The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 29, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 29, 1950
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 29. 1050 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.V COUKIER NEWS THREB A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens But Scrooge had slept Scmily a wink before he w« awakened bf a strange apparition. "Who are you?" gasped Scrooge. "I om the gh«t " Weak with fright, Scrooge climbed into bed as soon as Marley's ghost hod fled. America Confronted with the Gravest Decision Since Start of World War II By JOHN M. HIGHTOU'ER WASHINGTON. Nov. 29. (/!>) — The Chinese Communist offensive • In Korea has confronted the United States with the gravest decisions since the start of World War II. Administration officials said today. The government's present intention, they said, is-to deal with the situation in the United Nations ami through intensive consultation with Britain, France nnd other U.N.- member Allies In the struggle against spreading Red power in Asia. These consultations are already under way. Some authorities said they may involve proposals for the v_ use of political and economic; _. Wt'lions against Communist China by "• the U.N, Sanctions could menu cutting off all trade with China by non-Communist countries and curtailing nr withdrawing diplomatic recognition . accorded the Peiping Regime by some countries. Diplomats reported President Truman, Secretary of State Acheson and other government leaders fire determined on full consultations with Allied nations to avoid a split in the U.N. anti-Communist coalition which might result if the U.S. acted alone. Council Meets The National Security Council, with Mr. Truman presiding, talked over the new crisis for an hour and 15 minutes yesterday. Persons familiar with the situation sflld the secret session produced no hard and last decisions on new steps to be taken. It did result, these informants said, in a general agreement to con^ tinue pressing in the U.N. for adop- x lion of a pending ( resolution de- 1 manding that the Chinese get their troops out of Korea, This Is somewhat short of pro- t^'jj posing that the U.N. brand Red ^1-1 .-• China as an aggressor, which the U,S. government did on Its yesterday. Formal action on this charge reportedly won't he sought now because it would have to he accompanied by proposals for action to deal with the aggression and there Is no final agreement so far on what steps should be taken. Officials said that such questions as whether to carry the fight to Chinese territory by bombing supply centers north of the Korean border still aren't answered. It isn't known for certain fcere whether the Chinese Communists Intend to launch a full-scale war or whether they are only harassing U.N. forces In a scries of mass border actions. The Increasing ten- dene J p Is to fear they mean to drive U.N. forces out of Korea. There Is apparently a strong tie. sire on the part of the country's diplomatic and military leaders 'to avoid becoming involved in n general war In Asia. Basic to American strategy is the concept that any final military showdown with \vorlt 1 communism should come In Europe rather than Asia. The other extreme of action—a U.N. withdrawal from Korea — Is considered to be equally disagreeable as a demonstration of .weakness. Three Possibilities Military developments In Korea nnd diplomatic nioves hi Washing ton and New York are closely related. Taking them together, thre< possibilities of action are now fore seen here: 1. The U.N. coalition could Iheor. etically hold on to some new tie fense line and build up strength, fo nn nil-out fight with tne Chinese Seine of the nations which orig inany joined the fight against th .North Koreans probably nppos this; it could very well mean general war in Asia. American of ficidlsi* them wives st.a little to b gained Irorh that, since a defea of Communist China would National Council Organized By 29 Protestant Churches olve the problem of world commu- Ftn centering in Russia. 2. The U.N. forces could establish defense line and try to crente a tnlcmntc on the front, while dijilo- nats strive for some kind of political settlement for Korea—aimed at lotting the Chinese Communists to vithdraw — or perhaps an urmed rucc which would in effect once more divide the country. Until the Chinese started their icw offensive there was considerable hope here that they might be villin;; to bargain. Some Allied governments evidently still think so. But Washington's hopes have been greatly dimmed. 3. The U.N. forces could accept a total defeat in Korea and In a series of retreats pull out and leave .he country to the Communists. Foreign policy makers say this would have disastrous results In Asia by leaving Communist threatened countries with a sense of oc- fensclessness. Besides, It would probably frighten the Western Europeans so badly with the spectre of communist power that they would weaken In their determination to bolster their own defenses. Washington appears to be-hoping for establishment of a U.N. defense line which would give opportunity for action on the diplomatic front. COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. that in pursuance of the authority and directions contained In the de- cretal order of the Chancery Court of Mississippi County, Chickasawba District, made and entered on the 13th day of November, 1950, in a certain cause (No. 11,347) then i pending therein between Federal ! National Mortgage Association and D. F. Taylor, as Trustee, complainants, and Willard Glover and La- drenia Glover, defendant 1 ), the undersigned ,HS Commissioner of said Court, will offer for sale at public CLEVELAND, Nov. 29. VD— The* National Council of the Churches ol Christ—manifesting "the essential | oneness" of 29 protcstarit and cos- • tern orthodox churches—will be born today. Formal formation ol the Council, which will t'oordhmle the work of 31.133,227 communicants, comes at mid-morning in Cleveland's giant auditorium.| This is one of themostslgmflcimt movements by the Protestant churches since the reformation wherein protestantism itself was born. Some say today's ceremony marks a more important religious event. than the forming of the World Council of Churches at Amsterdam, Holland. The National council, they sny. is an action organization. "This National Count-it of Churches is the fruition of a spirit of unity which has long been growing,'~-Batd Dr. Ralph W. Sockman of New York, pastor of the Christ (Mctho dist) Church last night In a sermon at the constituting convention's opening worship service. "The religious .world has been waiting nnd calling for some grenl act of faith to arouse and inspire the churches. This Is the greatest forward step toward religious unity which America has yet seen nnd ii may well prove epochal. 1 ' Today's action crowns the work of 10 years by eight inlcrdenomlna- i'^nai ?>in-nh agencies i^d an idea that hits been a part of the protest- am scene for iwo decades. Approximately one million cattle and an even larger number sheep graze on the ranges of New Mexico. 15-JEWEL ELGIN Smart Bracelet RING $ 19 95 ay Only $1.00 Week!} vendne to the highest bidder, the south door or entrance of tfi' County Courthouse in Blythcvillc in the. County of Mississippi, at 1 A.M., on December 20, 1Q50, the fol lowing described real estate, situ Bted in Mississippi County, Arkan sas, to-wll: Lot Nine (9), Block Three (3), of the David Acres Subdivision to the City of Blytheville, Arkansas. TERMS OP SALE: On a cred: of three months, the purchase being required to execute a bon as required by law and the orde and decree of said Court in sa cause, with approved security, bear ing interest at the rate of 4W pe annum from date of sale until pale and a Hen being retained on th premises sold to secure the pay ment of the purchase ploney. GIVEN under my hand tSils 2 day of Nov., 1950. Harvey Morris, Commissioner In Chance: 11122-23-12 ed Papers Banned BERLIN. Wj—East Gcrnum Coir unlsts started selling their new ipcrs to West Berlin groceries 111 ;h stores as wrapping paper to R omul the western ban on the rculation. ngapore Headache < aiNOAPORB. (fl 1 )—Smuggling of ;hling cocks from Slam Jnto Sing- lore Is the latest hendnche of the .istoms Department here, CockflgliUiig Is Illegal here. Tliese laiucsc death-dealing cocks, some anding nearly two feet high, wltli I'idescDiit green, black and bronze ununage, may introduce poultry iscasc nnd the bloody s|K>rt here, ie customs fear. ?e</s Boost 'Peace' Idea RERUN. W—'-Little Ponce !3ov'e Fly Over the Hoot," is the latest tonimunist song for klnitergartei BE QUICK To Treit BRONCHITIS Chronic bronchitis may develop if you en ugh, cliest cold, or acute brotichilii is not (rented a net you cannot sfTort! to lake a chance with any medicine less potent than Crconmlsion which goes right lo Iho seal of the trouble to help loosen tind cxjiel RCI i» jadec phlegm a nil aid nAlnrc to soothe am heal raw, lender, [nllnnu'd, bronchia' membranes. Crcoiniilsjon blends bccchwooi creosote by special process with r*hci time lestctl medicine's for con^ J. I contains no narcotics. No mailer how many medicines yoi have tried, Crconmls'ioii is j>imr»nlci,'( lo please yon or druggist reuiml: money. Creomuhion tins stood ihi lest of many millions of users. (Adv. lildren In Soviet-occupied Eastern 'icrmniiy. At n recent student festival at Ingdcburg, the children gang the icw tune while 30 live doves were turned loose. "They flew eastward,• reported the Communist newspaper "Volkastlmme," "to where the bulwark of peace, the great and mtghtr Soviet Union, lies." • Special Thanksgiving Matinee, Starts 2:30 p.m. A great ACTION picture ALIVE with exdtMMrtl Ufett J isnetj's M Ml i * ) reasurt Jsland Walt Disnty car. tur« every slir. ring moment on the screen! win VXtl DBCU' mm • wa ' MBtf W UK! n«B • tfKM ki irtM UUH . !c->^w V lUKia L HMi WlfcM W IU «*• Mm, Wt. Coke makes any pause the pause that refreshes 1OTTUD UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COIA COMPANY 8Y COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF BLYTHEVlLLE O ^ 950, th« Coca-Cola Cotnpcny THE OLDSMOBIIE"BUCKET" USES GASOLINE AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE TODAY-AND USES LESS OF IT! DREIFUS DRIVE THE SENSATIONAL "ROCKET" Jeel Dreifus Diamonds Credit I. \U!il \!\I\ SI IH KYTHtVOlt. MEMPHIS »NO PYtttBUM Action plus economy.' Tint's "liat OIHsmoWleV'H.nVr Engine tneaiH tn over h,ilf.,i-inillifyri nnlliti&r.iMic ounrr.s! 'lip') re tlirillcil by llic "KorkctV flnsliiiig performance—.ini.i/.nl at llie gas-saving rpi.ilitics of Iliis rcmarknlile liigli-cnrriprrs-ion power plnntl Anrl llic "liorkcl" Inu /iroml llic cflicirney of the high-compression principlc-^opcrn/ing ti'itlt fritotitw nutihilde ciwyir/iwc loilayl Drive OliUmoliilc's "IWVet OK"— use the gas ihcy sell at your favnrile. filling Million. In one hundred yards, llie "Rocket" will prove itself—to you.' /Mrn-.Ua , fk • p^ ^^ B a ^fe p^ • • II I II L •Jl II U I I • I • II ^ HfS 11 H I I II LUU 111 U U I L ^^ ^ "^ ~ ••• *f ^* m ^m I MOIOM VMUI SEI YOUR NI*RIST.'"6lDSMO»lVI BIALE HORNER-WILSON MOTOR COMPANY, 309 E MAIN STREET

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