The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1937
Page 2
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1, TV. i , , . . J : ; . , 1 Royal Beauty Northwest Rushes Cutting Before Land Of -Spruce Is iSnow-Locked RyjIlAKMON W. NICHOLS VnUcdi^Picss SlalT {iorrcsponiU'Kt BALSAM. Minn., Nov. 23. iUI'i :— Wooftsmoi .are busy in (lie lund • of shovrvspriice and bahatn, biittU-j ing ul/Va 510,000,000 business of| prepnr)jj£ trees for the 1037 lioll-j days. I*-.. . 1 rron!£; the. Pacific Northw.'stj through; the Mjnuescla-Wisconsirij "land '6f sl<j r blue- water" and s's'j- far e.-^l, us Maine. > ; the mod:r:i| IH-otolyrJes ct the : early lumber- i jacks n'rfc budang !.tno;v and fast- 1 .freezing bogs' 'to, , If 1) Christmas] trees that \vlll by 'twchcked with; f.ay ornamsnts ami trtght colored) lights.:: .i-orest service officials estimated .that when operations reach their P^ak tile this month, lO.ST.O.COO or move trees— bnlsaa, .sjjn.'cr. flr and ))ine— will be this yenr's tolni. 'Slumps Have Value Nations!) .forests will supply nticut' 300,000 trees. The rcmuimlsr, will cfi>n? from private nnd stale i lands...- The stump value rniiRCsj from 2. to 5 or 10 cents n tree, de-l ueiidirlg ; on the size. That's what! the lard owner gets. I . The-man who buys the trfc in the city, after the trees have b:onl fcfougijj. in from the \vootls will j:ay fvcra 25 cents to $11 and ii|>. Commercial cutters who a" into Ihe business on n big scale frequently cut trees r.iri.v and store them 'iii boxcar refrigerators, tic- cording. lo flu forest service. Thi* practice, it \vas said, is popular cspeciMiy in areas where snowfall in Nftveinter -and early December prevails' loggers from prnrtrating iiie woods that tale in (he season. While the greatest national forest output .of Christmas trees- is , in the" \V£st, the largest demand come?;. from .the East, This -flrc't aione Icqnsuracs two or thi'ce million trees annually. Lasflear, the KooletK nnckm! fcrcst^Vin Montana, -vim 107,000 tvets, ,\vas the national forest service's- biggest holiday (fee procluo- CT - : ''* -. daiiaila Also Contrilintts . -Mijim'sota, Midiisi.) mid Wi-; 1 OTIS'.!!'; .^viiiups ;-.:i".,iihii-,c their .lifps.Ci Chicago, tin. T\v!n etUes, DJ!'.I>II and^tivjjr'-cILUs' in tlu HORIZONTAL 1 Ill-fated queen piclured he-re. 13 To sinB cheerfully. HAfie. 15 SeaM'ccd, 18 Coll. 17 Fa mo us JO Auditory. Answer to Previous Puzzle MTUtc lor the (lend. M Since. 25 MusK'.tl note. 20 Chart. 28 Formed a vine. 31 Inflexible, '85 "Tardy 36 Sheep's cry. 38 To devour. 39 Alleged force 41 Pound. S2 African anteiope. '•13 Within. cxlravagimt. 17 Chaos. 18 Stream obstruction, 20 She Was to death. 22 Fashion. 23 Gibbon. 25 Brutal. 27' Hlce dish. •14 Pileher. llcxibl?. 51 Pedal dipjl. 52 To wco. 53 To work. 54 Queer. 55 Couple. 57 Helper. 58 Pertaining lo air. CO She w;is » ___ x ... - princess. 11 Cloodby, Gl She was the )2S|>rucc. wife of LouisieSlie was XVI of - . and VERTICAL 2 B/ttoi- hei-b. 3 Inlets. •) Badly. 5 And. (i Gaseous clement. 7 To carry. 8 Heavy blow. 9 North America. lOScJf. 30 Blow on the head. 32 Gun. 33 Kcmer pronoun. 37 To engulf. n To hold dear. 40 Tibetan Iribc. •12 To oblnin. •t'.l Containing iodine. 45 Low tide 47 Above. -)8 Fruit. -lOPnidc. 50 Boy. 51 Liicernlcd. M Exists. 5!l Babylonian deity. BLYTBfiVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW8 Marriage Licenses TUESDAY, NOVKMBKK 23, 1937 Marriage licenses • were issuod to the following people from the county clerk's office during the past week with t!io name of the minister or official peric.-mlng the ceremony Riven if listed: Miss Pauline Buv- ton, of Scimth, and lierly Pelts, of Kcrweil, l;y Magistrate T. L. Cas- Kldy; Miss Florence Evans and Burlle Alford, both of this city, by Ihe Rev. T. R, Shepherd; Miss Un- rtlcc Rogers nnd Clmrlcs Jones, both of this city by Magistrate Cas«Wy; Miss Eunice DeClue and Roscoe Bradley, both of Cape Olrai- deau,'Mo., by Magistrate Cassidy. Miss CrlJblc Bishop and Jctl Brown, both of this city; Miss Eunice Butord and Oliver Patterson, both of Luxom; Miss Florlne Gnnn and Ted Adklnson, both of Manila, by Magistrate Cnssldy; nnd Miss Fay Bcllii and W. H. Henry, bofh =f this city by Mtigislrato Cassldy. Head couripr News Want Ads. o Kvcrylhinj; for your entertainment and tomfort. TONIGHT Negro Farm Bureau Unit Plans Drive For Members .iti(n v a large. .inimbfr of ..trees nre Imiicirtiil. 'ifri- noallK./j'i-onv Canada^ '-,"' *:?'£ : :~''i , ll ^ to^sJiSln- >c&ra,''ilY3 '.forest B|rvi!?6*iesr$n*- i'vow a sult- :cH? )jfc>. But it/ takes consi*:r- . i-tiy longer tlnn^rm', to grow the big fellows (hut • oveiy sme.ll town. •pl,v(f', in the '-niase park, anil which • cost $35 or »iora Cuttiiisj in national forests is . rtone specifically 10 thin aru! cltnr .. stands. Several shuc'i ii:wj unact- ed laws designed to prevent wholp- Kile llgiletioi) of forest preserv-.s. And.yel, the 'ovesi service siiirt, ,one •large fovi-jst fire mlghs destroy 'as maoy young trees ns are used ,in the emiro country's Christmas tod'e in one ycai. 'Clear Lake News Mr.;<and Mrs. George Shepherd and. |family spent • Sunday with Mis. (Shepherd's parents. Mr. and Mrs. 'Clint House, in Blytheville. Mislriiicz Holmes spent the \v;ek f))d jtt Burdeite with her aunt Mrs. tSpaulding. Mr.|*anrt Mrs. Jess Smith nnd fami!)',, spent Sunday in Dycss with their son. Girthuv Smith and family: ' MrJ'aud Mrs. O. T. Via and family spent Sunday In Bltlicville visiting' Mr. and Mrs. Herman Lovel^'dy and family. The,. Rev. M. R. Griffin of Dell, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. D I'. Holmes. Camish Edwards and William Longly were in Batesville, Miss today; bii a business trip. ., Jess.., Smith motored Huberl Hamm-to Decaterville. Tenn. Sunday. |* Mr,^and Mrs. JTonzo Calvcrl's Jiome^was slightly damaged bj Ine Thursday. At a meeting nf the board 3! directors of tlie colored unit of tlif Mississi]>pi County Fnnn Bureni Snliirday. In Hie local agent's jltiee in the conrthouse hi osceola, it yvas clscWe^ to bcjin immediate-. "' *ue new Jiienibeioliip drive or 1938. «.o|ij^ji(icti|wevc ino mombprs fo --•{li 5 *Mississippi.j;oui«y and 100 a\en)ters fox trie south end: Mem- wlilp cJiaiTinmi selected- \rere aa 'oHfll^f^sljpnyo, Dell, autl Spur- lye; Ben Gay. Louise Glass, anri H. B. Jones; Hickman. H: If. Johnsn. nntl L-on Moore; Armorel, Wnl- er Anderson, mid L. W. Haraway; 'remise Land, nobcrt Wiley; Clear jake. Mack Kemlricks;- "Number s'ine. Bessie Williams and Lucille Tillman; Blylhevillc. L. E. Lester. Dog Wood Ridge. Rich i.ackand ind will Lee; Sandy Ridge, Loul; Collins-. Burdette. Steve Tliompson ind A. C. Hoone; Luvorn. Horace Dray and A. C. Boone: Round Lake, Jap Orr; Osceoln. Sntn Pecks and 33orse Mceklns; McFerrin. Clrorllc 5Iass; Coleman's Pai'm. Albert Yar- •i-oiigl!; Reiser. Frank Sellers; Caren and 9rWer. w. L. Currie. John Janes and Hob Tay.or; Holt n»ci 'vft. w. E. 'IVnmblc and. Dock Netterville; Wilson. Andrew Phil- llps and S. M. Nunn; Bassett, Bll! Hoskilis; Jciner, Sherman Jones; VVnddoll, Van Boblnssn:ChBlford, 5am Nnson; Frenchman's Titiymi, J. W. llaraway and Vic Blackiiinn; JlrcLione- Jinic Wl)illev nnd Mis. -n Cmnmlnss;. Snndy Bayou. J. A. Alexander. Number •>!). John Hicks; Wiley Farm. Snort Jones. Tilts drive will continue through Jan. 10. 1538. ' ' .Inter Aslcc», Says Lawyer PUEBLO. Colo. (UP)—Aii appeal for a new trial for William Perry, convicted of conlitlencCj. game in district,, has"been inacte )iV the grounds Hint only 11 jurors heard the evidence. The defense attorney nsscrtscl that Rev. H. A. Rogers slept througl) the trial. TURKEYS Guaranteed Ywjn<r Siieuiitlly Fnllcncd I'vices FfiRlit PICKARD'S CROCERV 1011 Chickasawba I'licnc B7S—We DpIiMT Abo .Selected shorts Admission Matinee lOc & •• SVdmlssiort/Night -ISa &>3 Wednesday Only PAL NIGHT! adults admitted for the jui of one. ; Before Your Thanksgiving ••';. C? • 1 ' /^^ opread- with I.eo Carrillo & Jean Parker. iMsi) I'arainounl News A- Conu'cl.v Ailinissinu Mallnrc Ittc ,v •'(;,• v\tlmiss;iin Night Ific f. Mr Coniln^ Somi: MKK OF r.MILE XOI.A SECOND HONEYMOON liiGIl. WIDl: A HANDS jimc.K pniKsr—wiu, FIREF1.V SI'KCIAl. .NOTICK: RPsinuiiiR lo- iiiflrl—evniiiiR shows will start :iC fi: r l5, lir.xnrfirr oiiru 6:3n ii.m. Head -Courier Want Ails. . * \ PRESTONE ^ AUTI-FREEZE *» HEATERS * DEFROSTERS + TIRE CHAINS ;- Complelc Stock il'tompf Service To •;Atl ^Makes' of Cars TOM LITTLE CHEyitptET CO. 'C 2-1 Hour. Service Cail 6S3 *-'/J BLENDED WHISKEY «fE P -Jo R ED H im«HSL V ;'!^ F * MUY - 1NC - Al'iOBI". SCHEHlrV r. O., ft.. IHE WllKEH f AM;,/ I »O»f MB- JiJStiiir-'liVSl.T'* 11 W '^ ISMT W'SWfS IM THIS PfOOUCt ARE 20 MONIIIS O? RORS.OID, Ji *™WOhlWH!S<lK;7«:CSMN-HtUIRAl 5P.I«ITSj 20ti. STRAlOhT WHISKEY "S ' MONW5 Old; 5S SrsniGHI WlilSKiy 4 MASS OlD 1 Ailinissidn M «•.•>>« lOc ,t- Xc j ! Sl >w every niglit. .ll^lii,cn s I rl- j ;l - ! >. Saturday >fc Suiutny Only I Friilaj- v t Sunday JIalinros stai| ! ! '''> p.m. Saturday Continuous .Minniiij from I lo n.-.IO p.m. 1 ^ifllu shows start 7:0[> p.m. ' Tue.-Wed.-Thur, PAL NIGHTS! 2 Adults Arfmlttca for Price ot t 'Meet the Boy Friend' . willi Davirt Carlyle. (,- nf , t \ Hiijfhes. Wnrren llvmcr \- 1'crl KcHon One (K>or mule- at tlu> in,.,,, n f '' i»i|)i(ni \\oincir Alsn Solcctrd > :U1 West illititi S(. We Close All Day Thanksgiving PRICES GOOD FOR WED... FRL, SAT., AND MON. Blyllicvillc, Ark. Cranberries Celery LarjV« Crisp. Sliilk Cauliflower, head 15c Lettuce, large head 5c Green Onions, 3 bch 10c Tomatoes, !b 10c Ginger Snap, 1 Ib. box. ... 9c Crackers, 2 Ib. box 17c Jello, all flavors, pkg 5c Cocoanut, loose, Ib 20 c Vanilla Wafer, 1 Ib. box...!4c Marshmallow, Ib 15c Carrots, large bch 5 C Bananas, doz 1S C Potatoes, No. 1, Ib , 2c Grapes, red, Ib . 7c Extract, 8 O z. bottle, 15c Cocoa, Hershey, 1 Ib. box. ,I3c Hershey Chocolate, V 2 Ib. . . lie Dime Br&nd Mjlk ( can 10c Pet Milk, 2 Ige can 15c Eagle Brand Milk. can.. . .20c String Beans, Ib 10c Cocoanut, Ige, each 5c Cabbage, Ib 2Yzc Onions, 4 Ibs 15c Dromedary Dates, pkg 13c Royal Pudding, pkg 5c Chase & Sanborn Coffee, Ib. 26c Wesson Oil, pint 22c Wesson Oil, quart 43c Peaches, 2% can 16c HAM, Hnlf or Whole. !l>. ... 2() c 1'OUK CHOPS, 11) Me S-'IDE MEAT, Ib -. 'i7 c Shoulder 1'k'iiic Sfyl'j 11). Pudding, Ige can. . . .29c s|aragus, Hillsdale 2^ en 26c •Cr|fee; M. House, !bl can 28;%c x Pi!ncnto r 4 oz. can. .... . ' ."'6e Pe'Ht Pois Peas, No. 2 can lOc Pickles, Mother's, pt 15c Sweet Pickles, 7 oz. jar.... 8c Celery Salad, pt 14c Catsup, Ige bottle 9 C Rice, Ark. 3 Ib. cello pkg, 12c Poultry Seasoning,, box lOc Heinz Pudding, small can . . . 13c Ronco Noodle^ pkg. 8c Salad Dressing, qt 22c Miracle Whip, qt.. , 39c French Dressing, jar 17c Honey Bee, 1 Ib. jar I5c A-l Sauce, bottle \.25c Heinz Beef Steak Sauce, btl. 22c Lifaby Sweet Relish, bottle.. 9c Salt, iy 2 Ib. sq. box 3c Coffee, Canova, Ib. can. .2&V 2 c Philadelphia Cheese, pkg... 9c Apple Sauce, can 8c Blackberries, No. 2 can... .lOc Tomatoes, stnd. No 2 can 6y 2 c Welch Grape Juice, pt 19c Welch Grape Juice, qt 39c Domino Conf. Sugar, Ib bx 7y a c Domino Old Fashion, box.. 7c CHUCK, Ib THICK HI US. Ib. ... SHOULDER CLOD, Ib STEW. Ih He i2'/,c lil.ACK HA\VK, Ih 33c KRKY, Ib. 2Hc FANCY SIJCKD, Ib 2Sc ll Dressed I'onnd Oysters pint 25c Ham I'icnii- Half or Whole. II). Full Dressed I'mind 22c 28c Pork Sausage, pound 20c Huniko or Jewel. Ib. cvt. 12y 2 c Corn, Country Col., No.2 can lOc Hominy, No. 2 1 /-> can 7c Miss. Co. Peas, No. 2 can... Sc Campbell Soup, 2 cans for 15c Macaroni or Spaghetti, bx. . 3c Log Cabin Syrup, med 21 c Log Cabin Syrup, Jge 40c Oats, Quaker, pkg 9c Mince Meat, None Such, pkg 12c Saur's Extract, bottle 9<-/ Candy, all kind, 3 for lOc Spices, 10 size box 5c Vinegar, qt 7c Peanut Butter, qt 22c Fruit Cake, 2 Ib 49c Mustard, Marco, qt 9c Grapefruit Juice, No 2 can.. 9c Prunes, No. 2% can 9c Fruit Cake, iy 2 Ib 39c Fruit Cocktail, No. 2y 2 can 26c Post Toasties, box 6y 2 c Pineapple Juice, can 9 C Gum, all kind, 3 pkg. for lOc Rex Jelly, 2y 2 Ib 24c Sugar, 10 Ib. bag... 55 C Horse Radish, doub. strength 15c Miss Liberty Coffee, Ib. pkg. 21c Cocoanut, Blue Label, can, . 9c SUorlcning; 8 11) Cut Great Northern Ib. 4y 2 c Baby Lima Ib. 4y.>c Navy Beans Ib. 4y 2 c Pinto Ib. 5y 3 c 'Blackeye Ib. 4y 2 c Cream Peas Ib. 6c med 6c Ig 9c Sffll 5c Lgel4c Shiblcy's Kest 2! Ih. Hack 85c Cclricn I.h. 14c Rice " 2k FRUIT CAKE INGREDIENTS Citron, orange or lemon peel, Ib 25c Glace Cherries, Ib 37 C Glace Pineapple, Ib 35 C Shelled Pecan Halves, Ib. .... 39c Sunmaid Raisins, pkg. ...... lOc FLOOR MISS LIBERTY 12 Ib sk 48c 24 Ib sk 92 C 48 Ibs $1.75

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