The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 11, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 11, 1949
Page 11
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J, ft. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS AFTER ALL TUB HERCULCAM LftBOR Ort'TH STATUE, AR& WL> PUTTING TH6 COR.K BACK OM YOUR AM81TIOIO TILL IT'S TIN\ TO OPEh5TMe CHRISTMAS PRESENTS? HAD rr PAIWTED FIZOM AW PHOTO" AS VDU KKJOW, WE STAETED AS A MAIL MILL. THEM BRANCHED INTO MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, ANPTHATS OUR FIRST STEAM HAMPER.' WHY, THEY GAVE IT A , NAME/ I>AAM; THAT WAS. TK RISKY PART- IF TH' THING DrDN'T WORK, SOUR NAME WAS (JOINER EGAD, Meri/fHE MeMTAL LEAP- PROS ? -(00 TRIED -THKT tew SEARS AGO AND CHftNGED EVERV IAWJ THE CA&TIMS WADE AT CORE'S AMP THE FOR&IN'S MADE AT TH 1 SPARKS COMPANX SPRKVCR. TO MELT SNOW ~~ AND TUB UH , MIND ALSO ' FORGETS PAGE ELEVEN He/p Wanted, Ma/e 2 men 10 work nt cotlon gin. Volley- Held (jln Co,. Varbro. jih, €645. 11,7 ck tl CAR OWNER with 5 hours week spare time service route Ol new type Nut antf Amusement Merchandising machines. Income up to 5200 .monthly to start, wUh tutu re possibilities. 1276.50 working cash capital re<iulr«J, which la fully secured/ Applicant must b« dependable and have reler- encea. for Interview Include phone- in Application. Write box VWX c|o Courier News Co, 1V9 pk H|13 Lost £L?thevllle High .School football Jacket lust Friday. Return to Courier News Co. ?5,00 reward. JD pt 17 Salesman Wanted Big expansion program under- way* Our new Memphis six Rtory addition noon to be completed, Rawlelgh Product* more popular than ever Seven succilve years or Increases. 1500 families 30 years. A > good man Is needed ^Ijp supply Consumers Jn South Mlxs- •pfiippl County. Dealer In Northeast ^Mississippi County producing good business. He wll he glad to assist you lo 'siari or you may write H. U Holt, Bor 2467 DeSoto St. Memphis, Tenn.. lor personal Interview. The W TP, RRB'Jelgh' Co, Dept. ' AKK-2IO-216A Memphis. Tenn., or see W. a Buchanan, TH'CJurk. Blythevllle, Ark. .' I11J1 pk 11(12 The first European to cross Africa ocean to ocean was David Livingstone, who completed the Journey in 1856. /- RENT A CAR Drije Anywhere Too flc*st Simpson Oil'Co. Phona 937 You Can Tell thr Difference in Good Shoe Repair HflLT€RS Pi.'tY SHOC SHOP i w M a i nj <s - WOODS Drug Store Experienced Prescription Service WOODS Drug Store Vv I t li I i FOR SALE CONCRETE CULVER! TILE 'OSt» you ItK jet laiu lunRrl han any other brXtRe material lies »-IO-12-li-18-21-2l-21-M-» inchti. CONCRETE SEWKR TILE iltf« !-»-» incite* CONCRKTK SKPTIC TANKS • Btst rncei " «vvt uciuet A. H. WEBB H1ghw» r 61 at Slate Lint Phone 714 ATTENTION BX-G l.'s To Maintain Your Benefits. PA* VOOR LEGION DUES NOW! DUD CASON POST 24 Someone By IRENE LONNEN ERNHART HEA SfH.VICE. INC XXXV A HOSPITAL attendant motioned Pod in 10 see Ma. and her eyes opened a.« tie readied the bed. She smiled faintly lie felt panicky and alone He wanted to do something tor tier, but he didn't know what he could do. It was a terrible feeling, being so alone, and so Ineffectual. "Tod."* She stopped between words, like a spent' runner. He leaned closer, to hear what she said. "You ought to make up with Jenny," "Hush, Ma, don't try to talk. Ill do that." Her eyes fluttered shut. They let him stay there by her bed. The nurse brought, a chair for him, and then they put up the usual screens. After the funeral, the days passed monotonously, and he seemed to move in a vacuum, unknowing and uncaring. He took a room near his work. It was a dismal little place, but it didn't cost much, and it was all he needed, because he was generally in the tavern at the corner .evenings. Rick looked him up once and found him there. They talked for quite > while about different things, and then Rick saici sud- denlj, "So It's aJ) washed up between you and Liz Conover?" "Sure. That's old news. You're behind the limes," Tod said thickly. "And you've found out you're still In love with Jenny, alter all " . Tod's face tightened, and he downed his drink quickly. "What ever gave you Uiat silly idea?" « • • A FEW nights later Rick had .- dinner with Jenny. He spoke or Tod, mentioning that he was drinking pretty heavily "That sounds like Tod," Jenny said lightly. He couldn't stand .up to anything, she thought bitterly. He waj always running away. "You knew, of course, that he and Liz have split up?" "I wondered why ne didn't turn to ner. when ne needed nelp," Jenny said "What's the matter, did she chanei tier mind again?" '"No," Rick answered. 'Tod djs- covercd thai he didn't love her aftej all He quit the Conover agency too. in January, t don'l think the new job he lias amounts to much." "Darling." Jenny whispered, "I'd much rather talk about us." Rick readied across the table and put his hand on hers. "I'll be so glad. Rick." she said, "when you and I are married and we're settled down with the babies." The line of his jaw tightened and tils eyes searched hers "You think that once we're married youl) be tree ol him. that you won't think, of bim any more. Isn't that it. Jenny?". His direct look confused her. "Nonsense!" She tried to laugh, but it was a failure. . "Jenny, in spite oJ all Tod's shortcomings, his foolishness tn the pas! and his weaknesses, you still love him." "No," she whispered then. "No, 1 don't want to love him. nol ever again. I only want to marry you HicJc. You're so Hue and decent and—kind and generous." '*Quite a list of virtues, darling," Rick said gently. "1 mean it. Rick, when 1 say I want to marry you soon." . "It I thought it would work darling, there isn't anything I want more. But it won't. You and I had belter face it." She couldn't do anything but stare at him. The waiter brought their food but after he had left neiUier of them made a move to eat "1 talked to Tod for a long time the other evening," Rick said at last. "He's miserable without you, Jenny." "Then why—" > "But he'll never come to tell you so. or make a single move to get you back I'm sure ol that. He said one reason he had stopped gomj to see Die children was Ihni he warned to make sure every tic between you was severed " "It fie has so much pride, then I'm sure—" Jenny began "He won't evci try 10 get you back oerause lie nn? nothing to ofler you tie's in debt up to his ears (or his mother's funeral." ''But he's never missed a payment on Ihe house Why -litln'l he let me know it was working i hardship on him?" "That's what I'm trying to tell you. He's so full ol stubborn pride that he'd make those payments on the douse if he had lo seli a pound ot his Hesh every month lo do it 1 guess that day when he 'said he had no one to turn to but you. he really meant it." Tears brimmed siowly into Jenny's eyes. DICK went on lalking in that low gentle voice ot his. "11 1 thought he would make you unhappy again. Jenny, my darling. I would never dream ol giving you up to him But I think Tod's come a long way during these past few months. He's learned a lot 01 things 'the rest of us got through our thick skulls a long time ago. But he's got good stufl in him. and now that he's slraighlehed out. if he could have you back! he'd be all right Nobody ever needed anybody in th'is world any more than he needs you." '"Oh. Rick," Jenny had her handkerchief out now and was dabbing at her eyes, "I'm so mixed up. I've been fighting it so long—" "1 know Jenny. You've been righting ii ever since thai day In the. courtroom. I've watched you, knowing in my hearr that there wasn't really any chance for me to take his place But there's no need tor you to light 11 any more." "What should 1 do. Rick?" "The place where he's working is on Fifth Street. Jenny. Steu- berman's Furniture Company. He geti olf work at 4." "Rick, I don't know what to say to you." "This Is what you call being •noble,'" Hick said. He threw her a wry grin. (To Be Concluded) The Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., is 751 feet long and 350 feet wide. Including the approaches. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Besl Prices Kirby Drug Stores Painting Interior & Kxterior • Expert Paper Hanging • Estimates Gladly Given Russell Price Phone 6560 SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Custom work tor gins, alfalfa mills," oil mills. Custom Shearing up to !/4 inch Ihirknesa Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2R51 -Master Plumber- \ JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc. All Work Guaranleed For 12 Monlhs 531 Norlh l()lh I'honc 6001 WE INVITE YOU «. rfr,Vc ,fc« 1950 STODfMKfR, O*" M » look" =nj •'„„. ,i<f," in f™ automofate,. Come b, a ,(,<,„« ,„ „„, „,«„„ ,„ demmstrt , (< . , fci , car for you. CHAMBLIN SALES CO. _ "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash Blytheville Call FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEB Kg Deal GOT A TWlRP TASSCL. / /* v\OWW HAS TOO? / TO KEEP N STYLE.TA6/ is SEASON AND POOR. LIMIT. WAKir TO WEIGH VOtJRSCLF AGAIN, T/V3? "Would these flimsy things be appropriate for my daughter at college? They look to me like the kind a man might buy for a chorus girl!" 1'IUSCIl.hA'S POI BY AL VERMEFR I'LL BET YOU'RE REALLY STUDYING HARD IN SCHOOL THIS TERM, LESTER! 1 BET YOU'LL BRIMS HOME . REPORT CARD THAT WILL. MAKE YOUR FATHER PROUD Vera Disarms Me BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE HANS HEARD YOU COA\E ABOABD AND THAT TOKN LIFEB0A1 COVER GAVE YOU AWAV , TOSSYOWt we APONS INTO THS WATER:.'. THAT'SW6«T... NOW WE'LL GO BtLDW. CAPTAIN EASY Well, Here's Company BY LESLIE TURNER KEEP HMW...THIS MfW NOT B6 ft REAL JNL ' HOLV SMOKE... NOWlHHEEEftl/U? AND WHO'S SO DEAD SET OH KEEPIUG ME OUT O 1 . BUT IT'S & M1QHTV GOOD SUBSTITUTE. 1 ' IF I'M GOIMS TOFHJO WASH 1'VEfiOT W I'LL WEUEE GET OUT THIS DOOE. ! ESCAPE AND LOCATE SCWOISITA JUREEZ BUGS BUNN1 WHAT PIP V IT WAST YOU PO TO JTHIS WAY. THESE PANTS? /, GIMMICK BUSTED.. HIVA, CUMER./ WHAT'S ON YER MINP...IF ANY? SO I HAD T'USE A WAFFLE IRON ON'-VC* SUIT/ YOU WUINED MY BEST SUIT/ } yj7_ Ways and Means BY V. T. HAMLIN IOLYCOW.' WERE DO YOU Fffiuee/lVt NOT TO <3ET( SURE. BUT I O5CW5 IT? 1 I'VE GOT All's Well BY EDGAR MARTIN YOU

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