The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1937 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1937
Page 4
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MGE FOUR ULVTHEVilUS. (AUK.)' COURIER Hot Tar Heel JMTTtl Goldberg, Matisi; Wojciechowicz And Franco Win Recognition BV HAKRY GBA>'8<W Spaits Editor, NBA Service •Pittsburgh and Fordham. the sec- lion's most formidable and well within the nation's flrst live, each place two men on the first All- East team of 1937, selected for NBA Scrvjcc.'by coaches and ciit- (CE. "Vriicrc Is no doubt about aiiy ? oiie of 0>cm. The phenomenal halfback. Marshall .Goldberu, and the cyclonic tackle,' Tony Mallsl of the Panther.?, aivl t.'iai sion sigi: in the middle .of the line, A^ex Wojclechowicz, and the nc- cpmirtubed tackle. Edmund Fran- w'. of the Rains, arc unanimous _';T!:ere arc five juniors on the lirsl squad. Sid. Luckman of Co- i junibia and Bill Osmanski of Hoiy Cross, backs; Johnny Wysock:, VII- i landyri end; Elliot Hooper, Cor- i noil's punting^ guard; nnd Gold-j berg, which means even more Ircutle for certain cli!b> next fa)!, OMut Frank. Yale's inspirational leader who has earned ins place as. a Blue immortal; Csyl. Meuill U:i\is,. Dartmouth end; and Uuy DiiEois. Navy captain. >'ml uuird. complete the first array. • [ •'•.Wojcicchowicz and Frank were i AU-Aincricii choices last auluuin. and Frank is a certain repeater. Goldberg scarcely can miss .this Uip. and Wysocki will p\ill " the votes of those who have seen iiiin. i.Tlie deeds of Goldberg and Frank icqutic no description. Goldberg Is considered (he foremost back ot llie yea I by practically'c,Vcry tiamed eye that has seen him. Luckman perhaps' Is • the • finest passer in the collegiate ranks today and n slippery' ball-carrier. Following Columbia's thriller with] Array, Lieut. Gar Davidson, the I Cadets' coach, called him Ihe best back he had ever seen, and the! young man has kept going. He I weighs 192 pounds and stands just a shade under six feet, i Osmanski potentially is the finest back on the Atlantic seaboard. A IQ-sccond man scaling 188 pounds and SIN feet in height, he is a remarkable ball-foter — suuishirig dead ahead, cutting back,- or .sweeping, the ends. He blocks like blazes and is a good punter. : Wssceki, jcRlled t,be best player developed in the Philadelphia district in R decade, has stood out in every gjyn.ejjlayed by Villan'ovs this aulwnu. fie "scored «11 three of the Wildcats' touchdowns against Manratltn. He .docs it all perfectly, offensive.]}' and defensively, and is an uncanny' pass receiver.! CAROLINA'S CANDIDAS AS 7HE FIFTH MM IN THE He /s ALSO OF rtf£ SOWS F/A'£ST ACCLAIMN& Tf/£ PRODUCED SINCE ALL- AND WAS fi/AMEO ON TfiB ALL-sovTHenti reAf LAST SEASON .... TUESDAY, NOVB41BBR-- 28, • 19.37 The Dppe Bucket Hy J. P. Friend Slill Dishing It Out .A FJNANCaAL. PLAN FOB' EVERY MAN THE HAMILTON TRUST FUND Prospectus Available J. C. Evans Box G04 Blytlifiville, Ark. S hoc Repairing that fflhh Shoe Shop 115 So. 2nd He kicks off and Ining up a lony consecutive string of succcssinl place-kicks after tcnchrlowns. Wutisi and Franco lire two more about Is unnecessary to go into details. Pitt (jot rolling in the final period against Notre Dame when Matisi returned to the firing line. Matisi nnd Franco were hvo reasons why Pitt and Fonlham tattled to a scoreless tie tor the third straight season. Hooper ami DuBois pull out. ol the line and move rapidly in either direction and arc among the cast's toughest guards on defense. Hoop- .cr rtrojis' back to do the bulk of Cornells puntiny But what needs more explaining than .the lii'Sl team selections is the'presence on Uic second squad of sucJi renowned athletes as Frank Souchak of Pittsburgh nnd Brud Holland of Cornell, ends; and (he relegating of Bill Hutcliinson, tbe elusive Dartmouth halfback, to the third string. I'm not going into that, but something In Ihe \vtiy of proof of I h c thoroughness o f the NEt\ scouts' search is the election of Clark, of West Virginia to the Eccond-sli'lnij backficld and their awavdlni; Dick Riffle of Little Albright a Ihird-string bacfclicUlposl for tlic second season. Only Goldbergs. Pranks, Wojcie- chowiczcs. Mallsis. anil Frnncos catch everybody's eyr. so it necessarily ' follows that many mlRlity worthy warriors arc left'oil "Ah" teams, be they iiatlnnnl. scctionit!. •or iiclglibovliood. However, u few coashcs coiild COLONEL GLENf/lORE TALKS <( Bc thankful that so fine a Bourbon can be Siadfor so small a price'." It's backed by a tola! of nearly 600 years' whiskey making skill—it's a straight whiskey for straight shooters, Gltnmocc D;«L11cilM Cc.. Incorporated Louiiviltc—O*-cnst«o, Kcntucity be named who wouUl settle for the first All-East team oi 1037. T'liil Team liND—WysockJ, Villanova TACKLE—Matisi, Pittsburgh GUARD—Hooper, Cornell CENTER—Wojciechowicz, Ford- hani GUARD—DuBois, tyavy 7'AOKLE—Franco. Fordham END—Davis, Dartmouth QUARTER—Pi-nnk, Yule HALFBACK—Goldberg, Pittsburgh HALFBACK—Luckinau. Columbia \ FULLBACK—Osmanski, •Holy- Cross Sctontl Tcann END—Ilolhinci, Cornell TACKLE—Kov 01 k i a n, Harvard GUARD—Ecoiiomos, Pcnn Slate CENTER—Gallagher, Yale GUARD—McNiimara. Pennsylvania TACKLE—Schilgrcn. Dartmouth END—Souchnk, riltsburgh QUARTER—Chirk. West Virginia HALFBACK—McLcod. Unrtmoulh HALFBACK—Renzo, Villanova FULLBACK—Struck, Harvard , Tliird 'J'caiu 1 END—Hoxton, Yale TACKLE—Cliesbro. Colgate GUARD—Carr. Holy Cress CENTER—Quigg. Lafayette GUAHD—Lezonski. Pittsburijli TACKLE—Toll, Princeton KND—Daly, Manhattan QUARTER—Ingram, Navy HALFBACK Riffle, Albright HALFBACK—llulchinsoi). D;irl- I mouth FDLLBACK—Colwcll.' Yido Failure oj the A. A. A. (not to bo confused with the 0. C. C.) to gr.ant the Cblckasaws special •'permission to participate in (lie post season program of the Memphis Commercial Appeal cnme as a distinct disappointment to Ilic fans nncl players alike ... Joe Craig "lilt the hummer mil cje nail" win! he said we felt like the kid must have who was given n brtiiul new gun and not permitted to shoot it ... "Why have n brand new football team and not be allowed to show it off," piped jovial Joe . . . According to our' information, it was the plan of Early Maxwell to pit the Chicks iiKainsl the best In the South, said to be Georgia Military Academy, for the Southern championship . . . The. winner then would pjay Austin High of Chicago for the national title ... DC Correvant, .'.ciisatlonnl wonder back, Is. the Windy City stni 1 . When Supt. William D. McClurkin wrote President I,. M. GOKV with reference to securing permission lie was Informed by the proxy Dial lie wiis without KUMiorlty to grant, such a request ... He added that "he could no "more do 11 than lie could change the age limit for in the state .or any other legislation of the organization" . , . Have been wondering since just what method was employed when a team composed of Arkansas all-stars was permit- led to piny n similar eleven representing Louisiana at Haynesvillc, La., Christmas Day, 1028 . . . And just v.-lio pulled the strings, and how, so the Pine Ehiff Zebras could play liost to the Dayton', Ohio, team . . . Maybe the fact tr/.it the game was billed for the "national championship . . . Consistency, thou art a jewel, =* « K The Chicks close out their pigskin sshcdulc with the Forrest j City Thoroughbreds ... It will be the first of an annual Turkey Day series between the Mnroon and White and Mustangs . . . For the past few years it has been the custom for the Tribe to mix anct mingle with n Memphis team, but of late it. hasn't turned out so well . . . An 85-0 rout over. Mcs- fick In '35 clinched things for a change and a yearly compact with F. C. as the result ... An oddity has cropped tip In the past scores of tliL' two teams . . . They have clashed four times iuu\ each Uuie they were tied at the half . , , In 1933 they were deadlocked T-7 at halftime; ditto for 1934. thanks to a 10-yard conversion after an HHerceplioir' by Basil Locke just before the middle whistle tooled . . . The next year at F. C., when, it WRS so -cold Hiat an 'cskimo would have asked fov a. heater, the score was 13-13 . . •' . Both tennis scored but failed to bool one extra iwint during the firet two periods . . . Forrest City won the first but it has been a diner- out tale (on Ihe horse) since. Vanderbilt's slogan is "keep Alabama out of the Rose Btyvl" . . . Now there's a pal for you! . . . Nomination as a white hope: Russ Lelow, Green Buy Packer guard amazingly simple, Inexpensive ' way to end coltl-weatlier starting trouble Max Schmclinj; dons the chef's Ciip and samples the chow at Summit, N. J., where the German heavyweight has pitched camp to prepare for his warm- up bout with Harry Thomas, Eagle Bend, Minn., fanner, at Madison Square Garden,Dec. 13. . . . Knocked out Tarain White, former 'Bama star, in pro football game via the fisticuffs ... If you've seen White you'd wonder Itow he did it ... Grant Stone, an end. calls signals for Stanford . . . Participants in the various Bowls over (lie nation can jolly well sing that little ditty cntitlcci "We're in the money, now" . . . The Rose Bowl should be worth 5100.61.0 . . . The Sugar Bowl, New Orleans, should be worth S50,- 000 ... The Cotton Bowl. Dallas, should reach close to $30,000 . The Orange Bowl. Miami, should mean at least 525.000 . . . Tlie merry-go-round must have broken down in Little Rock, Saturday, when Arkansas' circus failed) against Georp,e Washington . . .' Olc Miss lieal the Colonials. 27-0, at Washington . . . Then Ajkan- sas showed Use Mississipplaus how this business of tossing footballs was clone to the tune of 32-G . Then G. W. battled the Porkers to a scoreless tie ... It doesn't make sense, this elope bucket 'jop?. "Amagingly simple",,. because all you Juve to do is fill tlic unk with Phillips 66 Poly G?j v "Inexpensive"... because this high test gasoline costs no more than ordinary low-test motor fuels. As WORLD'S LARGEST PRODUCER of nanual high test gasoline, we an affoid to put the litgh-ptessure right into our product instead of into our advertising. We ma!;c Phillips 66 Poly Gas higher in tesc . . . custom-tailor it 100?6 to your climate ... and add .extta energy units by (lie POLYmerization process. The very first time you try this sensational winter gasoline, you \vjll note .the split-second scarcmgand faster \varm-up. Besides, mileage is increased by cutting the need for wasteful choking. Don't wait 1 Start getting faster slatting, tomosrow morning by getting Phillips (ifji'oiy Gas ihis afternoon. Remember, it will ceil jw/tjjiorim jp.vrrtfrrhis winter, ifyou alwaysstop for gasoline at the ' Orange and Black 66 Shield. SEASON Skylarks have been introduced into' America on several occasions, without, success. Wanted Pecans Highesl Prices I'aid WOLF ARIAN E. Main I'hoiic Hooded Malman Looses Via Foul. Koule Last. Night j "The I3ut." a liooilcil \vrc.Mler who made his first nnueitrnncc here last imrht ns the opponent of Eticlic Ma- lonc, Irish heavyweight, lost the matoli when he fulled to heed Ref' <rce Charles Perry's winning against j fouling. I'crry elevated the arm ot ! Hi Irishman after "The Bat" lia:l persisted in uoiighig Malonc in the j eye. The first fall was \v«n by the r.stcrirAis grapylcr In 'JO. iniuutcs ] niih a crab hold. Malonc took the second in ten minutes with n Jai>i nncse leg lock and toe hol;l and ' when the two came out for the \ final Jail Malonc continued to . work on "The Bat's" leg, .sending j • hitn scurrying to the rapc.s repeat- ' | cdly. The masked terror then re- ; i sunied ins strangling and gouging i ( wliicli proved his downfall. j j In a rather uninteresting i\rc-', ' liminary Charles Binkcy of Corinth, j : Miss., won two straight falls over • 1 >.t,iina Dugan of D;s Monies. Sin-; ' key used the crab hold to take the i i first one in ten niimttcs and Uic j Ijittlc Rock split to capture the sec- j ! ond and d«cidlng tumble in 13 min- • j titc5. The match Vas marred bj' con- ,' siderablc roughness on the part of j both wrestlers. OPENS SATURDAY! WE ARE READY WITH A COMPLETE STOCK OF GOODS FOR THE HUNTER — IF YOU DON'T GET THE DUCKS YOU CAN'T BLAME US. t • Remington arid Super-x Ammtmtion » Remington and Winchester Shot Guns and Rifles e Dry-Bak Hunting Clothes « Duck Calls 'All At Reasonable Prices Radio City to.Present Mask and Wig Club PHILADELPHIA. lUPt — The; i and Wig Club of the University ol Pennsylvania announced! | IhRt "it-s Golden Jubilee Piodnc- tlcn "HRy-Fifty" will play ihe! Center Thcot'-T.. Radio Ci'.y. 1 '; Rockefeller Center. New York, ior : 1 r. matinee nnci evening pcrforai- } r.urc Dec. 1. The play vlll l-c I ' the collegiate performance in | Radio City. Mrun Distributing Oompnnj— r S IT'S moments lilc ti lc>; ,| ul „,.,, lrc , siirc .' - 1 - And it'j wliisl-cy lit; T. W. Samuels ri»t the)' prefer v,hcrt lionurii-{ special'.'^ion5. Iti true riJu;:;;, pici^v ti:si Aad mellow g,x>jr:is ;ii^"s,c i fcvrcd Bourbon with ra.-n >vi lu ni:it , Sii:cclS44, aSinnicIs—.10.1 ,utcfj::r;.'i ^;n. — Ills madc-'T.\W. Thi<.is\o::rA^L::ar. t^crjr (irop sold under the T.\V. SA'JI:.;;!$ hranA is JislitlcJ. »aJ bouicj by T. \v. Swiatis, lac. Afkiuisa.s Distribulnr Phone 32 '75 Years of Service and Square Dealing" Sales Rcprtjenfc/ws, CHARU5 F. MH.UX, INC,, Cjntmnafl Head Courier News Want-Ads kiMlk^SkL4 -^

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