The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1933
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Scruerf ft United Press BCTEHEVILLE COUBIER NEWS TOR DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. in? • Dtdly, Newi. Ulytbcnil* COW*. Mississippi Valley Le»der HhrOwllte n«r»ld. BhVTIIKVll.LK, ARKANSAS, I'UIDAY, NOVEMBER :!, 1!M SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO ! Stopped the Ship DIFFICULT Tl Discussion Continues in 1'loDc of Finding Workable Pi-ocrnm. WASHINGTON. NOV. :i ilJPl — Secretary of Agriculture Wallace, after a half hour's conference with l'i-p-:<denl Hoo^evelt today, .said that middle woMevu governors, here ,iuel:inir prici- lixing on farm product),, "have found that their proposal iniiF! be looki-d into with •',r(>r>.'. can 1 ." Wallace planned to coniinni: ills- j <-u.-rions with the five governor:; i during the day aiul hoped tha'. a concrete and workable nrouratn would be- ready to brins back lo llii! president tomorrow. "Wo find thai it Is not unite so .'hu'.Jle lo work out details of the lilan as we first (houghl it would ijf" Wallace said. "It 'Is a question of KCllim: them all (o a^rce 0:1 something that is p workable program. We are ex- aininins the minimum price fixing plan with the greatest care. I think the' governors have foun<l that it mub'. \K looked into with the ut- sncsl ^arc." Rv llnlleil Press Farm pickeu on dntv in mld- siaie«: fvod with hicroa.s- i:in interest today the conference of five central .states governor* In Wasiiinaton h> an effort to draw m :i ..Workable a^ricullural relief As Flaming Giishr * Roiuvd Tlnval lo Oklahomu ('il Clarendon Storekeeper Unconscious 12 Hours Af. lev Theft. I CLARENDON, Art:.. Nov. 3 (UP) —Robbery of A. J. Chipnmn, rural f.toie keeper, by two well dressed I young rnc'ii who apparently used 1 u chemical lo ovei power llietr vii> | Urn, was being investigated today !hy Monroi; county autliorllies. i Tlu> robbers escaped with $45. Chlpman was nlono when tlie I two men stopped :tt his store to '.buy tusoline and u.splrhi. They engaged him h> a conversation. "Willie we were talking I suddenly felt myself becoming unconscious," Chipmau related. Mrs. Chlpimm entered the stoic 1 and found her husband lying on Ihi' floor. He was jxtlf and i>er:»ptr- ntioii wii-s .standing on his fiit:e. The men fled through UK- front Icor as Mrs. Chipmnn entered. Chlpman regained consciousness 12 hours Inter. In dr-.cus.sinB the conversation with the risen he d: "I noticed one of the men playing idly with a small mbo or some kind. I believe no<v i'. con- wined n chemical." Digest Seeks $450,000 I "> In i he mld-wesi, lines of firm strike were receding in some districts and ruivaiioin<* in others. Wisconsin still vas the seat, of iiitmest pitched battles be- t'.vem strikers and sheriffs' depo- nes. AnolUer cheese factory was iKr.nmilrd and dairies were raided. In P.acine county several vio- _ !rnt O'l'breahs occurred. A Bel- i t-limi. Wis.. chr-ese plant was destroyed bv fire after being bombed. In Iowa all trucks for the Omaha, Neb., and Sioux City. Iowa, markets were hailed. There Such a great shakes at tho rhurn- ba Is exotic Alicia Parla (who's known on the stage as Mariana) (lint (ho liner He tje France stopped at sea at the request ot enthusiastic passengers to allow the 19-year-old dancer to perform. Mariana, Etiown arriving in New York, danced with and showed the Friuce ot Wales how she did iier . steps. Know Man Who Placed Fiane Bomb CHICAGO. NtH'. H. Ull'V-Tin- idvruny ol Uic imm who plnivd tin' rxp!uMiv iti the United Air Unts j j:'.;uii- uhirii rra.-ihr-d near Chester- I Km. Intl.. killhiK seven pi'Mins. i: ' ii. a,'.i-nls oi the dciiariiiH-nt o! 'i' j-i-vi'iilrtl ntlay. I A'inils said tht< num. a kiumi JMiiKsli-r. will !>.- :u-ivsii-il mid i nai!•,<•:! «:ili Hie iminli-r of fun/ IM Mi'r4ri>. jiul i.irci- iiii'inlx-is of in.' i-ri'iv. Identity nf t!n> nimbler u;i'« mil dlM-lo-u'tl. It «.r, U'lirvi'd lhi> .sou{lit, • li'll the !'!<]il(idv)-. imssibly ; i bomb. I MI l><l while riding iis'a'11- v.i-r im 1 .1 previous Irlp. From New York Times NEW YORK. Nov. 3. il7P» — Suit for S4M.OW) damages, charging Infringement of copyright, was filed in United States district court today by attorneys for ini: Literary Digest. It, named ftic New Yo:k Times a.s defendant. The action aroie over the alleged publication, prior '.o release, of the magazine's final figures In a. poll on the campaign for mayor of New- York. A thunderous roar that uwuker.vd Ihoasunds. a sha-l. of ilaua- 111 up the s':y for nille.s. urn 1 'lc\iiiij; mass ol smoke that rclU-d oivr half ui Okluliouit City bmiiislu .scoiv-.V cf oil wi;r; !a- baule which finally rvsullirt in i-onqiii-rin:.' u,u ii a . in No. i lu-nn KILSIIL-V. t-niy n mile friin city hall In Oklahoma's uii-l'ni. The picture vividly tiiows ihr druse clout's of smoke. Hv the markets \vcre hailed. Tliere WOK A ,' c I I W/'ll no violence, however, as truckers! Atltl-OalOOn League Will Sponsor Talks .at Two n°recd peaceably to return to their . fnrms. South Dakota Joined the strike states when the Farm Holiday As••notation there called upon mem- lists., to -tr.cp. 1 their products off '.the market and attempt to perk made neighbors to do likewise. Picketing was temporarily < 'cwiHiwed In the vicinity of Du- hilh, Mnn., while a milk agreement was being drawn up. Wisconsin farmers sought to blockade . the-Minneapolis and St. Paul mar- tets. Council Bluffs. Iowa, also felt :lic force of the picketing move- Local Churches. dcnicloi outlined the sky, mill oil crew.-, Ilchtlns was la-rllfd the coiilluiiraunn. ivoporly v.or'.ti inlll-Mi ^rvations - liy C. U. C. LOU PFflPLE IN Jurv Jmposes -Maximum Cliflon II. Scoll, receiver, Is ap- j pealing to Ihe land owners of I Drainage District 17 (o make every I Dyess With Futrell on Hunting Expedition LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 3. (UP)— Gov. J. Marlon Futrell left today on a week enj hunting and fishing trip, accompanied by George Brandon, member of the fish and game commission, W. R. Dyess, slate emergency relief director, and R. W. Fairish, circuit clerk. Tlie gov- Ben % H. Spence of Toronto, Cah- ern or will return to HJs off re Mpn- •S i n LL C llms 'acauate t renalty OI1 Kobber Ot crimon which holds the only hope \ J p I j of iieuiiiinonl tiralnaiic tux relief. rtgea V-OUpIC. . The district L'; asking the hold" - j rrs of its nearly $-1.000,000 In bonds Returning - a verdict after less I to accept aa cents on the dollar than five minutes deliberation a'. ir. fi-uienieni of that obligation. ^ SeVen Blytlieville Resi clcnls Riding With Vic tun ol Highway Crash MEMPHIS. NOV. 3 (UP)-Ol man was fatally Injured and in Challenges Critics 'tiprovr on Rooscvell HALEIGH, N. C., Nov. a 1UP> — OblniuMcr General .lames A. I-'ar- i-y challenged (hr- "snipers" lodaj o mini! to Washington and do jctter Job than Preslilcnt lloose- •clt. Sic- denounced "petty criticism' of tlie administration, challcjngci Charge Undue Influence Was Rrofolil hy Helen -; M;\y Vaughn. .>.j OSCHOI.A, Ark.—A rnntest of ^ Hie will 01 the lull 1 II. E. Ixie Wll- -' ran was inr.lliiiled with the IllliVit in prnbala court hero Thursday fit • >i petition pniyltii; nppeni ,10: tliefj- circuit court from the order prolM--' 1 - IIHK the will, mid .setting up (is:' basis for the appeal tin: allegation that Mr. Wilson at the time tlin will was mnilu was of unsound finind nml thuL Ihe making and of the will and tlu> wll- of It was procured and about hy ilm undue |n- lui'nct' of Ili'lcn May Vamjhaii, o wicked. ,"U;hemlnv; adventuress wlih whom (he said n, E. LC9 Wilson lived In ii'hiltery tile iar.t 'ew years of hit life." • . f:lillrtifii Urlng SUt 'The proceeding Is instituted'by li. E. Leo Wilson Jr.. Vlctoria^Wll- son Wesson, and Marie Wilson Huwclls. chlldi-en of Mr. WUkon, and nmdc parties respondent to lilts tnlt with Helen May Vaugrum are .Wilson School District No. 25, 'hi- Urxnra School District and 'the 13ov Scouts of America, all be'ne- flelarlrs under the will, The- Un- Inn I'hinti'i-s Uank >t Trust Cainpiinv of Memphis, trustee, and " r;i-nln and W. » F. Wilson, truslces. 'Hi? prllUonnrs are represented by Ceo. Thompson, nn attorney of Fort Worth, Texas, with whom •ire nssoclrucd ,1. T. Coston and J. 'so-called loaders who luive offered no program worthy of the name." anil iniuti* this blankel invitation: "If iinyonn things he hus H l>ct tcr way of winning thi> batll against depression, or tome litea of;G- Coslon of Osccoltt. a more effective or speedier form-j Helen May Vaughan, formerly ulu. let him submit It lo the man i iflr-i, May Price, member ;.of a 'amlly prominent in the hiMnrss • lorekipiiient of the town of fllu'll- 'm-l. Is one of the chief beneflclar- undcr terms of Mr. Wilson's- In the While House and there will bt> nn doubt of it. having an lion- i-st mill sincere consideration." Parley spoke at the city auditorium unilcr auspices of North Carolina Democratic lenders. His adtlie&s wns ininoiniccil as being nn appeal for North Carolina lo deliver two addresses jnere Sunday on the'subject ot "'Caliadi ijs _ ! Dry anil Canada . WeT." He .will church Sunday morning at 11 o'clock, and at the First Baptist church in the afternoon at 2:30 p.m. R. N. Hicks, 98, Dies at Home Nc-ar Holland Camthersville Driver Hits Unlighted Wagon CARUTHKRSVl I.bE. ^f o. George Phippi jr. narrowly escaped .^-rious injury Wednesday about T p.m. when his car crashed into an i!r;i7hted cotton wagon on High- May 04. at ll-.c edge of this city. Phipps. the son of Dr. George Pbipp-^. was driving toward Hayti. An approaching car so blinded him that lie was unable to see the wa- ooTT'until within a few feet of it. He applied the brakes and tried ',(. \vhip t!i? car around so the full j fcrce of the impact would be avold- ;rt. HI-, elicit was partly successful for ll'c head-on collision was r.vertcd. tin the right side of his i:ar swerved arnuud. and caught the waion full force. The car was a complete wreck, as far us the tJjy was concerned. ' NMlher phipns nor a negro riding vith him sustained injury. Mr. Spence will discuss the llq- itor control systems now -in effect In Canada, Sweden and other coun- i tries. Through many years of stn- ;dy and travel; he ! has observed the workings ol these systems and is said lo have written and spoken more en the .subject than any other person. The speeches will be under Ihe auspices of the Anti-Saloon League, ol Arkansas. aml. Mo.. 12 miles north of here. | , xefe a t t - oni[ , ys (or \ l!im \\ Closing Stock 18 Die as Wind and Rain Strike Cuban Province HAVANA. Cuba, Nov. 3. (UP) — Eighteen persons were killed in eastern Cuba by floods resulting from cyclones and rains, dispatches said today. The Hoods added to the wreckage in the country where strikes have scrlcusly endangered the sn- car crop on which the nation's llve- Itlmcd dcnends. Tlie winds and rains struck Ori- enie province, of which the capital is Santiago. Tlie Caulo river overflowed. Twelve iwrsons drowned nt Palma Rito. two at I'almn, and tour at o' points. A. T. and T 11G Anaconu'a Copper 14 3-4 Bethlehem Steel 30 1-2 Chrysler 42 1-8 Cities Service 2 1-4 Ccoa Cola 97 3-4 General American Tank 30 General Electric 19 3-4 General Motors 23 3-t International Harvester 38 3-8 Mlddlcwest Utilities 3-16 Montgomery Ward — 193-4 New York «mral 32 5-8 Packard 31-2 Phillips Petroleum .... 15 Radio 11-8 Simmons Beds 16 5-B St. Louis-San Francisco 2 1-2 Standard of N. J 42 7-8 Texas Co 24 1-2 U. S. Steel 41 1-8 New York Cotton NEW YORK, Nov. 3. (UP) Cotton closed very steady. ay. R. N. Hicks, 98 year old veteran Jury yesterday afternoon gave .!ln : U is Mr. Scolfs belief that Ihe oilier received a broken leg In a vole w -I at re/I T esdav's rohl nan-ell the maximum penally " of I achievement of 'such 'a Kcltlmicnl early morning collision todny scv- ' live years for grand larceny. : j will be Harrell was convicted of partlcU j can be ii!; in the theii'of $825, saving)! make n easier if sufficient laxe.-i ' ]•••'(•-. no»i West Memphis, collected this year to Ark., when a light roadster with substantial payment on.upht. occupants crashed Into a - ,.,.,.,.. ,,,.. ,™ ' " .,,,'., kULLH of an aged couple living near. several hundred thousand dollars ; truck. Leachville. in September 1930. $ ! of defaulted ipterest. ;.' Elmer Davis, 25, of Tupelo, MUs. southeast Missouri, died late i E E legal technicality prevented trial n|' Howr-vor that may be, the fact tiled nt 9 n. m. at Baptlsl hospital ilarrcil '"on a' charge of robbery"; rcniah« that II is In the Interest 'ficm Injuries received In Ihp crash'. T*'o other men were convicted two of properly owners to clear up Leon Russell. 23, of . Dlyllievltle, years ago of participating in the their present and pnsl due taxes Ark., received a brokoiiHejf. He I' robbery. Horrell was taken Into DS piomrtly as possible. Refund- i n Baptist hp^pllnl. custody laier In Florida and brcught Ing of Ihe district's debt on "a 32, The injured were brought to here where he escaped from Hie percent basis will provide sub- Memphis In an ambulance. county-Jail only to be recaptured In stands! tax relief for the future, These who escaped Injury in trie er. but It will have no bearing at all crash were Mr.5. M. J. Russell. 50, an j clarence, on the stalus ot old tax obliga- Miss Irene liussell. 20. J. W. R«J- .,H,,>ni ,„ , a , ' " ., Hit 1 1.31 Ul , cn dc . ' Louisiana last summer. , eslerday at his home "ear Hoi- NlMidOR : s thc | 0 ucr ori/Michvlluv Urnis. which . . . . remain a lion sc-ll, lv!. oils Russell, n, Carrie lius- services were held this inornins. Burial was made at Number Jiphl cemelery. He is survived by- three sons, Gorman, James Robert und George, and two daughters. Mrs. rtattie Tole. and Mrs. Nannie Carnes. Moss Undertaking company is n charge of arrangements. . , . , , j ti|»n the land until paid. Taspay- , s .||. 2-1. and Baniile Bavnes, all of Try Negro for Murder ers generally are 'In better shape Blythevllli?. •A 'circuit court jury was to -le- ! to pay then- taxes than they have cide here late today if Oscar Sic- . for several years past Those Blyiheville to Tii|»slo. party wa.-; en route from VlUt? llflt lute VVUHV U UO^lll Olfc -T- - HI 1 ,1 n I .1 --..-"••••. .^ t..|/.-iu. venson, steele. Mo, negro, was. who do pay them will be the nrst; According lo the Russels t li c 1 ' ° • i n r.,,,1 ,!,„ ,-,.ll. L r l rt l\o nvtvpTpr! l ... i . . guilty of murder In the killing of j \° ! Ei Jones, negro, on the Lutes farm south of Blythevllle, last month. Jones was shut as lie from a table ol his home. The sho; was flred at night, from outside the house. •file negro's alleged confession l.Hler had placed a "hoodoo' on hls i^!»ar Pullen Dies of Wound Inflicted Saturday Edgar Pullen, well known along ^ „„„.„„ „„ ,. lt „.„,. „,.-„.„.,„ the Arkansas-Missouri state line. | cblecliorus to admission of the con- from debt. lllp ldief lo , bt ' refunding of the cl.s '™Mc Into which their cur crash- C(1 wni nm i was oOo For years the property owners who mid ice bills have had so little voice in the affairs of the St. Francis levee district that ninny thai he killed Jones because thej h «™ <>° dollblt com " '° ylc-w levee ^Isjtaxei ns simply one of those Ines- nm \ ! capable hardships of life, brst suf- :by n negro named liiooks. N u other details of its ownership were • obtiilned. resume ot the president's nccom- pllshinonU. Wigging Made$18 ( (MJO,000 in Tv/o Years During Boom WASHTNOTOH. Ndv. :i. iUPi — Betiati; stock market Invesllgatlon ccords revealed today th;it a golden Income In excess of $18,000,000 flowed In two boom years to Albsrl H. Wiggin, h'.s persona! corpora Mons, aiul mcmliers of his fatnlly. Th:it IB nn approximate flsjure for 1021! and 1929. Wlggln has revealed some of lite income. His personal and corjwr- ale income for 102B-2fl was $10.- TO.lSf on the basis cf their Income tax puynicnis it may be estimated that Mrs. wiggln and Iheir . will, which devised to her In foe Elinuli! his Hot Stirlngs estate, con-; of a residence and 45 acre of land, together wlih live slock, automobile, personal and . domestic effects, lefi In trust for lic-r a one hundred thousand dollar estate to be derived from the proceeds of nine life Insurance policies, and provided a monthly Income of $250 per month from ' other xissels'of the pslate to rje' ; Mid her durlnij the year .Imme- OlAltly followlns Mr. Wilson's denlh and prior to the llnio the trust fund should become produc- 'Ivc. '.' ';"•; X«'"1 W~*r S Iwo daughters approximately had an Income of $3,400.000 in those » . . yr n j <•' M'l 'years. And an item of $4,008.538 rtmoisr. WUISefl OSX 1TIIKS I was earned by one ot Wlggin's per- wife, causing her to leave him go to live with Jones, was detailed by officers at the trial. Defense died at Sleele early this morning from blood poisoning resultinj from gunshot wound sustained Saturday night. O. C. Thompson is alleged to have fesslon was overruled by Judge G. E. Keck. E. E. Alexander and Sam Corb?U, the latter of!,', >., counsel for Stevenson. Indicat- shot Pulton in a brawl at a road-; e j [hat lne uegl - 0 vv as to rcpudi- hctisc near Holland. 'ate the confession this afternoon. Funeral arrangements were in- j comt was recessed for an hour complete, according to the German lWs m0 rning by Judge Keck In order that court officials and others might attend funeral services lor Mrs. C. J. Evr&rd. mother of two members of the local bar. It was anticipated that court would adjourn as customary over Saturday. Trial ot Mr. and Mrs. Uudertaking^ company at Steele. Court Acquitted Dog In Death of Boy DETROIT. (UP)—A court exon- fered in silence. Now. houever, membership on the district's board has been made eleciiv? nnj eveiy pr«i;crly owner, through his vote, can have n voicv In the affniis if the district. So Important Is t!-.c district to Mis- slMipp! county that it ii scarce'.v conceivable that any owner of real proi^rty in Ihis county will fall to go to the polls in the (Irs: levcn board election Monday. It is important to vote, and it is more important to vote for such candidates for scats on the levr-c board as may be co'.mtort nmn ti represent the Interests of (hose who "iv th» levee taxes. No Issues count. Men who will COT- Te J, PALMER. Mass. (UP)—Joseph A. Slnero, of Monson. wnlked six miles p.i midnight to the police station just to ease his conscience after he had lied lo a policeman who slopped him (or a trafllc violation. Sinnro said he lot the police-mint as.'umc that the license \vtis his. •1:1 it bslonged to his brother. When he arrhed home he could Isonal Wx corporations In 1929 but technically was not realized for tax purposes urilll 1030 and 1931. The Brand, although approximate, total of income from various sources Is SI8.011.CH2. The tl"Hf Shf-tH- Ttfffip* Union . Planters and not t Told to appear In court the noxt Link Chicago Killing With Big Mail Robbery CHICAGO, Nov. 3. i UP)—Four pistol shots fired at close range in- » UJU LO Ujjptilr HI L.UUI I U1U HUM \ r^n m tl «WI u I ivornin?. Smero pleaded guutyl^ mail robbery here last and was fined £5. Tlie slaying ot Tueber as he sat ! havl: his nails ersted a clog of blame in the death Raymond Pruitl, accused of_mur-|di:cl the adairs of tin- district lor j Staff Reduced Sharply D 1 jjiLitkij^ ^u^ nuns maiui-uini m u tsoai'd J barber shop «•»•, as much a mystery of nine-year-old HaroM Gardner, killed when run over by an auto- mcbile here recently. William Gardner, the bov's der In the drowning of an infant Dec Jan Mar. .... May .... July .... Oct. open 958 953 . 981 , 994 1007 1024 high 96-i 910 985 999 1013 1026 low 954 963 978 991 1005 1023 close 962 959 984 99B 1012 1025 Spols closed steady at 980, up 5. \ew Orleans Cotton benefit of the property owners j fi r whom it was creslecl are what Lester Pleads Guilty ts needed. Thomas Fletcher Lester, who had j girl, is slated to open Monday. father was suing for 520,000 dam- j entered a denial lo a charge of . . ages, contending that "QueenkT kidnaping three children of a Pop- Iropical Storm Hits owned by Irving Bacon, chased Haro'.d under tho car. A Jury de.- lar Corner farmer upon arraign- i mcnt earlier in the week, sudden-1 blamed. UlLUtl Lllu kaj. n JUIJ ut. , , I that tt« dog could not bej^ changed his plea to guilty late Philippine Islands Revival revival yesterday. Lester was years in with credit MANILA. P. I.. NOV. 3. I UP)—A sentenced to three tropical storm described as of mo-l- in Dnan I years in prlson by Jl ' d8 ° Kcck ' crat <! intensity left a trail cf death . ' t80flj to Upen , vm , credit for five months Incur, and destruction todav in five prov- Vose Mondav cc " t!on in tlic ^^ > M * monuay (rU) (o ^ Ucd h| as WHS ills possible connection with the robbery. The shots were fired from a door tehlnd him. LITTLE nqcK. Nov. 3. iUPi-j The investigalion inlo disposal of Under authority of a resolution the loot of tile robbery already has pissed by the state debt board. I resulted in the cleatlis" of two men. consisting- of Gov. J. M. Futrell.' State Treasurer Roy V. I,eoiiard and Comptroller Griffin Smith, the stalf of the Bond Refunding Board, created to refund slate highway bonds, was reduced by five an:i t ic monthly payroll was cut from SI.525 Waives Examination on Caruthersville Robbery ' CAHUTHERSVILLE. Mo.. Nov. 3 —Jack Thompson, about 50, waived preliminary hearing on a robbery charce ana \vas committed to the county jail here Thursday to await l!i» Ncvanbej- term ot circuit court. Tl-ompson WO s charged with stealing money, clothing and Jewelry from the laFor<>o Undertak- inT establishment here. The prop- eiij belonged lo Oenc Elmorc. as- sl.sinnt mortician. Chief of Pclicr John Hosier ar- vpftfd Thompson, who admitted the thsft. The articles stolen were all iccovcred except several dollars in NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 3. (UP)Co'.ton closed steady. open high low close Dec 950 958 950 -" Jan 964 961 964 976 Mai-. .. May .. July .. Oct. 950 964 . 918 990 1003 1019b 983 995 1003 951 965 891 988. 695 1003 1005 Spots closed steady at 952, up 4. Chicago Wheat F,vangelisi Charles Jcssup- of Hattlesburg. Miss., will begin a rc- 'Ival at the First Assembly ol Ood church on Lilly street next Monday night, according lo N. II liiodes, pastor. The meeting will begin at 1:30 o.m. The public is cordially Invited to attend. Pierce Child Dies Dec. open 8fi 1-4 high 87 1-2 low close 85 3-8 87 1-8 . May 88 3-8 90 3-8 87 3-4 BO 1-8 Chicago Corn ca.5h and a few pieces of clothing. May *9 1-J .11 1-8 W '•* Dec. open 1-8 high 45 low 43 close 44 3- await- !i--, or ih" Philippine his term. Klcvcn persons were known dead Lester had been accused cf luring and twentv were repsrlM ir.!ssin:j the children away from their home_i n t ne strlcksn districts. Only meager reports of the dam- wc-re received here. Red Cross Those who were dismissed were J. G. Tucker, lormcr Barbara Ann Pierce, 14-months- old daughter of Mr. nhd Mrs. J. In tl:e absence of their father. who ! finally located Lester and tho chil- ^ dren 'after tracking them across headquarters" prepareti'ts'rmirald several states. to the area Vitus CrutchfVeld. negro, has entered a plea of guilty to a charge : Oklahoma Doctors Mrs. Frances K. Burton Dies Following Stroke Mrs, Fiances K. Burton. 76, died at the home of her daughter. Mrs. Martha Lester, of Holland. Mo.. 12 miles north of here, late yesterday. visor. W. H. Ci;llde:s jr.. Elmer W. • she recently had a stroke of pora- Smlth, Don Greenhaw. and Miss,lysis. Mildred Lee. Trust Comnanv was. irmdc for Mis. Vaiigliah lo handle tho estnle until her two children, Fletcher. 0. nnd Albert. 4. should;he twenty-five years old. at which :imc sti» was lo er.n\". ln(-> D'OSSCS- sion of the body of. the estate. The .- Imnk v'as Instructed to' In- " vcsi the proceeds of the hisurancp i-ollcles in Interest bearing securi- ' tics mid pay over 10 Mrs. Vftiighnn for her maintenance thn net income from the trust fund. The will, made In Hot Springs r hortlv before Mr. Wilson's r«nov-, . al to the Memphis hospital where ; i he ijlecl. was witnessed bv Charles'r F Oarrett and H. King Wr.dc. both'.; physicians. John F. Manier arid - .lames C. Ciunerson. all residents of Hot Springs. Mrs. Vaughan, n divorcee, is twenty-seven years old. She Is llv--' ing at present in Stuttgart with' 5 icr mother. Mrs. Qco. Price! - r The three contestants, children jf Mr. Wilson, were bequeathed $10 each with the testator's explana- ' lion that "moneys heretofore ex- pcmlcd by me to. for and In their behalf amount to fair, Just and liberal treatment at my hands." •'. Given Prior lien In his will Mr. Wilson directed '• that if the devises and bequests _to • Mrs. Vaughan "be for any reason,' not withstanding my desire and cU- > rcctions expressed herein, in any respect or to any extent lessened, burdened, decreased, or otherwise . adversely affected by any assertion of dower Intsrcst or o'.hendse, or- by any oilier reason similar or dissimilar, then, In that event, I zive. tequeath and devise to Heten May Vaughan all such sumo of money as may b3 sufficient to equal or coim>?nsate her loss co arising and hereby make such bequest a first snd prior lien, charge and burden iiiion all the other legacies and devises under this will." Some years prior to his dcith Mr. Wilson created a trust under I Funeral services will be held to-K erras c ^ which each of his chil- rr.orrow morning ot Sawyer ceme-! dr( ' n »" a hls wlf ^ received a firth "h the Rev. J. H. DePriest '"'""t '" ^ Wilson and Com- Inrfioiaiinir pans'- Virtually all of his farm Wharf Rat Club Flag lom . ;lallng On Way to South Pole ! The deceased is survived by ' ;three daughters and one son. Other guilty pleas hove been accepted from Richard Ward, acc'.isect; of grand larceny, with sentence OKLAHOMA CITY, Nov. 3 (IIP) withheld, Horace Aycrs, grand lar- i .-War was declared lodav against '• daughters Mass (HP)—Tha xtoss Undertaking company . unique pennant of the' Wharf Hal ln char «« ot arrangements. Sell Illegitimate Babies ClUU of Nantucket is being carried en the second Byrd expedition to WEATHER Tl10 V. Pierce, died yesterday nt the Ccn 5'- a ^° '«ed and sentence with- n,. -ijahy selling" racket "in family home of colitis, -_xl "^ I ^ ala ' 1 "Tootsle" Ma Hoy. homn, under which phvslclans , llvll « „ .„..,„, , , Funeral services will be held this *no entered a plea of suilty '.o acei;sed of wiling Illegitimate chit- '"'' blue fieid on which are super- na 8' designed by Tony; Arkansas—Partly cbuJy. collcrJerty. .;t a .|Sarg. famed cartoonist and mem-! pro | )3b j.. ficil jn cx trome north! sre her of the club, displays a trlangu- p,j raon tonig ht. pans'. Virtually and businefs interests were included In the '.rust. His will disposed of the fifth Interest In LE.> Wilson' and company which he had retain- led for 111 nisei f, about 2.000 acres of farm land to which he had retaln- led title, his Hot Sorlngs estate, his ilifc insurance, and personal prop- afternoon nnd Interment will be burglary and petit larceny Sia- ; drcn for adoption at $70 to $100. imposed a star made at Maple Grove cemetery, iloncc for burglary was held up in in practice not now outlawed by smoking a p:pe. ' "' '- and a while rat The L .G. Moss Undertaking com-'Malloy's cose but a 510 Ihi- im-'.um- Oklahoma law. "'^ W'-vf Club originated pany is In charge of funeral ar-jposcd tor pcdt late"" 1 '. • "The great evil of this racket." m»ny years ago on okl No.: 1 !! rangcments. It was revealed with tho ro'um said Mrs. Mabel Bassett. state - ..-(. ^s iminonrs include (Ish The deceased is survived by, besides her parents, twj brothers and four sisters Saturday partly cloudy, warmer in \vost portion. Memphis and vicinity— Cloudy and colder tonight and Saturday, Beaver Saved Self Labor IRON RIVER. WIs. (UP)—Probably the first beaver home con-. Lowest temperature near 45. structcd with man-made lumber- I was reported here recently. T h'e .- ..-. ...v^™ w.i,. „» .-.- - ....=. .....« t . .,,,o,v.t. - - -- — , Tlie maximum icniperamre here! beaver used a pile ot old lumber if bench warrants that 8iun Thorn- commissioner of charities and cor- i-initn. attests and wealthy sum- yesterday was 'iS, minimum 60.'left by a logging company to build ns, former sscretaij-t. • . -- rectlons, "Is that helpless babies mer colonists, Its motto is "No cloudy, iccordtng lo Samiwl F. their home. The animals usually- 'reserved scats for the mighty," Norris, official weather observer, 'use poplar lo»s cut by Uienuelvtt, (Continued ot Page Three) [are sold like slaves."

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