The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana on April 21, 1857 · Page 1
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The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 1

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 21, 1857
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uu JL III t, i a 4 "0 n pi i If Of, VOLUME XXI. NEW ORLEANS, TUESDAY MORNING, APRIL 21, 1857. NUMBER 74. .8 lil- rille, 'at- 5u to. I la til ' IMj t. a. SHIPS-SHIPS. rfOREIGNOKTS. L.tveria)l. . rOR LIVERPOOL The Al fair Ilii)( Amrn VleaBihip LLA A. CLARK, Koppwhoidt. nurter, -- BOW kMMl ling and will bate ,iR-k drapat.'ti. For - tbC F&mirr CO.. SS Carondelet at. J nir apply f tbe captain en bowit- .? ran ahip FOREST OAR, Snow, MWtj, having d -Jttht arrater portion ot herrargo entagert will bare aXf an " " c. 1. MEEKSK CO.,?6Tlfriij " - j )ir 1 apply to lb maater an board, Pnt7, nrti DtiU'ct. --rr FOR LIVERPOOL Tr- n Al nut (tiling .JSi American abip OLIVER MOSES. Otis, muter, ow loading and will have immediate despatch. Th.; ht af flour, or catton, apply to pwlnigBIW n . BAITCfL LOVELL CO. FOR. Llvr.Kruvi lot? ai luiHiiinf Amen- : . . ..... , athip JOHS N. CUHUlMj. Fluiiimer, uultrr aJaiaaaiv loading and will rective quick derpatrli. r.r rMiK of 400 bale coron appiy to U.1T J. P. WBITNCk CO., 3A Carondelet at, aaV for eaaaage apply to the captain on board -""fTI TOR LIVERPOOL Th aet aai'in- Al at Lloyd'. Britiah bark OSIRIS, Cathneta. maeter aaaaatbaVing tbe frrater part of brr carga engaged aud mivm on board, vill bare prompt def patch. For (reigbt &ER ft CO.. 87 Graner street. ' arar apply to master on board. a FOR LIVERPOOL The ery f svlins Al American .hp T UAL ATT A, Cooper, muter, is sow loadlcs for the aove port and will mert with ia aetpatcb. Far freight of 40) ba'es cotton apply to 'ijii C. J. MEEKER CO., 87 SraTier street, ay far passage apply to the master on board. FOR LIVERPOOL The Al ery fast sailing -American ship AMERICAN OMOX, Otis, mas-awaaater, having the greater pait of her cargo mganni aWiamg on board will have immediate despatch. For ELkt al K ba'es cotton apply to "JE? JOSES. MACRJNDER CO.. i Grarlerst. gs Tis 1'sanir hs f fine accommodations, app'y to jjala aaiboai3. Post 3i. Pt-st Qtstrlct. FOR LIV ESPOOL The Al last sailuig Anwn-aeijcanship WN. H. PRESCOTT. Baich.ldrr, maa-aiawter, is now loading and will have .immediate drs For freight of 60j ba es cotton apply to fV BAXTER. LOVELL At CO. Efrsr steerage passengers, having super. ar accommo- ( apply ro idc runain u nwiiu FOR LIVERPOOL. The Al fast sailing Assen- irsn ship CNCLE TOBY. Sonle. matter, is now BiMdins and will have immrdiate desraicU. For ktarht of sil cake or soo baUs cotton apply to iipll 4. P- WHITNEY at CO.. 3M.arondeLet street. sT rui Jsaiii" apply to the captain an board. a" FOR LIVERPOOL-The Al very fast sailing American ship SHAKESPEARE. J. W. Non rou mssrer, having nearly all her cargo engaged will awe immediate despatch. For.halance of freight or paa aee apply on board, or to BAXTER. LOVELL At CO. t"X FOR LIV EUPOOL-The fust saillug Al Amen-'leanship WM F SCHMIDT, Sears, master, bar-aaaaaVmg a large part of her carco engaged and going a tsarS will bave very qnick despatch. For freight of 600 ataaBtton apply to JOSES, BlACKIDER CO.. apS VI Uravier street. At. 'FOR LIV ERPOOL The fast sailing Al Ameri-can ahip R. C. WLNTHROP. Norrille, master, asaaaAaavlng tne greater portion of ber cargo engaged ad meet wita quick desuarcft- For freight of 3U0 hales stttoD appiy to . asn t J. jncr.HMi lu..e ttravier sirrrr. aar Faenaaaaae. bavins hne arcommodaUons. apply to bk captain on boardr Post -to. Third District FOR LIV ERPOOL Tiie Al last ailioa Amrn- iean ship CVNOS0K.E, Hsrns, master, is tuw leadins and will have immediate despatch. For eight af MO bales cotton apply to ap4 J. P. WHITNEY at CO., 35 Carondelet at. BBV Far passage apply to the captain on board. FOR LIVERPOOL The Al fast sailing A'Ti-n-V3ean ahio CHARTER OAK Punntrn. ninsu-r. is anaanwnow loaHiog aud wiU have mmediate despitch. Par freight of tobacco app'y to J. T. WHITNEY & CO.. 15 Carondelet street; BP Far paaaage app'y to the captain, on board. FOR LfTERPOOL The Al at Lioyd'a British ship TCHERNAYA. Kitlgowe. master, having toe creaier cart of her engaged and going on will have prompt despatch. For freight of 600 baits apply to . . iuiui9, ju.-MiL.iauu m. iu., st Carondelet St., I or to C I. MEEKER CO.. 7 trranerst-Por paaaage aiply to master on board Leghsrn. Ai FOR LEGHORN P rag Only The Al 'ast y gearing American ship OXFORD. Minott, maatrr, aaaaaaving ail her carga engagfd and going on aoard Baave despatch. For steerage praaage apply to am T. C. JBMKINS A CO.. Ill Common St. London. jttj FOR LONDOa TheAl fast sailing American f5,B'P LOUISA HATCH, McLean, maater. is now aaaam toad tag- and will have immediate despatch, tor tarkt of 190 hogsheads tobacco apply to aa7 J. P. WHITNEY CO. ,36 Carondelet street, or CREEVY FAR WELL, 39 Natchez st. ap For paaamr apply to the captain on board. ' Haiwre. fti FOR HAVRE To sail on tne May The fzftfest sailing Ai American ship R. L. G I L L-nCHREST, Hews, master, cavinv the greater an af her cargo sngsgeo and going on board, wiil meet aksespsrru, as above. For heavy freight, or S) bates wo, apply to ttai C. J. MEEKER CO.. IrT G ra vie r street ff for paaaage. having superior accommodations for oaia and steerase passengers, apply to master on board. fast il, Fourth District. rv. FOR HAVME The Al fast tailing American f5.hip 8HAWMUT, Hlggina, master, is now loa.iing 1 avsaksad will hare immcuiate despaub. Far heavy ' fcvirtt at couoa apply to m BAXTER. LOVELL CO aFfw paiMrtir having superior accommodations fir cats ssa large number of ateerage passengers, appi; lo "eaaatr, on board. Antwerp. J2 FOR ANTWERP Pawase Only The Al fart jr 'sailing American ship RHINE. Jeiltrsun. niMter, asabavin g ail her cargo engaged will have immediate SHpalrh. For paassge only, having fine accoiiiodatioas. asy to the cap ain on board. sat J. P. WHIT!EY CO., SI Caran-lelet t TOR ANTWERP Tne At A nienctii sh:p .ASHLAND. Moire, master, having t-e Ixiis of brr rarco engaged and e);nl on bard will mtct Bi despatch. For rt-uiainnV r oi fr-;ght a-'-'y to as BAXTER. LOvfci.L CO. aT For paatage apply to the unaate'- n hoard. Post -. tanod District. Vera Cruz. FOR VERA CRL'Z-Unif Li;i--To sail In a f, w cava The fine fasl railing s li-irir MAIOK HARKOI'R. Arnrt. manter. havins ni-a'lv all Wsengate and goiLg on lioard w II have iir despatrn. ' ba aure of fivight or poa.:ttf. having line acr i ui.iio.ii-s. apply on board, opposite he- lli-ef .Marktt,S:-cij:i'l Iharitt, or to 3I4 GOLDEN BOW LESPARRE. V Cnrnptt. S FOR VERA- UnVZ The' nija-n ,r s:IiuH-r dfjji TRANSIT, Jam's Davis, havi-ig near y tall her cargo eniae-d an I goinf on 'wia-d will have skk derratrh For i-a anre "f f.eirh' or p-t v apply :o tpft BOfDOL'SyCIK PH'.t.LiPS. C"iinnuii t. (lenon. FOR (iENOA-The Al American ahlp CAM DEN. BoiUa. inaarer, having nvnt ot hrr irgo A a n.1 .ninff nn 1 f . N r .1 I ' I meet W . 1 11 O UK H "tath. For remainder ot frei-;Mt eppiy to BAATEfc. LOVELL 3c CO. Brrcen, 'orwj, FOR BKK'iKN, NOHWAY The Norwegian Cbrg AUUUSTA. B-.k. n,nJtfr. will riml with wSdM paten tmm tl-e hkiw - r-ri: Kor f eien av.jly p toBAiTl'.R. LOVELL it CO. ft. J3-i. FOR ST. PEILRSH'JRtJ-liie new AT Riisn an jPfWbark 1NDRA, Jacob D. tires, tnistrr. For Ireight amsaj: apply to ! BAXTER, LOVELL CO ST For passags apply on hoard. Z&r POR StTpf-TEKSHl TR(iPaX:ir,V',T77vThe frJ Al nut sailing Amt-ricati ship W. s. LINDSAY. Gray, maairr, TiavuiKail iien argoernag.i will !iBe. hsaiediatedeapatcli. For passage only apj;i to i..e caiUiun board. UH4 j r WHITNEY at CO..3.'Carondet rret. Bordeaux. FOR BORDEAUX The very fas' mvling ai Jr3ihip UNCLE JOE Piakbam, mavr, !,.. i,.ary T"llher cargo ensated aid will have amftu'i. """Patch. For balance of freight or paiaage. haviug rle f.ntscco11llolrt) apply "i boaro. Koorth Di-trict, or P' to CREEVY FARWELL, 30 N u.:hes st. P0R BORDEAUX- The A I fast sailing Am-ri :caa k.rk a r ADAMS. Hemmswsy. iimlc. "aaviag the greater part of her cafgo ensagl will PPlr ta e ... BAXTER. LOVELL CO. ""8 ar CREEVY A. FARW ELI-, 3K Natcbet street. FOR KORDEACX The Al American brig 3ZTJ. McINTY RE, Mclntyre. master, having nearly aaaU ber cargo engaged will have immed.ate dea-ask. For remainder ol freight apply to y BAXTER. LOVELL at CO. Crlaagraw. J oiil.--?VVTT-- AI '", u'f American ; 7J.htp ROME, Lincoln, master, having nearly all 7. ker cargo engaged will bave immediate despatch. w Balance al freight app'y to BAXTER LOVbll at CO. Bremei. FOR, BREMEN The Al American aark BE-T "6INA. Yellet master, bss part af ber cargo in-J"gaged and will meet with despatch. Far balance a atight apply to WARNEKEN KIRCHHOFF, mVtt so Onion street. FOR BREMEN The Al Bremen ship AOoC ITS PHlNE, Meycrdierck, master, will meet with des-r wpatclt for the above port. For balance of freight aet BAXTER. LOVELL CO. , cabin ar atcarage, apply f iflve captain "said. FOR BUMEH-The Al very fast aailug Bre- ivtag the balk af ber earn eacaaesl wiil aaaec Far RBsanaer af frocat apply to BVB ca ,.TJ 9ft, ksvtDc aoperier accaaasuoaatiana far 2 : . SHIPS SH IPS. I FOREIGN 'jPOKT naraelllea. I FOR MARSEILLES Tue Al dinner achraaer 8BIITB8ONIAN, Lewia 8. Davia, master, it now loading and will have immediate desiatch For freight or paassge apply to i BODDOCStiUIE at PHILLIPS, ! ap5 i,s Common street, ar to JOHN TOCRO. HI Connnuiitrert. I FOR MARSEILLES -The fast sailing A I Sicilian bark FRANCESCO. Villa, master, bsving tbe areater portion of her carao euaae-ed will he iuaded With despatch. For balance of freight apply to i apl JOHN TOCRO. Ul Common street. FOR MARSEILLES A flue mat saulus AuirM- Lcan bark will be loaded with despatch. For freight of tobacco or cotton apply to na JOHN TODRO. ll Common street. irlinititlfin. FOR WIS1T1TLAN The fast ssiling schooner .TALLAHASSEE. Merrill, master, is n w loading "and will bave immediate despatch. Far freight or passage apply to i i BOUDOUSJ,CIE PHILLIPS. apl2 ( Comn-on street. .llatanzaM, i Ax. FOR MATANZASH-Tne -superior bark MAR-atJSCIA. Fit, master, is j now loading and will have aaataaSimmediate d-spatch. i'ur fi-eiht or passage apply to BOUDOUSyCLE at PHILLIPS. apM i 96 Common atreet. or to h. r Y l,.-x4M'. .1 rpynraa street. DOMESTIC RTS. CoTinaTtan. 1 nctun, I FOR MADISON V1LLE AND COVINGTON , The achoouer POLAR STAR, Whiu omb. master' will leave tne New Basin tor the above i ports on WEDNESDAY, Sid In.t., at P. M. For frriant apniy to the captaiir. on board. I ap:ii l Lake Coast. "3TJ, FOR PASS CHRISTIAN. MISSISSIPPI CITY SijKs. Biinxi and Hands'Hiro'-The scmoner MAH'A aSStfc bllSTH EN E is now ready to re. eii e .reiirln . For freight apply uu hoard, in t.te ;New Basin. ap:.N 3t V Proaarola. FOR PENSACOLA AND .MILTON The tine st-t.miiier MARY ELLA, John Woods, master. 'will have despatch. For freicht-apply to captain on board at tue tiam. or to MERRITT A- McCONNELL. apl4 rorner Calliope and Howard sts BMltliHore. FOR BALTIMORE Vbi Vrsa. 1 To saii on . J-l Ssti'rdav. tne :r,tb inst. The A I i lippor srhoonrr aeaiifl GEO. SHEFFIELD. Sliles. niajt r. naving m .t of ber cargo engagrd anil on hoard will sail as aiove. r(r hslanre ol freight or passage apply to April IOK BALTIMORE Rrrnlar Line Tne Al .r!iperbrig ABB Y THAXTEK, Wiveil. ma.ter, haviLff nearly all her carif-i t'liaoged will have des patch. For ha anre of Ireight apply to I aplt" GEO. W. HVNSON m CO.. M Camp atrfrt w York. rOK Nt.w 1 OKK T.i sail on iiur ia ; io-n iitist Moimess i.ineoi ret tne last sailing resnlar racket ship SILAS HOLMES. C R. On'- tit h, master, having nearly all bt r cargi on hoard wiil aail as above. For freight or passage, having ehgant accontmctatiuns. apply to tberaptaii on noard, opposite the Vegetable Market, Second District i.rla 1 afih AARON COHEN. : Common street rOK ' lOKa- facarta Ire ! fast Bailing regaiar pa-k-t ahip MAID OK Oil lt,Ai. Edward r : llennis. maau-r.; is nuw I mo iitg and win be immediately deatencd. For frrigut nr r.ssagr, havli.g tltgant arroninioiiatinns apply to 1 lie rap'ain cu toatd, oppoaite the Vegetahte Market, Second District, or to apl AARON COHE.N.'liT Common street. jt, FOR Ntfw- YORiTTciTion'Tine Packeis-To ' aJTsaii with despatch The regular pa ket sii.p Sl-inafiariLAS GRF.ENMAN. N. Wcooer. .master, ha ng irst of her cargo engaged and going on board wnl sa'l as bbove. For ba'anceot treiglit or pasaagr, having superior accommodations, app'y t master on board, or to pi n J. O. AQQDRL'FF A CO. . 31 Natrh. i at. FOR NEW YORK Eaitie Line The verv fast ailing packet ship MANCHESTER. Clark, master. "having the giea't r portion of her cargo engaged and going on boara will have immedia'e de.pairit. Fir balance of freight or passage, having fiw arrotuuioditlviia, app-y on board . at Post IS. Firt Disrri. t. or to aplt CREEVY at FARWELL, 3 Natchn strert. FOR NEW YORR Hnrlbnt's Line Tne Ai i clipper bark LEAlNUTONj rbatcher, master. is now ioa.iiug and win met-i-witn spstch. For freight or paaaage apply to 1 BOCDOUbWUlE At PHILLIPS, 1 apl lS Common street. Philadelphia. I FOR PHlLADEi.l'UlA -Sails ot Saturday, tiie iMh iist The A I new racket bark .1 R. DA IS. 'Hand, master. Laving most of her earco oo ooatd W..I sail as aiove. For balance ot freigh; : or passage, ; hav-ing hne accommodationa, aonly to GEO W. HYNSON & CO . si Camp st. FOR PHILADELPHI A-T 'l this k-The very fast aailinr baik N BUt.NTON. Hoaamrr, muster, bu aearly-al if t. ciwlit or taaaage ai.p.y on l nt-r carKo encase.i at-d w-.n rait as atx-vr. 101 i-aianrt board, or to apl'- CRF.EVV t FARWELL. l V. WILLIAMS & CO KOR r H ILA I K L r H I A - K-pniar Line Thr AI ittew parkt-t bark J. R 1AVI3, Hand, muster. hawiti2 nrariv all ber cttriro mi DoarJ want t- bu.k or' If) baita of cotton ta complete ber larj. for iTMutit ol wiiicb. or pa-tBtfr. nupiv to ajxo OKO. W. TIVNSON ."t. , 2 Cnrnp at. FOR FHlLAlELPHlA-KVP:oi.e Lin Tn Al an.! very lul aiiiug schooner CHS. H. -KOGEKS. Laiijtsv. iiuiitrr, ia now loa-liua fr ti alcove and bavins; most of ber cargo enKv- aud eoir.e- 011 boerd viA imve quire aeapa'jfb. tor oaiance of Iremht of 2(jo bairj cotton ani!v to an:; J. H. BASS, n Coniirionitn-ft; Kostoot FOR BOSTON Thr hut sa: n? Al ship JOSE FLIL'sS. Lord, master, bnvittt (-iirt of bfr bave iltrspau u. . Fur arm 1 ro liaiaiicc of feigbi or r tvsase apply to a.J T. C. JENKINS. 119 Common street;' FOR BOhlON-Cr-iont Line Th- very fast ajy pai'iiue regular parktt s.;p ALHUS. Wyman. mw ter. 1 4 t.ow loBiiiTiis; for t tit- above ptrt aud wiil Litre immediate itt -patrh. Fi freisr-'t of tlour an-t perk a;',ly JON Eg, MAClt-irS UKK A CO j 1 at UraTiarr street. SktF Kor p-inirr. having beautiful staronui a. ruuii-xid 10 i s. appiy to , tain ou bonj, Post 27, Si onti Dtsir-i t. FOR BOSTON The Ai bara HARRIET FK VN IS. Wetiti. nBMif-r lta;t:c liiree-ftiurths ot tit r carpo 4'nfraxt A vnil mcri witb ie.patti Koi bnl van f nf fre'git app'v t apis j. ri. AhllriiiliKi t: sl CO,, 1 i ComtnomtJ f.f uiv nvr 1 w v - 1 nr 'ar!i nuin; r.i k ii" u t rji. 1. - F.i;. fiKlA. ints-rrt: miutTsT. .hviiiif ttrrr"nf ir re r.'O encHE-l and co'ii.; 011 ."r?rd, at p. Rt 2s. Fir Dtetrirr. will be l'm. d ir; iin'it' biL utKatrti. l oriir'ijiit ot uet,; i ot k., r .Ui.tou tj p) to 1 at. 1 1 JOHN- TOCRO. 121 Common atreet.j ry "Yuif "nONTN-TKex; jT Lin-- ;Toe, Al pvkH ai.p KLlZABKTiaj. V I'uoie. oiarn. mr mmSKS. nnoiiie . l will hhi'r u'aitc.i. Fur nt'anre oi f: or injtu :ijt. t apjn - W. HVNSON A CO. JCntnpBT. -i7 FOR BOiTrON JC:--fi"r Line-Tin- vrrv lnt lircaJi-u Al sU-p JOSHL'A .M All KAN, J,-. Btrto.. mWv uiiit' r. 1 o-v toadi Mt; ami will Uive very A.:: at. 11. kot iivigiit tppiy to JONiii. WACIvlNIER CO , sl.8 9i !f r 1 reet. L-l-eiirve- t.t the 'I'lii' Hnil I.uih. I1! C K CK E, vvti'3t- fu . pai ir-:t;;it-iit lit die I ' eaiof ll'-ifDront ft ltd La',,', ft; Vjp Ml'irt'at lO'l t?:ier-trr-C(teirira! au: Mtirai Vapr.js knnwq Ui re the u ly rel;n:i e t( puiipt;i:a.t prj.-.-jai a rurt. ev-n in ilms ej,tr-aie and iie-; e ctiv 5 i-;rli Me d.-risr-r'.; to tt.e or iioartf rVf!0 jirt' ..:-, !r i-!?:aiisbrd a VKh,M AN ENT OrKtCE ti ! INSflTGTE U l be rho-oua:b citt- of al! Chrn ha.i t'nuri 1 11s- .fMrs by tit eat ot V-ririit39 Ele- t io-C Bat us. t), ,lL:t L.fid E'er' ro-Viutei jam'. ror the iiiT!erre ni m.i-e upan'e n visit i'.e -17, wbo Jeein- corsi.ltation, a :isr of1 qiie.5tl0t itts r: ; ip-!jcation tu Or. C. him ifioaititft apira- Kurd, wbirb will oe. 'orwarden o a. 16 S". JoeepU stre.-r, Nf O- tas. n.ediriiMs. iorwarird a- tintia r--ir.l in piu h carttru'ir ri; ta trie ilear.n j Ksi'ieOTS frru The cotsPtry Canada e acrominoato4 w.rh inonunt tif;!u aitote. no '.tijlprri.iirp ro-lni'vV To Krnl AS V I. KNOT O F"rioii ol most nrt'a' pnrt o( the ntj f'-f t oiirt a w.lii ot l-'t t. v,:ti irnt tiirt-rtlV 1' . '!!' li I. ironnd. stti'i'e1 ;-i tti-. lia v i r ft ilc;t li ol -ith a Ir-tiit on 3 C:,:'-!-3 iiar-.'sT'it itli'. and bv- t. en Vmnnrhi .Utaei.'iiiu an-i s:u mouoi:, .oi j n ei. There ia a!oo ari entranr- 'in ('a-jn-b ! t 1 reeT This piece o rrotind won 11 be a vt t. t rti;itu.' I 1. m let a eau'vaa fat Circn, A , in winter, an I r.a'.d b- n ar ranged a tt be easily converted into a iite.-ii -tn ry. ir-rrtunmrni ;. mmir,ie s tri!i iu suintner. liy a uu t-insi: ?-cint, it could be rendered as ft,hii:iHo- a n-sort New 0-ieaas as Nn.lo'a iarden is in New; Yorii. 1U .ror partiuulais, apply imrn-Ui oXfy i 1AN1EL f AIREX, a ,i 8 6t Cotton or !uar Landi. 1 Jan ACRES on the Bayou Lntmnhe. Fom-e C-)J J- xwv p et tnr na'e on f-voniD'e terms appiv iv WASH I NCiTON- JACK.SON A CO , apl 6t 10:1 Carondler atreet. KlrhartPis Cape -Lime- , TOO BARREI'S landinyeT K yins; C'ond; anJ tjirfale . 9 V UJ I : ROf.DKI M, CO a pi 8-3t j i 184 Magtr.tne st. Srwins Machinen. TI. BINGEa at to. 8 Agraey tor tnr salp of their . Dew impioved Brwing Machine. nwciaUy adapted to the makiof np of S4M) CLOTHING. PLANTATION ; anil I 6F.MERAL BODSF.HOLD SEWING, ta now eatabliaheil at Na. Ian Canal nrrrt. Torre marhinra took the first preminm at the World's Fair la the Crystal Palace, la Paris, over Grover at Baker's, ana many other Sewing Machines; and are tbe only Sewing Maehiues nnw aseri by tbe Government of France In making np tbe (letbinc for tbe French army. A constant supply of these No. 1 Map bines, together with Silk, Cotton and Linen Thread. Spools. Nesdlea. ate, alwaya on. Iianl. Orders prompjy attended to. Address 8. H. PECK, I apo atawam H" Canal atreet. New Orleans. Tm Steamboatn. i i rpHE aktaiuar that took 11 U. cards wood front any arood-X yard fat the head of Diamond bland Shote;. ta hereby instructed ta call and pap for same, ar pay PAYNE, TFLK at CO., ST Tcbaupltaolas street, New Orleans. I will not give a long credit. FTioe J per cord.auioOBtuig ta t34 60 Ctli tad aap sad aye troneie. pl-t 1 C. HAWBI9S0N. Brazoa Nanhag. To aall on THL KMDAV, April ij, at 8 A. H. vuiiusn BiEAinsnir LUJirAai-Far Kraxos Santiaao. via Galveston and In- 'dianola Tbe new and maauificeut rteanublo GEN. Rl'SK, Thomaa Forbes, commander, will leave as aoove, punctually. For freight or passage, having elegant accommodations, apply to j HARRIS, MORGAN CO., foot of Jnlla St.. opposite 8teamsbip Landing. aaV FTelgbt will be taken for Brazos Santiago, bat nan for Galveston or Inrtiaiiola, Say Shippers mast provide themselves with the steamer's bill af lading ; no other form will be aigned. . spiM ay No frriflht takt-n witliout an order from tMs ortire. New Yam. I : Leaves an inNlliT. A nril Klk. it AM ia ntw ruH.iv Aru -itw unLtsnaj STEAMSHIP COMPANY. Far New KorlJ 'via Havana The new. splenitis'. side-wheerH steamship C AHA W B A. J. II. Bullurb, comsuan1er, having elegant accommodations for ftrt class paaseugers, will leave her wharf, foot ol St. Joaeph street. First District, with the D. 8. mails, as above. For freight ar passage , apply to JAS. CONNOLY at CO.. Agents, spin 44 Fovdras street. llnvrr. -TL-ry-. FOR HAVRE The French steamship SIHrT t FRANCOIS AKAOO, Gilbert Pierre, cm-Siuandi. will leave for Havre. (toucLinq only at Havana. ) between the 1st and Mh May next. Sue rau take only a limited numtier of passengers, viz : about 'SI Firat Cabin, at l0 24 Seioinl ... . i.D SO Between Derks (sailor's fare) ho For passajre apply to til. ULfASbfcLK a. tU 93 Custom bouse st. For freight a re ap.i ITNKY t CO.. 3ft Carondelet at. Trxar.. To sail on THURSDAY, the A Inst., at t A. M VANUERB1LT S LINE ror llalTeaton. Indianota and Matas;nrda Bay The splendid steamship DANIEL WEBSTER Jerry Smith commander, will sail aa above, trora tbe foot of Julia street. For freifbt or paaaage. baviug superior accommodations, apply lo ap-il W. C. TEMPLETON, 7S Camp street. ro Vb TH rRS!AT Apnf -iMd StBINE. TEXAS, via THE OFELOUSAS Railrond 1 he U'wtantial rraiu r JASPER. Zanders, commander, wid leave as nhoe from Hayon Bieuf on tbe arrival of the morning tram Iroin the city, tor .reuriit ar pn.-ire applv to apll W.C. TEMPLETON. 7.s Camp street. To a a lo iT T I" K S DA YT aT-tH ;i. at It M , rfTr- SOUTHERN STEAMSHIP COMPANY f J s E..i- Ut vttfton Dirert I nitel S'at Mail swisnitfiataLiiie The new am niarnmrent steaiiisnu-ATLANTIOHrnry Sbeppard. c-.iumander. wiil nail as aoove. For freigl.t or paa'agf. haviiift eUannt arroiu UsOdations tor pab-emrers, appiv ou i.uaid. or tj i HARRIS, MOKiiAN Al CO., foot Julia atreet. pl8 opoaue St-aushiti Landing W Shippers will pUaur prjvite thi mttlvfi with the steainer's ((rni of In us lading none other wilt he sign J ta"No freight n-ceived without an order trtmi tiis otti' . Sew lnlancl Route to Cial voHton. Texai.. THROLGH MS TWISTY rot ft HOURS. I f-CE-ii.--i ;t,-T Leaving every M -Ct?4 'TTnA V . hv THE N EW ORLEANS AN L OPE &C8 AS RXlLROAD to Bi-rwit fc's Bay, and Vanderuili 's Line of spleudid new Steamsbirs. built expressly fir this tra te ) The steamer GALVESTON. Davit Wil.'on. commander, will leave Be rwick s Bay ou SUNDAY and EDN E8DA V. on arnvai of the morniug tra The B-at nn- riuif wi h th- Tram leaves the Kerry !ar dlna. opposite. Jackson Square, at 7 o'clock A. M. YuT 1'aAavage 'l'i kets thtnusti to C3lfton, apply ttt the Rnllrorsd Otti e. corner ot St. Ptter aud Lcvce streets, oppo-g:ieJa kson Square. Freight f'f li aivrilnu, hy tins line, will he recuve-i ai the Company's lauding, foot ut lit. L iu ttreet. at s:ui:i ship rates. freight or phhff apply at the ortice of tiie company, Sr Petel an i Lever streers apl tf A. B. SEOER. Vice President. . ISi cam to Nouthamioii and Havre. T Vt THE M Ati N I r ICENT SIEAM6II1P Ta (Trs VA N D E R B I L T. : - tons. will sail From pirw 1 ora for Soothaniptau and Hr.vre. Tueaday May f Tuesday J -mr Thursday Aug. i: r roin Southampton and HaTre for New Yora. Thursday in- 4 ruesaa . July . I W-duesaay SepL -i Paasture First cabin. according; to location of atattToom,$iH t-i l.'iO rri' Second cabin : Ai Sperie deliveved in Loudan aud Pans. For passage, or freight, apply to , l. TORRANCE. Agent, D) trA 1 nj ft Bowling Oreeu, N. Y. Charleston ud Now York. wi mj . ' v. i . n n . M v . b CHARLESTON STEAM PACKETS Tbroosh in 48 to M boors 8emi-Wee Sly u. d maiLi 1 I 1 r. riE.w iuaa 9A8HVLLI.E, into toss......M. Berry, comiuan-ter. MARION, VfxCi tons.. V. Foster, cooaniaa-ler, JAMF.8 AUaiFR, IVXi tons.. .8. C latter, coalman 1-r. OUTHEKNER.;..-a L). Ewan. couimauiier. Lraves A'lger'a W bar vea every WEUNESOAK aud SATURDAY, after tbe arrival of the cars from I Us Buarh anH Weat. at blab tvater. Tbese steamstiiisirrr oil It expressly f jr this line, and for safety, corutort and p-e4, are anrivaiel on tiie rout. Tablea supplied with every luxury. Atteutive ani cour teoo commanders will ensure travelers fey tbia Uus every possible renifort and accoaiinaaation. F'r freientsor rasage. baviug etegaat Bl.r room acco.a-ma.ia.lio ns. apply to HX?RY UiSSROON, Soura Wliaef. Jel.l Caviriton, 9 C. Cabin Passage tis 8?eerae... - S New Yark and Liverpool. THE HEW lOMv A.M) LlVCKfOO D. 8. MAIL STEAMERS - T'jc s'jips cna s. nrliis this line are: Tbe ATLANTIC Cant. Ellridge. The BALTIC Capt. Cnuulock Tbe ADRIATIC Capt. Weat. These ships hsving been boilt by rontrart, expreaa'y for tbe Uoverumant service, every care bas been taken in t'ieir canstruction. as also in their enpnes. to insure strenirtli ana speed; and their accommodations for passengers are ai-eqnaled for elegance aud comiorr. Price of passage from New York to Liverpool, in fUsl cabin, 13.i; in second cabin, gTS. Exclusive me nf ex'ra Sise state rooms, g315. t'rum Liverpool to New ork i: and Sj guineas. An experieni-ed ajrgenn attached to each ship. Mo berths can be secured until paid for. I'ropoaed Dales of Bniling. From New York. i Itihu Liverpool. atarday 3, '.KV7. 1 W e ineaduy Jan. 7, Sarardav 17. l'.7. Wednra.lay Ian. si, 1". Wednra.iay....Jan. si, We.lurs.ih'.... Feb. 4, W e-iuaiay . r eO i, Wednesday.... Mar 4. Weduea-iay .... April 1, Wednesday ....Apii! it. Wednesday.... May 7, We-inesd-ay....J une 10, Wt-tincs.iay....Jnue i4, Wed'irs lay. ...July n, Wednesday. ...July i. Saturday.... Jan. 3i, lr-7 . 1 Wednesday.... Feb. 4, ln7 Saturday... Feu. 14, 1.'7. 1 W e-tua lay . r eo. i. !7k gatnrdry Mar 14, 17. Saturday. ...... Airil 11, 1SS7. Bttordny Mny ', IV.; Saturday May l, 1"7. Bator lay....... June rt, lw-7 Bati.rday . lune-JO, 1A7. .torday July 4. Infi7. iturday July la. IS67. 1 .7. 17. 1 '.-. ! V.7. ! -."'' ; vv. I jr rri-.:glit or p.tfjaire apply t'f EDWAdD (i COLLINS. !Wi Wall.'reet. New Yo.-k I SHOWN. SHIPLEY ft CO l.ivcrpo-iL OTEFHEN KEN N ARI) II CO.. 'Z7 AtnteiiiKriara, Londco. ' ft. e WAINWRIfiHT CO , Pons, The owners of tliea.- s:i.,s will not oe a. countable ftir goid. silver, bull'nn, pic'e, J.wclry, precious I'.in'-s, or ; metals, unless bills of lading are s'geel tbcrelor. aud tna Taloe thereof expresce.l tuerein. The ships of t!li.i line have Imfrive- watertight b'l'k-faeads. and to avoid ihiiser from irv wiil not .cross i he Banks nuith of degrees uu'.i! aft' the Mt August, on M-ly Cabin Faaenxe to New York, 1 wentyMve liHar WECM.Y UMlKlf S1AIES .iiaiij I I . I 1 IT Tlt. new anlendid ei'ie-w'ieel 1 eametiin. ADGDSTA, lMMtona Capt. M. 9 Womlltnl!. Ft.ORII'A. i;iitona Capt. Isav Oow.-ll. ALABAMA. l nr. io:u Car-t. O. ti. Bctsaui k, w 11 leave Savannah every 8ATUKDAV. T'leae ships are aoionK the largest on tne coaa-. aasor fa--"ed In sped. nafety and comfort; making their pnn-es u nfty to sixty boura and are commauded by skililui, : careful aud polire orficers. Having elegant state room accommodations, tney odr s moat desiearile canveyaucs lo Sew York Cabin Pawuute t Sew York.... .. S'eera Fr.WHZe - Agent PlilCLFORD. FAY CO . Savannah ; SAU L L. M.1TCH1LL, 1 Broadway, Mew York. Jonesn. ihw. I 'ofIre To lluilrteris. I'OR SAI.F. One Ilin.'.rei Bal.n fLAsTERING 1 5 A T li . V f ship Diau.oitd Stati . For sale by J. H. BASS. apln -.l ll-iCjmino-l St eer. OUACHITA. The attention of business men is invited to the town site called Ouachita, in Ouachita connty, Arkansas. This plar a at the mouth of th Little Missouri river, about bait way between Camden and Arkadelpbia. The mouth of tbe Little Missouri is the head of steamboat navigation on the Ouachita river, and boats can get to that point whenever they can reach Camden. Tbe town site, heretofore known aa Tate's Bluff, is elevated table land, above all overflow, and is tbe nearest shipping point af an extensive cotton region, including the b-ack lands In Clark connty, which is rapidly settling up, and the trade of which would go there if inducements were offered by the establishment of alorea, and groceries and dry goods. The place affords a fine opening for enterprising business men, and its location is such as to enable it to compete successfully -with Cam den for the trade of Southwestern Arkansas. A merchant at that place, prepared to make advances, could control tbe shipment of the cotton now carried out of tbe upper Ouachita and Little Missouri rivers in keel boars to Camden, for rrshlpment. It is also more accessible inland than Camden ta the planters af Dallas and Hempstead counties. Communications addreaaed ta the undersigned, at Little Bock, or to E. C. BACON, at Ouachita, Ark., will receive attention. We refer also to Dudley Jt Nelson, Bad Mooes ereenwood, in New Orleans. GEO. C. WATK.INS. ORO A.BALf.AHER F-9dTVA:lawenVlp Land far Sale at Algiers. Trfi go DARES OF LAN D, eligibly situated on Webster Aveaae, between Homer and Alia streets, are offered far sale ol liberal terma. Herhanica, build era and oUters are invited ta ev amine the laoda which will be sold ar eaebaaard lor Real Estata in N;w Orleana, if applied br wrthiai tbirty days, by eaUin g an J.J HoBmao, at Algiers WarebaM.Vppate. or at in efr"ffi reana. apisatan im A. T. COCHRAn HALL. THE LATE" NEWS FROM ' NICARAGUA. The Explosion on the J M. Scott. C'orrei'lcil of the Killed nml Wounded. ICorrespordrnce of tbe Picayune. New Orleans, April 20, lcW. Eilf. ric. As one of the oflicerB under C i. Lockridge, in Lis last attempt against Castillo, and as I furnished the purser of tbe steatmUip Teiineesee with the main circumstances connected with that expedition, I ak leave to coirect certain errors which have crept into tbe account (by telegraph,) given iu the Pioa ynne of Friday latt. The explosion on board tbe steamboat J. M. Scott happened as stated. Heire is a corrected list of the killed and wounded, as far as ascertained : hilltd. Major Win. Morris, Capl. Sciilicht, Lieut-Kolger, Lieui. Coylin, Tliomas Alexander, M. M. iiei-dleuian, John Buningtun. Cliarlea York, J. L. Kerrell, Joseph Murray, Win. Kdinundson, James Wilsun. Colvin S. Thomas, Hiugina. Badly Scalded. I'ol. Krank Anderson, Lieut. Col. Donhledav, apt. W. W. Benlnginn. Capt. Marclltia Krearli, Lleul J. A. Sislen, .Mulliollanil, Frank Crawford, Daniel Burl, Clark Noll, Alexander Bailey, K. Baker, J. Roan, l.t'amiiiijr, Holmes. Biutil. McCree, Emanuel, a Nfr-aratftia hoy. Slightly H oundrd lien. C K. Wheat, Major W. C Capers. Capt. W. II Scott, Capt. Kins well, Lieul. Muey, Adit. A. C. Hill. Lieut. S. Jnrnaoo, Lieut. 11. Siiiilli, Or. Cieorue S. Weir, Join Ciotry l. Steppe.. Gen. Wheat. Major Capers, Scott. Capt. French, Lieut. Murry, and other, were blown from the upper deck int3 the river, and received their wounds by coming in contact with the falling timber. As to the San Juan river being: in the possession of the Costa Kicaus, it is no more so than it was a month or six weeks a. ; its mouth is in the possession and under full control of Col. Lockridge, whose command numbering yet three hundred men occupy P.mta Arenas and the liver between Punta Arenas and the Machuca Uipids. ' 1 am, respectfully. 15. A. Kktsoi '., X. A. L'hibh Coal. J. H. Aslibridge fc Co., l -'t) Common street, have a iuntity of the article on hand and for sale. See advertisement. Sale of Hats ask 1uy Uood.v The attention of buyers is called to the sale of hats and dry goods, to take place this day, at 10 o'clock A. M., at' II Peycbaud & Co.'s auction room, No. '- Old Levee street. Terms liberal, at sale. CaF.'.o Si' The attention of purchasers is called to the sale at auction, this diy, at 12 o'clock, on the Levee, by 11. li. Sykes, cargo ex schooner Daniston, from Cienfue-gos. consisting of l.V hogshead, l t'.rce, and 40 barrels sugars. fry We would respectfully ca'.l th attention of the trad to thj sale of wine, brandies, sardines, oil. See , at auction, to take place at half-pest 10 o'clock, this day, at store No. 47 Magazine street. Pm i ADFi.riM a Iirci., Psix r ai Wholesale Wareiiocsf.. We call the attention of our readers to the curd of French, Kichards& Co , corner of Tenth and Market streets, Philadelphia. Having unrivaled facilities, they can readily supply any and ail orders in their liae of business Orders will be rec&ived iu this city by Kobinson Yer-lander. il Front street. Fire i'i Miicon, Ga. The old Mansion Hcuee, on the corner of the Court houe square, in Macon, and eome small building? adjacent, were destroyed by tire ou the 1 1th inst. Apru Pooling tn Chicago. A sell was successfully tried in Chicago, on the 1st iust., the name of John Deaa (the coaehmau) and his wife (the fair Marimni l'erronillai being entered on the re-iter of one of the hotels. It is said that forty six ' tea.4"' were paid for at the office by ambitious young men. anxious to see what manner of man he who would make such a stir in the matrimonial worid. A goed looking " he" among the stranger guests, to whom was hooked a very plain " she," was pointed out as the hero of th. new romance. The pair was stared away from the table. One corn dealer intercepted the stranger in t lie ball and inti i uiu-i-d iiimielf to " Mq Oaan.'-when the truth came out. Kesult : ' ili-.vd ;A-jourufd to the b.y room. Profitable' S'otc Raising. The Vermont papers record the recent sale, of a ISlack Ilatvk hfi??, six years oid. for t.OOO; ot a Durham steer, five cM. V.iViil pounds. for..:MS ; and the fallowing income for t-vo year3 of an imported ewe : Firt fl. ece. 1 1 lbs.. !' ceil! p.r lb .v I" Twin l:i!ii:.s in '", .' imiM'.b M -' " i Secor.rl fl.'t ce. II ll'H , .7 p.-iii Per II "" r leecea ol" tirft two '...:;tie. I. ilia 1 J Two litmbs ratted in '".b I 0k T-A'o jeais' ittcutii.r oi one atieep '7 it." Ai.otht r paper tc!!o in of a pair of working ixen in Montpelicr, l'.uir yenrs oil. which weigh -1, 1-V.r pound. Molir Military II .'. n.upitie i '. The Mo bile Advei tii-r, ot Sunday lavst, says : !t ?eerrs that not ithstari'ling t!;e rinno's that have bten vi!c for some tim-i, the en-cainp-inent fur this jcar, is n-it to be dipenid w:tl'. The Colonel has irt'.ied his order, a. id on Tuesday, Muy l Jtb, at S o'clock A. M . the companies composing the Kiret Volunteer Kegtinent are omtnude'I to npp-aar, provided with rations, ammunition find i-iinp e'j'ii-page, for a I'.-ur days' encrttnpmnt. 'the ground selected tor this tour of day is the same field occupied by thy regi.utMii for the last encampment. L'very prospect i good for a lively titn;. Ka;h company is daily adding to its number, and there is reaiiy more military spirit being displayed by our citizens tht:i ever before. Two of our coinoinies will appnaj- in uew outfits, and with their splendid oostitn-js will make a display for bntiiancy will throw all previous efforts completely iu "th9 shade. Whether the occasion will be graced by ttie presence of our neighbors, the C'intinental. of the Crescent City, or not, wa are not advised, but are quits sure they would liad tbemeelves welcome gaests. Letter from Cen. Scotl to Gen.' Quit ,n i n . The' Natchez Free Trader publishes the following letter, and says it is but. one of miny Gen. Quitman has received from Army ofli-cers on the same subject : New York, February ly 1837. My dear General Grateful as all Army officers are to Congress, for the late handsome addition to their compeasation so much needed, the feeling is universal among us that special thanks are duo to the chairman of the House Military Committee, late our gallaa and distinguished brother in tbe field, who by those fine elements of character, honor generous enthusiasm and talent, conciliates favor or bears down opposition. As tbe senior of the class benefited, I have assumed to be tbe organ of their sentiments, and subscribe myself, your friend and servant, .WisriEtD Scott. Hen. ). A. Quitaaan, E Major e-'nent! rf tbe Amy. .Letter from not Spring, Arkansas. Special Corrrapondpnca af the Picayune Hot Springs, Ark., April 9. Your correspondent finds himself, this most lovely morning after passing a bitterly cold night pencil in hand on the top of one of the highest of these rocky, pine-cevered mountain peaks of this wild and romantic, bat poverty stricken country. It is certainly a strange and interesting region, notwithstanding its sterility. But now came I ere, say you ? Well, not willingly, nor on my own account. But having a very faithful servant almost entirely paralyzed from the effects of rheumatism; the doctors say, and the same eminent authorities having prtmpunced his cure very doubtful, unless carried to the Hot Springs of Arkansas that place of healing of tbe halt, the lame and tbe paralyzed ; and the negro himself, seeming to be overwhelmed at the idea of being sent off from home, unless V master" went with him, I had no other alternative and here I am. But toget here ! Aye, there's the rub On the swift moving Antelope, to Napoleon, all went well. But at Napoleon! Have you landed there, of a dark night, during a soaking rain, with af paralyzed negro ia charge,' and knowing no one? No! Pray that you never may, and especially if you are compelled to spend a night and day in.... well, not the St. Charles or the Astor, bya long shot; Obliged to sleep two (men) in"a bed, and that none of the cleanest. Next evening, finding there was no certainty as to when the " Umpire" for the Arkansas would start, a crowd of us got on board the little stern-wheeler, the Jessy Lazier, whose very clever captain did what he could to make us as comfortable as : circumstances would permit, lieaching Aberdeen, on White River, a little before midnight, on Saturday night," we took the stage'there in waiting, for Little Rock, a uitlhtit-e of sixty miles, over an excellent road, great part of it level prairie. But such a night of cold has rarely been experienced on Ihef-lth and fith of April in tbese latitudes! Befpre we left the boat the ground was frozen to a considerable depth, and before morning the W heels of the heavily loaded stage did not alwlays break through the frozen crust ! Though crowded, the inside passengers suffered no little from the cold. And, by-tbe way, I bave not seen such quautities of prairie grouse, as on these prairieBthat cold morning, since I shot over he prairies of Illinois for three successive seasons, twenty years ago. And the large plover, known by the French hunters of your State as the pvpa-bottr, were in myriads. A good many deer, too, were visible in the distance. Keached Little Kock about 4 P. M. Quite ! a pleasant place, I should judge, from the j glimpee I got : but more on that in my next. As the slave was to leave at midnight a most absurd arrangement, and especially so for invalids, as the distance, sixty miles, can be easily made by daylight got to bed early. The drive to the springs was made anything but a pleasant one by this midnight departure. The road is rough and mountainous, and through a most interesting country. By the way, it is a matter generally uuderstood that each of us in our journey through life must reckon upon disponing of our " peck of dirt." 0'ie thing is certain, that any one who travels oftt.ii over the route from Napoleon to the Hot Springs, via Aberdeen, will get more than his share, unless, as I should advise, he avoids the fare of the taverns and steamboats, by carrying along a something in the shape of dinner and lunch. The fare, almost uni-' verf ally, consists of dirty or discolored water for coffee, a miserable apology for bread, bacon, and occasionally eggs. I give this renlte hint for the benefit of ladies aud invalids dismissing the subject with the assurance that the hotel at th springs, two in number, seem to be comfortably kpt and pleant homes : te table and beds clau and tidy. Those springs are certainly both curious and interesting. Suppose a dep rocky g'.eu, between almost perpedicular, thiniy wooded mountains ; a pretty brawling stream, tumbling and gargling along; considerable of a village strewed on one sioe of the brook ; one little mill busily at work, a'-d another in ruins ; a dene cloud of vapor arisirg from the base of the hiii on the Jeft and you bave a tolerable idea of the Hot Spring. For my part I wasplea-?-antly disappointed. It is said that as ln ago aa parties of French and Spanish residents in Mississippi and Louisiaua visited these spiicgs tor the cure of rheumatism and other diseases, camping iu the then wilderness. And ever since that iirn it has been, more or les, a place of resort. Many wondrfui cures have been effected ; though soin-?, of course, return uncured. TLe water is perfectly pure and !i;npid, though hot. I whs prepared to find it strongly impregnated wMi sulphur, - c . The main h:t fpiings gush out of the lace of tiie mountain et a height of. perhaps, SO to 1(10 feet above the base : and for a dWaiTCe of 100 jards or nearly tbey break out at about the same level. The I entire body of hot water would fill a pipe ot hi or l1"; iuehes in diameter, if all issuing jat one spot. The springs vary somewhat iu temperature from 10j to Loll of Fahrenheit,. At the foot of the mountain, ar.d w here tdcre ) every reason to believe the hot water at one time poured ort, uei se clouds of hot vapor is?ue Vlie water, though apparently so puru to both tbd eye aud the palate, deposits with some rapid'ty'a mixture of silex and carbonate of lime, forming a lava-like stone Tue deposit hvt evidently doted up the oiiiiia! outlets, forcing the Tiler to find its way through crevices in the rocks, to a greaterj height If the opinio is la-ed upon the retusts iu boring artesian w lis re to be relied upon, s-howi-ig that trrti fc.n-peratuie increaseo about li.e dngrcei witu every additional MHi feet of depth, these tpiiiigs are probably the outlets: of a va-;t l.atuml artesian well, coming from a great depth, say 4 000 feet. Tue San Antonio river, nr'i liiose other lovely streams of We-Wn Texas which burst from tbe earth iu a similar manner, are of a lite character? Tne temperature of all of the springs forming the sources of the Sun Antonio is nearly fan same 78 degrees. Tbe effort is now being made iu Paris to procure a supply of hoc water for the use of that city, by boring a greater depth than ever before. Uaths are arranged where the vapor fsiiis from the foot of the mountain, to which the water is carried from the hot spring above -, so that the bather has the choice of water baths at any desired temperature, or of the most delightful vapor bath. I tried both, and enjoyed them exceedingly. Being placed close by the hotels and lodging room", they are exceedingly convenient to bathers. Messrs. Stedbam &. Aiken are now erecting new bathhouses, with bath arrangements for rega-lating the temperature of the baths, which theycan the more readily effect, ss they have the command of the stream of cold water before it recei ves that from the hot springs D r, Hammond, the only resident physician very pleasant and intelligent gentleman wio has been located there for several years, and has closely studied tbe eSecta of the bathing upon the different diseases and constitutions of the thousands wbo frequent these springs, claims for them great curative powers in rheumatism, and diseases induced by . tbe improper or extreme use of mercury. Three miles from these Hot Springs are some very favorite chalybeate water; where is a hotel said to be admirably kept. And at a : distance of eight miles are springs of strong sulphur water, of which Dr. Hammond spoke ; favorably. - Near by are quarries of the celebrated AHc-1 ansae or Washita whetstones, from whiob Mr. Whittington procures his euppl'es of the rough material, worked up in the most perfect manner by his little water-mill at tbe Hot Springs, where he resides. Tbese whetstones he ships to all parts of the Union, and finds the de maud increasing upon him in such a degree, as to induce tbe enlargement of his factory. Tbe great question with invalids is, how to reach these springs 1 All of the steamers, going both up and down the Mississippi, of course will land pas-sen grrs at Napoleon. There the accommodation is very poor indeed. Small stern-wheeled boats run up the Arkansas river to Little Rock every few days ; of which tbe most comfortable at present, I understand, are tbe Ark an-saw and the Tucker. Their usual time from Napoleon to Little Rock, "barrin" accidents, is two days; fare $10. Every other day, I think, email boats leave Napoleon for Wo ite River, connecting with the stage line at Aberdeen, and carrying the mail; time to Little Rock about forty to forty five hours, out one night in the stage; fare $12; accommodation by no means good, yet the route is sure, and reasonably expeditious. ! The stage leaves Little Rock at midnight of tbe day of arrival there ; an absurd arrangement, but necessary for the support of the hotels ; a rough road aud rough fare, charge for stage $6, meals 5Ua, and nothing te brag of at that ! Al! this is information anxiously sought by. invalids desiring to go to the Hot Springs, and may be usetul to others ; it would have been to me. I speak of the diry and discomfort, because that can all be easily remedied. Even the Anthony House, -the chief hotel in Little Kock, locks as if not a floor had .been scrubbed, nor a wall white-washed in five years ! The landlord and all about the house are kind and attentive, ' bat that is not enough the hotel keeper becomes,' for the time, the servant of the public, charge his own prices for the accommodation ! he fur liishes, which should be at least clean and comfortable. " It yeu don't like it, go elsewhere !'' All very good. But a traveler who has been out all right in a stage, tired, dusty, hungry and uncomfortable,, is in no plight to hunt around for a night's lodging, and has a right to expect all that tbe good looks and smiling attentions of the jolly host, who waits him at the stage door, would premise. Don't you think so ? I do. But enough. Ever yours. 'r. a. i jp The National Council of the American party will meet in Louisville on the first Tuesday in June next. tW The Mobile Tribune says the New Orleans mail due in that city on Friday last, did not arrive until Saturday morning. V3F The steamship Niagara, at Boston, from Liverpool, had titiy-njine pa?sengers, aud 475,000 francs in specie. I3P The steamshipcGlasgow, from Glasgow, arrived at New York on the 11th inst. She brought about 2o0 passengers. Eg Tbe Russellville (Ky.) Herald says the cold rain and snow on the night of the ath inst., caused the death of a n amber of cattle in that vicinity. The Hon. I. B. Wright announces that he will not be a candidate for reelection to Congress from the first district of M issis-sippi. - .- A Relic. The celebrated Shakespeare cup formerly the property of Garrick, and said to be made from a tree planted by tbe great bard was recently sold in London for 'H2. W There were seventy three miles of telegraph dine in Australia iu working order in 1S54, which were increased to nearly 300 miles at the end of 18o", and there are now 500 miles more under contract. j j F&i in Maru.Ua, Ga. A destructive fire occurred in Marietta, on the 13th inst. It originated in the drug store of Messrs. Sabal ti. Ttnneht, and thence it spread along the north jmdwest portions of the square, destroying tbe Howard House. Soider's building, Colon-ade row, the Post Office, McElfresh's machine shop, b'iud and saah factory, and Denmead's warehouse, near the depot. The whole loss is estimated at $50,000 or $00,000. the insurance on which dots nat exceed $30,000. Connecticut Election The complete vote for Governor of Connecticut, at the election on the pth inst , is summed up thus : Mr. Hoi ley. Iiepubliran, 31,IS-J ; Mr. Ingham, Democrat, :jil,01-i; and scattering. It. Mr. Holley is therefore elected by a majority of lv!l votes. The Springfield Republican says : The full vote amounts to only 62,510, while 'aft fall, at the Presidential election, it reached S0.3'.'5i and a year aso 65,55-.'. Tha cold rain storm thnt prevailed throughout the day accounts lor this loss of votes. Serious Railroad Accident. A Chicago despatch, of the 11th inst., says : A serious accident occurred cm the Michigan Southern Ra'lroad on Thursday night, near Calumet station, to the express train goinaf west Eleven c.ira were thrown olT th trie's, iitd one lady aud child killed. Severn! others were baaiy injured. We have a? yet been unable to get the names. Commerce of Russit It is stated as a re- j markablo fact that the commerce of Russia ' has not only recovered from the effects of the j ;ate war, but exhibits actually anincreawe as compared with the year which immediately ! j receded the outbreak of hostilities, laui: The exports from the. port o"' St Petersburg for the last year are st down at 54.!'ii.0 l roubles ; for 1853 they aiuoudted to 52. jrr,'2.l , showing an increase in favor of last year of G5.S K30 roubles. The trreater portion of these exports have been to England, and Con- ! sist chiefiv' of th ordinary Russian staples of J wheat, tallow, !it;mp. fcc. Tue import for 1:G reaeh nearly to G:i.tloi),0iiii rouolts ; so that, nctwi'-hsfauJing tha activity displayed . in the commercial operation of Russia, the I balance of trade id against her. Tne number ' of vessels which have passed the Sound, in- wards and outwards, during the past year, j are : total number -J0.530. being, it would ap-near. an increase of 4,7-15 vessels oo the pre- i ceCing year, but a diminution of 2"28 as compared with 1S53 Of the entire numoer entering the Baltic during the past year, 'were bound and brought cargoes for Russian ports, while 4.183 left the Baltic during the year with Russian produce. Tbe London journals, in referring to these statistics and the previous policy of Russia, state that no opportunity should be lost or postponed to render .Great Britain as independent of that power as the nature and demands of her commerce will admit. "f Miss Ann 'IHquity is said to be the oiaesc iemaie anowu m wij . kwi . Psbaw! she ain't near as old as Aunty Di Lit man iSyracuie Journal. Both old, to be sure. But didn't An Te-i tor precede them i1 Utxca Telegraph. True, but Aunty Dale was born before all on 'em, and holds her own yet. Toledo Blade. The list of " old uos" is not complete without Ann Cettral and Aunty Cedent. Bur-hngton, Free Prat. Aunty Moiaic is also one of the " old uns," but Aunty Mundane is the oldest of be whole batch. Iinlslana Intelllfesice. The Shreveport Gazette, of the 11th inst, says: The dry weather which prevailed throughout the country previous to the late rainy and cold spell prevents a great deal -of corn from oom-ing up, and we heard of some planters who bad ploughed up and were replanting. We think it likely that very little cotton had come . up before tbe cold weather the first of tbe -week. The Alexandria Democrat says the snow was lying thick upon the ground in that seo-tion of country, on Sunday morning-, the 12 J inst. The Democrat adds: The cold weather has destroyed all hopes of tbe peach crop in our country. As for cotton many of our planters are ploughing np the first planting and making ready for s second. Tbe cane is not materially injured. Tbe Harrisonburg (Catahoula parish) Independent, of the 15th, says : Our atmosphere was thoroughly chilled by the freeze that occurred on tbe night of the ' 5th inst , and the heavy frost that followed the night after. Since then, there has been a general prevalence of north winds, and the weather has continued unusually cool for the season. . On Saturday night last, snow fell at this place to the depth of two inches. Early planted cotton had been killed, and early corn nipped te tbe ground before tbe coming of tbe snow. On Wednesday night last the exhibition boat, "Hindoo Pagoda," was entirely destroy- erl by tire and a man named John Shay, a musician belonging to the troupe, wan burnt to death, and another person so badly burned, that his life is despaired of. This terrible ac- -cident occurred at Trinity. - The manager had that night given an entertainment to the citizens of that place, end after the exhibition was over, and the company had dispersed, all on board retired to rest. About 1 o'clock in tbe morning, they awoke, not from the alarm of fire, but literally in tbe midst of fire. One of the musicians had set a lighted candle upon a table, without a candlestick, and left it burning on going to bed. When the candle burned dowp, tbe table took fire and communicated -it to tbe drapery and chemicals that were near. From tbe highly inflammable character of tbe material, which the devouring element had then reached.- it spread with awful velocity, and in a few minutes the wbobv boat wm wrapped in flames. The persons on "board, except tbe unfortunate man who was lost, escaped in tbeir night clothes, saving nothing-whatever. By this calamity, the proprietor of tbe establishment, Mr.'J. W. Buhoup, loses his all. The boat and paraphernalia of exhH bition, were valued at $4,300. No insurance tbe boat and property an entire loss. The citizens of Trinity, with a noble sympathy ami liberality, came" forward promptly, to relieve the distress, which had fallen so suddenly and so severely npon strangers in their midst. We notice that the Americans and the Democrats in several parishes have already elected delegates to their respective State Conventions to be leld in Baton Rouge. Judge Mayo has been elected Judge of tbe Eleventh Judicial District, composed of the parishes of Catahoula, Franklin and Caldwell, without opposition. Judge Farrar has been reelected J udge of the Tenth Judicial District, composed of the par. ishes of Tensas, Madison and Carroll, by av large majority over Mr. Dabose. the opposing;! candidate. Tbe Concordia Intelligencer, of the 17th inst., says : ' At 2 o'clock on Sunday morning, the 12tb inst., after a copiousain and a northeast turn to the wiBd, the snow oommenced falling in earnest, which, it continued until 8 or D o'clock in tbe morning with but little intermission. Had the deposit been ableo have kept from melting on the ground, it would doubtWs Lave measured from three to four inches in depth. By 9 o'clock, however, the snow wm all melted, and the wintry pageant was n more. " The Pointe Coupee Echo, of the 18th icet , -says : - , - The unueual spell of cold weat'ier whicli we have had during tbe whole of this monlu, has been any thing but beneficial to the crop of young corn and cotton, which bat recently promistd so Javcrably. In many instances tbe whole crop will have to be replanted, so a' completely has it been killed by the frost and ice. The sugarcane, although a much hardier plant, has also t offered, and all that we have seen looks verymnch scorched and withered; but within the last few days, we are happy to state, it has begun to assume its wonted verdancy, and shonld we have no more such unfavorable weather, a fine crop may yet be an- ticipated. The Tbibodaux Minerva, of tha 13th in?:., SH 8 : There is no denying tbe laot that the recsn:. cold weather has greatly injured the growim; crops. Ia many places-, all the early plant. .' corn has been ploughed up, and planters are now engaged in replanting. The sugarcane, which was grea'.ly in advauco of l-i t year; ha. "" been seVerly nipped, and will reuira remark-, nbiy favorable weather to bring it out aain. It is truly a sad sight to view the bligbte'l crops on the line of the Opelousas I'liifo.;' from Algiers to Brashear City. K The same paper reports -that Bsyou Le-fouiche is again on the1 rise. . Extraordinary Hiktna nagc me ut of Pub. : Contjaniet in London. The following announcement of extraordinary mis'ianageoQerit of compnnies in Loudon, by which the stockholders meet with loss to a v.nt '.amount, - made in the London Times, of Mari;h 2o : On Monday last there was an e.xooure r,f the Australian Agricultural, wbi!i, witu a. piid np capital of 01.000, and a graat nearly 700,000 acres of valuable land, hm squandered all its immediate resources, the shareholders meau'inle being kept in jrfro-found ignorance. A few days previously, ia connection wi;o the abandonment pf the project of the London and Paris Uaak, a -i!auce sheet wan presented to the Subscribers, sho ving 11,-to Lave bscu expended by the director 3 in the mere introduction of that enterprise to the public, not a sing!estep having been taken in tbe shape of an absolute commeucemenc ot business. Yesterday the theme was the London ami Eastern Bank, which was established three years back. It tas contrived in that period -to assist its own directors and manazer wirli sums amounting in the aggregate to nearly 290,000, and is now obliged to announce to its shareholders tbe probable loss of tbeir whole investment, with the possibility of tbe'.r JieiDg called upon even for a farther considerable contribution. The addition to the list for today's furnished by the North of Earope Steam Company. It appears f rom the meeting wbiab , took place to day, that the directors have periled tbe entire property of their constituent by leaving it in the control ef a single individual; that 50,(100 or upwards out of capital of 500,000 has been lost in the courso of a few menths, without the Board having-the slightest snspiolon of the circumstance ; ana that tbe last halt-yearly dividend, at the rate of 8 per cent, per annum was paid while these ruinous proceedings were golnjr on. Tbe distribution, which involves 13,000. was made on tbe faith of a statement prepared by the managing director, Capt. Andrews showing fer the half year ending midsummer a prof t of upwards of 20,000. 4 i1: 'I 1 4' 1; it I m 13 !! !i ' 1 1 . 1 mi: 4 IM ilil is r :! I 1 1 I'I nTT WW? IT

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