stribling, the hand at a slam, but again need I !!>32 Pl| litzer prize novel. Miss : ed ills partner's assistance in sc-! vir B lc Rogers gave a brief biogra- IcctinR the proper declaration, i plly of striwi "t'- Ml ' s - Hudson Therefore, when North bid six clubs ! Wrem > reviewed the book, "Am—and no more—Sonlh passed and' bc1 ' a "'"'" did hot try to force the hand. The Fourth Grade Cili'/enship club had a meeting Friday afternoon ol last week and gave a Hal- lowe'en program. The third grade pupils and their teacher, Mrs. Clements, attended the meeting. The Lange Literary society met Tuesday afternoon and gave the following program: Song. America all; why We Celebrate Hallowe'en Marvin Halscll; poem. Little "Or- pbant" Anne, Catherine Hollis; piano solo, Jeanetta Jean Seabaugh story. Why Apples Bob on Hallo we'en, Ralph Washani; poem, Oc. Icber's Bright Blue Weather. Allen Rice; story, Tlie Hallowe'en Spir its, Juanita White; A Safe am Sane Hallowe'en, Dent Brown; sto ry, A Safe Hallowe'en, Frank Ellis reshmenU of apples, homemade (I andy and popcorn balls ircrc / trved. The second grade children are arrying out a unit of work about ndlans. They have made an In- lan wigwam and have painted In- ian designs oil It. Each child lade a head band using chicken eathers painted in bright colors. Some of tlic girls have Just, flushed weaving an Indian rug from •ellow and blue yarn. An Indian 'illage has been started on the sand I able. These children arc planning to ?o on a hike to an Indian mound not far from school. They liopc o find arrow heads and some Indian pottery for the school exhibit. The first grade children wit heir teacher, Miss Elizabeth Halstead, have been taking excursions ,0 the homes of different children to see their pets and to extend a Mrsonal Invitation to the parents lo visit he school during Educa- :ion Week, November 6-12. The children in the second grade had an attendance, race. The class was divided into..; two sides two weeks before Hallowe'en. The side which had the greatest number of children absent entertained the other side Mit'n a party on Hallowe'en day. At the parly giv-en at 2:30 the children enjoyed playing the following games: pinning the tail on the black cat, bobbing for app'.es in a tub; biling apples off the string, and spinning the bottle. Rc- Sudbury School The 1A pupils of Miss Hilbler's room were happy to win the dollar tor having the most mothers at Parent-Teacher association Wednesday, November 1. This is the second time they have won. New officers for tile 2B story hour club are: Jesse Nell .Victory, president; Joe Evelyn Disinter, secretary. Thirty children of 1A and 2B grades were perfect in attendance during the second month of school. Posters in grade IB indicate that the "Big Pandora Circus." under the management of J. C. Leatherwood will soon be ready for dally Tcrform anceg. Luther Wlmberly handles the animals with great daring. There will be a trick pony and a trained dog. The graceful ropewalker, the horseback riders and the cowboys will all be present. Five jolly clowns will also-add to the merriment of the occasion. Don't Trifle With Coughs Don't let them get a strangle hold. Fight germs quickly. Crco- hiulsion combines the 7 best helps known to modern science. Power- nil but harmless. Pleasant to take. No narcotics. Your own druggist is authorized to refund your money un the spot if your cuugh or cold is not relieved by Crcomulsion. Adv Satyr." The Play Forty members attended a mect- Koliiliini in nexi issun ' ' West .'opoheri the king of dla-, 1 "? of tllD Wilson Cooperative club monds, which Soulli, declarer won '. Thursday al the communily cltib- vvith the .'ace.' Before leading any i hou5c; - Thc program. "Chicago Ex- trump. th£ declarer should niff (• '• Position Brought lo Dixie," was a small hc:iVl l'n dummy. Now the j lim 'el presentaiion by members eight of clubs Is returned, declarer j wl!0 attended Ihc fair. Thc hostess litf.i'W the ace, and West shows ' w wcrc A. J. Cole, W. out, , . Wallace. Halpli Robinson, S. A. Solution to Previous Contract-Problem ,-• 'il- drcn, of Greenwood, Miss., Mr. nnd Mrs. Tom Ballard -Of Jonesboro, August Little of Rono, Ind.. and August Municr of Slkcslon, Mo. Mia Virginia Terry went to Memphis today where she will undergo an operation for appendicitis at the Baptist hospital. Her mother, Mrs. E. M. Terry, accompanisd her. Mrs. A. J. Thornton and family of Morganfleld, Ky., are guests of relatives here, having come because of thc critical Illness of Mrs. Thornton's slater, Mrs. c. J. Evrard, who died yesterday. Dr. and Mrs. E. M. Bryan jr.. and family of Bisamrk, Mo., art guests o[ Dr. Bryan's mother. Mrs. E. M. Bryan, and family for the week-end. They arrived tnsi nlc^t Mrs. Berry B. Broaks jr.. nnd daughter. Virginia, of Memphis spent yesterday and today here, having accompanied Mrs. Walton home. Mrs. Wallcn speni two week there. Moss Bryan is leaving tonight for New York cily atler having spent two weeks with his mother, Mrs. E. M. Bryan, and daughter. Miss Ellen. Mrs. M. H. Cameron, Mrs. M. T. Moon, Mrs. J. Cecil L:we and son. Jimmy, spent yesterday in Memphis. Mrs. w. W. Shaver and Mrs. A. M. Washb-jrn were in Memphis yesterday.' Mr. and Mrs. j. p. Friend and Mrs. Stanford Bcaty were in M"m- pbis Thursday. Among those who will attend the football game at Jonesboro tonisht are these nitnbcrs of the fife corps: Misses Mary Elb.ibclh Borum. Patty Shane. Burnelle and BeUV- Bcllc Bradley, Amanda Thrasher Constance Smith. Frances Holland Martha Ann Lynch', Nina Barnes Mary Eunice Layson. Jane Bran son, Ruth and Mary Catherin Dillafcunty, Sue Ratncy and Jan Kochtltzky. i ICUI I.. LII Onions lose minerals IPS., heav- To ln[ , k( , UY \VM. K. McKKMNEY Secretary, American llridKc League The rarest bid in the Suns system is the original forcing two bid. tills bid. thc declarer , Another heart is led, but this : Kegenolrt, R. L. Douglas, S. C. tiino ;t must bu ruffed in duinniv ! Brmdon - °- Barksdalc, and- Miss. wil.h Hie citicen of clubs. The nine j Maxlnc Wallace. ' ' . of clubs Itien Is lert, and when East refuses to cover, declarer plays low. Declarer I hen leads a diamond from dummy, ruffs in his own hand with tlie seven of clubs, ' ., ..,..,, .-J.Q j, ly through ba^ng than lhrou S h' lmlsl !lolrt a sl , rc Bilme in Ws OWI1 jthcr melhcds of cooking. Try; i- nm | laklns Ihcm i:i llwlv husks, jus! I ' Tltere arc hvo nr | glm i [ orcln . s you would rotators. Remove I Ud!l in tms '.^tf.,,,^,,,, m^ina^ he crisp oulsiOi skin before scrv-; !o i( , nm! tlie O[ . 1( , lnal (llrcc bil , j "• but season with salt, pjpp:r | ThP y affer in this respect -an or-'! i^lniil three id says. "Partnsr, the i hiuid nmsi. bf played in'the suit | that f first name." An original two : id says to partner. "I need our ; assistance in Erlccllnc the proper dcctonuion for tliis hand." Always rc:n?nifccr tliru. to make an original two or lluve bid, il is ni'CCfsary lo Imvc nn obigluto game in your own hand. The Bhldin" picks up East's two trump, and all I lie hearts are good. At the end, all South has yran't is. hu losng spade trick. Mrs. S. C. Brandon jr.. entertained three tubles of guests at bridge Wednesday afternoon, hon- of B oring Mrs. Stewart Williams Nashville. Tcnn. Afrs. Riley Jones of BIyllicvilic won (he prize. I Mrs. J. H.'Grain wss hostess to to the Wednesday bridge club this week. Mrs. Archibald Cakhings of ~ ett held high score. A healthy digestion is worth protecting ... keep yours healthy. Cook with CRISCO... it digests quickly,.. vd butler at the table. However. U not drained [roin >'.e wutcr In which they wcr? ci'ked. onions can tic Uoliert lo •.t'.vantage. Coo'.t, nncovi-red. in u .ither larg? propurlion o; ..- boiling water. By the time lirey re lender Ihc water will have ••okcd away and the fu.vor bj Irasnntly mild. Prolonged ccok- .'g of onions laiiFcs nui-kcd lo?; i" llavor. lea\inj (ho cjr.ked ve.T- tnble and in.>ip!d. Cix>i:in^ n a siennur <r prcwjr.' uwkei' -iair.s all th? oiiginr-! onion luvor and minnal content. 'Ihc lo:d vahio in termr of cr.l-1 Heic is onn of ihp hands dealt' in the recent Eastern Pennsylvania ! tournuineiit at Rcadm-,:. South aa3 ! the dealer and had the richl to n-jure on no more tlwn tlnee IDS- ' in? of cr.l-1 ins c.irds 11 thc Ivind is nii.yrrt nt j depends U.rooiy en the v:ay; hearls. Therefore, he is juslinc-d in > aie , tii! il may 4 K Q .1 n :' i, Nono A 11) r> 5 I V A K Q D 4 3 » A * A 1C J 7 3 Dupllc.ile—Bolti sides Viil. OpeniiiB leail—• K. South V.>sl N'ciiih l-ii.-t 2'V I'afs 2 A 1'ass 3 * 1'nss t A P"" 5 y I'.iM C A Pass NRA Emblem Woven Into Pure Wool Ru IPSWICH,' Mass. (UP)-A hooV. cd riig of pure wool, woven int a perfect reproduction of the NR emblem, may grace the floor c the White House in Washington Ralph Burnham,' antique deale and nig maker, fashioned the rug and President Roosevelt has agreed to *cccpt It. , be I eljilul lo know one-haif cup ^fiin cooked onions fi:rni^l:;-s np-! I'DXiinnlch 13 caluries of protein, i : of fat and 3! of carbohyrtr,ilc.i. '• fliSs will 'give yon a working ba-! Is for meal panning. I A "rrnlfolivc" t'ooil j As to the t '-;iamin ccnieiil of i ions, B and C are both ]!re.<ctn.| parlicularly abuniiant.! Ilornersvillc Socicly-Pcvsonal ! Ernest Rinccr entertained at a j Hallowe'en party Tuesday night. . J. R. Ciillinn nnrt H. H. Thompson iiin<|p a business trip lo Carai way Thursday. ; Mrs. Robert Roach and small ; son. Robert jr.. returned Tuesday I from a two weeks visit with her ; parents, Mr. anti Mrs. Matthew : Davidson of Dewitt. : Mrs. N'oberl S;ia»!din<; of iily- j thcvllle Is visiling Mrs. Eddie RcB- •cnold at Vicloria this week. | Mrs. j. R. Brandon of Memphis I is the guest this week of Mrs. R. .E ' L. Wilson. • Mrs. Stanley Bavlon of Bassett ' is siieiulinij this .week with her I parents. Mr. and Mrs. Max Glenn. , at ColHcrsvllie, Tenn. Mrs. Riley Ij. Jones was the . Riiest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. _ Waller Card. Wednesday and t:ucst.s weie present. In costume. I ™ a i' Aili-r the unmaM;!nu "i : !h o::r v,i'a .ic:r lii-aling ircperlle?. There cvrr fo mriiiy , '"•• lj. Kdmons'.on. Mis. Hertha hi--, puts them on-.oi:>: thf -pm- ixitiMiivini. and Mr. and Mrs. Mil- rciivc" foods nnd c>:pio::r, t[ 1L , ford Saisdcrs were in Men-.phis last 1:1 - i:;ui i:! Fiiday on business. O. M. Riddick rriururci Tufsd.iy iwlit from a 10-day trip to Mcin- i". »ays to coo!: and serve oiiinn..|"hi^. Litllr Rock 3rd other A:I:- ";!l:c:l. cream:d. fria!' nnsns c?.l!c-,'-fi. ftcwccl in iniik.' Mrs. M. A. Mifsry .mil dau^h- I o:iir.n :o;ir, lirown r!i:>. :i 5.oiip i'^" 1 :. Frna and MAi-y Julia, caitu ciambli'i! cj.i;-- vllh onwv.s, ::;u!I- ; r.ver from Ihcir hoxe :n Ste'^lc ". cnicns and slaorci onions are Wednesday for a short v!<ii with .ourishins ti:shon ill:,; ;, rc turj f" —•'- ; lo«-.s and wieners'were toasted OUT Ka IMII fire in Ihe yard. j Mrs. W. E. Ruffiii nnd dauqliUr. '. Miss Riilh Edmoiiflon. and Mre. i Harry Shepherd shopped in Bly- I iheville last week. j 'th- Rev. and Mrs. G. L. Tvl:-V Q ];!c,isc (he l.iinily. in^ o;i:o::3 llfi. T.l.'V.S .U,;o, <i:iv:.;l Mulvl Haves, mil.-- at hospital, i- horr for of Campbell woj'C Rllests Slm:luy ol Mrs. W. E. Smith. Mrs. Sallic Bryant has returned to her home al Aurora. 111., after spending several weeks with her aunt. Mrs. O. If. mil. at Marie. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Wallace and daughter. Miss Maxinc, left today for Vina. Ala., where they will spend the week end with theii son and brother. W. M. Wallac jr., and Mrs. Wallace. Young Pemiscot County j Maine Town Cows Couple Wed Wednesday • Go on Shopping Tour BRUNSWICK. CAiJimiERSVtU.E. Mo.-T !i e' irarri?.?e cf ML;: I/ni>'- Mr.Yi'ms c[ Tyler. Mo., mid I.T.'ill K:r' f :^y cr Mlcri.i. Mn., w;u Kiilriiinirc:! :,rro \v«lnosclsy at 11-e I-'-irsl rh'.irch with lisa pnstor. Rev. D. K.' Fmt:r. reading ih<> MIIC;? nng cirnnany. Tr.r co:ip!e uas .'.Itcr.d- davs vtslt witls her parents. ,.,, bv ,| lc | )r . rtn - s n , a t-rr .11 i , ,. cud MI-S. w. E. naves. i t( , i • Ml .. ; ciinrb , McAl1 . 1in ; .,;.(, Pot HM Golf Bag NEW ORLEANS <UP)— Fog was Eo thick on thc City Park Golf Course that C. H. Free hunted for ua. DIXNEIl — stewed ratblt wilh pravy. mashed potatces. French .'.i. cnior,?, tibha™c r,:ici "rccu repp;-r salad, <"up!-, r.-plc Die milk, cc"ec. v . . wild duck. ap F ar,-n!!y 1)0 shining surfaa a v.,'t sircel . an tour for. his golf bag before j'^ rc Kr , lhp s niooth valor rr he foJnd It.- He, had lett the clubs " Vl rf' P lll "3-"rt downward, in its to aid his son : in locating 'balT - - -' In Uenath Mond.iy. Mis. As-.der-! n:1 f 01 ' thc «'"-' i! »iier o! the .'•on remained to J-r^'Ud t'.-o r.i^ht i i { ' ftl at thc home of lur unr'.e. Cim;di Mr - Knks^yis.-i young iz: Car.eer. and family. I ''•!• Miri'la riinmniniiy. T)-.r Mr. nnd Mrs. R. "M. McC.i>'i unrt I ro ' l l!tl w ' !1 1 '«^ 1 ' lh:-ir hon-.i- daughter. Miss Irrne. and Mr. iuidi ; 'r until Mrs. KirkM-y's srhn I Mrs. Mcrrimnn MrCpVh '.fit KM-. '•• endfii. anO l-rr. thry will jiirttnv nlcht for a shoil \i^i! in< Ihrh-home at Micnla. I Henderson, Tenr... vith J. IV Mc: Caleb. ' . • • The Woman's Missimi.viT jociely ! r.( the MclhodIM church entertained the members of the ••',UK i'y- Me. (UPl—Aft?r they tied up traffic for severa minutes, two cows owned by thc tr\vn, strayed from their pasture ind decided to so window-shop- Pinp and- take in Ihc sights of thc town. Fiist they Mopped at a habcr dashery window, but dion't enter Finally*, after viewing o'.her win dows, they stopped at a hard ware store. The two started I walk around Ihc store, hut won driven out before they could loo the articles ovrr. Thc keeper wa notified and their Irip ended thcvc Read Courier News Want Ads COUGH 0/? 0 p . . . Real Throat relief! Medicated with ingredients of Vicks VapoRub OVERCOMES BAD BREATH You're a good man, Clark, but you're hard for ^people to work with— Sorry, Chief— I really don't ,know wfiy I fly off the handle. You'll find that Crisco-fricd foods and Crisco pica are wholesome—they digest quickly. That's because Criscoisacrcamy, .light vegetable fat. It digests qtickly it- 'self!' Foods cooked with Crisco don't overtax the stomach. Even the appearance of Criaco foods tells you so. Crisco foods, properly fried, aren't JOggy—they're so. crapy that they look "dry-fried"! And Crisco pastry doesn't bake up grease- soaked and brown—it comes out of the oven flaky and golden. Crisco is made by Crisco's own secret process from pure vegetable oils. Crisco is made to keep fresh, sweet, and creamy. Don't bother to put it in the ice-box. Crisco keeps "quick-digesting" for weeks and months, you know! Sold in sealed cans—to prelect your ktaltl Clark was called down for being so cross. I'm sure it's his digestion that makes him irritable. Try cooking with Crisco, Jean. Why, my. husband can eot rich pies now I use Crisco. It digests so quickly! Jean, the boss went out of his way lo say he'd noticed the change in me! Oh, Clark, how grand! I wish I'd known years ago thai Crisco is quick-digesting! WEIDMAN'.'Mirh. iIJP b ni-Tl ot 0:1 iiio lostP'Snt over the cily. it. «-as kille.d W:. M. U. Tuesday cveninc with ;o;::id to Instantly as'It struck 'iiic.iiihFrt i-prcntlv ;-( They will I'lallov.-e'cr, \>arty. About fifty ,i:rcd £01- b'.iildli-.p material. bo '. (;-.M(!i! A I!;nv Milk Grade A I'iistvuri/cd Milk Them? 74 CRAIG'S DAIRY BOSTON BELLES 3 meHium-siinl p^tatcca I cup dfieri codfish 1 bcztcn CJJE }i cup milk Crisco lor derp-fryinjj P*r* anrl cube potatoes. ArM ccxlft^h. Cover with wAirt, Brim to boil. Hrjin. Mi fresh w»t«r. Cook imiil tender. T>r»in *nd mash. Adrt ejtK and millt- Drop hy laH«5poons intt> He^p rrivo treated in 37-=i 0 F. (Crisco i* rfght when it browns a cuhe nt l>rca;l in 40 seconrtj.) Kry u^tjl hro»-n. (Omen raakcji fried fooHs distitiKtf) Drain on absorbent r»pcT. Serve with KC* Siucc. Don't u-«t« your deei>-!ryint Crisco. Stiain it dear and use it (or ft>-int «Mn and mgib. Crisco keeps digczibte. Kw Sauce: Dtcnd two tablespoons Crisco with 2 libtejpoor.s flour. Stir in 1 c-jp hot milV. C^ok alovlyuntilthiek. Stir to keep imoolb.BvtoFiitrv' ir-c, add 2 chopped bird-cooked ecxa and ttwoa- iogato taste. ^11 J/K;n.rfmend Lrttl— Recipe tested »ad ip- provedi by Good Hou3*'«*plaf Institute. CrUco is the registered tradv-mark of a ihoftenfcs tcacu- I*clu.-«d by tb« Procter & GimWa Co. CRISCO «n-1'. s. rit. os. digests At thc Courier News Cooking School, Mrs. George Thiirn used and recommended CRISCO, the modern, quick-digesting shortening. '

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