The Observer from London, Greater London, England on December 16, 1984 · 16
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The Observer from London, Greater London, England · 16

London, Greater London, England
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Sunday, December 16, 1984
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Ml 16 & BOOKS SUNDAY 16 DECEMBER 1984 AMIS us ffljgSJS WSi Sjjpaxgffi : ' I HAVE seen the future and it "works, said Lincoln Steffens on his return from Russia in the ,1920s, Steffens was wrong,' said Clifton Fadiman after a visit to California 30 years later, .. ' I've seen the future and it plays.' Having just been regaiea oy tne million tilm rwajvu ui jlsliuc empire, X VT, Frank Herbert's vision of life in the vear 10.991 AD. I disagree with both. This future doesn't work at all and plays . rather . poorly. The first book of Herbert's galactic saga appeared to moderate acclaim 20 years ago. But- within five years Dune ' -was busting out all over as further sections appeared and it became a cult text for the 1960s generation. They loved its heady combination, or mishmash, of ecology, mysticism, messianic religion, high-minded questing, fantastic rituals, apparent endorsement of mind-expanding drugs and the championing of good guys with occult kinetic powers against villainous technocrats. A questionnaire circulated among my undergraduate pupils at an -American university in' 1972 -revealed that ' Dune ' was way ahead of ' Lord of the Flies ' as -the class's favourite novel, u. Though there was some iwriting of undeniable power in ..this hefty novel, I found it ultimately impenetrable, partly ;. because I couldn't carry in my . head the fancy names of people .and places, or form satisfactory mental images of them. Certainly it didn't speak to my spiritual needs. ;, Consequently, and not for the ...first time, I looked forward to a film adaptation that would provide a satisfactory viewer's digest version. The fact that the director and screenwriter was David Lynch, whose 'The "Elephant Man' is among my favourite films of recent years, considerably raised my hopes, and in the event made my disappointment all the greater. A historical briefing by Prin-; cess Irulan (Virginia Madsen), 'daughter of Padishah Emperor "Shaddam IV (Jose Ferrer), on "the state-of-play in the galaxy "gets' the film off to a nebulous -stait and it left me reeling. -Then' under a barrage of incomprehensible dialogue .(spoken and thought), hieratic , rites, inscrutable encounters, ;,C0nfused battles and cornea- CINEMA PHILIP FRENCH peeling special effects, my mind steadily contracted, until at the end of the 135-minutes it felt like the fibre-dry centre of a bad walnut. I could discern that handsome Prince Paul Atreides (Kyle MacLachlan), dressed in neo-Ruritanian military gear, was the good guy, and that the Harkonnens, ar red-headed league of punk Michelin men, led by the floating Baron Vladmir (Kenneth McMillan) and his grinning, hitman Feyd Rautha (Sting), were the villains. I also understood that they were after the mystic, spice called ' Melange,' essential fuel , for space-travellers, mined on Arrakis, the desert planet known as Dune. However, the stages by which the Prince was identified as the planet's messiah or Kwisatz Haderach were by no means clear. And I possibly misheard him adopt, or be given, the nom de guerre etoile 'Ooshole' before mounting one of Dune's mile-long sand worms to lead his followers into battle. The special effects may be the latest 'state of the art' thing and the credits are a roll-call of the top people in the business, from designer Anthony Masters (who worked on 2001 ') to Carlo Rambaldi (who conceived the creatures in 'Alien' and ' E.T-'). But ' Dune ' lacks the magic of the Powell-Press-burger ' Thief of Baghdad,' the clarity of ' Things to Come,' the sustained conviction of ' 2001,' and the ironic playfulness of Planet of the Apes.' In Nick Castle's cheerful The Last Starfighter (Leicester Square Theatre, PG) we have a version of 'Wizard of Oz ' where the central characters find that happiness isn't in their own middle-American backyard, but up there in outer space, where the sole, activity appears to be blowing up other people's rocket-ships. This suggests that the dream of young people today would be to step into a video game the way Alice entered Wonderland, an idea ' first broached in the Disney movie 'Tron.' Like 'Dune,' 'The' Last Starfighter' is from the same space-shipyard as .' Star -Wars,' with some components brought in from ' Wargames,' 'Close Encounters ' and Gore Vidal's 1950s play, Visit to a Small Planet.' Alex (Lance Guest), a sweet discontented . teenager longing to get away from the dreary rural trailer-park his mother manages, kills time by mastering a video-game called 'Starfighter.' Like the tablet in ' 2001,' this machine has been placed there as a test by extraterrestrials and, when Alex achieves a record score, a visitor from . the intergalactic Star ' League appears to recruit his services in a space war to save the universe from the evil Ko-Dan armada. Amusingly, this space trickster, as he turns out to be, has adopted the earthly form of that celebrated smooth-talking con-, man, 'Music Man' Robert Preston. The movie also has' the nice idea of leaving behind in Alex's place an android doppelganger, who has a little trouble understanding local folkways, such as what our hero's girlfriend means when she sticks her tongue into his ear. That splendid Irish actor Dan O'Herlihy, Bunuel's immortal Crusoe, is also on hand to lend comic substance to a lizard-skinned extraterrestrial pilot. Yet for all this, Castle's likeable movie is never as funny or as exciting as it so often promises to be. John Korty's Caravan of Courage (Odeoh, Marble Arch, U) isn't merely akin to ' Star Wars,' it's an authentic sliver of shrapnel spun off from .' The Return of the Jedi,' featuring the Ewoks from the planet Endor. The Ewoks, you may recall, are ingratiating snub-nosed bear-like creatures, virtually designed to be merchandised in toyshops. And five of these trade-marked Coca-Koalas come to the rescue of two grisly American infants, Cindel and' Mace, marooned on Endor when the family's spacecraft goes off-course on an intergalactic holiday. The four-year-old Cindel is played by a charmless child, chosen because of her resemblance to Drew Barrymore from 'E.T.'; Mace is a brash 10-year-old from. the same mould that produced endless Mark HamiU lookalikes. The Ewoks, like safari guides or devoted X ' 3 Hieratic rites : Franceses Annls as Lady Jessica, the hero's mother, in ' Dune.' Vietnam Montagnards, ; go wombling through the woods (California's Redwood Forest, in fact) in search of the children's parents, - who have, been captured by a wicked giant, and on the way they; confront a variety of ill-tempered and indifferently animated creatures. The tale is as padded as the shoulder of a zoot-suit and has an amateur, home-movie feel we don't associate with its producer, George Lucas. A tripled cinema showing ' Dune,' ' Lasf Starfighter ' and ' Caravan of Courage ' might seem the ideal place for a Yuletide family night-out the infants, babyminded by the Ewoks ; the teenagers engaging in videogame fantasies ; Mum and Dad revisiting follies of the 1960s.with Frank Herbert. But if you are looking 'for. real family entertainment, I would suggest an. expedition to . the ICA Cinema, Nash House, to see the three programmes of vintage non-Disney Hollywood cartoons from the 1940s and 1950s being pehted under 'the umcirella title, That's Not All The first is a selection of Warner Brothers Looney Tunes and .Merrie Melodies, the second a series of the wildly inventive Tex Avery cartoons wMch: helped shape theXciiie-, matic sensibilities of Steven Spielberg and Joe Dante, the : third a portfolio of cartoons 1 sending up Hollywood conventions and genres. All reveal the respect their makers had for the sophistication of moviegoers. ASKF.Tj in Msrltm rmmtlv tn describe a very latest British nirtiin T triitrtrnferl oinmtViino about the New ' Imagery, the' uerman accents, the compul sive impasto, the . almost obligatory fountains and chasms, labyrinths, -chalices and Lost Boys. ; The neo-Tantric artists of Madras were amazed. It sounded so old-fashioned, so perverse. But sure enough, back in London, there it all is. Steven Camnbell's naintinos at the Riverside and . Landscape, memory ana jjesire, a group show selected by Robert Ayers and Tony Godfrey at the oerpennne, are typical or tne ' current upsurge. Ten years ago . the ' eauivalent mrvln nn thunderous abstraction : Jon , waiKers juggernauts, say, . with their caulked and dusfv elephant-hide finishes. Today : we nave ;. uus nana-over-fist figuration: , . Steven Carnnhell niwwnt complex . situations in which men like overgrown schoolboys in thorn-proof tweeds, wrestle with themselves and lose their1 oeanng8. The format is gigant- esque. Holed up in tight corners, his heroes (many of ' them ' self-portraits) act like Glen Baxter i characters: ' In Owl butting Hiker on the Knee for example, the assault takes place; beside a ridge tent erected on a narrow ledge, above which the rock face is being carved into a Celtic Mount Rushmore. .. ' Is Anaemia: : in.- Nature Caused; by Disease or Lighting ? ' . another title, demands. The picture carries on regardless : signposts pointing, wildflowers . bursting forth, conifers bending over, . burly figures laying into one another like performing bears. The treatment is uniformly mock-heroic with recurring 'predicaments and a constant air of ponderous charade. Campbell's Scots quirks (which include a robust prosiness) make him distinctive ; the paintings have plenty of substance. But the intensive activity, up the magic mountains, down the - rushy glens, gives rise to the suspicion that there's : more rhyme than reason in the events portrayed. These are catchpenny epics. Waterfalls, drowning sensations, wreaths and thickets pervade ' Landscape, Memory ART WILLIAM FE AVER and Desire.' Tbirese Oultpn's paintings, transferred to ' the Serpentine from Gimpel, where they were shown only last month, evoke ragged clouds, scarred; ravines : 'the Tolkien country where dead souls flap aimlessly. The course of events runs smoother in Andrew Mansfield's picturesque settings. Tulips hold their own in a. jug, regardless of the symbolic falling waters.; petals foam, torrents flow; twilight prevails. This universal dusk extends to the undergrowth and knotted stems repeatedly painted in rapid giant shorthand by Peter Lewis. , It suffuses , Maria Chevska's dissolving views of senses railing; it is dispelled momentarily by white streaks , Detail from Steven Campbell's' God's in his Heaven . . ,. of downpour in Michael Porter's violent evocations of dirty weather. The general drift of these paintings is in the direction of .Turner (his .obsession -with achieving the glare of heat, the bite of cold), and Courbet.' Where Courbet developed a habit of painting quarry and stream with harsh green foliage offsetting the scabby stone and dark water, -' Peter Lewis plunges again and again into the same patch of woodland. Where ; Turner emulated Claude, Adrian Searle attempts Turners, but does so from an awkward standpoint : that of a one-time abstract painter venturing uncertainly into dangerous areas where figuration is still only, a Trial Offer. ! In his traduction to ' an exhibition of works by artists retitmg oymvc alliums ui uic nu Gallery, Guy Brett talks about 'the neo-conservative tendency to promote a pompous and self-important notion of the artist but of the traditions of the past.' Brett's selection, Critic's Space 2, includes no painting unless photo-retouching counts and no sign, beyond a broken column or two, of the mym-raking ascendancy. . Faced with, such ineffably Seventies contraptions as Dar-rell J. Viner's pieces of dressed stone with .electric motors attached, like.limpets or whining incubi, even the umpteenth Serpentine waterfall picture looks relatively refreshing. John Rugger's banners assert the role of art as something to drape or , flap on appropriate (broadly,, political) occasions. Kay Fido memorialises her father, killed in the last war, including colour Xeroxes of the terse official;, notifications of injury and: death. Clare Dove gives an impressionistic account of the experience of living in the worst sort. . of tower block : drowning . sensations again, this time inrphotographic form. Susan Dale is the - only exhibitor to betray a concern for aspects of life beyond the dossier or the demo. She uses bits of fake fur, heat-resistant graphics and printed circuits as the raw material for cut-out people, fish and dinosaurs, which she arranges in ill-assorted, groups, . like flying duck sequences, pinned to the wall. At least she has the wit to allude to the tackier manifestations of contemporary culture in an enticingly cryptic manner . She also avoids the woe-is-me tendency prevalent, it would appear, in some Space studios. Meanwhile, at the Cholaman-dal- Artists! , Villagei near : Madras, a settlement founded just over 20 years ago by artists exclusively for artiste, the cult of self-expression, couched in Tantric and bulgy organic formulations,' has reached a dead end. Fashion has its virtues, after all. The hasty adoption of neo-conservative ' means and ' deeply meaningful ' motifs here in the West has, undeniably, generated a sense of ; renewal in painting and rediscovery. WHAT'S ON I CONCERTS - -M - it J- C3 UU tt- 1-- - -i ctoMfdaacisiiuia J GLC South Bank Concert Halls, Bahradara Road. London SE1 8XX ; Box Office: Opan Won-Sat 10anv8pm, Sun 130pnv9pm Telephone Bookings 01426 3191. Credit Cards 01-028 8800 . Open all day with tree exhibitions and lunchtime music CoHee shop, buffet and bare. Jazz in the Riverside Cafe, dine to free entertainment every Friday. Saturday '. and Sunday evenings.' .Sunday GOLDSMITHS CHORAL UNION Brian Wright (conductor) Antony -16 Dec Saunders (porno) Roger Vignola (piano) Christopher Bowsrs- '3.15 pm a Brosdbant (organ) Carols tor choir and sudtTica. 730 pm 2D0. 2.50. SSSO. 40. 650. f&SO Norman McCann Ltd FAMILY CHRISTMAS EVENING Emm Raad Symphony Ofchtttra Ashtead Choral Socio ty. Camden Choir, Hertford Choral Society.' Howard WHIam (cond) PhHp Gammon (pno) Tchaikovsky Ste. The Nutcracker: Rachmanlnov Rhapsody on a theme ot Paoanini. Carols. 2.20. 30. (only) EJI.M.A. Monday '17 Dee ;70pm .Tuesday ROYALPHUiUftatOHICOHEsrafo I1B Dec Trinity Boys' Choir Nicholas Cleobury (cond) Dsvtt Wilson-Johnson 740 pm (bar) Prog mc RoaaJnl Ov. La Cenerantola: Prokoosv Cinderella Ste (exc):wksbyMoxart,Tchaikosky,BrWen,Caralalorcho ' ' S3S0. 5. 8. 9 (only) RPO Ltd Wadncaday GAXA CHRISTMAS CONCERT London GabrisH Brass EnssmblsRNU 19 Dec Choir John Poole (cond) Lssu Pearson (organ) Gary Kettel (perc) A -730pm Family Concert to.Calalirsle the 21st Birthday ot the London GsPriefl Brass Ensemble. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8 . In aid ot the Royal National Lifeboat Institution LGBEQLC Sunday PER MUSICA Juaan Reynolds (conductor) Jean Louis SkHierman ISDec (piano) Cattiarlne Danlay (mezzo-soprano) Mark Tucker (tenor) Peter 7.15 pm Harvey (bass) Schoanberg Chamber Symphony No2; Msndslssohn Piano Concerto No 1. Stravinsky Pulcanalla (1965) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6 ' Per MusiCd Wednesday ACADEMY OF ST MARTI N-IN-THE-FIELDS Kenneth SIBto (director) 19 Dec Stephen Btahop-Kovacevlch (piano) Handal Concerto G rosso. OpB 7 AS pro . No 1. ShostakovichBarshai Chamber Symphony; Mozart Piano Concerto, K 414, Haydn Symphony No 44 (Trauer). 2-50, 3 JO. SASD, 5 JO. 8 JO Academy of St Martin-in-lhB-Fields Thursday 20 Dec 745 pm Friday 21 Dec 745 pm ENGLISH CHAMBER ORCH EBTRA Simon Preston (conductor) West minster Abbey Choir A Programme tor Christmas Coram Concerto Grosso, Op6S (Chnslmas Concerto). PachelbaJ Canon. V. WMams Fantasia on Christmas Carols: Carols for choir & orch RETURNS ONLY E.C.O. & Music Soc. ENDYMION ENSEMBLE John WNDMd (cond) Man Christie Dinah Hants Hugh Hetherlngton David Wason-Jcrmson Mozart Sinlonia Concertante K597b &X364. The impresario (staged). Ana 'Martern allerArtan(P.Walmsley-Clark). IJ0. Endynuon Ensemble Saturday NATIONAL CHILDREN'S ORCHESTRA VTvienne Price (cond) Berlioz 22 Dec Overture, Roman Carnival. Britten Simple Symphony, Strauss Horn 745pm Cone No 1 (1st mvt). Handal Concerto Grosso, Op6a.wks by Rlmsky-' Korsskov, Anthony Carter, etc 1 50. 250. 3. 4. 5 National Children s Orch .Monday LORRAINE McASLAN (violin) JOHN 8LAXELY ipuinoj Beethoven 17 Dec Sonata in A minor. Op.23, Brahms Sonata in A, Op 100. Szymenowski 7M pm Mythes. three poems lor violin and piano. Op.30. Walton Sonata 2.00, 3.00 Kirckman Concert aociery no Tuesday ISDec 730 pm PETER LION (oiano) Havdn Andante con vanazione. Mob XVII 6. Beethoven Sonata in 0, Op 28 (Pastoral). Chopin Sonata in B Hat minor, Oo.35. Rschmaninov Ffudfis-tablaaux. Od.33 2. C3. 4 Grapevine Concert Mot Wsrkisirtsv CHARLFS naMIRPy fnuitnrl Prnnrammn includes CastelnuOVO Yy Dec Tedesco Sonata. Ponce Sonata III. Erlka Fos Piece tor Guitar (1st pt). H730 pm Rodrigo Elogia de la Guitarra. PassacalleFandango. Albeniz Tango I orne Bermeia. wk by Moreno Torroba 2 50. 3 00. 3 50 Schmalu Produciiona i . . rii sis ii ar ii tmm v mi aa Sunday. CITYOFUrNrN8INFONIA.friBidHlclco)aiMtr. Daceuibar It Richard Htetaw (cond). Patrbla Kwalla (soprano). Mirgarat Cable 730pm (rrwzzo-soorajw).CiuirtesBmtt(couriUMenoi).MaldvrynDavlaa ' ', (wnor) Stephen Roberta (bass). Handel: Messiah 750, 5J0, 3.SpaniondbyJohnlAma Construction Ltd. . Monday THE ORCHESTRA OF ST JOHN'S SMITH SQUARE. December 17, Bach: Christmas Oratorio in 3 parts. John Lubbock (cond). Tuesday 18, Soloram: Alison Hsrw.UrasaStracrian.Wyntord Evans, Thursday 20,Rlchard Jackson. Choir of 8t John's Smtth Square. 1J0pm All seats or comfjteta series MX. na7d or MEWC4P Monday HARRODS CHRISTMAS MUSIC FESTIVAL. Dscember17 London Symphony Orchestra. London Symphony Chorus. 7.00pm , Richard Hwkox (cond). Richard Jackson (baritone). Rossini: Overture William TaH' Tchaikovsky: Waltz of the Snowflakee from The Nutcracker' Vaughan WlUlama: Fantasia on Christmas Carols. Leroy Anderson: Sleigh Rid Carola for Chorus, Orchestra and Audience. Returns on.SoomwredcyHarroda - KARROOS CHRISTMAS MUSIC FESTIVAL. London Symphony Orchestra. London Symphony Chorus. Richard HlckOK (cond) Elgar: Overture 'Cockaigne Corelll: Christmas Concerto. Vaughan WlUlama: Fantasia on 'Greenaleeves'. Handal: Pastoral SvmDhonv and choruses fmm 'Maaatah' Carols for Chorus. Orchestra and Audience: Returns only. Sponsored OyHan-ooa. Wednesday HARRODS CHRISTMAS MUSIC FESTIVAL. : Deeembsr 19 The King's Singer in concert with the London Symphony 7.00pm Orchestra. . . weiums onry. sponaona oy Harmon. DsctmbtrlS 7JX)pm Thursday December 20 7.00pm HARRODS CHRISTMAS MUSIC FESTIVAL. London Symphony Orchestra. London Symphony Chorus. Richard Htdsn (cond) Richard Jackson (bar itone). Roaalnl: Overturn "William Tall' 'tcTtaJkowsky: Waltz ol the Snowllakes from The Nutcracker' Vaughan Williams: Fantasia on Christmas Carols. Leroy Anderson: Sleigh Rid. Carols tor Chorus, Orchestra and Audience. Returns only. Sponsored cy Harrods. SunfThurs THE SNOWMAN. (BlakaV December . Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf 2327 Howard Blake conducts Sinronla of London. 3.00pm Ian Lavender (narrator). All seats E3B0. Raymond Gubbay Ltd. Wednesday ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA. December 20 Lionel Friend (cond) Peter Donohoe (piano). Beethoven; Ovenur 730pm . 'Coriotan; Piano Concerto NoS, 'Emperor', Symphony No3; 'Erolca'. Koau. t-rzw. an i.aau, t4jau. neymono uuooay uq. Thursday December 27 BJMpm Friday December 2S 3J)0pm Friday December 28 SXOpm Box OfficeCredit Cards 01-935 2141 Mailing list 2.20 a year MOURA LYMPANY piano Mozart t Adagio in B minor K540.; Today Sonata in C K330 : Btcttaoren : Sonata in C minor Pathcti- 16 Dec. que ' ; Brahms : Variations and Fugue on a Tberne byHandelOp 3.10 p.m. 24 Memorial Concert for Richard Sampson Handier OBE FRCS. 4.30, 3.50. 2.30, S2 CARROL McLAUGHUN harp Spohr : Fantaisie Op 35 ; T--, Handel : Concerto in B flat ; Albeniz : Sonata in D ; Marx : !,7S?" Textures (1st oerf) ; Salzedo : Vara, on a Theme inUie Ancient i Unn. Style Op 30 ; Schaftr : The Crown of Anadne ; HalfTter : Danza .ju p.m. de ,a Pastora . parhh-Ahars : Mandoline. 4, 3.20, 2.30, 180 Aschl Canadian High Com. T.. ALEXANDRA NOMIDOU piano Schumann : Papillons Op 2 ; lSrS' Davidsbiindlertanze Op 6 ; Brahms : 4 Klavierstucke Op 1 19 ; l inTL Chopin : Andante spianto and grande Polonaise bnllame Op 22. 7.30 p.m. u 3 2Q 50 1 80 Hetm jeninBs Concert Agency ST GEORGE'S CANZONA John Solhcott dir. Tappattr, Wlj, Dryngker Fille Another Ale. Medieval, renaissance and tradi-io nL lionalniusic for the festive season with R. Attfield, C. Elliston JinTL Bail. J. Grab. D. Harrison. R. Harrison, M. Oxenham. M. 7.30 p.m. Sargeant 4.50. 3.50. 2.50. 2 Early Music and Baroque Series ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA. Jamas Judd (cond) Howard Shelley (piano). Rossini: Overture: The Barber ol Seville' Grieg: Peer Gynt Suite Not Rachmanlnov: Piano Concerto No2 Tchaikovsky: Symphony No6. 'Pathetlque' 750. 650 only, Raymond Qubbsv Ltd. THAT'S CRICKET. " " Brian Johnston leads his panel ot guest celebrities Tom Graveney and Fred Trueman in a fascinating discussion on cricket through the years. Interesting archive film material researched and assembled by John Huntley. All seals 4. Raymond Gubpay Ltd. ' JOSHUA RIFKIN plays Scott Joplln. . New programme includes Fig Leaf Rag, Sugar-Cano, The Entertainer, Search Light Rag, Rose LaafRag, Wall Streel Rag, Paragon Rag, Scott JoplTn's New Rag kju, .o. iwu, ilj. naymona uupoey ua. Saturday NAPOLEON. Abel Gance's epic film December 29 The Wren Orchestra of London, Carl Davis (cond). 3.00pm The film runs lor about 5V. hours plus intervals. I16A0, 14,60, 12.60, Cig RmymondGubbay Ltd. RAYMOND GUBBAY presents at the BARBICAN WEDNESDAY 26 DECEMBER at 7.30 p.m. BEETHOVEN EVENING OV., CORIOLAN ; PIANO CONCERTO NO. 5 (EMPEROR) ; SYMPHONY NO. 3 (EROICA) ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA Conductor : LIONEL FRIEND, PETER DONOHOE piano 3.50, 4.50, 5.50, 6.50, 7.50, 8.50 . SATURDAY 29 DECEMBER at 3 p.m. . NAPOLEON Abel Gance's epic masterpiece returns to the Barbican for a Special Screening. Recreated by Kevin Brownlow with live orchestral accompaniment in the acclaimed scare by Carl Davis commissioned oy i names television loruiannci 4. THE WREN ORCHESTRA Conductor : CARL DAVIS The him runs for about 5 V. hours plus intervals, and is shown in two parts. Each half has a 20 minute interval and there is an extended break of approx. l'i hours between luc two pans. 10, 12.50, 14.50, 16.50 in association with the British Film Institute Box Office (01-628 8795) Credit Cards (01-638 8891) I THEATRES DOMINION THEATRE Tott Ct Rd Wl. Dec 21 for ltd season. 2.30 & 7.30. KEITH HARRIS & ORVILLE in HUMPTY DUMPTY A New Musical Pantomime Book NOW for Christmas Tickets from 3.50 to 7.50 2 OFF : Children & OAPs 01-580 95623 CC 01-323 1576 8 GREENWICH THEATRE. 01-8)8 7755. Preview Wed 7.45. Opens Thur 7.0. Sub Evgs 7.45, Mat Sat 2.30. (No pelfs Dec 24, 25). Extra Mat Dec 26 at 4.0. CIDER WITH ROSIE by Laurie Lee. Adapted for the stage by JAMES ROOSE-EVANS. LONDON PALLADIUM. 01-437 7373. Evenings at 7.30. Matinees weanesaay x Saturday 2.43. LONDON'S GREATEST STAR-STUDDED SPECTACULAR MUSICAL TOMMY STEELE in SINGIN' IN THE RAIN with ROY CASTLE "TOMMY STEELE'S MERE PRESENCE ON THE STAGE LIGHTS UP THE ENTIRE IHEATKE " Harold Hobson, Sunday Times, 9 September 1984. EXCLUSIVE CHRISTMAS Tel. No. 01-437 6891 Open 24 hrs a day inc Sundays. NOTE NO PERFS CHRISTMAS EVE DAY, EXTRA MAT DEC 27 at 2.45. BOOKING OPEN NOW FOR ALL PERFORMANCES TO JUNE OF NEXT YEAR. Credit Cards 01-437 2055734 8961 NightSunday Ansafone 01-437 6892. ADBMVVC2tel836.76U2SCC83e.7358 COVENT 9ARMN ROYAL OKRA HOUSE WC2 MAYFARWltel 6293036 8 CC 629.3036 PIW RUDYARD KIPLING'S tel 240.10661911 Group sales 930.6123 .... 379.6433631.1101741.9999 Group sales 930.6123 Jungle BOOK TheHay . mMSawVAtTofriorar6.30 RmHMmTtmtmuANnro . .EvftQV.. . With FENELLA FIELDING & JEREMY SINDEN DKKE0BbMAUSTue&Satat7.00 2.2S-S-i.Sl. (wTIMWCEbrhlANDt Adopted & directed by JOHN HART0CH SWAN LAKE Wed at 7.30 IIWBUrinmof MUltlerBynCHArS Until January 26 THE NUICRACKER Thurs at 7.30 (Gala pert), Rt ot 2.30 Fourth Year. Over 1,500 pertormorices Evss8.00,M(itsTriurs &Su1ot3.00: &e8ot7.00,Mat8WedcVSotot3.00 ot730,Satotl30 ' Mon-Thur80t8.00,Frl&Sat640&8.10 Extra Mot Dec28ot3.00 ADaPWWC2tel836.7611CC836.7358 CIHIEMON Wl tel 930.3216 SCC 379.65657415999 IUtTWRWI tel 629.3037 CC " . ' PMK0FWALKWltel930.8681iSCC930.0o4 Group soles 930,6123 379.6433. Group boUlngs 836.3962 SOOtV't ChllflnHlS ShOW Group sales 930.6123 JAMr3B0LAHERNARrJCRlBBINS, 'SSJTcaI!, W" i RUSSABBOfr.SHBLAWHrrEIn: K:Mus,CO, SZM XXT LHtiOMOAMuslcalComedy MS ana My Gin Run For TOUr WTO iJrrnlJan5.Ti1oeMly2(&4ja); RedprlceseatsforThursMat ROBERT UNDSAY, RANKTHORNION, EMMA THOMPSON Written and Directed by RAY C00NEY. Over 700 perU Wed & Sat 1050, Z00 & 4,00 Spectolratesfor0ArVS1uderrtVChlldrw(exceptSateva Previews tromFebZOpens Feb 12 MorHrl otSXX), Thurs ot 2.30, Sats at 6.30 & 8,30 '".''' ' , . perts).&esat7.30.Matsiliurs&Satot3.00 AUERYWC2tel836.3876SCC379.6565379.6433 OOHMAR WABEHOIJSC WC2 tef 836.3028379.6585 llflrltAI)EC4tel236568SCC741.9999 QUEENS Wl tel 734.026101201166439.3849 Group Sales930.6123836.3962 Info 836.1071 SCC379.6433 Group sates 930.6123 439.4031 CC Group sales 930.6123 ANNA QUAYLE DEREK WARING, PETER BAYUSS & MAJOR ROAD THEATRE COMPANY iru LOU HIRSCH, CUVE MANTLE & SUSAN PENHAUGON PAUL EDDINGT0N in: PIWNBLInSANDYWILSONS MOhlCOnS by GARRY LYONS Of MICO Otid Men by STBNBECK 40 Y00TS On by ALAN BENNETT TMroyrnenaTheMusBOIComedyof me 1920s UntllJan5eves.ot7.30 . Directed by GEOFF BULLEN Directed by PATRICK GARLAND Evesat8.oaSatsat5.00&8.15.ThursMatat3.00 FOSClnatlng AldO ..... Eve3at7.30,Mat3Thurs&Satat3.O0 MorvFri eves 7.30. Wed Mat 3.00. Sat 5.008:815 No perts Xmos EveDay. Extra Mats Dec 28, 31 at 3.00 Christmas Cabaret until Jan 5 at 9.30 NopertsChnuriosEveDay Extra Mat Dec 27 ot3.00 ALDWYCH WC2 tel 836.64040641 CC 379.6233 DRURY LANE WC2 tel 8363108240 90667 NA110NU1raEATRESBlBl9282252SCC 928.5933 ROYAL COURT SW1 tel 730.1745 SCC '. Group Soles 930.6123 OO.COaiTraOOpmMon-SancC Group soles 930.6123 info 928.8126. Restaurant 9282033. ROWAN ATKINSON Is David Merrick's Award Winning Broadway Musical Easy Car Park. FUlty Air Cond. The HWARDMND5wn until Feb2 The Nerd 42nd Street Notional Theatre Company Saved By LARRY SHUE Directed by MIKE 0CKRENT Original Direction & Choreography by G0WER OLIVIER (Open Stone) Directed by DANNY BOYLE rSMkingmrouahChrisrrnosSMson CHAMPION. Eves at 8.00. Sats at 6.00 & 8.30. Wed A UIiUMONmE SM Feydeau's farce translated Prevs Dec 7 & 18. Opens Dec 19. Eves at 8.00 Morr-Thureatr.00,Fri&Satot6.00&830 Mat at 3.00. Extra Mat Dec 27 ot 3.00 byJnMrner -No ports Dec 242526. Perts as usual Dec 272829, AMBASSADORS WC2 tel 836.6111 S CC 741.9999 DUCHESS WC2 tel 836.8243 CC Cf4Wrrl7?hnUft?rro2'008'7'15 ' SADUBTS WELLS EC1 tel 278.8916 S CC 278.8916. I Group sates 930.6123 HELEN MIRREN in: naiRirJ Rec Info 2745450 Group sates 930.6123 ' iJsItr,F!HYC(M'ANY' Extremities ivluxxtimmm Sadler's Wells Royal Ballet innrnaTeEXCnangeSbyALANAYCKBOURN A new play by WILLIAM MASTROSIMONE Michael Boadanov Dec 18-Jan 5, 4 programmes including: : WrmLAflNIA BETITRAM& ROBIN HERF0RD With KEVIN McNALLY, MARTY CRUICKSHANK, Dec 17, 18, 20 at 200 CtfmiALAfleARrrliTE , Evesot8.00,TuesMatat3.00.Satsat5.30&8.30 JOHANNA KIRBY. Suitable for adults only ivrTBTOMrDrrr.i.irn!tanD, SYNCOPATIONS See press for programme details k No pert Christmas EveDay. Extra Mat Dec 26 ot 3.00 Eves Morrfrl 8.00, Mat Wed 3.00, Sols 5.30 & 8.30 MtBOTWpSro No pertsDec 23-25 : AP0U0Wltel4372663434.3598SCC DUKE OF Y0RKS WC2 tel 836 5122 Dec 17. 18, 20 at 7.45, Dec 19 at 3.00 & 7.45 ' SAVOY WK tel 836.8 C S?ates930.6123 SwSHSwOTWM ibhfflV,r7MIChQe,Fr0Yn MioSrl KEITH BAXTER, MIL0 0'SHEA in BARBARA FERRIS, DIANE LANGT0N, MARCIA WARREN In: Dec21af745,Dec22atZ30&7.45 HUGHPADDICIiffi COrpMlAnewcomedymrillerliyGERALDMOON SfODpInQ Out A new comedy by RICHARD HARRIS COTTESLQE (Small Auditorium low price rickets) PHILIP BIRD In MICHAEL FRAYN's C Directed by JOHN TILUNGER Directed by JUUAMcKENZIE- THE NATrvrTY PrevsDec21,22at7.30 NolSOS Off Directed bv MICHAH BLAKEMORF , MoivFriat8.00.MatsTnursat3.00,Satsat5.00&8.30 TWPASSIONPrevsDec1819,20at7aO -iSStTu Mafc Wedsa 300and830 I NorwfsChrlstmasEveDay.BoxingDoyat5.00&8.30 Sats at 5.00 & 830 NoperrsChrlstnrwbgy . uCs&t&aioo C APOLLO VICTORIA SW1 tel 828.8665 CC 630.6262 FORTUNE WC2 tel 8362230 SCC 379.6433 NEW LONDON WC2 tel 405.0072 CC 4044079 SHAFTESBURY WC2 tel 379.5399 SCC 741.9999 r Group sales 930.6123. A. A. MILNE'S 379.6131 (booklngstoJunel'85)Groupsole3930.6123 DONALD SINDEN MICHAEL WILLIAMS, BARBARA . Starilflht Express Music andrew lloyd wfflBER Toad ot Toad Hall Cats IffiffiE 1 LvricsrwRICrlARDSTILGOEChoreoaraprrybyARLENE The Toad's 25th Christmas TheANDREW LLOYD WEBBERTS ELIOT a-L f PHILLIPS. Directed by TREVOR NUNNT Now booking for Dec 17-Jan 12 Intematlonol Award Winning Musical TWO ImO One Written & directed by RAY C00NEY . Now Booking to September 1985 Mon-Frl at 1.30 & 4.30. Sat at 11.00 & 200 Post applications being taken for Jun 3 -Aug 31 1985 Evesat8.00,MatWedat3.00,Sotot5.30&8,30 t Eves ot 7.45. lues & Sat at 3.00 & 7.46 No pert Christmas Day Eves 7.45, Mats Tues and Sat 3;00 No pert Christmas EveDay. Mat Dec 26 at 3.00 f ASTORIA WC2 tel 734.428789 Group Sales 930.6123 0ARRKK WC2 tel 8364601 SCC 379.6433 OLD VIC SB tel 928.7616 S CC 261.1821 ST. MARTIN'S WC2 tel 836.1443 CC 379.6433 r Andrew Lloyd Webber presents Group sales 930.6123 GLENDA JACKSON, ROBERT EDDIS0N. GE0RGINA HALE AGATHA CHRISTIES ' The Hired Man No Sex, Please -We're British m?? 'ooe redman, tim woodward in The Mousetrap 1 A musical by MELVYN BRAGG & HOWARD G00DAU. The world's longest running comedy. Now in its 14th PnsdfO a new trans by ROBERT DAVID MacDONALD World's longest ever rum 33rd Year r Directed by DAVID GILM0RE year -Over 5,500 perfs.tves at 8.00, Mat Wed at Directed & designed by PHIUPPROWSE sORRY.Noreducedpricesatanytimefromanysource Evesat8.00,McrrsWedat3.00,Satat4,00 3.00, Sats 5.00 & 8.00. No perfs Christmas EveDay. Eves Mon-Frtat7.30, Sats at 4.00 & 7.45 MonHat8.00,Tueso1245,Satsat5.00&8.00 t No Mot Boxing Day. Extra Mot Dec 27 at 3.00 No perts Christmas EveDay No pert Christmas Day. Dec 28 ot 6.00 & 8.00 I BARWCANEC2 tel 628.8795638.6891 SCC Air Cond. OLOBEWltel437.1592SCCGroupsales930.6123 OLD VK SB tel 928.7616 S CO 261.1821 STTUuWC2tel 6266083641435190 CC t Andrew Uoyd Webber presents From Dec 26 The Award winning West End & Broadway Play k ROYAL SHAKESPEARE COMPANY TheComedyofmeYearSWETAwardl983 ROY DOTRICE SHEILA BURRELL LEON GREENE MICHAEL PENNINGTON, LUCY GUITERIDGE in: BARBICAN THEATRE Daisy PUllS It Off TONY JAY, CHARLES LEWSEN, LYNN CLAYTON, COLUN The3rdYearofT0MST0PPARD'S , Peter Pan by JMBARRIE by DENISEDEEGAN. Directed by DAVIDGILM0RE JOHHMcCURRACHin'. The Real Thing Directed by PETER WOOD , k Decl7,18&20at7.30,Decl9at7.00,Dec20&22atZOO 2ndYear Great Expectations Mon-Fri at 7.30, Sats at 5.00 & 8.30, Mat Wed at 230 C & 7.30. Few seats avail for eve perts Jon 15 -17 Eves 8.00, Mats Wed 3.00, Sat 4.00 By Charles Dickens. Adapted & Directed by Peter Cos No perts Christmas EveDay. Extra pert Dec 27 at 230 C BLOOMSBURY WC1 tel 387.9629 CC 380.1453 fMYMARKETSWIrel930.9832CCGroupsales930.6123 PALACE Wl tel 437.6834 CC 379.61314373327 VAUDEVUE WC2 tel 836.9987836.5645 CC f SfSS,numn'. ...,..mJ A WftiP.90 930.6123 Foodavaltableat the theatre POLLY ADAMS, CUVE FRANCIS, JAN WATERS, t Until Jan 13. DAVID WOODS MAGGIE SMITH, JOAN PLOWRIGHT and GAUNA PANOVA In: GLYN GRAIN In MICHAEL FRAYN'S new play. c lTieGNerbwdMan ThTwKwr,riri On Your Toes the rodgers & hart Musical Benefactors f WimPETERDUNCANSotatZ30oV5.30,Sunat3.30. "10 Way Ot me WOna AtWed&e&SotMotperfstheleodlngrolewlllbeplavtxl DirabvMI(5rmr3lAKaWREOyer250 perfs c ContoctBoxOtnceforturtherperftlmesinc.Suns By WILLIAM CONGREVE Directed by WILLIAM GASKILL byrx)rwu'i',!',"',H'"wwHiDBfJiuyeo SaSo t Halt-price child tickets with each adult. Eves at 730, Mats Wed at 230, Safe at 3.00 Eves ot746. Mats Thurs&Sat at 230 No perfs Christmas EveDay. Extra pert Dec 27 at 230 t C0USEUMWC2tel8363161SCC240.5258379.6212 HER MAJESTYS SW1 tel 930.66067 CC 93040256 PHOEKLX WC2 tel 240.9661 CC 8362294379 6433 WESTMINSTER SW1 tel 834.02834 CC 741.9999 r. .. a. - . West Side Story " eroupsaies93o.ei23 37964336311101 I English National Opera Book byARTHUR LAURENTS. Music by LEONARD qriffrhw ,rtWP! rPMTAvmDin AnewadaptaflanofCSlBWlS's C COSIFANTUTTEDecl7&19at7.O0 BERNSTEIN. Lyrics by STEPHEN SONDHBM. GraFFlTONES,GWENTAYIfJRIn The Lion, The Witch and The WardrODO , THEMAKROPULOSCASEDecl8&21at730 Original production Directed and Choreographed by iTUrnpetSandRaspDerrleS TwtceDaliv.SeeCKilrvWessforMrtormcincetlmes MA2EPPADec20&22at7.00 JEROME ROBBINS. by DARK) FO Noeveoert Dec 24 no oerfs Christmas Day C No perts Chrlstrnas EveDay, Dec 26, 27 Motrfri at 7.30. Mat Wed at 230. Sats 445 & 8.00 Morr-Thurs ot 745, Fri& Sat ot 530 & 8.30 ReducltonsforGrwps C COMEDY SW1 tel 9302578 SCC 839 1438 LYRIC Wl tel 437.3686 SCC 434.1050741.5151 PICCADU.Y Wl tel 437.4506 S CC 379 65656433 WYNDHAM'S WC2 tel 836.3028 SCC 379,6565 , Group sales 930.6123 Group Sales 930.6123 741 .9999 Group sales 930.6123836.3962 379.6433 Info 836.1071 Groups8363962 C BestMuslcaloftheYearl983StandardDromaAward THE THEATRE OF COMEDY COMPANY presents PAUL JONES, KIKI DEE BRIAN PROTHEROE SUETOWNSEND's t lltMAChnn DINSDALE LANDEN, GEMMA CRAVEN, GARY HOLTON, CARLENE CARTER, JULIAN LITTMAN in: TtlO SSCrfit DiarV Of Adrian Mol C Little Shop Patrick O'CONNEU. in.- PumDRAVcand tslniittM inoaocreiuiaryoiAanuniiiaio r OF HORRORS LOOthu lOEORTON Diractsdbv JONATHAN LYNN S1 Srt ?z ?HZnn, o JC Aged 13 Directed by GRAHAM WATKINS I Morhursat8.00.FrtftSa.at6.00&845 BSSaa SStffi W&E"" 3tV 3f 3f r 5f 3f 3f 5 5f 3f 14 . 3f 5f 3f 5f 3f 5f

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