The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1935
Page 6
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PAGE SE "My Kingdom for a Lefl- handed Pitcher," Moans Manager Dykes EDITOH'S NOTE: This is im- olin-r ol a sn-ics oi slt'iic* from bif Irnjuc trafnins rumps. Tin 1 subject is tin- nilciigo Wlilic Sox. BV r.usiuxi: JOHNSON XEA Srrvlfi" .Stair (.'iHTMpoiulonl PASADENA. March 21.—Filled with (he old ambition to break what apui'jirs lo be a lifetime on lite American League cellar, Chicago'!! Whit* Sox once again arc tossing bnscljall.s around lirooksldo Park lierc in Uiclr uumml .spring I n an clivers. Cracking Use \vhip over n regulars mid an equal number ol rookies of varied experience is Jimmy Dykes, Hie pr-pprry third sacker who inherited tlie pilol'.s bc'rth Inst summer when Owner Louis Coinls- key kicked the props Ii'Om under Lew Fonscea. Dykes Isn't the kind to go Into ecstasies about the future of his tall club. "We'll give a better account of oursckcs llian the experts think," fays Jimmy, simply. "Our recruits this year are much more impressive than last season's crop, ami if three or four of 'cm come through, it's a cinch we won't be groping around, in the cellar again." In fact, Manager Dykes says he . luis but one large worry. Two of his green youngsters are pitchers, and of the 15 (lingers who sit down at dinner every night in Hie Cliliox -camp, they are the only : liuvlers who hold their forks in [heir left hands. Richard Bock and John Michaels are the recruits with Hie .supposedly good Icfl arms. Uock, a complete strangei to Dykes, halls fram the University of Colorado uixl hits yet (o prove his worth. Michaels has eaten at the Sox spring training board before, and Jimmy sujrs he's pretty haiuiy nl tossing the ball where it should go. The lad pitched 'em for Rochester and Whitlow Wyatt will support these boys', aided' liy Big George Eainshnw and Los Tietje, who Is being counted on to blossom into ii star. Ed Durham, nlllng arm kept iilm out of action in '34, is back again. rclnuss of Luke Sewell, vel- eriin American U'ltgue catcher, bolsters the catching staff. "We'll have some young pitchers in I'hclns, Stine, ami WhU«- Itcnd Hits year," Dykes says, "and with Sewell behind the plntc the hurlers will have ival confidence In his signals." The second-string backstop may I be Bob 1'Vnner, a 200-|X>im<!CT who hil .295 for si. Paul last sra.son anil who has caught Dykes' experienced eyes n.s being a swell player. Simmons .Confident Inllcld mid outfield berths stuck Up the same n.s last year, with the exception of left (le'td. /.eke llo- nnrn, who came uramut alter ;\ hot salary nght. may be ut first, if the veteran nienti Wright, obtnlnefi from Kansas city, doe.sii't bei'ii hiiii out; Mintcr llaye.s 'nt-Second; "Lilkc Appling ut short; find Dylds at, third. The one and only Al Simmons will patrol center Instead of left Held this .sea.son. Al hit .'H\ last year, bin didn't collect as many home runs us he would have liked lo. "I'll make up for that (his year." said Simmons. "I'm going to lend the American League In hitting or know the reason why. \ cnn't promise how many home runs I'll hit, bin there will be plenty of 'cm." Until somebody can beat him out of Hie job, Hfnle Haas play right. Hay riailclilfe has first call If Hans slumps. Two recruits are after Simmons' old job In left, field. They are Ver•non Washington, purchased from Tndlminnolls. where he hatted .3G7. and Bull Hafey, who hit .322 for the Pacific Coast Missions. Washington has been smacking (he apple silly in training here, and is n good bet to gel the job. Old Fashioned Dances Planned {or Jubilee Balls LONDON (UP)—King George's tllsllte of dancing Is the reiison that tho silver Jubilee halls to be. held at Buckingham Palnce will ho "court" balls, and not. "state" afro Irs. At. stale balls It is the fixed, rule tluil, tho first dance is-n quadrille the King anil Qliccn. At ill the Intsrnatkinn] League last court "balh such formality is dis- I """" 1 " '" """' '"" peilsed with iinij, unless lie wishes, lie Kinri need not. dunce nt nil. Di'spite their more informal haraclcr. llie court balls will in- season, winning 1C games and los Ing 10, But if both fall to make good, Dykes says he will secure two lefties through the waiver route. Torts-Wets Essential "I don't intend to go through Ihe season without a couple of good left-handers on the pitching stnir," Dykes said. "Most of the hitting strength in the American League is left-handed, and. If we are to sec light (his year one or more good southpaws must show us the. way." Outstanding new hurlers in the Pale Hose camp include Ray Pholps, whose 17 victories against 10 defeats at St. Paul caused Chicago to purchase him; Lee Stinc, farmed out last season to Milwaukee, where he won 17 and lost. 0, IUKI Johnny Whiteliead'. who wen 19 and Idsl 1 10. at* Dallas; Veterans Ted'"Lyons, Sam Jones. Thursday & Friday • JUT—2:00 - lOc & 25c NITE—6:45 - 10c & Hii LOOK AT TUB •'STARS! HUM THIS GASP AT TUB GIRLS! THRILL TO THE liule chiefly okl-fnshloiipcl dances uch ns reels, llie iimccr.s. and th.- ild-fashloneri wnltz. There will be .nc or two snajipy fox-trots foi he benefit of the King's diuicu- tiving sons. The last- stale uall nt, Uucklng- inm Pnliice wa:; in 1924 in liouoi if Ihe 1 Kings nnd Queens of Italy mil Rumania. BLYTFIEVILLE, (ARK,) COURIER NEWS IRISH WHIP A tot OL' Amorleai}, wrosltin^ think iliiit ' Dan O'Muljoney,., Irluli lrii|j(>rl,iillon. Is'.Simon t.e- i Krr-i: in illsjjuno wliwijhe q'oKln.i j M-ackliiK Hint IvlsljAvlil|i linld ol \ liin. Here Is Mio 1 sensation from llic Kmei-ald Isle demon- BlntlliiK Ills pnt iiolii on Mf\ ()olilb(;rg ilurlnc a workout In Kcw Yor];. Hdrry Grayson B ; r, • i' lug il i l)i lives [on the sqund. . . . He's the pro- i pr!;ior of a thriving tonsorla! par] Jar In Perth Ainboy, N, J., and swings a mean i-iw.or. . . . JOB Cos- cnrart lias, two younger brothers . bases with the IJoslcm THURSDAY, MARCH 2i, j:):-:•, Wyoming Men Envision Huge Railroad Program CASPUn, Wyo. HUP)_ A $79, it stuck Investjiicnt. friend Is n friend lo Ed Uramii.'. . Manager Hill McKechnle sav.s thai!: ' J' 1 ',°" ec J r "velod from his home ...... „. . -„.. '» Spoknne to New York to watch programing to" llnbc Ruth .. loiter. . . . McKcchnle declares he understands exactly where he stands. ... He is quite willing to become general manager of the club, end turn p^er its field direction th the Uabf $ 1930. . . . Bill frjiiddv) I.ewl^km/ws his eats. ?' . He conducts;!) leiiitniiant in >lob!le. .' . , . IJeiJ- CAmwolj'j was. 1 Jhe on the club", luitil mull. ' .'Musie Hrljigs ('tilonclcy Np^ (-UP)'— it seems Clov. Ruby' LnlToim, of Kentucky, once heard Charles . IJC Hanack., Cleveland concert pianist, play on Southern (our. Tho Governor liked his music, NO lie ({Arrack Is now a Kentucky Colonel. The cork tree'Is'stripped of its valuable oilier bark, always during the summer.' at Intervals of about eight or ,ninc years.' : came. . . . Maybe hui'.jtlfl Is. .Vi.. Kd lirandi doesn't IjtWi/ to vl^iy about publicity. , . /(W's a coiffiiii II lirandU.. NtUUi'iuil U-afeiie genti. i"",Milfc.KaK]i, rookie ••I'atftfi- v :t ^i rn! i.' to 'Ills last "in .a yVc-Mjlor- Mass', shoe .-mop when the MiifMi -\ s '-ovbf. /. . '.Rob' qiniiii '" i'fa seS his son lit thu iiiajon if lie gels out. . . . The Irfd is a high school ace in Atlanta. . Johnny Tyler, young qnl'- flcldcr. is a coal Jiiiner In Ills sparX moments. . . /! Baxter I'Jordau thanks il| U Jate'John Mcttraw'for his;diamoncl.?iiicccfis. . . /The ijit- tfc Niijioleoii took oije look, at, Huek plnyliiB short anii t«j\fl lilniHb move 'over to;; 1 *: . l.nrge Prnii- cis Ilogan is the heaviest man in Ihe Notional Leaf-lie. . . . Dcspiic Ills efforts to reduce, lie still weighs moi-e than 251) pounds wcariiist catcher's coulpincnt. . . . Wally BerRcr is in wrong with every Chamber of Commerce in Florida. . He spent one winter in Miami nml then bongM himself a home In Los Angeles. t . - *.*'.' ^ ., , Moore's Kixed Oil Itijjlit If the price of oil ever rises, Hnn- dy Moore won't, need to worry about playing ball. .' . , ire. has a [tod; of wells on his Texa.n lai-iii. . . M Spohrer knows how lo keep in shape . . . He S|ient the pasl olf-season using n pick and shovel for a lios- lop constriielion firm, . . . Hilly Urlianskl 'can'l complain about,'being called "liarbcr Hill" even lhoiii;ti lie's one of the most quiet, players football Hay Flaherty piny game. ' IMIsy Walsles Elberi Fletcher was found for the- Braves in n newspaper contest, /. \Vliereverjyon see "Pinkey" v/hltiicy you'll also'see Ha! Lsn., They've been Inseparable since theij- days on the Phillip, . . j^m, Ciai . ril> , VM n fooihiil)' height illoly Cro.^", . , . Htrck nptts is 'I grower of ilio.Se laniiMl Delapare |ie!\clies. Flint'Rhem was graduated from Oiiliford College n s an electrical en- K»ieer. . ... . • U . s )„.]«•(,,,,.„„„, Jo( . Mowry nbw. . . . He's' spending his honeymoon in camp. i/.s Million wishes it were as easy 10 ••»»! l\as e job'if-s IL Is foi-'llii'ii''^^ iifiiu-e ln^Dallas w ] ll; (i j,,. lsll . t • A/i : (ibanfloncd trolley car Is' used' as n. fchoolhoHsc in' Berkeley. Mich.',* '• Uoi'ernmcnt'.s public' ' works progi'um if Hugh Lee Kirby and ulliev olflceys of the North ami aonth Railway Company have thc-ir \\'ay, Tlie Interstate Commei'ec Cpni- inlsslon recently refuseu to icc- ommend a Rcconslrucllon Finance Coj'|)oralioii loan of $10,500,000 at. the railway company for cxleml- lls. lines to Miles City, Mont. The. luic. now runs between Cas- per nna the Salt Creek oil fields and operates only once a week. Kirby and hLs associates, however, also arc officers of the Wyoming-Montana Railway Company which hiis applied for the $TO,000,000 loan. Kirby believes that such a road, would open a ; vast, 5 , and valuable new field to commercial enterprise. ^ i | There are 40,000,000,000 widows i in India, many of them muter 18 years of age. After six years of experimenting. C. L, 13eebe, farmer, of lisebe, Art:,, has succeeded I,, B , 0 vin» cotton with colored tints Sp'"Ci mens of green and tau 'rccLvlv were exhibited. ; "- FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSDHANCE DEPT. Planters Production Credit Ass'n. is proi>arc{l to fin.incG crop loans in any amonnl at very cheap i-filo of interest. Inloresl ia ."payable only for iiciual time you use the money. 'Quick fiction 0,11 jill .loans. It. will save you money to see us. Gordon Evrard lilytheyille, Avlt. Toi-iy-^Vortiiingtoii Title Co., Ofricc KOH I,MAS 1C Riiek buslnc-ss bnililing In best district, ready for occupancy In May. Choice location. G. G. Camlill BIG STAGE SHOW SUNDAY ONLY MATINKK—]-,i- . -|()e . Aflur ;> I'. M._20o - -Klc CONTINUOUS SltOWINO STAHTINfi AT 1:15 In Addition lo Ite.ifiiliu- Screen Show MAGNOLIA DEALER Altilincc — Fridity, Satiirilny and Sunday Only Last Time Today MAT. & NIGHT— I Oc - ;25b UHAHhKS lilCKFOIU) iincl HKl.BN.'VINSON in 'A NOTORIOUS GENTLEMAN' I'ox News Comedy Friday & Saturday More than anything else, he wants to win your _r confidence and keep your patronage H E BTA ZTfiTflTTR'A 11 TO A WOMAN'S, HEART —daring, dashing, a reckless rider of the plains who loved to tight and^ fought "MAUVKI, AT THK" "U w abb el ThoiB Glared Cold Diggnr Qlrlil ~\ With DICK POWELL, AnOLI'HR MEN'JOU, GLORIA STUART, ALICE BRADY, HUGH HERBERT, GLENDA : FARRELL and Frank McHUGH Cartoon - - Comedy ^FIGHTING CJODE r ~»;tt_ DIANE SINCLAIR Serial - - Cartoon W ITH today's finer antl faster Hulomobilcs, proper service is more important than ever. Paris fil tighlcr... inolors and gears must have exactly llie right quantity of tlic right Inliricanl . . . frcc-wlieclirig, knee- aclin" and oilier improvcmctits imisl iiave special attention, Gooil gnsolinc, inolor oil and ItiLri- calion are important Lul equally as iinporUint is the man ^vlio services your car. At the sign of the "Red Flying Horso" you'll find a man thoroughly trained in the fine points of automobile upkeep. In most instances lie is operating his own service slation . . . striving to build a successful business of his own through belter service lo live, inolor- isls in his community. You'liquid liii'n responsible, careful and courteous. To enable him to do a better job of caring for your car, your Magnolia Stay ivith >v; Dealer lias Mobilgas, Moljiloil ami Mobilgrcasc . , . products which have ivou tlie conftdcncc of millions of mo- lorists and llie approval of every automobile manufacturer. . Look for ihc sign of ihc "Red Flying Horse." ll stands as a symbol for a pleasanl place to slop ... a place you can trust ... a place where you can always get llic best in petroleum products plus intelligent personal service. Wulcli How Your Magnolia Certified Healer. Lubricates your Car He Knows the Fine Points of Automobile Upkeep W Affol your Magnolia Certified Dc.ile.r when lie lubricates your car. You'll see an expert at woik because he has definite training in llie things ilial keep an automobile running smoothly and economically. He knows a great deal about gasoline and inolor oil: lie checks your car from slcin lo slcrii and makes an inspcclion rcporl of any ilofccls be discovers. Since its inception five years ago, llie Magnolia Inslitute lias trained thousands of Service Slalion Men in the refining of pelrolciirn products,the mechanical construction of automobiles and un-to-dale management methods. This training is available lo all Magnolia Dealers xvho arc ambitious to win anil hold the good-will of ibeir customers. and you stay Ahead!

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