The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 13, 1931
Page 5
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FUIDAY, U AKCII 1931 CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for first |[!icrllort and one cent & word 'or each subsequent insertion. No advertisement taken for less than 50c. Count the words and send the cash. 1'honc 306 lJ:-BRtJQKMAN '•:^;-^ Author of *Vffl/$". HUNGRY et& PAGE FIVB iOUR BOARDING HOUSE By A hern FOR SALE S S $ S S F0« SALE USED CARS Look AL These Special Bargains: 1S20 LATE FOItl) TUDOU SEDAN, Fully Equipped, 1331 l.iceiiEf, Si-al Coveis, I Kuns and \ ctks Good .. $210 1928 GOOn OHKVROI.KT CO.U'H, liumncre, 5 Dal- locn 'lircs, Nice, Neat A|i- i poar.incc 5103 j 191!fl I.A'l'i: rOKl) ROADSTER, S;it;rl Mouel, I'le^ly of t'ifras, U'dl-Fenrtrrs, A Handy Car For Only .. S'J'5 Conic See Our Other Cars, Trucks and Trailers. Let Us Quote Von Prices and Terms That Are Most Attractive and Liberal. Phone 811-810-777 PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Authorized Ford Dealers (•• « li' Y SIcllHlUE. 19-yrnr-old </^..i, cue* lu rurrt *lif limn mi H »^ Et A I. AN CHO Silk li returning it**. it fftir oitil H hulf In I'nrN. .'.,L» nlK>l* Inirr Cni»li> Ijrr.ik* an ciiRiiKi'iiif ut «[lh C> tuy. ri- lilulnltiK be In • landing the rtr- nin£ »llk htmtnrB« ahiiu'lnira. 'J he filrl £<if« lu Ihr Ihcfiltr alone Jim! rnrmiiilctM (.'rimbf ullh :i II US. CATIintlM-: I.AMiL.r.Y. Thrrr L» n M-onr. Mr».^lcj 1 itrln-* nwny Jtt lirr i*ar iinil <I*>IJM) mill (.'ru-nliy p. n tiuiue In n fjilj, (jij:irrrllii£ nil I tip \ifiy. N* x [ d n j [i i t h v u 111 r P <jjp»> U nllcrril n im'mculdn nnit irtkr* n iJtrialluii teal. She liiirile* lu.;nr -Icfrrjulnnl la n[>c>ln^[jc 11 4'niKlj). Tliry mm nnil In HIP In- liTtlrn r.i]lin\ln>; rrcMi* inn km II pl;iln fif* farmer nlTrriJnn tar olll c ) nl !• rf [irlmnuJeil nurk nut! »lic fur FOR SALE—Baby Chicks. All varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Blyt/.evillc. 20-CK-TF FOR BALE—ColUige, ti rooms and bath, Diisan Street. 51900,00 Small cash payment. NICE HOME on South Division Will let it yo for what is aaainst-j it, SM50. Small cash payment, bill- j mice $17.50 per month. 40 ACHES LAND, Clear Luke, SnOO.OO, 20 acres or it in cultivation. WE HAVE any number of nice homes at right prices, and on easiest of terms. Thomas Land Company. FOR SALE—Thoroughbred Light Brahama Chickens. T. M. Richardson. Route 2, Box 81. 11P-KH Used Car Bargains 1 Poiiliac 2 Lloor Sedan, 19Z9. Looks new, S395. 1 i'lymoirth 4 Sedan, 1929 Low mileage §259. 1 E'lymtutii Coupe, 1929. a good buy $l"a 1 Chry^cr 70 Coach, a good cne $250 See Them Now Lee Motor Co. FOR j , Late 'SJ Model Ford Standard COUIK BODY Like Ne\v. Will Trade In Your 28 or 23 Model Roadster or phaeton Body. Phillips Motor Company. »>Kt>< licr Juti. f.i'W co o.\ WITH run STDIIV CIIAI'TUII Vlll IV/HKN Gypsy opened llic front iloor she beard loolsleps on Iho second Iloor landing. Then a familiar voice called down: ",*lis3i Mclirldc—Is that yon. dearie';" "Yes, Mrs. O'ilare." (ho Kirl "Well, somebody's ticen Uylni; h> iv.'t vim on the telephone all aflorni.tMi. I told 'eni yo-j wouldn't be In until five, imt they kept calling. Last time was atoiit half an hour ago, r guess." It co'.ildn't bo—no. of course noil Gypsy told herself it was ridiculous to let her hopes rise. Klill (here wits a rjuickcnini; in her "Do you know who (t "as?" *'No. ibcy didn't give any name. .Vumher's on tiic pnd be side [lie lelcphor.o. tliongb. They said you were to call back. 1 ' Gypsy's feet Hew dowu tlio hall. At tl:e lar end was the pay telephone for llie rooiuc-rs' use. ant beside It a pad on which mcssaces were posted. There II ivns—"McDrlde—cal Center &3-12 before C p. m." With a weary gesture Ibe sir turned aud started back tow;m tlie sialrs. "Did yon find 11?" the land lady's voice persisted from above "Yes. I know who it is—noth Ing very important. I Kuess." "The woman who called 111 last time said yon should lie sur and riiiR the minnto you cam In!" Mrs. O'Hare said insistent!) "Well. 1 guess—" Further discussion iras inter rnpled hy the janglo of llio lei plict'.e lje-11. "I'll answer It," offered Gypsy turning back. "Oh. that'll save me coniln down. Thanks, dearie." Tr.e t'irl placed the receiver I her car. Immediately she reco; nized the voice at the other ei of the lino. ' "FleMo." the voice said, "May speak to Miss McBride?" "This Is she." answered Gypsy, , "Is (hat you. Anno?" "Oh—at last I've found yon. I've been trying all day Ions to get In toucb with you! First I called yonr oliice and they said you'd gone. After that I tried this number. There's sop.iethlng j you've simply jot to do for me—!" Just ns she had thought. When ever Anne Trowbridge cailcd It was lo ask a favor. Anne was (be oiily relative of Gypsy's who lived vrilhl!) 1000 miles of New York c llic Jrcsiiiig lame ami reenl lo readied Hie telephone cu Ihe tirst "Operator," she cMlcd Imp ly, "i'lv.> mo Outer CDI'J. llitrryl" A i:uti's voice camo ovur [lie- "!•; tbl:i 1'liil?" llypsy asked. "This li Gypsy. Will yon loll Anno I'IM culiiR In he able to come fur IHUT. Tell her I'm ttturtln^ •:;)'. \'o:, I'll iry lo r.ot Ihcic in U a:i huiir. That'a all. (Ji U wan rcolilcsa lo spiTd on i.i\i faro but Gypiy ]n a Hi-kit:.; mood. Slio pulled >n h:it t'.ii'i t-<.,it wltlionl even a c.lai'.i'o In llu> mirror, ami himli'il nut of iho i!-i- <):i llio curb rtlio Mb; '< and '.('> inlnulcs lain was nll.'l.t i', :u Iho c;.ni'plf-d entrance o! ' I'uvn :ip,u miLDI. .\s iho I'levaior car rose |.-. tlio iliuir Gypsy bad a motm-n: .j( odlii^. Sbi3 hliflled il. An) limn; belter llian another cu-iiing >'— I'm so yon c..i'i. ; for She sal rro7i> wfore when Gys]iy liad c.illed'on : ni.iiir.led Ihe stairs. Slic walked •onus Mrs Troffbrlilija ill her hotel. slowly, discovering that she was .uile. • l lvcc 'Here in New Vork Anne rind bcr \ Whal i! Anne's dinner parly wc-rc lusband lived In an apanment on srinlt:!? What did that ir.alter? he upper (r.?t side. Gipsy tool: | Had Auvc ever known what it was to fi 1 ,'! liiis weight like lead in ller iuMi;. (•.! face bitter loneliness— nut ii;s'. for today but Mrclchlui; ci: r-.!:(! OH in the fnlure? Had Anne upper it Sunday dinriur Ihcro twice a year— .nd was slow about calling alcor- ward. She thought Anne patronized her. though In reality tlio fault was on both sides. ever !;i:o^n >i pnin like the one that It had been six months since bhe j l.-rl b::n throbhins al Gypsy's tore- had heard Alinc'3 voice. !.,:.•; : il a[tL>i-Kiio:i? "What do you \vant me lo do. I v"Ji i!i»n, wbo was Anne lo need Anne;" Gypsy asked. - ' ;y:.i[T,ihy! "1 want yon to come to dinner.' *' ' * Oh, yon musl! You see, I'm liavtos some people in for dinner ai.'l britlcc. Tbcre were lo be 1! aix tills afternoon Mildred l.iue n ;' in a tranic accident and fiT.rhir, •: ber arm. 1 Kiir.ply cannot bnvo 1 . people—I'm terribly supeistitk i:-' —anu everyone I've caiitd h;is ! :•:: out of town or s!ck or f;iv::i^- ; i. I ties. Von'i'e my only hope. lli|-:-' Ucu't batber to change Yon i:::'. dress here. I'll lend yon soa t Iliina—" So that was what (o Anne's i:i::i•! was a tragedy! Gypsy bad been laying to set a word in. Now she spjtc had abruptly: . '--rj'.! FOR SALB—All household funii-j ture and eilccts. Must ba sold a'. | once. Bargain it ycu need them. 319 B. Kentucky. P-K-14 FOR SALE—Good, rtry cook wood, Buchanan Coal Co., Phone 107. 11P-CH KENT but their paths crossed so infrequently they seldom thought of each other as cousin?. Anne had con:e lo ihe cily as the brii!c of Phil Trowbridga. blie had "n:nr- rieil well," according to the eld plirasc. Anne's father aod Gypsy's mother had bco'i hrother and slslo- but the two girls had never see?, each other untii lb» dov two yearrj pVPSY reached licr/own room ^ 7 and entered. She threw her bat r.nii i:j;it on tl-a bed and'sank du\vn '• -::du tiieni. It bad been a long day. Puiporrly shr, bad slaved away from th.c rrrnnini-; iion; ; e until alier | live o'clock, li'.e i:-.',ial lime she or-j lived thm-G. She <i:d not want tbe _ -jl'.'.ir :j./.j:eid tit Mri. tVHarc to. !:r.nw Hint she had given up her job. I She thought altont tomorrow.; ilrltor start hunting a joh. slse snp- liofcd. "Vbal sort of a iob? It cci.Mir:cd tliuu lo Gypsy lint; an'oyers would ask vvlicro s!ie \ •oikc-d lipforc. Thry mljlit references. Should she col ir.nvav. I'lillTri.wbiiiK ;." (lypsy bad nli>..ys I'nil. i:niifillalely tin; ^irl \va:; Mhi "n u cui'i'iUor lo Anne's "I knew yon wouldn't !:avr iiu-.n to iln-n ia t nut Uil-i out [in )iu. yon tiku II?" A XNK Tiiownuinni: i-,iij cj'eamy llowcrcd cbirf'';i v vivid dulgn lu erlmsiin. u and dull green. Anno lnjr. : olf u.{;j i;ov.-i;c:! iji Oamc-. A btian^ir nil^ht have ll'.'jii^ht Ibu girln wete s1-M3. • -is nearly nn tncb tal! her lu .,-.) lit Gypsy pc::cx "ll's lovely," Gypsy said. "Clad you think EO. N;iw bnrry up and gtt Into It. You'll llml every, thins yon need on tiic tnlilc. Oh. do Ity iny now KKIBC! I'm fclmply crazy nlxinl it. You'll c.xfiii^ mo, won't yon? I've got lo sre Phil. Dinner's at seven so you'll j have (i:r.e it yon hnrry. If you want ; sin>-tliliiK lust call-!" j pulk'd tiff her Ji'isny >:l!irc* ! and hung It away Ip a clur.a. A I bath loom, ttu.nniu£ In bli:c and silver, adjoined the bedroom. lock n <|i:!cl; p!iin?o. i licivvlf In a rn.-'o ni'^li;:..- r.l over (o Iho drw.ins table. What an artay of h:vo:y and bo\os~all for llie Anno braiui picked up a jar of crystal an ttie tnnindse lid. 1'lu-re were lamps at either sn!o of liio droiGillB table, riudliis tlu j es, she said. "I'd like tr- i/: j . k ic TilLicXaniara's and ask Miss help yon out bull won't tic ;iti!-21-\" .'f.nile for a leUer? Hardly thai! What was U:e nsnal'excnso? 01'. There was MnNlder, Ihc- city cdi- ifr who biid helped her get tbe lir^t ;'.'j. Sho mi^htcull on bin:. Gypsy's r.imi waudoJcd. taking ball n dMZcn •:::"i'!c-nt trail:-, hut never far from tl.o 'lain snb'rct. Whcro wns Alan.' "Afraid not." | V.'l::. 1 . v.-as he doill;; tnr.ishl? "Bnt won't you trj'?" t S\:'idenly Ihe ejrl s:»rang up. She There was nothing lo .'!o but v.-r-ri;; vo'jli not tpcnd another evening her way out. Gypsy iricd :i \vlir.e I'-oi 11 ?.loue. lie. , i Khj stood la (he center ol tbe ot course — "i — I have Basement for the cveuin^." (Jyiry stumbled a bit over Ihe word?. "Oil tint. Gy^py — can't you br..-:i':: it off?" studied her reuV.tion; ibcn ilown lieforo Ihe dieting table ;::i'd eel to work. Twunty niirnilcs lalcr Ihcic was .1 lap al Ihe iloor. "Gypsy!" Aniin Trowbrid^o called, "are you ready?" The doer civacil and Anne stepped into the rconi. "?dy dear!" r,hi; c.tcialmud, "you're looking wonderful!" Gypsy turned shiwiy for insr-cc* tion. Aunc wa.s cnthuslcsllc. "I nuvor raw yon lo.ikini; so pretty!" she declared. "I'm proud o£ you. Como on out with n:u l . Some of Iho people arc here and 1 want yo:i to ;:1 meet them." Obediently Gypsy followed. She was v.-carins a love-iy i;own ni:d il had been amusing Iryini; out Anne's coitnntic.^. but already situ I wished the evening were over, tlie I wished she b:id not come. "I'l! try to." tba promised. "I'll • rani, slariiii; al liio wall in in call you back about it. I me:'n I !i' ilc-.i.-ion. Then flic cau^Ht up lic call yc^ if I can tome." !li'"-~=- and ran down ihe Gyj't.7 vsiilaced Ihe r:--iivnr an=i G; ;-;>• V.T.S h:eat!:lcss when r!: OROW A OT REEDS UlkB MlMEr '•JOLJ -fQ BE A(ki OL 1 SMOKE A GALLOP BREE15 15 FIME f—-tHeu A MARROW ESCAPE FROM r)AW<3[M<S SORT cF SPRQUtS TH' HAIR FASTlsr? '. ~~ -THEM ,FOR MSXTf Fd'RTV VEARS ,VoU LET-TH'MUS'rACrfE OUT BV 30M.£'THl»ici ', — I AM QOiMG -To REVtwe -rue voout; FULL-GRQWM sucil AS AMD '0-filER Mow "iHeu -~ DO VQU USE PARTICULAR OR -foMlC i~- PO VOLi -TH e SOME TOTJfW' O'F AND IlEli BUDDIES T^VO "S NV.V-i.VVV 1 MO VOOUKi FOR RENT—Two nice furnished little apartments. S17.50 and 530.j FOR RKNT-Mcdcrn S room hou,e™« : ^''^ '^ ™ ™«KM» with garage and coal house. S1G per month in advance. 125 Missouri : Ai'e. Phone 100. E. li. Ferguson. 12C-K16! Thomas Laiid Company. FOR RENT — Bedroom, private bath, close in. i'iione 785J. Mrs. Belle M. Wood. 18C-TF ] FOR RENT- -5 room bungalow on Daiignn, newly decorated, hot and cold water. Phone 883. Apply FOR RENT—Unfurnished flat and unfurnished house on Hearn St. I'hcnc 078. 9C-TF FOR KENT—3 room furnished WANTKD garage C7B-VV. and coal house. C;>!1 FOR HEN"J'—In Dell. 3 room bungalow. S5.00 ]icr month. 4 roam bungaloiv. S10.0Q ]icr inonlh. L. Fowler, I'hone 450-J. -IC-TP WANTKD — WE HAVE a client \vlio wants to : bti:row S200 on r^ilt edge security, payable Dec. 1st. Thomas Land : Company. POULTRY WANTED — Market; prices paid at C. L. Bennett Co.! Feed Co. 210 N. Railroad St.. west of couiiliousc, J - E - Fi r -hor, Phone 64. 24C-TF; AI.l, KINDS ()!•' MACJUNK WORK Eicclric and Gas Welding done at OSIWOX H1,ACKSMITH 1!5 I-'ranklin SI. Family Washings. Washed and ironod by competent white woman. Mrs. Broun. 704 S. Lake St. 17CK-TF Invest With Safety 0'.: paiil quarterly on full paid stock, $100 and up. Guavanlccil by first inorlgiiKO loanson homes in Blyllicvillc. Sccureil and Insured. Blytheviile Building & Loan Association \V. >r. Burns, Sec. POULTRY WANTED—Morket. prices, nny nua'ility. Marilyn Hal- ciicry. 210 S. r^ourth Kt. PC-TF WANTED— KcliaKr man be'.acin | ad's ot 25 and 50 to .supply old j csiablislicd demand lor H.uvlciah Good Health Products in Greene county. Surety contract required. Company furnishes everything but the car. Good profits tor hustlers. Write the W. T. Kawlclgh Company, Memphis, Tcnn., or sec me. j Mr Edwards, Lcachvil!c, Ark. 12C-K18 PERSONAL KKVIV.H. MKETING At Church of Gori. Blythcviile. Ark. 110 W. Cherry St. Date .March 15. to continue Indeflu- hlcly. By Evangelist James lloatcn, I Jllliham." Term. Subjects treated. Regeneraliou. Sar.cliucation. Pi- i vine Healing. Unity of Coil's Peo- pic atjrt other inlcrcslinj llicsaei. Everybody Welcome. 12P-K16 way uf Knowing to be Ibc must inu- •id'.^ii lite. C-intinucil) s pur in in-s \ COOLDA APISCE, ) FEGCKLSG I STICKS OF AMY IS f.MSG!M6, T l ',eR£'S A kOLS Iti "iue Boy-, OR \ TO. OSCAR . see 1 LITTLE sir HELPS.... LIHDVS CtocTop. WASH Trims \~-.-Jr "vSg:-;;, (l / <s.*[g«i * 5 ,s-W^ .JA. .-

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