The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1935 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1935
Page 7
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THURSDAY, MARCH 21, X93G BLYTHEVILLE, '(AUK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE Foursquare Gospel Going Over . Big in Shanghai Gaining Auditorium. By taSF.I.l.E OILMAN . NEA Kcrvlre Oorrfs|iondenl SIIANOHAI—Aimce Scinple Mc- Pheison box taken astounded Shanghai by slot-in, and the Sons of ITan In this buzzing China Coast. nietro|xi)ls are following lici around the highways and byways of the city In bug-eyed awe. Tlie Foursquare Gospel has Wei: brought across tlie I'ai:iBt (roil famed AUBelus Temple at I.os AIJ fides, Sister Aimer carrylni; Uii torch, and ll bids fair :to r& Elmnghal afire. Celestials arc accustomed to for elgn missionaries with conserva tlve, orthodox creeds, and are fo thij most part Indifferent to then European and American resident of the International Settlement pay scant attention to the comings and goings of. those who v.'ould save the Mills of the Heathen Chinee. Hut, when Almce la'.ided on these shores, wicked Shanghai sat up and took careful notice. Since then the uproar has become n practical bedlam. (.'lianjcs Hymn In "riathciing in Chinese" When the dynamic evangelist left her Hock nt Los Angeles in the tender care of Rlicbn Crawford Splivalo. the "Angel of Broadway," she set out on a world tour nt Foursquare foreign missions, on which Angelus Temple spends about SC9.000 a year. She didn't tarry long in Japan, but descended in a whirl of rc- Blond Evangelist Gains Celestial Converts Aimcc Seuiple world gospel Jai Alai unmhl McPlvison carries on in Shanghai where she left oil h\ Los Angeles to make her our. The Asiatic "sink of iniquity" lias gone for lier. revival meetings held In the huge, ng auditorium in a bit; way. The now blonde Atmec is shown here with Shanghai con- 1 verts at one of the meetings. The Fox, the Donkey and the Gentle Deer WASHINGTON, March 21 --For the bedtime hour we (UP) olfev a modern fable, a fable of the fox, the donkey and the (leer wilt; "deceived many of Uicir foolish claims until a wise olti bird, the owl, (old the animals the truth." The author o[ Ihe fable, who in distributing it around Washing- formative fervor noon the Asiatic sink of .iniquity, as Shanghai is known. She plans to Gather in the sheaves (she leads a hymn nuw called "Gathering in the Chinese") .in this city until she has won enough converts lo satisfy/ her' adoring Ideal missionaries, and then she will RO on to Hong- kong, !\fanila, India. Africa. Europe, and wind no tile world tour next summer. Meanwhile Shanghai gasps as Sister Aimce plun^e^ enthusiastically into a program of grand revival meetings. These arc staged daily in the Frcncli Concession. She'ha<i no hesitation in choshig for her headquarters the large au-. ditorium famed throughout the East as' the center of thatr ; 'well- _knoivn_Spanlsli"~gamc called Jai Alai, ami the crowds that attend Her meetings pass under llie huge lighted sign that proclaims, ."The Pasl«st. . Game • in 'the ' world"— "Fastei- than Evpr". Shanghai Is Inclined to take . the. ,signs . seriously today. "' The Basque players were dubious at fjrst. spoilt turning over their very [..remunerative building I \,f : T.* I ton, has identified himself only us s - tlocs bllt ls about Father Cauglilin, Huey Long remarked: "Where I come from we- do not consider tlie fox as a wise or experienced counselor. His training, as a rule, is along lines that <lo not lit, him for the. practical work of this world.'" Now to the same meeting came had lived u certain span should cense foraging for of life himself ish Fail Them, So Anglers' Club Disbands CiHEAT PAl.LS, Mil. lUP) — A far sate" sign lias been tacked n tin; porch mil of tlie "Anglers Jlub," famous sporting remlemms f Washington notables. The club was ureiinl/cd for flsh- n« on tlie Potomuc' River by a roiij> of Washington .sporLsinrn 111 ho early '70's. The fishing, llow- •ivr, Is no longer u'wd, and Mu 1 emalnlng members have ilrclcicd ') disband. Presidents Warren KtmUvg «ud rt'widiwv Wilson wore frecinciH 'isiiors at the Anglers Club, llai-il iii', was attracted there by "old fushiancd dinners" .sei'vcd by a Negro cook. Wilson liked the raid •lear water drawn from (lie club's well. Alberta's Dinosaur To Be Monntet: KDMONTON. Aha. IUP) —Tlie oi* mounting the huge ol Alberta's lOO.nnO.llOO-year-oli ninosaur. discovered In ilio net Hlvi'i valley, lias been started by George P. Steinberg, noted United Slates geologist and |i:ilaronlolo- Jist. Sternberg, wlio is cnraior of thv 7 on Hays State College In Kail- ;a.s. mid his son were brought here by the Carnegie Trust. Fund In IT- iiin-e the nialrlx froih Hhe lossll. rile work of mounilng 'the skelc- on will be completed In May. Sufficient of llie other bones of the carnivorous dinosaur, technically known its Ciorgosanrns, mve been found by Die University of Alberta to determine Us size in life. The skull Is 34 Inches long and the body feet lone. OUR BOARDING HOUSE and allow the others lo feed and protect him." That was' a very popular Idea among many of the animals, and some of the more timid, at the mid nr. Townsend. Anyway, as .the fable ;ocs, llie! animals had gathered from near •ind far to elect a new kirn?. There :iad been u hard winter, "and :here was much grumbling and discontent throughout the forest." "From the north came a fox, a of the donkey from the south. He. j meeting "became .so frightened "concealed ills true colors under a that they were ready lo bow down and worship him as one who llad great Influence wllb 'the folks b:|ck home.'" . In the end, however. Hie animals decided his plan would be loo The donkey promised much, "and jcostly "ami thai their mini stale many mistook his Impudence - for | would be worse than it had been loud and boisterous manner, a method of clowning bis way through life, and a knowledge of certain tricks he had learned from ivatcliing the cleverer anlnmls." liver fox, cunning and full clever tricks, mid presenting bolci front with a claim that his layings were Inspired by thej w csl Great Spirit. He talked and hei|,| n ' a talked, ami there was no ; way to stop him. He held forth glibly on many subjects of which he knew little-, but reasoned shve.wdlyf.tnat hearer knew- less. •••••' --.• ' He Wiis crafty, plausible, nntl dangerous, and gained many followers until in the course of an eloquent speech the hovse sagely strength and ability, and when he b'rayetl loudest thought be was uttering words of wisdom." But his' time of glory wiien tlie lien solemnly said: "My i friends, a king can lie a donkey, but a donkey can never be a king." The deer, who came from the wa.s was mild that and gentle. "every one before. The moral, according to Ibc Table, is this: ; ; . "In the end the fox, the donkey and the deer, eacli in Ills own way, had promised so much that finally • the. majority of: ttic animals present' began lo realize tilat nol His]one of llie three had anything at who-all to offer except Just promises.' WELL, CHEERIO, fa. I Ntvr-P, KNW H*CPUt \% AW—THATS COUVB PUAV A T-TOQUe! $ V1CWJE CAK6; T\F HfrARD HIM SNORT A } --HE HATES MOUTH ORGAN AT OWU CLUB/ "TO CAVVJM 1 By Alieru WHICH CHIN HE PUTS TH' 'vl AN H, ...- , E UNDER — "YOU'D J\ THW CAStTO i E HE- WAS ON H\£ / I TO PLAV AT f\ } L •SOCir-TY /\T-TF;RMOOM )t( TO ~ m nm".n >—-V-^^.. ifc/- \V-« _ t?A) -J will hi- ii mlnr elm, nnd all other approximately 2l! wl11 ta ll ' 11 c ' lll1K '" SMItnlls lco I far north (or pecan trees to bo [planted. Each tree will be marked wltli a ihuiiie wllh the words, "Clcncral Houston Texas Centennial Tree." Texas Trees to Spread Fame of Sam Houston DALLAS, Tex. (UP)— The fume of Texas will he spread throughout t!ic United Slate* through the planting oi trees from the home of Gen. Sam Houston at Ilunt.s- ville. , Six hundred pecan Irees iilready have been planted, on school grounds ''throughout Tcxus and now trees are to be i>lnntcd In the largest American cities. Pecan trees are to he planted on (he State • Capitol ' grounds nt Baton Rouge, La., In New Orleans park, in Forest Park, St. Louis, Auacostin Park. Wnfi|-.'.:;jlon, D. C. Central Park, New York, Franklin Park, Boston, In Philadelphia, and other places. Tlie tree planted in Philadelphia Master's Degree Needed For College Coach's Job ASHbANB CUP) — Appointment of u successor n Raymond J, Novolny as head coach and athletic director of Asiiliind college will uc delayed until the annual meeting of college trustees May 1, President E. E. Jacobs said here. Novofny resigned to heroine assistant to G. Donald Slum, new head coach and athletic director at Kent (CO Stale college. When Novotny was chosen at Ashland. Dr. Jacobs eon-shtered morn than SO applications. He expects to receive tVml many more now, he sntd. Albert Woods, Ash- school near Detroit, has been mentioned In connection wllh tile |i«- sltlim. A master's decree Is required for the coaehlnn pusillDn, Dr. Jacobs Third Kel SUPER.1OH, Wls. nl Tcclli (UP) —Seven years ano, o. II. Wright, now 'JU, hatl all of Ills teeth extracted, lie didn't believe in false Iceth and got along wllh no teeth at nil until recently wlien his third set of teeth began pushlnf: through his limns, lie's (jof Mitt'if itoiv utid expects to Imvo u full set before long. Expert Truss Fitter here Saturday, March 23rd. "10 A. M. until V P. M. Conic In, Fife. Consultation. Robinson Drug Co. Now Loraled at 101 N'orlh Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KOWAUDS, Proprietor All makes of rebuilt Typewriter*, Achllug Machines and Calculators— lte|»l ring — Parts — Ribbons to evangelist who might • in- \'eigh against the sins of gambling -for; ^shanghai made Jai Alai a but Sister Ajmee fears. Now 'the gamblers '. have rich' business— 'calmed their auditorium rackci] daily *ith crowds of' Chinese and * curious foreigners, and daily'Aimee wins new converts to the gospel of the second coming of Christ and divine' : heii'lins * • » • • frinniarctl (o Old €hinrse Dictits She has not changed her methods. Her puluit presence Is smooth, a:; finished and routine as ever with bands and hymns and pravcrs and fiery sermons. Her cclleotlons are enormous. The Chinese sit in fascinated silence, watching her. She is blonde now, and (be vernacular press compares her favorably with Kwan Yin, beauteous Goddess of Mercy. Small mission school Orientals, however, are not certain. They still think she may be Mie Virgin Mary. Tlie missionaries themselves arc a bit scandalized. They do not approve of these tactics and make no secret of it. Nor have they forgotten that Sister Almce was once, long ago, Ilic young wife of a serious young missionary named Robert Scmple, and that "he died if plague in Hongkong, leaving Almce with wee Roberta in Portuguese Macao. Wee Roberta grew ill) and three years ago come Ihroiigh Shanghai with her famous mother on a world tour. SlK married the purser of 'the sliip following a whirlwind romance, but Ihafs forgotten, and Roberta now manages KSFO. Angelus Temple's studio. Converts anil Dollars Roth Are Plentiful Sister Aimee believes I h a Shanghai is a very wicked port but she feels It can bo saved. Sb lias taken n special interest ii its infamous night life and ha spent much of her time doing ih sailor dives along the. waterfror and observing the life of the Chi nese, Japanese and Russian girls She finds them very interest!So the shouted "Hallelujahs!' and "Amensl" continue to shake' the walls of Shanghai's number one gambling establishment. and| Ihe converts trickle steadily In. And the big round i\fcxican sliver dollars clink into the collection box. The Paris of the East Is gradually getting religion. - Naturalist Comfneivds- Male Pigeon's Morals BAYTOWN. Tex.; (UP) — Cyril PUceW abhois idleness, and to <ecp himself occupied he tends ills pigeons score'/of beehives, ;old fish flint trees and flower and vegetable gardens. He Is a'member ol the Chamber of Commerce and the volunteer fire department. In -the past 25 years lie has become an authority on pigeons. He has observed that, once mated, pigeons never desert, although some . "female pigeons strut around." Tlie male bird is religiously true to his male. "Another thing I've found out is that the birds take regular •shifts on Hie eggs," Ptacek said. 'Hie'male's hours are 10 A. M. to 4 P. M. The female does the 18-hour trick. ....from one end to the other Slole .Judge's Aulo • ADBURN. Cal. \UI>)—Jacob Vogt stole a machine. The automobile belonged to J. B. Lsndis. , Judge Landls' sentenced Jacob Vogt to one year in joil. . : , WK DEUVtiK ANY AMOUNT OF as 'little 'as'' Mli Ibs Trj .X^CET, ifrhin - Alabama llest (o liold fire, full 1 of bftil THESUPERIOR PHONE 7tn There Are MOKE GOOD CUPS Or Coffee In Every Pound Of Four Leaf The average velocity of a base tall after It leaves a pitcher's hand j I Is abmii fto fret p second, • o From one end to the other—never a bitter, undeveloped top lea! in me. Never a grimy, tough bottom leaf. 1 .use only the fragrant, mellow, expensive center leaves...the leaves that give you the mildest, best-rusting smoke. do not irritate your throat—that's why I'm your best friend, clay in, day out. fi/m CENTER LEAVES YOU THE MILDEST SMOKE

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