The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 29, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 29, 1950
Page 2
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FACE TWO . BLYTHEVIU,E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2t, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens Scroog* «VnJ Marl«y'i gtwtf if rtw« voi any *ojf W couW mid HM ximt Me at Marley. TK« ghoit replied Hwt Scrooge had O4i« cKoiKC—a slim em«. "Yo*i will b* haunted,** wid Jocob Mafiey'i ghcnr, "by Thre« Spirits!" "I Ib'nk I'd ratter r»er," quavered $00096. Artd win) that, Maoejr was gone, ing a badly shaken Scroog* behind him. Officials Think M'Arthur Prevent a Military Disaster By C. YATES McUANlKI* WASHINGTON, Nov. 29- (AP) — High US. defense officials believe that Gen, Douglas MacArlhiir has enough machines and firepower to prevent a military disaster in Korea. But they said today the United Nations must decide whether the Supreme Commander in the Far East- will be given sufficient men and the broadened orders he must have to destroy the Reds south of the Yalu River in the wny h<> shattered their North Korean comrades south of Seoul. There was no attempt in the Pentagon to dLsgiii&e the disappointment that MacArthur's end- the-war offensive had first been stalled and then turned Into a retreat before the massive Chinese assault. , US, military officials commented to a reporter, however, that the Red breakthrough wan achieved by force of manpower and that it apparently is not backed up with much artillery or armor. Expect M'Arlhur to F»nlrt They fully expect MacArllmr to be able to reform his divisions along lines running roughly east «nd northeast of the North Korean capital of Pyongyang, where the allied superiority in artillery and tanks can hold the Chinese while U.N. superiority in the air pounds the invaders to the north. This entire concept of U.N. and American chance* In Korea Is based upon the still prevailing as- immpiion that HuttU dots not intend to make Korea the first bat : tlegrouncf of a third world war. If - MacArthur requires more manpower, military officials say the only aource of trained manpower that could quickly be thrown Jnto the fighting In Korea U Chiang Kai-Shek's Nationalist army on Formosa. Chiang offered 90,000 of these men to the Sore Spot PAPEETE, Tahiti. Wj—If " you want to start a fight with a Tua- znotti Islander, simply mention the "jjfiant pahiia." Pahua is a shellfish of the clam variety. Its flesh Is the color and toughness of India rubber, and when dried it smells like rubber that has been well scorched, but It is a staple of diet for the Islanders. Some, years ago the eastern Tua- motu people found washed ashore a case of rubber overshoes. Never having seen rubber or overshoes, they concluded this was a giant form of their favorite delicacy. After vainly chewing raw overshoes for a while, they decided (o try cooking. For many days they boiled the shoes, with periodic tasting .until finally a trading schooner captain arrived and tolci them their mistake. He related the story throughout the south seas, to the delight of all the other islanders and the discomfiture ol the Tuamotuans. U.N. command a few days alicr the Hed Korean attack in June. MaeArlhur was the official mouthpiece for the rejection of this offer. The reason sjivctj was Iliac the departure of these Nationalist troops would weaken Formosa's defenses against a passible Red invasion attempt. But the underlying reason was| U,S. determination to avoid giving! the Chinese Reds any possible excuse for Intervening in Korea. Some U.S. military leaders today agreed with several congressmen in the view that the Chinese Reds themselves had wiped out this original reason by their targe scale 'and dramatically timed assault against the Eighth Army in Korea. Some Recognize Red China American military leaders, however, have not last sight of the fact (hat Great Britain. India and other backers of the original U.N. action In Korea legally recognize the Communist Chinese regime. Many officials here doubt that Great Britain and possibly some- other r01111 tries would support any plan to Chiang Kai-shek's troops ayainst the Chinese Reds. The N a t ion a I Is t, troojxs on For mesa include from 50.000 lo 100,000 men in a hlgli state of training. They include veterans of the win 1 Japan and the subsequent campaign against'the CoinimmUU. By U.S. army standards, they are iuarieqimtely equipped, but they are known to arm. 1 ; a-s good as those now being used with such efiect by the Red In Korea, There are no more fresh U.N, trcojxs on the horizon except, a Canadian brigade of some 8,000 men now training at. Fort Lewis in Washington, Delegates Up Little 'Iron Curtain' NEW YORK, Nov. 2D. <AP) — Communist China's delegates to the United Nations have set up a little "Iron Curtain' 'between themselves and the stares of curious New Vorkers, The aloof Reds have maintained a maximum of privacy since their arrival in the United States Friday. They have done no sightseeing and have spurned the dining rooms of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, hav- iiiR their meals sent to their rooms instead. I A special elevator Ls held inVe- ; serve for them at the hotel—to ninimize the possibility of such in- I cldents aa face-to-face meetings Reds Order ERP Signs Removed VIENNA —OPj— Marshall Plan funds have been used to rebuild federal roads and bridges in the Russian zone of Austria and (or several federal agricultural projects. At c-ach project—about 60 in all— Austrian Find ERP authori erected huge signs: "This work being done with EHP tunds." They have stood untouched up lo two years. Now the Russians Viiwe realized the signs counteract nil the Communist agitatloti <igainst ERP. Soviet commanders have ordered local Austrian officials U> pull them down. Michigan Governor-Elect Blasts GOP Control Board LANSING, Mich., Nov. 29, (AP) — »• Alter a more or less gentle time of il lately, Michigan's merry-go- round over IU governor's election spun again today! Democratic Gov. G.' Meuncn Williams accused the Republlcan- conlrolled board of canvassers of "Shenanigans" and » power-grab in refusing lo certify his re-election. Immediately, Republican Secre- Uuy o! State Fred M. Alger, Jr., chairman of the board, replied that. Williams was being "terribly premature." The three-man board, constating entirely of Republicans, decided Monday to go to the Supreme Court. Plevin Now Seeks Confidence Vote French Premier Trying To Avoid New General Elections After Dispute PARIS, Nov. 29. HP, — Premier Rene Pleven decided today to ask for a vote of confidence in an ef- ...... j ™ tf ••' n". uuj'*t.L,ic vjum ^ fort lo keep in office France's 16th the question of certification. It | post-liberation government, totter••- ' "• ..... ""--"-- ..... - , - ing from a Communist-brewed storm over Defense Minister Jules Morh. The National Assembly vote, decided on at a Cabinet meeting today. will lake plnce Friday. Pleven submit tod the cabinet's resignation last nisht after the National Assembly voted disapproval of Modi but President Vlnrent Auriol ties would rather delay th« poH until the end of the Assembly's r»fu. lar (<rm next fall. The trouble centers over * *c*n- dal the French call the "Atlilr of the Gener«Is." It involves the theft or sale of a secret military report on the Indochina War, black market money deals, the honor of a former army chief of sUff and a mysterious agent named Roger Pejr- re who reportedly fled to Braril hut year while Mo«h, M Interior Mtnij. ter, headed the police. Tlie storm broke lale yeaterday when the Assembly voted on a Communist attempt to Impeach Moch, a Socialist, for his part In the leakage of the Indochina reporti, U. S. Highway M p*s»i throuch an ancient lava flow In WMtern New Mexico, between the cltlea of Albuquerque and Oallup. refined (he certification on il.s own. A recount of the nearly 2,000,000 vote.s In Michigan's "horse race" election of Nov .7 i* at the crux of all this. Williams defeated Republican Harry F. Kelly by a bare 1.15-1 votes. The recount, soon to start, will have to be completed by inauguration day Jan. 1 or a scrap Is dead certain over who's 10 be placed In the governor'* chair then. In the GOP view, it would lie a Republican—Lt. Gov.-elect William C. Vandenherg mo relation to ..,,_ „, ^ ul , l>M! ule nesl Michigan's O. s. Sen. Vanrtenberg.) o( most deputies to avoid new general elections, which a government New Mexico and Nevada both dC ' C " m ' Rht br ' nK °"' M<XU de » u have cities named Las Vegas, which in Spanish means "The Meadows." reaccept the walkout be- the tense International fused to cause of situation. Could Hrins; On Election By seeking a confidence vote! Pleven will try to utilise the desire with Americans who have lost relatives in the Korean War. A room at each end of their suite Ls kept vacant to foil possible eavesdroppers. RHEUMATIC-HELP O* YOU DON'T PAY A «NT Take hopct Wonderful C-K21 contains famous, hcrii "Black Snakc- nool"; it's lotmed to activate Sallcy- IMe action for better, more effectivr nam relief, HheunuitEc. .sciatic luni- bapo pains relieved, or first hottU pnc« back. Today—now—set C-2223 (r«, «j» kM tM »i oil bw i) itinr r*et*k Itcb are oft*a t*H- Ulc sfirni of Pfn-Worm«—ttclr pansit** that m«dk*I «jcp*ru Mr inffMt OM< MI< nf 4U»ry l*r«« per* may b* vletftti md not know It. To B «t rid of Pin-Wnrma. UIM* puts must not only be killed, but killed in the l«rr* inUMin* whcr* they Jive nnd, multiply. That's exactly what J» fM -« p-W tablet* do , ... and htre'a bow (her do it; riea the t»hle(» into the bow«r« before they dl**olv«. 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