The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1937
Page 3
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TUESDAY, NOVKMUEH 23, BLYTHEVrLLE. Mow Old Age Pension Board Answers Criticism of System Jim Maithews Drowned After Motor Boat Sank Unexpectedly Funeral services were lielil tlii.s afternoon at tiie First BapiLsl cliureli for Jim S. Matthews, 57, former Blytlicville resident, who was drowned while fishing ai Mobile, Ala., late Saturday. Tile Rev. Alfred Carpenter officiated and burial was made at Elmwood cemetery. Pallbearers were: J. Nick Thomas. L. ip. Oiamblin, Frank Webb, Bradford Cliitwood, and Charles Shamlln. A skiff driven bs 1 an outboard motor which was wrecked iis it was speeding back to a landing after « fishing expedition caused the drowni'ng. Two friends who were also thrown into the icy water when the beat capsized, were rescued by a 75 year ,old negro who iieard their cries for help as they clung to (lie skiff's wreckage. "Uncle Jim" as lie was known licrc, where lie resided for 25 years! before he moved to Mobile, saved (lie lives of his companions, they iold reporters. When the boat sub- i merged, stern first, tin" three fish-1 These are ihe on'ir-jal.s If ram whots plan is now H-IIO .-idmiiiisfer the under heavy attack. Ing, they were unable to swim. I •"""<•>"• .•"'" ^eoi- S i- l.. nig gt .. Manning .„.,, ,1 When they returned lo tiie sur-! Consul Jack Tail ami lixrciilii-c Director Prank Ham- lace of Hie water, Matthews gavel- orders to tiie other men to grab I (B J' Rodney Dulcher) 1 WASHINGTON. Nov. 23. — The who are administering the Social Security jiro- I'lctured al a red-ill ml C.nieral any inniv lOil-. uuii itii? 'utw rrnment secmilles in privule ): or any life Insurance policy of Lib- ! eiiy Dotid. The holder of u socint secm-lly account nt least has a vote which Is more Itjun a bank depositor or policy-holder IK-IS in (he nf- fiitrs of the bank or company, uud Hie 35.000.000 elect Congress us 11 board of directors. Unwoiried lly Debt 'Dip reserve is being built up to meet Jutui'c cumiilalive obligations nnd since private life insurance reserves now amount to 20 billions, private companies probably will have « -17-liHHon dollar reserve sooner than tlic SSli. Nor do officials see why, when Hie pre-war Donllng debt of around u billion dollars has Jumped to U5 billion In twenty years, there should be I undue fear of the dislocating effects of an increase from 35 to 47 billions In twice Una !<>nstli of time. By 1980 animal payment of old- a^e benefits would reach a peak of three billion a year, which would be paid 50-50 from government, interest on the reserve bonds and ilayroll tax collections. The lx>licy-hoUters would have taken over the government debt and In- lertrsl on th debt would be pnUl out in benefits rather than to coupon- clippers. A pay-as-you-go plan. Altmeyer says, would require a maximum 10 lier cent payroll tax instead of the tax of six per cent now provided. (There would be no reserve steadily accumulating interest.) It would also call on IV PAGE THSEt hold of the wreckage. He was attempting to do the same tiling bill disappeared in a feiv minutes. For 30 minutes his companions, their bodies almost frozen, clung lo the craft as Matthews had urged them to do. At the same time they cried for help, they said, until tiie negro heard their calls almost a mile away. Matthews' body was found at Uie scene of the mishap, in about ten feet of water. He apparently was cllngins; to the bout • he was sucked under anci Social Security Act insist that »ie principle of the Old-Age Reserve Account, under which 3C.OOO.OOO icrsous now have "insurance polities' 1 with the government is both it and sound. Kelire U. S. Ronds The 3(5.000.000 employes now pay j (1 °' lnrs lhc nniomit of gi ™e per cent, of their incomes (up act31 " ow !lc!tl '" l lrlw Since the reserve plan contemplates gradual purchase of all outstanding government bonds for the reserve fund, (he results look better when the budget Is 'balanced.' With a balanced budget and a sc- curity tax collection of n billion of government :up o the first S3000i and their employers pay a tax of the same imoiint, which is collected by the '.reasury. This will be graduated-to *" eventual combined tax of six Altmeyer says why the reserve •ate hands would be reduced a billion—say from 35 billions to 34—anil a federal promise-to-pay of a billion would go Into the reserve fund. With a half billion dollar deficit 111:11 j pe r cem t Employers also pay two ' " ie ""Banding debt could be' cut . lus l per cent of payrolls as an imemploy- [ hy mit 5500,000,000 while a billion ">B-| nieiit compensation la,v. The Treas- '" 1}0ncl5 was stlil being credited lo ; to] n .y m n s ,| le monev i n i., _p np ™i the reserve fund, explain the accident. They said fund"and spends it alona will A they heard HO noise as if the <.,- re ' ceims , meanwhile 8 dcpo'sHin" skiff had struck something, but j , 0 vemment bonds w n coiTCsnond! that suddenly as the motor drove n ? amount in the old-a» e reserve hem down the river the stern of | -aid unemployment trust' funds, the skiff began sinking and all I lir.ivc i;«ar»rs .iiscte went overboard. j Lat ely from many directions have A detachment of coast guards- j -ome charges: 1. Tliat the govern- men, slieriff's deputies and friends i :ncnl is spending social security of the fishing party dragged East! " 5J: money as fast as it gets "it to Fowl river all niglit in an effort i ''nance deficit. 2. That the scheme to locate Matthews' body. Mean- i :s renllv a new income tax and while,,^thers In the searching par- \ :<"'l.>oration tax. 3. That the result iy ignited bonfires on either, shore,; ^ mernl - v morc drtlt - which will of thgj river, hoping that Maithews l ^' e - t° be I™' 1 ' bv morc trixes -- <• had made'-land safely :by swimming i'flV.'K"'''- anticipated- peak size of tnrough, the icy waters. '''" """ ' " elusive group of beneficiaries. Tills article won't settle tlic argument, of course. Mild Whiter' Forecast HERSUEY, Pa. (UP) — Basing their predictions on the wild mallard ducks diverting from usual habit ; zoo keepers here announced a mild and short winter for Ihis urea. Park gardeners, they said, uncovered mallards hatching eggs among canna-Illy plants. Holiday Dinner Cost Is Slightly High " I, :lie'old-age reserve fund (47 bil- f 1980) is a potential menace. 5. That instead of a cash re- ;ervc or an investment earning money fflr the government, the reserve fund is merely a collection Df lOU'b. r fl ' A'" ' Bllt "c'ording to Chairman Ar- 1 (US 1 Cell' tliur J. Altmeyer of the Social Se- I'ntv Board, the only real Irou- WASHINOTON Nov 23 (UPI- blc wilh tllc rescrv <= s V s '«' n is that Americans will give thanks Tliurs-l ' ts f° l iarri to ex '' lal " and lo ""clay at festive dinners for the! , r £ n " C, ,, „ most bountiful production of good ] . wh V should tie government sterl- tliings lo eat in 10 years i ' Ke or ea ™ ark » doliaT l ralrt '» The Tl,anfes»lvf i"'"."- '-<- " ly more lhiln il bank °'" in sur- table will range from Si to SB for a feast: fit for a king. : j Home economic exjwrts of the! Department of Agriculture pre-' pared this sample menu for the United Press: Fruit cup Roast Turkey or Roast Chicken Giblet gravy Mashed potatoes or candied sweet potatoes Brussels sprouts or another green vegetable . Cranberry sauce Celery and olives Pumpkin pie Coffee i Virtually all of Hie increased! cost over a year ago will be for turkey, for those who prefer that bird. Turkey prices recently have averaged about 30 cents n pound. 5TOO-000.000 deficit anv more than nn If a paid and y oler a * rece P- a dollars of such tax money is t appears on both the receipt, and ,.i - . expenditures sides of tiie budget :cdger. so that the deficit, if any, '. '.s tiie same. »•' cocktail before dinner, and .vines with it. the cost will be ibout 10 per cent less than a year .igo. College Girls Wear I/isle [lose NEW YORK (UP)—Hunter College students arc wearing lisle stockings nnd liking It. The sacrifice of the silk stocking liabit If due not merely to tiie fickleness ot fashion, but to n boycott on Japanese goods which Is supported Hunter's .student council. NOTICE Sewer District Number 2 (ax will he delinquent if \ nol paid before December 1st, 19317. Pay before that date and save penalty. Tax book of Holland antl Kin-ham. Commissioners Sewer District No. 2. Why Jiu.v a riiolo-Cnupon from itinerant crews when TUB SOUTIIWOKTH STUDIO will issue'you one ABSOLUTELY FREE, givius you BETTER PHOTOGRAPHS, QUICKER SEK- V1CK AND DELIVERY anil an absence of IIIGII-PRKSSIJKE to increase your order. PATRONIZE YOUR HOME INSTITUTIONS SOUTinvORTH, JIakcr OI Fine Photographs. 'nils is 5 cfnts a pound above last year. Roast chicken may be bought at but little more than half the cost of turkey and roast duck at about 25 cents. An eight-pound turkey this year will cost S2 40 compared with S2 last year for the! average family. j One reason for the price boo.-,;, market experts explain, is the. relative scarcity of turkeys this year, ijist year 20.000,006 turkeys' ivere available for Thanksgiving; dinners. This year the number will' approximate 18,000,000. i Turkeys this year, however, are! fatttr than a year ago because of increased supplier of grain feed • available nt lower prices. Market' experts said the price of turkeys! may be about the same as a ycarj ago by Christmas. ' j The supply of "trinnin's" is thci largest in many years and ihei price will be about the same or a little lower (lian last year, ac-! cording to reports to marketing i officials of the department. ! Potatoes at 2 cents a pound are! a third cheaper than last ycur.: Fruits are more plentiful ancii cheaper and so are most vcgo-i tables. Cflery costs 10 to 12 cents n bimel) and punipkli: 3 COH|B ai pound in bulk. Oysters range from 30 to 40: cents ti pint and average about! 35 cents. Cranberries cost 16 cents i it, pound, and mincemeat about; 25 cents a pound. Assorted mits'i range from 25 to 45 cents a pound. For lliose who ilke n highball THE WORD FOR IT. FOR ITS FROI KENTUCN Hova you tried Crab Orchard lately? Have you smacked your lips over its rich, smooth, mellow goodness? Once you do, you'll give if your endorsement, for it's KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON TWO YEARS OLD TOP-RUN WHISKEY 93 PROOF MORE THAN EVER NOW IT PAYS TO STORES \\K Wll.l, im CI.OSKI) AU, DAY TIIANKKGIVINC I'HICICS COOl) TIIKOIKJH SATUKDAY. TURKEYS •1 I'uiiu i.luc- Itlliliuii Turkey Isnl in (lit* lit'st |U'U<tui'liiK si-i-llons. ;i. individually wliTti-il for I'Jirli Krniri'r .V :l, Srli'iidlli-ally fril li> pnuliin' flavor mill tni- 4. K'.lmm: cure in liainlliiiK. Ib. 30c Kuncy 'I'exas Oysters Selects Pt.., 43c Standards Qt 25c Ducks \.m\K Isliiiul Kfint-y Di'i'SKfil I'oinid Swifl I'rciniui 1-2 or \Vhnli. Dressed Hens-Fryers Pork Sausage, Ib. MINCE MEAT Itritndy Atttlod' . 20c ,,, 15 U Geese Klitll Fed •HKKV ROAST, Thick Kit), |}> 17'/>c 1'OUK KOAST, Center Cuts, ]), 22c SAI/r MKAT, If) J2 C I'Hll.. CIIKAM CHKKSK, :j for 25c CHKKSK, Daisy, |h ; I7 i /?c GROUND HKKK, Krcsh, Gnmml, ll> !..'.15c BACON Fancy Sliced Pound COFFEE Spotlight; 1 Ib 3 pounds . Country Club. Ib, . French, Ib. AVONDALE PINEAPPLE No.. 2y> cans, each 18c COUNTRY CLUB MILK 3 large or 6 small for. .•.. 20c COUNTRY CLUB PUMPKIN No. 2y 2 cans, 2 for 15c Country Club Tomato Juice 24 oz. cans, 3 for 25c HUMKO 4 Ib. carton.......... 46c 8 Ib. carton . .. 90c FLOUR > Olympic, guar., 24 Ibs. 69c MARSHMALLOWS" I Ib. bag .'15c Cherries -s 2 for 25c Smite Ocean Sprav 2 Cans Country Club or Pride of Illinois No. 2 dins Butter Country Club Stick « r ({oil, || Bread Fresh Clock .Sliced Or Keg;. 20 o/.. Loaves 2 for 15c String Beans 3 for 25c Standard. No. 2 Cans Pinto Beans Lb. 5!c Bulk Cocoanut Lb. 25c Salad Dressing Qt. 25c Ktnbassv GET GENUINE WATERLESS COOK WARE FORMER HOME LUNCHEON DEMONSTRATION PRICES SAVES FUEL SAVES VITAMINS SAVES NATIRAL FLAVORS 6 Beautiful flSEFIL PIECES ASK FOR FREE MONEY-SAVING __^IS^!_ C *? 0 19.MH Kroger and PiRgly WiggJy ^^^^^^^•••^^^^i^^HI HarvestCake 39c Peaches Avondale J C A No. 2'/ 2 Cans 4j|J CRANBERRIES Celery stalk 12!c Bananas doz. 15c Fresh Pound Ib. 12c Kloridas Do/. Potatoes No. 1 Red 10 Ibs. •^••••••MM Apples Delicious Large Size 2 For 5c Grapefruit 15c Lettuce Firm Honds Cocoanuts Fresh , barge • -Size

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